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ANN ARBOR, MI 48109-1340
734 764-9290 FAX: 734 764-4546

         Honored Students
         Honored Faculty
         Faculty Colleagues and Friends of the University

         It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 86th University of Michigan Honors Convocation.
         On behalf of the academic leaders on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses,
         I thank you for joining us today.

         The Honors Convocation is an important University tradition. It provides us with
         the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the outstanding academic achievements of
         undergraduate students from all three of our campuses.

         Today we honor students whose achievements exemplify the University’s commitment to
         academic excellence, committed leadership, and thoughtful service. These students have
         demonstrated a passion for learning – challenging themselves and their teachers with
         tough questions and innovative ideas that stretch the boundaries of knowledge and open
         new pathways for exploration.

         The University’s mission statement clearly states our commitment to “developing leaders
         who will challenge the present and enrich the future.” The students we honor today give
         life to that commitment through their purposeful engagement with the world.

         Today we also honor a group of distinguished faculty members who have joined us for
         this ceremony. Recently recognized by the University for their outstanding teaching
         and scholarship, they represent the many individuals in our community who inspire,
         challenge, and support our students.

         As we congratulate our students, we also want to recognize, with deep appreciation, the
         parents, family members, and friends who have nurtured and supported these remarkable
         young people. The University of Michigan shares the pride you feel in their accomplish-
         ments. With you, we look forward to the contributions they will make to the future.

         Congratulations and Welcome!

         Teresa A. Sullivan
    ORDER             OF     E X E RC I S E S

    Honors Convocation, March 15, 2009

    “Growth and Sustainability: Seeking Balance”
    The speakers at today’s event will be examining the relationship between growth and sustainability as the
    University of Michigan’s academic community, our state, and the nation contemplate the challenges and
    opportunities offered by a dynamically changing world.

    CARILLON SELECTIONS                     Caroline K. Poon
                                            Graduate Student, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies and
                                            School of Music, Theatre & Dance

    PRELUDE                                 Providebam Dominum
                                            Composed by Orlande de Lassus
                                            Canzon Primi Toni
                                            Canzon Duodecimi Toni
                                            Composed by Giovanni Gabrieli
                                            University of Michigan Symphony Band Brass Choir
                                            Rodney Dorsey
                                            Associate Director of Bands

    *PROCESSIONAL                           Crown Imperial
                                            Composed by Sir William Walton
                                            Andrew Meagher
                                            Doctoral Student, School of Music, Theatre & Dance

    *THE NATIONAL                           Zerrin Agabigum
    ANTHEM                                  Senior, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
                                            Six Term Angell Scholar, University Honors

    WELCOME                                 Teresa A. Sullivan
                                            Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

    HONORS CONVOCATION                      Maia Dedrick
    SPEAKER                                 Senior, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
                                            Nine Term Angell Scholar, University Honors

    PRESENTATION OF                         Teresa A. Sullivan
                                            Ruth J. Person
                                            Chancellor, UM-Flint

                                            Daniel Little
                                            Chancellor, UM-Dearborn

                                            Lester P. Monts
                                            Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
PRESENTATION OF                          Teresa A. Sullivan

HONORS CONVOCATION                       Ann Marie Sastry
SPEAKER                                  Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
                                         Professor of Mechanical Engineering
                                         Professor of Biomedical Engineering
                                         Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
                                         Director of the Energy Systems Engineering Program
                                         College of Engineering

MUSICAL SELECTION                        Big Yellow Taxi
                                         Composed by Joni Mitchell
                                         Ashley Williams
                                         Senior, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
                                         University Honors
                                         Darren Criss, accompanist
                                         Senior, School of Music, Theatre & Dance

INTRODUCTION                             Teresa A. Sullivan

THE CONVOCATION                          Mary Sue Coleman
ADDRESS                                  President

CLOSING                                  Teresa A. Sullivan

*THE ALMA MATER                          The Yellow and Blue
                                         Composed by Michael W. Balfe
                                         Andrew Meagher and the Audience
                                         (see words on back cover)

*RECESSIONAL                             Toccata from Organ Symphonie V
                                         Composed by Charles Marie Widor
                                         Andrew Meagher

*Those who are able are asked to stand for portions of the program asterisked (*). At the conclusion of the
program, the audience will please remain standing until the platform party has left the auditorium.

The University of Michigan wishes to thank Jill Rice and Christa Moran, American Sign Language
Interpreters, for their important service during this program. In addition, a viewing area equipped with
real-time captioning is designated on the main floor. Please ask a faculty marshal if you need assistance
locating this area.

    H O N O R S C O N V O C AT I O N S P E A K E R S

    Maia Dedrick
    Senior, School of Music, Theatre & Dance

    Maia Dedrick, who came to the University of Michigan from Maplewood, Minnesota, is a senior with a double
    major in music (cello performance) in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and in anthropology and classical
    archaeology in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She has engaged in numerous academic and
    professional activities, becoming the first undergraduate student to supervise the excavation of a project for the
    Programme for Belize Archaeological Project. Ms. Dedrick also interned for the Archaeobiology Program at the
    Smithsonian Institution, has worked as a laboratory assistant for the University Exhibit Museum of Natural
    History, and has taught classes on archaeology and nationalism to freshmen in the Honors Program. She is
    founder and president of the University of Michigan Archaeology Club. For outstanding performance in her
    coursework, she has earned the designation of Angell Scholar and has been named a Dean’s Merit Scholar in the
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. Additionally, she has been awarded many scholarships in recognition
    of her accomplishments, including a Rogel Award of Excellence Scholarship.

    Ann Marie Sastry
    Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
    Professor of Mechanical Engineering
    Professor of Biomedical Engineering
    Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
    Director of the Energy Systems Engineering Program
    College of Engineering

    Professor Sastry was named as a Thurnau Professor in 2008, in recognition of her excellence in and dedication to
    undergraduate education, particularly for her availability and responsiveness to students and her ability to be both
    demanding and supportive. All of her degrees are in mechanical engineering, with a bachelor of science from the
    University of Delaware, and a master of science and Ph.D. from Cornell University. In energy technologies, her
    laboratory has developed new materials, invented techniques for manufacture and optimization of batteries, and
    algorithms for optimization of power systems. The projects of her laboratory in the area of numerical simulation
    of performance of Li batteries for electric vehicles, creation of biological batteries, and other modeling of fully
    integrated structural batteries have been sponsored by General Motors, the Department of Energy, the Army
    Research Office, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the National Science Foundation, and the Ford
    Motor Company. Among her many honors, she has been presented with the University of Michigan Henry
    Russel Award (1999), the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (National Science
    Foundation, 1997), and a University of Michigan Faculty Recognition Award (2005), acknowledging outstanding
    contributions as a senior faculty member in research, teaching, and service.

2008 C A R N E G I E F O U N D AT I O N
Ralph Williams
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Professor of English Language and Literature
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Characterized by his chair as “legendary for his passion and prowess in the classroom,” Professor Williams
has been a Thurnau Professor for many years. We acknowledge him today for having been selected as the
2008 Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching Michigan Professor of the Year. Founded in 1981
and administered by Carnegie and the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, the U.S.
Professors of the Year award celebrates the most outstanding undergraduate teachers in the nation. Professor
Williams specializes in Medieval and Renaissance literature, Shakespeare, literary theory, comparative literature,
and Biblical studies. His courses cover many topics, such as the Bible in English, the literature of Chaucer to
Frederick Douglass, to the works of Primo Levi and the memory of Auschwitz. A colleague says, “Generations
of students have found a love and respect for literature and for the humanities through their coursework with
him.” He was also instrumental in forging a partnership between U-M, the University Musical Society, and the
Royal Shakespeare Company to bring memorable productions and lectures to campus during three residency
programs. He has been at U-M since 1970 and plans to retire at the end of this term.


    Rhodes Scholarships and Marshall Scholarships are among the world’s most prestigious academic awards for
    graduate students. Since the estate of British philanthropist Cecil J. Rhodes established Rhodes Scholarships in
    1904, twenty-five University of Michigan alumni have studied as Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University. Thirty-
    two Americans are named Rhodes Scholars each year. International students may apply to or be nominated by
    eighteen other jurisdictions designated by the Rhodes Trust. Students are nominated and appointed based on
    literary and scholastic attainments, integrity of character, leadership, interest in and respect for other human
    beings, energy to use talents to the fullest, and a fondness for and success in sports. Abdul El-Sayed, a 2007
    LSA graduate, will be Michigan’s twenty-sixth Rhodes Scholar when he matriculates at Oxford in the fall
    of 2009.

    Marshall Scholarships, founded by an Act of Parliament in 1953, finance opportunities for young American
    scholars of high ability to study in the United Kingdom. The scholarship commemorates the humane ideals
    of the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan) and funds two years of study. At least forty Marshall
    Scholarships are awarded annually to American students who demonstrate maturity, self-reliance, and self-
    discipline. Fourteen University of Michigan students have been named Marshall Scholars.

    In 1999, the George J. Mitchell Scholarships were established for American university students. This third
    competitive national scholarship program, supported by the Irish and British governments and other benefactors,
    honors former Senator George J. Mitchell for his contributions to the Northern Ireland peace process. The
    prestigious award allows Americans to pursue one year of post-graduate study in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
    Up to twelve George J. Mitchell Scholarships are awarded annually to students who have shown both academic
    distinction and the potential for leadership.

    We proudly recognize the following students who were endorsed by the University of Michigan this year:

    Christine Beamer                                         RHODES NOMINEE
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts             MARSHALL NOMINEE
    School of Music, Theatre & Dance

    Maia Dedrick                                             MARSHALL NOMINEE
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
    School of Music, Theatre & Dance

    Abdul El-Sayed                                           RHODES WINNER
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts             MARSHALL WINNER (declined)
    School of Public Health
    Medical School

    Sam Espahbodi                                            MARSHALL NOMINEE
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

    Megan Hildebrandt                                        MARSHALL FINALIST
    School of Art and Design

    Neil Rao                                                 RHODES NOMINEE
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts             MARSHALL NOMINEE
    School of Public Health                                  MITCHELL NOMINEE

    Kendal Sparks                                            RHODES NOMINEE
    College of Literature, Science, and the Arts             MARSHALL NOMINEE
    School of Music, Theatre & Dance
Scott Copeland
Alex Fioti
Katie Harbizuk
Dan Nesbitt

Chris Jackson
Zachary Wasserman

Matt Scott
Alex Truelove

Molly Hazelwood
John Leahy

    2009 T H U R N A U P RO F E S S O R S

    Thurnau Professorships were established in 1988 by a bequest from Arthur F. Thurnau to recognize and
    reward faculty for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. The professorships honor tenured
    faculty members who, through their commitment and investment in undergraduate teaching, have had a
    positive impact on the intellectual development and lives of students.

    Thurnau Professors receive $20,000 grants to support activities that enhance teaching. It is this important
    recognition for faculty that Arthur F. Thurnau so generously provided for and that the University of
    Michigan celebrates.

    The University is pleased to recognize this year’s Thurnau Professors.

Charles C. Bright
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Professor of History
Professor and Director, Residential College
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Professor Charles Bright’s dedication to community engagement has inspired and changed the lives of
his students. As a colleague writes, Professor Bright “grasps axiomatically that this world around us has
become ever more complexly diverse,” and he encourages students to critically engage that world through a
variety of unique experiences. Professor Bright has created opportunities for students to take part in several
experiential learning projects involving the Detroit community. As part of the new Semester in Detroit
program, which he co-founded, students participate in internships with Detroit organizations and work on
projects such as developing sustainable urban gardening or creating dramatic productions based on historical
research. As a colleague remarks, Professor Bright has “enabled students to broaden their understanding of
the world and to develop their capacity to engage it pro-actively.” Professor Bright’s passion for connecting
students to the community has informed his work with the curriculum as well, leading him to create several
new undergraduate courses and two new undergraduate minors in the areas of Crime and Justice and
Global Transformation. In directing LSA’s recent Citizenship Theme year, Professor Bright continued to
teach through civic engagement, finding “many ways to enable undergraduates to learn about citizenship
and become engaged citizens.” In his classes–ranging from global themes such as Empires to local historical
topics such as The Central Michigan RR Station and the Community of Southwest Detroit–Professor
Bright transforms his students’ worldviews. As one student reports of Professor Bright’s classes, “each
course I took redefined my understanding of the material and ultimately refocused my life goals.”

August E. Evrard
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Professor of Physics
Professor of Astronomy
College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

A caring and innovative teacher, Professor August Evrard has leveraged new technologies to make “the
highly mathematical subject of physics alive and exciting,” even in large, required courses. In his physics
lectures, Professor Evrard was a pioneer in exploring how the Internet and student response systems could
be used to promote student engagement and learning. In his term as chair of the LSA Instructional
Technology Committee, Professor Evrard guided the introduction of these technologies across the
University, and a colleague notes that his role was essential in helping “transform large lecture classes
from passive receipt to something more dynamic and actively engaged.” His leadership with respect to
technology was also key to the creation of the Academic Reporting Toolkit (ART), which allows faculty
to learn more about their students’ academic backgrounds and preparation. As one colleague states of
ART, “ten years from now we’ll all look back and marvel at how little we used to know about the student
experience, and we will use tools like these on a daily basis in our interaction with students.” Professor
Evrard brings this same creativity and passion to his mentoring activities, and has been a particularly
effective mentor to women, underrepresented minorities, and international students. A former student
recalls that, “having the support of a professor who recognized that female students had a unique set of
challenges was invaluable.” Another student whose work with Professor Evrard led to a major publication
says that, “the publication would not have been possible without the encouragement of Professor Evrard as
well as his assistance on technical writing, especially since English was my second language.”
     Andrei S. Markovits
     Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
     Professor of Political Science
     Professor of Sociology
     Karl W. Deutsch Collegiate Professor of Comparative Politics and German Studies
     Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures
     College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

     Faculty colleagues describe Professor Markovits as a “gifted, brilliant, and dedicated teacher,” with an
     “astonishing range.” Teaching courses in five departments, he regularly receives outstanding student
     feedback, and he has been recognized with numerous teaching awards, including the Golden Apple Award
     in 2007. Professor Markovits engages students in the classroom with captivating and relevant lectures. As
     one student writes, “after the first lecture, when Professor Markovits introduced Germany and its troubled
     history, I immediately phoned my dad and said, ‘I just had the most amazing lecture since I have been here
     at Michigan.’” Not only is Professor Markovits an outstanding classroom teacher, but he also influences
     student lives as a concerned and rigorous advisor. One student reports that she “would not be a doctoral
     candidate in history at Stanford University today had it not been for the training and support that Andy
     Markovits provided.” As senior honors director in political science, he also made significant contributions
     to the department’s honors program, redesigning the honors seminar from a class that met infrequently to
     a weekly gathering where students engaged in stimulating discussions of their projects. Students reported
     that he “was absolutely encouraging when he needed to be, yet challenging as well and made sure that
     everyone was doing his or her best work.” His ability to inspire excellence is clear from his students’
     achievements: three of the students he mentored in the honors program won Fulbright Awards, and a
     fourth won a Marshall Scholarship.

     James P. Walsh
     Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
     Gerald and Esther Carey Professor of Business Administration
     Professor of Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management,
         Corporate Strategy, and International Business
     Stephen M. Ross School of Business

     A creative and enthusiastic teacher, Professor Walsh treats students as “contributors in the learning process,
     not recipients of wisdom packaged by others,” engaging them through interactive lectures, case studies,
     in-class simulations, and international site visits. His seminar on “The Corporation in Society” reflects
     Professor Walsh’s commitment to tackling corporate ethical dilemmas. He pushes students to balance
     business practices and ethics, “getting his students to see the complexity of these seemingly black and white
     issues.” When a course included discussion of the Ford Pinto, Professor Walsh invited a surprise visitor –
     the former CEO of Ford Motor Company – who talked to students about the case. As a result, one student
     learned “that it was much easier for students to pontificate in a classroom than it is for business people to
     make critical decisions in a complicated world.” To bring to life questions surrounding globalization and
     corporations in society, Professor Walsh gathered support to take students on a trip to China, visiting
     sites involved in corporate governance, including government agencies, factories, NGOs, and oversight
     commissions. As a student recalls of the experience, “learning in the place, from the people, I have a whole
     new outlook now on consumer behavior, on supply chains, on the impact of one person, and on business in
     general.” Professor Walsh has also earned a reputation as a generous and talented mentor, meeting students
10   informally, offering lengthy responses to regular opinion papers, and inviting them to be co-authors.
Margaret S. Wooldridge
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor of Aerospace Engineering
College of Engineering

Professor Margaret Wooldridge’s dedication to mentoring and outreach make her an exceptional educator
within and beyond her department. She is described by one colleague as “a superb instructor in the
classroom” who has energized the large undergraduate core courses in Engineering. She also created the
course Advanced Energy Solutions and a new college-wide undergraduate concentration on the timely
topic of energy. One student notes that when Professor Wooldridge brought real-world concerns about
energy design into her classroom, she “inspired me to consider furthering my engineering education past
a bachelor’s degree, and join the efforts to preserve the world for tomorrow.” A colleague admires Professor
Wooldridge’s ability to act as an “understanding counselor” who motivates her students to achieve their
highest potential through “her very close involvement in directing research conducted by undergraduate
students, and even publishing papers in journals with them.” Professor Wooldridge is also dedicated to
promoting diversity in mechanical engineering, through one-on-one mentoring, the creation of an inclusive
classroom environment, and the use of distance learning tools. Several students comment on her commit-
ment to diversity, referring to Professor Wooldridge as “an outstanding role model for women in the field
of engineering” and “an inspiration to me and many of my fellow women in the engineering community.”
Professor Wooldridge’s influence extends beyond the University of Michigan thanks to her outreach activi-
ties. These include hosting the Society of Women Engineers Summer Engineering Exploration Camp for
high school students, and visiting each of the sixth grade science courses at Ann Arbor’s Tappan Middle
School to introduce a design contest that would expose students to engineering.

     REGENTS               OF THE             UNIVERSITY
     Julia Donovan Darlow                        Ann Arbor
     Laurence B. Deitch                          Bingham Farms
     Denise Ilitch                               Bingham Farms
     Olivia P. Maynard                           Goodrich
     Andrea Fischer Newman                       Ann Arbor
     Andrew C. Richner                           Grosse Pointe Park
     S. Martin Taylor                            Grosse Pointe Farms
     Katherine E. White                          Ann Arbor
     Mary Sue Coleman                            ex-officio

     Mary Sue Coleman

     Teresa A. Sullivan
     Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

     Sally J. Churchill
     Vice President and Secretary of the University

     Stephen R. Forrest
     Vice President for Research

     E. Royster Harper
     Vice President for Student Affairs

     Robert P. Kelch
     Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs

     David R. Lampe
     Vice President for Communications

     Jerry A. May
     Vice President for Development

     Suellyn Scarnecchia
     Vice President and General Counsel

     Timothy P. Slottow
     Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

     Cynthia H. Wilbanks
     Vice President for Government Relations

     Daniel Little
     University of Michigan–Dearborn

     Ruth J. Person
     University of Michigan–Flint

DEANS           AND         R E P R E S E N TAT I V E S
J. David Allan, Acting Dean, School of Natural Resources and Environment

Frank J. Ascione, Dean, College of Pharmacy
(represented by Associate Dean James Stevenson)

Deborah Loewenberg Ball, Dean, School of Education

Evan H. Caminker, Dean, Law School
(not represented)

Noreen M. Clark, Interim Dean, School of Kinesiology
(represented by Associate Dean Melissa Gross)

Susan M. Collins, Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

Paul N. Courant, University Librarian and Dean of University Libraries
(not represented)

Robert J. Dolan, Edward J. Frey Dean of Business, Stephen M. Ross School of Business
(represented by Associate Dean Valerie Y. Suslow)

Christopher Kendall, Dean, School of Music, Theatre & Dance
(represented by Associate Dean Betty Anne Younker)

Laura Lein, Dean, School of Social Work
(represented by Associate Dean Mary C. Ruffolo)

Terrence J. McDonald, Dean, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

David C. Munson, Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering, College of Engineering

Martha E. Pollack, Dean, School of Information

Peter J. Polverini, Dean, School of Dentistry
(not represented)

Monica Ponce de Leon, Dean, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Kathleen Potempa, Dean, School of Nursing
(represented by Assistant Dean Bonnie Hagerty)

Bryan Rogers, Dean, School of Art and Design

Kenneth E. Warner, Dean, School of Public Health
(not represented)

Janet A. Weiss, Dean, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies
and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs–Graduate Studies
(not represented)

James O. Woolliscroft, Dean, Medical School
(represented by Assistant Dean Victor DiRita)                                                            13
     ACADEMIC DRESS                            AND         C U S TO M

     The colorful gowns and hoods worn by faculty members at commence-            ACADEMIC COLORS
     ment and other academic ceremonies represent the degrees, disciplines,       The colors of the various
     and alma maters of the wearers. The American academic costume tradi-         disciplines are as follows:
     tion, imported from England, dates to Colonial days.                         Architecture and Urban
     GOWNS                                                                        blue violet
     Bachelor’s or master’s degree gowns traditionally are black, as are many     Business Administration
     doctoral gowns in the United States. Some universities prescribe that
     their graduates wear gowns of another solid color such as blue, crimson,     Dentistry
     or green. Gowns differ in sleeve cut and trim. For example, the bache-
     lor’s gown has long, pointed sleeves while the master’s gown has oblong      light blue
     sleeves. Doctoral gowns, with their distinctive bell-shaped sleeves,
     feature velvet panels down the front and around the neck, as well as         orange
     crossbars of velvet on the sleeves. Colored trim denotes the field or        Fine Arts
     discipline in which the degree was earned. Usually only a single degree      brown
     from one institution is indicated by a garment. If more than one degree      Information
     is held, the gown and hood of the higher or highest degree usually           lemon
     are worn.                                                                    Kinesiology
                                                                                  sage green
     HOODS                                                                        Law
     The hood most precisely describes the wearer’s level of degree earned,
     the major field of learning, and the alma mater. The level of the degree     Literature and Arts
     held is indicated by the hood’s shape and size and the width of its velvet
     or velveteen trimming. The bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s hoods are      green
     36 inches, 42 inches, and 48 inches long, respectively. The velvet trim
     is two, three, and five inches wide, with the narrowest being for the        pink
     bachelor’s hood and the widest for the doctor’s hood. The color of trim      Natural Resources and
     on the hood, as on the gown, identifies the major field of learning in       Environment
     which the degree was awarded. The hood is lined with the official colors     russet
     of the college or university conferring the degree.                          Nursing
     CAPS                                                                         Pharmacy
                                                                                  olive green
     Caps vary in style from the traditional black mortarboard to eight-, six-,
     and four-corner tams, and Elizabethan-style caps. The mortarboard may        Philosophy
                                                                                  dark blue
     be of any appropriate material, such as cotton, poplin, rayon, or silk, to
                                                                                  Public Health
     match the gown. Velvet is reserved for holders of doctorates.                salmon pink
                                                                                  Public Policy
                                                                                  peacock blue
                                                                                  golden yellow
                                                                                  Social Work
                                                                                  Mingled colors distinguish
                                                                                  combined curriculums.
                                  UNIVERSITY FLAGS

                                  The flags behind the platform are arranged in the order in which the
                                  schools and colleges they represent were founded. As the audience faces
                                  the flags, the arrangement from left to right is the following:

                                  College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
                                  Medical School
                                  Law School
                                  School of Dentistry
                                  College of Pharmacy
                                  College of Engineering
                                  Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies
                                  A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
                                  School of Education
                                  Stephen M. Ross School of Business
                                  President’s flag
                                  University flag
M ARSHALS OF                      Regents’ flag
                                  School of Natural Resources and Environment
THE U NIVERSITY                   School of Music, Theatre & Dance
                                  School of Nursing
Mika LaVaque-Manty                School of Public Health
Associate Professor, Political
                                  School of Social Work
College of Literature, Science,   University of Michigan–Flint
and the Arts                      University of Michigan–Dearborn
Chief Marshal                     School of Information
                                  School of Art and Design
Dee E. Fenner, M.D.               School of Kinesiology
Furlong Professor of Women's
                                  Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy
Director of Gynecology
Department of Obstetrics and
Medical School
Assistant Chief Marshal
                                  THE UNIVERSITY MACE
Leigh A. Woods                    The University’s mace, a symbol of authority, is carried at the head of
Professor, Theatre and Drama      academic processions on such important ceremonial occasions as
School of Music, Theatre &        commencements, convocations, and inaugurations. The mace being used
Dance                             today was given to the University in 1968 by the Senior Board,
Assistant Chief Marshal
                                  representing all the undergraduate schools and colleges. Crafted of red
                                  oak and trimmed with silver, the mace features the seals of the University
                                  and of the State of Michigan. Also engraved on the mace are the names of
                                  the University Presidents.

                                        J A M E S B. A N G E L L S C H O L A R S
                                        Students who achieve an all “A” record for two or more consecutive
                                        terms are recognized as James B. Angell Scholars. The student must
                                        have taken a minimum of 14 credit hours each term, including at
                                        least 12 graded credits. Following each scholar’s name is the number
                                        of consecutive terms the student has had an all “A” record.

A. A L F R E D T A U B M A N C O L L E G E O F
                                        University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Danielle Beaulieu 4                     Ayesha Noor Husain 2                  Elizabeth Reed Yarina 5
Stephanie Kay Fitton 5                  Bernard Peng 2

SCHOOL          OF       A RT     AND   DESIGN
                                        University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Sharon Brzezinski 2                     Ariel Leah Markowitz 2                Kelsey Ann Shultis 2
Melanie Mirdell Conn 3                  Dayna Brooke Menken, B.F.A. 2         Rebecca Lynn Straub, B.F.A. 2
Grace Jane Hanson 2                     Courtney Alice Michalik 4             Naomi Ann Zaslow, B.F.A. 2
Elizabeth Diane Hazle, B.F.A. 2         Eleanor Louise Schmitt 2              Heather Suzanne Ziegenmeyer 2

S T E P H E N M. R O S S S C H O O L              OF     BUSINESS
                                        University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Tai Cosmos Aliya 3                      Michael Li Jiao 2                     Nabeel Qadri 2
Zain Iqbal Allarakhia 4                 Craig A. Johnson 3                    Mary Therese Rzepka 2
Xiaochong Bao, B.B.A., A.B. 6           Anna Catherine Jones 4                Kelly Elizabeth Shillair 2
James Robb Baubie 3                     Danelle YuJin Jung 2                  Russell John Simon 2
Julie Berkowitz 3                       Jennifer Traci Kaplan 2               Kyle Joseph Sinclair 2
Cynthia Guan Ying Chan 2                Marissa Hali Kaplan 2                 Paul Andrew Sinkevics 5
Peter B. Chan 3                         Shuying Ke 3                          Arvind Vikram Sohoni 2
Jenny Chin Yu Chiu 2                    A. Julian Singh B. Khaira, B.B.A. 2   Jessica Marie Stefanko 3
James Edward Cooper 3                   Alyse Marie Kowalick 2                Brett David Strause 2
Samuel James Ditter 2                   Ruchika Kumar 2                       Jennifer Karen Sun 2
Martin John Eriks 3                     Arun Laxmanan 2                       Mengfei Sun 3
Martha Elyse Everett 3                  Dara W. Leung 2                       Adam Peter Swiecicki 3
Jeffrey James Fishman 3                 Daniel Lian 2                         Michael John Vander Roest 5
Timothy Michael Fornero 2               Paulo Denny Liu 3                     Jack Visutipol 3
Daniel Johan Robert Gottlander 2        Andrew Douglas Mansfield 2            Matthew Yifei Wang 3
Nicole M. Granadier 2                   Rishi Marwaha 7                       Elizabeth Helen Wetreich 3
Alexander Gribov 5                      Jeff Chen Meng 3                      Alexander Yufeng Xie 2
Holly Susan Gwizdz 2                    David Paul Morse 3                    Dadong Yan 2
Taimur Hassan 3                         Brendan Douglas Motz 3                Huiwen Samantha Yap 2
Jack Alexander Herman, B.B.A. 2         Andrew Taehyun Noh, B.B.A. 5          Kevin Yee 2
Daniel James Hom, B.B.A. 2              Marco Antonio Oropeza Gomez 3         Bernard Yin Lung Yiu, B.S., B.B.A. 3
Tiffany Ann Hsueh 3                     Yezi Peng 3                           Gerrit Oliver Yntema 2
Liying Huang 2                          Jennifer Lauren Pollack 2             Chenli Zhu 2
Pritish Iyer 2                          Kevin James Prior 2                   Lubin Zhuang 2
Adam Talan Jacob, B.B.A. 3

     SCHOOL         OF     D E N T I S T RY
                                           University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
     Sarah Anne Hughes 2

     SCHOOL         OF     E D U C AT I O N
                                           University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
     Stephanie Kae Alexander 3             Emily Elizabeth Gedert 2               Ashlei Ernestine Neely 2
     Victoria Barczynski 3                 Elijah Francis Gerson 3                Eric Robert Ortbal 3
     Lisa Marie Clinton 3                  Caitlin Chirstine Gottlieb 2           Stuart Glen Quackenbush, A.B.Ed. 2
     Nicole Paige Dembinski 2              Amanda Lyn Grear 3                     Laura Lee Raubacher 3
     Sarah Elizabeth Drelles 2             Amanda Christine Gunther 2             Kathryn Jean Rolph 2
     Heidi Joanne Dreyfuss 4               Emily Louise Hudak 2                   Sarah Maria Ruiz 6
     Lawrence Marshall Dunlap 3            Kristen Marie Kluka 2                  Janice Elizabeth Snodgrass 3
     Shelagh Jane Fehrenbach 4             Eric Joseph Kumbier 5                  Jacklyn May Somers 3
     Katie Marie Field 5                   Sandra Beth Liberman 4                 Casey Lynn Thelen 5
     Ashley Elizabeth Fotieo 5             Jillian Peterson Mortimer 3            Danielle Erin Vostrizansky 5

                                           University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
     Arthur Adisusanto 2                   Robert Ernest Chlum 4                  Brian Michael Grifka, B.S.E.Elec 2
     Steven Goble Allen, B.S.E.B.E. 5      Aaron Michael Chow 3                   Christopher Douglas Grimm 2
     Ali Abdulsalam Al-Shoaibi,            Yi Jie Chua 2                          Casey Lynne Griswold, B.S.E.Aero 2
        B.S.E.B.E. 3                       Alfred Chung 5                         Scott Austin Grost, B.S.E.Nav 2
     Timothy Robert Angeli, B.S.E.B.E. 2   Alexander Ryan Cicerone 2              Robert Daniel Guglielmo 2
     Kristen Giovanna Angonese 2           Scott Edward Coblitz 2                 John Wendell Hall 2
     Erin Elizabeth Bachynski 7            Sarah Margaret Conkle 4                David Craig Hamilton, B.S.E.I.O. 2
     Guha Balakrishnan 3                   Kurt Alan Cunningham 2                 Shari Ellen Hannapel, B.S.E.Nav 4
     Justin R. Ball 2                      Andrew Martin Danielsky,               Erik Christopher Hanson 2
     Erik Matthew Barbara 3                   B.S.E.I.O. 6                        Calista Marie Harbaugh 7
     Thomas Michael Barch, B.S.E.Elec 6    Adam James Davis 4                     Quincy James Harrison,
     Adam Shane Barnett, B.S.E.Elec 7      Patrick Fabrizio Davis, B.S.E.Mech 4      B.S.E.Mech 2
     Ross Wegner Barnowski 5               Stephen Joseph DeWitt 4                Prateek Harsh 3
     Scott Michael Bartkowiak 3            Inderbir Singh Dhillon 3               Megan Lynn Haubert 6
     Alexander Paul Bartlett 2             Jennifer Lynn Dolan, B.S.E.NERS 2      Michael Arman Hausinger 3
     Marco Antonio Bartolomei 2            Ryan Garrett Doss, B.S.E.Mech 4        Jeffrey Allen Hayden 2
     Joseph Thomas Belter, B.S.E.Mech 2    Michael Burgess Doud 2                 Ye He 5
     Stephanie Ann Berry, B.S.E.B.E. 8     Weitao Duan 3                          Akram Mohamad Helou 2
     Anand Nageswaran Bharath 2            Olivia Nicole Dunn 2                   Mark Alan Hendryx 4
     David Lee Bilby 4                     John William Dydo 4                    Serene Li Hui Heng, B.S.E.Aero 6
     Shane Michael Boehner 5               Chase Alexander Edmonds 3              Colin Michael Hepker 3
     Ben Bernard Boerema 2                 Lauren Christine Ehardt 4              Emily Nicole Herbert 2
     Calvin James Boerigter 3              Sarah Ang-Sheng Ewing 3                Adam Vincent Higuera 5
     Gerry Gibson Budiyanto Bong 2         Jacob Edward Faust 3                   Jinfa Ho 5
     Yvan Anders Boucher, B.S.E.NERS 6     Vladimir Fedorov, B.S.E.Civ 4          Pock Woon Eugene Ho 2
     Katherine Louise Bouman 3             Louis James Fernandez 2                Jacob Paul Hoernschemeyer 2
     Lauren Renee Bridge 2                 Bruna Gross Ferro 2                    Alexandra Lynne Holbel 3
     Irene Marie Brockman, B.S.E.Ch E 8    Grzegorz Piotr Filip 2                 Paul Hou 7
     Joel David Brooks 2                   Julie Ann Foucher 2                    Trevor Kenneth Hunter 3
     Ian James Kenneth Campbell 2          Emilia Marianna Fracz 3                Kunal Anil Jham 3
     Jonathan Edward Carender 4            Kohei Fujimoto 7                       Aaron William Johnson, B.S.E.Aero 8
     Clinton Pierce Carlson 2              Rishi Kumar Ganeriwala 2               Danielle Renee Kapala 3
     Claire Katharine Carpenter,           Arun Ganesan 2                         Steven Michael Kast 2
        B.S.E.Civ, B.S.E.Mech 3            James Henry Gawron 2                   Miles Childs Kaufmann 5
     Matthew Allen Carpenter 4             Ernest Peter Gillard 2                 Benjamin Philip Kempke 5
     Liting Chen 3                         Robert Thomas Goeddel 3                Shayaan Siddharth Khanna 2
     Stephanie Chen 2                      Jacob Matthew Goetz, B.S.E.Civ 4       Gyouho Kim 5
     Jeffrey John Chenhall 3               Christopher Sean Goldenstein 4         Benjamin Philip King 4
Zachary Andrew King 3                 Daniel Edward Oakes 2                Brett Benjamin Stawinski,
Jayaprakash Santosh Kumar 2           Sean M. O’Connor 3                      B.S.E.Mech 4
Gerald Thomas Kummer 2                Stephanie Da Costa Ogura 2           Robert Edmund Steinbock 2
Jacky Huang Zheng Kwok 2              Andrew Willard Olson 4               Ian Anthony Stuart-Hoff 3
Michael Joseph Lacny 2                Amanda Marie Opaskar 2               Huey Shann Sue 2
Jacob Robert Laginess, B.S.E.Aero 2   Matt Lewis Orians 6                  Mark Swiderski, B.S.E.Elec, B.S. 8
Juwon Lee 4                           Ryan A. Orizondo 2                   Tiago Petracca Szvarca 5
Michael Z. Lee 2                      Christopher Matthew Palladino 4      Jordan Paul Talia 3
Wen Jun Edwin Lee, B.S.E.Elec 2       Benjamin Todd Pascoe 2               Lubin Tan 2
Sarah Annette Lewis 3                 Kaitlyn Rose Peale 2                 Vlad Dumitru Taralunga,
Feng M. Li 4                          Shao Ning Pei 4                         B.S.E.C.S. 2
Christopher James Lilly 2             Dominic Joseph Piro 6                Xu Qiang Edwin Tay 5
Daryl Kah Hian Lim 4                  Paul Philip Plucinsky 2              Ryan Stevenson Teller 2
Ying Yi Lim 3                         Jessica Danielle Port 2              Tracie Kang-Ning Teo 2
Yuan Lin Kevin Lim 2                  Nathan John Porter 3                 Marie Lynn Ternes 3
Rachel Plachetka List 2               Benjamin Gerald Pumplin,             Andrew Thomas Till 4
Jacky Chun Kong Lo, B.S.E.Comp,          B.S.E.Mech 3                      Ian Scott Tobasco 3
   B.S.E.Elec 2                       Zheng Qu 2                           Sarah Jean Trombley 4
Carlos Ernesto Lopez 5                Michael Anthony Quail 2              Suppawong Andy Tuarob 4
Adriel Sheng Low 5                    Gokul Ramaswami 6                    Peter William Turpel 2
Kenneth Edward MacGillivray,          Michael James Reinker 2              Kent Prawira Utama 2
   B.S.E.Aero 2                       Robert Karl Rhein, B.S.E.M.S. 5      Nicholas James Vanausdall 4
Thomas David Manville 2               Douglas Tait Rigterink 2             Bryan Joseph Vanduinen 3
James Matthew Marcicki,               Rebecca Lindsay Rosenbaum,           Jennifer Lynn Vermeesch,
   B.S.E.Mech 2                          B.S.E.I.O. 2                         B.S.E.Mech 4
Anne Dorothy Marinan 3                Anthony Charles Ross 3               Gregory Leclaire Wagner 2
Eric Michael Mastria 4                Christopher Mark Rossi 3             Scott Anthony Walls 2
Robert Andrew Mattingly 2             Brittany Melina Roy 2                Jessica Shar Wang 5
David Sven Maxwell 4                  Curtis Frederick Rozelle 2           Shuyu Wang 3
Kelley Rhodes Maynard 4               Eric Gerard Rudy 3                   Wei-Tung Wang 3
Steven Andrew Mazur 2                 Julia Elizabeth Samorezov 5          Alda Wardhana, B.S.E.I.O. 3
Michael Thompson McCann 5             Dheeraj Sanka 2                      Robert Joseph Warren 5
Steven Leonard McCarty 2              Nicholas Jay Schaeferle 3            Huixia Wei 3
Kevin Kroggel McDonough 2             Kevin Patrick Schalte 2              Lai Wei 3
Jennifer Marie Mehl 2                 Jeffrey Donald Schloemer,            Thomas Jack Welch II, B.S.E.Ch E 2
Kevin Daniel Melotti 2                   B.S.E.Aero 6                      David Michael Williams,
Regalito Dejesus Menchaca 2           Patricia Frances Schuster 3             B.S.E.Aero 8
Sarah Ann Menchak 3                   Jonathon Aaron Schwartz 4            Ryan William Wolcott 4
Marc Philip Michener 3                Andrew Joseph Sereno 3               Wen Jie Wong 5
Amanda Michelle Mims 2                Khuram Shahid 5                      Sang Woo Woo 2
Adam P. Moncznik, B.S.E.Civ 2         Barry Shang 6                        Zhe Xiang 2
Piljoo Moon 2                         Vitaly Shatkovsky 2                  Jane Xiao, B.S.E.B.E. 3
Eric Raymond Muir 5                   Ye Shen 3                            Jin Yan 2
Brett Thomas Muller, B.S.E.Mech 6     Nathan Richard Shoemaker 4           Yifan Yang Gong 2
Jacob Mong Shen Ng 2                  Nirala Singh 2                       Edwin Shyn-Lo Yik 5
Jeremy Voon Chow Ng 2                 Victor Singh 2                       Hechen Yu 2
Huy Ngoc Nguyen 2                     Nirmish Singla 4                     Dan Zhang, B.S.E.Comp 6
Adam David Nicholl, B.S.E.Aero 8      Daniel Joseph Smodic, B.S.E.Mech 2   Shuang G. Zhao 2
Nathan Douglas Niese, B.S.E.Nav 4     Maya Spivak 3                        Yitao Zhuang 2
Tsuyoshi Niwa 5                       Joseph Alexander Starek 5

