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					amagram people
                                                               Honour Roll - November 200

                                Ruby                                               Ruby                       Ubukulu
    David and Zelda Moore                                Brad and Lara Rosmarin
    Chartered Accountant and Psychologist
    “We start with a dream and end with a team”
                                                         Construction Project Manager and Behavioural
                                                         Risk Manager
    John Maxwell
                                                                                                              (Xhosa: South Africa)
    David and Zelda Moore are currently building         Brad started building the Amway business
    their Amway business together. David is a            while living in Cape Town and working as
    qualified Chartered Accountant and worked in         a Construction Project Manager. He was
    commerce and industry as both a Corporate            not driven by a dream, but rather the fear
    Executive and Business Owner for a number
    of years and Zelda is a practising psychologist.
                                                         of missing out and getting left behind, so
                                                         he joined the business reluctantly. For the
                                                         first while, Brad did not treat Amway as a
                                                                                                             One does
    They are building their Amway business with
    the focus on long-term benefits. The Moores
    have two children, both of whom are out of
    school. They did not always have the chance
                                                         business, but rather a hobby that may or may
                                                         not succeed, but the dream was still missing.
                                                         An IBO couple who joined his business
                                                                                                            not achieve
    to spend the time they desired with them,
    but they are now working towards having this
    option with their grandchildren. David has done
                                                         introduced him to their niece Lara and 18
                                                         months later they were married. After moving
                                                         to Johannesburg, Brad and his ‘new business
                                                                                                            by claiming
    in-depth research and they are very aware            partner’ Lara, decided to start taking their
    of the financial trends of most people in later      Amway business seriously and after a year
    life: very few people will ever be able to retire    in Johannesburg reached Silver recognition.

    financially free. The Amway business is the          Lara has an honours degree in Psychology
    only way that they have seen that can truly give     and was working in the field of Behavioural
    one the financial freedom so many folks only         Risk Management and Brad was working in
    dream about.                                         the property industry so life was comfortable
                                                         and their Amway business, once again,
    Although David and Zelda have been very              became something that would be good if it
    committed and focused, Ruby was never a              was successful, but not essential. Everything           Explanation:
                                                         however changed in March 2006 when their
    goal – but something that happened along
    the way! They are enjoying the recognition           beautiful daughter Ella arrived. From that         A man is judged by his
    and level of achievement on their way to a           moment on Brad and Lara have treated their
                                                         Amway business like a ‘real’ business. Once
                                                                                                           actions, not his boasting.
    bigger goal. Quoting John Maxwell, David
    says “we start with a dream and end with a           the business is fully established Lara’s dream
    team”. Nowhere is this statement more apt            is to work with special needs children which
    than in the Amway business. David and Zelda          is her passion. “Every child deserves the best
    are looking forward to being able to make a          opportunity despite their family’s financial
    significant difference in the lives of others. “We   situation” says Lara. Brad’s passion is to be
    will always be grateful for the mentorship and       significant and to travel around the world
    guidance which we have received and are              speaking as a Diamond. “I want people to
    still receiving as we build our business,” says      leave a seminar where I was the guest speaker
    David. He describes this as “simply a product        and say ‘my life is better now, I have hope.”
    of the Compassionate Capitalism vision of the        With the full support of their families they
    Amway founders”. David and Zelda testify that        are building their business with some close
    they will always be grateful for the opportunity     family members. In the next 12 to 18 months
    they were given and they see it as their             they plan to create a legacy for their precious
    privilege to offer the same to others.               daughter, Ella and to provide choices for their
                                                         family that they would never have
                                                         had otherwise.

                                                                                                                              amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200

          Platinum                                             Platinum                                          Platinum
Robert and Cecile de Lange                          John and Yvonne Lübbe                             Christopher and Joyce Mzileni
Secunda, Mpumalanga                                 Botswana                                          Pretoria
Specialist and Hairdresser                          Missionaries                                      Nurse and Medical Doctor

“Nothing of significance was ever achieved          ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a          Joyce and Christopher have been in the
by an individual acting alone. Look below the       day. Teach him how to fish and he will            business a number of years now, but they
surface and you will find that all seemingly solo                                                     took ownership of the business only about
acts are really team efforts”                       eat for a lifetime.’                              two years ago. They felt that if it was to be
                                                    Chinese Proverb
                                                                                                      successful, it was up to them. At first they
Robert and Cecile de Lange joined the                                                                 started the business seeing the possibility of
Amway business during November 2003 to              Until approximately three years ago John          earning extra income and did not have lofty
generate some extra income. Since then, they        and Yvonne Lübbe had never been exposed           ideas and dreams!
have achieved success after success and             to direct marketing. When this opportunity
have changed their personal circumstances           was presented to them they immediately felt       The Mzileni’s main obstacle was, as they say:
drastically. Cecile use to work from eight o’       that this could be an answer to the many          “... the six inches between our ears; because
clock in the morning until seven in the evening,    folk struggling financially they had met in       no one close to us had done what we were
managing her own hair salon and business.           their ministry.                                   trying to do. Many people we talked to were
The greatest challenge was to start with the                                                          sceptical. For things to change we had to
Amway business, while still busy with their         They were also looking for ways to support        change our thinking.”
full-time occupations, but the experience has       the numerous projects of the Christian charity
brought them closer to the financial freedom        in Gaborone Botswana that they are heading        Christopher and Joyce are excited to reach
they desire.                                        up. As they joined the Amway business they        the Platinum recognition, and proud of their
                                                    soon realised that it would take some time and    success. They can see exciting possibilities
Robert and Cecile have also found it                hard work to achieve the higher recognition,      ahead and are planning to reach Emerald
worthwhile on a personal level, as they are         but Amway offers a reward system that allows      within the next 12 months, and they know
helping others to achieve the same, with each       them to plough back into the Charity.             that there is nothing that can stop them now!
step that they take towards the Amway goals                                                           They will reach success after success. To
of freedom, family, hope and reward they are        Soon a great team of IBOs emerged and             them Amway is the best business opportunity
enabling other IBOs to also achieve success.        together they saw a successful 2006. Having       because it delivers on its promises and the
Robert and Cecile have used the Amway               reached Platinum they are encouraged to take      rewards can be phenomenal. They see the
business opportunity as a vehicle to grow and       a further step and work towards Emerald. To       Amway business opportunity as the ultimate
make their dreams come true, and one of the         them Amway is a unique business opportunity       business for self actualisation and a platform
things that stand out in their journey is that      and it includes working with a company with       where one can achieve significance, as a
they could start their Amway business without       integrity and value systems that they agree       person and also in the lives of other people.
investing a huge amount of money.                   with. This gives them confidence that they        Since joining Amway they have found a
They are enjoying the rewards within the            will be able to enable more people to 'eat        difference in their own lifestyle; and their
business, especially the travelling and being       for a lifetime'.                                  outlook has improved positively.
able to see the world. Their immediate goals
are to reach Emerald and to take their parents      With a fantastic team and with their eldest       Christopher and Joyce are married with three
overseas with them. As a couple they are            daughter also achieving remarkable success        children, and their family is supporting them in
reaching out to dream many more dreams and          as an independent business owner, John and        their Amway business,and are highly optimistic
make them all come true!                            Yvonne feel positive that during 2007 they will   about the future and their success.
                                                    achieve higher levels. They are very thankful
                                                    to those that introduced them to this unique
                                                    business opportunity!

amagram people
                                                               Honour Roll - November 200

              Platinum                                            Platinum                                             Platinum
    Kevin Sanderson                                      Corné and Michelle Smith                            Anton and Liza van Reenen
    Johannesburg                                         Secunda, Mpumalanga                                 Khyber Rock, Johannesburg
    Brand Management and Marketing                       Metallurgical Engineer/Life coach and Real Estate   Quantity Surveyor and Chartered Accountant
                                                         Agency Owner
    Kevin has been involved in the business for                                                              Liza van Reenen joined Amway 17 months
    the past seven years, working towards a better       Corné and Michelle Smith have been in the           ago. Joining made sense as it was a low risk
    future, for himself, his family and those around     Amway business for nearly six and a half years.     business that could be an income generating
    him. He works in marketing, specialising in          They achieved silver recognition six years to       back up for the uncertain corporate and
    brand management, and long hours were                the date of joining the Amway business. Corné       business world. In addition, Liza had a vision
    taking its toll on his family life, as he was        and Michelle went to the Maldives for their         of the growth potential of the business for
    working between 16 and 18 hours a day.               honeymoon in March 2000, and they clearly           the future. Prior to joining Amway, Liza and
                                                         remember seeing a yacht anchored in a bay           Anton focused on working from weekend
    Starting off in the Amway business created           nearby and wondered how it would feel to            to weekend and then really looking forward
    several challenges, of which the most major          have such a lifestyle! They also knew that their    to December holidays with limited time to
    for Kevin was overcoming a low self-esteem;          current jobs would not be able to take care         enjoy their passions and to spend time with
    talking to people, talking to groups and             of the lifestyle they truly desired. When they      each other. Their life could be compared to
    reaching out to uplift others.                       returned home from their honeymoon they saw         a ‘Ground hog day’ experience. They always
                                                         the business plan for the second time, and this     believed there must be another way to get
    Reaching Platinum has brought about many             time it made sense … and a dream was born.          ahead, but knew only of traditional businesses
    changes for Kevin, but the most important            Michelle started her own Real Estate Agency         including property. To this end Anton started
    is that it has strengthen his belief in his own      and Corné started to be more involved with          a construction company as a sideline, at
    abilities and the knowledge that he can, and         Corporate Training and Development and is           the time Liza joined Amway. When Liza went
    more so, that he is living a life of significance.   now also a Certified Life Coach.                    Silver, it was clear that the Amway opportunity
                                                                                                             presented less headaches than traditional
    The Amway business has truly brought about           They are both working towards and sharing           business and Anton then joined her in growing
    freedom and hope in Kevin's life. He is              the common denominator of helping people            their business together. Challenges faced in
    looking forward to reach Emerald in the next         to maximize their potential! They are thankful      building the business included rejection from
    12 to 14 months, and he would also like to           to be involved in a business where their hard       friends and family as they did not always, and
    move from a part-time to a full-time based,          work is paying off and that they can align the      some still don't see the Amway opportunity as
    Amway business.                                      values of the business with their own and           a real business. Reaching Platinum is exciting
                                                         also enjoy tremendous personal growth while         as it was a goal they have worked towards
    He is sharing his dreams with his supportive         working together. Their goal is to achieve          since going Silver. However, this is only a
    partner, and is blessed to have a son and            Emerald recognition and to definitely be part of    stepping stone to the next goal to the Emerald
    daughter, all of whom he is sharing his              the Hawaii ALTS. The Smiths live in Secunda,        recognition. Amway has provided an almost
    success with through travelling, spending time       Mpumalanga and describe themselves as               risk-free way to build a business that will allow
    together and spoiling them with the luxuries         ‘dream-chasers’! Their Amway business               them to live their passions and create a future
    they deserve.                                        has opened up many opportunities to travel          for them and their future children. Liza enjoys
                                                         and to enjoy luxuries, but to them the most         playing golf, while Anton, also a commercial
                                                         important thing is that they are touching lives     pilot, has a passion for aeroplanes and flying.
                                                         everyday. It is because of the determination        The business has allowed Anton and Liza to
                                                         and perseverance of Michelle’s parents that         harness their energy and vision in a common
                                                         they are sponsored in the business and              direction, looking forward towards their future
                                                         Corné’s parents and sister have also joined the     together. They believe Amway allows anyone
                                                         business. This is a dream come true for Corné       with a dream, drive and work ethic to create
                                                         and together Corné and Michelle are fulfilling      the future they choose. The system, products
                                                         another dream: building a legacy for when they      and incentives are there for the
                                                         have their own children and family.                 taking. It's up to you to do it!

