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How do I create an eSembler Account.pdf


									How do I create an eSembler Account?                                     2012 eSembler Parent & Student Access

Parents and Students,the following instructions are to help guide you step by step to create your eSembler Self
Serve User account. Please read before going to the actual eSembler Sign In page to create your account.

To find SDIRC eSembler Sign In page, go to District Home page at Click on the
                                link found directly on SDIRC Home Page.

The Parent and Student eSembler information page appears.

                                                               Helpful Parent /Student information
                                                               and instructions posted here.

                                                     Click on link to open eSembler Sign In page!

The SDIRC eSembler Sign In page appears:
1. From eSembler Sign In page:

                                                                 Please note! To create an account, you
                                                                 must have an existing e-mail account.
                                                                 Your e-mail address will be your
  Click on the click here link or the                            eSembler username.
  Create New Account button.

2. The Create Account page appears. Enter the required information.
                                             If you are a Parent, enter your name, not your student’s name. You will
                                             add student(s) to your account after you have created your account.

                                             Password must be at least 6 characters!

                                                             SMS text Parent Notifications! Parents and students
                                                             may designate their mobile phone provider and by
                                                             doing so may receive Notification alerts via SMS Text.
                                                             For more information – see the How do I set up my
                                                             Parent or Student E-mail Notifications? instructions.

                                                                 Click on Terms and Conditions to read
                                                                 the important information provided.

 Click Next when completed.
3. The Create Account confirmation page appears. Make sure to read the Create Account information!

                                                                     ….a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you shortly.
                                                                     Please look for email in your email mail box.
          Click OK to continue process

4. Look for the confirmation email sent from in your e-mail account.

                                                          Open email received!

5. Activate your account.

                                                   ….click on the link to activate your grade book

6. The eSembler Sign In page will appear:

        You will receive a message that you have
        successfully activated your account.

    Sign in using the username and password used to create your account.
    REMEMBER- Your username is your entire email address. EX:

                                   SDIRC Logo should be here!

Once you sign in, the system will open directly to the Add Student page. For instructions on how to add students to
your account, please see the posted instructions: How do I add my student to my eSembler account?

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