                                      University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Brandon William Armstrong 2           Eric Robert Fields 2                 Jason Reid Krochak, A.B. 3
Zachary Matthew Baker 2               Emily Jo Finn 2                      Tyler James LaCombe, A.B. 3
Ankush Kumar Bansal 5                 Jessica Ann Forestier 5              Rachel Elizabeth Lary 2
Lauren Ashley Bauer 2                 Courtney Ann Galopin 2               Matthew Michael Lewis 3
Michael Pieter Beel-Bates, B.S. 2     Kevin Andrew Gillman 2               Stefani Jill Markowitz 2
Lacey Leigh Berger 2                  Kara Marie Goodrich 2                Sara Elizabeth Marlega 3
Ashley Marie Brower 2                 Kyle Jared Grubman, A.B. 4           Kimberly Laura Martinez 2
Mark Rowden Chrzanowski 3             Christy Janice Hammond 2             Erin Jean McCarty 2
Joshua Ari Cohen 2                    Brittany Leigh Hazard 4              Molly Elizabeth McLeod 2             19
     Charles Adam Mouch 3                  Mariel Geneane Rosati 2                Lauren Marie Tessoff, B.S. 2
     Betsy Melinda Ostrowski 2             Chelsie Michelle Russ 2                Kristin Marie Thomas 2
     Alexandra Michelle Petraszko 2        Katie Lynn Scheich 2                   Genna Julia Waldman, B.S. 2
     Chelsey Nicole Quinlan 3              Elizabeth Grace Schweiger 2            Kira Bramley Weinstein, A.B. 2
     Neela Rao 3                           Chelsea Elise Selden 3                 Kathryn Mary Werner 3
     Kayla Jean Renier, B.S. 3             Aparna A. Shah 3                       Randy Charles Wills, A.B. 2

     COLLEGE           OF    L I T E R AT U R E , S C I E N C E ,    AND THE        A RT S
                                           University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

     Robert James Abb 2                    Bethany Anne Barr 2                    Elizabeth Anne Bronson 3
     Hamidah Khairiyyah Abdul              Alexandra Beth Barsell 3               Hilary Kathleen Bronson, A.B. 2
        Rahman 2                           Adam Daniel Baruch 2                   Jonathan Edmund Browalski 2
     Angela F. Abiodun 3                   Bethany Marie Bates 4                  Amanda Katherine Browe 2
     Marissa Lynne Abraham 3               Micaela Garcia Battiste 2              Carolyn Adele Brown 2
     Megan Elizabeth-Sabah Acho 3          Blain Martin Baumgardt 4               Joseph Schotland Brown 4
     Feras Yacoub Ackall 2                 Eliza Wright Beal, B.S. 2              Sharon Elana Brown 2
     Kelley Marie Adams, B.G.S. 2          Jesse William Bean 3                   Aaron Charles Brumbaugh 3
     Kimberly Anne Agbulos 3               Jonathan Liron Ben-Ze’ev 2             Leah Camille Brunk 3
     Ajat Arun Aggarwal 2                  Katherine Christine Berezowskyj,       Mari Elizabeth Brunner 2
     Danielle Elise Ahlzadeh 3                 A.B. 3                             Daniel Anthony Bruno 2
     Beenish Fatima Ahmed 2                Joel Francis-Crowley Berger 5          Seth Fleischer Buchsbaum 3
     Erol Zafer Ahmed 2                    Daniel Aaron Berman 6                  Allison Anne Buchwach, A.B. 2
     Kashif Ishaq Ahmed 3                  Jillian Mollie Berman 2                Kevin Andreas Burgett 3
     Adam Munther Ajlouni 7                Reva Emily Berman 2                    Steven Edward Burke 3
     Hussein A. Al-Asadi 2                 Samantha Katie Bernstein 2             Christopher Douglas Burns 3
     Kareem Muhammad Alazem 3              Courtney Susan Beyer 2                 Samuel Raymond Burns 2
     Rashad Albeiruti, B.S. 2              Radhika Tushar Bhula 2                 Alexandra Lea Burrell 2
     Ridwaan Albeiruti 2                   Jason Matthew Bies 2                   Bennet Arthur Butler 4
     Daniel Leonard Albertus, B.S. 2       Stephanie Birndorf 2                   Angie Emma Buttigieg 2
     Shaza Nizar Al-Holou 3                Andrew Herbert Bissonette 5            Laura Jayne Cailler 4
     Luay Matthew Almassalha 2             John David Black 2                     Aimee Jo Cairati 3
     Ruchi Kaushik Amin 3                  Eric Raymond Blancke 3                 Kevin Andrew Callender 4
     Jacki Lynn Anderson 5                 Meredith Lauren Blank 4                Baird Cameron Campbell 3
     Daniel Paul Anderson, Jr. 3           Timothy Dobson Blasius 6               Kimberly Sue Canter 2
     Jenny George Andooparampil 2          Jessica Lynn Bloom 5                   Alyssa Marilyn Cantor 3
     Tamara Grace Andrade 3                Vanessa Lee Bloom 3                    Kathleen Marie Carey 4
     Ashley Kay Andrews 2                  Samuel Joseph Boas 2                   Joseph Francis Carrera 2
     Naomi Beth Anest 2                    Richard Foxman Boehnke 2               Robert Frank Carter 2
     Alena Gray Aniskiewicz, A.B. 3        Kristy Diane Bojazi 5                  Bradley Joseph Casai, A.B. 2
     Leandro Ao 2                          Alyson Rose Bokshan, B.S. 3            Andrew Anthony Cascini 3
     Michael Colin Arbit 5                 Nicholas Michael Bontumasi, B.S. 5     Catherine Marie Castellana 2
     Angela Jeanette Argyropoulos 2        Julie Elizabeth Bordato 5              Rudolph Joseph Castellani 2
     Joel Kenneth Arnold 3                 Allison Beth Bornstein 4               Claire Helen Castine 2
     Emily Sarah Arnstein 2                Matthew Maximino Bouse 2               Lana E. Castor 2
     Nieri Avanessian 2                    Christoffer Randall Bovbjerg, A.B. 2   Ashish Chaddha 4
     Samantha Mae Avery 2                  Aimee Nicole Bowen 3                   Foster Pease Chamberlin 3
     Azalea Ayuningtyas 3                  Amy Michelle Bowers 3                  Allison Marie Champney 3
     Jessica Michelle Baer 3               Jacqueline Margo Gould Boyce 3         Chih Hung Chan 2
     Marie Grace Bahoora 2                 Mattison Edward Brady, A.B. 4          Edwin Yue-Hang Chan 2
     Matthew Adam Bailyn 3                 Eileen Rose Brandes 2                  Joseph Keunwoo Chang 2
     Laura Elizabeth Bain 3                Oren Michael Brandvain 4               Rebecca Haena Chang 3
     John Michael Bakarich 2               Gwendolyn Kara Susan Braude 2          Bryan Christopher Channell, A.B. 2
     Emily Ellen Bakeman, A.B. 2           Daniel Rafael Braun 3                  Laura Elizabeth Chanoux 2
     Katrina Diane Balangue 3              Michael Edward Breen, A.B. 7           Melanie Lynn Chapekis 3
     Jason Robert Ball 2                   Scott Michael Brenton 6                David Byron Chapel 3
     Matthew Thomas Ballew 2               Alison Jara Bressler 2                 Daniel Joel Charnoff 2
     Thomas Samuel Bander 6                Kate Brierty 2                         Edward George Chen 3
     Talia Berenice Barash 2               William Karr Briggs 2                  Henry Xiangwei Chen 2
     Katharine Lee Barcy 2                 Nicholas Jay Bringardner 2             Jason Chiashane Chen 3
     Augusta Martina Oakes Baron 2         Christopher Michael Britten 6          Patricia Qing Lian Chen 2
     Amanda Roberta Barone 2               Rachel Leah Brody 2                    Katherine Cheng 2
Tianle Cheng 2                         Cameron Hopkins Dean 2             Diana Joyce Flora 6
Ghim Chuan Chia 5                      Adam Emerson Dearing 3             Maximilian Robert Florka 3
Jiming Chia 2                          Paul Daniel Dearing 2              Craig Jonathan Foldes 2
Daniel Patrick Childs 2                Brandon Gregory Decaluwe 3         Sara Margaret Foley, B.S. 5
Hui Ying Chin 3                        Lisa Becker Decanio 2              Katherine Lynn Fontichiaro 3
Andrew Jacob Chinsky 2                 Sarah Jayne Dee 3                  Amber Marie Forbes 6
Cheuk Man Chiu, B.S. 3                 Stefanie Ann Deeds 4               Samantha Marcella Force, A.B. 3
Yoon Sil Cho, B.S. 3                   Vontrese Renee Deeds, A.B. 2       Lindsey Kay Forche 2
Chris Choi 4                           Graham Dennis Dellinger 2          Sara Elizabeth Fortin 5
Hye-Yoon Choi, B.S. 2                  Robert Scott Dembo 3               Austyn Marie Foster 3
Yun Choi 2                             Yohei Denawa 2                     Teplyn H. Fournier 3
Eric Qi-Khang Chow 3                   Gina Marie DePolo 2                Emily Esther Franchett 3
Jessica Lynn Christiansen 3            Nimit Jatin Desai 3                Michael Edward Franczak 3
Coryelle Elaine Christie, A.B. 3       Adam Louis Deutsch 2               Sarah Ann Frankel 3
Emily Kathleen Christy 2               Shannon Barbara Dibble 5           Charlotte Claire Franklin, A.B. 8
Meagan Ruth Chuey 2                    Lindsay Ann DiMarco 3              Sharona Haya Franko 3
Diane Jin Chung 2                      Yue Ding 3                         Monica Kay Frazee 2
Colleen Elizabeth Cirocco 2            Hilary Anne Doe, M.P.P., A.B. 6    Kayla Marie Frick 6
Christopher Robert Clark, B.S. 5       Amanda Paige Donnelly 2            Samantha Aigen Fried 2
Daniel David Clark 2                   Alex Richard Dopp 6                Andrea Beth Friedman 2
Patrick E. Clark 2                     Elizabeth Anne Dougherty 2         Adva Gadoth-Goodman 2
Ginger Cline 4                         Theresa Rose Fitzgerald Dreyer 3   Erin Elizabeth Gager 3
Elizabeth Joan Clive 5                 Mark Joseph Duhaime 4              Meghan Kathleen Gallagher 5
Alison Lindsey Clune 5                 Matthew Leo DuPrie 2               Christina Marie Galloway 4
Jane Deborah Coaston 3                 James Patrick Dwyer 2              Samantha Ilyse Garber 2
Caroline Elizabeth Cochran, A.B. 3     Elizabeth Julia Ebbers 2           Aaron Favio Garcia 2
Alysse Jaclyn Cohen, B.S. 3            Daniel Joseph Echlin II 3          Bradley Michael Garden 2
Jaclyn Zetta Cohen 2                   Erin Kathleen Eckles 2             Sarah Jayne Garnai 4
Molly Elizabeth Cohen 2                Rosalie Beth Edmonds 5             Jessica Lane Gatt 2
Jenifer Lauren Colburn 2               Aaron Frank Egan 2                 Zoya Gavrilman 2
Leigh Anna Cole 2                      Brett Jared Ehrmann 5              Angela Lynn Gedeller 2
Michael Andrew Cole 2                  Daniel Eli Ehrmann 5               Divya Gehi, B.S. 2
Nathan Edwin Cole 3                    Eric Bentley Einisman 2            Amanda Kristine Gehrke 2
Tyler Scott Cole 4                     Jaclyn Michele Einstein 2          Ellyn Beverly Gendler 2
Molly Virginia Coleman 4               Jordan Michael Eizenga 3           Albert V. George 3
Ryan Matthew Comins 2                  Katya Jane Ekman 2                 Nika Renee George 2
Christina Catherine Connelly, A.B. 3   Anthony Aaron Emanuele 3           Ariana K. Gerber 2
Daniel Thomas Cook 8                   Joshua James Emrick 3              Rachel Virginia German 3
Keegan George Cooke, B.S. 2            Georgia Corinne Ennis 2            Emily Lee Gesmundo 2
Andrea Margaret Coombes 2              Jessica Lauren Ernst 2             Elizabeth Baumann Getty 2
Alexandra Christein Cooperstock 4      Evan Amir Eustice, A.B. 2          Kyera Maria Giannini, A.B. 2
Eric Daniel Couillard 3                David Joseph Eustis, A.B. 3        Bethany Noelle Gibbons 3
Caitlin Joelle Couture 2               Joshua Michael Evron 3             Marisa Claire Grimes Gies 2
Evelyn Marie Coves-Datson 2            Olivia Fitzgerald Fajen 2          Kathryn Samantha Gilliam 2
David S. Coviak, B.S. 3                Nasir Husain Fakhri 2              Elizabeth Sarah Gingold 2
Lisa Mavian Craig 3                    Illiana Falkenstern 6              Alicia M. Giordimaina, B.S. 2
Matthew J. Craig 3                     Alanna Rose Farber 2               Sarah Rachel Gitman 4
Sarah Marie Cravens 3                  Brieann Leigh Farmer 2             Sarah Louise Glassberg 2
Zachary John Crawford 2                Nicholas Edward Farrell 3          Nichola Goh 3
Sarah Stilwell Cremer 2                Jacob Douglas Feldman 2            Phoebe Kathryn Goldberg 6
Mitchell Arden Crispell 3              Allison Ashley Fennell 2           Robin Lily Goldberg 5
Lucienne Hope Cross 3                  Adam Ahmed Hassen Ferris 2         David Alec Golden 2
Jennifer Cui 2                         Lisa Colomba Ferro 3               Zachary Robert Goldsmith 2
Agata Dabrowska 2                      Morgan Danielle Fett 3             Heather Michelle Goldstein 3
Christopher Jeffrey Dadok, A.B. 6      Connor Thomas Field 2              Joshua Bergel Goldstein 2
Megan Wells Danielson 2                Allison Rae Fifolt 3               Netta Golenberg 2
James Andrew David 3                   Sarah E. Fike 2                    Elizabeth Bicknell Golightly 2
Jennifer Colleen David 3               Michael David Filicicchia 2        Ariel Heather Goodman, A.B. 6
Allison Christine Davido 6             Angela Leigh Findlay 2             Kelly Adele Goodman 4
Jose Ricardo Davila 2                  Madeline Marie Fiore 2             Noah Graff Goodman, A.B. 2
Anna Elizabeth Davis, A.B. 2           Leanna Rose First-Arai 2           Matthew Toby Gordon 3
Evan Messina Davis 2                   Ashley Elizabeth Jane Fletcher 3   Sheera Rachel Goren 4
Frank Michael Davis 5                  Rachel Lynn Fletcher 3             Steven Eric Gornstein 5
Scott Anthony De Orio 6                Charles William Fletcher III 2     Polina Gorodinsky 2                 21
     Kayla Joy Gorton 2                   Lauren Elizabeth Hoff 4            Elizabeth Kelly-Sell 2
     Janelle Lynne Grai 2                 Alexis Anne Holman 2               Daniel Allan Kessler 2
     Heather Marielle Granader 3          Natalie Anne Homer 3               Julia Benjamin Kessler 3
     Megan Renee Grant 3                  Thomas Stewart Hooker 7            Hanna Beth Ketai, A.B. 2
     Traci Jessica Grant 4                Susannah Marlene Hope 3            Julia Alexanderovna Khakhaleva 3
     Elan Halpern Green 2                 Jonathan Joseph Horn 3             Nazia Ahmed Khan 4
     Gregory Maurice Green 3              Matthew Campbell Hornback 3        Michael Maher Kheir 2
     Shelley Christine Greene, A.B. 2     Ruthi Hortsch 3                    Vasilia Lauren Kilibarda 5
     Harry Beck Greenhouse 2              Sarah Elizabeth Horvitz 2          Bright Hyun Woo Kim 2
     Marie Louise Greenman 2              Minzheng Hou 2                     Daniel Jeehong Kim 3
     Amanda Jo Grigg 2                    Pe-feng Hsieh 5                    Eun Hae Kim 2
     Kevin John Grinnell 2                Jennifer Zhengyan Huang 3          Jean M. Kim 3
     Grace Xiang Gu 3                     Daniel Dennis Hubbard 3            Joong Yub Kim 3
     Tian Jun Gu 2                        Andrew James Huber 3               Paul MyungHyeon Kim 2
     Jacqueline Lara Gubow 3              Matthew Jared Hughes 2             Stephanie Sei-Eun Kim 4
     Lauren Michelle Gumbiner 2           Sarah Jane Hughes 4                Stephen Young Kim 2
     Susila Gurusami 2                    Emily Christine Hunt, A.B. 4       Yena Jeong Kim 2
     Evan Matthew Gusler 3                Sarah Hur 5                        Noam Sam Kimelman 2
     Carmen Marie Gutierrez 2             Brian Jeffrey McConnell Hurd 2     Shawn Edward Kinkema 3
     Peter Albert Gutsche 3               Sun Young Hwang, A.B. 3            Karl Gustav Kirschke 3
     Daniel Aaron Haddad 3                Erica Rachael Hyman 2              Caitlyn Lee Klaska 3
     Ryan Alan Hall 2                     James John Ignatz-Hoover 5         Bryan Keil Klausmeyer 4
     Reem Louis Hallal, B.S. 2            Jesse Chun Wei Ip 2                Michelle Rose Kleiman-Moran 2
     Ariel Rebecca Halperin 2             Jillian Kaleila Isaacs-See 2       Rachel Faith Kleinerman 3
     Martin David Halprin 2               Sayem Islam, A.B. 3                Karol Aleksander Kobylecki 3
     Benjamin Chance Hambro 2             Colin Mark Ivey 3                  Jeffrey Koelzer 2
     Caely Alise Hambro 2                 Elizabeth Marie Jackson 3          Zachary Benjamin Koloff 4
     Katrina Celeste Hamel 2              Alyssa Anne Jacobson 2             Matthew Harold Koski 3
     Elizabeth Ann Hamilton 3             Erica Renee Jaffe 2                Christopher Stec Koslowski 4
     Joshua Keith Handell 2               Erica Anna Jankelovitz 2           Sarah Valerie Kostinski 3
     Courtney Hanna 2                     Ivana Jankovic 4                   Stephanie Anna Kostiuk 2
     Kaoru Harada 2                       Corrie Zwanet Janssens 3           Jacqueline Liang Kow 2
     Helen Climer Harding, A.B. 4         Amanda Jawad 4                     Lauren Marie Kozyra 2
     Arun Ramaswamy Hariharan 2           Allison Michelle Jeddis 2          Richard Bart Kramer 2
     Dana Alison Harlan 4                 Meredith Conner Jeffrey 2          Jennifer Rose Krautmann 2
     Alison Harley 2                      Kristine Marie Jensen 2            Andrew Lee Kravis 4
     Meredith Elizabeth Harris 2          Ben A. Jerue 2                     Danielle Anais Kruizenga 2
     Michelle Elizabeth Harrison 3        Alex Jiga 2                        Alexandra Joyce Kruse 3
     Katelyn Victoria Haskins, A.B. 2     Mastura Johari 2                   Laura Jacqueline Kupe 3
     Rachel Elizabeth Hatcliffe 3         Courtney Maria Johnson 2           Kole Kurti 5
     Bryn G. Hauk 2                       Sara Maria Johnson-Cardona 4       Jean Li Hui Kwek 3
     Melody Xian He 3                     Karin Theresa Jors 4               Ariella S. Laden, A.B. 3
     Timothy Christopher Heath 6          Amy Megan Joseph 2                 Laurie Michelle Lai 3
     Lauren Alissa Heidemann, B.S. 3      Thomas Jeffrey Joseph 4            Samantha Anne Laing 2
     Melissa Katherine Heil 2             Stephen Andrew Josey 3             Shaina Michelle Lamb 2
     Melanie Kristine Heitmann 4          Apoorvaa Chandrashekhar Joshi 3    Daphne Polymnia Lambropoulos 2
     Jennifer Lee Hemberg 3               Sarah Jukaku 5                     Michael Ian Lampl 2
     Kathryn Anne Hendricks 5             Jesse Min Jun 2                    Corinne Marie Land 4
     Andrea Constance Hengehold, A.B. 2   Gjon Juncaj 2                      Dustin James Landau 2
     Phillip Joseph Henry, A.B. 5         Brittani Hope Kagan 2              Emily Rose Landgraf 2
     Katherine Jane Hensel, B.S. 2        Carly Suzanne Kaloustian, A.B. 5   Kristin Ann Lang 2
     Heather Elise Henson, A.B. 2         Grace Kang 2                       Katy Marie Lapekas 2
     Daniel J. Hermes 5                   Shae Marie Kangas 2                Kyle Britt Lappin 2
     An-Li Herring 2                      Arielle Tobi Kantor 2              Cecilia Lynette Latiolais 2
     Anne Marie Herrington 4              Karen W. Kao, A.B. 3               Rosa Rachelle Latva 2
     Caleb Solomon Heyman 2               Emily Lauren Kaplan 2              Emily Elizabeth Laughlin 4
     Jessica Land Hibma, A.B. 2           Stacey Morgan Kaplow 3             Liliana Alma Lavalle 4
     Jenna Marie Hill 3                   Liza P. Karotkin 3                 Lindy Marie Lazar 2
     Ryan Michael Hill 6                  Angela Marie Karr 2                Stephanie Brooke Lazar 3
     Robert Schaefer Hinck 2              Haley Samantha Katz 2              Victoria Pham Le 5
     Jason Michael Hindes 3               Jacqueline Kay Kauza 3             Katherine Ruriko Lebioda 3
     Serena Eliz Hinz 4                   Rachel Elizabeth Kay 2             Chelsea Jean LeBlanc 3
     Poh Choo Ho 4                        Jeremy Christopher Keeney 4        Rachel Shira Lebovic 3
22   Ryan James Hodges 3                  Christine Lydia Keersmaekers 2     Ryan David Leclerc 2
Lisa M. Lederman 2                  Dorota Maria Marchel 2                 Kathleen Ann Munn 2
Da Inn Lee 2                        Anthony William Mariano 2              Kathleen Elizabeth Murphy 2
Jessica Seon Hwa Lee 2              Kelley Anne Maricle 2                  Ian Christopher Murray 2
Leo Alexander Lee 2                 Bernard Lawrence Marini, Jr., B.S. 5   Greg Kenny Myer 2
Minkyung Lee 2                      Daniela Keiko Maristany 2              Beatrice Na 3
Yugene Lee 2                        Amanda Lauren Markowitz 2              Roshan F. Najafi 2
Alexandra Leigh Legutko 5           Alyson Rachel Marks 3                  Mio Nakamura 2
Katlyn Gail Leight 2                Jonathan Seelye Martin 4               Wasim Majid Nasir 2
Abigail Janet Leinsdorf 4           Katherine Iman Martin 7                Hassan Nasser 2
Erika Tracey Leon 2                 Zachary Warren Martin 3                Kelly Eileen Natarajan 2
Christopher Philip Leonetti 2       Monika Natalie Martusiewicz 2          Jasper Diamond Nathaniel 2
Josh Leskar 2                       Alyssa Lea Mastic 2                    James Edward Nati 2
Andrew James Leslie 2               Brittany Ann Matelski 3                Joslyn Diane Neal 3
Annette Wing Shun Leung 2           Thomas Mathew 2                        Meghan Kathleen Negele 5
Jenny Wai-Yin Leung 6               Caitlin Grace Mathis 3                 Leyton Preston Nelson 7
Madeleine Jacobson Levin 7          Lisa Brittany Matlen 7                 Melissa Nicole Nestor 3
Rachael Esther Levine 2             John Maxwell Mazzara 2                 Ruth Eve Neuman 2
Katrina Leigh Lewis 3               Anthony Charles McClafferty 2          Elise Audra Neveau 3
Krista Kay Lewis 2                  Colleen Ann McClain 4                  Melissa Lee Ng 2
Sarah J. Lewis 3                    Amanda Rae McCormick 3                 Zhengping Mark Ng 3
Carly Chen Li 2                     Sean Phillip McDermott 2               Emily Niedzwiecki 3
Christina Hechu Li 2                Allison Chelsea McDonald 2             Rachel Anne Nisch 2
Han Li 3                            Kahli Elizabeth McDonald 2             Caroline Michelle Novack, A.B. 5
Yee Lam Li 3                        Erin Michelle McElwain 2               Sameer Rajendra Oak 3
Xuan Liang 2                        Molly Lemire McGuire 3                 Ann Morray O’Connor 5
Erin K. Lichtenstein, A.B. 2        Caileigh Christine McKenna 2           Ramy M. Odeh, B.S. 4
Hannah Leorah Abramson              Alexa Rae McLain 5                     Lauren Anne Oglevee 2
   Lieberman 4                      Lydia Marie McMullen-Laird 2           Rose Oldford O’Hara 2
Jamie Elsa Liebert 2                Leezanne Rose McNichols 2              William Henry Olds III 5
Jeannie Rose Lieder 3               Timothy James McQuade, B.S. 8          Renagh Emiko O’Leary 5
Joshua Zhi Han Lim 3                Rachel Chana Meerkov 2                 Mary Catherine Oliver 3
David Sean Lin 4                    Neal Shanker Mehrotra 2                Paul David Oliver 5
John Tzeh-Yung Lin 2                Jian Ping Mei 2                        Karen Marie Olson 2
Ruo Chen Lin, A.B. 6                Yael Tzippora Mendelson 2              Jeneanne Brianna Orlowski 2
Xinyi Lin 2                         Michael Anthony Meneghini 2            Albert Ortiz, A.B. 2
Avie LaMed Linden 2                 Cole Joseph Merkel 2                   Kathryn Deburah Osher 2
Kira Rose Lipari-Jordan, A.B. 3     Abigail Rose Merritt 2                 Shardae Marie Osuna 2
Natalia Lipin 4                     Carolyn Rebecca Merritt 3              Alana Kathleen Otto, B.S. 2
Jessie Bryce Lipkowitz 2            Admir Mesanovic 2                      Jessica Ouyang 5
Matthew Joel Lipshaw 6              Sherif Nabil Metwally 4                Elizabeth Irene Owens 4
John Arthur Lister 2                Renee Clare Mikon 3                    Dustin Alexander Paige 2
Boris Litvin 2                      Aaron Daniel Miller 5                  Carol J. Pak 2
Lucy Yilan Liu 2                    Anna Medaris Miller 6                  Gabrielle Lyn Palanca 2
Ping Liu 2                          Danielle Nicole Miller 2               Alex Michael Papo, B.S. 2
Jonathan David Long 2               Jakob Daniel Miller 4                  Anand Kiran Parikh, A.B. 2
Katherine Rose Long 2               William Daniel Mirrer 6                Hyunsun Koh Park 2
Rachel Nicole Long 2                Alan Elijah Mishler 7                  Kaela Jo Denenfeld Parnicky 3
Jay Clifford Lonski 2               Maryn Louise Mishler 3                 Adam Philip Pascarella 2
Alexandra Noelle Lord 2             Shashaank Mishra 2                     Rosan Dilip Patel 3
Alina Yinan Lou 2                   Katherine Frances Mitroka, A.B. 3      Vinay Rukesh Patel 3
Kimberly Diane Lovell 3             Jason Edward Mohr 2                    Yuv C. Pathuri 2
Margo Brittany Ludmer 3             Corina D. Mommaerts, B.S. 5            Eileen Michelle Patten 3
Carolyn Frances Lusch 2             Drew Monks 3                           Tommaso Pavone 2
Megan Pamela Ruth Madison 6         David Wayne Montague 3                 Elsa Natalia Pechlivanidis 2
Jeldine Madjukie 2                  Michael Anthony Mooney, B.S. 4         Michael Steven Peers 2
Sohini Mahapatra 7                  John Lincoln-Carmack Moore, A.B. 2     Katelyn Mary Pelak 2
Nadia Shaker Makki 3                Rosa Irene Scobey Moore 6              Justin Scott Pelzer 3
Omar Mazen Maktabi, B.S. 3          Jennifer Helen Morack 3                Jill Rene Peplinski 2
Atiyatul Ghalib Malik 3             Amy Marie Moran, B.S. 3                Joshua Kendrew Perles, A.B. 2
Karen Rebecca Mallozzi 3            Michelle Patricia Morath 4             Evan Matthew Perry 2
Colin Alfred Bryant Maloney 3       Madeleine Joanne Morley, A.B. 7        Deborah Ann Peterson, B.S. 3
Christopher Robert Charles Mann 3   Steven Aaron Moses 4                   William Croix Petrich 3
Stacy Lynn Mann 2                   Anudeep Mukkamala 2                    Brittany Kate Petts 2
Lynae Christine Manthei 2           Tara Lynn Mulder 5                     Amanda Lee Pfaff 2                 23
     Lauren Michelle Phillips 3       Matthew James Rowland 3             Elisha Alley Shaw 2
     Rebecca Schour Pickus 2          Alyssa Melanie Roy 3                Hannah Rose Sheehy 7
     Alison Marie Piech, A.B. 2       Jessie Caitlin Roy 2                John Martin Shepard 3
     Zoe Stephanie Piontek 2          Stephanie Craig Royer, A.B. 2       Dustin Matthew Sherman 2
     Jennifer Marie Pisani 3          Helen Joy Rozeboom 2                Helen Shi 2
     Lee Edward Plaxco, A.B. 6        Melina Shae Rozzisi 2               Soo Yeon Shim 3
     Jana Helen Pohorelsky 2          Anthony Michael Rubin 4             Anna Christina Shoberg 4
     Scott Michael Pontasch 2         Jaclyn Nicole Rubinstein 2          Sarah Lynn Shook, B.S. 2
     Kirsten Leigh Popoff 2           Jordan Max Ruby 2                   Yevgeny Shrago 2
     Shashwati Pradhan 3              Lina Yurivna Rudashevski 2          Hersh Shroff 2
     Dillon Abraham Prefer 2          Michael Robert Rudowski 3           Eytan Yoel Shtull-Leber 2
     Nicole Prairie Premo 4           Kimberly Nola Ruelle 2              Catherine Elaine Shubert 7
     Lindsay Denise Preseau 2         Hana Marie Russo, B.S. 2            Bogdan Shulga 2
     Dana Catherine Preston, A.B. 2   Ian Matthias Rust 3                 Elizabeth Rose Shy 2
     Ana Maria Progovac 2             Sara VanGilder Rust, A.B. 3         Carli Riva Siegel 2
     Kate Marie Proos, A.B. 2         Sean Patrick Ryan 3                 Jennifer Lauren Siegel 2
     Rachel Aura Proudfoot 3          Surya Devi Sabhapathy 3             Boris Yakov Sigal 2
     Audra Puchalski 4                Erin Renee Sabo, A.B. 2             Miriam Ottilie Silk 2
     Aleis Christine Pugia 3          Nicole Ritamarie Saghy 2            Rachel Carmel Silveri, A.B. 5
     Alex Pyden 3                     Samer Salamekh 3                    Jaclyn Samantha Silverman 3
     Katherine Reynolds Quarton 2     Robby Ray Saldana 2                 Lauren Sloss Silverman 4
     Zachary Andrew Rable 2           Suvina Sallan 6                     Lee Yung Sim 2
     Goli Rahimi 2                    Amber-Jean Vlasti Samson 3          Poh Ying Sim 2
     Kathleen Margaret Ralko 2        Neal Dev Sangal 3                   Elias David Simon, A.B. 5
     Elizabeth Ashley Ramus 2         Kamya Sankar 2                      Jeffrey Richard Simon 6
     Rachel Elizabeth Rarus 3         Suzanne Heather Santopolo, A.B. 4   Michael Simonov 3
     Lindsey Julia Raskin 2           Evan Thomas Sarosi, A.B. 2          Anisha Sinha 2
     Jason Michael Raymond 2          Nidhish Sasi 2                      Heather Marie Sirko 5
     Veronika Razinkova, A.B. 2       Daniel Joseph Sass 3                Aaron Skolnik 3
     Rebecca Ann Reichel 3            Jillian Leigh Satler 3              Danielle Nicole Smit 2
     Sarah Louise Reinhardt 3         Duke Jordan Schaeffer 6             Adrienne Michelle Smith 2
     Jason Noah Reisfeld 2            Jody Hannah Schechter 3             Andrew Hart Smith 2
     Margeaux Anahid Reizian 3        Ariel Welker Schepers 2             Bennett Earl Smith 2
     Adriana Carla Rewald 5           Peter Jack Scher 2                  Claire Sylvester Smith, A.B. 8
     Brianne Coreen Rhoades 5         Caitilin Rain Schlitt 2             Megan Elizabeth Smith 2
     Catherine Mary Rhoades, A.B. 4   Jacob David Schnee 2                Sarah Lynne Smith 5
     Cecelia Clary Rhoads 3           Caitlin Emery Schneider 2           Spencer Douglas Smith 3
     Emily Patricia Rice 2            Lauren Leigh Schneider 2            Thomas Waddell Smith 2
     Jeffrey Eric Riecke 2            Amy Rose Schoenherr 2               Caitlin Anne Snow 2
     Paul Thomas Rink 3               Justin Scott Schon 2                Andrew David So 2
     Christine Marion Rinke, A.B. 2   Alayna Ruth Schreier 2              Eric Paul Spector 2
     Jessica Anita Ritchie 2          John Will Schroeder 2               Michael Zachary Spitulnik 2
     Alaina Schwensen Ritter 4        Kristin Anne Schroeder 6            Trevor William Sponseller 5
     Lauren Elizabeth Rivard 3        Amanda Rachel Schuetz 2             Deirdre Elizabeth Sprague-Rice 2
     Rebecca Jean Roberts-Wolfe 4     Charles Frank Schuler IV 5          Madeleine Marie St. Denis 2
     Michelle Lauren Robinette 3      Jillian Woods Schultz 2             Danielle E. Stahlbaum 2
     Andria Jean Robinson 2           Lauren Michelle Schwartz 2          Zachary Ronald Stangebye 3
     Julia Susan Rodgers 3            Zachary Becker Schwartz 6           Madeline Beth Stano 6
     Alyssa Kathe Roehmer 3           Thomas MacKay Scott-Railton 2       Kathryn Elizabeth Staples 2
     Lindsey Ann Rogers, A.B. 2       Ann Tiernan Seaver 2                Ashley Marie Stasiak 2
     Steven Daniel Rokosz, A.B. 2     Anthony Primo Sensoli 3             Ariela Toby Steif 2
     Sarah J. Rollins 2               Kirill Serkh 2                      Chad Robert Stencel 2
     Jillian Elise Rosati 3           Anuj M. Shah 3                      Gretchen O’Grady Stertz 3
     Emily Risha Rosen 2              Dev Vikram Shah 2                   Sara Marie Stevenson 4
     Samuel Lee Rosenbaum 6           Meelap Vijay Shah 3                 Matthew Tyler Stier 2
     Hannah Maxx Rosenfeld 2          Vikram Shah 2                       Lee William-Whitney Stobby 2
     Emily Christina Rosengren 3      Syed Nabil Shahabudin 2             Merrick Alexandra Stone 2
     Colt Rosensweig 2                Victoria Shakhin 3                  William Porter Stone 2
     Alexander Harold Rosenthal 3     Kaylie Eileen Shallis 2             Devon Swisher Stonebrook 2
     Caroline Sivan Rosenzweig 2      Gloria Tran Shan 2                  Joshua William Strazanac 2
     Jordan David Rossen, A.B. 4      Darshana Fay Shapiro 4              Martha Ruth Stuit 2
     Molly Suzanne Roth 2             Maya Sharma 2                       Matthew Barnhart Sturgeon, A.B. 2
     Douglas Alan Rottmann 2          Codi Alexis Sharp 3                 Maria Sumina 2
24   Leigh Miller Rowland 2           Douglas Adams Sharp 2               Rich Sun 2
Jacqueline April Sunisloe 2         Patrick Francis Veasy 3                 Colin Bruce Wilson 2
Gaal Itzhak Surugeon 2              Narendra Vempati 2                      Sara Klinger Winik 2
Amanda Elizabeth Swain 2            Philip John Viges 3                     Jeffrey Augustus Wojcik 2
Michael Kenneth Swartz 2            Dylan Matthew Vollans 2                 Mary Elizabeth Wolf 4
Juleah W. Szopo 2                   Katherine Nicole Wagner 4               Rebecca Dawn Wolf 5
Jerrit Zhen Tan 4                   Maggie Rose Wagner 5                    Adi Wollstein 3
Melanie Tan, B.S. 2                 Natasha Rose Wahid 2                    Arthur Tian-En Wong 2
Sasha Marie Tandlich 3              Yen Geraldine Wai, A.B. 4               Mei Hong Wong, B.S. 3
Albert Tinsing Tang 3               Kayla Nichole Waldron 2                 Bryndis Arndal Woods 5
Minyi Tang, B.S. 2                  Ian Wall, A.B. 3                        Jared Harold Alexander
Becca Targan 2                      Julie Ann Wallace 2                        Worthington 5
Matthew Taylor 4                    Sara Anne Walters 3                     Laura Elizabeth Wright 2
Steven Paul Taylor 2                Brett Leon Wanamaker 5                  Megan Maureen Wright, A.B. 7
Ross Teach 2                        Arthur Nong Wang 4                      Helen Yunyue Wu 2
Jack Patrick Temple 3               Ruotao Wang 6                           Jason Sun Wu 2
Scott Ryan Templin 2                Ruth Yuan Wang 3                        Melissa Kaitlyn Wylie, B.S. 7
Brian Richard Tengel 2              Stephanie Si-Ping Wang 3                Jessica Maurice Wynne 2
Wan Ying Teoh 6                     Tianyi Wang 3                           Brian Fumio Yagi 2
Jing Hao Tham 3                     Xiwen Wang 5                            Jerry Mingtao Yan 2
Laura Ann Theiler 2                 Zhujie Wang 2                           En Jun Yang 2
Kelsie Jo Thelen 3                  William Sol Warden 5                    Robert Yang 2
Caroline Leigh Thomas 3             Elvina Christabella Wardjiman 2         Susan Yang 3
Samantha Marie Thomas 2             Ryan Ruth Warren 2                      Dara Nora Yaskil 2
Kirti Kamalanathan Thummala,        Natalie Marie Warrick 3                 Marie Yasuda 2
   B.S. 6                           Jonathan Daniel Watson 2                Grace Dow-Yuan Yau, B.S. 2
Ashley Lauren Thurston, A.B. 8      Rebecca Louise Weber 2                  Chia Chye Yee, B.S. 4
Molly Ann Tiernan 2                 Jordan Ross Weinberg 2                  Allison Hope Yellin 2
Lauren Adams Tighe 2                Steven Carl Weindorf 5                  Daniel Patrick Yeomans 3
Rosaline Tio 3                      Megan Rachel Weiss 2                    Jung-In Yun 3
Emily Darlene Tischler 2            Rachel Leah Welford, A.B. 2             Rachel Weisien Yung 2
Sarah Whitney Tochman 3             Lea Brett Wender 3                      Edmund Adam Zagorin 2
Kevin Charles Todd 4                Julie Lynn Werman 2                     Katelin Marie Zahn 4
Karen Rose Toepp 3                  Emily Suzanne West 2                    Benjamin Reed Zakarin 2
Sarah Emily Tomkovich 6             Gregory Maxwell Weston 3                Eszter Zavodszky 7
Jameson Lawrence Toole 2            Lucas Matthew Whalen 2                  Brandi Shirree Zehner, A.B. 2
Anna Bettina Toth 3                 Alexander Mandela Whatley, A.B. 2       Megan Elizabeth Zeller 3
Benjamin Charles Treweek 2          Daniel Walter Wheeler 3                 Michelle Marie Zellers 3
Jonathan Robert Trotter, A.B. 2     David Walter Wheeler, A.B. 5            Stuart Meyer Zeltzer 2
William Tsai 2                      Christine Coleman White 2               Jessica Robin Zelvin 2
Amanda J. Tsang, A.B. 2             Elizabeth Anne White 2                  Rui Zhang, B.S. 8
Lilian Nga Lap Tse 2                Ashley Gayle Wiers 2                    Sophia Zhou 2
Brittany Lynn Turner 2              Ellen Brady Williams 3                  Jacqueline Marie Zillioux 3
Joseph Sohail Uppal, A.B. 3         Jacob Charles Williams 2                Ross Howard Zimmerman 2
Erika Nicole Valdivieso 3           Kelly Marie Williams 3                  Jessica Ann Zinger 5
Mounica Vallurupalli 6              Tyler Jacob Willis 2                    Meredith Ashley Zingle 2
Robert Gerard Van Wesep 4           Amy Elizabeth Wilson 2                  Jacob Cunniff Zunamon 2
Tiffany Suzann Vantino 3