                                                                                                                                   amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200

                                        Gold                                                              Gold
Luke and Genevieve Atkinson                                       Suzanne and Steve Ayres
Johannesburg                                                      Bryanston, Johannesburg
When Luke and Genevieve got married, they wanted to               Suzanne and Steve joined the business in June 2005.
spend a lot of time together, but with Luke being a very          Suzanne is an ex-journalist who had left a career in PR to
successful blacksmith-business owner and Genevieve in             bring up their two daughters, and was beginning to think
great demand as a realtor, they ended up spending more            about going back to work when they came across the
time apart than together. Embarking on the journey of             Amway business opportunity. They realised that with the
being independent business owners, they discovered that           flexible working hours, team leverage and phenomenal
you can live the life you always imagined and that through        business structure, they could build a great business in a
working hard and with the support of a team, anything             relatively short space of time, with Amway support and the
is possible.                                                      systems that are in place. Suzanne still has plenty of time
                                                                  to deal with running their home and bringing up Jodie (aged
Luke and Genevieve Atkinson are moving up and are on              8) and Georgia (aged 6). Steve continues to work
their way to become Diamonds! The only question                   full-time as the CEO in a group of IT companies,
they are asking is ‘who is coming with us?’                       as well as being a director of a lifestyle
                                                                  property business.

                                        Gold                                                              Gold
Marinda Bandat and Stephanie Pond                                 Danie and Marisa Cock
Biokineticist and Video Producer                                  Sales and Marketing: self employed
Marinda and Steph started to build their Amway business six       “Life should be a fulfilling journey, not just a struggle
months ago: they decided to be totally committed, made a          to survive!”
conscious decision to build the business fast, be teachable
and be a hundred percent ‘sold out’ to their up line. They        Danie and Marisa Cock’s journey started in July 2003,
were even willing to give up golf for a while … and now they      when they partnered up with Amway, a world-class
know that with being successful in the Amway business, the        manufacturer of high-quality consumable products … after
opportunity to play on the best golf courses all over the world   getting more involved and learning about the products and
will be available to them. Success has also raised their level    the business plan, they realised that it is an extraordinary
of belief in Amway and trust in their team, and with reaching     opportunity. Danie and Marisa started to build the business
each milestone, they are also growing personally. Marinda         to ensure a bright future for their children, DP (3 years) and
and Steph have a close-knit family who loves to spend time        Danisha (8 months), and they are thrilled to see that their
together. Marinda has two small children; the eldest is six       success are also spilling over into the lives of many IBOs.
years old and the youngest 18-months. Marinda’s                   Reaching Gold is a stepping stone to Platinum, which is
mom and stepdad stays with them, providing an                     another stepping stone to Emerald, which is
incredible support system, something that they                    the recognition level they are planning to reach
are extremely grateful for.                                       during 2007 and 2008.

amagram people
                                                                         Honour Roll - November 200

                                       Gold                                                             Gold
 Nick and Sam Denoon-Stevens                                     Beverley Milun
 Johannesburg                                                    Beverley was introduced to the Amway business five times:
                                                                 and only the fifth time did she decide to do the research
 Nick and Sam Denoon-Stevens have been using all the             and the result motivated her to change her own life to
 Amway products for the past four years and started to           one of abundance for herself, her son, her special family
 build their business a year ago. They were motivated to         and everyone she has the privilege to share her life with. To
 build actively by the credibility of the team, its leadership   Beverley her success has much to do with the complete
 and knowledge. Nick and Sam used the Amway business             support she receives, not only from Amway, but from her
 opportunity to replace Sam's professional income after their    family and friends.
 son was born. At first it was difficult as they had a fear of
 talking on the phone to strangers and they also had to work     To Beverley the Amway Corporation truly represents the
 on their time management skills.                                most phenomenal investment programme; she has
                                                                 learned that one’s business growth upwards is directly
 To the Denoon-Stevens family Amway is giving them the           proportional to the depth of your humility and how willing
 chance to live the lifestyle they desire, and to be able to     you are to share with other people. She is looking forward
 raise their eight-month-old son, Matt and future                to grow with her business to Platinum and
 siblings, within this lifestyle exposed to the                  Emerald and has her sights set on achieving
 freedom that the Amway business                                 major success by 2008.
 opportunity offers.

                                       Gold                                                             Gold
 Gary Palmer                                                     Fred and Marita van der Riet
 Johannesburg                                                    Cape Town
 ‘Life starts at the end of your comfort zone’                   “Giving up what you want most”

 Gary Palmer discovered one great truth in life ... it only      Fred and Marita joined the business three years ago, but
 starts when you step out of your comfort zone and display       started to work actively 18 months ago. The van der Riets
 an inner willingness to be challenged and to challenge. As      joined because it is their desire to fulfil their own dreams: to
 a ‘farm-boy’ that found a career in engineering and IT, a       assist others to develop fully.
 step into the Amway business opportunity truly represented
 moving out of his comfort zone.                                 Fred and Marita had to make a huge commitment towards
                                                                 building their business, in essence, finding the time to do
 The Amway business seemed to good to be true,                   it… and giving up that which they wanted most… their
 but his dreams of an extraordinary lifestyle drew him           time. Reaching Gold is their assurance that they can
 to the opportunity. In Amway, Gary found people with            achieve Emerald and Diamond levels through this free
 integrity,values and quality beyond what he has                 enterprise opportunity. To them Amway is truly a
 known in the corporate environment. Gary                        company where you get rewarded for being
 is now building a business for his family and                   successful. They are the proud parents of
 investing in a future of helping others, giving                 four sons, John (25) Jaco (24) George (20)
 hope, an extraordinary lifestyle and freedom!                   and Louie (17).

                                                                                                                    amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200
                                             Coetzer, Phillip J and Wilna J J               Kalenga, Josephine N
                                             Colvin, Diana                                  Kaltwasser, Ellen
                                             Cooke, Charlene                                Kaltwasser, Willem
                                             Cowburn, Sean J and Hoffmann, Melanie          Kassel, Phillip and Tessa
Bezuidenhout, Gert and Elna                  Cracknell, Gillian and Neil I                  Keightley, Dawn M
Bond, Jennifer and Curtis, Neil              Cronje, Byron and Moutinho, Chantel            Keightley, Dennis M
Cassiem, Tasneem H and Nazeem                De Beer, Christo                               Kemp, Christo G and Van Zyl, May
Eason, Jonathan and Edna                     De Chalain, Marc and Linda                     Kgatla, Solly and Dance
Flett, Marilet                               De Jesus Ferreira, Pedro and Joaquina          Kgofelo, Florina
Gabriel, Rachel and Erasmus                  De La Cour, Donald P                           Kgomo, Tlou Phineas T P and Rosina R M
Hicks, Ruth M and Richard A                  Debruin, Liza                                  King, Denis
Jacobs, Aletta E D                           Digangoane, Mapula                             King, Margaret
Jairath, Arun Kumar and Tanna, Hansa         Dirker, Louis Johannes                         Kistan, Alex and Pamela
Jeena, Natasha                               Du Plessis, Alida and Adriaan B                Kitchin, Omolemo P and Boitumelo Y
Lane, Adrian and Lynn                        Du Plessis, Sandra                             Kleynhans, Deon and Jennifer
Liddell, Frank                               Du Preez, Marie-Louise                         Kleynhans, Heleen
Lombard, Anna Magaretha and Johannes         Du Toit, S Francois and Claire                 Klopper, Jaco
Mphathi, Montwedi and Vinga                  Duraan, Ansie E                                Knacke, Ernst
Ndiweni, Ntabiso and Clara                   Eason, Graham                                  Knox, William H
Nel, Melisande                               Edries, Aghmed and Fareda                      Koen, Clinton
Ngubane, Solomon B and Phumelele             Edwards, Vaughan                               Kruger, Anelise and Wasserman, Petrus
Oberem, Mark                                 Eloff, Alida                                   Kruger, Lize and Jacques
Phillips, Jason                              Eloff, Johann W J                              Kruis, Charlene
Schafer, Mark and Debbie                     Erasmus, Carin                                 Krynauw, Diana
Sicwebu, Busisiwe                            Erasmus, Jacobus Zanger                        Kukard, Jakobus F and Linda
Sithole, Bafana                              Ferns, Jannie J R                              Kukard, Warren C
Sunderlall, Dinnesh and Radhika              Fick, Zelda                                    Kuni, Nina and Rajendra
Swanepoel, Jan A C and Elize                 Fitt, Jeremy R C                               Kwinda, Busisiwe P
Tyler, Fred                                  Flawn, E J E                                   Lala, Seema N and Ramjee, Dillen
Van Graan, Johan and Martie                  Fogwell, Tracy and John                        Langner, Alfred
Van Wyk, Willem Jacobus and Cecilia Aletta   Fourie, Dalena and Koos                        Language, George H
Veale, Rian and Muller, Sanchia              Frafveiro, Delfim Fernando                     Lass, Antoinette M
                                             Gare, Tsheko, Victor and Maseko, Vincentia D   Laubscher, Maarten and Debbie
                                             Geering, Leon and Magda                        Lavender, Michael I
                                             Germani, Karen                                 Legobye, Lesego
                                             Giddings, Stephanie                            Leisegang, Ian and Sally-Anne
Aboo, Thavesha P                             Gore, Steve Spencer                            Lemmer, Yolande
Alberts, Dianne                              Grabow, Stephan H and Chantelle N              Leteane, C Thapelo
Alida, Gerber and De Ruyter, A A D           Groenewald, Ansie                              Liebenberg, Freddie and Retha
Amadhilah, Laina                             Groenewald, Isabel E                           Linder, Elise Maria (Liesje) and Paul Lorenz
Amuthenu, Inekela R                          Hammann, Frans and Thelwyn                     Lines, Diane
Annandace, Benjamin                          Hanekom, Nadia                                 Liphapang, Tefo Albert and Tutubala, Mpho
Atloi, Mvulatana                             Hangula, Foibe                                 Lombard, Louise and Wynand
Atoli, Elliot                                Hardy, Justin A                                Madlhophe, Toti Eric and Maureen Nonula
Balsodon, Guy                                Harmse, Gelis                                  Mahlangu, Peter and Bridget
Bam, Breggie G C                             Harris, Alex                                   Mair, B
Barnard, Alwyn and Hannetjie                 Harris, Mande and Bezuidenhout, Johan          Manning, Christopher A
Basson, Wilma                                Hart, Oliver O and Johanna C                   Manzella, Renata
Beaton, Rosamund L M                         Hattingh, Alexander and Irene Sandra           Mare, Machel
Beckley, Elsabe                              Hattingh, Hannetjie and Johan                  Martin, Roger, John and Samantha Louise
Bellingan, Ernst C                           Heidstra, Helen M and Andrew P                 Maserow, Colin A and Sharon S
Bezuidenhout, Martie                         Hills, Dorothy                                 Maserow, Grant
Blaauw, Bernabe and Linda                    Hingle, Gregory M                              Matzopolos, Glenore
Blignaut, Anita                              Hitge, Rina and Simon                          Mazibuko, Paslius S and Thembisile F
Boikanxo, Rose                               Hockly, Robin K                                Mbango, Maria
Botha, A                                     Holsthauzen, Susan                             Mc Gee, Owen and Arleen
Botha, Maxi                                  Holtzhausen, Gerhard and Sonja                 Meintjies, Ria S and Steenkamp J
Bowker, Antje                                Ikela, Selma and Barnabas                      Meyer, Sune
Bronkhorst, Casper F and Anne-Marie          Jacobs, Anna-Maria and Philippus               Mhlanga, Tsakani
Brown, Eve A and Philip R                    Janse Van Rensburg, Magdel                     Michael, Lynne
Brunette, Rista                              Janse Van Rensburg, Matthys                    Middleton, Alexina Jessie
Brunner, Susan L                             Jeebodh, Jayshree                              Mienie, Juanet
Burger, Cobus J                              Johannes, Nokokule                             Mienie, Stoffel
Burt, Michael and Kathryn                    Jonkers, Henk and Louise                       Mills, Carl
Carruthers, Paul                             Jordan, Jessie M                               Mokati, Portia
Carter, Judith M                             Jordi, Marie                                   Molala, Jacob L J and Annah
Clark, Stuart G and Bridget M                Josey, Christopher and Carine                  Mong, Gavin
Coetzee, Mats and Fourie, Aletta             June-Fitzgerald, Silvia                        Mosehla, Patricia L