SCHOOL          OF    M U S I C , T H E AT R E ,    AND      DANCE
                                    University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Zerrin Elif Agabigum 6              Patrick John Carter 5                   Emily Anne Glick 3
Austin Vance Arnett 4               Lee Tyler Chrisman 4                    Caroline Nicole Harris 3
Christine Nicole Beamer 9           Jonathan Edward Christopher 2           Margaret Rosalie Hasspacher 4
Etai Sami Benshlomo 4               Sean Michael Collins 3                  Daniel Robert Hawthorne-Foss 3
Janelle Mae Berry 2                 Christopher Robert Conover 3            Andrew John Hayhurst 3
Joshua Brice Beurer 2               Erin Briana Cousins 2                   Graham Karl Heise 4
Alexandra Marie Bisker 4            Katherine Isabella Curatolo, B.Mus. 2   Christopher Frederick Hernacki 2
Andrew Rumman Brandon 3             Maia Christina Dedrick 9                Leah Jewel Hodge 2
Daniel Budai, B.S. 3                Nicole Elyse DiPaolo, B.Mus. 2          Madeline Rohmann Huberth 3
Emily Rosanne Cappo 3               Emily Ashley Downs, B.Mus.,             John Harold Hummel 3
Christian Babington Carpenter,        B.S.E.B.E. 2                          James Jaffe 2
  B.F.A. 4                          Lewis Spencer Gilmore 2                 John Thomas Jarboe, B.F.A., A.B. 3   25
     Molly Elisabeth Jones 2              Mary Katherine Martin 2                Emilie Catherine Samuelsen 3
     Laura Celia Kempa 3                  Robert Wesley Mason 3                  Annabeth Marcia Shirley 3
     Alexander Frederic Kip 2             Michael Joshua Matlock 2               Erica Anne Shirts 2
     Stephanie Margaret Kirwan 6          Matt McCrary 2                         Mackenzie Marie Alcala Slottow 2
     Elizabeth Helen Klemperer 7          Stephen Gregory Metz 4                 Kacie Jean Smith 3
     Timothy Salzmann Krohn, B.Mus. 2     Patrick Thomas Montgomery 3            Taylor Reed Stanton 2
     Elizabeth Justine Kuhn 3             Eric Robert Moore 3                    Douglas Cole Stuart 3
     Andrew Chase Kurland 4               Kelly Nicole Moran 2                   Jennifer Marie Thomas, B.F.A. 3
     Matthew Brooks Landry 2              Kathryn Frances Mueller 3              Paul Dryden Trapkus 2
     Laura Ann Lapidus 2                  Paula Therese Muldoon 5                Elise Turner 5
     Kelsey Ann Lappa 3                   James Andrew Naigus 3                  Andrew Garrad Warren 5
     Andrew Steven Laudel 4               Jonathan Kyle Ney 2                    Kiana June Weber 3
     Elyse Marie Leonard 2                Mary Michael Patterson 2               Emily Golda Weingarten, B.Mus. 6
     Matthew Leslie Santana 5             Bradley Thomas Pickard 7               Catherine Amelia Ruth Wethington 2
     Kathleen Yin Leung 3                 Evan Karl Premo, B.Mus. 6              Daniel Harper Winnick 2
     Paul Dunbar Lewis 3                  John Ross Rapson 4                     Andrew Bernard Wollner 2
     Corinne Michelle Lint 2              Edward Bichsel Ricard 2                John Dwight Woolsey 3
     Eva Anneliese Lymenstull 3           Kelly Ruth Ritter 5                    Elizabeth Alastair Wright 3
     Eric Joseph Maier 3                  Matthew Leonard Rose 2                 Margaret Hongyi Yi 4
     Anne Marie Markt 4                   Claire M. Ryan 2                       Samuel Elliot Zerin 2

     SCHOOL          OF    NURSING
                                          University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

     Lindsay L. Aho, B.S.N. 3             Christopher Kenneth Gargala 3          Erin Marie Migda, B.S.N., A.B. 6
     Katrina Nichole Allen 2              Megan Elise Gdowski 5                  Mary McCabe Miller 2
     Allison Kate Anderson 2              Nicole Christine Genrich, B.S.,        Amy Lauren Montes 3
     Julianne Elizabeth Armijo 3             B.S.N. 3                            Jennifer Day Musbach 4
     Christopher Joshua Aten 6            Andrea Marie Godfrey, B.S., B.S.N. 7   Courtney Elizabeth Norman 4
     Meredith Lynn Bajor 3                Michele Lynn Grabow 2                  Monica Adelaide Przebienda, B.S. 2
     Jennifer Lynn Ballough, B.S.N. 2     Taylor Anne Griglak 5                  Ellen Tierney Racklyeft 2
     Bridget Kathryn Belvitch 3           Emily Kate Halpern 3                   Kaitlyn Rose Radius 3
     Kathleen Ann Benson 2                Katherine Hershey, B.S., B.S.N. 3      Laura Elizabeth Randall 4
     Dawn Michele Berends, B.S.N. 3       Lauryn Barbara Hildensperger 3         Sarah Renee Reits 2
     Courtney Renee Bernier 2             Audry Lynn Hill, B.S.N., A.B. 4        Emma Mae Rew 2
     Julie Marie Bluhm 2                  Danielle Marie Hiltz 3                 Annemarie Renee Rozwadowski 3
     Megan Marie Bouwhuis, B.S.N. 3       Rachael Marie Hollern 3                Nicole Marie Ruhlman 6
     Dayna Marie Brooks 3                 Ashley Mae Howard 4                    Leslie Marie Russell 2
     Christine Marie Brouillard 3         Nathaniel Ryan Hunt 2                  Kimberly Carol Schmidt 2
     Ann Elizabeth Cassel 2               Jaclyn Elizabeth Janks 4               Erin Leigh Schroeder, B.S.N. 2
     Jeffrey Allen Chiambretti 3          Jessica Lynn Kehbein 2                 Katharine See, B.S.N. 2
     Stephanie Jane Clapham 3             Caitlyn Christine Kochanski 3          Teresa Rose Semaan 4
     Kathryn Elisabeth Clark 3            Wyatt Alexander Kopka 2                Nikki Shea 2
     James W. Conway 2                    Sarah Ann Kovats 4                     Anneke Marie Stadt 4
     Christina Lynn Cook 2                Kristin Renee Landsiedel 2             Stephanie Marie Steigleder 3
     Erin Katherine Coughlin, B.S.N. 4    Kelly Francy Leja 4                    Miranda Rae Stoddard 5
     Kelly Joan Courtney 4                Vanessa Rae Lelli 3                    Sarah Soroosh Vandergoot, B.S.,
     Andrea Michelle Deline, B.S.,        Cara Cecile Leonard, B.S. 2               B.S.N. 4
        B.S.N. 5                          Destiny Marie Lewis 2                  Kirstyn Elizabeth Wade 3
     Genevieve Caitlin Strader Donnell,   Elsa Rose Lindquist 3                  Betsy Leigh Warners 3
        A.B. 2                            Suzanne Marie Loeb, B.S.N. 3           Rochelle Renee Weller 3
     Kathleen Lynn Donnelly 6             Amanda Kathleen MacDonald 7            Jennifer Judith Werden, B.S.N. 2
     Thomas John Donnelly 3               Joelle Lyn Marineau 4                  Elizabeth Anne White 3
     Jennifer Gladis El Aile 2            Andrea Lee Masser 3                    Natalie Claire Wierenga 2
     Kathy Marie Feig 3                   Mary Genevieve Mathews 2               Kimberly Michelle Wilke 3
     Erin E. Flatley, B.S.N., A.B. 2      Nora O’Reilly Maynard 2                Karen Elizabeth Wingrove, B.S.N. 3
     Christine Elizabeth Fleck 4          Lauren Christine McBride 3             Amy Elizabeth Wright, B.S., B.S.N. 3
     Aileen Catherine Franchi, B.S.N. 3   Emily Kaye McCallister 4               Jessica Nicole Zmierski 3
     Lauren Ashleigh Frawley 4            Angela Kaye McCracken 3                Ross Alan Zoet 2
     Amanda Leigh Garcia 2

                                    University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Newaj M. Abdullah 3                 Mollie Ann Kempa 2                Elizabeth Anne Sauter 2
Nina Michelle Cimino 3              Gregory Mark Kwiatkowski 7        Alexander Turin 3
Zhe Han, B.S. 4                     Angela Sarah Loo 5                Eric Yuqi Zhao 3
Katherine Anne Hawkins 3            Brian Michael O’Keefe 2

G E R A L D R. F O R D S C H O O L          OF     PUBLIC POLICY
                                    University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Nicholas Assanis 2                  Jonathan Yoel Newman 3            Irine Alexandra Sorser 3
Kurt William Baumgarten 2           Lesley Helen Plimpton 5           Gregory James Sunstrum 2
Hannah Dillon Clark 3               Rochelle-Leigh Joy Rosenberg 5    Sonya Nina Suter 3
Ben Chaim Feingold 2                Nina Kathryn Ryan 2               Ashley Allen Weech 2
Danielle Kara Liffmann 2            Kelly Nicole Sampson 2            Angela Jean Wyse 5
Michelle Sarah Liszt 2              Nathan Andrew Field Sandals 3     Erica Anna Zviklin 3
Adam Jeffrey Mesirow 2

COLLEGE         OF    A RT S , S C I E N C E S ,   AND     LETTERS
                                    University of Michigan — Dearborn
Joshua Thomas Arsenault 2           Julie E. Johnson 3                Heather N. Piotrowski 2
Faten K. Awada 3                    Zina Karana 2                     Thomas Reed Quartz 2
Naro Ara Babaian 2                  Kamal Mohamed Ayed Kassem 2       Lauren A. Reed 4
Amanda C. Barbosa 2                 Aray Koishymanova 5               Mohamed Mahdi Rezik, B.S. 4
Michelle Catherine Beddow 4         Christian Koltonski 3             Emily Rose Rodrique 3
Abeer A. Berry, B.S. 6              Gieric Pogado Laput 3             Mark Allen Rossi 3
Sara E. Brady 4                     Noela Leka 3                      Sobia Sadiq, B.S. 3
Nauman A. Chaudhry 2                Christen Marie Lesko, A.B. 2      Eman Hasan Salameh 2
Mariam Chokr, A.B. 3                Lisa Rose Lewandowski 3           Emily Anne Shafer 3
Laura Rachel Clubb, A.B. 2          Yuan-Nung Tony Lin, B.S. 8        Nurdaulet Sharenov 3
Amanda Elizabeth Coleman 2          Ariel R. Lossing 3                Carrie M. Smith 2
Katelyn Marie Dezsi 3               James Lewis Mackenzie, A.B. 2     Kristy Marie Thomas 2
Michael Benjamin Doman 2            Mohamed Allie Macki 3             Amy Marie Topolewski 5
Timothy A. Doman 4                  Lindsay Ann Marciniec 3           Jonathan Robert Trevarthen 4
Carrie B. Dragicevic 2              Kyrsten Elizabeth Marks, A.B. 2   Nausheen Khalid Virk, B.S. 2
Michael Hassan El-Zein 2            Chelsea Marie McCune 2            Melanie E. Vreeland 2
Adam Mohamed Fahs 4                 Matthew James Neale, A.B. 5       Rachel Catherine Wallen 4
Paula Silvana Fecay, A.B. 2         Bradley Joseph Norat 3            Rebecca Marie Wilczak 4
Michael A. Fritz 3                  Meaghan Lynn Ograyensek 2         Tom Christopher Wille 3
Megan Frances Gross 5               Emily Frances Patterson, A.B. 3   Anna Sophia Williams 3
Summar Habib Habhab 2               Brennan George Pearson, A.B. 6    Firas Yaldo 2
Zeinab Hassan Hashem 2              Nicholas B. Pedersen 2            Summer Marie Zwarun 2

SCHOOL         OF    E D U C AT I O N
                                    University of Michigan — Dearborn
Stephanie Joy Brown 2               Jordan Giordano 2                 Sarah Marie Lafata, A.B. 2
Danielle Marie Camardese 4          Todd Michael Kolpasky 2           Amy T. Szymaszek 2
Lisa Marija Geldys 2                Laurie Beth Kujala 2              Danielle R. Temple, A.B. 2

     COLLEGE          OF     ENGINEERING           AND      COMPUTER SCIENCE
                                          University of Michigan — Dearborn
     Dmitriy Ansolis 5                   David Andrew Lawrenchuk 6         Nasser Saleh Shuaibi 2
     Daniel Adam Bowden 2                Craig Louis Lytle, B.S.E.E.E. 7   Michael Stephen Sylvester 2
     Kushal Gargesh 6                    Edward James Malinowski 2         Robert Andrew Towne 3
     Anthony T. Gutierrez 3              Ryan B. Mazur 2                   Jessica Lee Turner 5
     Andrew M. Hagen 3                   Lucian Popa 4                     Diego Vela 2
     Matthew Ernest Hartzel 2            Emily Renee Sharpe 2              Lindsay Marie Yaros 3
     Neil William Krzyske 2

     SCHOOL          OF     MANAGEMENT
                                          University of Michigan — Dearborn
     Bradley Michael Brennan 2           Michael Thomas Guerreso 3         Theresa Marie Meissner 3
     Jessica Marie Broughton 3           Jennifer Carol Halter 2           James J. Sovinsky 2
     Kimberly Anne Doherty 3             Kristina Karaboyas 2              Kevin M. Welch 4
     Michelle Erin Ellison 2             Matthew Ryan Keigher 4            Brian Andrew Williams 2
     Elena Gorbonosov 5

     COLLEGE           OF    A RT S   AND      SCIENCES
                                          University of Michigan — Flint

     Backer M. Abdu 2                    Audrey R. Glubzinski 2            Katie A. Schott 5
     Iman Abdulrazzak 2                  Laura L. Gonzalez 6               Kari A. Seitz 2
     Trisiani Affandi 2                  Random T. Gwinn 3                 Natalie R. Sevick 2
     Amir A. Al-Dabagh 8                 Benjamin J. Hart 3                Ayla B. Shaner 6
     Rana A. Al-Dabagh 6                 Katina G. Kapellas 2              Desiree L. Sharland 4
     William P. Arthur 2                 Anna D. Kashkanova 2              Ryan M. Sheick, B.S. 2
     Melissa M. Babcock 2                Nezar Khatib 2                    Sheila M. Starks, B.S. 5
     Kristina K. Badr, B.S. 2            Patric T. Knecht 2                Matthew J. Sternemann 2
     Paul F. Bermudez 2                  Melissa A. Leemhuis 3             Pratyusha Tantravahi, B.S. 2
     Bart A. Burger 2                    Christina A. Mathew 2             Leila Tarakji 2
     Kaili S. Burgess 2                  Virginia F. McKenna 2             Celeste J. Thornburg 6
     Lauren A. Buswell 4                 Allen W. Mortimer, B.S. 2         Taylor M. Thurston 3
     Todd M. Butler 2                    Eric A. Pitts 2                   Hanna E. Vecsernyes, B.A. 4
     Aaron T. Coffield, B.A. 2           Sarah J. Pugsley 4                Jennifer L. Ware 4
     Randy C. Conrad 3                   Mariam A. Qureshi 8               Patrick A. Wegman 2
     Kristen T. Drier 2                  Charla R. Randall 3               Brian D. Wice, B.A. 8
     Valerie S. Forsyth 2                Shannon E. Robbins 4              Brendan L. Yonke, B.S. 2
     Andrew B. Franklin, B.S. 3          Christina S. Salib 2              Jacqueline M. Zerka, B.A. 5
     Colleen H. Giddings 2

     SCHOOL          OF     E D U C AT I O N   AND     H U M A N S E RV I C E S
                                          University of Michigan — Flint
     Ashley J. Backus, B.S. 3            Rachel L. Peery, B.S. 2           Kristin M. Shields 3
     Rosalind M. Butcher 2               Rachel A. Renner, B.S. 2          Jennie A. Sola 2
     Joshua A. Cusenza, B.S. 3           Violet A. Sabo 3                  Michael A. Thomas 3
     Wendy L. Linder 3                   Rochelle R. Sansom 3              Nicole P. Vogel 4
     Hope E. Niles 3                     Dominique M. Schwerin 2           Douglas M. Wilson, B.S. 2
     Emily K. Pedrotti 2                 Larisa O. Serbina 2               Brianne D. Wolfe 2

SCHOOL          OF    H E A LT H P RO F E S S I O N S      AND     STUDIES
                                    University of Michigan — Flint
Brett S. Bowers 4                   Colleen L. Knecht 2                Nikki M. Soper, B.S.N. 2
Scott R. DeLange, B.S. 2            Erin S. Luchenbill, B.S.N. 2       Katherine A. TenHuisen, B.S. 2
Danielle A. Dobrot 2                Stacy M. Luttrell 4                Casey L. Welch, B.S.N. 3
Maureen A. Foster, B.S. 3           Helen S. Mangett 2                 Sarah K. White 3
Sheila B. Hare 2                    Stephanie R. Mantey 5

                                    University of Michigan — Flint

Ellyn A. Ackerman 2                 Casey L. Bodenmiller 2             Steven C. Mao 2
Remo Antoniolli 2                   Harsha B. Dhammanagi 2             Elizabeth A. Refice 4
Amber M. Beard 6                    Roy L. Kaspar 3                    Erica L. Thompson 2
Daniel R. Bessolo, B.B.A. 3         Joo Yeup Lee 2                     Melissa J. Turner 2

                                     UNIVERSITY HONORS
                                     The University Honors designation is awarded to students who earned
                                     a 3.5 grade point average or higher during a term. The student must
                                     have taken a minimum of 14 credit hours during the term, including
                                     at least 12 graded credits.

A. A L F R E D T A U B M A N C O L L E G E O F
                                     University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Nicole Marie Allen, B.S.             Ryan P. Giles                      Lindsey Morris May
Joshua Aaron Appleman                Brooke Kowal Goodman               Andrew Scott McGee, B.S., A.B.
Dana Morgan Arnold                   Erica Mae Gordy                    Andrew Robert McIntyre, B.S.
Stephanie Therese Austin             Donald Corey Hickman, Jr.          Natasha Lea Nosic, B.S.
Danielle Beaulieu                    Ayesha Noor Husain                 Sarah Ann Nowaczyk
Susan Marie Bopp                     Ali Iftikhar                       Brendan Hogan O’Donnell
Johanna Brandt                       Grant Alexander Jeffries, B.S.     James Robert Rund
Timothy Joseph Brock                 Michael James Jen, B.S.            Karl Andrew Schmeck, B.S.
Adrienne Eve Buccella                John Natwick Johnston              Luke Mueller Semo
Jessica Anne Buck                    Monica Jun                         Sarah Elizabeth Sharp
Michael Patrick Burton               Anna Elaine Kindt, B.S.            Jinmu David Staddon
Sophia Shefan Chang                  Joshua Robert Klevorn              Maria Dmitrievna Sviridova
Robin Chhabra, B.S.                  Leah Kristine Knight               Ho Man Ting
Alice Lee Cloud                      Maynard Hayden Leon                Jennie Lynn Tolfa
Adam Vincent Constantino, B.S.       Kayla Marie Lim                    William Patrick Wilson, B.S.
Richard John Cosgrove                Kitty Nga Ting Lo                  Amanda Louise Winn
Alexander Jon DeGraaf, B.S.          Amy Lynne Maresko                  Elizabeth Reed Yarina
Stephanie Kay Fitton                 Jessica Lynn Mattson               Andrew Theodore Zyrowski
Juliana Townsend Fulton

SCHOOL          OF     A RT    AND   DESIGN
                                     University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Hind Abdul-Jabbar                    Carly Beth Grafstein               Kavita Lokchander
Allison Marie Apprill                Courtney Elizabeth Graham          Jason Matthew Mahakian
Lindsay Ann Bienick                  Elizabeth Marie Guilmet, B.F.A.    Ariel Leah Markowitz
Maxwell Miles Brake                  Matthew Gordon Hallock             Leah Katherine Mckay
Kinsey Marie Brock                   Samuel Adams Hanson                Taylor McKenzie-Veal
Sharon Brzezinski                    Kate Sara Hariton, B.F.A.          Cassandra Nicole McQuater
Sara Elizabeth Burke, B.F.A.         Eric Michael Harman                Dayna Brooke Menken, B.F.A.
Richard Kent Caldwell                Elizabeth Diane Hazle, B.F.A.      Courtney Alice Michalik
Allison Casey Carron                 Anna Hutton Henrickson             Emily Elizabeth Milton, B.F.A.
Laura Anne Cavanagh                  Autumn Fawn Hernandez              Michelle Janine Miron, B.F.A.
Margaret Lin Chen                    Karen Alyse Hoenke, B.F.A.         Erin Virginia Murray
James Loren Christian                Meredith Leigh Hoffman             Yoshinao Nakano, B.F.A.
Meredith Leah Cole                   Christine Marie Hucal              Emma Margaret Whittingham Neill
Melanie Mirdell Conn                 Allison Jane Isenberg              Nikeisha Antonette Nelson
Elizabeth Anne Cordes                Rose Alice Jaffe                   Yonit Hannah Cohen Olshan
Mary Elizabeth Crylen                Adalaide Emma Johnson              Michelle Kristine Panars, B.F.A.
Katharine Patricia Drake             Jung-Soon Kim, B.F.A.              Laura Marie Pazuchowski
Alex Christopher Friend              Katharine Mariah Kuehl             Elisabeth Marjorie Peters
Jessica Nicole Garfinkel             Tiffany Sue Lambert                Kelsey Anne Peters
Blake Roger Goble                    Andrea Junghyun Lee                Sara Rachel Radin
Clio Gena Goldsmith                  Jue Li, B.F.A.                     June Kou Saito                     31
     Anna Raye Schaap                       Lauren Salemme Sopher               Catherine Amber Weatherly
     Eleanor Louise Schmitt                 Rebecca Lynn Straub, B.F.A.         Jennifer Lucille Weber
     Jennifer Aileen Scroggins              Hattie Elizabeth Stroud             Laura Margaret Wilson
     Kaitlin Elizabeth Shulman              Sarah Allegra Torres                Naomi Ann Zaslow, B.F.A.
     Kari Beth Silbergleit                  Katherine Elizabeth Trent           Jordan David Zielke
     Christian Charles Snyder               Sepideh Vahidi

     S T E P H E N M. R O S S S C H O O L             OF    BUSINESS
                                            University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
     Matt Aaronson                          Devin Andrew Chasanoff              Erin Joan Fogarty
     Ben Richard Abrams                     Chonglei Chen                       Kelvin Chiwey Fong
     Kenneth Heindrick Acuna                Erfang Chen                         Timothy Michael Fornero
     Angela Marie Adamczyk                  Juliet Sea Chen                     Madeline Kay Forslund, B.B.A.
     Colleen Elizabeth Adamczyk, B.B.A.     Lily Chen                           Sarah Elizabeth Fowlkes
     David Maykuth Adams                    Mike Haixin Chen, B.B.A.            David Aaron Franklin, B.B.A.
     Deepak Das Adappa, B.B.A.              Patrick Chen                        Alexander John Franz
     Katherine Elizabeth Alberti, B.B.A.    Wei Hua Chen                        John Michael Fryback
     Karlin Welyana Albindo, B.B.A., A.B.   Mengyao Cheng                       Ruth Yuanyuan Gao
     Brian Matthew Aledort                  Daniel Yao-Loong Cheung             Stephen Russell Gee, B.B.A.
     Tai Cosmos Aliya                       Kimberly Mun Cheung                 Chad John Gerencer, B.B.A.
     Reem Ayad Al-Katib                     Jenny Chin Yu Chiu                  Ian John Gilbertson, B.B.A.
     Zain Iqbal Allarakhia                  Nina Chng                           Ben Joseph Glaze
     Anthony James Amaya, B.B.A.            Jane Young Cho, B.B.A.              Eric L. Glyck
     Patrick Richardson Armstrong, B.B.A.   Penn W. Chou                        Ajit Madhav Gogawale, B.B.A.
     Manpal Singh Arora                     William Chu                         Melissa Dale Goldberg
     Matthew Steven Asperheim               Hannah Chung                        Daniel Johan Robert Gottlander
     Erin Luden Bailey, B.B.A.              Joshua Michael Cipkala-Gaffin       Blake K. Gower
     Kate Michelle Balbirer                 Michael Adam Coden                  Kimberly Ann Grabow, B.B.A.
     Diane D. Bao                           Katherine Ann Cohen                 Nicole M. Granadier
     Xiaochong Bao, B.B.A., A.B.            Philip Michael Comerford III        Adrienne Elizabeth Green
     Wynne Ann Barry, B.B.A.                Kaylin Elizabeth Connors            Alexander Gribov
     Gary Igor Basin                        Charlie Jo Cook, B.B.A.             Mandi Carin Gross
     Andrew James Baum, B.B.A.              James Edward Cooper                 Bruna Silva Guimaraes
     Jenna Christie Becsey                  Michael Jenkins Cromwell, B.B.A.,   Stanley Virginius Gunawan
     Kimberly Ann Bell                         A.B.                             Michael Haoming Guo
     Herschel Lewis Bender                  Marissa Sydney Dangovian            Ankit Gupta
     Spencer Charles Bentley                Amanda Christine Darish, B.B.A.     Sumit Gupta
     Andrew Alexander Berriz                Jackson Carroll Dart                Holly Susan Gwizdz
     Dana Renee Beuschel                    Elliott Mitchell Darvish            Drew Charles Hallett
     Natalie Renee Bihun                    Agustina Maria de Majo              Daniel Joseph Hanak
     Daniel Alim Bilen                      Gina Michele De Silva               Ashley Elizabeth Hardin
     Gabriel Altay Bilen                    Christina Regina Elisa De Simone    Taimur Hassan
     Jake Schwartz Billmeyer                Danya Rajiv Dhanak                  Matthew Haven, B.B.A.
     James William Birney                   Samuel James Ditter                 Jack Alexander Herman, B.B.A.
     Adam Noah Blanck                       Eric Ronald Doolittle               Andrew Thomas Hermatz
     Bryan Matthew Blum                     Brian David Dora, B.B.A.            Catherine Rose Herzog
     Eric William Brackmann, B.B.A.         Eric Howard Dresner                 Ryan Edward Hill
     Jennifer Lynne Brennan, B.B.A.         Orly Leah Drucker                   Laura Amy Himmelstein, B.B.A.
     Alyson Carly Brock                     Tanvi Naren Dudhela                 Robert Mark Hogle, Jr.
     Zachary Peter Bugosh                   Stephanie Rose Elder                Colleen Marie Holden
     Kalia Jenee Bush, B.B.A.               Sebastian Andreas Eleftheriou       Daniel James Hom, B.B.A.
     Dustin Bryan Cairo                     Ousama Mohamad Elsaadi              Stanley Zhong Ming Hou
     Lauren J. Caisman                      Blake David Emerson, B.B.A.         Helen Chain-Yin Hsu, B.B.A.
     Amy Kathryn Caldwell                   Jamie Melissa Epstein               Jason Hsu
     Gregory Douglas Caplan                 Dana Brenne Erf, B.B.A.             Tiffany Ann Hsueh
     David Robert Carey                     Martin John Eriks                   Kuan-Hua Huang, B.B.A.
     Brian Andrew Carlin                    Martha Elyse Everett                Siew Ellen Hudson, B.B.A.
     Joseph Penn Carliner                   Jeffrey Joseph Feigenbaum           Pritish Iyer
     Jessica Lauren Carlson                 Brandon Christopher Fellows         Patrick Stephen Jackson
     Cynthia Guan Ying Chan                 Jacqueline Carol Fish               Adam Talan Jacob, B.B.A.
     Peter B. Chan                          Brian Thomas Flaherty               Genie Suzanne Jacobs, B.B.A.
32   Wenbo Chang, B.B.A.                    Corey D. Flood                      Jeffrey Ryan Jacobs
Ansh Jain                           Maureen Lohanata                       Samuel Kahn Pessin
Stephen Everett Janos               Michael Joseph Lysaght                 Julian Ross Pittleman
Michael Li Jiao                     Robert Samuel Madorsky                 Sarah Kitian Poon
Craig A. Johnson                    Kunal Mahajan                          Morgan Lee Price
Paul Michael Allen Johnson, B.S.,   Chiu Ling Mai, B.B.A.                  Kevin James Prior
  B.B.A.                            Anna Frances Malecke                   Nabeel Qadri
Anna Catherine Jones                Kellen Craig Malstrom                  Lee Michael Quackenbush
Danelle YuJin Jung                  Shreyance Manhar Mandaliya             Kristin Marie Quinn
Michael Jung                        David M. Mandell, B.B.A.               Alexandra Mia Rabman
Robert James Kalsow-Ramos, B.B.A.   Andrew Douglas Mansfield               Suneal Kanamarlapudi Rao
Min-Ji Kang                         Matko Maravic, B.B.A.                  Kathleen Corinne Reaume
Jennifer Traci Kaplan               Jonathan Michael Marks                 Jacob Michael Reed, B.B.A.
Matthew Wayne Kaplan, B.B.A.        Joseph Paul Marshall                   Lindsay Emily Reiss
Alexander August Kaulins            Jennifer Marie Martinec                Alexander Benjamin Rich
Shuying Ke                          Rishi Marwaha                          Steven William Richards
Jennifer Ann Kensok, B.B.A.         Matthew James McDonald                 Bridget Marie Riehle
Gregory Eric Kent                   Kristin Elizabeth McMillin             John Dan Rochow
Andrew Robert Kenzie, B.B.A.        Dimitry Medvedev                       Alexander Vincent Roehling, B.B.A.
Diana Wing-Kay Keung                Michael Besobrasow Melnitzky,          Daniel Ross Rohlman, B.B.A.
A. Julian Singh B. Khaira, B.B.A.      B.B.A.                              Matthew Gary Romanelli
Adam Alamgir Khan                   Amol Mepani                            Dane Philip Rook, B.B.A.
Daniel McLean Kidle                 Ben Alexander Mercure                  Jonathan Ryan Roselle
Elizabeth Ann Kiefer                Christopher Michael Meszaros           Alex Evan Rosen
Justin Robert Killion               Kenneth Michael Michalzuk              Amanda Rachel Rosenhaus
Hong Jik Kim                        Rebecca Miller                         Amy Megan Rosenthal
Lisa Christine Klein                Keyvan Mirsaeedi-Farahani              Jason Ryan Rosenthal
Matthew John Klein, B.B.A.          Eric Forster Mitchell, B.B.A.          Gregory Michael Rost
Rebecca Ann Kollar                  David Paul Morse                       Jillian Joan Rothman
Janine Marie Korovesis, B.B.A.      Brendan Douglas Motz                   Marina Rubel, B.B.A.
Daniel Alexander Korybalski         Jennifer Jingchu Mu                    Alyssa Emily Ryan
Alyse Marie Kowalick                Haley Marguerite Mullins, B.B.A.       Mary Therese Rzepka
Maciej Adam Kowalski                Nathaniel Na, B.B.A.                   David Herbert Salinger
Daniel Jared Kulick                 Nicole Rani Naidoo                     Paul Michael Sandmair
Ruchika Kumar                       Vilas Nair                             Shilpa Santosh, B.B.A.
Nicholas John Kuneman               Natli Tianna Nalli, B.B.A.             Chanel Christine Sarhan
Alexander Devin Kunkel              David Allen Nanry                      Bony Sayoni Sarkar, B.B.A.
Rachel Bianca Kunz                  Daniel Isaac Newman                    Jacob Owen Scheerhorn
David Shu Wai Kwock                 Ricky Ng                               Lauren Kalchik Scherrer, B.B.A.
Anuj Lal                            Natalie Thu Nguyen                     Michael Lawrence Schiemann
Joshua Paul Lang, B.B.A.            Katherine Grace Nicholl, B.B.A.        Thomas William Schilling II
Martin Anthony LaRouere             Andrew Taehyun Noh, B.B.A.             Stephanie Nicole Schwartz
Matthew Benjamin Lazar              Jason Paul Norinsky                    Allyson Justine Segal
Ailene Laura Lee                    Phillip Michael Obrzut, B.B.A., A.B.   Evan David Seigerman
Amanda Elizabeth Lee                Daniel Patrick O’Connor                Franklin Peter Shaddy
Stephen Hsun-Heng Lee               Khalid Ibrahim Odeh                    Janine Elizabeth Shea
Xiaoyan Grace Lee                   Andrew John O’Donald                   Michael Cameron Shearman, B.B.A.
Mirela Lekic                        Nellwyn Leilani Olson                  Russell Louis Shevins
Mary Elisabeth Lemmer               Marco Antonio Oropeza Gomez            Jason Ian Shilling
Dara W. Leung                       Hailey Regina Orr                      Paul Shotkin
Michael Daniel Leventhal            Kelsey Lee Owens                       Michael Robert Shulman
Jake Brandon Levy                   Jonathan Ramon Padilla-Meza, B.B.A.    Brett Matthew Siegal
Allison Sue Lewis, B.B.A.           Ari Papir                              Ari Isaac Siegel, B.B.A.
Rachel Dora Lewis                   Ankur Ashok Patel                      Shawn Morris Silverman
Steven Richard Lewis                Neil Ashwin Patel                      Ashley Brooke Simmons
Kailun Li                           Nimesh Anant Patel                     Russell John Simon
Daniel Lian                         Sagar Nitin Patel                      Kyle Joseph Sinclair
Evan Cory Lieberman                 Roopak Pati                            Christopher Shane Singh
Manju Lin, B.B.A.                   Robyn Jennifer Paul                    Jai Davinder Singh
Tiffany Hui-Kuan Lin                Michael John Paulsen                   Ritika Singh
Stephen Patrick Lindberg, B.B.A.    Yezi Peng                              Patrick John Sinicropi, B.B.A.
Paulo Denny Liu                     Logan Perez-Gurri                      Paul Andrew Sinkevics
Stephanie Jong-Shih Liu             Lauren Elizabeth Perrotta              Lisa Ann Smith
San Lo, B.S., B.B.A.                Arthur Peschansky                      Gina Theresa Smurro
     Lauren Beth Soblesky                Brian Maxey Ternes, B.B.A.       Celina Wong
     Arvind Vikram Sohoni                Alyssa Leigh Titche              Elliott Tak On Woo
     Yong Un Son                         Blake Michael Toll               Tara Ann Wright, B.B.A., A.B.
     Xue Song                            Weijia Tong                      Wen Xiao
     Ruben Soto, B.B.A.                  Leslie Wen-Hsien Tse             Alexander Yufeng Xie
     Reid William Spearin, B.B.A.        Christopher Tsoi                 Chen Xu
     Lindsay Sage Specter                Ming Tu                          Connie Yuedi Xu
     Robert Gregory Spence               Cathy Eugenia Twu                Dadong Yan
     Elianna Sara Starr                  Mary Sameera Van Houten          Kelly Yang
     Daniel Jozef Stawiarski             Michael John Vander Roest        Huiwen Samantha Yap
     Jonathan Kurt Steele, B.B.A.        Akshaya Kurian Varghese          Eric Chen-Kwan Yee
     Jessica Marie Stefanko              David Andrew Vennettilli         Grayson James Yee
     Sarah Thurston Stevens              Jack Visutipol                   Kevin Yee
     Kyle Edward Stickley                Nadia Viswanath                  Lina K. Yi
     Brett David Strause                 David Aaron Wald, B.B.A., A.B.   Bernard Yin Lung Yiu, B.S., B.B.A.
     Alexander Moser Stuessy             William Charles Wallander        Gerrit Oliver Yntema
     Tim Sidi Su                         Annie Wang                       Ho Tung Yu
     Grace Suen                          Ellie Jinhua Wang                Ruoda Yuan
     Laura Elizabeth Suh                 Matthew Yifei Wang               Carolyn Amanda Zale
     Edward S. Sul                       Tian Jiao Wang, B.B.A.           Joseph Robert Zatkoff
     Jennifer Karen Sun                  Matthew David Weasen             Amy Nila Zeng
     Li Sun, B.B.A.                      Marc Eric Weinstein              Daniel Ping Zhao
     Mengfei Sun                         Emily Anna Weslosky              Lusa Zhou
     Susi Susanti                        Adrienne Grace West              Chenli Zhu
     Elizabeth Kathryn Sweet             Elizabeth Helen Wetreich         Yuan Qin Zhu
     Adam Peter Swiecicki                Andrew Paul White                Lubin Zhuang
     Choonboon Tan                       Amanda Marie Williams            Sophia Zhuo
     Erica Leanne Tan                    Christopher Bernard Williams     Jacob Ross Zitter
     Nick Tan                            Justin Robert Winiarz            Michael Jay Zuckerman
     Donald Francis Tappan

     SCHOOL          OF    D E N T I S T RY
                                         University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

     Wendy Lynn Geiger, B.S.             Diane Michelle Murray            Michelle Anne Uhlig
     Sarah Anne Hughes                   Jennifer Lynn Myers              Michelle Kathryn Washburn
     Rachel Elizabeth Knorr, B.S.        Victoria Marie Myers

     SCHOOL          OF    E D U C AT I O N
                                         University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

     Stephanie Kae Alexander             Theodore Michael Doukakos        Erik Christopher Heirman
     Victoria Barczynski                 Sarah Elizabeth Drelles          Kay Emi Hong
     Rachel Christen Beagan              Heidi Joanne Dreyfuss            Emily Louise Hudak
     Jennifer Eve Beitner                Lawrence Marshall Dunlap         Danielle Marie Huston
     Kellie Jo Beltinck                  Nichole Hannah Erickson          James Ihn
     Eric Andrew Berschback              Teddi Kristine Ewing             Sheri Jaclyn Jankelovitz
     Brittany Rose Bilek                 Kaitlyn Erin Feeney              Abigail Sarah Johnson
     Brianne Noel Bricker                Shelagh Jane Fehrenbach          Ann Marie Judge
     Colene Hartman Brockman, A.B.Ed.    Margaret Ann Felder              Michelle Karmana
     Chelsea Lee Broughman               Kara Michele Fisher              Eric Joseph Kumbier
     Blaire Catherine Brown              Ashley Elizabeth Fotieo          Audrey Leigh Lampen
     Ryan Daniel Bruder                  Kathryn Jo Fromm                 Angela Marie Lee
     Joel David Bruff                    Emily Elizabeth Gedert           Ann Katherine Leiting
     Kaitlin Elizabeth Carrig            Elijah Francis Gerson            Sandra Beth Liberman
     Heather Marie Chirco                William Eugene Giannone          Libby Anne Luxton
     Ashley Briana Chrumka               Caitlin Chirstine Gottlieb       Erin Yvonne Lyons
     Lisa Marie Clinton                  Amanda Lyn Grear                 Carlye Meredith Malcolm
     Kerry Lynn Collins                  Megan Marie Gregory              Theresa Michelle Martin
     Bradford David Coyle                Amanda Christine Gunther         Megan Sue Mattson
34   Nicole Paige Dembinski              Jessica Lynn Halsey              Megan Vanessa McCall
Mark Andrew McEwan                      Matthew Todd Peven                    Rebecca Jane Stolow
Maryclaire Micallef                     Stuart Glen Quackenbush, A.B.Ed.      Meranda Louise Stuart
Kristin Susan Mikula, A.B.Ed.           Laura Lee Raubacher                   Casey Lynn Thelen
Andrea Marie Moehle                     Alexandra Marie Rhodes                Katie Marie Tuson
Jillian Peterson Mortimer               Lauren Elizabeth Richardson           Megan Elizabeth Umstead
Haley Lauren Murdock                    Kathryn Jean Rolph                    Marly Marie Van Huis
Ashlei Ernestine Neely                  Sarah Maria Ruiz                      Tad Ashby VandenBrink
Michael Ryan Newberry, A.B.Ed.          Mallory Rose Schueller                Russell Jay VanDommelen
Michelle Marie Opfermann, A.B.Ed.       Katelynn Rose Seibel                  Danielle Erin Vostrizansky
Eric Robert Ortbal                      Kathleen Marie Sharkey                Jillianne Melissa Whitfield
Devin Bridget Palmer                    Janice Elizabeth Snodgrass            Erin Leigh Wilson
Jennifer Marie Patterson                Jacklyn May Somers

                                        University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Arthur Adisusanto                       Marco Antonio Bartolomei              Lauren Renee Bridge
Andrew Pascalis Adjiputro               Justin Alexander Bass                 Benjamin Joseph Brierty
Katherine Lynne Adler, B.S.E.Ch E       Kathryn Anne Bateman                  Rebecca Lynn Britten
Tanmay Aggarwal, B.S.E.B.E.             Cameron Russell Bates                 Irene Marie Brockman, B.S.E.Ch E
Ryan Agustino                           Jonathan Louis Bauer                  Ross Benjamin Broms
Sharif Shakeeb Alam, B.S.E.Elec         Matthew Alan Baumgartner,             Joel David Brooks
Alberto Alfaro                             B.S.E.Ch E                         Jarrod Charles Brown
Steven Goble Allen, B.S.E.B.E.          Nicholas Ryan Beaty                   Jeremy DeLaine Brown, B.S.E.Mech
Brian Kendell Alpert                    Andrew Joseph Beck                    Nathan Alexander Brown
Ali Abdulsalam Al-Shoaibi, B.S.E.B.E.   Daniel Becker                         Jeremy Alexander Brownie
Kyle Marcus Anderson, B.S.E.Mech        Kristina Behrens, B.S.E.I.O.          Daniel Adam Bruce
Timothy Robert Angeli, B.S.E.B.E.       Laura Janell Bell                     Eric John Brunning
Aysha Ansari                            Christopher Kenneth Bellant           Kelly Erin Bryan, B.S.E.Mech
Philip Anthony Anselmino,               Joseph Thomas Belter, B.S.E.Mech      Udayan Bubna
   B.S.E.Aero                           Nathan Dirk Bennett                   Fred Burton Buchanan
Tamir Arbel                             Michael Jonathan Berger, B.S.E.Ch E   Ian Edward Bucrek
Nibal M. Arzouni, B.S.E.Elec            Justin Douglas Beroz                  Colleen Lauren Budd
Anthony Richard Atto                    Stephanie Ann Berry, B.S.E.B.E.       John Bergren Budorick
Mark Christian Ausborn                  Daniel David Best                     Alan Marshall Buehne
Bhargav Ramana Avasarala, B.S.E.Elec    Katelyn Anne Bevier                   Todd Anthony Bueschen
Jessica Lynn Avery                      Sidharth Bhandari                     Jordan Thomas Burnie
Hassan Kassem Awada                     Anand Nageswaran Bharath              Joshua Eugene Busch
Ana Luisa Ayau                          Pratik Punit Bhargav                  Jared Samuel Buzo
Amir Azer, B.S.E.I.O., B.S.E.Elec       Andrew Steven Bialor                  Matthew A. Byrne
Christopher E. Babuska, B.S.E.C.S.      Ari S. Biederman                      Marc Andrew Calabrese, B.S.E.Elec
Nicholas Aaron Bachmann,                Theresa Elizabeth Biehle              Benjamin K. Caleca
   B.S.E.NERS                           David Lee Bilby                       Christopher Folz Callahan
Erin Elizabeth Bachynski                Lisa Kay Birrell, B.S.E.B.E.          Brad Campbell
Abbas Ali Bader                         Mazin Manaf Biviji                    Ian James Kenneth Campbell
Bryan Bagnall, B.S.E.Elec               Christopher Mark Bivins               Keqin Cao, B.S.E.Mech
Brooke Lynne Bailey                     Kelert Bizbiqi, B.S.E.Aero            Jonathan Edward Carender
Austin Colbert Baker, B.S.E.C.S.        Adriana Blazeski                      Clinton Pierce Carlson
Guha Balakrishnan                       David Michael Boehmer                 Ryan Christopher Carnago,
Justin R. Ball                          Shane Michael Boehner                    B.S.E.Mech
Kristopher David Ball                   Ben Bernard Boerema                   Claire Katharine Carpenter,
Erik Matthew Barbara                    Calvin James Boerigter                   B.S.E.Civ, B.S.E.Mech
Thomas Michael Barch, B.S.E.Elec        Liz Boettner                          Allan Joseph Carter
Adam Shane Barnett, B.S.E.Elec          Abram Axel Booth                      Temperance Louise Carter
Brandon Robert Barnett, B.S.E.I.O.      Maxwell Harpfer Booth, B.S.E.I.O.     Steve Peter Cavnar
Ross Wegner Barnowski                   Mark Joseph Borden, B.S.E.Comp        Robert Anthony Cerato
Dave J. Baron, B.S.E.Mech               Jason Paul Bornhorst                  Jerald Chong Weng Chan,
Jenna Marie Barr, B.S.E.Mech            Yvan Anders Boucher, B.S.E.NERS          B.S.E.Comp
Jonathan Grant Barr                     Katherine Louise Bouman               Jeremy Chuan Weng Chan,
Luis Armando Barrera, B.S.E.I.O.        Jordan Michael Bradley                   B.S.E.I.O.
Scott Michael Bartkowiak                James Gerald Thomas Bradshaw          Jimmy Chan
Alexander Paul Bartlett                 Ramsay Lynn Brasza                    Lawrence Chi Chung Chan
     Aristo Brooks Chang                    Stephen Frederick Decker, B.S.E.C.S.   Katie Jayne Feldt, B.S.E.Ch E
     Margaret Chang                         Jennifer Caitlin DeHart                Jeffrey Robert Ferman, B.S.E.C.S.
     Sei-Won Laura Chang                    Aaron Alexander Dehne, B.S.E.M.S.      Haynes Fernando
     Norman Chao, B.S.E.I.O.                Gregory Paul DeJute                    Bruna Gross Ferro
     Alan James Charlton, B.S.E.I.O.        Alyssa Elaine Delke, B.S.E.Ch E        Daniel Kenneth Ficek
     Valerie Jean Chase                     Nathan Alexander Desloover,            Grzegorz Piotr Filip
     Nikhil Chaudhri                           B.S.E.M.S.                          John-Michael Fischer
     Kai-Yin Chen, B.S.E.Elec               Stephen Joseph DeWitt                  Jennifer Rose Flachs, B.S.E.Mech
     Liting Chen                            Inderbir Singh Dhillon                 Lauren N. Fladger
     Minghua Chen, B.S.E.Elec               Tim Benjamin Diamond                   Brittany Anne Flaherty
     Oliver Chih Chen                       Christopher William Diehl,             Anna Patricia Flores, B.S.E.Mech
     Olivia Hai-Wen Chen                       B.S.E.C.S.                          Hailey Noelle Foco
     Stephanie Chen                         Diane Marie DiMusto, B.S.E.I.O.        David Fok
     Zachary Alvin Chen                     Brittany Marie Dixon                   Paul Nicholas Foley
     Zhewei Chen                            Matthew Garrett Dixon, B.S.E.Aero      Eric Steven Foote, B.S.E.Aero
     Andrew Wei Cheng                       Maxwell William Dixon                  Rene Demers Ford, B.S.E.Aero
     Tun-Pin Daniel Cheng                   Mark Andrew Dobbie                     David James Forrest
     Jeffrey John Chenhall                  Halle Kathleen Doenitz                 Julie Ann Foucher
     Kenneth C. Chin                        Jennifer Lynn Dolan, B.S.E.NERS        Tyler Lynn Fowler-Guzzardo
     Yee Chon Chin                          Courtney Jane Doman                    Emilia Marianna Fracz
     Robert Ernest Chlum                    Benjamin Blodgett Don                  Jon Mason Francis
     David Cho                              Ryan Andrew Donald, B.S.E.ESSE         Josselyn Ann Frankiewicz
     Han-Jae Jeremy Cho                     Kiril Assenov Dontchev, B.S.E.Aero     Debra Lorraine Franklin
     Seon Ki Cho, B.S.E.Elec                Charles Henry Dorger III               Matthew Lloyd Frantz
     Seifu John Chonde                      Ryan Garrett Doss, B.S.E.Mech          Scott Gerard Vertz Frendreis,
     Richard Bogdan Choroszucha             Michael Burgess Doud                      B.S.E.Aero
     Aaron Michael Chow                     Christopher Grant Doughty,             Bradley Allen Freyberg
     Paul Josef Chowdhry                       B.S.E.I.O.                          Nicholas Ryan Friedt, B.S.E.Mech
     Evan Dane Christensen                  Caroline Dove                          Timothy M. Fries, B.S.E.Mech
     Alfred Chung                           Jason Nicholas Drake                   Haoyun Fu
     Andrew Soonkee Chung                   Brittany Dawn Drenkow                  Kohei Fujimoto
     Inyong Chung                           Kevin Michael Drumm                    Daniel Humberto Gally, B.S.E.Mech
     Matthew Kaye Chung, B.S.E.Mech         Bryan Isaac D’Souza                    Lennard Gan, B.S.E.Ch E
     Jared Lee Clark                        Weitao Duan                            Rushabh Gandhi
     Nathaniel Evan Clarke                  Nestor Bohdan Dub, B.S.E.Mech,         Rishi Kumar Ganeriwala
     Benjamin James Coffer                     B.S.E.Aero                          Arun Ganesan
     Nicholas Andrew Collins                Mary Kay Dubay                         Payel Gangopadhyay
     Daniel Richard Confer                  Anupinder Singh Dulat                  Xiang Gao
     Zhaori Cong                            Alyson Marie Dunklin, B.S.E.Nav        Emily Garcia
     Eric Francis Congdon                   Olivia Nicole Dunn                     Jennifer Sara Garfinkle
     Sarah Margaret Conkle                  John William Dydo                      Joseph Adam Garland, B.S.E.Aero
     Kevin Christopher Connolly             John Alfred Ebert                      Ryan Joseph Garrone
     Pieter William Cook, B.S.E.M.S.        Eric Norton Eckstein                   Rodrigo Jesus Garza, B.S.E.I.O.
     Nicholas James Corbin                  Chase Alexander Edmonds                Nicholas Antonio Gasperoni,
     Michelle Renee Cote                    Lauren Christine Ehardt                   B.S.E.ESSE
     Adam Thomas Cove                       Charles Eric Eichhorst, B.S.E.Mech     Molli Anne Gerken
     Daniel Bryan Cox                       Kyle Matthew Elmblad                   Adam Patrick Gienapp
     Benjamin Posler Criel, B.S.E.Aero      Amgad Hussam El-Sisi, B.S.E.I.O.       Kathryn Anne Gifford, B.T.A.,
     Martin William Cuddy                   Alfred Che-Wai Eng                        B.S.E.Civ
     Marc Stephen Culkin, B.S.E.Mech        Myra Tiffany Epp, B.S.E.B.E.           Ernest Peter Gillard
     Andrew Kenneth Cunningham              Grace Anne Escamilla                   Eliott Olivier-Helene Gilson
     Kurt Alan Cunningham                   Ryan Heinemann Ethier                  Teresa Elizabeth Glodek, B.S.E.Civ
     Alexandre David Curaudeau              Lindsay Ann Ewing, B.S.E.Aero          Michael Jacobson Glotter
     Christine Elizabeth Curran             Sarah Ang-Sheng Ewing                  Stephen Michael Glynn
     Peter Joseph Curran                    Ali Fadi Fadlallah                     Robert Thomas Goeddel
     Rishi Kumar Daftuar                    Jeffrey Ryan Falta, B.S.E.Ch E         Madhav Arun Goel
     Johann Paul Dahm                       Kathryn Rose Farnum, B.S.E.Civ         Jacob Matthew Goetz, B.S.E.Civ
     Robert Alan Damitz                     Ted William Farrand                    Matthew Wei Chong Goh
     Andrew Martin Danielsky, B.S.E.I.O.    Ian David Faulkner                     John Gabriel Goiri
     Kristen Elizabeth D’Anna, B.S.E.Aero   Ian Charles Faust                      Christopher Sean Goldenstein
     Adam James Davis                       Jacob Edward Faust                     Alex Lee Goldman
     Patrick Fabrizio Davis, B.S.E.Mech     Ariel Faynerman, B.S.E.Elec            Rebeca Gonzalez Carranza, B.S.E.I.O.
     Heather Lynn Dean                      Vladimir Fedorov, B.S.E.Civ            Kirk Joseph Goodman
Mark Sharadin Gordon                  Genevieve Edine Ho                   Tatsuya Kamiya
Alex Arkady Gorodetsky                Jinfa Ho                             Ashley Bradford Kandt, B.S.E.Mech
Walter Federico Graf                  Ren Jie Keith Ho                     Edwin Gene Kang
Cameron Richard Graybeal              Jacob Paul Hoernschemeyer            Danielle Renee Kapala
Elise Antoinette Gregory              Lauren Sharal Hogg, B.S.E.ESSE       Joseph Thomas Karaszewski,
Nicolas James Gregory                 Michael Zachary Hohl, B.S.E.Civ         B.S.E.Elec
Mark David Griffin                    Brian Alan Holcomb                   Ian Douglass Karcher, B.S.E.Aero
Brian Michael Grifka, B.S.E.Elec      Courtenay Mynnette Holscher          Kristen Marie Karczewski
Christopher Douglas Grimm             Benjamin Douglas Homnick             Brittany Leane Kasner
Casey Lynne Griswold, B.S.E.Aero      Steven Siying Hong                   Philip Charles Kates
Hang Gu                               Justin G. Hopkins                    Jessica Lynn Katterheinrich,
Zhe Guan                              Asha Jaya Hosangadi                     B.S.E.Mech
Robert Daniel Guglielmo               Paul Hou                             Miles Childs Kaufmann
Stephanie Anne Guisbert               Nicholas Wayne Hovious               Vidur Kaushish
John Andrew Gulbronson                Bryan Howell                         Erdan Kayupov
Leah Ruth Gussenbauer                 James Xiahao Huang                   Lauren Frances Kemink
William Joseph Hackett                Jinzheng Corwin Huang                Benjamin Philip Kempke
Benjamin Christopher Hagan,           Jui-Ping Huang                       Peter Evan Keros
   B.S.E.Mech                         Mike Xuli Huang                      Jamuna Manavalan Kesavan,
Loutfi Charles Haidous, B.S.E.I.O.    Brian Joseph Hufnagel, B.S.E.Elec       B.S.E.B.E.
Douglas Ryan Hake                     Patrick John Hughes                  Brian Timothy Ketner, B.S.E.Mech
John Wendell Hall                     Alexander James Hunter               Kory Lee Keymer
Karen Patricia Hall, B.S.E.Mech       Trevor Kenneth Hunter                Maaz Khalid
Joseph Edward Ham                     Farhan Shariful Huq, B.S.E.B.E.      Shayaan Siddharth Khanna
David Craig Hamilton, B.S.E.I.O.      Eugene Sang Ho Hwang, B.S.E.Aero     Vikas Arun Khurana
Thomas George Hamilton                Jimmy Sup Hwang                      Faizan Kamal Khuwaja
Emily Clark Hammond                   Micheal J. Ihbe, B.S.E.C.S.          Benjamin John Killmer
Mina Abdulla Hamoodi                  Sarah Ilkhani-Pour                   Gyouho Kim
Michael Ye Han                        Geoffrey Harrison Inch               Heedo Kim
David Richard Hanley                  Darryl Anson Isaacs II, B.S.E.Civ    Hong Yoon Kim
Kaitlin Morrison Hanlon, B.S.E.B.E.   Chukwuka Fitzgerald Isichei          Andrew D. King
Shari Ellen Hannapel, B.S.E.Nav       Ashley Gail Issa                     Benjamin Philip King
Clarence Bloodworth Hanson            Douglas Scott Jacobs                 Kristin Marie King
Erik Christopher Hanson               Spencer Richard Jacobs, B.S.E.Civ    Zachary Andrew King
Calista Marie Harbaugh                Christopher Donald Jaeger            Katelyn Frances Klein
Alexander Ali Harris                  Rahul Jain                           Lindsay Marie Klick, B.S.E.Mech
Quincy James Harrison, B.S.E.Mech     Anjuli Jain Figueroa                 Jason Paul Kloess
Prateek Harsh                         Erik Owen Janitens, B.S.E.Elec       Phil Christopher Knag
Amy Marie Hartwig, B.S.E.C.S.         Karl Matthew Jansen                  Andrew William Kneifel
Adam Hideki Hashimoto                 Steven James Jastrzembowski,         James Michael Knockeart
Megan Lynn Haubert                       B.S.E.Mech                        Hajoon Ko, B.S.E.C.S.
Michael Arman Hausinger               Anna Victoria Jenks                  Jonathan Soon-Yi Ko, B.S.E.I.O.
Jeffrey Allen Hayden                  Tara Grace Jennings                  Jay Aaron Kohler
John Wallace Hayes                    Jongeun Jeon                         Jeremy Paul Kohlitz, B.S.E.Mech
Daniel Tyler Hazlett                  Kunal Anil Jham                      Nathan Christopher Kolderman
Ye He                                 Moye Ji                              William Thomas Kolodzey
Stephen Eric Hecker, B.S.E.Mech       William Yuchen Jiang                 Andrew Robert Koltonow
Joshua McCammon Henderson             Yiwen Jiang                          Adam John Komblevitz, B.S.E.Comp
Mark Alan Hendryx                     Samuel Jen-Sheng Jih                 Seraphina Koordi, B.S.E.I.O.
Serene Li Hui Heng, B.S.E.Aero        Qiyang Jin                           Brian James Kordich
Colin Michael Hepker                  Wisit Jirattigalachote, B.S.E.Mech   Beth Korkuch
Emily Nicole Herbert                  Archis Sudhir Joglekar               Annette Sophia Kosin
Christopher Aswin Hermawi             Aaron William Johnson, B.S.E.Aero    Daniel Bernard Kosinski, B.S.E.Aero
Ramez M. Herrick                      Kelly Irene Johnson                  John Andrew Kotwick
Philip Danforth Hewes                 Payton Claire Johnson                Denise Marie Koueiter
Michael Simpson Heywood               Spencer W. Jolly                     Ryan Matthew Kraft
Jacqueline Lee Hibbard                Kathryn Marie Jorgenson              Lindsay Marie Krall
Adam Vincent Higuera                  Hayeon Jun                           Matthew Robert Kramer
Matthew Sinclair Hilk                 Eui-Min Jung, B.S.E.Elec             Nicholas Jonathan Kramer
Drew Hatch Hill                       Paul Peter Juska                     Michael Paul Krautmann, B.S.E.I.O.
Ramsey Mitchell Hilton                Brian Patrick Justusson              Daniel Charles Krinsky
Vikas Hiremath                        Michael James Kabcenell              Christine Marie Krizmanich
Laura Janine Hirshfield               Robert Samuel Kahn                   Rachael Ann Kroodsma
     Stuart William Krueger                Mary Lin                             Kyle Murray Raymond McDonald
     Michael Joseph Gabriel Krug           Mark Kenneth Lindstrom               Kevin Kroggel McDonough
     Evan Robert Kuite                     Timothy Michael Link                 Terrence Michael McGovern,
     Jayaprakash Santosh Kumar             Kevin Michael Lintjer, B.S.E.Mech       B.S.E.Civ
     Rajen Kumar                           Andrea Marie Litscher, B.S.E.I.O.    Brian Patrick McNally, B.S.E.C.S.
     Gerald Thomas Kummer                  Sean Michael Little, B.S.E.I.O.      Allison Leigh McNamara
     Stephanie Lynn Kuo                    Andrew Michael Litwin, B.S.E.Nav     Jennifer Marie Mehl
     Rebecca Lynne Kurrle                  Yifei Liu, B.S.E.B.E.                Mitali Shreyas Mehta
     Jacky Huang Zheng Kwok                William Robert Lloyd III             Shweta Harshad Mehta
     Michael Joseph Lacny                  Jacky Chun Kong Lo, B.S.E.Comp,      Timothy Chosei Mekaru
     Ryan Thomas Ladomersky, B.S.E.I.O.       B.S.E.Elec                        Dustin David Meldrum
     John Patrick Lafontaine               Adam Jim Lobbestael                  Kevin Daniel Melotti
     Brian Andrew LaFrence                 Ashley Shepherd Logan, B.S.E.I.O.    Regalito Dejesus Menchaca
     Jacob Robert Laginess, B.S.E.Aero     Jun Hui Loh, B.S.E.Elec              Sarah Ann Menchak
     Pui Yeen Lai                          Carlos Ernesto Lopez                 Jeremiah Philip Mergener, B.S.E.I.O.
     Samson Yuxiu Lai                      Adriel Sheng Low                     Tatiana Cherie Merideth
     James Norman Laird II                 Louise Lu                            Robert Snite Mersereau, B.S.E.I.O.
     Wei Jie Vincent Lam                   Michael Phillip Luginbill            Marc Philip Michener
     Douglas Allen Lambert, B.S.E.Mech     Mary Jo Luppino, B.S.E.I.O.          Firas S. Midani
     Justin James Lamy                     Michael James Maas                   Dong Joon Min
     Yihong Lan                            Brian Alan Macfarlane, B.S.E.Elec    Joshua Takashi Miyamoto
     Kevin David Lance                     Kenneth Edward MacGillivray,         Charles Joseph Moceri
     Jessica Ann Langlois                     B.S.E.Aero                        Amol Mehul Mody
     Mark Joseph Lapansie, Jr.             Jeffrey Thomas MacGuidwin            Adam P. Moncznik, B.S.E.Civ
     Kai Ming Lau                          Matthew Thomas MacKinnon,            Paul Leo Moncznik
     Matthew John Lauer                       B.S.E.Aero                        Piljoo Moon
     Robert Andrew Lawrance, B.S.E.I.O.,   Evan George Macy                     Shane Patrick Moore
        B.S.E.Mech                         Christina Ashley Maertens            Maria Isabel Morales
     Jason Ting Le                         Mitchell Lee Magadanz                Kelly Ann Moran, M. Eng.,
     Phil Bao-Quoc Le                      Danielle Jamie Mai                      B.S.E.Aero
     Taylor Alexander Lebeis, B.S.E.Ch E   Katharina Maisel                     Nicholas Anton Moroz, B.S.E.Mech
     Eric Yen-Chiao Lee, B.S.E.Mech        Chaitanya Malla                      Steven Benjamin Morris
     Hyo Jong Lee, B.S.E.Mech              Julian David Mancia                  Brian John Morrison, B.S.E.Aero
     Juwon Lee                             Andrew David Maness                  Jeffrey Moy
     Kevin John Lee, B.S.E.I.O.            Christopher Gilbert Manion           Jason Paul Muccioli
     Michael Z. Lee                        Joshua David Mann                    Christopher Lawrence Muhich
     Qian Yi Lee                           Anthony Paul Mansoor                 Eric Raymond Muir
     Seng Wui Lee                          Thomas David Manville                Brett Thomas Muller, B.S.E.Mech
     Wen Jun Edwin Lee, B.S.E.Elec         Da Mao, B.S.E.M.S.                   Michael Vincent Mullins
     Jacob Benjamin Leedekerken,           Michael Davis Marcantonio            Kazi Mohammad Munabbir,
        B.S.E.I.O.                         James Matthew Marcicki, B.S.E.Mech      B.S.E.Ch E
     Stephen Matthew Leff, B.S.E.I.O.      Daniel Jacob Margul                  Heather Renee Munoz, B.S.E.Civ
     Scott Andrew Leigh                    Anne Dorothy Marinan                 Bernard Michael Murphy
     Dov Bernard Lerman-Sinkoff            Bradley Edward Marrett               David Enoch Murphy
     Katherine Julie Leska                 Tabetha Ann Martel                   Ian Alexander Murphy, B.S.E.Mech
     Andrew Timothy Lesko, B.S.E.M.S.      Dale Robert Martin                   Sean Edward Murphy, B.S.E.Mech
     Seth Gordon Levine                    Mario Jesus Marval III, B.S.E.Elec   Timothy James Murphy, B.S.E.Mech
     Bryan Michael Lewandowski             Justine Jessica Marvin, B.S.E.I.O.   Brandon Vaughn Myers
     Marcus Anthony Lewis                  Kathryn Joy Masi, B.S.E.NERS         Eric Andrew Myers, B.S.E.C.S.
     Sarah Annette Lewis                   Patryk Mastela                       Patrick Stephen Myers
     Andy Kai-Chi Li, B.S.E.Mech, B.S.     Eric Michael Mastria                 Zheng Nan
     Bobby Xi Li, B.S.E.Elec               Peter William Mattes                 Sunil K. Narla
     Kok Cheung Li                         Robert Andrew Mattingly              Meredith Elizabeth Neely, B.S.E.Civ
     Zijia Li                              Kevin James Matzen                   David Rowe Nelson
     David Chia-Wei Liaw, B.S.E.Elec       Christopher Lawrence Maue            Mithun Kotresh Neral
     Monica Grace Lichty, B.S.E.I.O.       Giorgio Emmanuel Mavroleon           Darren Jian Xiang Ng
     Christopher James Lilly               David Sven Maxwell                   Jacob Mong Shen Ng
     Adolphus Shao Mian Lim                Kelley Rhodes Maynard                Jeremy Voon Chow Ng
     Daryl Kah Hian Lim                    Steven Andrew Mazur                  Huy Ngoc Nguyen
     James Jung Lim                        Andrew Daniel McArthur, B.S.E.Aero   George Wei Ni
     Tzia Woon Vivienna Lim                Michael Thompson McCann              Adam David Nicholl, B.S.E.Aero
     Ying Yi Lim                           Steven Leonard McCarty               Candice Marie Nickollof
     Yuan Lin Kevin Lim                    Michael James McCormick              Nathan Douglas Niese, B.S.E.Nav
Sean Shekhar Nimkar                    Dominic Joseph Piro                   Nicholas Paul Roubal
Tsuyoshi Niwa                          Alexandra Blake Plonka, B.S.E.Mech    Brittany Melina Roy
Mark James Noordhoek                   Paul Philip Plucinsky                 Curtis Frederick Rozelle
Bradley Carlton Nordman                Yeh Chuin Poh, B.S.E.Mech             Kathryn Marie Rozwadowski
John Michael Novinski                  Marshall Ellison Poland               Bradley Louis Rubin
Megan Spencer Noyes                    Jane Elizabeth Poling                 Scott Michael Rudkin
Daniel Edward Oakes                    Felix Simon Pomerantz, B.S.E.Elec     Eric Gerard Rudy
Bradley Alan Oatmen                    Sethapatch Pongpasuth                 David George Ruebenson
Amelia Grace Oberlin                   Jian Wei Por, B.S.E.I.O.              Brian James Rumao
John Martin O’Brien                    Jessica Danielle Port                 Jonathan James Rutz
Ilissa Bonnie Ocko, B.S.E.ESSE         Nathan John Porter                    Jasmine Lanette Sadler
Sean M. O’Connor                       Kian Michael Preston-Suni,            Anita Rose Saha
Stephanie Da Costa Ogura                  B.S.E.B.E.                         Frederic Sala
Owen Michael O’Keefe, B.S.E.Aero       Michael Ira Priesand                  Zane Saleh Salim, B.S.E.Comp
Stephen Joseph Oldham                  Michael James Przybylek               Gregory Michael Salvesen
Allison Meredith O’Leary, B.S.E.Civ    Benjamin Gerald Pumplin,              Julia Elizabeth Samorezov
Nicholas Emil Olivier, B.S.E.Elec         B.S.E.Mech                         Abhimanyu Samtani
Andrew Willard Olson                   Andrew Dale Putman                    Kelly Jo Sanderson, B.S.E.M.S.
Amanda Marie Opaskar                   Zheng Qu                              Dheeraj Sanka
Matt Lewis Orians                      Nicholas Campbell Quinnell,           Leslie Anne Savage, B.S.E.Mech
Nicholas S. Orichella                     B.S.E.Comp                         Jason Andrew Schacht
Evan Michael Oswald, B.S.E.ESSE        Carlos Antonio Quintanilla            Nicholas Jay Schaeferle
Jeffrey Michael Otto                   Evan Edward Quisenberry, B.S.E.C.S.   Timothy Braden Schaetzel, B.S.E.I.O.
Tarik Lane Ourchane, B.S.E.Comp        Rebecca Nicole Rabban                 Megan Anne Schaffer
Patricia Marie Pacheco, B.S.E.Mech     Neal Kamal Rakesh                     Kevin Patrick Schalte
Christopher Matthew Palladino          Gokul Ramaswami                       Edward Guinn Schehr
Qing Pan                               David Nicholas Ranney                 George Edward Schick
Juan Andres Panama                     Matthew Daniel Raubinger              Matthew Vernon Schiefer, B.S.E.I.O.
Christopher Rishi Panjwani, M.S.E.,    Sneha Ravi                            Jill Anne Schlechtweg
   B.S.E.B.E.                          Amrita Ray                            Jeffrey Donald Schloemer, B.S.E.Aero
Patrick William Pannuto                Deandre Rapheal Reagins               James Patrick Schmakel, B.S.E.Nav
Chang Woo Park                         Steven James Reddmann                 Timothy Paul Scholand
Hye Rim Park, B.S.E.Aero               Joshua Wayne Redner                   Andrew Timothy Schon
Sammy Ace Park                         Dane Robert Reggia                    Keegan James Schrider
Laura Mary Parker, B.S.E.I.O.          Sean Justin Reimer, B.S.E.I.O.        Braden Howell Schrock
Lindsay Wanink Parker, B.S.E.Aero      Kevan Michael Remick                  Patricia Frances Schuster
Morgan Clinton Parker                  Peter Joseph Reo                      Jonathon Aaron Schwartz
Tyler Hayden Pasch                     Paul Young Rhee                       David Phillip Schwarz, B.S.E.Mech
Benjamin Todd Pascoe                   Robert Karl Rhein, B.S.E.M.S.         Sean Patrick Scobell
Dipal Ghanashyam Patel, B.S.E.I.O.     Emily Jo Rice                         Phillip Jeffery Scott
Karan Kirit Patel, B.S.E.Mech          Douglas Tait Rigterink                Benjamin Lloyd Seavoy
Kunal Ajit Patel                       Jessica Lynn Rilly                    Ian Edward Sebastian
Nikita Suketu Patel                    Michael Ristoski                      Christine Anne Seifert
Matthew C. Patsy, B.S.E.Aero           Ian Matthew Rittersdorf, B.S.E.NERS   Nicholas Morris Seltzer
Zachary Mitchell Patterson             Hyun Chul Ro                          Patrick James Senatore, B.S.E.Aero
Milan Paunovic, B.S.E.Mech             Vincentius Robby, B.S.E.Elec,         Thomas James Serbowicz, B.S.E.Mech
Jeffrey Frederick Peachman                B.S.E.C.S.                         Andrew Joseph Sereno
Kaitlyn Rose Peale                     Walter Stewart Roberts IV             Eduardo Serrano
Alexander Michael Pechette,            Matthew Arnel Robinson                Kaushik Chathapuram Seshan,
   B.S.E.Mech                          Aaron Zachary Rocca                      B.S.E.I.O.
Oleksandr Vadimovich Pedchenko,        Jeffrey Michael Roder, B.S.E.Elec     Christopher Tulip Shah, B.S.E.B.E.
   B.S.E.Mech                          Brett Joseph Rogers, B.S.E.E.P.       Harsh Rohit Shah, B.S.E.B.E.
Shao Ning Pei                          Jeffrey Burton Rogers, B.S.E.C.S.     Guy Shaham, B.S.E.I.O.
Jennifer Esther Perchonok              Byoung H. Roh                         Khuram Shahid
Stephen Michael Perkins, B.S.E.Mech    David Matthew Rolek                   Ibrahim Mustafa Ahmed Shamsi,
Catherine Theresa Perrin, B.S.E.B.E.   Andrew Patrick Rolph                     B.S.E.I.O.
Brett Michael Perry                    Christopher John Rose                 Barry Shang
Thomas Antoni Peter                    Bill Rosemurgy, B.S.E.Nav             William Andrew Sharp II, B.S.E.M.S.
Scott Lauchlin Pfeffer                 Rebecca Lindsay Rosenbaum,            Vitaly Shatkovsky
Carl Robert Pfeiffer                      B.S.E.I.O.                         Stephen Shen, B.S.E.Elec
David Michael Pfeiffer                 Alexander Bengt Rosenberg             Ye Shen
Bradley Joseph Phillips                Anthony Charles Ross                  Ray Long Sheng
Sudeep Pillai, B.S.E.Mech              Christopher Mark Rossi                Anna Jeannette Sheppard
     Luojia Shi                             Michael Paul Tanenbaum, B.S.E.I.O.    Andy Wang, B.S.E.Elec
     Xiaoyu Shi                             Michael Jon Tanis                     Chongyu Wang
     Tejas Chandrashekhar Shikhare          John Harold Taphouse                  Jennifer Wang, B.S.E.I.O.
     Jason Michael Shoemaker                Vlad Dumitru Taralunga, B.S.E.C.S.    Jessica Shar Wang
     Alan Edward Shreve                     Xu Qiang Edwin Tay                    Roy Guoqiang Wang
     Gordon O. Siegfriedt                   Holly Christine Tederington           Shuyu Wang
     Yuhui Sim, B.S.E.Elec                  Ryan Stevenson Teller                 Teresa Wei Wang
     Tyler S. Simonds                       Alfian Teng, B.S.E.Mech               Wei-Tung Wang
     Nirala Singh                           Tracie Kang-Ning Teo                  Veronica Ann Ward
     Ankit Singla, B.S.E.Comp, B.S.E.Elec   Marie Lynn Ternes                     Brittany Meghan Warda, B.S.E.Mech
     Nirmish Singla                         Raj Krishen Thapar                    Alda Wardhana, B.S.E.I.O.
     Evan Taylor Sippel                     Emily Lane Thomas                     Robert Joseph Warren
     Hari Sivakumar                         Erin Menolly Thomas, B.S.E.Elec       Alex Mitchell Was
     Sudarshan Sivaramakrishnan             Julie Marie Tibbitts                  Oneida Ana Watson, B.S.E.Ch E
     Alexander Martin Skopec                Rohan Tilak                           Jasmine Elan Way
     Monika Marta Skowronska,               Randy Pheav Tin                       Huixia Wei
        B.S.E.Mech                          Eser Tireli                           Lai Wei
     Spencer Theodore Slam                  Grace Tjin                            Ryan William Weigold
     Carla Anne Sleeper, B.S.E.I.O.         Ian Scott Tobasco                     Zachary Thomas Weingarden,
     Jason Lee Sleight                      Christopher James Toulouse,              B.S.E.I.O.
     Carolyn Marie Slopsema                    B.S.E.Civ                          Marshall Godfrey Weir, B.S.E.I.O.,
     Brittany J. Smith                      Andrea Marie Trese                       B.S.E.C.S.
     Jenni Smith, B.S.E.M.S.                John Paul Treumuth                    Michael Ryan Weist
     Joshua William Smith                   Anthony William Tricozzi              Christopher Michael Welch
     Mallory Kristen Smith, B.S.E.B.E.      Jacky Trinh                           Joshua David Welch, B.S.E.Elec
     Paul Anthony Smith, B.S.E.Mech         Sarah Jean Trombley                   Thomas Jack Welch II, B.S.E.Ch E
     Charles Bruce Smith III                Kevin Hoi-Wung Tse                    Kevin Eugene Wenzke
     Hayley Jimena Smithkort                Suppawong Andy Tuarob                 Michael John Werries
     Daniel Joseph Smodic, B.S.E.Mech       Joseph Charles Tucker                 Alfredo Nevitt Wetzel
     Stephanie Lynn Snoblen                 Dhruva Tuteja                         Alyssa Ann Wheeler
     Mark Adam Soisson                      Natasha Udpa, B.S.E.Mech              Andrew Koo Whitten, B.S.E.Aero
     James G. Solomon, Jr.                  Corinne Denise Uskali                 Elizabeth Ashley Widen
     Diego Simon Soto, B.S.E.I.O.           Cipta Wira Utama, B.S.E.Mech          Jonathan Edward Wiebenga
     Ryan Joseph Sparks                     Kent Prawira Utama                    Reynold Irsian Wijaya
     Elizabeth Meryl Spencer                Sumeet Sham Vaidya                    Ryan Jonekait Wilkerson
     Maya Spivak                            Cara Nicole Van Campenhout,           Alex Steven Williams
     Craig Stephen Stanfill, B.S.E.Mech        B.S.E.Mech                         David Michael Williams, B.S.E.Aero
     Devon Ira Stanforth                    Sarah Georgena Van Cott               Garrick Benjamin Williams,
     Michael David Starch                   Denar Richard Scott Van Drasek           B.S.E.Aero
     Joseph Alexander Starek                Christopher Mark Van Sant             Jonathan Kyle Williams
     Brett Benjamin Stawinski,              Joel Andrew Van Sloten                Matthew James Williams
        B.S.E.Mech                          Mark Daniel Van Wingerden             Shawn David Wilsher, B.S.E.C.S.
     Robert Edmund Steinbock                Nicholas James Vanausdall             Charles Dee Wineland III
     Kayla Elizabeth Stelter                Eric Nicholas Vander Weele,           David Michael Wingert, B.S.E.Elec
     Christine Elyse Stewart, B.S.E.B.E.       B.S.E.C.S.                         Richard John Winowiecki
     Aditya Sthanunathan                    Bryan Joseph Vanduinen                Matthew James Winowski
     Matthew Kim Stites                     Matthew John Vanoverloop              Marty Lee Witt
     Matthew Alan Stoebner, B.S.E.Aero      Raj Anil Vashi                        William Aloysuis Wiwel
     Ian Anthony Stuart-Hoff                Laura Marie Ventimiglia, B.S.E.C.S.   Paul Robert Wloszek, B.S.E.Aero
     Gunjan Sud, B.S.E.I.O.                 Vincent Charles Verdeschi             Evelyn Junella Woen
     Huey Shann Sue                         Jennifer Lynn Vermeesch, B.S.E.Mech   Ryan William Wolcott
     Ashley Ann Sullivan, B.S.E.Ch E        Sarah Nicole Verner                   Jake Ryan Wolenberg
     Xi Sun                                 Bryan Jason Vogel, B.S.E.Aero         Hin Ting Wong, B.S.E.Elec
     Jou-Ching Sung, B.S.E.Comp             Abby Marie Vonck                      Patrick Ken-Tung-Phorn-Thep Wong,
     Benjamin Michael Sutton                Gregory Leclaire Wagner                  B.S.E.Civ
     Justin Sy Sweet                        Scott Andrew Wagner                   Wen Jie Wong
     Zachariah Stephen Swetky, B.S.E.Aero   Stephen Michael Wald                  Yew Tuk Wong, B.S.E.Elec
     Mark Swiderski, B.S.E.Elec, B.S.       Matthew David Walkowicz               Sang Woo Woo
     Jessica Ashley Szemraj                 Scott Anthony Walls                   Amy Elizabeth Woodward
     Tiago Petracca Szvarca                 William John Walsh III                David Morris Wright
     Jordan Paul Talia                      Daniel Frederick Walsh, Jr.           David Ronald Wu
     Andrew Wen Yi Tan                      James Randall Walter                  Howard Lin Wu
     Yiyou Daniel Tan                       Thai Keang Wan                        Tong Wu
Jane Xiao, B.S.E.B.E.             Edwin Shyn-Lo Yik                     Nicholas Alexander Zalenski,
Siyuan Xing                       Yalcin Yilmaz                           B.S.E.Mech
Henry Zhiheng Xu                  Ying Ki Yim, B.S.E.Elec, B.S.         Meghan Elizabeth Zelony
Zhongnan Xu                       Jonathan Q. Yin                       Chen Zhang
Sara Yacob                        Limor Yoeli, B.S.E.I.O.               Chen-Chao Zhang
Jin Yan                           Joseph Kenneth Yonkoski, B.S.E.Ch E   Dan Zhang, B.S.E.Comp
Soumya Sathya Yandamuri           Travis Donggun Yoo                    Dianyun Zhang
Kan Yang, B.S.E.Aero              Deokkyun Dan Yoon                     Bowei Zhao
Mingming Yang                     Hyon Min Yoon                         Boyang Zhao
Woo Young Yang, B.S.E.Mech        Christie Marie Young                  Shuang G. Zhao
Yifan Yang Gong                   Stacy Young, B.S.E.Ch E, B.S.         Frank Hanning Zhu, B.S.E.B.E.
Jonathan Marc Yap                 Hechen Yu                             Yanbo Zhu
Justin Doron Yaroni               Lingqian Yuan                         Yitao Zhuang
Nicholus H. Yee, B.S.E.Elec       Benjamin Richard Yuill                Owen Ross Zinaman
Lohit Reddy Yerva                 Tomasz Zak                            Edward James Zinger