amagram people
                                                         Honour Roll - November 200
 Mostert, Ben and Janet                            Sesera, Sannie and Lillian                     Vermeulen, Morkel
 Mothudi, Katlego J and Legobye, Boitumelo         Sibeko, Lethukuthula                           Viney, David
 Motjuwadi, Ayanda                                 Simpson, Bradley D                             Vos, Andre
 Msiza, Moses M                                    Skhosana, Bathabile M                          Weber, Anna M C
 Mulder, Jacque and Johan                          Slabber, Deon and Johanna                      Weber, Marieke
 Muller, Anita and Loutjie                         Smit, Hannelie                                 Welgemoed, Gisela
 Muller, Georg, F                                  Smit, Jeannette and Albert                     Wendland, Carmen
 Muller, Magriet                                   Smith, Marco                                   Wilke, Francina E
 Naidoo, Poovangela and Salikram                   Smits, Steven                                  Yutar, Graham M
 Naidoo, T                                         Solomon, Anthony
 Namukwambi, Sophia                                Solomon, Greg and Byrne, Charlotte
 Naude, Charlene                                   Speckman, Jerome P
 Ncala, Sibongile Beatrice S and Dumisani Elphas   Stander, Marlene
 Ndahule, Sabelo                                   Starbuck, Charmaine                            Abrahams, Blaze and Rebelo, Claudia
 Ndoro, Peter                                      Steyn, Elizabeth E                             Adams, Hendrik
 Neethling, Michelle                               Stoltz, Dawid P                                Adroos, Abida and Mustapha
 Nel, Andre and Cindy                              Strydom, Ouintin A and Du Plooy, Zelda P       Africa, Otis
 Nel, Pieter Christian                             Subrayan, Nicoleen                             Africander, Nolan and Bonita
 Nell, Silke and Steven                            Sukdeo, Anandlall                              Akwaake, Nqinelago Selma
 Niesing, Dirk and Sannie                          Swanepoel, Gavin                               Aliferis, Nicholas
 Niesing, Jannetjie                                Swart, Erasmus A                               Allan, Wendy Elizabeth
 Noble, Barbara                                    Tanner-Ellis, Warren and Janet E               Allen, Irene D
 Ntsiko, Dorcas                                    Tanya, Costa                                   Allen, Sue-Ann and Vermeulen, Diederich
 Nuujoma, Reinhold and Rebecca                     Tavares, Maria                                 Ally, Najida
 Oberholzer, Gert                                  Terblanche, Bertus                             Ally, Salma
 Olivier, Marilyn and Nickie                       Theys, Brigitte and Michael                    Ally, Sulayman and Bilkis
 Olivier, Wynand L                                 Thooe, Selaocoe E                              Amadhila, Abisai Andjamba and Loide
 Oosthuizen, Andre and Debbie                      Tjijenda, Tunduu                               Ambrosaeo, Pricilla
 Oosthuizen, Renier and Beverly                    Tjituka, Ngayozikwe                            Amesho, Simon
 Parsons, Nicole                                   Tlali, Pulane                                  Amputu, Risto
 Paul, J Mare and Robertson, Annalene              Tolken, Andre and Liesl                        Amupolo, Mateus M and Nikanor, Theresia M
 Pieterse, Jaco                                    Tweya, Tjekero                                 Amupolo, Nathalia Nanqula
 Pillay, Trevisen T and Tyron, Tania               Uulumbu, Asella                                Amutenya, Hilda
 Potgieter, Gerhardus and Madeleine                Uys, Ampie M                                   Andreas, Jafet and Hilma K
 Pretorius, Carlien and Craig                      Van De Weide, Allan and Sylvia                 Andrews, Claudia Claire
 Pretorius, Jan and Karin                          Van Der Hoven, Werner                          Angombe, Aina
 Pretorius, Liza and Venter, Anna                  Van Der Merwe, Carel P and Hochfellner, Rita   Angombe, Seyelen K
 Pretorius, Nicky                                  Van Der Merwe, Elzette                         Angula, Junias
 Prinsloo, Schalk                                  Van Der Merwe, George C and Maryna             Angula, Liina
 Pullinger, Alexander                              Van Der Merwe, Jaco and Annette                Angus, Gordon J
 Putter, Gerhardt R and Greeff, Sonnika            Van Der Merwe, James                           Antonius, Agnes
 Queijo, Joao Antonio                              Van Der Merwe, L W                             Armas, Amukwiyu
 Ramatsetse, Aaron and Susan                       Van Der Merwe, Pieter and Vera                 Armstrong, Glenn S and Litsa V
 Ras, Amanda                                       Van Der Merwe, Plessis                         Aron, Magdalena
 Ras, Melanie                                      Van Der Spuy, Lee-Anne                         Ashimbamba, Selma and Silas
 Retsos, Constantinos                              Van Deventer, Elizabeth F                      Ashipala, Bertha Gwan and Shikongo, Petrus
 Reynders, Herman                                  Van Greunen, Flippie                           Atherton, Stephen and Eardley, Nicola J
 Richardson, Bennie and Eurika                     Van Heerden, Florence M J and Henry            Aushona, Ndamononghenda
 Roodt, Frans and Susan                            Van Heerden, Vanessa                           Austen Smith, Mandy A
 Roos, Coenraad and Susanna                        Van Loggerenberg, Rory                         Austin, Mark J
 Roux, Anton F                                     Van Niekerk, Wouter                            Baasch, Mara Jane and Peter Hugo
 Roux, Riana and Petrus J                          Van Reenen, Guizelle                           Baatjies, Fazel S and Felicity D
 Rowles, Ina                                       Van Schalkwyk, Mark                            Baatjies, Nathaniel
 Rudman, Walter and Emmarentia                     Van Straaten, Dawie and Sarie                  Badenhorst, Etienne
 Ruthven, Phillip John D and Mandy Elizabeth       Van Tonder, Daan                               Badenhorst, Marietta and Jan
 Salauddin, Ahmod Aasiya                           Van Tonder, Francoise                          Banks, Gavin Neil
 Salvemme, Manuela                                 Van Tonder, Frikkie                            Barker, Clifford and Linda
 Samouris, Anastasios                              Van Tonder, Susan                              Barkley, Joao Maria and Craig Robert
 Schoeman, Salman J                                Van Vuuren, Belinda                            Barnard, Anna-Marie
 Schutte, Heinrich C                               Van Vuuren, Maria and Jan                      Barnard, Mauritz
 Schutte, Mandie and Rudolph                       Van Wyk, Gert                                  Barry, Dylan C
 Schutte, Marthie M E and Phillipus J W            Van Wyk, Monica and John                       Basson, Helene
 Schutte, Surette                                  Van Zyl, Donnie                                Beecham, Micheal and Janice
 Seeley, Neville                                   Van Zyl, Louw                                  Behr, Shane
 Selikow, Michael D and Beverley                   Venter, Abri B                                 Bekker, Elizabeth
 Sephooa, Khadim                                   Venter, Engela                                 Bell, Julie-Anne and Terblanche, Andre
 Sephton, Louise                                   Venter, Helena and Jaco                        Benjamin, Alfeus
 Servas, Micheal N                                 Venter, Isabella E                             Bennett, Alison

                                                                                                                amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200
Benson, Andries J and Swart, Claudette     Daniel, Frans                                  Emvula, Ester and Wilfred
Berger, Sheli                              Daniel, Joyce                                  Endjala, Eva Nangula
Bergman, Gwendolyn N                       Dannhauser, Cornelius J and Johanna Me         Erasmus, Annelize
Bessenger, Willem G and Ericsen, Vanessa   De Beer, Jeanne                                Erastus, Cornelia S
Bester, Retha and De Wet                   De Beer, Wynand                                Erastus, Isimael
Bezuidenhout, D C                          De Bod, Marlette                               Erlinger, Eugenia
Bezuidenhout, Pierre                       De Bruin, Maria                                Eshelby, Tate and Majo, Tanya
Blaauw, Andries J                          De Bruin, Wilene F                             Euvrard, Kaspar and Friedman, Gerlinde
Black, Katherine and David R               De Coning, Dave                                Evert, Dianne
Bloch, Jon B                               De Gouveia, Yvette                             Faccio, Natasha
Blom, Riaan G and Marlese                  De Jesus Ferreira, Pedro and Heidi             Faleckie-Villiers, Bibby
Bohm, Elaine                               De Kock, Deon and Lorraine L                   Farrar, Tony and Alisse
Borges, Daniel                             De Kock, Johannes S and Yvonne M               Fell, Juliet
Bosman, Nicola                             De Nicola, Sandy and Roux, Sarien              Ferreira, C L and L J
Botha, Amy                                 De Villiers, Diane and Charles                 Filippa, Tamara and Franco, Mario Nicolas
Botha, Annemarie                           De Vries, Erich and Nell-Marie                 Fisher, Louisa Mary
Botha, Jan A and Anneliese                 De Waal, Jeanne                                Flint, Daniel and Singh, Ranthie
Botha, Lindy                               De Zinger, Andre and Anneke                    Ford, Sharon and Andre J
Botha, Raymond                             Denysschen, Lowan G and Caroline               Fortuin, Dale William
Bothma, Paul C                             D’Hotman De Vuliers, Christoph and Abigail C   Fortuin, Phillip Thomas
Boucher, Candice                           Diakos, Athena                                 Fortuin, Vanessa M A
Boucher, Carol Gail                        Diamond, Catharine L                           Fotolela, Matheus and Alvina
Boy, Janet and Michael                     Didcott, Colin                                 Fourie, Erina
Branco, Paulo                              Diergaardt, Heidi                              Fourie, Louis J and Jo-Lean
Brits, Tertius T and Heila M               Dillon, Peter                                  Fourie, Susan V
Britz, Robin Paulq                         Dlamini, Samukelisiwe                          Fourie, Susanna
Broadfoot, Ryan Sean                       Dorasamy, Sandra and Francis                   Fox, Deidre
Brombacher, Deborah and Bryan              Dorfling, Andrew and Karen                     Frame, David H and L
Brummer, Karin L and Izak J                Downer, Brenda                                 Fritz, Wanda and Petrus J
Buddhu, Sherika                            Du Pleez, Stephanie                            Fry, Marieta
Budhu, Manoj and Pillay, Vasan             Du Plessis, Andries                            Gaingos, Maria Theresa and Josa Fat
Burger, Danie                              Du Plessis, Hennie and Marie                   Garwood, Dennis
Cajee, Zeenat                              Du Plessis, Johanna and Barend                 Gates, Andres A J
Cameron, Colin, C                          Du Plessis, Lion J L C                         George, Tarryn H
Carroll, Norman and Hester Elizabeth       Du Plessis, Veronica and Nico                  Gevers, Rolf
Carstens, Mari, M                          Du Plessis, Wynand and Tina                    Gill, Angela and Warren
Catcin, Laura S                            Du Plooy, Alicia D                             Goagoseb, Theofelus
Chalmers, Debbie                           Du Preez, Dean                                 Gobalsamy, Kovadrin
Chibba, Shamir                             Du Rand, Pieter W and Bettie                   Godfrey, Lucille
Christophers, Bryan                        Du Toit, Daniel J and Margie                   Gombault, Nancy
Chunee, Shaiendra                          Du Toit, Elma                                  Goodall, Jeremy, M and Deborah, V
Clay, Dale                                 Du Toit, Ferdinand and Annieke                 Gorabeb, Michael
Cloete, Ingrid                             Du Toit, Isabel                                Gouws, Grant R
Cloete, Mona T                             Du Toit, J B and Lydia                         Govender, C Mervin
Cocksedge, Nanette                         Du Toit, Jonathan P                            Govender, Mervyn S B and Venilla
Coetser, Maya                              Du Toit, Nicholas                              Govender, Pam and Kay
Coetzee, Gerhardus J                       Du Toit, Stephan W                             Graham, Sue M
Coetzee, Mark                              Du Toit, Vanessa and Comrie                    Greef, Stephen
Cohn, Errol R                              Duba, Phumzile                                 Greeff, Sarah and Justin
Cole, Shaun V                              Duff, Stephen and Tanya                        Grey, Maggi A
Collett, Faith ( D S F)                    Dumani, Salani                                 Grindlay, David and Marli
Collett, Michela                           Dykhouse, Cassandra C                          Groenewald, Lucas
Collins, Soraya                            Eason, Barry John                              Groenewald, Reina
Combrink, Gregory and Marcia               Eastes, Petro                                  Grundlingh, Stefnie
Commarmono, Mike and Elena                 Ebrahim, Aadila                                Gu, Yi
Conradie, Pieter and Lanie                 Eckstein, Peter                                Guassardo, Paul J and Belinda
Cook, Matthew Mark                         Edwards, Anthea                                Gunnell, William Hamilton and Wendy Jennifer
Coslett, Althea J and Gareth               Egdes, Joel M and Karen                        Gwanya, Loyiso and Owakhe, Mzileni
Crafford, Chris and Maxie                  Egumbo, Laimi Twegathtwa                       Haasbroek, Len F
Cramer, Colin Robert                       Ehlers, Joubert D and Jacqueline K             Haigh, Trevor
Cromhout, Lindi and Van Der Walt, Nico     Ehvula, Ruusa N                                Haiyaka, Linda F
Cronje, Christo J and Renschia M           Elias, Matheus                                 Hakaye, Haikella, J
Cruichkshank, Andrew                       Ellemdeen, Aarif and Moodley, Zakirah          Hall, Bradley M
Cruickshank, Chantal                       Ellemdeen, Kathija                             Hall, Justin and Lindsay
Cruikshanks, Andrew                        Ellemdeen, Khatija and Muhammed                Halwoodi, Silas S S
Cullen, Bruno                              Elliott, Desiree                               Ham, Garth M and Lindy C
Cunha, George and Dias, Natalie            Ellis, Ewart                                   Hamunyela, Miriam, N
Dalais, Gillian C                          Emmanuel, Maria                                Hamupembe, Viktoria Shihepo, Ojoram

amagram people
                                                  Honour Roll - November 200
 Hands, Tricia L                             Johannes, Jakobina K and Ignatius S H      Lazarova, Krasimira
 Haraeb, Romanus and Saal-Haraeb, Viloet     Jones, Jaco                                Le Goff, Eugene
 Harding, Cindi J and Percival, David E      Jonker, Herman                             Le Goff, Lynette
 Harrington, Edith                           Jonker, Ruan R and Van Der Merwe, Gene G   Le Roux, Claude
 Harris, Shane Kenneth                       Jooste, Isabe and Willem                   Le Roux, Neil and Cheryl
 Hartland, Dawn and Grant                    Joubert, Elmien and Ferdie                 Lebakeng, Moipone
 Hartman, Michael and Natasha                Jules, Julia, M and Davies, Gary           Lebelo, Tigh Lesiba
 Hashipala, Elisia and Erastus               Julyan, Jonathan                           Lee, Brian
 Hashotushi, Robert                          Jutronich, John Vincent and Carolyn        Lehabe, Tshepo Edgar
 Hassim, Zaheera                             Kaishungu, Andris T and Ndelineekelat      Leonsins, Diane Iris
 Hauser, Lindat                              Kalenga, Ananias                           Lepelesane, Mosa and Crase
 Hausiku, Arnulf and Cloete, Monalisa        Kamati, Simeon                             Liesching, Carla E
 Hendricks, Felicia                          Kambamba, David I                          Lin, Peggy Pei-Chen
 Hendricks, Vic                              Kamfer, Roshin and Tommy                   Linder, Ernst W
 Henen, Jeni                                 Kampers, Gavin Robert and Samantha         Linga, Ernest Jenivah
 Herman, Kornelia                            Kamti, Fredricka N                         Lion, Thato
 Higinus, Eveline                            Kamwi, Precious M and Songiso C            Liu, Tianyang
 Hlongwane, Beauty Ruth and Masungi Gordon   Kandjemwena, Selma N                       Liu, Zengfeng (Anna)
 Holm, Nakkie(M J M)                         Kandjumbwa, Hertha                         Liwali, Khadija M
 Honniball, Amalie and Michael,David         Kangueehi, Diana U                         Lochner, Elmarie
 Hoops, Victor Otto and Hymne Cecilia        Kanz, Wolfgang K and Megan J               Lockley, Natasha C and Graeme J
 Horak, Andreas M and Gloudina J             Kapia, Bertha                              Loesch, Carin and John
 Hough, Francois J and Rene                  Kapia, John                                Lombard, Charles N
 Howlett, D Barry and Sonja                  Kapweya, Timoteus                          Lombard, Hester Antoinette and V D Merwe, Jan Hendr
 Hulley, Graham J                            Kara, Nayla and Aboobakar                  Lombard, Jacques P
 Human, Johan and Yolandie                   Kavikunua, Windoline                       Losaba, Kedibone and Matlhole
 Hunter-Smith, Jeremy and Candice Lee        Kawaya, Tutaleni                           Lotter, Wayne and Inge
 Hunter-Smith, Sharon                        Kgetsi, Solomon                            Lottering, Glen and Maree M
 Hurley, Samantha                            Khoza, Charlotte and Moses                 Loubser, Anton and Ellouette
 Hutchins, Tracey                            Khoza, Linda X                             Louw, Etian
 Igner, Marie Claire                         Khumalo, Mabusane and Ntombizonke          Louw, Jaco
 Iikondia, Aino Niita                        Kitshoff, Elmarie                          Lubbe, Jaco and Wendy
 Iilende, Ester                              Klein, Angela                              Lureman, Deborah
 Iilende, Josephine                          Kleinhans, Anneline and Coenraad           Mackintosh, Rita
 Iinyemba, Filippus                          Kleu, Rory                                 Madiga, Jeffrey and Joyce
 Iipinge, Ottilie N                          Klew, Morne and Nel-Mari                   Madisakwane, Judith and Moutlana, Solomon
 Iipinge, Sylvia                             Knoesen, Hermanus                          Maditse, Percy M
 Iipingwe, Eveline                           Knoesen, Nico J and Nicolene A             Mafita, Vistorina
 Iiyambo, Gertrude                           Knoesen, Trudie S and Jan                  Magano, Refilwe
 Iiyambo, Josephina                          Kobus, Louann and Grant                    Mahlangu, Nombulelo
 Ikela, Sakaria                              Kohne, Nicholas                            Makoa, Mpati
 Ileka, Vivi                                 Kooverjee, Viresh I                        Makobane, Makobane
 Imene, Kelatius                             Krause, Annalize E                         Malapi, Julia Magano
 Immanuel, Susana                            Krug, Bradley Colin and Lee                Malherbe, Theo
 Indongo, Aina                               Krug, Lindie                               Mallinson, James B and Sharon N W
 Indongo, Elvi N                             Kruger, Christene                          Mandy, Shawn D P
 Ipakwa, Helena                              Kruger, Douw                               Manegold, Sabine
 Ipinge, Albertina                           Kruger, Sharlene and Purcell, Anthony      Manthata, Puso
 Ipinge, Pombili                             Kruger, Theunis and Sharon M               Marais, Maria J and Hagan, Devlin R
 Irving, Harry W and Swart, Helena J         Krull, Charlie                             Maree, Marie
 Iyambo, Idda-Maria                          Krull, Craig                               Maritz, Anlie M
 Jacobs, Andrew                              Kumarasamy, Devan                          Marnewick, Magriet and Johan
 Jacobs, Marius F and Marlize E              Kumarasamy, Munsami                        Marshall, Mark B
 Jacobs, Marlene                             Kumbe, Phinah                              Martin, Magdalena E
 Jacobs, Praxia Avangelia                    Kuter, Fred D and Ansa                     Martins, Louis
 Ja-Kanandjembo, Johnny and Monica           Kuter, Louis and Alana                     Mashigo, Nomusa
 Janse Van Rensburg, Coenraad and Karien     Kuter, Nadine Mercia and Soothill, Lanzo   Mashilo, Dennis P and Ruby R
 Janse Van Rensburg, Jan and Beverley        Kuutondokwa, Kaarina                       Mashinini, Sizakele
 Janse Van Vuuren, Charl                     Labuschagne, Aletta and Willem             Masuku, Simphiwe
 Janse Van Vuuren, Gerhardi J K              Labuschagne, Carel and Helena C            Matheus, Karolina
 Jansen Van Rensburg, C                      Labuschagne, Johanna C                     Matore, Duduzile
 Jansen Van Vuuren, Martha Magd              Lager, Guido B and Marais, Angela          Mavulu, Julius and Valombola, Rakkel
 Jansen Van Vuuren, Jacobus Lod              Lancaster, Jennifer                        Mbude, Jerry
 Jeremia, Asteria and Tuyeimo                Lane, Jayce                                Mcconnell, Alice M
 Jeremia, Theopoldine M                      Lange, Malcom and Jackie                   Mcmanus, Steven C
 Jofre, Lynne T                              Langendorf, Lettie                         Mcnab, Charles Werner
 Jofre’, Natalia Victoria                    Lavarone, Stefano                          Meiring, Pierre C
 Johannes, Aune and Thomas, Inali            Lawrenson, Sean                            Menton, Mark E and Lauren R

                                                                                                               amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200
Meruine, Jacob, Ian                       Ndlela, Mondli A                               Prinsloo, Adriaan J and Henriette W
Meyer, Graham                             Ndlhovu, Caswell and Princess                  Prozesky, Nicholas John
Meyer, Iaine and Fiona                    Neal, Tracy L                                  Rademan, Anton A and Mariaan
Meyer, Yssel                              Neetman, Peter and Muller, Gerhark             Rall, Olga
Mhlauli, L                                Negumbo, Basilia N                             Ramcharan, Jaqueline
Mkabela, George G P and Serofe S M        Nehale, David M                                Rebelo, Roger Teixeira
Mkhize, Howard T D and Gloria Dudu        Nehoya, Liina N                                Reed, Christopher D
Mocke, Randall and Amanda                 Nekongo, Martha P                              Riddick, Althea A
Mofokeng, Palesa Lorrain                  Nel, Elizabeth H I                             Robinson, Barry J
Mogorosi, Rodney Herock                   Nel, Hans Jurgen                               Roche, Leanne D
Moholoa, Given Maopa G                    Nel, Juliette R                                Roets, Eugene and Lizelle
Moir, June                                Nel, Michael and Vanessa                       Roets, Vera
Mondlane, Kenson K B                      Nell, David                                    Roetz, Jeanette and Jacobs, Annelie
Monnakgotla, Mamogale                     Nella, Teixeira and Rolf, Zoller               Rohm, Billy
Monyane, Boloetse                         Nelson, Gabriel                                Rosenberg, Shelee R
Monyane, Kathleen                         Nesemann, Sharon                               Rosmarin, Harry D and Lorraine M
Monyane, Mojabeng                         Newaka, Emilia                                 Rouche, Yves
Moolman, Gabriel J                        Nghifinwa, Liina                               Roux, Jacques
Moorcroft, Heather                        Nghipandwa, Ismael and Hamadila, Selma N       Roux, Magrietha
Moore, Terry and John                     Nicholas, Earl                                 Rudolph, Quentin C
Morgan, Grant Ian                         Nichols, Arlene                                Rudraraju, Uma
Morrison, Berenice E                      Nisbet, Douglas J                              Rumbelow, Rowland
Moser, Christine M                        Nitschke, Marcellino                           Ruthven, Bradley and Deabreu, Eluisa
Moses, Betuel Aiyambo                     Nkhoma, Happy and Unice                        Ruthven, Jennifer C
Mostert, Nelie                            Nkomo, Fanaye Elmon and Nokuthula, Elizabeth   Ryder, Dawn A
Moyo, Ntlantla J and Thato E              Nkosi, Zanele G                                Rymill, Catherine J
Mparutsa, James and Sibiya, Lindiwe       Nkuna, Tony Nhlanhla                           Salottolo, Bianche
Mphelo, Mmakolobe E                       Noorbhai, Hussain                              San Giorgio, Tanya
Msternu, Matie M                          Noreses, Eveline                               Scallan, Michael
Mtshali, Velaphi                          Notoane, Magdeline M                           Schalkwyk, Chris and Elna
Muhimba, Hosanna P and Maria N D          Ntoni, Matilda F                               Scheffer, Nico
Mulder, Tanja                             Ntschke, Stephanus                             Schmidt, Michael
Mullen, Connie H                          Ntuli, Lindiwe G                               Schmidt, Patrick
Muller, Adele                             Nwengu, Maria and Stefanus                     Schoeman, Frans J and Annette
Mundjele, Nikanor                         Odendaal, Tracey                               Schulein, Johan David and Shareen Joyce
Mungungu, Elfrieden and Hamwaama, Hosea   Oelofse, Marc Peter                            Schutte, Christelle L
Mustafa, Bhoodoo                          Olckers, Terry                                 Schutte, Mariliza A
Mvuca, Onesmus and Mvula, Kristofina      Olds, Christopher A                            Scott, Brian
Mwapopi, Ndamononghenda K                 Olivier, Carolle M                             Scott, Lisa
Mwatale, Martha                           Olivier, Edna E and Daniel S                   Scully, Rowan B
Naboth, Abner S                           Olwage, Jandemie                               Seels, Andrea Jean
Naboth, Epson                             Oosthuizen, Daniel R                           Segers, Wayne Frank
Naidoo, Pragashnee                        Oosthuizen, Justin and Galpin, Kerry L         Septoe, Nina Lee
Naiker, Vilen R and Stanic, Jean-Luc      Orsmond, Charles Guy                           Sesoko, Keitumetse
Nakale, Ester and Trianus                 Osyra, Gregory                                 Shaanange, Laban and Amakali, Diina
Nakale, Ester K                           Otto, Cornelius J                              Shankland, Rosemary
Nambahu, Maria                            Parbhoo, Nikesh                                Shapanga, Naemi N
Nambahu, Matheus, P                       Paruk, Ahmed                                   Shatilwe, Sophie, R
Nambudhi, Taddeus J                       Pautz, Belinda and Clive                       Sheel, Andrew
Namukwambi, Elizabeth                     Penfold, Victoria                              Sheepo, David T
Namupala, Augustina Y                     Petrus, David and Indongo, Nelago              Shelver, Craig J
Namupala, Kredula                         Petrus, Justina and Natanael                   Sherman, Linsey and Michael J
Nangolo, Selma N                          Petrus, Thephelus and Victoria                 Shiimi, Elia
Nangolo, Sussanna, T                      Phillips, Anthony and Undine                   Shikongo, Maria and Shikambe, Annrens
Nangolo, T T Fiina and Shafuda, Uria      Phillips, Nicole, A                            Shikongo, Paulus
Nangombe, Lovisa                          Phiri, Ernest P                                Shilongo, Elifas Hango
Nantana, Gabriel and Ina Maria            Piazza-Musso, J                                Shilumbu, Peter
Nantanga, Malakia                         Pichanick, Sharon                              Shimbuli, Kaiya, T
Nashidengo, Daniel and Hambeleleni        Pienaar, Arno                                  Shindinge, Fanuel L and Ester N
Nashivela, Isreal H                       Pieterse, Helette                              Shingenge, Gretha N D
Naude, Clayton P E and Rissel, Carmen     Pohamba, Kaino                                 Shipanga, Kleopas J
Naude, Ruth                               Pohamba, Monika and Saara                      Shipaxu, Eliaser and Amutenya, Irasiska T
Nawatiseb, Engelbrecht                    Pohamba, Sally and Sylvi                       Shipena, Christa
Ndabandaba, Simangele                     Ponton, Kim                                    Shipiya, Soini
Ndafonghoshi, Padelia N                   Porter, Ilze                                   Shitumbe, Venasiu
Ndahomenwa, Elly T                        Pretorius, Christie and Hawley, Charmaine      Shoombe, Betty
Ndaikile, Honid, T                        Pretorius, Ria                                 Silber, Kim
Ndjiruete, Thabita                        Prince, Michael S and Mandy J                  Simeon, Imelda and Willem