                                  University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Erin Elizabeth Allett             Shoshana Leah Gaon, B.S.              Ann Elizabeth Lokuta
Emily Catherine Allshouse         Garret Joseph Garofolo-Gonzalez       Rebecca Ann Ludwig
Nicole Teresa Anderson            Cristina Nicole Getto                 Allison Marie Lyon, B.S.
Sara Kay Ariganello               Kevin Andrew Gillman                  Anjani Mahabir, B.S.
Brandon William Armstrong         Angelica Lillian Giordimaina          Tarek Makki
Zachary Matthew Baker             Jonathan Brian Go                     Katelyn Marie Malo
Ankush Kumar Bansal               Amanda Nicole Goldin                  Stefani Jill Markowitz
Lauren Ashley Bauer               Andrea L. Griffith                    Kimberly Laura Martinez
Michael Pieter Beel-Bates, B.S.   Kyle Jared Grubman, A.B.              Cara Elizabeth McBride, A.B.
Lacey Leigh Berger                Sarah Ann Gwizdala, B.S.              Erin Jean McCarty
Robert James Blaesser             Salina Elizabeth Halliday             Brendan Seamus McEvoy, A.B.
Jared Todd Blechman               David Elston Hamilton                 Kara Ashley Miller
Shannon Taylor Boehner, B.S.      Christy Janice Hammond                Lewis Benjamin Miller
Lindsay Erin Bourdon              Austin Gabriel Hammond-Bennett,       Michael Thomas Monticciolo
Nicholas Anthony Bresso              B.S.                               Hwon Ouk Moon
Kristen Victoria Brogdon          Brittany Leigh Hazard                 Francesca Megan Moran
Ashley Marie Brower               Kristin Maureen Hendricks             Charles Adam Mouch
Joseph Anthony Buono              Christine Elizabeth Herzog            Marianne Anoush Mousigian
Enid Chan, A.B.                   Leanne M. Hogan, B.S.                 Patrick Ryan Mullan, B.S.
Daniel Chen                       Lauren Anne Holmquist                 Nancy Lee Murphy
Laura Elizabeth Chess, B.S.       Lindsey Marie Howard                  Adrianne Odessa Musick
Rebecca Aliza Chinsky, B.S.       Andrew John Hypnar, B.S.              Rachel Ann Napier
Joshua Ari Cohen                  Catie Theresa Ivanikiw                Jaclyn Marie Navarro
Spencer Garett Cohen              Emily Ann Kalmbach, B.S.              Elizabeth Jean Nelson, B.S.
Megan Marie Colella, B.S.         Brendan Patrick Keen                  Brittany Channing Noble
Karen Elizabeth Colwell           Norah Elizabeth Kelly                 Justin David Nussen
John Aurel Danci                  Joshua Kent, A.B.                     Jennifer Leigh Osburn
Katherine Laurette Dato           Jennifer Anne Kern                    Betsy Melinda Ostrowski
Salvatore Duilio DeBlasi, Jr.     Won Chul Kim                          Alexandra Michelle Petraszko
Arielle Marin Dyner               Brendan Daniel Klein                  Courtney Ann Plouff, B.S.
Matthew Todd Ehrlich, A.B.        Michael Seth Kluchin                  Sarah Grace Pomy
Case Eugene Ernsting              Maureen Elizabeth Kogelschatz         Bradley Robert Pretzer
Elizabeth Marie Evans             Jason Reid Krochak, A.B.              Jeffrey Michael Prince
Brian Richard Farneth             Tyler James LaCombe, A.B.             Chelsey Nicole Quinlan
Carlos Jose Fernandez             Alexandra Beth Landau                 Amber Renee Radtke
Eric Robert Fields                Andrew Vernon Larson, A.B.            Neela Rao
Emily Jo Finn                     Matthew Michael Lewis                 Kayla Jean Renier, B.S.
Jessica Ann Forestier             Michael Scott Lippert, A.B.           Adam R. Risko
Benjamin Jesse Freeman            Cristen Nicole Litz, B.S.             Jocelyn Maria Robelli
Eboni Tiara Freeman               Xiaoqian Donica Liu                   Tessa Marie Robles
Courtney Ann Galopin              Thomas Joseph Logsdon                 Mariel Geneane Rosati

     Sam Walker Rosin                     Amrita Kaur Seehra               Vlad Jonathan Vidaeff
     Lauren Amy Rothstein                 Chelsea Elise Selden             Genna Julia Waldman, B.S.
     Brandon Scott Rubenstein, A.B.       Tamara Joelle Selleck            Lia Brianne Wall
     Chelsie Michelle Russ                Akhil Deepak Shah                Jessica A. Walsh
     Amanda Jo Saagman, B.S.              Aparna A. Shah                   Kira Bramley Weinstein, A.B.
     Jeremy Frank Salzman                 Mark Vincent Shallal-Ayzin       Philip Steven Wendland
     Nicole Danielle Sapiro               Kyle Jacob Silberman             Kathryn Mary Werner
     Jeffrey Philip Sarasohn, A.B.        Simrat Kaur Singh                Craig Allen Whitt, A.B.
     Daniel Lawrence Schachne             Jason David Smith                Margaret Anne Williams
     Katie Lynn Scheich                   Andrea Linh Son                  Randy Charles Wills, A.B.
     David Anthony Schiavone              Lisa Ann Sonntag                 Abbey Leigh Wright
     Adam Robert Schneider                Shaun Michael Spinner            Erin Elisabeth Yankovich
     Andrew James Schrotenboer            Lauren Marie Tessoff, B.S.       Jeffrey Michael Yenor
     Christa Marie Schueller, B.S.        Kristin Marie Thomas             Karine K. Yu
     Elizabeth Grace Schweiger            Amanda Paige Ulrich              Rachel Lee Zonca

     COLLEGE          OF    L I T E R AT U R E , S C I E N C E ,    AND THE   A RT S
                                          University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