amagram people
                                                Honour Roll - November 200
 Siwela, Magdaline                        Van Der Riet, George                             Wissing, Dirk
 Skrywer, Melvin                          Van Der Riet, Jaco                               Wood, Hilton E and Linda
 Slack, Keith and Dorothy                 Van Der Westhuizen, Johan and Margaretha         Woodburn, Peter and Tonia
 Slivkin, Almyne A                        Van Deventer, Hester H                           Wrench, Mary
 Smit, Willem and Annelie                 Van Deventer, Johannes G                         Yan, Jianjia
 Smith, David Wayne and Annelie E         Van Graan, Ronelle                               Young, Sharon
 Smith, Lee P                             Van Heerden, A and Van Der Merwe, Caroline       Zana, Heindrich R and Deborah C
 Smith, Leverne                           Van Heerden, Leonie                              Zarkov, Emil V and Zarkova, Ekaterina A
 Smith, Stuart G and Cherie               Van Jaarsveld, Jaco                              Zeeman, David
 Smithdorff, Hannie M J and Christopher   Van Loggerenberg, Elize                          Zigonda, Martta
 Snyders, Peter and Kruger, Margi         Van Niekerk, Freda                               Zungu, Leslie and Gumede, Skhumbuzo
 Solsona, Huenu                           Van Niekerk, Hettie and Mechiel
 Sousa, Manuel                            Van Notten, Gareth
 Spanneberg, Eleanor and Gabriel          Van Rensburg, Wade
 Staddon, Sashir Nadine                   Van Rooi, Eslynne and Morne
 Staddow, Bradley S                       Van Rooyen, Karen                                Abed, Ebrahim and Fatima
 Stander, James and De Wet, Gawie         Van Roy, Arlene I and De Jongh, Harold F A       Abraham, Michael C and Kim
                                                                                           Abrahams, Shafiek
 Stander, Patti and Olivier, Lynette      Van Schalkwyk, Anriette
                                                                                           Ackerman, Susan and Strydom, Charl
 Stassen, Gideon                          Van Schalkwyk, Leon                              Adams, Riaad
 Sterling, Sandra A                       Van Tooren, Craig                                Afonso, Micheal
 Stohr, Robert William                    Van Vuuren, Christo J                            Afrin, Faruk Abdul Gafar O
 Stone, Celest Delia                      Van Wyk, Charl                                   Ahmed, Jamaluddien J
 Storrier, Heather A and Leonard D        Van Wyk, Johanna                                 Alder, Elaine R
 Stothart, Laura A                        Van Wyk, Marlene                                 Alers, Hannes J
                                                                                           Altree, Andrew G and Michelle J
 Strang, Gavin C                          Van Zyl, Tina
                                                                                           Amaambo, Saara N
 Strydom, Petrus and Ester                Venter, Eugene                                   Amadhila, Martha
 Strydom, Rudolf                          Venter, Francois and Van Der Westhuizen, Peggy   Ambambi, Elia S
 Sturgeon, Linda C                        Venter, Martin                                   Ameer, Nieshaam
 Sun, Solina                              Venter, Philip P and Rianne M                    Ameer, Shehaam and Abdul Aziz
 Surujparsad, Dion                        Vercuil, Mariette                                Amrathlall, Priya
 Swart, Hendre and Adele                  Vermaak, Johan                                   Amutenya, Linea
                                                                                           Anderson, Angeline S and Marc, Truong Jean
 Swemmer, Andrea and Andrew, Douglas      Vermaak, Marie
                                                                                           Anderson, Crystal
 Swift, Crysty Baccara                    Vilakazi, Emmanuel                               Andrew, Robert Douglas
 Tembo, Lillian S                         Viljoen, Annatjie                                Andrews, Gerald R and Oosthuizen, Elize
 Tennant, Elfrieda B                      Viljoen, Antoinette                              Angus, Michael and Michelle
 Tennant, Graeme J                        Viljoen, Isabella                                Anne, Kriel
 Tennant, Terrence                        Viljoen, Johannes and Julie                      Anthonissen, Esta
 Terblanche, Anthony and Maria            Visagie, Frederick J and Susanna G               Anthony, Malcom
                                                                                           Armstrong, Glen
 Theakstone, Dough, A                     Visser, Madre
                                                                                           Armstrong, Ulla and Desmond
 Themba, Alfred Daniel                    Voges, Linda                                     Arthur, Paul
 Theron, Christopher                      Vollmerhause-Everitt, Nicole                     Ashton, Yvonne and Fredrick Charles
 Theron, Gerard                           Volschenk, Pierre James                          Asmal, Nazeer Ahmed
 Thiart, Vanessa                          Von Hunnius, Helena V                            Assan, Edwin
 Thiels, Sharon                           Vorster, Alwyn and Natasha                       Athienides, Dean and Van Rensburg, Monique
 Thompson, Jessica R                      Vorster, Catherine E                             Aucamp, Hendrik D
                                                                                           Axten, Carol
 Thornton-Smith, Alistair                 Vorster, Jacobus D and Faurie, Lee-Jean
                                                                                           Aylmer, Philip, A
 Thornton-Smith, Chris and Elaine         Wagner, Nico and Sharon                          Azevedo, Gerald and Lorna
 Thornton-Smith, Mark                     Wakelin, Alison M and James E                    Badenhorst, Etienne
 Tilston, Marc D                          Walker, Ina and Edward                           Badenhorst, Gregory
 Todd, Cindy and Greg                     Wallace, Leigh                                   Badenhorst, Herman
 Trikamdas, Daksha                        Walton, Cathryn A                                Badroodeen, Naiem
 Trower, Reggie                           Wanailonga, Sesilia T                            Baholo, Nonduniso
                                                                                           Bailey, Richard and Carol
 Tseledi, Mphutsane and Glene L G         Warren, Phyllida
                                                                                           Baker, Shaun K
 Tseng, Hsi Yuan (Jack)                   Wauts, Marie-Anna and Stiaan                     Baksa, Mohammed Bilal and Saajida
 Tshelane, Paulos M and Annah N           Weis, Egbert S                                   Bandu, Avishkar and Maharaj, Natasha
 Tswaile, Dez and Cindi, Sipho            Wessels, Philippus, J                            Barbosa, Cassandra
 Turnbull, Andrea and John                Whitaker, John S                                 Barlow, Ronnie T
 Turner, Nevin G                          White, Karen, T                                  Barnaard, Yolanda and Riaan
 Tyeku, Sheila                            White, Tommy H C and Michelle                    Barnard, Anro
                                                                                           Barnard, Fransa
 Uiseb, Seth                              Whitehead, Althea
                                                                                           Barnard, Johannes M and Heilia E
 Umarchand, Nimmi                         Whitfield, Peter V                               Barnard, John Ph
 Ungerer, Daniel                          Wilke, Wilhelmine, C and Colin                   Barnard, Phillip and Charmaine
 Uunona, Liisa N                          Wilken, Illona, E                                Barratt, Jennifer and Denysschen, Philip
 Uushona, Mirjam, T                       Williams, Nazier and Wasooda                     Barton, Deirdre C
 Uys, Matthys                             Williamson, Janine                               Barwise, Clicilia E and Hendrik C
 Valentine, Tony                          Williamson, Mark J and Kutreva, Mariya N         Basson, Nanna J D
                                                                                           Basson, Nico W and Martinet
 Van Den Berg, Pieter J                   Wilson, Marlene A and J Garth
                                                                                           Batshu, Keitumetse and Freddy
 Van Der Merwe, Suzette and Francois      Winchester, Harold A and Denise K                Bekker, Bertte