     Peter Jacoby Aarts                   Ridwaan Albeiruti                Jacqueline Danielle Antonishek
     Robert James Abb                     Valerie Nicole Albers            Leandro Ao
     Jamal S. Abed-Rabbo                  Daniel Leonard Albertus, B.S.    Ryah Said Aqel
     Angela F. Abiodun                    Daniel Jay Albo, A.B.            Michael Colin Arbit
     Marissa Lynne Abraham                Michael Ernest Alessi            Katherine Ann Arcangeli, A.B.
     Ashley Marie Abramowski              Ashley Nicole Alexander          Russell Francis Arco
     Emily Alexandra Abrams               Kristina Nicole Alitawi, A.B.    Aubriana Michelle Ard
     Haya Walid Abu-Seir                  Brian Alkire                     Hilary Sloane Arden
     Megan Elizabeth-Sabah Acho           Brittany Mica Allan              James Raymond Aretakis
     Nilima Mohan Achwal                  Lynn Anne Allard                 Farhana Naz Arif
     Feras Yacoub Ackall                  Ashley Justine Allen             Joseph Gerald Armeli, A.B.
     Ellen Marie Adamini                  Duane Michael Allen              Ramon S. Armen, B.S.
     Kelley Marie Adams, B.G.S.           Sarah Rachel Allyn               Christopher Harrison Armstrong
     Michael Robert Adams                 Kristin Alexandra Alman          James Brian Armstrong, A.B.
     Nicole Marie Adams, A.B.             Luay Matthew Almassalha          Tugsu D. Armstrong, A.B.
     Antonio Adan, A.B.                   Jessie Marette Alperin           Joel Kenneth Arnold
     Yelena Saulovna Adelman, A.B.        Molly Rose Alpert                Thomas Gene Arnold
     Amanda Brittany Adelson              Daniel Rainer Alster             Emily Sarah Arnstein
     Sarah Lauren Adelson                 Charles Dederick Alter           Randi Hope Arnstein
     Reed Michael Adler                   David Bernard Altshuler          Joshua Hector Arocho
     Menatalla Ads                        Peter John Altshuler             Wadeh George Arraf
     Anupreya Adusumalli                  Nikki Rafer Alvarez              Jessica Alicia Asbill
     Christina Marie Aegerter             Maheen Nashreen Aman, A.B.       Anna Patricia Ash
     Christopher John Affeldt, B.S.       David C. Ambrose                 Ayesha Kader Ashai
     Paridhi Agarwal                      Anjali Jatin Amin                Lauren Elizabeth Ashcroft
     Kimberly Anne Agbulos                Ruchi Kaushik Amin               Divya Ashwin Asher
     Atishi Deepti Aggarwal               Francesco Saverio Amodeo         Matthew Philip Ashley
     Amna Abid Agha                       Elizabeth Anne Andary            Kyle Laine Astrein
     Nidhi Agrawal                        Jacki Lynn Anderson              Niebal Julina Atiyeh, A.B.
     Amanda Marie Aguirre                 Kyle John Anderson               Nicole Amanda Auerbach
     Saran Singh Ahluwalia                Mark Joseph Anderson             Ashley Morgan Aurbach
     Hassan Imtiaz Ahmad                  Daniel Paul Anderson, Jr.        Nieri Avanessian
     Beenish Fatima Ahmed                 Jenny George Andooparampil       Samantha Mae Avery
     Erol Zafer Ahmed                     Tamara Grace Andrade             Marilyn Armenouhi Avsharian
     Kashif Ishaq Ahmed                   Cassandra Rose Andrews, A.B.     Azalea Ayuningtyas
     Kayla Leslie Ahrens                  Nadia Joanne Aneese              David Christopher Azzolini
     Jessica Patricia Aja                 Naomi Beth Anest                 Andrea Catherine Bachman, A.B.
     Adam Munther Ajlouni                 Emily Caldwell Angell            Paul Baciu, B.S.
     Hussein A. Al-Asadi                  Ariana Elexa Angrisani           Elizabeth Melotti Bacon
     Kareem Muhammad Alazem               Alena Gray Aniskiewicz, A.B.     Julie Ann Badowski, A.B.
     Bader Al Bader, A.B.                 Saad Ansari                      Sieun Baek
     Amy Ruth Albanese                    Mihal Rose Ansik, A.B.           Jessica Michelle Baer
     Rashad Albeiruti, B.S.               Marissa Kristina Antonio, A.B.   Marie Grace Bahoora
Geoffrey Adam Baier                   Sara Elizabeth Baumann, A.B.            Valerie Carol Bieberich
Juliana Dee Bailey                    Blain Martin Baumgardt                  Erin Maureen Begnoch Biehl
Lauren Allison Bailey, M.P.H., A.B.   Kathryn Ellen Bawden, A.B.              Greta Marie Bielaczyc, B.S.
Matthew Michael Bailey                Elizabeth Brady Baxter                  Andrew William Bielawski
Matthew Adam Bailyn                   Zachary Thomas Bay                      Samuel Milton Biele-Fisher, A.B.
Laura Elizabeth Bain                  Ali A. Bazzi                            Megan Nicole Bilkie
Ashika Bains                          Eliza Wright Beal, B.S.                 Donghao Bin
Sarah Elizabeth Baiz, A.B.            Rachel Anne Beaupre                     Stella Binkevich, A.B.
Alex William Bajcz                    Pamela Jacqueline Bebry                 Dana Nicole Birch
Robert Justin Bajek, A.B.             Laura Margaret Beck, A.B.               Stephanie Michelle Bird
John Michael Bakarich                 Michelle Lorraine Becker, B.S.          Bo Ram Birdsill
Emily Ellen Bakeman, A.B.             Alice Mairead Beckman, A.B.             Stephanie Birndorf
Gabriel Richardson Baker, A.B.        Kyle Addison Beckwith                   Giorgios Constantine Bis
Kenneth Lamar Baker, A.B.             Tracy Ann Bedrosian, B.S.               Elliston Perot Bissell
Matthew Sean Baker, A.B.              Stephanie Rae Beebe, B.S.               Andrew Herbert Bissonette
Konstantin Ivanovitch Bakhurin        Megan Victoria Beems                    Russell Walter Bittmann
Katrina Diane Balangue                Cecily Beglin                           John David Black
Brian Joseph Ball                     Vivek Behera                            Christopher Michael Blain
David Martin Ball                     Timothy Albert Bekkers                  Eric Raymond Blancke
Jason Robert Ball                     Aleksandr Leonid Belakovskiy            Jacqueline Jean Bland, A.B.
Matthew Thomas Ballew                 Elizabeth Michael Bellairs              Shannon Marie Blaney, A.B.
Gregory Paul Baltzer                  Katherine Ariana Beltramo               Meredith Lauren Blank
Maral Alisse Banan                    Michael Anthony Bemben                  Timothy Dobson Blasius
Thomas Samuel Bander                  Chelsie Elizabeth Benca                 Mari Gilana Bliss
Adrienne Michelle Banka               Anne Elizabeth Benear                   Molly Werner Block, A.B.
Judith Renee Bankman                  Steven Timothy Bengal                   Sara Rose Block
Nina Banozic                          Shahar Ben-Josef                        Daniel Blonshteyn
Maya Pagni Barak                      Mackenzie Lynn Bennett                  Maria Janet Blood
Mark Barash                           Daniel S. Beno, A.B.                    Adam Scott Bloom
Talia Berenice Barash                 Bailey Kristen Benson                   Jessica Lynn Bloom
Selwan David Barbat                   Julia Elizabeth Bentley                 Vanessa Lee Bloom
Dana Basem Odeh Barhoumeh, B.S.       Jonathan Liron Ben-Ze’ev                Alexander Scott Blouin
Audrey Anne Barick                    Rachel Belinda Beredo, B.S.             Corin Marie Blust
Claire Sophia Barker, A.B.            Katherine Christine Berezowskyj, A.B.   Samuel Joseph Boas
Emily Frances Shaw Barkin, A.B.       Alison Reah Berger                      Matthew Ryan Bodary
Stephanie M. Barko, A.B.              Joel Francis-Crowley Berger             Kevin Foxman Boehnke
Shira Baron                           Carrie Lynn Bergmans                    Richard Foxman Boehnke
Amanda Roberta Barone                 Adam Colombo Berkaw                     Leah Suzanne Boepple
Bethany Anne Barr                     Megan Margaret Berkobien                Nathan Robert Boese
Elisabeth Ann Barrett                 Hayley Lorraine Berkshire               Emilia Cristina Boffi
Jami Michele Barretta                 Axel Joseph Berky                       Brian Matthew Boguslawski
Jeffrey Reid Barry                    Aviva Simone Berlin                     Kristy Diane Bojazi
Alexandra Beth Barsell                Eric David Berlin                       Alyson Rose Bokshan, B.S.
Sarah Margaret Bartels                Benjamin Paul Berman, B.S.              Jessica Lindsay Boland, A.B.
Jeffrey William Bartels, Jr.          Daniel Aaron Berman                     Lorraine Marie Bologna
Alexandra Nicole Bartholomew          Jessica Sarah Berman                    Michael James Bommarito, B.S.
Jonathan Wickman Bartik               Jillian Mollie Berman                   Sarah Ashley Bommarito
Stacy Ann Bartling, A.B.              Samantha Katie Bernstein                Christopher Jack Bond
Ashley Jean Barton                    Erin Elizabeth Bernthal                 Lexi Dea Bond
Trisha Anjali Barua, A.B.             Kourosh Beroukhim                       John Arthur Bonk
Adam Daniel Baruch                    Michael Bertenthal                      Adam Joseph Bonnington
Matthew Thomas Basigkow               Mark Robert Bertolone                   Jeanine Bonomi
Julie Anne Baskind                    Molly Alexis Berwanger                  Nicholas Michael Bontumasi, B.S.
Chloe Eileen Bass                     Anna Elizabeth Berzkalns                Wyatt Adam Thomas Boothby-
Skye Chantel Bass, A.B.               Jessica Mary Best                          Shoemaker
Nichole Marie Bastin                  Benjamin David Beutler                  Julie Elizabeth Bordato
Ishani Basu                           Courtney Susan Beyer                    Alyssa Ann Borders
Julie Elizabeth Bateman               Deepa Bhat                              Bo Sylling Borgnakke
Bethany Marie Bates                   Avi Muzaffer Bhuiyan                    Jennifer Lynn Boris
Kyle David Battige, B.S.              Radhika Tushar Bhula                    Eitan Reuvan Bornstein
Micaela Garcia Battiste               Samina Sharon Bhumbra                   Peter Staal Borock, A.B.
Katie Rayette Baughman                Kristen Elise Bialik                    Danielle Minde Borovoy
Stephanie Rachel Baum                 Rebecca Sue Bickham                     Aimee Jo Bosch
     Karl Russell Bosse, B.S.              Elizabeth Anne Bronson             Jessica Noelle Butala
     Oliver Luke Allen Bostian, A.B.       Hilary Kathleen Bronson, A.B.      Amy Rachel Butler
     Olivia Anne Both                      Andrew Brott Bronstein, A.B.       Bennet Arthur Butler
     Randi Heather Botwinick               Emily Margaret Brooks              Lacey Marie Butler
     Ryan Benjamin Bouchard                Natasha Danielle Brooks            Elise Anne Butler-Pinkham
     Jonathan Paul Boudreau, A.B.          Trevor Nathaniel Brooks            Carrie Elizabeth Butorac, A.B.
     Matthew Maximino Bouse                Jacquelyn Bianca Brousseau, A.B.   Angie Emma Buttigieg
     Emily Hulet Bouton                    Jonathan Edmund Browalski          Davietta C. Butty, B.S.
     Christoffer Randall Bovbjerg, A.B.    Amanda Katherine Browe             Valerie Lynne Buxton
     Caroline Wolfson Bowden, B.S.         Anna Marie Brown                   Emily Rose Buysse, A.B.
     Aimee Nicole Bowen                    Ian Samuel Brown, B.S.             Amanda Marie Byrne, A.B.
     Amy Michelle Bowers                   Jessica Lee Brown                  Edward M. Byrne
     Stephen Lee Bowie                     Joseph Schotland Brown             Grace Kathleen Byrnes, B.S.
     Emily Rebecca Bowman                  Kelly Jo Brown                     Erin J. Cable
     Rae Beth Boxer                        Lauren Alaine Brown, B.S.          Amanda Clementine Caccavo
     Murtuza Mustafa Boxwala               Maxwell Jacob Brown                Rona Cafri
     Jeffrey Michael Boyar                 Sharon Elana Brown                 Yiding Cai
     Jacqueline Margo Gould Boyce          Sean William Brownridge            Laura Jayne Cailler
     Derek Richard Boyd                    Amanda Lynn Bruce, A.B.            Aimee Jo Cairati
     Charles Anthony Boyer                 Scott Cameron Bruckmann            Zachary Thomas Calamari
     Matthew T. Boyer                      Aaron Charles Brumbaugh            Keara Ashley Caldarola, A.B.
     Eric Anthony Bracken                  Weston Fernandez Bruner, A.B.      Taylor Vincent Caldron
     Mallory Paige Bradford                Samantha Amy Bruni                 Sean Michael Callaghan
     Jennifer Marie Brady                  Leah Camille Brunk                 Kevin Andrew Callender
     Lauren Kathleen Brady                 Mari Elizabeth Brunner             Maria De Lourdes Calleros
     Mattison Edward Brady, A.B.           Matthew James Brunner              Rebecca Anne Calvert, B.G.S.
     Caleb Michael Bragg, A.B.             Daniel Anthony Bruno               Suzanne Michelle Cambou
     Oren Michael Brandvain                Zachary Thomas Brym, B.S.          David Martin Cameron
     Jennifer Lynn Branstad                Brigette Anne Bucholz              Baird Cameron Campbell
     Erin Nicole Bratkovich, A.B.          Seth Fleischer Buchsbaum           Gayle Marwick Campbell
     Gwendolyn Kara Susan Braude           Allison Anne Buchwach, A.B.        Laura Madeline Campbell
     Ashley Corrine Braun                  Katherine Louise Buck              Mimi Olivia Campbell
     Daniel Rafael Braun                   Brendan James Buckley              Neil David Campbell, A.B.
     Rebecca Payne Braun                   Ashley Nicole Budd                 Deniz Bernardo Campbell-Cecen
     Michael Edward Breen, A.B.            Jamie Louise Budnick               Laura Beth Campion
     Scott Andrew Bregman                  Elaina Iris Bugli                  Julian Guanabara Canha
     Justin Alan Breithaupt                Connor Joseph Buhagiar             Stephanie Jill Canning, A.B.
     Elizabeth Heather Breitman            Megan Rose Bui                     Tiffany Nicole Cannon, A.B.
     Nikolai Roman Brendler, B.S.          Cherri Rosemarie-Anke Buijk        Kimberly Sue Canter
     Elizabeth Anne Brennan                Harun Buljina                      Alyssa Marilyn Cantor
     Katherine Patricia Brennan            Tanatas Bumpenboon                 Frank Xiao Yu Cao, B.S.Chem., B.S.
     Samuel Kelly Brennan                  Andrew Thomas Buran                Nancy Cao
     Phebe Lynn Brenne, B.S.               Sarah Anne Buranskas               Dana Lynn Capitelli
     Scott Michael Brenton                 Ervis Burda                        Kathleen Marie Carey
     Christopher Avery Bridenstine, A.B.   Graham Nathaniel Burgess           Jessica Ann Carey-Webb
     Kate Brierty                          Kevin Andreas Burgett              Azhar Iqbal Carim
     Amalia Briggs                         Charles Steven Burke               Corissa Ann Carlson
     Leslie Kathryn Briggs, A.B.           Maggie Burke                       Julie Allyn Carlton
     William Karr Briggs                   Patrick Gordon Burke               Katherine Elisabeth Carlton
     Scott Robert Brimacombe               Steven Edward Burke                Alison Joy Carpenter, A.B.
     Nicholas Jay Bringardner              Michael Samuels Burnim, A.B.       Alexandra Clairmont Carr
     Lena Brinjikji                        Christopher Douglas Burns          Meagan Marie Carr
     Paulette Marie Briske                 Luke Michael Burns                 Joseph Francis Carrera
     Ryan Lee Brissette                    Nicole Lynn Burns                  Meghan Szelc Carroll
     Christopher Michael Britten           Samuel Raymond Burns               Christina Marie Carson
     Anna Bjorn Brock                      Alexandra Lea Burrell              Benjamin John Carter, A.B.
     Daniel Scott Broder                   Taron Bayleran Burris, A.B.        Elizabeth Louise Carter
     Amanda Vivian Broderick               Michelle Marie Burroughs           Robert Frank Carter
     Tamara Rachel Brodsky                 Tiffany Marie Burrows              Bradley Joseph Casai, A.B.
     Caitlin Bess Brody                    Jacquelynn Anne Busch              Andrew Anthony Cascini
     Rachel Leah Brody                     David Daniel Bushart               Taylor Danielle Cassard
     Leah Bromberg                         Ryan Mark Businski                 Catherine Marie Castellana
     Daniel Richard Bromwich, A.B.         Elizabeth Julie Buss               Rudolph Joseph Castellani
Claire Helen Castine               Daniel Cheong                    Philip Jason Clapham, B.S.
Lana E. Castor                     Catherine Elizabeth Cherny       Christopher Robert Clark, B.S.
Tessa Skilken Catlett              Nicole Amara Cheskey, A.B.       Daniel David Clark
Carine Marie Cattier, A.B.         Megan Cheslock                   Julian Clark
Andrew Steven Cauzillo             Ghim Chuan Chia                  Megan Mary Clark, A.B.
Nicholas Lawrence Caverly          Gabriella Anna Chibbaro          Molly Christine Clark, B.S.
Alexandra Catherine Caya, B.S.     Dana Michele Chidiac, A.B.       Patrick E. Clark
Patricia Margaret Ceccarelli       Ling-Chen Chien                  Caitlin McNair Clarke
Yoon Ree Cha, A.B.                 Daniel Patrick Childs            Cameron Bain Clarkson
Ashish Chaddha                     Jennifer Lee Chiles, A.B.        Alecia Beth Clary
Andrew Benjamin Chadsey, A.B.      Christina Miyoko Chin            Jennifer Ann Clary, A.B.
Sara Beth Chadwick                 Hui Ying Chin                    Chelsea Nicole Clater
Whitney Anne Chadwick              Andrew Jacob Chinsky             Kathleen Curley Clement
Manisha Chakravarthy, A.B.         Kristy Marie Chippi              Ginger Cline
Shilpa Chaku, B.S.                 Paul Robert Chitoiu, B.S.        Stephanie Lee Clippert
Brett Travers Chalfin              Cheuk Man Chiu, B.S.             Elizabeth Joan Clive
Samah Chamamit                     Shulamite Sian Chiu              Elysha Renee Cloyd
Foster Pease Chamberlin            Yung-Hsuan Chiu, A.B.            Alison Lindsey Clune
Alexandria Chrystianna Champagne   Lindsay Marie Chmielewski        David Corwin Clyde
Allison Marie Champney             Annette Cho                      Jane Deborah Coaston
Adrienne Wai Ming Chan             Ha Na Cho, B.S.                  Caroline Elizabeth Cochran, A.B.
Chih Hung Chan                     Hugh Harngid Cho                 Shannon Joanna Cochran
Clairine Jia Jia Chan              Jennifer Cho                     Meghan Jean Codd
Edwin Yue-Hang Chan                Junghun Cho, B.S.                Caitlin Ling Cohan
Kwan Yiu Nelson Chan               Yoon Sil Cho, B.S.               Adam Daniel Cohen
Melannie Chan                      Young Noh Choe                   Adam Paul Cohen
Melvin Chan                        Chris Choi                       Alysse Jaclyn Cohen, B.S.
Tai Yu Chan, A.B.                  Hye-Yoon Choi, B.S.              Daniel Gilbert Cohen, A.B.
Wing Yan Vivian Chan, B.S.         Joo Hyang Choi, B.S.             Ethan Jared Cohen
Angeline Ursula Chang              Joon-Young Choi                  Greg Ross Cohen
Jocelin Ann Chang                  Lisa Soyoung Choi                Jaclyn Zetta Cohen
Rebecca Haena Chang                Song Choi                        Jordana Krenzis Cohen
Yachun Chang                       Min Li Chong                     Molly Elizabeth Cohen
Bryan Christopher Channell, A.B.   Christina Choong                 Simon Eduardo Cohen Gonzalez
Laura Elizabeth Chanoux            Ing Xin Choong                   Lila Elizabeth Cohn
Lai Ieng Chao                      Rebecca Lynn Chota               Jenifer Lauren Colburn
Melanie Lynn Chapekis              Kimberly Tsun-An Chou            Leigh Anna Cole
David Byron Chapel                 Albert Qi Bang Chow, B.S.        Michael Andrew Cole
Kira Nelson Charney                Eric Qi-Khang Chow               Nathan Edwin Cole
Chelsea Marie Chartrand            Hoiyan Chow, A.B.                David Thomas Coleman
Anna Maxine Chase                  Sarah Jane Chow                  Hannah Elizabeth Collard
Nidhi Chaudhary, B.S.              Susanna Chung Yan Chow           Ryan Timothy Colleran
Yashraj Akshay Chauhan             Dana May Christensen, A.B.       Anne Jackson Collins
Brian Jonathan Chen                Rachel Kathryn Christensen       Carly Jean Collins
Cynthia Shaushin Chen, B.S.        Tiffany Marie Christian          Jason Thomas Collins
Edward George Chen                 Jessica Lynn Christiansen        Leah Marie Collins, A.B.
Fei Chen                           Coryelle Elaine Christie, A.B.   Lee William Collins
Hongwei Chen                       Alan Shiao-Feng Chu              Arlene Marie Colvin
Jason Chiashane Chen               Mike Chu                         Elizabeth Ann Colvin
Kathy Chen, B.S.                   Mei Chen Chua                    Kaitlyn Marie Combes, A.B.
Kenneth Lao Chen                   David Isaac Chudnow              Ryan Matthew Comins
Patricia Qing Lian Chen            Meagan Ruth Chuey                Caitlin Erin Conn, A.B.
Shirley Chen                       Brittany Marie Chulis            Christina Catherine Connelly, A.B.
Steven Chen                        Ashley Jihsun Chung              Ciaran Michael Considine, A.B.
Ted Kwan Chen, A.B.                Diane Jin Chung                  Dominic Pasquale Conti
Zhuxi Chen                         Jaeyeon Chung                    Monica Irene Converse
Adrienne An Chuin Cheng            Hrag Joe Churukian               Cassandra Elizabeth Cook
Jackson Cheng, A.B.                Nareg Sam Churukian              Daniel Thomas Cook
Katherine Cheng                    Roberto Ciabatti                 Sarah Ann Cook
Philip Cheng, B.S.                 Alexander Van Cibor              Keegan George Cooke, B.S.
Tianle Cheng                       Caitlin Marie Cicone, A.B.       Andrea Margaret Coombes
Wilbur Y. Cheng                    Paul Benjamin Cipriani, B.S.     Brandon Wesley Cooperman, A.B.
Hae In Cheon                       Jessica Ann Claerhout, B.S.      Patrick David Cooper-McCann
     Alexandra Christein Cooperstock   Nisha Ashwin Dalal, B.S.                Jenny Cleope Dela Pena
     Jane Marie Cope                   Eliezah Celine Dale                     Alexis Marie Delaney
     Jennifer Marie Copeland, A.B.     Kallie Kristine Dale                    Michael Richard Delaney
     Jessica Elyse Corbett             Anna Therese Damiani                    Michelle Morvarid Deldjoubar
     Nathalie Cornet                   Leah Marie Damiano, B.S.                Erica Jennie Delgado, A.B.
     William Clinton Corrigan          Kiley Jo Dancy                          Andrew Delikat-Hinze
     Angela Marie Cortese              Loredana Dandu, B.S.                    Benjamin Sascha Dell
     Sarah Renee Cortez                Ali Daneshvar, B.S.                     Graham Dennis Dellinger
     Marisa Jo Costa, A.B.             Payam Wayne Daneshvar                   Adam Michael DeLong, A.B.
     Ryan Michael Costello             Faith Elizabeth Daniel                  Shawna M. DeLore
     Stephanie Marie Cote              Peter Justin Daniels                    Bradley Joseph Dembs
     Eric Daniel Couillard             Megan Wells Danielson                   Leslie Ann Demers
     Michael Anthony Coulter           Zeke J. Daniels-Shpall                  Jennifer Ann DeMoss
     Benjamin Aaron Cousineau          Muna Danish                             Yohei Denawa
     David S. Coviak, B.S.             Marin Danielov Dantchev                 Elizabeth Eileen Dengate
     Kami Ann Cowden                   Jordan Paul Dantzer                     Christina Marie Denooyer
     Jennifer Rose Cowhy               Kathleen Megan Darcy                    Alexa Kimberly Dent
     Carolyn Cox                       Ghadeh A. Dari                          Michael Daniel DePietro
     Jesse Keenon Cox                  Elise Frances Darling                   Gina Marie DePolo
     Kayla Renee Cox                   Lauren Lee Darmanin, B.S.               Alexandra Renee DePorre
     Stefan Eugen Craciun              Hannah Abigail Darnton                  Michael Richard Derr
     Matthew J. Craig                  Neil Kumar Das                          Jill Kristine Dery
     Sean J. Craig                     Hilary Liv Dauffenbach-Tabb, A.B.       Pooja Jitesh Desai
     Nathan Frederick Cramton, A.B.    Daniel Zighelboim Daum, A.B.            Curtis J. DeSantis, B.S.
     Sarah Pauline Crane               Megan Michal Davern                     Jean-Luc Deschaine
     Carolyn Anne Crary                Ameera Olivia David, A.B.               Thomas Allen Desrochers, B.S.
     Catherine Elizabeth Crary         Ashika David                            Jillian Nicole Dettloff, B.S.
     Sarah Marie Cravens               James Andrew David                      Adam Louis Deutsch
     Caroline Sara Crawford            Jennifer Colleen David                  Joslyn Marie DeVinney
     Zachary John Crawford             Andrew Alan Davidhizar, A.B.            Danny Devries, A.B.
     Joshua Jordan Cregger, A.B.       Allison Christine Davido                Andrew John Dexter
     Sarah Stilwell Cremer             Alexander John Davidson                 Jamie Elizabeth Diamond
     Laura Suzanne Crepeau, A.B.       Julie Frances Davidson                  Shannon Barbara Dibble
     Laura Maria Crespo Albiac         Jose Ricardo Davila                     Leslie Ann Dickinson
     Katherine Anne Crimmins, B.S.     Anna Elizabeth Davis, A.B.              Lindsay DiFazio, B.S.
     Mitchell Arden Crispell           Daniel Benjamin Davis, A.B.             Kevin Dilks
     Lauren Renee Crocker, A.B.        Erin Nicole Davis                       Lindsay Ann DiMarco
     Alyson Sara Croen                 Frank Michael Davis                     Myra Dimitrov Dimitrov
     Katherine Nicole Crosby           Jared Michael Davis, B.S.E.I.O., B.S.   Iza Ding
     Katie Crosby, A.B.                Lauren Elizabeth Davis                  Yue Ding
     Amanda Christine Cross, B.S.      Magen Marie Davis, B.S.                 John Paul Dingens
     Lucienne Hope Cross               Matthew Barton Davis, B.S.              Rebecca Lynn Disbrow
     Erica TeAnn Crutcher              Scott Joseph Dawsey                     Mary Alexa Divver
     Alexandria Lynne-Lamiman Cruz     Sonja Patricia Dawsey, B.S.             Angelique Sao-Mai Sy Do
     Amy Kathleen Cuckovich, A.B.      Taylor Lee Dawson                       Christopher Robert Dobson
     Jennifer Cui                      Lauren Ingersoll Dayton                 Claire Gwenllyn Dodd, A.B.
     Caitlin Ann Cullen, A.B.          Lyndsay DaLee De Carolis                Kaitlin Rose Dodds
     Theodore Robert Cullinane, A.B.   Scott Anthony De Orio                   Hilary Anne Doe, M.P.P., A.B.
     Emily Grace Cummins               Samuel Martin De Toledo                 Annelise Kathleen Doll
     Celia Elizabeth Cunningham        Michael Benjamin De Wit                 Johanna Elizabeth Dolle
     Douglas Henry Cunningham          Joshua Isaac De Young, A.B.             Michael Robert Dolsen
     Jennifer Lynn Cunningham          Cameron Hopkins Dean                    Christine Doman
     Nicolas Andres Curdumi            Adam Emerson Dearing                    Sarah Venice Domin
     Lisa Burton Curry, A.B.           Abigail Rachael Debofsky                Ada Rosa Dominguez
     Joshua Aaron Cykiert              Lisa Becker Decanio                     Meghan Elizabeth Donald
     Lydia Anne Czabaniuk              Sarah Jayne Dee                         Fei Dong
     Carly McCoy Czajka                Stefanie Ann Deeds                      Amanda Paige Donnelly
     Alayna Katherine Czuj             Vontrese Renee Deeds, A.B.              Alex Richard Dopp
     Agata Dabrowska                   Caytlin Ashlee Deering                  Sara C. Dorer
     Esmaeel Reza Dadashzadeh          Margaret Reaney Deinek                  Ellen Christine Doty
     Christopher Jeffrey Dadok, A.B.   Grant Nathan DeJongh                    Jonathan Patrick Doubek
     Sylvia Menghan Dai                Molly Lauren Dekenzie                   Elizabeth Anne Dougherty
     Andrew John Dalack                Ana Rocio Del Angel                     Kelly Jane Dougherty
Ella Frances Douglas-Durham      Sharief Hatem El-Gabri         Julie Ann Farrugia, A.B.
Nicolas Frederick Doulos         Marissa Christina Eliades      Fahad Ahmed Faruqi
David Maxwell Dow                Stacey Rebecca Elias           Katherine Dorothy Fawcett
Stephanie Anne Dowdle            Jennifer Gillette Elledge      Andrew Zachary Fayad
Kelly Ryan Downey, B.S.          Kathleen Teresa Ellero, A.B.   Gregory Wayne Fear
Kelly Clark Doyle, A.B.          Aaron Edward Ellias, A.B.      Rachel Anne Fear
Trista Dawn Doyle                Brandon Gene Elliott           Claire Wood Fedore
Michael Jakov Dragovic           Stefanie Lynne Ells            Martha Lynne Fedorowicz
Jessica Jane Dreicer             Daniel Jordan Elrod            Charles Fehl
Lauren Elizabeth Dreifus         Danielle Marie Elskens         James Edward Fehlner
Julie Rose Dreifuss              Zachary Aaron Elyachar         Fan Fei
Trisha Lynne Drewry, A.B.        Sahar Emambakhsh               Nora Ruth Feldhusen
Theresa Rose Fitzgerald Dreyer   Anthony Aaron Emanuele         Allison Jayne Feldman
Elizabeth Ann Dries              Sarah Rose Emery               Jacob Douglas Feldman
Eric Michael Dritz               Jason Taylor Emmendorfer       Jessica Marion Feldman
Ornella Maria Dubaz              Joshua James Emrick            Marissa Callie Fellows
Nathan Michael Dube, A.B.        Nichole Krimbill Endline       Michael S. Fenchel
Carrie Lauren Dubin              Lindsay Nicole Enebak, B.S.    Jennifer Feng
Jonathan Aaron Ducastel, B.S.    Catherine Teli Eng, A.B.       Aaron Joshua Fenyes
Aaron Rich Ducoffe               Whitney Joy Pauline Engler     Donald Milton Ferguson
Eric Alan Dudek                  Georgia Corinne Ennis          Eleanor Katherine Ferguson
Kelly Norene Dudzik              Rachel Marya Enoch             Nicole Marie Ferm
Shannon Elizabeth Duff, A.B.     Hannah Deborah Ensor           Adam Ahmed Hassen Ferris
Sarah Evelyn Duffy               Megan McClure Epskamp          Lisa Colomba Ferro
Mark Joseph Duhaime              Marina Rose Epstein-Katz       Morgan Danielle Fett
Emily Sara Duhovny               Courtney Lauren Erhart         Michael Lawrence Fialkoff
Kelsey Duinkerken                Justin Timothy Erickson        Nicholas Jules Fiani, B.G.S.
James Lloyd Dulin                Kate Eshman-Wissman, A.B.      Paul Cameron Fiehler, A.B.
Jill Leslie Duncan, A.B.         Sam Espahbodi                  Joseph Leon Fielek III
Daniel Grant Dunlap              Juanita Ricarda Espinoza       Allison Rae Fifolt
Michele Boris Dunsky             Marisa Linda Espinoza, A.B.    Lauren Kelsey Fifolt
Janae Eileen Dupuis              Leah Florence Ettema, B.S.     Sarah E. Fike
Richard Rolland Durance          Evan Amir Eustice, A.B.        Elizabeth Filatova, A.B.
Simi Dutt, A.B.                  David Joseph Eustis, A.B.      Michael David Filicicchia
Thomas Benjamin Duvall           Justine Mortenson Evans        Penelope Filyo
James Patrick Dwyer              Rachel Andrea Evans            Ariana Nathan Fink, A.B.
Inna Dykman                      Scott Timothy Evans            William Coleman Fink
Kimberly Marie Dynia, A.B.       Stephanie Nicole Evans, A.B.   Rebecca Michelle Finkel
Jonathan Norman Dzingle          Stephen Joseph Evans           Lindsey Brooke Finn
Johanna Emily Eadie              Erin Lynn Evenhouse            Madeline Marie Fiore
Leah Danielle Eagel              Aria Mae Everts, A.B.          Robert Samuel Firestone, B.S.
Stacy Jo Early, A.B.             Michael William Evertsberg     Benjamin Alan Fischer
Anne M. Ebbers, A.B.             Joshua Michael Evron           Amanda Elizabeth Fisher
Michael Samuel Eber, A.B.        Suseela Umakanthan Eyal        Anna Ruth Fishman
Chris Roy Ebert, B.S.            Athena Elizabeth Eyster        Sarah Colette Fishstrom
Erin Kathleen Eckles             Jerel Michael Ezell, A.B.      Emily Beth Fishwick, B.S.
Scott Adam Edelsberg             Rachel Pearl Faber, A.B.       Christopher James Fitzpatrick
Sarah Nicole Edelstein           Tracey Lynne Fagelbaum         Caitlin Therese Fitzsimons
Tori Edgar                       Nasir Husain Fakhri            Ellen Duncan Flaherty
Rosalie Beth Edmonds             Matheus Philip Falasa          Danielle B. Fleissig
Morgan Rebecca Effron            Marissa Robbins Falk, A.B.     Michelle Rose Fleming
Aaron Frank Egan                 Illiana Falkenstern            Michelle Jayne Fleshner
Nneka C. Egbujiobi, A.B.         Francis Matthew Fallon, A.B.   Ashley Elizabeth Jane Fletcher
Brett Jared Ehrmann              Karen Fan                      Jonathan Scott Fletcher
Daniel Eli Ehrmann               Humphrey Fang                  Charles William Fletcher III
Charlotte Rose Eichman           Jamie Edward Fang, A.B.        Diana Joyce Flora
Laura Marie Eidem, A.B.          Mackenzie Kathleen Fankell     Brian Frederick Florek, B.B.A.
Jessica Eiland, A.B.             Lindsey Nicole Farah, A.B.     Maximilian Robert Florka
Eric Bentley Einisman            Alanna Rose Farber             Michelle Elizabeth Floyd
Jaclyn Michele Einstein          Hannah Beth Farkas             James Skidmore Fogel
Daniel Steven Eisinger           Nicole Ashley Farnum           Rachael Elizabeth Fogel
Jordan Michael Eizenga           Adam Heider Farra, A.B.        Amanda Christine Foley, B.S.
Dylan Andrews Eldridge           Nicholas Edward Farrell        Danielle Nicole Foley
     Emma Claire Foley                 Jamie Arlene Marie Fulton-Smith    Emily Lee Gesmundo
     Lauren Michelle Foley             Grace Jacqueline Fung, B.S.        David Adam Gessert
     Sara Margaret Foley, B.S.         John Sefedin Futchko               Elizabeth Baumann Getty
     Ernest Lee Foley IV               Sarah Lynn Futernick               George John Ghuneim, A.B.
     Alexandra Elizabeth Folkert       Laura Beth Gabriel                 Cache Maria Giacalone
     Daniel Jihyi Fong                 Molly Elizabeth Gabriel, A.B.      Kyera Maria Giannini, A.B.
     Daniel Robert Fong, A.B.          Matthew Joseph Gacioch             Bethany Noelle Gibbons
     Katherine Lynn Fontichiaro        Adva Gadoth-Goodman                Erin May Gibbs, A.B.
     Ellen Elizabeth Foot, B.S.        Erin Elizabeth Gager               Ivy Marie Gibson
     Amber Marie Forbes                Sarah Lynn Gajewski                Nicole Cari Gilberg
     Samantha Marcella Force, A.B.     Jessica Brett Galin                Megan Elizabeth Gildin
     Danika Renee Forgach              Meghan Kathleen Gallagher          Danielle Lisa Gill, A.B.
     Colin Gregory Forgacs             Amanda C. Gallaher                 Madeline Jane Gillespie
     Sarah Ann Forney, B.S.            Molly Ann Gallaway                 Kathryn Samantha Gilliam
     John Raymond Fornoff              Christina Marie Galloway           Alicia Bea Gillogly
     Claire C. Forster                 Leah Elizabeth Galopin             Elizabeth Sarah Gingold
     Sara Elizabeth Fortin             Erica Maria Galvan                 Kevin Benjamin Ginsburg
     Bret Mitchell Fortuna             Charlotte Ruth Gamble, B.S.        Alicia M. Giordimaina, B.S.
     Alexandra Clare Foster            Mara Rae Gamble                    Theresa Anne Gipson
     Austyn Marie Foster               Jesse Howard Game-Brown            Sarah Rachel Gitman
     Claire Elise Foster               Trishya Sudhir Gandhi              Enea Gjoka
     Jennifer Lynn Foster              Anna Constance Gangadharan         Samantha Anne Glaspie
     Julie Ann Foster                  Anu Gangopadhyay, B.S.             Sarah Louise Glassberg
     Lesley Lynn Foster, B.S.          Steven Joseph Gannon, B.S.         Sarah Michelle Gleason
     Lisa Michelle Fouladbash, B.S.    Thomas Patrick Gannon, B.S.        Alexandra Grace Eleanor Glowaski
     Elizabeth Anne Fox                Joseph Oren Gaon                   Jonathan Michael Gluck, B.S.
     Kathryn Takiye Fox                Samantha Ilyse Garber              Hannah Wick Gluckstein
     Kristin Lee France, A.B.          Aaron Favio Garcia                 Margaret Elizabeth Gluek
     Emily Esther Franchett            Brian Paul Garcia, A.B.            Scott Joseph Goci
     Nicole Marie Francis              Neisi Idalia Garcia, A.B.          Sarah Elizabeth Godfrey
     Michael Edward Franczak           Bradley Michael Garden             James Phillip Godwin
     Rachel Schnall Frank              Janice May Gardiner                Emile Shanthi Gogineni
     Dustin Seth Frankel, A.B.         Brian Gabriel Garfield             Sriakhil Gogineni
     Sarah Ann Frankel                 Sachin Garg, A.B.                  Bonita Jian Lin Goh
     Charlotte Claire Franklin, A.B.   Eric Benjamin Garnick              Nichola Goh
     Sharona Haya Franko               Geoffrey Simuel Garrett            Pei Ying Goh
     Johanna Mae Franzen, A.B.         Joseph Raymond Garrido             Sarah Skilken Gold
     Jonathan Munroe Fraser            Leslie Ann Garrison                Alex Leland Goldberg
     Allison Marie Frayer              Jonathan Garshick                  Benjamin Ross Goldberg, A.B.
     Monica Kay Frazee                 William Robert Garvey, A.B.        Michael Evan Goldberg
     Amanda Sarah Freed, B.S.          Esau Garza                         Phillip Michael Goldberg
     Zoe Rachel Freedberg              Kate Whitney Gasparrini            Phoebe Kathryn Goldberg
     Emily Anne Freilich               Breana Renae Gasper                Robin Lily Goldberg
     Steven Michael Frey, B.S.         Jessica Lane Gatt                  David Alec Golden
     Ashley Beth Frick                 Zoya Gavrilman                     Shifra Zipporah Goldenberg
     Kayla Marie Frick                 Lauren Kate Gaynes                 Jean Elizabeth Goldfarb, A.B.
     Samantha Aigen Fried              Amy Rachel Geer, A.B.              Allison Stone Goldstein
     Sandra Michelle Fried             Michelle Ann Geffen                Ariel Lipman Goldstein
     Jamie Lauren Friedlander          Divya Gehi, B.S.                   Heather Michelle Goldstein
     Andrea Beth Friedman              Amanda Kristine Gehrke             Joshua Bergel Goldstein
     Benjamin Henry Friedman           Jennifer Ann Geiger                Jonathan Edward Gole
     Carly Rae Friedman                John Michael Geise                 Netta Golenberg
     Cheryl Lynne Friedman             Erin Michele Gellis                Elizabeth Bicknell Golightly
     Martha Emily Friedner             Ellyn Beverly Gendler              Whitney Fay Gomez
     Michelle Marie Fritz              Albert V. George                   Erika Jane Gonzalez
     Kendra Tiffany Frye               Nika Renee George                  Ashley Lauren Goodin, A.B.
     Clementine Fu                     Elizabeth Rose Georgoff            Stephanie Slatin Goodison
     Paul Xiaobei Fu                   Matthew Alan Geramita, B.S.        Ariel Heather Goodman, A.B.
     Chelsea Ariel Fuchs               Christina Maria Gerazounis, A.B.   Kelly Adele Goodman
     Alicia Marie Fuller               Ariana K. Gerber                   Noah Goodman
     Charles Edmond Fuller, A.B.       Angela Tristan Germaine            Noah Graff Goodman, A.B.
     David Lee Fuller                  Rachel Virginia German             Brian Joseph Goodwin
     Rachel Quinn Fullmer              Evelyn Ann Gertz, A.B.             Matthew Toby Gordon
48   Kara Ann Fulton                   Aaron William Geschiere            Ray Angelo Gordon II, A.B.
Naomi Gordon-Loebl                  Mandi Lynn Guiett               Chloe Max Hansen, A.B.
Sheera Rachel Goren                 Thomas Blair Guinall            Katherine Elizabeth Hanway, A.B.
Gillian Elizabeth Gorge             Zosette Anne Jarata Guir        Avrille Catherine Hanzel
Steven Eric Gornstein               Shawn Gulati                    Kaoru Harada
Polina Gorodinsky                   Jonathan Alex Gulman            Lindsay Anne Harbron
Kathleen Maria Gorski               Lauren Michelle Gumbiner        Eric Nathaniel Harburn
Kayla Joy Gorton                    Tali Ruth Gumbiner              Amanda Marie Hardcastle, A.B.
Alyson Marie Gossman                Daniil Gunitskiy                Kelli Rene Harden
Blumie D. Gourarie                  John Robert Gunnell             Aditi Shrikant Hardikar
Patrick James Goussy                Ashwin Kumar Gupta              Helen Climer Harding, A.B.
Amanda Katherine Govenar, A.B.      Gauri Gupta                     Todd Richard Hargrave
Arvind Umesh Gowda                  Susila Gurusami                 Arun Ramaswamy Hariharan
Mansi Goyal                         Evan Matthew Gusler             Dana Alison Harlan
Emily Clarke Goyert                 Elyssa F. Guslits               Annabelle Elizabeth Harless
Valerie Ann Grabski                 Peter Albert Gutsche            Alison Harley
Kimberley Marie Grady               Karen Guy                       Timothy Joseph Harmon
Kaitlin Dimitroff Graf              Sarah Emily Guzick              Shawn Travis Harmsen, A.B.
Courtney Draper Graham, A.B.        Alica Roseann Guzman            Alec Paul Harris, A.B.
Virginia Lee Graham                 Ryan Jeweng Ha                  Brooke Suzanne Harris, A.B.
Carrie Elizabeth Grahl              Brenton David Habecker          Clair Elizabeth Harris, B.S.
Janelle Lynne Grai                  Dennis William Habecker         Courtney Erin Harris
Heather Marielle Granader           Brian Daniel Haber, B.S.Chem.   Elizabeth Ann Harris, A.B.
Rachel Leigh Granneman              Elizabeth Anne Haber, B.S.      Holly Renee Harris
Eric Michael Granowicz              Samantha Rachel Haber           Tiffani Cierra-Lynn Harris, A.B.
Ari Alexander Grant                 Kimberly Hack, A.B.             Blake Emmorey Harrison
Megan Renee Grant                   Daniel Aaron Haddad             Michelle Elizabeth Harrison
Mackenzie Jean Grattan              Adam Syed Hafeez                James Richard Hart
Andrew Robert Grauzer, A.B.         Kaitlyn Rose Hagan              Preston Daniel Hart, A.B.
Charles Dewey Graver, A.B.          Eli Benjamin Hager              Keal Robert Harter, A.B.
Lauren Elizabeth Gray               Haala Abdul Hai                 Jennifer Rose Hartsell
Sharnita Dannette Grays             Mark Timothy Haines             Sabian Hasani
Chelsey Noel Green                  Liane Marie Hajduch             Katelyn Victoria Haskins, A.B.
Daniel Russell Green, B.S.          Rachelle Megan Halasa           Brianna Leigh Hatch-Vallier
Elan Halpern Green                  Alisha Gail Hall, A.B.          Rachel Elizabeth Hatcliffe
Gregory Maurice Green               Brian Richard Hall              Lauren Elizabeth Hauburger
Kristy Rebecca Green                Ryan Alan Hall                  Bryn G. Hauk
Sarah Staperfenne Greenbaum, A.B.   Sarah Therese Hall, A.B.        Olivia Sarah Haverson
Daniel Michael Greenberg            Whitney Lee Hall                Emma Elizabeth Hawker
Daniel Matison Greenblatt, A.B.     Reem Louis Hallal, B.S.         Cassandra Regina Dianne Hawkins
Shelley Christine Greene, A.B.      Ariel Rebecca Halperin          Amber Avion Hay
Joshua Greenfield                   Martin David Halprin            Amanda Marie Haynes, A.B.
Marie Louise Greenman               Jeff Michael Ham, A.B.          Thomas Roger Haynes
Lindsay Michelle Greenspoon         Christina Marie-Yousif Hamati   Melody Xian He
Tyler James Greer                   Abigail Rose Hambell            Sheshe Meiheng He
Charles Wood Gregg-Geist            Sarah Jean Hamblet              Timothy Christopher Heath
Alex Greiner, A.B.                  Caely Alise Hambro              Lisa Marie Hebda
Allison Jeanette Grekin             Katrina Celeste Hamel           Jenna Leigh Hedglen
Kimberly Gaylyn Grey, A.B.          Katie Marie Hamelink            Dorothy Julia Heebner
Andrew Robert Griesbaum             Elizabeth Ann Hamilton          Alison Marie Heeres, A.B.
Erin Elizabeth Griffin              Jessica Lee Hamling             Katherine Anne Heflick
Amanda Jo Grigg                     Daniel James Hammaker           Fredric Glenn Heidemann
Anthony Steven Grillo               Joshua Michael Hammond          Lauren Alissa Heidemann, B.S.
Magaly Grimaldo, A.B.               Al Hamood                       Lisa Ann Heil
Alex Thomas Grimes, A.B.            Joshua Michael Hamoud           Melissa Katherine Heil
Kevin John Grinnell                 Claire Elizabeth Hampton        Kristin Nicole Heinowski
Christopher Alexander Grondin       Rachel Marie Hamstra            Laura Emily Ann Heinrich
Jacob Benjamin Gross                Hyunmin Han                     Shira Heisler, A.B.
Matthew Brian Gross                 Angela Jean Hanchar             Melanie Kristine Heitmann
Marina Gross-Hoy                    Elizabeth Mackenzie Hand        Daniel Paul Hekman
Daniel Crames Grossman              Joshua Keith Handell            Katharine Rose Helegda
Grace Xiang Gu                      Aaron Damoth Handelsman         Caitlin Darcey Helgesen
Tian Jun Gu                         Jordan Arthur Handler           Jennifer Lee Hemberg
Jacqueline Lara Gubow               Courtney Hanna                  Mark Travis Hemming, B.S.
     Dillon Elinor Hendrick             Matthew Campbell Hornback        Arielle Lauren Isackson
     Kathryn Anne Hendricks             Margaret Rose Horne              Sonia Ann Isard, A.B.
     Laura Marie Hendricks, A.B.        Ruthi Hortsch                    Christopher Timothy Isham
     Andrea Constance Hengehold, A.B.   Adam Gabriel Horwitz             Samir Mohammed Islam
     Eileen Elizabeth Hengel, A.B.      Minzheng Hou                     Sayem Islam, A.B.
     Andrew Franklin Henn               Nicholas Robert House            Zehra Jabeen
     Phillip Joseph Henry, A.B.         Rebecca Susan House              Sarah Joann Jackier
     Katherine Jane Hensel, B.S.        David Houston                    Elizabeth Marie Jackson
     Heather Elise Henson, A.B.         Jennifer Joyce Howard            Jaclyn Jean Jackson, A.B.
     Allyson Rae Herbst                 Lauren Taylor Howard, A.B.       Johanna Michelle Jackson
     Alexander William Heritier         Timothy William Howarth, B.S.    Kenneth Robert Jackson
     Shannon Doris Herline              Lindsay Eaton Hoyle              Ryan Jackson
     Daniel J. Hermes                   Jon Iv Ryan Hradsky, A.B.        Suzanne Elizabeth Jacobs
     An-Li Herring                      Po-Yuan Hsiao                    Alex Daniel Jacobson
     Anne Marie Herrington              Natalie Mimi Hsiao Fang-Yen      Alyssa Anne Jacobson
     Mary Rose Herrmann                 Linhowe Charles Hsieh, A.B.      Rachel Ilyse Jacobson, A.B.
     Lindsay Elizabeth Herzog           Pe-feng Hsieh                    Laura Anne Jadwin
     Amy Elizabeth Heuberger, B.S.      Andrea Miller Hsu, B.S.          Katherine Ann Jaenicke, A.B.
     Caleb Solomon Heyman               Angela Marie Hua                 Erica Renee Jaffe
     Jessica Land Hibma, A.B.           Jennifer Zhengyan Huang          Aditya Vikram Jain
     Leaha Autumn Hicks, A.B.           Zili Huang                       Priyanka Saloni Jain
     Taylor Brianne Hicks               Daniel Dennis Hubbard            Alton Maxel James
     Laura Louise Hieber                William Roy Hubenschmidt, A.B.   Brynne Nicole Janeway, A.B.
     Corrine Anne Higley, B.S.          Andrew James Huber               Angela Hyo-Young Jang
     Michelle Ann Hilger                Alyse Ann Hudson                 Avanti Jangalapalli
     Caitlin Ann Hill, A.B.             David Owen Hughes                James A. Janisse
     Jenna Marie Hill                   Matthew Jared Hughes             Erica Anna Jankelovitz
     Kelsey Ruth Hill                   Sarah Jane Hughes                Corrie Zwanet Janssens
     Ryan Michael Hill                  Connie Huh, A.B.                 Anne Elizabeth Jaquith, B.S.
     Matthew James Hillyard, B.S.       Jonathan Chun Long Hui           Ana Lorraine Jara
     Heidi Barr Hilton                  Lara Elizabeth Hulbert           Jessica Jarl, A.B.
     Nazneen Amirali Himani             Lauren Elizabeth Humphrey        Breeshna Javed, A.B.
     Robert Schaefer Hinck              Ching Brenda Hung                Amanda Jawad
     Jason Michael Hindes               Diane Elizabeth Hunt             Christina Marie Jax, A.B.
     Lauren Elizabeth Hipp              Emily Christine Hunt, A.B.       Eric David Jay
     Dana Elizabeth Hirsch              Julia Anne Hunt, A.B.            Senushi Jayaratne
     Allison Ho                         Ryan Christopher Hunt, B.S.      Tashya Jayasuriya
     Poh Choo Ho                        Jonathan Richard Hunter, A.B.    Allison Michelle Jeddis
     Sin Hang Jacky Ho                  Nadia Huq, A.B.                  Meredith Conner Jeffrey
     Winnie M. Ho, A.B.                 Sarah Hur                        Amanda Catherine Jelinek, A.B.
     Ryan James Hodges                  Brian Jeffrey McConnell Hurd     Lindsey Kathleen Jennings
     Kimberley Collier Hoff, A.B.       Alexis Morgen Hurewitz           Kelsey Dorothy Jensen
     Lauren Elizabeth Hoff              Amanda Nichole Hurless           Kristine Marie Jensen
     Allyson Cody Marie Hoffman         Majeda Mahmoud Hussein           Ben A. Jerue
     Jessica Beth Hoffman               Sun Young Hwang, A.B.            Erika Jerwick, A.B.
     Kelly Ann Hoffman, A.B.            Matthew Maynard Hylant           Alex Jiga
     Melissa Brooke Hoffman             Erica Rachael Hyman              Ryan Michael Jock
     Megan Catherine Hoffmann, A.B.     Julia Anne Hyrne                 Benjamin David Johnides
     Emily Sylvia Hofstetter, A.B.      Alina Endelevna Iarve, B.S.      Dan Johns
     Alysia Raina Hogan                 James John Ignatz-Hoover         Jeremy Philip Johns
     William Peter Holbert              Carol Im                         Eliot Asher Johnson
     Jessica Ann Holler                 Liana Jahan Imam                 Jennifer Susan Johnson
     Todd Charles Hollon, A.B.          Rachel Heather Imershein, A.B.   Kevin Johnson, B.S.
     Alexis Anne Holman                 Ry Imhoff, A.B.                  Matthew Charles Johnson, B.S.
     Katie Elizabeth Holmes             Dylan Michael Imre               Matthew Richard Johnson
     Douglas Christopher Hom            Timothy Joseph Indyk             Theresa Jean Johnson, A.B.
     Rachel Catherine Hom               Andrew James Ingebritson         Sara Maria Johnson-Cardona
     Natalie Anne Homer                 Keith Richard Ingersoll, A.B.    Benjamin Jeffrey Johnston
     Sang Jun Hong                      Jingga Inlora, B.S.              Anne Blair Jones
     Ryan William Hookano, B.S.         Jenna Pauline Ipcar              Arielle Rose Jones
     Thomas Stewart Hooker              Heather Marie Irelan             Kathleen Walker Jones
     Susannah Marlene Hope              Carl Curtiss Ireland             Lauren Ashley Jones
     Allison Helena Horky               Sara Jacqueline Isaacson         Tiffany Loren Jones
50   Jonathan Joseph Horn               Jillian Kaleila Isaacs-See       James George Jonna
Noah Ross Jordan                    Jacqueline Kay Kauza             Jessica So Jung Kim, B.S.
Karin Theresa Jors                  Rachel Whitney Kavanaugh         Ji-Hyun Kim, A.B.
Amy Megan Joseph                    Karthik Kavasseri                Ji-Yeon Kim
Kenneth Andrew Joseph               Jody Beth Kavett                 Jung-Ho Kim
Nikhil Abraham Joseph               Parisa Kaviany                   Mee-Jung Kim
Nithya Maria Joseph, A.B.           Rachel Elizabeth Kay             Nami Kim
Thomas Jeffrey Joseph               Charlene Mei-Lin Kaye            Paul Tae-Hoon Kim
Stephen Andrew Josey                Cynthia Ana Kazanis              Raymond Jihoon Kim
Apoorvaa Chandrashekhar Joshi       Alexander Michael Kazickas       Wooseok Kim
Heather Ann Jowett                  Sarah Lynn Keck                  YoonMee Kim, A.B.
Casey Farrell Judge                 Jia Jin Kee                      Kara Michele Kime
Sarah Jukaku                        Jenna Keefe                      Noam Sam Kimelman
Benjamin Arthur Juliar              Jeremy Christopher Keeney        Bogdan Andrei Kindzelski
Hajin Jun                           Christine Lydia Keersmaekers     Amanda Nicole King
Jesse Min Jun                       Adam Blaine Keeter               Andrea Forbes King
Zachary Charles Junga               Nicholas Steven Keglovitz        Melissa Davis King
Amanda Lyn Jungquist                Holly Nicole Keilch, A.B.        Shawn Edward Kinkema
Elizabeth Sharon Jurmu              Maureen Grace Kellett            Victoria Rachel Kinzig
Adam Matthew Justusson, B.S.Chem.   Shannon E. Kellman               Elizabeth Marie Kirk
Bruce Alan Kaczmarek                Ann Marie Kelly, A.B.            Maria Antonova Kirova
Jeremy Leonard Kahn                 Erin Louise Kelly                Karl Gustav Kirschke
Danny Ahmed Kalash                  Thomas Michael Kelly             Jessica C. Catriona Kittel
Benjamin Charles Kalayjian, A.B.    Elizabeth Kelly-Sell             Scott Salam Kizy
Lisa Anne Kalenkiewicz              Aliscia Catherine Kemennu        Julianne Louise Kjolhede
Kyle Andrew Kalmbach                Frederick Michael Kemerling      Bryan Keil Klausmeyer
Carly Suzanne Kaloustian, A.B.      Ronald Edward Kendall            Abigail Tova Klausner
Heidi Elizabeth Kaloustian          Andrew Steven Kenger             Sarah Elizabeth Klaver, A.B.
Angela Singh Kalsi                  Erin Elizabeth Kennedy           Michelle Rose Kleiman-Moran
Rebecca June Kamil                  Theresa Anne Kennelly, A.B.      Diana Ruth Klein
Katie Scarlett Kaminski             James Francis Kenrick III        Joseph Armen Klein
Shaina Rachel Kandel                Joyce Sue Ker                    Julie Lynn Klein
Jill Rose Kandora                   Megan Lynn Kern, A.B.            Lindsay Michelle Klein
Naomi Sophia Kane                   Julie Michele Kerner             Madeline Rebecca Klein
Anqi Kang                           Sarah Elizabeth Kesler           Melanie Victoria Klein
Grace Kang                          Daniel Allan Kessler             Sheila Marie Klein
Steve H. Kang                       Scott Lawrence Kestenbaum        Rachel Faith Kleinerman
Shae Marie Kangas                   Hanna Beth Ketai, A.B.           Virginia Ruth Klinesteker
Sruti Chowdary Kante                Nicole Grace Keusch              Nuriel Jacob Klinger
Arielle Tobi Kantor                 Kathleen Olympia Khadder         Rachel Mara Klinghoffer
Karen W. Kao, A.B.                  Julia Alexanderovna Khakhaleva   Lauren Elizabeth Klouda
Katen Narendrakumar Kapadia         Mehwish Khaliq, B.S.             Madisen Jane Klumpp
Phillip Edward Kapets               Afshan Fatima Khan               Emily Rose Knapp
Auren Evan Kaplan                   Alisha Khan                      Kirsten Elise Knisely
Danielle Eryn Kaplan                Nazia Ahmed Khan                 Jayne Suzanne Knoff
Emily Lauren Kaplan                 Emily Schwarz Khazan             Robert Scott Knopp
Stacey Morgan Kaplow                Michael Maher Kheir              Wing Hong Ko
Arun Kapur                          Daniel George Khouri, B.S.       Karol Aleksander Kobylecki
Zeynep Mubeccel Kardicali, A.B.     Nicole Leighanne Khoury          Jessica Marie Koch, B.S.
Benjamin Daniel Karek               Wyman Khuu, A.B.                 Kaitlin Marie Koch
Vanessa Lynn Kargenian              Sara Anne Kiel                   James Joseph Kochkodan
Liza P. Karotkin                    Michael Benjamin Kiesel          Joseph John Kochmanski
Lyudmila Yefimovna Karpilovskaya    Courtney Eleanor Kilbourn        Nicholas Michael Kochmanski, A.B.
Kate DeYoung Karpinski, B.G.S.      Adam Kilian                      Jeffrey Koelzer
Angela Marie Karr                   Vasilia Lauren Kilibarda         Katherine Therese Koelzer
Whitney Michelle Karriger           Teresa Ann Kilmer                Jason John Kohler
Alison Gail Kartush, A.B.           Bright Hyun Woo Kim              Katie Michelle Kohn
Alexander Joseph Kastl              Daniel Jeehong Kim               Robert Benjamin Kohn
Anupam Kathpalia                    Danny Ji Myoung Kim, B.S.        Lainie Kristine Kokas
Ashley Mari Katsikos                Edward Chang Kim                 Chad Edward Kolarik, B.G.S.
Dara Gabriel Katz                   Eric Kim                         Lauren Briana Kolde
Haley Samantha Katz                 Gene Il Kim                      Matthew Robert Kole
Steven Andrew Katz                  Halley Sun-Young Kim, A.B.       Samantha Valentine Kolkey
Benjamin Russell Kaufman            Hyun Jung Kim, A.B.              Zachary Benjamin Koloff
Marshall Alexander Kaufman          Jean M. Kim                      Michael Paul Kolton                 51
     Hal David Kominsky              Jeremy David Kuriloff              Katherine Ruriko Lebioda
     Shang Kong                      Kole Kurti                         Chelsea Jean LeBlanc
     Susan Suyoon Kong, A.B.         Dhazrani Kusairi                   Rachel Shira Lebovic
     Jeremy Andrew Konheim, B.S.     Kevin Kwan, B.S.                   Amy Christine Lecureux
     Abena Aboagyewa Koram           Jean Li Hui Kwek                   Amy Kathleen Leder
     David Tannehill Koren, A.B.     Christine C. Kwiatkowski           Lisa M. Lederman
     James R. Kornacki               Christina Elise La Rosa            Nicole Rose Lederman
     Leslie Marie Korson             Erica Danielle LaBonte, A.B.       Alice Miyae Lee
     Calli-Ev Kosch                  Catherine Anne Labrenz             Chan-How Christine Lee
     Matthew Harold Koski            Jennifer Anne Lacosse              Chong Yeop Lee
     Christopher Stec Koslowski      Nathan Daniel Lada, A.B.           Da Inn Lee
     Adam Richard-Bernard Kosteva    Ariella S. Laden, A.B.             Daniel B. Lee
     Jessica Dawn Kosteva            Matthew Edward Laeder, B.S.        Dongkeun Lee
     Sarah Valerie Kostinski         Nathan Bradley LaFave              Edward Yoon-Je Lee, A.B.
     Stephanie Anna Kostiuk          Elaine Rose Lafay                  Eunmi Lee
     Danielle Renee Kostrzeba        Matthew Snyder Laffer              Ha Rim Lee, A.B.
     Alex Ogilvie Kostrzewa          Michael Ammond LaFond              Hester Chakyung Lee
     Brian Matthew Kotick, A.B.      David Charles Lai                  Ho Seung Lee
     Nicholas Stephen Kovach         Elizabeth Karen Lai                Jean Lee, A.B.
     Daniel Harris Kovel, A.B.       Laurie Michelle Lai                Jemius Dae Lee
     Brandon Michael Kozak, A.B.     Phoebe Man Lok Lai, A.B.           Jessica Seon Hwa Lee
     Brittany Gabrielle Kozerski     Samantha Anne Laing                Jina Lee
     Miranda Kozman, A.B.            Andrew Nelson Wilson Lalonde       Joanne Chiao Wey Lee
     Richard Bart Kramer             Vivian Wai-Yin Lam                 Min Jie Lee
     Zachary Daniel Kramer           Daphne Polymnia Lambropoulos       Raymond Joon Lee, A.B.
     Nicholas Edward Kransz          Adam Saul Lamm                     Rebecca Hyejung Lee
     Landon Blair Krantz             Anna Helen Lammers                 Sang-Weon Lee, B.S.
     Bradley Aaron Krasnick          Nicole Marie Lamond                Sungjun Lee
     Carley Jane Kratz               Samuel Bernard Lamonica IV, A.B.   Yugene Lee
     Jeremy David Kratz              Michael Ian Lampl                  Maya Rose Leeds