                                                                                                                    amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200
Bell, Gregory H                            Chalice, Jerome                                Dewa, Hasmita and Cheta
Bellamy, Christiane                        Chalice, Justin Jerome                         Dewa, Surendra
Bemath, Fathema                            Chapman, Ann                                   Dicks, Grant E and Natalie E
Bemath, Summaya                            Chatterjee, Saurab                             Didimalang, Kemoeng
Ben, Haim                                  Chikandi, Jeffrey                              Diedericks, Margaretha
Bergh, Liezel and Kobus                    Christoph, Hannelore                           Dimopoulos, Nicos
Berry, Paul M                              Cilliers, Lynn and Charl                       Diphoko, Montlenyane
Best, Andy                                 Cilliers, Sarel                                Dippenaar, Theo E and Christiana M
Beukes, Celeste A and Pieter M             Cilliers, Yvette and Wessel J H                Dodsworth, Paul
Bezuidenhout, Abrie                        Claasens, Derek                                Domingo, Shaheed
Bezuidenhout, Thea D M and Carlo C W       Claassens, Rosemarie                           Donachie, Robyn-Lee and Harold
Bhana, Manjula and Ramanlal                Clark, Hannelie                                Dookhi, Dhiran
Bhika, Bhupesh                             Clarke, Patrick and Lisa                       Douglas-Smith, Joanna
Bhyat, Haroon                              Claudia, Fenor                                 Dreyer, Corne
Bila, Nontembeko J and Khetani S           Cluer, Max Bw                                  Dreyer, Reinhardt
Bisset, Gillian, T and Unger, Terence, D   Cocks, Gavin E and Wanda                       Drotos, Susanna
Bodhania, Adilo and Aadil                  Coertzen, Andre                                Du Bois, Brigid
Boehnke, Bodo R and Gisela W               Coetzee, Janine H and Theunis G                Du Plessis, Abraham and Sophia
Boersema, Elmarie                          Coetzee, Johann                                Du Plessis, Andria
Bokole, Minkie                             Coetzee, Michelle and Peter                    Du Plessis, Candice
Bologna, Maria S                           Coetzer, Bettie                                Du Plessis, Dawid
Booysen, Jacobus                           Coetzer, Lindy-Marie                           Du Plessis, Jacoba W and Jacobus P
Booysen, Karen                             Coetzer, Louis and Maureen H                   Du Plessis, Kathleen and Mark
Booysens, Warren                           Coetzer, Peet and Veronica                     Du Plessis, Susan J
Bosch, Christo                             Coleman, David W                               Du Plessis, Tinus
Bosman, Hendriette                         Colin, Nerina                                  Du Preez, Christelle
Botes, Marnus                              Combrinck, Ilse, M                             Du Preez, Jacobus and Phyllis
Botha, Andries and Elrina                  Cordier, Louise and Pieter                     Du Preez, Janine and Jaco
Botha, Andries J                           Cornelius, Lucas P H                           Du Preez, Lise-Marie
Botha, Craig                               Costa, Gaetano                                 Du Preez, Marina
Botha, Danie                               Cowie, Nicholas                                Du Preez, Nina
Botha, Elmarie and Francis                 Cowie, Shanette                                Du Preez, Sarel and Tina
Botha, Ingrid                              Crafford, Alta                                 Du Preez, Senobie
Botha, Jacobus                             Crawford, Michele                              Du Toit, Louisa H
Botha, Juanita                             Cronje, Frans J and Roux, Petrus C             Du Toit, Maritza and Johan
Botha, Lani                                Cronje, Yolandi D                              Duarte, Saeed
Botha, Markus E                            Crossman, David V and Adriana                  Dube, Matilda M
Botha, Paul S and Jeannetta L              Cunningham, Tanya and Gareth                   Durand T, Melinda and Lottering, Francois
Botha, Pierre J                            Currin, Bryan                                  Durant, John Benjamin
Botha, Rona                                Da Silva, Dario                                Duveen, Raoul J
Bottari, Nicolo                            Dale, Maureen P and John C                     Dyason, Craig
Bouca, Greg                                Danka, Fatima and Farouk                       Earle, George and Shaylene
Bouwer, Rick                               Davel, Pierre                                  Ebrahim, Ayesha
Bouwer, Henk G                             David, Natalia                                 Edwards, Brian C
Bouwer, Jakes and Jolanda                  De Azevedo, George                             Edwards, Yvette L
Bovill, Harold and Theunis                 De Beer, Andre                                 Eising, Wim and Rutynowska-Eising, Marie
Bradfield, Sharalee                        De Beer, Anton                                 Eksteen, Jurie G and Klopper, Annalien
Braganca, Fra                              De Beer, Karen and Deon                        Eksteen, Renier
Braganga, Fabio                            De Beer, Marco and Madelein                    Elago, Albertina N
Brandt, Colleen E and Fred F               De Beer, Tina                                  Elliot, Joy M
Braun, Michael and Mari                    De Freitas, Madeleina and Van Schagen, F H R   Elliot, Wilson
Brauteseth, Gareth                         De Jager, Andrea                               Elliott, Derek K
Breckon, Josephine                         De Jager, Henning J                            Elliott, Jeanne A
Breed, Tania                               De Klerk, Donne Lee                            Emmott, Ann E
Brewis, Alexander                          De Klerk, Duncan and Penelope-Ann              Engelbrecht, Albert L R and Botha, Merlene
Bridle, Sarita                             De Klerk, Steven and Riana                     Engelbrecht, Christiaan
Briel, Sephus                              De Kock, Ruanita K                             Engelbrecht, Saritae
Brightman, Peta and Allan                  De Lange, Adriaan J and Laetitia               Enslin, Dirk F
Brigljevic, Goran F                        De Magalhaes, Clarise                          Erasmus, Adele
Brits, Marius and Cronje, Jaqueline        De Snidt, Schalk                               Erasmus, Dirk T
Brits, Susan                               De Vasconcelos, Isilda                         Erasmus, Mary
Bronning, Hans-Joachim                     De Villiers, Gregory, S                        Erasmus, Renier
Browne, Darryl, K and Goldman, Andrea, M   De Villiers, Toinette                          Erasmus, Santa and Andre
Browning, Linda and Colin                  De Vos, Devon Errol                            Erwee, Sarel J
Bruce, Gavin M                             De Vos, Manolitsa                              Evans, Vanda
Brummer, Bettas                            De Vries, Hanaliza                             Farred, Feroza
Bruwer, Maria and Johan H                  De Vries, J J and Phillip                      February, Lynette A
Bruyns, Gary M and Belinda                 De Wee, Mark Michael                           Ferrans, Greg
Buhler, Leonard                            De Wet, Abrie J and Madelein L                 Ferreira, Marlise and Willie
Burger, Chris                              De Wet, Albertus Petrus                        Ferreira, Ria
Burger, Johann                             De Wet, Hester Decilia                         Ferreira, William C
Burger, Madelein                           De Wet, Nico and Mari                          Fichardt, Annali and John Barry
Burley, Justin                             De Winnaar, Andre                              Finikaridges, Johnny and Eugene
Burrelss, Tessa                            Deans, Michael G and Euneci H                  Fitt, Anne Vera and Levinsohn, John Peter
Cardoso, Luis Manuel                       Deenik, Stewart M                              Flascas, Charlene
Carroll, Ryan A and Nadine A               Deidda, Domenico                               Flascas, Michelle
Cassim, Anwar and Shamine                  Delport, Elmarie                               Fondling, Robin
Cave, Justen                               Denoon-Stevens, Carol H and Michael J          Fookes, Ilona and Labuschagne, Ruan

amagram people
                                                       Honour Roll - November 200
 Foord, Gerhard C                               Helberg, Otto M                              Jordan, Thomas
 Fortuin, Craig                                 Helberg, Rika and Victor                     Joseph, Angeline
 Fourie, Bernie M and Jan                       Helungi, Johannes                            Joseph, Grant
 Fourie, Eurika                                 Henderson, Gavern                            Joseph, Pinehas and Hileni U N
 Fourie, Thea, Maria and Joseph, S              Hendricks, Cornelius J                       Joseph, Samila S and Leon L
 Fourie, Vicky and Joubert, Jacques             Hendry, Ian                                  Joshua, Patti and Trevor
 Francis, Henriette and C T                     Henning, Antonette                           Joubert, Peet J
 Francis, Marcus S                              Herbst, Leandri                              Joubert, Wim
 Freedman, Martin                               Herman, Anna O                               Jugmohan, Vivian
 Friedland, Shawn                               Hermanides, Rene H                           Julius, Myron A and Jannetti, Merryl
 Frielinghaus, James John                       Heyman, Ria and Paul I P                     Jutronich, Katherine A
 Fullerton, Jonathan and Nxumalo, Samkelisiwe   Hiestermann, Marlette M                      Kainge, Selma N
 Galant, Muneeb and Nesreen                     Hiestermann, Tanja                           Kalenga, Isreal U D
 Gameeldien, Noor and Rushni                    Hlabangana, Vukile C and Ndimande, Pearl Z   Kalenga, Mwenya
 Gani, Moontas                                  Hoeksma, Jaco                                Kalomo, Frieda
 Ganilho, Joan M and Maria D                    Hoeksma, Pieter                              Kanajavera, Siegfriedine V
 Garwood, Connie Louise                         Hokhesi, Kanohelo                            Kandjimwena, Rosalia N
 Gayaram, Pravesh and Aarthi                    Holdsworth, Nicola H                         Kanjee, Mahesh
 Gee, Bradley H                                 Holland, Clyde                               Kantor, Dean
 Gerber, Jacobus, M and Carla                   Hollander, Louis J                           Karropoulos, Lambros and Christofidis, Maria
 Gerding, Juanita                               Holliday, Anthony                            Katjita, Angelica S
 Getkate, Bernadette and Clinton                Holton, Claire E                             Kaunawoye, Philipus and Emiria
 Geyser, Cecilia                                Horne, Hester A                              Kelapile, Othusitse M
 Gibson, Mark and Sarah-Jane                    Hovsinian, Vania S                           Kenosi, Michael Julius
 Gibson, Pamela M                               Howell, Elizabeth                            Kerr, Dionne A
 Gila, Zisanda                                  Hrouat, Zeljro and Gordana                   Kershaw, Pamela Claire and Robert James
 Giles, Eugene K and Edit R                     Huang, Li-Ju                                 Keshebang, Dipuo
 Gill, Rodney                                   Huang, Yu-Hua Karen                          Kgare, Nthabiseng
 Gitos, Adam                                    Human, Adam Johannes and Heidi               Khan, Farhaan
 Gokal, Jayshree and Moodley, Yogita            Hunter, Raoul                                Khan, Mariam B
 Golding, Claudia                               Hutchinson, Jenny A and Johnston, Ralph S    Khan, Muhammed I and Sumaya
 Goodnan, Taryn                                 Hutchons, Kent and Tracey-Lea                Khoza, Themba Frans and Maria
 Goosen, Martie M                               Hutton, Alfred and Hester M                  Kieser, Robert
 Goosen, Rayon and Danita                       Huysamen, Alana                              King, Devin
 Gopal, Ellenor E and Piragasen                 Huyzers, Aletta Johanna M                    Kirkpatrick, Marlene
 Gopal, Jayesh J R G                            Idensohn, Diane-Lee                          Kirton, George S and Anderson, Claire G
 Goslett, Warren and Claxton, Maghan A          Iikwa, Frieda N and Mwetuludila, Karlush     Kleinhans, Johnny
 Gosnold, Eilleen                               Iivula-Ithana, Pendukeni                     Kleynhans, Charl and Stander, Nadelein
 Goulden, Erin                                  Iiyambo, Lazarus K                           Kloppers, Deon
 Gouws, Athony and Loneon, Chantal              Ilungu, Rauna and Shikongo, Gideon           Knatten, Julie D and Knatten, Dean C
 Govender, Devi                                 Imalwa, Olivia M and Veikko N                Koen, Andries J
 Govender, Kesavanee                            Imbili, Selma                                Kola, Fatima Bibi Ahmed
 Govender, Nagasphri                            Impey, Allan and Bernice                     Koma, Thabiso S and Tutubala, M J
 Govender, Padmoney and Chengan, Segrie         Ipinge, Tautiko S                            Kondos, Didean
 Govind, Yogini and Aniel                       Irving, Catherine E                          Kone, Lynette L
 Graham, Claudine                               Ishohgwa, Petrima N                          Kosterman, Christian W
 Grant, Karen                                   Itembu, Hilen P                              Kotta, Gulelwa, N
 Green, C R                                     Itita, Johanna                               Kotze, Michael F
 Griffiths, Deon G and Nikki L                  Jackman, Brett                               Kotze, Philip Daniel
 Grobler, Adriaan O                             Jackson, Bobby(Hiliary)                      Kretschmer, Leanora
 Groenewald, I and J M                          Jackson, Heather                             Krug, Russel and Tracey
 Groenewald, Mariet                             Jackson, Tonia                               Kruger, Louis L P
 Grove, Alta                                    Jacobs, Herman J and Du Plessis, Melanie     Kruger, Marcia
 Grove, Anna S and Johannes S                   Jacobs, Mark and Pienaar, Leoni              Kruger, Marthinus P and Helena S
 Grove, Cornelius H                             Jacobs, Martin                               Kruger, Paula E
 Guo, Qiurong                                   Janse Van Rensburg, C and Annmarie           Kruger, Trudoux and Susan
 Gwai, Tong and Annah                           Janse Van Rensburg, N J and A                Kubbinga, Nicole
 Hadjidakis, Steven C                           Janse Van Vuren, Suzaane                     Kuhn, Barbara
 Haffejee, Tasleema                             Jansen Van Rensburg, Hannes J                Kumar, Neelesh
 Haikali, Sally Ndawana                         Jansen Van Rensburg, Nico                    Kumkaran, Saraswhti
 Hall, Barbara                                  Jansen Van Vuuren, Charlene                  Kuntze, Karin
 Hall, Charline                                 Jantjies, Rene J                             Kuo, Ya-Wen
 Hall, Chris G                                  Jardine, Shanaaz                             Kushner, Sean
 Hamman, Pieter and Corne                       Jeebodh, Priyeshni                           Kutu, Mphetsela Dolly and Kennth Rantshri
 Hanekom, Sonia and Pieter                      Jeena, Tanya                                 Kuyper, Nicci
 Hange, Angela                                  Jennings, Craig B                            Kweyama, Monde M
 Hani, Godfrey                                  Jennings, Sharon L                           Kwinana, Pumezo and Ntomekhaya
 Harmse, Steven and Paula                       Johnson, Magda and Andre                     Labuschagne, Andre and Stanley, Shirley
 Harneker, Afzal                                Johnston, Michele                            Laios, Paula
 Hartley, Colin, B and Tehere, L                Johnstone, Nita                              Lakay, Graham
 Hartley, Warren                                Jonker, Laimi M                              Lalla, Antoinette
 Hassah, Farhaad                                Jonker, Zelda E                              Lamprecht, Sanet
 Hassan, Fatima                                 Jooste, Greg                                 Langenhoven, Leon L and Jansen Van Vuuren, Mariza M
 Haufiku, Salmi N                               Jordaan, Eulalia E                           Langton, Stephen
 Hawkins, Dominique                             Jordaan, Manuela                             Latib, Ejaz
 Hayes, Cornelle and Maree, Arno                Jordaan, Maria M                             Laurent, Patricia H
 Hayman, Ronel                                  Jordaan, Marinda and Winstone, Herbert       Lawrence, Derek and Patricia
 Helberg, Louise M                              Jordaan, Matthew L                           Lawrence, Renesh N