     Alexandra Kenleigh Kraus        Dustin James Landau                Amanda Jo Lefkof
     Andrew Evan Krause, B.S.        Jamie Ann Landau                   Lauren Ann Lefkowitz
     Kristen Dionne Krause           Benjamin Robert Landgraf           Alexandra Leigh Legutko
     Andrew Lee Kravis               Emily Rose Landgraf                Kimberly Anne Lehnert
     Andrew Vernon Krebsbach         Abigail Paige Landis               Linda Enlin Lei
     Marissa Golden Kresch           Aaron Frederick Lang               Nina Lei
     Kyle Richard Kreshover          Amanda Karin Lang                  Adam Matthew Leidal
     Alexandra McGinn Kresojevich    Kristin Ann Lang                   Alexander Michael Leikin
     Katherine Elisabeth Kretovich   Erin Margaret Lange                Abigail Janet Leinsdorf
     Katelin Margaret Krieg          Zachary Charles Lapalme            Sarah Pauline Leitman
     Anna Rachel Kriegel             Jeremy Benn Lapedis                Jill Ellen Lekse
     Hillary Krinick                 Lindsey Reneé Lapointe             Erica Nicole Lemanski
     Michael Patrick Krogh           Caroline Elizabeth Larder          Anna Lembryk
     Erin Marie Kropp                Mary Elizabeth Larijani            Jacob Isaac Lemire
     Danielle Anais Kruizenga        Ashley Elizabeth Larsen, B.S.      Kimberly Erin Lemkin
     Danielle Johanna Krumholz       Bradley Paul Larson                Tracy Hillary Elizabeth Lent
     Alexandra Joyce Kruse           Erik Nels Larson, A.B.             Stephanie Lentz
     Sophia Anne Kruz                Julie Elizabeth Larson             Danielle Marie Leo
     Chia Ying Kuang                 Andrea Jo Laszlo, A.B.             Erika Tracey Leon
     Katherine Alisa Kudyba, B.S.    Amy Marie Latham, A.B.             Christopher Philip Leonetti
     Anthony John Kuehne             Krista Nicole Latta                Matthew S. Lerner
     Sara Ilene Kuehnle              Krystal Kay Lattany                Chelsea Elizabeth Leser
     Nicola Claire Kuhlmann          Rosa Rachelle Latva                Joanna Renee Lesher, A.B.
     Jocelyn Lara Kuhn               Yuet Tung Cinzia Lau               Andrew James Leslie
     Neha Kumar                      Emily Elizabeth Laughlin           Kristen Nicole Lessl
     Sumit Raman Kumar               Desiree Laurel Lauricella, A.B.    Nicole Talia Lester
     Joshua Andy Kumosz              Stephanie Kai Nin Law, A.B.        Cassie Leung
     James Robert Kunz               Megan Leigh Lawlor                 Jenny Wai-Yin Leung
     Flavio Guinzburg Kuperman       Annie Renee Layno-Moses            Loang Uong Leuthvilay, A.B.
     Amanda Rae Kupstas, B.S.        Lindy Marie Lazar                  Erica Michelle Levin
     Lisa Maureen Kurajian           Stephanie Brooke Lazar             Madeleine Jacobson Levin
     Nikhil Tej Kurapati             Victoria Pham Le                   Benjamin Sy Levine
     Phillip Raymond Kurdunowicz     Paul Gregory Leahy                 Kevin Michael Levine
52   Andrew James Kure               Kimberly Ann Leaman                Lauren Sara Levine
Logan Ariel Levine, A.B.           Jennifer Michelle Loeb              Alyson Sara Makstein
Michael Landau Levine, A.B.        Meghan Kathleen Loeser              Omar Mazen Maktabi, B.S.
Rachael Esther Levine              Zhi-Jun Loh                         Stacy Alyse Malaker
Elliot Zachary Levitt              Jennifer Lynn Long                  Atiyatul Ghalib Malik
Stephanie Brooke Levy              Jonathan David Long                 Henry Matthew Mallek
Katrina Leigh Lewis                Katherine Rose Long                 Evan Sheppard Mallen
Krista Kay Lewis                   Rachel Nicole Long                  Karen Rebecca Mallozzi
Matthew John Lewis, A.B.           Jay Clifford Lonski                 Colin Alfred Bryant Maloney
Matthew Paul Lewis, B.S.           Soon Yi Loo                         Sarah Anne Mandlebaum, B.S.
Robert Edmund Lewis                Alexandra Noelle Lord               Brian J. Mann
Sarah J. Lewis                     Andrew Joseph Lorelli               Christopher Robert Charles Mann
Carly Chen Li                      Falina Sophia Lothamer              Kaarin Elizabeth Mann, A.B.
Celia Mei-Wei Li                   Alina Yinan Lou                     Stacy Lynn Mann
Choi Man Li                        Michelle Andrine Loubert            Amy Margaret Manning
Christina Hechu Li                 Katherine Elizabeth Love            Katherine Sue Manno
Han Li                             Kimberly Diane Lovell               Lisa Marie Manrique
Jinghui Li                         Sarah Marie Lowe, B.S.              Lynae Christine Manthei
Mary Li, A.B.                      Steven Zhiyuan Lu, B.S.             Clare Smith Marash
Yee Lam Li                         Corinda Lynne Lubin-Katz            Richard Marcil, A.B.
Zimu Li                            Calliope Lucas, A.B.                Abigail Korina Marciniak
James George Liadis                Lauren Nicole Lucchese              Ian Klinger Margolis
Jessie Wey-Ting Liang              Ka Yan Semechah Lui                 Arianna Angelina Margulis, A.B.
Sha Liang                          Stephen J. Luke                     Anthony William Mariano
Xuan Liang                         Daniel Luks                         Kelley Anne Maricle
Hsiao-Wei Liao, A.B.               Nicholas Bingea Lundholm, A.B.      Bernard Lawrence Marini, Jr., B.S.
Shayna Ariana Liberman             Laura Andra Lungu                   Scott Donald Mariouw
Stefanie Sara Licavoli             Jia Luo                             Amanda Lauren Markowitz
Erin K. Lichtenstein, A.B.         Tyson Michael Luoma                 Alyson Rachel Marks
Hannah Leorah Abramson Lieberman   Madeline Claire Lupei               Chelsey Lynn Marsh
Jamie Elsa Liebert                 Melissa Katherine Lupo, A.B.        Kendra Lee Marshall
Jeannie Rose Lieder                Carolyn Frances Lusch               Megan Anne Marshall
Brett Nicholas Liefbroer, A.B.     Nicholas Adam Lusk                  Alexandra Elena Martella
Alycia Katherine Lietaert          Katie Marie Lutker, B.S.Chem.       Lisa Marie Martens
Charles Joseph Lilly III           Ryan Peter Lutz                     Andrew Jeffery Martin
Glendale Yu-Li Lim                 Casey Shih-Jier Lwo                 Catherine Claire Martin
Joshua Zhi Han Lim                 Samantha Leigh Lyons                Evan Gil Martin
Margaret (Ho Lieh) Lim             Albert Kuei Ma                      Joseph Michael Martin, A.B.
WeiHsien Lim                       Stephanie Ann Ma                    Katherine Iman Martin
Xinyi Lim                          Marson Ma III                       Laura Kimberly Martin, A.B.
Brian Lin                          Cameron Alexander MacConomy         Zachary Warren Martin
David Sean Lin                     Jennifer Jill Macdonald, B.S.       Maria Lynn Martinez
Jennifer Lin                       Lindsey Elizabeth Macdonald, B.S.   Marko Martinovski
John Tzeh-Yung Lin                 Lora Elizabeth Macdonald            Kenata O. Martins, A.B.
Ruo Chen Lin, A.B.                 Katherine Elena MacDuffie           Gari Martinvski, B.S.
Avie LaMed Linden                  Todd Michaels Macey, A.B.           Monika Natalie Martusiewicz
Sarah Ceceil Linden                Elizabeth Ashley Macguidwin         Natalia Maska, B.S.
Rebecca Lindsay                    Elizabeth Mackay                    Nina Maria Massad
Katherine Anne Linetzky            Evan David Mackinder, A.B.          Sarah Elizabeth Massuch
Kira Rose Lipari-Jordan, A.B.      Ruth Brooke MacNeille, A.B.         Andrew Robert Mast
Natalia Lipin                      Rohit Shailender Madani             Alyssa Lea Mastic
Jessie Bryce Lipkowitz             Megan Pamela Ruth Madison           Helena Christina Mastrogianis, A.B.
Carolyn Michelle Lipps             Hannah Rachel Madoff                Russell Andrew Mataya
Matthew Joel Lipshaw               Brian James Magnuson                Brittany Ann Matelski
Harrison Saul Liss                 Sohini Mahapatra                    Steven Raymond Mateyka
John Arthur Lister                 Kelsey Marie Mahon                  Brittany Megan Mather
Samantha Rachel Litvack            Kyle William Mahoney                Thomas Mathew
Boris Litvin                       Hannah Rose Maier, A.B.             Caitlin Grace Mathis
Irene Hsin-Ping Liu                Lauren Elaine Mailhiot, A.B.        Jessica Eleanor Matis
Lian Liu                           Simon Florian Maisel, B.S.          Lisa Brittany Matlen
Lucy Yilan Liu                     Ashley Renae Maiuri                 Lara C. Matos
Mei Ling Liu                       Claudia Lauren Maj                  Meghan Lynne Matson
Ping Liu                           Nicole Elisabeth Maj                Alyssa Sue Matt
Yi-Chia Liu                        Nadia Shaker Makki                  Erin Kathleen Matthys
Tamara M. Livshiz                  Naomi Alyse Makofsky                Kaitlyn Esther Matz                   53
     Lauren May                             Elyssa Rachel Merzer                Jee-Won Moon
     Lynne Ann May                          Admir Mesanovic                     Michael Anthony Mooney, B.S.
     Colleen Elizabeth Mayhew               Christopher David Mesaros, A.B.     Jeffrey Allen Moore
     Leah Marie Mayo                        Nicholas Tenhaken Meshkin           John Lincoln-Carmack Moore, A.B.
     John Maxwell Mazzara                   Merrill Cox Messacar                Jonathan Adams Moore
     Paul Jeremy McAllister                 Lindsey Kay Mette                   Kate Jane Moore, B.S.
     Peter Colin McCann                     Madeline Lorraine Metzger           Molly Mae Moore
     Elizabeth Hall McCannell, A.B.         Claire Nicole Meunier               Robert Henderson Moore
     Anthony Charles McClafferty            Jessica Moore Meves                 Jennifer Helen Morack
     Colleen Ann McClain                    Chelsea Catherine Meyer             Jessica Ellen Morak
     Heather Erin McClain                   Catherine Mezzacappa, A.B.          Amy Marie Moran, B.S.
     Leslie Meryl McClain                   Maria Leigh Mianecki                Michelle Patricia Morath
     Megan Elizabeth McClure, B.S.          Kimberly Gail Michalik              Denisa Iulia Morea, B.S.
     Amanda Rae McCormick                   Ryan William Michelli               Joshua Rubin Morey
     Jennifer Anne McCoy                    Thomas Frank Michniacki, B.S.       Jeffrey Thomas Morgan
     Amanda Marie McCracken                 David Antonio Mickey, A.B.          Megan Elizabeth Morin
     Sean Phillip McDermott                 Katherine Veronica Miler            Madeleine Joanne Morley, A.B.
     Allison Chelsea McDonald               Catherine Elizabeth Militello       Samantha Alisabeth Morley
     Kahli Elizabeth McDonald               Aaron Daniel Miller                 Ellen Ann Morris, A.B.
     Patrick McDonnell                      Allison Diane Miller                Christine Nichole Morrison
     Kristofer Kroggel McDonough            Anna Medaris Miller                 Kyle Michael Morrison
     Melanie Kate McDowell, A.B.            Breanna Amanda Miller               Patrick William Morrison
     Erin Michelle McElwain                 Brian William Miller                Kirsten Sara Mortensen
     Anna Katharine McEvoy                  Brittney Nicole Miller              Lena Xenia Mortis, A.B.
     Adam Patrick McFarland                 Jakob Daniel Miller                 Erika Alexandra Moses
     Lauren Blair McGlothlin                Jeremy Alan Miller                  Steven Aaron Moses
     Kealey Devin McGray                    Matthew Voll Miller                 Alyssa Moskala
     Molly Lemire McGuire                   Zachary David Miller                Ashlee Nichole Mosley
     Sean Patrick McHenry                   Melissa Ann Milligan                Brandon Troy Moss
     Marilyn Marjory McHugh                 Christopher Scott Mills, A.B.       Lindsey Allison Moss, A.B.
     Caileigh Christine McKenna             Eric W. Mills                       Sonita Rolinda Moss
     Ian McLachlan, B.S.                    Emily Colleen Mirkin                Mark H. Mounayer
     Alexa Rae McLain                       William Daniel Mirrer               Stephanie Lynn Mount
     Desiree Yvonne Jessena McLain          David John Misch, B.S.              Moustafa Khaled Moustafa
     Kaitlin Colleen McLoughlin             Alan Elijah Mishler                 Noha Khaled Moustafa
     Christopher John McLouth, A.B.         Maryn Louise Mishler                Carla Armel Moverman
     Timothy James McQuade, B.S.            Amrit Misra                         Brent Mitchell Movitz, A.B.
     Brent Allen Medema, B.S.               Brittany Marie Mitchell             Rachel Marie Moy
     Angad Singh Medi, A.B.                 Marci Rae Mitchell, B.S.            Justine Marie Mrosak
     Melissa Go Medina, B.S.                Michael Scott Mitchell, Jr., A.B.   Alison Audur Mroz
     Michelle Kato-Stevenson Medley, B.S.   Katherine Frances Mitroka, A.B.     Andrew Martin Mueller
     Nicole Marie Meeker                    Megan Rae Mitrovich                 Justine Leigh Mueller, A.B.
     Elizabeth Megan Meeks, B.S.            Yuka Ellen Miura                    Thomas Zachary Mueller
     Benjamin David Megargel                Ryan Anthony Mlynarek, B.S.         Anudeep Mukkamala
     Rupangi Rajarshi Mehta                 Kimberly Ann Mobley, B.G.S.         Tara Lynn Mulder
     Sachin Mehta                           Zubin Juzer Modi, B.S.              Erin Leigh Mulligan
     Jian Ping Mei                          Michelle Patricia Modic             Sarah Kaye Mullins
     Andrew John Meier                      Crosby Alyse Modrowski              Kathleen Ann Munn
     Amanda Rose Meldrum                    Shivani Minesh Mody                 Maura Rossye Munoz, B.S.
     Lindsay Taylor Melworm                 Sathish Mohan, B.S.                 Amy Lynn Munslow
     Dhruv Swarup Menawat                   Suresh Mohan                        Kelly Nicole Murawski, A.B.
     Evelynne Marie Mende                   Ankita Mohanty                      Katherine Blythe Murkowski
     Elana Ruth Mendelowitz                 Emily Louise Mohon                  Daniel Lawrence Murphy, A.B.
     Yael Tzippora Mendelson                Jason Edward Mohr                   Kathleen Elizabeth Murphy
     Vivek Mendiratta                       Sarah Ann Mohr                      Lauren Eve Murphy
     Michael Anthony Meneghini              Olivia Parr Moldawer                Ian Christopher Murray
     Huan Meng                              Phillip Ryan Moll                   Maxine Antoinette Murray
     Christie Marie Meno                    Corina D. Mommaerts, B.S.           Stuart T. Murray
     Kellen Margaret Meranus                Koki Momose                         Sarah Elizabeth Mussoline, B.S.
     Miesha Merati                          Stephanie Nicole Monastra           Michela Helen Musto
     Cole Joseph Merkel                     Drew Monks                          Subhratha Muthusamy
     Abigail Rose Merritt                   Alessandra Christine Montagano      Leah Beth Mutnick
     Carolyn Rebecca Merritt                David Wayne Montague                Greg Kenny Myer
54   Amy Elizabeth Mersol-Barg              Valerie Susana Montes               Beatrice Na
Elaine Laura Nabel                    Brian Edward Nixon                   Alana Kathleen Otto, B.S.
Emily Anne Nacy                       Ahamefula Nnodim, B.S.               Will S. Otto
Brian Arthur Nadeau                   Eun J. Noh, B.S.                     Jessica Ouyang
David Weill Nadel                     Emma Nolan-Abrahamian, A.B.          Michelle Ouyang
Rebecca Ann Nadis                     Colin Callaghan Norman               Daniel Lee Overbeek
Amanda Leslie Nagrotsky               Zebadiah Albert Norman               Elizabeth Irene Owens
Madhav K. Naik                        Caroline Michelle Novack, A.B.       Jocelynn Tiffany Owusu
Roshan F. Najafi                      Alissa Julia Ruth Novoselick, A.B.   Shira Oyserman
Oliver Samir Nakad                    Lindsay Ann Nowaczyk                 Samantha Katherine Pabich
Mio Nakamura                          Fiona Louise Nowlin                  Jordan Townswick Pace
George Bashar Nakhleh                 Justine Tennille Nowosatko           Brittany Beth Pack, A.B.
Joseph Bashar Nakhleh, A.B.           Carrie Lane Nusbaum                  Elizabeth Anne Padalino
Boram Nam, A.B.                       Sameer Rajendra Oak                  Michael Braun Padilla
Jin Wook Nam, B.S.                    Sarah Elizabeth Oas                  Dustin Alexander Paige
Nishant Nannapaneni, B.S.             Josephine Ellen Oblinger, A.B.       Carol J. Pak
Zainub Fatima Naqvi                   Courtney Ann O’Brien                 Emily Jane Pakula, B.S.
Michael Narula                        Kieran Sunanda O’Brien, A.B.         Gabrielle Lyn Palanca
Neha Narula                           Renee Lynn O’Brien                   David Gutmann Palay
Melissa Kathleen Narus                Julia Britten O’Callaghan            Lauren Nicole Palazzolo
James Alexander Nash                  Elisa Nicole Ochfeld                 Bradley Mark Palchesko
Hassan Nasser                         Ann Morray O’Connor                  Melissa Pan, A.B.
Kelly Eileen Natarajan                Ramy M. Odeh, B.S.                   Betty Pang
Jasper Diamond Nathaniel              Bridget Mary Ailish O’Donnell        Brent Richard Pantaleo
Ariel Beth Nathanson                  Lauren Anne Oglevee                  Lily M. Papakhian, A.B.
James Edward Nati                     Nicolette Nevena Ognjanovski         Eleni Christine Papalekas
Rhana Nawal Natour                    Audrey Mijin Oh                      Alex Michael Papo, B.S.
John Patrick Naughton, B.S.           Rose Oldford O’Hara                  Athanasia Christine Pappas
Jeanine Ruth Nault, A.B.              Joseph James O’Hara III, A.B.        Erik James Paquet
Tori Alyssa Nault                     Lauren Elizabeth O’Hare              Deanna Lubov Parchomenko
Mark Anthony Navarro, Jr.             Michelle Rie Okada                   Mariam Parekh
Heather Anne Nawrocki, A.B.           Dionne Chikaodili Okafor, A.B.       Allison Leigh Parent
Joslyn Diane Neal                     Sylvia Ijeoma Okechukwu              Angelina Marie Pargoff, A.B.
Kristina Shardae Holeman Neal, A.B.   Janell Rose O’Keefe                  Amar Parikh, A.B.
Kyle Anthony Nedic                    Katherine Elizabeth Okonowski        Anand Kiran Parikh, A.B.
Kathleen Marie Nelis                  William Henry Olds III               Malav Jayendra Parikh
Alyssa Yumi Nelson                    Renagh Emiko O’Leary                 Anna Celia Paris
Dawn Marie Nelson                     Mary Catherine Oliver                Christine Park
Leyton Preston Nelson                 Paul David Oliver                    Eunice Park
Natalie Rose Nelson                   Andrew Robert Olmsted                Jean Eugene Park
Taylor Lauren Nelson                  Steven Gerald Olsen, A.B.            Jinchul Park
Hannah Laura Neshek, A.B.             Christina Lorraine Olson             Katherine Jisoo Park
GingerAnn Kathryn Neslund             Jamie Marie O’Malley                 Lisa Chung Park
Melissa Nicole Nestor                 Aimee Nmazule Omenazu, A.B.          Samie Park, A.B.
Vincent Lee Nestorovski               Amy Elizabeth O’Neil                 Sharon Soojin Park
Molly Cathleen Netter                 Renee Alane O’Neill                  Yoonmi Park, A.B.
Adam Charles Neuenschwander           Heather Marie Ordan                  Joseph Rouse Parke
Marissa Shaindel Neuman               Cristina Megan Ordonez, A.B.         Elizabeth Joy Parker, B.S.
Sarah Elizabeth Neuman                Jessica Lee Ordonez, B.S.            Alicia Willo Parr, A.B.
Melanie Sonja Neumeyer, A.B.          Rachel Aba Orleans                   Emily Nichole Parus, A.B.
Elise Audra Neveau                    Jeneanne Brianna Orlowski            Adam Philip Pascarella
Robert Aaron Newman                   Caitlin Ashleigh O’Rourke            Maria Paschalidis, A.B.
Melissa Lee Ng                        Albert Ortiz, A.B.                   Cherilyn Elizabeth Pascoe
Tony Ng                               Justin Robert Ortwine                Travis John Pashak, A.B.
Sherry Quan Ngo                       Douglas David Orzel                  Julie Michelle Passage
Christine Thanh Nguyen                Akihiko Osada, B.S.                  Michael Robert Passman
Dolly Nguyen                          Jeffrey Donald Osborne               Carl Andrew Patchen
Tony Nguyen                           Timisola Remi Oshikanlu              Amee Kanubhai Patel, A.B.
Trang Ly Nguyen                       Sarah Nicole Osman                   Dipa Dinesh Patel
Holly Therese Nicewander, A.B.        Erick Ostaszynski, A.B.              Neil Dilip Patel
Alexandria Hart Nichols               Christopher Raymond Ostro            Niket Madhusudan Patel
Emily Niedzwiecki                     Shardae Marie Osuna                  Prashant Pankaj Patel
Alexandra Niemi                       Elizabeth Maeve O’Toole, A.B.        Rosan Dilip Patel
Rachel Anne Nisch                     Brian Edward Ottenweller, A.B.       Suketu Naginbhai Patel, B.S.
Miyuki Nishimura                      Kelsey Elaine Otterbein              Tejal Dinesh Patel, B.S.       55
     Uchita Rupen Patel                 Taryn Lindsay Pine                     Cyrus Cameron Rabbani
     Vicool Vinodchandra Patel          Zoe Stephanie Piontek                  Timothy Gillooly Raben
     Vinay Rukesh Patel                 Megan Mojgan Pirooz                    Patricia Joanna Radecka
     Kirby Nicole Paterson              Adnan Ali Pirzada                      Michael Vincent Radtke, Jr.
     Eileen Michelle Patten             Mina Pirzadeh                          Christopher Michael Rae
     Andrea Michelle Patterson          Jennifer Marie Pisani                  Vikram Madhav Raghunathan
     Amanda Jo Pattock                  Shana Hartley Pitman                   Goli Rahimi
     Alex Seth Paul                     Steven Terry Plastrik, A.B.            Hannah Mary Rajala
     Amanda Kay Paulson                 Danielle Rebecca Platt                 Lauren S. Rakow
     Tommaso Pavone                     Erin Elisabeth Margaret Platte, A.B.   Kathleen Margaret Ralko
     Paula Maria Pawlowski              Lee Edward Plaxco, A.B.                Michael Ravi Ram, A.B.
     Kathleen Morgan Peabody, A.B.      Alexandra Marie Ploechl                Rupa Raghu Ramadurai
     Tyler Bates Peacock                David Michael Plona                    Sheela Latha Ramesh
     Benjamin Ryan Pearlman             Caitlyn Michele Plonka                 Andres Murray Ramos, A.B.
     Emily Alexandra Pearson            Anna Marie Pogoncheff                  Elizabeth Ashley Ramus
     Cristina Daniella Pecci            Brian Carl Pogrund                     Erica Sonia Ranade
     Elisabeth Anne Pedersen            Jessica Kelly Pogue                    Ashley Shamika Randle
     Brandon Robert Peecook             Jana Helen Pohorelsky                  Avis Cherese Randle
     Katelyn Mary Pelak                 Elliott Pfund Polakoff                 Puneet Kaur Rangi
     Adam Krebsbach Pelc                Rimma Polevoy                          Nicholas Jordan Ranke
     Jolene Ethel Pelton, A.B.          Mark John Poll                         Maria Anca Ranta, A.B.
     Justin Scott Pelzer                Gabriel Palmer Pompilius               Alexandra Elise Raphael, A.B.
     Olivia Deetta Pennebaker           Tiffany Wing-Gi Pong, B.S.             Andrew James Rarus, A.B.
     Kate Elizabeth Pennington          Scott Michael Pontasch                 Rachel Elizabeth Rarus
     Christopher John Peplin            Pradeep John Poonnen                   Lindsey Julia Raskin
     Natalie Ruth Perach                Cristina Georgiana Popa                Andrew Musso Rasmussen
     Manal Hanif Peracha                Kirsten Leigh Popoff                   Marina Mary Rasmussen
     Lilia Perec                        Laura Maria Populin                    Paige Eileen Rasmussen, A.B.
     Liana Sol Perez                    Michael James Porter                   Yasha Rastgar
     Claudia Sofia Perez-Tamayo, A.B.   Andrea Marie Posh                      Anirudha Swaminathan Rathnam
     Joshua Kendrew Perles, A.B.        Rebecca Ann Povilus                    Maanjot Kaur Rathore
     Lauren Elizabeth Perlin            Whitney Kristin Pow                    Jacqueline Collett Rau
     Wei Perng, B.S.                    Dustin Scott Powell                    Sarah Elizabeth Raubinger
     Kristine Elizabeth Perria          Joanne Catherine Powell                Nithin Srinivasan Ravi
     Alison Elizabeth Perrin            Courtney Elyse Power                   Joshua Stephen Rawa, B.S.
     Geoffrey Thomas Perrin             Shashwati Pradhan                      Samantha Brooke Rawdin
     Evan Matthew Perry                 Alexander Tempinski Prasad             Sanaa Abida Rawji, B.S.
     Felicia Stacy Pesis                Nicole Prairie Premo                   Kristin Marie Rawski
     Jillian Lee Peters                 Aaron Jordan Press                     Afrah Raza
     Courtney Anne Lecklider Petersen   Andrew Michael Preston, B.S.           Saba Zehra Raza
     Deborah Ann Peterson, B.S.         Dana Catherine Preston, A.B.           Veronika Razinkova, A.B.
     Derek Jon Peterson                 Sasha Nicole Preston-Suni              Olivia Louise Reboulet, A.B.
     Meg Elizabeth Peterson             Brittany Nicole Price                  Shailesh C. Reddy
     Sarah June Peterson, B.S.          Gary Nathan Prince, B.F.A., A.B.       Shashir B. Reddy
     William Croix Petrich              Danika Kira Prochaska                  Swathi Guduru Reddy
     Alyssa Marie Pillow Petroni        Ana Maria Progovac                     Matthew Steven Reece, B.S.
     Brittany Kate Petts                Matthew James Promack, B.S.            Arden Welsh Reed
     Megan Valice Peyton                Kate Marie Proos, A.B.                 Rachel K. Reed, A.B.
     Amanda Lee Pfaff                   Corinne Elizabeth Prosniewski          Scott Ellison Reed
     Hai Long Pham                      Rachel Aura Proudfoot                  Maya Elaine Reeves
     Christie Leigh Phillips            Eric Anthony Provins                   Rachael Hadley Reeves
     Emily Faye Phillips                Rachel Chelsea Pryde                   Thomas Clark Regan
     Lauren Michelle Phillips           Audra Puchalski                        Katie Michelle Reichard
     Paul Michael Phillips              Aleis Christine Pugia                  Rebecca Ann Reichel
     Stephen Scott Phillips             Amanda Lynne Pugliese                  Lauren Alysee Reid
     Andrew James Philp                 Allison Gill Pushman, A.B.             Christopher Marc Reil
     Raymond Lee Phung                  Alyssa Marie Putich                    Aaron Michael Reina, B.S.
     Douglas J. Pickens                 Danielle Michelle Putnam, A.B.         Kelly Elizabeth Reina
     Peter Picz                         Scot Curtis Putzig                     Louise Marie Reina
     Alison Marie Piech, A.B.           Alex Pyden                             Andrew Alexander Reinel
     Alexandria Lauren Pilon            Kathryn Marika Pytiak                  Sarah Louise Reinhardt
     Adam Marek Pindral                 Mariem Qamruzzaman                     Jason Noah Reisfeld
     Dana Michelle Pine                 Laura Michelle Quade                   Kristin Elise Reiter
56   Hillary Elise Pine                 Brennan Paul Quenneville, A.B.         Margeaux Anahid Reizian
Lisa Hathaway Repicky                Natalie Kristen Romatz            Adam Michael Russman
Sasha Polverelli Resende             Jamie Rachel Rome                 Daniel Joseph Russo
Sam Harris Resnik, A.B.              Anna Elizabeth Romefelt           Hana Marie Russo, B.S.
Olivia Retenauer, A.B.               Benjamin Zimmerman Root           Ian Matthias Rust
Adriana Carla Rewald                 Jillian Elise Rosati              Sara VanGilder Rust, A.B.
Ellen Elizabeth Rewalt               Kira Alexandra Rose               Whitney Sutton Rutherford
Conor Patrick Reynolds               Brandon Reid Rosen                Amanda Ayres Rutishauser
Joo Young Rhee                       Brian Adam Rosen                  Philip Michael Rutkowski
David Scott Rhine                    Emily Jill Rosen                  Erica Marie Rutter
Brianne Coreen Rhoades               Katie Marie Rosen, A.B.           Molly Agoos Ryan
Cecelia Clary Rhoads                 Samantha Jamie Rosen              Sean Patrick Ryan
Danielle Nicole Rhodes               Tracey Elizabeth Rosen            Maria Ager Ryen
Emily Patricia Rice                  Samuel Lee Rosenbaum              Jennifer Dahye Ryu
Jaclyn Stephanie Rice, A.B.          Andrew Alexander Rosenberg        Lora Alexandrovna Ryzhkova
Colleen Terese Richards              Gregory Evan Rosenberg            Melanie Catherine Sabbagh
Hilary Leigh Richardson              Eric Ross Rosenbloom              Michael Sean Sabbah, B.S.
Lindsay Elizabeth Richardson, A.B.   Jillian Leigh Rosenblum           Surya Devi Sabhapathy
Megan Beth Richardson, A.B.          Hannah Maxx Rosenfeld             Ksenija Sabic
Rachel Lee Rickard                   Emily Christina Rosengren         Erin Renee Sabo, A.B.
Sean Alan Riddell                    Colt Rosensweig                   Caitlin Mahoney Sadler
Jeffrey Eric Riecke                  Alexander Harold Rosenthal        Noveed Leon Safipour
Kyle Austin Riegle                   Elyse Sarah Rosenthal             Nicole Ritamarie Saghy
Lauren Elizabeth Riess               Kim Britni Rosenthal              Anjan Kumar Saha
Michael William Riess, A.B.          Zachary Philip Rosenthal          Robert Daniel Salaman
Emily Anne Riley                     Caroline Sivan Rosenzweig         Samer Salamekh
Dwayne Leonard Riley, Jr.            Kenneth Seth Rosenzweig           Brian Matthew Salata
Paul Thomas Rink                     Evan Rosin                        Robby Ray Saldana
Christine Marion Rinke, A.B.         Amy Bethany Ross                  Catherine Amethyst Galang Saldia
Brendt D. Rioux                      Robert Allen Ross                 Suvina Sallan
Jessica Anita Ritchie                Jordan David Rossen, A.B.         Carolyn Jennifer Sallen
Alexandra Leigh Ritson               Michael D. Rossi                  David Anani Sallen
Alaina Schwensen Ritter              Meghann Marie Rotary              Dina Omar Salman
Lauren Elizabeth Rivard              Bryan Meckler Roth                Tanya Mutasim Salman
Vannessa Christine Rivera, A.B.      Molly Suzanne Roth                Lauren Ilana Salzman
Zenaida Anastasia Rivera             Zachary Samuel Rothberg           Mairaj Tariq Sami, B.S.
Yelena Rivtis, A.B.                  Allison Elizabeth Rothman, A.B.   Julia Landon Samo
Jason Jehad Rizqallah, B.S.          Haley Jill Rottenberg             Amber-Jean Vlasti Samson
Christopher Steven Rizzo             Douglas Alan Rottmann             Julie Blair Samuel
Jessica Leigh Roach, B.S.            Reid Michael Rousseau             Ryan William Sanderson
Kaitlin M. Roach, A.B.               Nazzareno Rovito, A.B.            Nicole Brea Sands
Sarah Rebecca Robb                   Ashley Alanna Rowe                Talyah Michele Sands
Alyce Angela Robelli                 Jennifer Christine Rowe           Carly Elizabeth Sanfield
Johnny Lawson Roberts                Melissa Sarah Rowe, A.B.          Neal Dev Sangal
Julia Wentworth Roberts, A.B.        Matthew James Rowland             Vishrudh Ashwin Santaprakash
James Richard Robertson              Alyssa Melanie Roy                Nicole Ann Santarosa
Jessica Caitlin Robertson, A.B.      Jessie Caitlin Roy                Suzanne Heather Santopolo, A.B.
Kyle David Robertson, B.S.           Kelly Marie Roy                   Shruti Saran
Rebecca Jean Roberts-Wolfe           Stephanie Craig Royer, A.B.       Lauren Ani Sarkesian
Danielle Marie Robinett              Helen Joy Rozeboom                Elissa Louise Sarno
Michelle Lauren Robinette            Melina Shae Rozzisi               Evan Thomas Sarosi, A.B.
Anneke Caitlin Robinson              Benjamin Ruano                    Nidhish Sasi
Chayla Amelia Robles, A.B.           Anthony Michael Rubin             Daniel Joseph Sass
Thomas John Roccotagliata            Sander Sol Rubin                  Alexandr Satanovsky, A.B.
Bryan-Andrew Vittone Roche, B.S.     Jaclyn Nicole Rubinstein          Akhila Satish
Mary Kathryn Rock                    Jordan Max Ruby                   Jillian Leigh Satler
Julia Susan Rodgers                  Michael Aaron Rubyan              Erica Marie Saunders
Amanda Gabrielle Rodriguez           Fiona Colleen Ruddy               Lindsay Marie Saunders
Gabriel Antonio Rodriguez-Garriga    Michael Robert Rudowski           Konrad Teodor Sawicki
Julia Vincent Roehling               Kimberly Nola Ruelle              Navdeep Sayal
Alyssa Kathe Roehmer                 Brittany Leigh Ruiz, A.B.         Douglas Brian Sayranian, A.B.
Lindsey Ann Rogers, A.B.             Tamara Sonia Rushovich            Sarah Lynn Schadek
Zoe Marisa Rogovin                   Robert Sebastian Russano          Duke Jordan Schaeffer
Steven Daniel Rokosz, A.B.           Charles Travis Russell, A.B.      Daniel Alan Schaffa, M.Acc.
Matthew Robert Roman                 Whitney Lauren Russell, A.B.      Michael-Paul Schallmo              57
     David Michael Schauder                  Nicholas Todd Sejnost             Soo Yeon Shim
     Katherine Esther Schaufelberger, A.B.   Sahil Singh Sekhon                Sarah Shin
     Jody Hannah Schechter                   Clare Terese Selden               Benjamin Isaac Shipper
     Sarah Elizabeth Scheitler, A.B.         Ryan Andrew Selleck               Emily Hoffman Shire
     Ariel Welker Schepers                   Ryan Scott Selley                 Roxana Shirkhoda, A.B.
     Brian Anthony Schetzsle                 Stesha Rose Selsky, A.B.          Ethan Andrew Shirley
     Alixandra Ashley Scheufler, A.B.        Olga Semenova, A.B.               Jamie Michelle Shoag
     Justin Luke Schifano                    Marissa Lee Sens, A.B.            Laura Leighann Shoaps
     Sophia Schiralli                        Anthony Primo Sensoli             Anna Christina Shoberg
     Jessica Ryan Schissel                   Kerri Anne Serecky, B.S.          Sarah Lynn Shook, B.S.
     Talia Anne Schlamowitz                  Kirill Serkh                      Gordon Samuel Shott
     Rachel Sara Schlanger                   Andrea Clare Sexton               Eric Timothy Shovein
     Rebecca Elyce Schleicher                Amanda Anne Seyerle               Paul James Showalter-Blades
     Caitilin Rain Schlitt                   Syed Hammad Shabbir               Yevgeny Shrago
     Lauren Chelsea Schmandt                 Anuj M. Shah                      Eytan Yoel Shtull-Leber
     Blase Schmid, A.B.                      Bella Rajendra Shah               Catherine Elaine Shubert
     Bradley Tyler Schmidt                   Kishan Paresh Shah, A.B.          Megan Rae Shurlow
     Gunnar Stone Schmidt                    Meelap Vijay Shah                 Simone Jasmin Shurney
     Katie Ann Schmidt                       Neil Bhupen Shah, B.S.            Adrianne Peckham Shushan
     Jacob David Schnee                      Rohen Rajnikant Shah              Stephen Christopher Siciliano
     Caitlin Emery Schneider                 Urvi Rajesh Shah                  Faisal Ahmed Siddiqui
     Julia Greff Schneider                   Vikram Shah                       Carli Riva Siegel
     Lauren Leigh Schneider                  James Anthony Shaheen, B.S.       Danielle Whitney Siegel
     Stephanie Paige Schneider               Usman Shahid, B.S.                Jennifer Lauren Siegel
     Dana Marisa Schnittman                  Sean Nicholas Shahrestani, B.S.   Rebecca Emily Siegel
     Amy Rose Schoenherr                     Victoria Shakhin                  Seth Robert Siegel
     Justin Scott Schon                      Abbie Diane Shallop               Sasu Topias Siegelbaum, A.B.
     Jodie Renee Schram                      Gloria Tran Shan                  Boris Yakov Sigal
     Alayna Ruth Schreier                    Carly Elizabeth Shapiro           Erika Rae Sikina
     Stephanie Ann Schroder                  Darshana Fay Shapiro              Andrew Montrie Silapaswan
     Emily Elaine Schroeder, A.B.            Elisheva Shapiro, A.B.            Miriam Ottilie Silk
     Anne Denise Schubert                    Rebecca Grace Shapiro, A.B.       Christina Ann Silliman, B.S.
     Amanda Rachel Schuetz                   Maya Sharma                       Rachel Carmel Silveri, A.B.
     Charles Frank Schuler IV                Codi Alexis Sharp                 Jaclyn Samantha Silverman
     Andre Schultz                           Douglas Adams Sharp               Kenneth Michael Silverman
     Jillian Woods Schultz                   Rupal Kamalesh Shastri            Rachel Beth Silverman
     Erin Schulz                             Haley Allison Shaull              David Benjamin Silvers, A.B.
     Alison Marie Schumacher                 Ashley Kay Shaver                 Bethanie Glaser Silversmith
     Nicole Lynn Schummer                    Elisha Alley Shaw                 Lee Yung Sim
     Amanda Hartman Schutte                  Jennifer Ann Shaw, A.B.           Poh Ying Sim
     Jay Edward Schwab                       Manessa Crystal Shaw              Graham Michael Simmington
     Andrew Logan Schwartz                   Hannah Rose Sheehy                Elias David Simon, A.B.
     Elizabeth Alison Schwartz, A.B.         Whitney Kathleen Sheffer, B.S.    Jeffrey Richard Simon
     Juliann Marie Schwartz                  Laura Elyse Shefner               Kolin Wesley Simon
     Kaitlin Ivy Schwartz                    Karen Carol Shen                  Michael Simonov
     Laura Beth Schwartz, A.B.               John Martin Shepard               Benjamin Theodore Simons
     Lauren Michelle Schwartz                Matthew Stuart Shepherd           Cara Michelle Singer
     Samantha Blair Schwartz                 Arielle Margot Sherman            Shanna Rachel Singer, B.S.
     Elizabeth Faye Schweyen                 Dustin Matthew Sherman            Stephanie Jill Singer
     David Bryan Schwimmer                   Jennifer Nicole Sherman           Aman Singh
     Taryn Eileen Scibienski                 Jonathan Bradley Sherman          Karen Kamal Singh
     Eric John Scimeca                       Jordan Alexandra Sherman          Sahib Singh
     Isabella Linard Scofield                Samantha Quinn Sherry             Sanjiv Singh
     Geoffrey Allen Scott, A.B.              Jessica Kiran Sheth               Jennifer Mary Singleton
     Nicole Kathryn Scripsema                Ryan David Shevin                 Anisha Sinha
     Brett Herbert Seamon, A.B.              Helen Shi                         Gabriel Micah Sirkman
     Joseph Ryan Seasly, B.S.                Lucy Z. Shi                       Heather Marie Sirko
     Ann Tiernan Seaver                      William Paul Shield III, B.S.     Lionel Richard Simon Sitruk
     Jonathan Tyler Sebolt                   Natalie Anne Shields              Julia Brooke Sittig
     Sara Marie Sefcovic, A.B.               Timothy Henry Shields             Aaron Skolnik
     Andrew Louis Seiden                     Alison Tara Shier                 Chelsea Lynne Slater
     Jessica Blanche Seidman                 Bradley Scott Shiery, A.B.        Lauren Elizabeth Slete
     Marisa Jaclyn Seiss                     Belinda Shih                      Edward Guy Sloan
58   Rebecca Lynn Seitz                      Min Suk Shim                      Claire Alysse Sloma
Aaron Michael Sluis              Danielle E. Stahlbaum              Maria Sumina
Ryan Matthew Slusky              Elias Vasilios Stambolis, B.S.     Jennifer J. Sun
Max Kaplan Slutsky               Lauren Elizabeth Stanek, A.B.      Jessica Sun, A.B.
Steven David Smail               Zachary Ronald Stangebye           Rich Sun
Kate Smallberg, A.B.             Michael Christopher Stanley        Jacqueline April Sunisloe
Danielle Nicole Smit             Madeline Beth Stano                Stephanie Michele Surach, A.B.
Adrienne Michelle Smith          Nathan Jacob Stano                 Gaal Itzhak Surugeon
Alison Bernadette Smith, A.B.    Kathryn Elizabeth Staples          David Kenneth Suska, A.B.
Andrea Marie Smith               Karen Lynn Stasevich               Jennifer Ann Sussex
Andrew Hart Smith                Ashley Marie Stasiak               Paul Michael Sutherland, A.B.
Bennett Earl Smith               Larissa Marie Stassek              Joseph Stanley Sutkowi
Claire Sylvester Smith, A.B.     Kristen Jean Steagall              Kyle Blake Sutton, A.B.
Jacob Benjamin Smith, A.B.       Leah Elizabeth Steckler            Emily Anna Swab, A.B.
Jacob Samuel Smith               Erik Dennis Steel                  Kyle Anthony Swaim-Lamb, A.B.
Jonathan Daniel Smith            Kara Renee Steeland                Amanda Elizabeth Swain
Lauren Renee Smith               Adam James Steenwyk, B.S.          Alok Swaroop
Megan Elizabeth Smith            Kyra Joelle Stefin                 Hailey Michele Swartz, A.B.
Shaelyn Elaine Smith             Mika Efthimia Stefos, A.B.         Michael Kenneth Swartz
Spencer Douglas Smith            Ariela Toby Steif                  Sarah Lynn Swartz, A.B.
Stephanie Logan Smith            Jenna Kathryn Stein                Jayanth Swathirajan
Stephanie Spencer Smith          Kelly Shira Stein                  Sara N. Sweetbaum
Stephen Lloyd Smith              Jane Sari Steinberg                Marie Ellen Sweetman
Thomas Waddell Smith             Jillian Brett Steinberg            Stephanie Elizabeth Sweetman, A.B.
Natasha Lee Smolcic, B.S.        Caitlyn Cornelia Steiner, B.S.     Christopher Douglas Swenson
Catherine Rose Smyka             Alexis Rachel Steinmetz            Michael Nakkyung Swong
Caitlin Anne Snow                Rachelle Soudriette Sterling       Hillary Rose Szawala
Andrew David So                  Samuel Corless Stern, A.B.         Juleah W. Szopo
Janet Suzanne Soave              Gretchen O’Grady Stertz            Kelly Marie Taglia, A.B.
Puneet Sodhi                     Casey Elizabeth Steslicki          Michael Ho Kong Tai
Nahmoo Moon Soh, B.S.            Chelsea Lyn Stevens                Selene Bongianni Takats
Jessica Lynn Soley               Andrea Nicole Steward              Justin Peter Talia, A.B.
Rebecca Anna Solomon             Eric Richard Stewart               Gaurav Kumar Talwar
Corey Frances Solow, A.B.        Lisa Marie Stibitz                 Sean Shorone Tamir
Stephanie Anne Somerman, A.B.    Matthew Tyler Stier                Chay Beng Tan, B.S.
Cathy Song                       Sarah Jeanne Stinebaugh            Jerrit Zhen Tan
Jesse Xi Song                    Peter Christopher Stirgwolt        Melanie Tan, B.S.
Melanie Elisabeth Sottile        Evan Craig Stokar                  Melissa Si Hui Tan
Sean Michael Southard, B.S.      Merrick Alexandra Stone            Ooi Haw Tan
Patrick John Southern            Devon Swisher Stonebrook           Sheng Hong Tan
Christina Carol Spallina, A.B.   Andrea Leigh Stoner                Sasha Marie Tandlich
Kent Douglas Sparks              Molly Elizabeth Storey             Albert Tinsing Tang
Rachel Fran Sparr                Anna Stotland                      Minyi Tang, B.S.
Lindsey Rae Speers               Caroline Alexandra Stover          Peter Qiu Tang
Nancy A. Spencer, A.B.           Christina Nicole Stowers, A.B.     Te-Ching Tang
Kerri Jaclyn Sperling            Kimberly Anne Stradal              Kyle Marshall Tangney
Erica Michelle Spevack           Daniel Joseph Straka, A.B.         Ignasia Tanone
Peter James Spezia               Brock Samuel Strasbourger          Daria Tanska
Lana Alexandra Spivak, B.S.      Alexander Whitaker Stratis         Stephen Fongray Tao
Trevor William Sponseller        Brittany Elizabeth Strawman        Alexander David Tapper
Nora Jean Sporn                  Nicholas Samuel Streicher          Dana Lauren Tapper
Deirdre Elizabeth Sprague-Rice   Nathan Paul Strick                 Alexandra Marie Tate
Jeri Christina Spriet            Sarah Ann Struthers                Amy Beth Taub
Malorie Lyn Sprunger             Leslie Elizabeth Stuber            Danielle Samantha Taubman
Austin Kenneth Srdjak            Chad David Studer                  Ashley Kaelin Taufen
Akshay Srikanth                  Martha Ruth Stuit                  Joseph Ahab Taverna
Natt Srisutthiyakorn             Joshua Charles Stumacher, B.G.S.   Caryn S. Tayeh, A.B.
Sean Michael St. Charles         Matthew Barnhart Sturgeon, A.B.    Alexander Brook Taylor
Madeleine Marie St. Denis        Robert Gregory Sturgeon            Julia Goren Taylor, A.B.
Erin Jennifer Stacer             Rebecca Laura Stursberg            Stephen Patrick Taylor, A.B.
Pamela Lorene Stacey             Maureen Patricia Stych             Steven Paul Taylor
Bradley Darin Stachel            Annie Laurie Sullivan, A.B.        Tahira Sabree Taylor, A.B.
Natasha Veenema Stagg, A.B.      Colleen Michelle Sullivan, B.S.    Michael George Taylor II
Hayley Dean Stahl                Maureen Elizabeth Sullivan         Ross Teach
     Alexander R. Teicher, A.B.          Benjamin Robert Tozer               Maria Teresa Vermeulen, A.B.
     Seth Benjamin Teicher, A.B.         Sharon Traiberman                   Megan Rhodes Victor
     Andrew Paul Teller                  Hoai-Phuong Thi Tran                Boris Vidri
     Jack Patrick Temple                 Kevin Nhat Tran                     Philip John Viges
     Alison Cara Templeton, A.B.         Anne E. Traynor                     Bryan Viggiano, A.B.
     Hollis Morgan Templeton, A.B.       Matthew Robson Trecha               Roxanna Darlene Vigil
     Jessica Kai-Lu Teng                 Kimberly Ann Tremblay, A.B.         Ruchika Vij
     Brian Richard Tengel                Jerry Wayne Trevathan, Jr., A.B.    Daniel Eric Villamarin
     Krista Marie Tenney                 Benjamin Charles Treweek            Tal Vinnik
     Esther Qingli Teo, A.B.             Christina Ariana Trigeorgis, A.B.   Nicole Lia Vitale
     Wan Ying Teoh                       Maria Pamela Trikolas               Kevin Michael Vlach
     Domenic Michael Terenzi             Allison Marie Tripi                 Kacy Lynn Vlietstra, A.B.
     Kyle Alexander Terpak               Jonathan Robert Trotter, A.B.       Dmitry Vodopyanov
     Brett Charles Tewksbury             Amanda Lynnae Truer                 Emma Rose Volkman
     Jing Hao Tham                       Eliot Arthur Truesdell              Dylan Matthew Vollans
     Laura Ann Theiler                   John Philip Truesdell               Timothy Joseph Voorhees
     Caitlin Anne Thelen, A.B.           Caitlin Elizabeth Trumble           Rushi Parimal Vyas
     Christine Elizabeth Thelen          Lan Thi Truong                      Allison Rebecca Wachter, A.B.
     Kelsie Jo Thelen                    Joy Elizabeth Tsai                  Monique Alexandra Waclawski
     Angela Kristine Thick               Amanda J. Tsang, A.B.               Stacey Aaron Wade
     Elizabeth Suzanne Thom              Sydney Julia Tuchman                Carrie Lynn Wagner
     Ashley Dominque Thomas              Emily Smith Turk                    Katherine Nicole Wagner
     Brittany Nichole Thomas             Nell Montana Turley                 Maggie Rose Wagner
     Caroline Leigh Thomas               Caitlin Alexandra Turnbull          Shannon Leigh Wagner
     Megan Elizabeth Thomas              Susan Deidre Turner                 Natasha Rose Wahid
     Samantha Marie Thomas               Marlene Lisa Tyner                  Yen Geraldine Wai, A.B.
     Alexis Nicole Thompson              Geoffrey Phillip Ujdur, B.S.        Leticia Wainer, A.B.
     David Javier Thompson, A.B.         Rachel Rebelle Unger                Kathryn Tanya Wainfan
     Denise Louise Thompson              Joseph Sohail Uppal, A.B.           Samuel Jacob Wainwright
     Elizabeth Marie Thompson, B.S.      Anameti Nkeneke Usoro               Ann Elizabeth Wakely
     Mary Julia Thomson, B.S.            Uday Vadula                         Lauren Elizabeth Walbridge
     Joseph Richard Thorn                Paul Edward Vaglica                 Kayla Nichole Waldron
     Gregory James Thornton, A.B.        Erika Nicole Valdivieso             Ameya Walimbe
     Richard Claude Thorsby              Mounica Vallurupalli                Danielle Elyse Walker
     Ben Taylor Throesch                 Abigail Christine Van Bremen        James Monroe Walker, A.B.
     Kirti Kamalanathan Thummala, B.S.   Stephanie Dawn Van Duinen, A.B.     Edward Bruce Walker II
     Ashley Lauren Thurston, A.B.        Derek John Van Farowe, B.S.         Ian Wall, A.B.
     Megan Elissa Thyfault               Kristin Marie Van Genderen, B.S.    Amelia Brooke Wallace
     Zachary John Tickner                Benjamin Duncan Van Wagoner         Valencia Lavette Waller
     Lauren Adams Tighe                  Robert Gerard Van Wesep             John A. Wallington
     Michael Tikh                        Allison Jong Van Zoeren             Daniel Scott Walter
     Alexandra Elaine Tilen              Daniel Rudolph Van Zyl, A.B.        Sara Anne Walters
     Stephanie Sze-Chi Ting              Kyra Lynn VandeBunte                Brett Leon Wanamaker
     Yi Ting Ting                        Caitlin Miya Vander Weele           Alexander Michael Wand
     Rosaline Tio                        Lara Marie Vanderheiden             Arthur Nong Wang
     Maria Anna Carmyn Marasigan         Theresa J. VanderMeer, A.B.         Callie Amanda Wang, A.B.
        Tiongco                          Anne Willa VanderMey, A.B.          Chen Wang
     Amita Tiyaboonchai                  Lane Marie VanderWeele              Jingran Wang
     Maria Antonietta Tocco              David Gordon VandeVusse, A.B.       Rui Wang, A.B.
     Sarah Whitney Tochman               Douglas Ryan Vandevusse             Ruotao Wang
     Kevin Charles Todd                  Natalie Marie VanOverbeke           Ruth Yuan Wang
     Karen Rose Toepp                    Kelsey Alexandra Vanoverloop        Stephanie Si-Ping Wang
     Bao En Toh                          Jaclyn Ann Vansloten                Tianyi Wang
     Michael Toma                        Alisha Marie VanTiem, A.B.          Vivian Wang
     Sarah Emily Tomkovich               Tiffany Suzann Vantino              Xiwen Wang
     Tomi Danelle Tomson                 Shaun Jarrett Varga                 Yue Wang, A.B.
     Jameson Lawrence Toole              Heather Nicole Vargas               Zhujie Wang
     Michael Paul Toomey                 Bernardo Acrisio Vaz                Catherine Elizabeth Wangen
     David Torrone, B.S.                 Patrick Francis Veasy               John Ryan Wanielista
     Anna Bettina Toth                   Emily Joy Veltman                   Alexandra Anne Warbasse
     Michael Jared Totten                Andrea Marie Veltri                 John Douglas Ward
     Ani Louise Toumajan                 Narendra Vempati                    Joshua Remi Ward, B.S.
     Benjamin Fossitt Townsend           Derek Vermeulen                     Matthew Michael Ward
William Sol Warden                Gregory Eugene Whiting, A.B.      Andrea Consuelo Wood
Elvina Christabella Wardjiman     Emily Cae Wicks                   Derek William Wood
Cory Daniel Warheit               Rukiya Aisha Wideman, A.B.        Mona Lim Wood, B.S.Chem.
Ryan Ruth Warren                  Anna Elizabeth Widgeon            Jason A. Woodcock
Natalie Marie Warrick             Verena Nathalie Wieditz           Bryndis Arndal Woods
Steven Michael Warrow             Hailey Renee Wierengo, A.B.       Jackson Seth Woods, A.B.
Pearce Clifford Washabaugh        Ashley Gayle Wiers                Abigail Katherine Work
Stephanie M. Washell              Lukasz Wietrzynski, A.B.          Christopher Moore Worsham
Eric Daniel Washington            Daniel Scott Wilen, B.S.          Sara Rose Worsham, B.S.
Jessica Anne Wasniewski           Karen Jane Wilkinson              Jared Harold Alexander Worthington
Peter Efram Wasserman             Brandon Alexander Willer, A.B.    Glenn Gerard Wozniak, B.S.
Kari Beth Watts, B.S.             Ellen Brady Williams              Lauren May-Bond Wozniak
Carlye Michelle Wayne             Jacob Charles Williams            Mathew James Woznicki, Jr.
Jennifer Marie Weaver, A.B.       Kristen Cecilia Williams          Karen Elise Wrenbeck
Margaret Maxine Webb              Natalie Marie Williams            Eric Andrew Wright
Jesse Cord Weber                  Paul Christopher Williams         Jennifer Lynne Wright, A.B.
Lauren Meryl Weber                Sarah Ann Williams, B.S.          Kelsey Quinn Wright
Meghan Jean Weber                 David Andrew Williamson           Kevin Patrick Wright, A.B.
Rebecca Louise Weber              Michael Wesley Williamson, A.B.   Laura Elizabeth Wright
Britt Ramsay Wedenoja             Victoria Leigh Willis, A.B.       Megan Maureen Wright, A.B.
Leigh Ramsay Wedenoja             Sarah Elizabeth Willits           Lauren Kelly Wrona
Alison Carol Weed                 Alexandra Michelle Wills          Elizabeth Ann Yan-Yan Wu, B.S.
Alexander John Weick              Alison Renee Wills                Helen Yunyue Wu
Christopher William Weigand       Alec Edward Wilson                Jason Sun Wu
Jordan Ross Weinberg              Amy Elizabeth Wilson              Vivian Wu, A.B.
Mary Jo Weindorf, A.B.            Colin Bruce Wilson                Christopher James Wujtowicz
Steven Carl Weindorf              Emily Margaret Wilson             Sarah Marie Wulbrecht
Elliot Justin Weingarten          John Klein Wilson                 Jennifer Beth Wurtzel, B.S.
Melanie Lyn Weintraub, A.B.       Kelsy Molloy Wilson               Jordan Daniel-Bouchard Wyant
Alexander Seth Weisberg, A.B.     Rachel Catherine Wilson           Melissa Kaitlyn Wylie, B.S.
Jaclyn Elizabeth Weiss            Timothy Michael Wilson            Jessica Maurice Wynne
Megan Rachel Weiss                Alexander Bame Wiltschko          Huiwen Audrey Xi
Samuel D. K. Weiss                William Beebe Wimbrow             Mercedes Yue Xia
Stefanie Paige Weiss              Andrew Joseph Windak, A.B.        Fara Lisa Yackow
Ashley Nicole Weitekamp, B.S.     Caitlin O’Brien Winget            Kevin Yam
Maya Rachel Weitzer               Sara Klinger Winik                Jerry Mingtao Yan
Rachel Leah Welford, A.B.         Jennifer Brooke Winkes            David Francis Yancey
Samantha Jo Wellerstein           Hannah Kraft Winkler              Colleen Elizabeth Yancy
Jamie Melissa Wellinger           Laura Beth Winnick                Elizabeth Katherine Yanda
Kevin Douglas Welsh, Jr.          Jason Lee Winter                  Robert Yang
Lea Brett Wender                  Andrew Zachary Wisti              Robert Terry Yang
George Russel Wendt               John Preston Witt                 Sky Tien Yin Yang
Adam Michael Wenner, A.B.         Andrea Jeannine Wittmann, A.B.    Susan Yang
Julie Lynn Werman                 Brian Thomas Wojcik               Terrence Minkyu Yang, B.S.
Alia Grace Wesala                 Jeffrey Augustus Wojcik           Michele Adwoa Yankson, A.B.
Joseph Thomas-Henehan Wesley      Marissa Carolyn Wojcinski         Nicholas Constantine Yannias
Anne Kathryn West                 Christine Clare Wojewoda          Dara Nora Yaskil
Emily Suzanne West                Seth Philip Wolbert               Marie Yasuda
Jamie T. West                     Thane Edward Wolcott              Grace Dow-Yuan Yau, B.S.
Kory David West, A.B.             Mary Elizabeth Wolf               Dina Esther Yavich, A.B.
Megan Marie Westenberg            Rebecca Dawn Wolf                 Ann M. Yeager, B.S.
Stephanie Lynn Westfall           William Daniel Wolf               Caroline Patricia Yee, B.S.
Gregory Maxwell Weston            Kyle Andrew Wolfe                 Chia Chye Yee, B.S.
Katherine Westra                  Carissa Deanna Wolfman            Justin Chun-Mow Yeh
Daniel Joseph Wetchler            Adi Wollstein                     Allison Hope Yellin
Lucas Matthew Whalen              Chan Wong, A.B.                   Daniel Patrick Yeomans
Alexander Mandela Whatley, A.B.   Kenneth Junwei Wong, A.B.         Ashwin Reddy Yerasi
David Walter Wheeler, A.B.        Mei Hong Wong, B.S.               Kristen Dominique Yetming
Alexandra Paige White             Michele Nalani Wong               Chit Yuen Yi, A.B.
Christine Coleman White           Michelle Gee Cun Wong             Suellen Moli Yin
Christine Natalie White, A.B.     Wendy Wong                        Ho Lam Yiu, A.B.
Jason Michael White, A.B.         Yan Yee Ann Wong                  Justin Chuin Fune Yiu
Patricia Brooke White             Yangshin Woo                      Laura Louise Yocky
     Cynthia Bohm-Eh Yoon                   Sara Jean Zakem                         Rui Zhang
     Eleanor Yoon                           Zahraa Basim Zalzala                    Yilin Zhang, A.B.
     Susan Jin Yoon                         Julianne Elise Zamora                   Jennifer Siming Zhao
     Alexandria York                        Laura Therese Zander                    Yifeng Zhao
     Kira Youryevna Youdina                 Eric Anthony Zanotti                    Denise Estela Zheng, A.B.
     Christopher Joseph Young               Jonah Seth Zaretsky, A.B.               Shiwei Zhou
     Daniel Clayton Young, A.B.             Stephen Thomas Zavitz                   Sophia Zhou
     Julia Beth Young                       Eszter Zavodszky                        Yuankai Zhou
     Melissa Marie Yousif                   Carrie Lynn Zechmeister, B.S.           Grace Guang-He Zhu
     Kamelya Omayma Youssef                 Megan Elizabeth Zeller                  Safia Amal Ziani
     Alexander William Yu, A.B.             Michelle Marie Zellers                  Jaime Danielle Ziegler
     Jessica Yu                             Claire Elise Zelmanski, A.B.            Jacqueline Marie Zillioux
     Wai Ying Yu, A.B.                      Stuart Meyer Zeltzer                    Emily J. Zimmerman
     Kenneth Win Yuan                       Thomas M. Zemanek                       Ross Howard Zimmerman
     Xin Yuen                               Katelyn Anna Zemenick                   Anthony Joseph Zingales, A.B.
     Jung-In Yun                            Samuel Joseph Tyler Zettell             Jessica Ann Zinger
     Rachel Weisien Yung                    Kevin Paul Zezima                       Meredith Ashley Zingle
     Allison Lauren Yura                    Carlen Zhang                            Benjamin Fredrick Zuchowski, A.B.
     Emily Dana Zack                        Helen Zhang                             Adam William Zucker
     Samantha Jude Zack                     Jenny Zhang                             Liat Sara Zudkewich
     Ryan Alan Zader                        Jiaxi Zhang                             Hayley Beth Zulauf, A.B.
     Steven Patrick Zadora                  Jingxi Zhang                            Andrew Nicholas Zumchak, B.S.
     Saniya Zafar                           Julia Zhang, A.B.                       Jacob Cunniff Zunamon
     Katelin Marie Zahn                     Julia Xueyao Zhang                      Rachel Renee Zurek
     Leslie Aiken Zaikis                    Katherine Huiyi Zhang                   Malachi Ben Zussman-Dobbins
     Benjamin Reed Zakarin                  Rui Zhang, B.S.                         Elie Michal Zwiebel