                                                                                                                         amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200
Le Grange, Rudi                                  Makwane, Sello                                Moale, Busisiwe
Le Roux, Peter                                   Makwati, Israel M                             Moatshe, Hellen Manke
Le Roux, Pietie                                  Malan, Floris A and Ria                       Mocke, Jan A
Lebese, Mokone S and Helen M                     Malapi, Simon                                 Modi, Urvashi
Lee, Desmond and Venter, Carien                  Mali, Tando                                   Modingnana, Barbara
Lee, Donavan                                     Malonga, Rachel                               Modiri, Ben
Lee, Hui                                         Maluleke, Thulani and Baloyi, Esther          Mogomotsi, Maggie
Leepile, Dlaotse                                 Mampie, Malcolm                               Mogwera, Mpho
Leeuwschut, Regen A and Du Preez, Verescia E     Manders, Nicole J and Willem J                Mohale, Mpho R
Lee-W-W, Maggie                                  Mankge, Marume A                              Mohohlo, Amos
Lehabe, Sesi F                                   Mann, Roger                                   Molefe, Lorraine
Lehapa, Agnes M                                  Mann, Simon, L E                              Molokoane, Kedikaile
Leibbrandt, J P                                  Manoram, Jeatendra                            Monakgotla, Primrose
Leibbrandt, Ryan U                               Maponga, Rudo                                 Monau, S F and C P
Leibrandt, Claire M                              Maponya, Ivan Ramphadi                        Montle, Lee-Anne
Leisegang, David and Diana                       Marabeche, Marabeche                          Montshiwa, Thabo
Lekubu, Lazarus                                  Marais, Marieta                               Montshiwa, Tshegofatso
Lennox, Richard C                                Marakalala, Annes J and Mary T                Moolman, Carin
Lesejane, Sylvia, S                              Mare, Jenny                                   Moonsamy, Senisha and Naidoo, Prinavin
Levendal, Leonard R and Erica I                  Marnenick, Johan C                            Moore, Leonard and Maureen
Li Jiao, Jackie                                  Marques, Isabel                               Moosa, Yusuf
Li, Pei Ling                                     Martin, Greg                                  Moothilal, Ria
Liao, Yu-Cheng, James                            Maseko-Magongo, Delisile                      Morar, Viekash
Liebenberg, Lise-Ann and Coetzee, Jan-Frederik   Mashia, Bhuti and Prudence                    Moreau, Annelee and Paul
Liebenberg, Martin                               Mashimbye, Bongani, N                         Morgan, Grant and Hilary M
Liebenberg, Wessel and Karin                     Mateus, Monica                                Morte, Alta
Lim, Fu-Ming                                     Mathias, Kennedy W                            Morton, Johannes and Jackalene
Linfield, Lisa, H and John                       Matias, Klaudia                               Morton, Russel
Liou, Chien-Hsiang                               Matiwaza, Bongi,Audrey and Tshakalisa         Moseki, Aaron G
Liu Dong, Dong                                   Matlala, Mmagodikgomo                         Mostert, Beverley M and George D
Liyali, Ester I Liyali, Brendan                  Matlala, Moremi R                             Motene, Anna-Joy and Zackes
Lockyear, Michael                                Matroos, Maria                                Mothibi, Mcintyre Aobakwe
Loftus, Eugene and Alicia                        Matsau, Lerato S                              Motlhomi, Sibongile D S and Abel A M
Lombaard, Jacobs F and Adriana J                 Matthee, Jana-Marie                           Motolokoa, Nthabiseng
Lombard, Hermanus, S                             Matthew, Friedah                              Mousley, Gillian J and Mark R
Lombard, Johannes J                              Matty, Fireda F                               Moyo, Farai Sawara
Lombard, Marthinus                               Mbeeli, Saima N and Wilbard M                 Mpela, Anthony, Z
Loock, Esrie F and Bezuidenhout, Roger           Mbokodo, E Magagula, E                        Mtshawolana, Onwaba and Coleman
Lordan, Belinda A                                Mbongo, Nkosana                               Mtsweni, Sheila
Lotriet, Ettienne                                Mbongwa, Thabisile                            Mujolaine, Soloman
Lotriet, Jaco P                                  Mbuya, Umpafu-Mwana                           Mulaudzi, Khorombi
Lotter, Elizabeth G and Johannes H               Mc Carthy, Justin                             Mulder, Georgina and Luke
Loumeau, Philippe                                Mc Kinnon, Gary P and Penny L                 Mulder, Johan and Elmarie
Lourens, Dawid and Manri                         Mc Murray, Charlene and Terrence              Muller, Maria and Anton
Lourens, Samuel and Van Der Watt, Anneline       Mccallagham, J W and Engela                   Muller, Renus
Louw, Daniel J and Elsie J                       Mcgahey, Melissa K                            Muller, Werner J
Louw, Ebrahim                                    Mcgahey, Patrick G and Jean C                 Mulligan, Anthony J and Roessel, Kalinka N
Louw, Melinda                                    Mdziniso-Zwane, Khanyi                        Munda, Robert
Louw, Ralph                                      Meintjes, Cornis and Jacobs, Christine        Munro, Scott W
Loveland, Adele                                  Meintjes, Wayne and Marindi                   Muntingh, George
Lubbe, Elain and Du Toit, Martin                 Meintjies, Johhan and Karin                   Mupetami, Joseph
Lubisi, Tshepo                                   Meiring, Nora                                 Mursalo, Anna M
Lukie, Dahlal                                    Meisa, Cecelia                                Murtagh, Jill R
Luphuwana, Nandipha and Nesengani, Tommy         Mellis, Yvette and Trevor                     Mutunzi, Elie
Luppnow, Leanora                                 Merber, Amanda Sue and Clinton                Myburgh, Juanita M and Cornelius C
Lups, Rina                                       Mesquita, Paulo J                             Myburgh, Rita
Maans, Nicolette                                 Meyer, David                                  Myburgh, Sonja
Maboe, Sarah S and Sepeke I                      Meyer, Heidi                                  Mynhardt, Michelle K
Mabotja, Patricia                                Mguzulwa, Otovia Zuko and Sidala              Naidoo, Kadervalle and Lalla, Pronoti
Mabula, Maggie                                   Mia, Ismail Moosa and Ebrahim, Zaynab         Naidoo, Kubendhran and Omashani
Machi, Vuyani and Boani, Refilwe D               Mia, Mobeen and Cajee, Nazreen                Naidoo, Leonor
Machoshane, Godfrey and Johanna                  Micklethnaithe, Russell                       Naidoo, Navin
Macrobert, Lesley A                              Middleton, Melvyn and Corene                  Nakasole, Sarlote
Madhi, Anwer and Frhana                          Milic, Svetlana                               Nala, Lindiwe
Madini, Takatso                                  Milosevich, Caroline and Steve                Nambili, Johannes P
Madonsela, Dudu E                                Minnaar, Glenn                                Namupala, Eva
Magerman, Athena                                 Mistry, Barka and Narainsamy, Priban          Nana, Manjula
Maharaj, Kivan                                   Mistry, Trishna                               Nana, Minesh and Joshnna
Mahlangu, Knowledge Z                            Mitchell, Natasha L and Llewllyn A            Nangaku, Simon
Mahlangu, Solomon, A and Lorraine                Mkhabela, Vanessa                             Nangula, Sakeus
Mahluele, Shalang S                              Mkhombo, Mishack                              Narainsamy, Ian Beverly
Maila, Aubrey                                    Mkwalo, Dumisani                              Naran, Manish and Jeetendra
Majewski, Manfred and Petro                      Mlangeni, Elizabeth and Yvonne                Nare, Gibbs and Vundla, Nomagugu
Makan, Hamesh                                    Mlonyeni, Thoko                               Naude, Dean C and Wendy A
Makgalo, James and Kedibone                      Mnaphi, Howard and Mnaphi-Kuhmalo, Juliette   Naude, Elna and C J
Makgati, Ivy M                                   Mngqibisa, Gloria K and Ncedane               Nayagar, Veronica
Makhoba, Mpho                                    Mnisi, Ntombifikile and Mhingwana             Ncobo, Stevens Fani
Makume, Monica                                   Moagi, John                                   Ncube, Sandile and Ruka, Bongiwe

amagram people
                                                    Honour Roll - November 200
 Ndlovu, Njabulo                              Pipje, Mpho                                          Salvage, Jo-Anne E
 Ndumbu, Ria Iigidheni                        Pitman, Lilian and Brian                             Sam, Huazeng
 Negongo, Mateus                              Pitman, Matthew and Rodda, Pauline                   Sanderson, Ashleigh
 Negungu, Martha S and Chivanja, Juaguim      Plant, Gary G and Hilda V                            Sanderson, Nicole
 Nehale, Eliasir                              Plath, Jay Sally                                     Santilhano, Wendy
 Nel, Chris S                                 Pohl, Luke and Theresa                               Sathiyaven, Selvan and Naidoo, Kershnee
 Nel, Mariaan                                 Pohlman, Anna-Eliza                                  Sawry, Duncan Bradley and Shobna
 Nel, Sandra A                                Pombo, Antonio R                                     Schanding, Joe K
 Nenkete, Sakaria                             Potgieter, Cecile M                                  Scholtz, Jacques and Sanet
 Newaka, Lea N and Nakakuwa, Michael          Potgieter, David W and Karen A                       Schoultz, Anton John and Torino
 Newman, Deborah                              Potgieter, Johanna J S F and Groenewalt, Manie H C   Schroder, Deon H and Debra D
 Ngamani, Daluxolo                            Potter, Denise                                       Schulz, Leisel
 Ngcaba, Shepherd M and Ntombozuko O          Prangley, Sharon                                     Schutte, Dirk and Antoinette
 Nicholls, Robert                             Pretorius, Corrie and Salomien                       Scott, Richard and Geere, Ulania
 Niekerk, Donovan R                           Pretorius, Hendrina J D                              Sebate, Baitshebi I and Phaladi M
 Nieuwenhuizen, Esna                          Prince, Kerry and Carrelo, Ramos                     Sedumedi, Anna
 Nieuwoudt, Mariska and Gerrit                Prinsloo, Carine and Christo                         Seedat, Scheherzade and Nassim
 Nigel, Christo                               Prinsloo, Piet                                       Sekozana, Mpho
 Nkoana, Dinah                                Prinsloo, Warren A                                   Selanto-Chairman, Chukky
 Nkomo, Thuli, Lydia                          Prinsloo, Zelda                                      Selelo, Bonolo Bino
 Norden, Michael and Sonja                    Priscilla M, Mckay                                   Semamela, Edwin and Sharon
 North, Patricia J and Rodney A               Pule, Lebogang N                                     Senekal, Vicki M A
 Northing, Lyndsay M and Greg                 Qian, Xiao-Mei                                       September, Ntombekaya
 Nortje, Thinus and Santie                    Qing, Zhang                                          Sesele, Bridget
 Ntshebe, S C                                 Quinlan, John and Tanyana                            Seseli, Grace N
 Ntsoko, Anastacia and Solomon                Quinn, Tony P                                        Sesera, Victor
 Nuuyoma, Linea N                             Qwele, Siphokazi                                     Setati, Donald
 Nxumalo, Precious G                          Rabasi, Mane M                                       Settembrini, Davina and Uigi
 Nzama, Nelisiwe B                            Radebe, Mapule                                       Seutlwadi, Nonhlanhla
 Oberholzer, Albert                           Rahi, Charles S                                      Shai, Itumeleng
 Oberholzer, Erika                            Rakola, Kabelo                                       Shandu, Nonhlahla and Hlope, Msamo
 Obermeyer, Martin W and Le Roux, Theresa M   Ramaru, Percy                                        Shandu, Robert S
 Obuseng, Lambani                             Ramaube, Simon                                       Shang, Yijun, Steven and Wu, Xia, Jessica
 Oconnell, Catherine and Wait, Ryan           Rambally, Nirvana and Chetty, Thishendra P           Shaw, Rina
 Odendaal, Glodina M                          Ramjan, Hafzel Abu                                   Sheetekela, Foibe
 Oliphant, Thabang H                          Ramogola-Masire, Doreen                              Sheng, Zhu M
 Omar, Shanaaz                                Ramsammy, Allan                                      Sherriffs, Linda J
 Omar, Subeida and Amina                      Ramsamy, Samantha                                    Shikongo, Hilma
 Oosthuizen, Daniel and Steynberg, Debra      Ranaka, Joyce and William                            Shilongo, Mariane M
 Opperman, Lesley A                           Ranchhod, Rada and Dhansuklal G                      Shingenge, Regina
 Orrock, John K and Joubert, Antoinette       Rasimeni, Isaac R                                    Shithigona, Loini P
 Otchere-Darko, Josephine                     Rautenbach, Gert J and Barbara M                     Shumba, Paulina
 Otto, Charl F                                Rautenbach, Jolande and Petrus                       Shungu, Charles
 Palmer, Rosemary and David                   Raw, Anita P                                         Sibanyoni, Thabitha M
 Parak, Yusuf H and Khatija                   Reddy, Marleen                                       Sicongwana, Thelma and Yukani
 Parker, Barbara J                            Reddy, Roshni B                                      Simelane, Elsa
 Parker, Faiz Mohamed and Gadija              Reddy, Theloshni                                     Sindane, Prudence
 Parker, Muqsooda                             Reiff, Gernot                                        Singh, Inglle
 Parkinson, Christine                         Reyneke, Francois J and Tonia                        Singh, Shevani and Aninaash
 Parshotam, Himashy                           Richardson, Isabelle                                 Sjcongwane, Mfesane
 Parsons, Charles S                           Ristow, Lionel D and Natalie                         Slabbert, Francette and Dewald
 Patel, Asmitta                               Rix, Douglas                                         Slabbert, Patricia
 Pather, Thinglemony                          Roberts, Nic                                         Slamang, Insaaf and Shahied
 Patten, Richard                              Roberts, Simon J                                     Sly, Nigel
 Pattenden, Anna K K                          Roberts, Tashreeq and Jasmine                        Smal, Elmien
 Pedro, Alice and Enrico                      Rodd, Howard                                         Smit, Marnus M D and Tania T
 Peel, Heather L                              Rodda, Alison L                                      Smith, Catherine A
 Peens, Jessica                               Rode, Leonhard and Corny                             Smith, John-Mark
 Peens, Pieter and Riana                      Roets, Chrizette                                     Smith, Moya P
 Peete, Justice and Mathsediso, Miosebegsi    Roets, Johan and Hester                              Smuts, Pieter
 Peltzer, Lynette                             Rogalski, Selma L and Dariusz                        Smuts, Stephen
 Pema, Harshad                                Rogers, Neil R                                       Snooke, Lynn
 Penn, Daminian                               Rood, J P                                            Sobey, Lu-Marie and Andrew
 Perin, Rasheed                               Rook, Graham M and Bezuidenhout, Leigh-Anne C        Sonday, Atyia
 Petropoulos, Nikolaos                        Roos, Dirk and Kirsten                               Soobramoney, Soshan
 Petrus, Morne M                              Rosmarin, Anthony Mark                               Southgate, Nadeen
 Petrus, Suoma and Enos                       Rossouw, Miemie                                      Sparg, Vaughn H
 Pfister, Allen Pfister, Cielie               Rotunno, Alfonso                                     Stander, Ruline
 Phetla, Vincent M                            Roulet, Gavin and Praphatsorn                        Stanton, Ann and Wawwy
 Phiri, Amson M and Thebogo                   Rousseau, Marius Johannes and Anna Maria             Starr, Shan S R and Kenneth K E
 Phoolo, Monica                               Roux, Gert P and Lynne C                             Stassen, Maria and Johann
 Phuroe, Bridget J                            Roux, Jean                                           Steenkamp, Catherine E and Lukas
 Pienaar, Sharl and Cindy                     Roux, Sonja                                          Steenkamp, Christo A
 Pieters, Dirk C                              Roziers, Christeleen                                 Steyl, Isak
 Pieters, Vicky                               Ruhukya, Harold and Tumisang                         Steyl, Stefan
 Pieterse, Andre G                            Saaiman, Cornelia and Klaas                          Steyn, Colette
 Pieterse, Corrie                             Sabiti, Fatima                                       Steyn, Muller Francois
 Pieterse, Wilhelm                            Salmon, Alma M                                       Stockton, Lynda M

                                                                                                                    amagram people
Honour Roll - November 200
Stone, Russell R                             Van Der Merwe, Jeanne                         Walker, Thomas and Geraldeen
Stopforth, Esther                            Van Der Merwe, Johanna M                      Wallace, Sharon C and Keith A
Storm, Carl A                                Van Der Merwe, Nicolien                       Walters, Zee-Caroline
Stott, Anthony G                             Van Der Merwe, Retha                          Wanda, Boniface N
Strang, Julie                                Van Der Mesch, Gerritt and Joey               Wang, Renyu
Strauss, Ronel                               Van Der Mescht, Dirk and Caron                Wang, Yuying
Stroh, Suzanne H                             Van Der Mescht, Phillie P J and Etienne E J   Ward, Able Ryan
Strydom, Barbara                             Van Der Schyff, Shamiel                       Ward, Leon
Strydom, Carina and Hermanus, N              Van Der Schyff, Soraya                        Ward, Lettie
Strydom, Izak, J                             Van Der Walt, Melinda                         Ward, Michael T
Sucheran, Sarwan                             Van Der Westhuizen, Daniel and Carla Mari     Warren, Marrianne
Suliman, Haroon and Rushana                  Van Der Westhuizen, Jacobus M                 Warren, Tarryn L and Shepherdson, Ray D
Suttle, Robin                                Van Der Westhuizen, Linda                     Wasserman, Hettie and Johan
Swanepoel, A and B                           Van Der Zee, Edo M and Jacqueline             Watson, Peter
Swanepoel, Frida and Abraham                 Van Deventer, Adrian                          Weir, John S
Swanepoel, Louis                             Van Dyk, Arnold                               Weng, Zhi-Jiu
Swart, Anita                                 Van Dyk, Jakobus J and Magdalena M            Wessels, Quentin and Van Der Westhuizen, Liande
Swart, Anna Elizabeth and Willem Jacobus H   Van Graan, H M                                Wessels, Reno and Nick
Swart, Petrus G                              Van Heerden, Amelia                           Wheatcroft, Belinda
Swart, Sonika                                Van Heerden, Daniel M                         Wheeler, Cynthia and Simon
Swartz, C B and S Q                          Van Heerden, Norma-Jean                       Wheeler, Garith
Swift, Adrienne J                            Van Huyssteen, Jan A and Maria F              White, Helen
Taapopi, Lavina                              Van Huyssteen, Stefan                         White, Johannes, G and Gertina, P
Tate, Wendy J                                Van Niekerk, Hettie J and Willie J            White, Willem and Gretha
Taye, Boitumelo                              Van Niekerk, Letitia                          Wilherma, Mariane
Taylor, Lijuan (Helen)                       Van Niekerk, Linda and Gerrit                 Wilkinson, Colleen
Taylor, Morne                                Van Niekerk, Marina                           Wilkinson, Kleintjie
Tekane, Selina                               Van Niekerk, Werner H                         Williams, Dennis and Marissa
Thabalala, Bellinah                          Van Renen, Luanne                             Williams, Mark and Charlene
Thathiah, Kreeson                            Van Rensburg, Natalie                         Williams, Sandra
Thathiah, Puren                              Van Rhyn, Elizabeth G and F J D               Wilson, Geraldine A
Theunissen, Kobus and Huibrecht              Van Rooyen, Anne M                            Wilson, Joan and Myric
Theyise, Nontombi B                          Van Rooyen, Eleanor                           Wilson, Willie
Thielemann, Reimar and Gabriele              Van Rooyen, Elias and Mary                    Wiltshire, Michael
Thietz, Derek R                              Van Rooyen, Estelle                           Winchester, Warren D
Thomas, Susanna and Ian                      Van Rooyen, Hans J and Veronica M             Winn, David R
Thomson, Jan Alexander and Norle             Van Rooyen, Marius and Yolandi                Winterbach, Eileen and Andre
Tinniswood, Michael                          Van Rooyen, Marli and Willie                  Wissner, Sannett
Tinniswood, Yvonne and Cornes, Jonathan      Van Rooyen, Pierre                            Witte, Andre
Tjirundu, Hilde                              Van Rooyen, Sune and Gerard C                 Wolf, Jennifer
Tladi, Keaikitse                             Van Staden, Harry and Blanche                 Wolfaardt, Ernst and Oosthuizen, C
Tladi, Semabala                              Van Vuuren, Anton and Marisa                  Wolmarans, Leigh-Ann
Tladi, Serageng B and Shandu, Patience T     Van Vuuren, Miller H                          Wu, Ling-Chih (Paul)
Tladi, Tapologo D                            Van Wyk, David and Christina                  Xu, Hong (Jenny) and Yi-Hong Xu, Yi
Tlamelo, Dibotelo                            Van Wyk, Francois                             Xu, Wenxia (Daisy)
Tlhabanelo, Lesego I                         Van Wyk, Gerda A                              Xu, Yaying
Tonello, Maurizio                            Van Wyk, Hannes J P and Ria                   Yang, Xiuhua
Trezise, Patrick                             Van Zijl, Nardi                               Yeates, Shawn and Chantel
Truter, Elana Truter, Eitner                 Van Zyl, Bernard (Barry) and Heiletje         Zacheus, Johannes and Edna
Tshabalala, Vincent                          Van Zyl, Cornelia                             Zeilinga, Annetjie M
Tsigoida, Mairy                              Van Zyl, Jacobus D                            Ziegelmeier, Heidi A
Tsoka, Constance                             Vanmale, Bhagwatiben                          Zietsman, Paul H and Christina C
Tsuen, John, F                               Velimahitopoulos, Irma and Angelo             Zietsman, Suzaan
Tsuen, Neal Ford                             Venter, Gillian J                             Zwane, Bonolo G
Tudhope, Grant and Marx, Sandra              Venter, Martin
Tulleken, Leon J and Petro S P               Vermaak, Maria, P
Tyack, Lynn D                                Verster, Deon Gerhard                         Please note that nine, six and three percent
Tyupu, Nwabisa and Mzukisi                   Vickers, Jennifer                             qualifiers are now recognised on ABN.
Upman, Chantel                               Victor, Elizabeth                             WWW.ABN.AMWAY.CO.ZA
Usher, Scott D                               Vieira Da Cruz, Sergio
Uushona, Gisela N                            Vilakasi, Bertha
Uys, Coenie J                                Viljoen, Abraham C and Kruger, Marga T
Uzowuru, Ambrose O                           Viljoen, Gerhard
Van Aswegen, Jayson D and Harvey J           Viljoen, Gert D and Adele
Van Brummelin, Jan                           Viljoen, Rene
Van Buuren, Franswa                          Viljoen, Reon
Van Den Berg, Daniel and Andriette           Visser, Andries
Van Den Berg, Gawie and Fourie, Marlene      Visser, Jacobus
Van Den Berg, Petri                          Visser, Marleze
Van Den Heever, Loek                         Viveiros, Suzanna C
Van Den Heever, Marisa                       Viviers, David H
Van Der Berg, Johan S and Elna E             Vlietstra, Stephanie
Van Der Linde, Lizl                          Von Moltke, Strauss and Sunette
Van Der Linde, Marcia and Jack               Von Wieligh, Hendrick E
Van Der Merwe, Andre                         Vorster, Pinard and Elizabeth C
Van Der Merwe, Andre and Natalie             Vorster, Werner W
Van Der Merwe, Deon and Muriel               Wadge, Brenda Lee
Van Der Merwe, Dries and Bernice             Waites, Michael


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