     SCHOOL          OF    M U S I C , T H E AT R E ,      AND      DANCE
                                            University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
     Chauncey Herbert Aceret                Matthew Jason Bloomfield                Abra Beth Cohen
     Zerrin Elif Agabigum                   Rachel Margaret Blumenthal              Britney Ellen-Martha Coleman
     Christopher Francis Agar               Andrew David Bollinger                  Sean Michael Collins
     Hailey Ellen Agnew, B.F.A.             Thomas Wolfson Bowden                   Andrew John Coniglio
     Julia Marie Albain                     Kathleen Kelly Boyle                    Christopher Robert Conover
     David Charles Alcorn                   Andrew Rumman Brandon                   Nicholas John Conty
     Elizabeth Joan Allen, B.S., B.Mus.A.   Scott M. Brown                          Scott McLeod Copeland
     Addison Lee Amer, B.F.A., B.B.A.       Grace Barclay Browning                  Talia Elayna Corren, B.F.A., A.B.
     Austin Vance Arnett                    Tyler Prescott Brunsman                 Catherine Mary Coury
     Nicholas Alexander Artushin            Landres Trevor Bryant                   Erin Briana Cousins
     Marta Bagratuni                        Anthony Michael Bucci                   Branton Lewis Cox
     Joseph Corton Balistreri, B.Mus.       Daniel Budai, B.S.                      Mary Christine Craddock
     Derek Evan Barber, B.F.A.              Paula Frances Christie Burt             Derek Michael Crescenti
     Zachary Richard Barnes                 James William Burton                    Katherine Isabella Curatolo, B.Mus.
     Audrey Cavanaugh Bashore, B.Mus.,      Nancy Elizabeth Busald                  Cole Warren Davis
        A.B.                                Jonathan Keith Butler                   Juliet Marie Dawson
     Christine Nicole Beamer                Cristina Isabel Calvar                  Katrina Rose Deady
     Jaime Lyn Beatty                       Emily Rosanne Cappo                     Anne Marie Dearth
     Etai Sami Benshlomo                    Melissa Marie Card                      Maia Christina Dedrick
     John Thomas Beresford                  Derek James Carley                      Heather Michelle Denny
     Joshua Jay Berkowitz                   Christian Babington Carpenter, B.F.A.   Megan Ann Deshong
     Emily Grace Berman                     Patrick John Carter                     Kari Allyce Dion
     Janelle Mae Berry                      Amy Penberthy Cave                      Nicole Elyse DiPaolo, B.Mus.
     Joshua Brice Beurer                    Daniel Phillip Charette                 Claire Banish DiVizio
     Christia Noelle Bieda                  Ching-Hsuan Chen, B.Mus.                Peter Harty Dodds
     Darren Robert Biggart, B.F.A.          Kendra Ann Cheney                       Patrick Murphy Donley
     Raymond Eugene Bilter                  Uni Choi                                Ezra Daniel Donner, B.Mus.
     Samantha Jane Biniker                  Lee Tyler Chrisman                      Corey Wendall Dorris
     Alexandra Marie Bisker                 Jonathan Edward Christopher             Emily Ashley Downs, B.Mus.,
     Ryan E. Black, B.F.A.                  Austin Nagler Chrzanowski                 B.S.E.B.E.
     Amy Louise Blackman                    Alexandria Jane Clark                   Patrick James Duffy
     Evan M. Blanchard                      Natalie Christina Cochran, B.Mus.       Elizabeth Michele Dugas
Amanda Knecht Dye, B.D.A., A.B.         Tyler McKendree Jones                Marie-Elise Mc Neeley
Sara Kathaleen Eastwood                 Amanda Rae Kaipio, B.Mus.            Julianne Marie McCaffray
Yurel Echezarreta                       Keilor Leif Zarley Kastella          Jacob Allen McClory
Diana Catherine Elliott, B.Mus.         Theodore Daniel Katzman, B.F.A.      Gail Lindsey McCormick
Theodore Michael Ely, B.F.A.            Laura Celia Kempa                    Matt McCrary
Carla Therese Fabris                    Ariel Y. Kennedy-Gebhart             Allison Blair McDowell
Gabriele Marie Fazio                    Craig Robert Kidwell                 Jacob James McGlaun, B.F.A.
Alexander John Fioto                    Angela Frances Kiessel               Andrew Donald McGuire, B.Mus.
Caroline Alana Fitzgerald               Cheryl Yael Kiken                    Garen David McRoberts, B.F.A.
Samuel Anderson Fossum                  Louis Ryan King                      Nora Lily Menken
David Bruce Freiman, B.Mus.             Eliza Ross Kinney                    Stephen Gregory Metz
Bridget Coyne Gabbe                     Stephanie Margaret Kirwan            Tomek Stefan Miernowski
Hayden Michael Gandolfi                 Jenna Frances Klein                  Tedra Max Millan
Melissa May Gardiner, B.F.A.            Elizabeth Helen Klemperer            Courtney Allyce Miller
Jennifer Gazdecki, B.F.A.               Audrey Lynne Kline                   Darina Valerianovna Molkina
Jennifer Anne Gerhart, B.G.S., B.F.A.   Jefferson Todde Klocke               Ryan Allen Monarch
Lewis Spencer Gilmore                   Nils Haugen Klykken                  Patrick Thomas Montgomery
Rikki Alex Gimelstob                    Sarah Shostak Konner                 Eric Robert Moore
James Thomas Ginn                       Jonathan Charles Konopinski          Kelly Nicole Moran
Joseph Taylor Girard                    Andrew Walter Kotarba                Shina Ann Morris, B.F.A.
Emily Anne Glick                        Alexandra Mary Kozak                 Joseph Donald Moses
Samantha Nicole Goltz                   Derek Ryan Krantz, B.F.A.            Kathryn Frances Mueller
Raechelle Christenia Gordon             Allison Beth Kresch, B.F.A., A.B.    Paula Therese Muldoon
William Sloan Goss                      Elizabeth Justine Kuhn               Kevin Patrick Munhall
Emily Louise Graber                     Max Kumangai-McGee, B.F.A.           Joseph Rodolfo Krueger Munoz,
Margaret Emma Grady, B.Mus.             Andrew Chase Kurland                    B.Mus.
Gordon Thomas Granger                   Diana Ladio                          Julia Alexandra Myer
Sara Elisabeth Greenfield, B.F.A.       Matthew Brooks Landry                James Andrew Naigus
Brandon Francis Grimes                  Bryan Christopher Langlitz           Emily Elizabeth Naoum
Andrew Robert Haefner                   Laura Ann Lapidus                    Rebecca Ann Nathanson
Nichole Ann Lindner Hansen              Kelsey Ann Lappa                     Andres Ivan Navedo, B.Mus.
Caroline Nicole Harris                  Andrew Steven Laudel                 Riana Gijsbertha Nelson, B.F.A.
Jennifer Anne Hartley, B.Mus.           John Jason Leahy                     Daniel DuBois Nesbitt
Jessica Louise Harvey, B.Mus.           Anthony Chang-Bock Lee               Jonathan Kyle Ney
Margaret Rosalie Hasspacher             Clement Mu-Chien Lee                 Jarita Ng
Daniel Robert Hawthorne-Foss            Nathan Lehmann-Ziebarth              Desiree Anne Oakley
Andrew John Hayhurst                    Brian James Lenz                     Amanda Jean Opuszynski, B.Mus.
Anthony Steven Heaphy, B.T.A., A.B.     Elyse Marie Leonard                  Devon Nora Rose Oser, B.Mus.
Kevin Christoper Hegmann                Matthew Leslie Santana               Kent D’Angelo James Overshown
Graham Karl Heise                       Paul Louis William Lessard, B.F.A.   Stephanie Overton
Erik Steven Heitz                       Kathleen Yin Leung                   Jessica Marie Palmieri, B.S., B.Mus.A.
Andrew William Herbruck                 Paul Dunbar Lewis                    Jonathan Michael Parkey
Christopher Frederick Hernacki          Natalie Ju Lin                       Mary Michael Patterson
Jessica Jane Hershberg, B.F.A.          Gregory Scott Lindgren               Sarah Anne Pelc, B.F.A., A.B.
Nadya Maye Hill                         Corinne Michelle Lint                Daniel Louis Pesick
Leah Jewel Hodge                        Samuel Hughes Livingston             Bradley Thomas Pickard
Lauren Rose Hood                        Caron Elise Lowrey, B.Mus.           Peter Michael Pirotte, B.Mus.
Michelle Marta Horvath, B.Mus.A.        Jonathan Alexander Lubin             Gretchen Prettymarsh Platt-Koch
Conner Bacon Howell                     Paige Elaine Lucas                   Alan Fredrick Posner, B.Mus.
Stephanie Elizabeth Hradsky             Eva Anneliese Lymenstull             Evan Karl Premo, B.Mus.
Madeline Rohmann Huberth                Elizabeth McMahon Lynch              Carmen Maria Price, B.Mus.A.
Sarah Marie Hucal                       Kaitlin Veronica Madison             Laura Marie Przybysz
Jonathan Ferris Hulting-Cohen           Eric Joseph Maier                    Alex Robert Puette
John Harold Hummel                      Michael George Malis                 Charlotte Vaughn Raines
Dana Zachary Huyge                      Stephanie Jane Maloney               Elizabeth Carey Randolph
Walter Harvey Hyde                      Trina Marie Mannino                  John Ross Rapson
Laura Antoinette Irion                  Anne Marie Markt                     Gina Kathleen Rattan, B.F.A.
James Jaffe                             Lara Hall Martin                     Peter Keyser Raymond
John Thomas Jarboe, B.F.A., A.B.        Mary Katherine Martin                Daphna Raquel Raz
Gregory Michael Jarrett                 Michael Christopher Martin, A.B.     Benjamin Allen Reed
Yasas Rangajeewa Jayawardena            Nozomi Marusawa                      Carrie Lynne Reid-Knox
Andrew Huntington Jones                 Robert Wesley Mason                  Thomas Bradley Reynolds, B.Mus.
Molly Elisabeth Jones                   Michael Joshua Matlock               Edward Bichsel Ricard
     Jessica Woytek Rice, B.Mus.           Patrick Carter Souza                  Nicholas Jack Ward
     Joseph Michael Richter                Darci Eileen Sprengel                 Andrew Garrad Warren
     Jordan Alexandra Risdon, B.F.A.       Jenna Ae Ri Stamper                   Kiana June Weber
     Kelly Ruth Ritter                     Taylor Reed Stanton                   Emily Golda Weingarten, B.Mus.
     Hannah Bank Robbins                   Michael Allen Steiger                 Katherine Marie Weintraub
     Benjamin Rinehart Rolston             Zachary Evan Stern                    Angela Christine Wetherby
     Allegra Anne Romita                   Austin Jonathan Jerome Stewart        Catherine Amelia Ruth Wethington
     Matthew Leonard Rose                  Nicholas Joseph Strauss-Matathia      Rebecca Anne Whatley, B.F.A.
     Caroline Woods Ross                   Douglas Cole Stuart                   Dorian Thomas White, B.F.A.
     Claire M. Ryan                        Anne Marie Sullivan, B.Mus.           Liam Timothy White
     Kimberly Anne Sable                   Ian Mark Sullivan                     Benton Marks Whitley, B.F.A.
     Deborah Reinhold Sacks                Laura Terwillegar Swierzbin           Sarah Jane Wilber
     Emilie Catherine Samuelsen            Kristina Nicole Tate, B.F.A.          Jeffrey David Wilkinson
     Joshua Ethan Sanchez                  Kaylin Louise Tavolacci               Ashley Ruth Williams
     Yuriy Alexander Sardarov              Nathan John Taylor                    Camran Phillip Wilson
     Dylan Mackenzie Saunders              Cary David Tedder                     Daniel Harper Winnick
     Joel Michael Schut                    Joshua Brett Teitelbaum               Rachel Selking Witte
     Aaron James Seeburger, B.T.A.         Caitlin Yu-Lin Thomas, B.Mus., A.B.   Amos Wolff, B.F.A.
     Matthew Joseph Semler, B.F.A.         Jennifer Marie Thomas, B.F.A.         Thomas Edward Wolfson
     Jose Angel Sepulveda                  James Winston Tolbert II              Andrew Bernard Wollner
     Kyle Graham Serilla, B.T.A., A.B.     Paul Dryden Trapkus                   Taryn Elizabeth Wood
     Stephanie Lynn Shechter               Jennifer Diane Trombley, B.Mus.       Rachel Leah Woolf
     Tara Alexandra Sheena                 Alexander Charles Truelove            John Dwight Woolsey
     Emily Laura Shipman, B.Mus.A., A.B.   Madeline Claire Trumble               Elizabeth Alastair Wright
     Annabeth Marcia Shirley               Glenn Emerson Tucker                  Kathleen Mary Wright
     Erica Anne Shirts                     Elise Turner                          Aya Stephanie Yamamoto
     Arthur Jonathon Shively, B.F.A.       Nadia Frances Schwartz Tykulsker      Amy Shih-Yuan Yang
     Alexander Paul Sikorski               Michael William Tyszko                Sarah Jane Yarrington
     Mackenzie Marie Alcala Slottow        Suzannah R. Van Ryn                   Sara Marisa Zeglevski
     Daniel Fabricant Smith                Aleisha Shari Li Ying Verner          Samuel Elliot Zerin
     Elyse Marie Smith                     John W. Vovak                         Zhu Zhu
     Kacie Jean Smith                      Robert William Vuichard, B.Mus.       William Louis Zuckerman
     Justin Adam Snyder                    Emily Theresa Wanserski

     SCHOOL         OF    NURSING
                                           University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
     Katrina Nichole Allen                 Meaghan Mary Cotter                   Christopher Kenneth Gargala
     Julianne Elizabeth Armijo             Kelly Joan Courtney                   Megan Elise Gdowski
     Christopher Joshua Aten               Stephanie Elise Curtis, B.S.N.        Lindsey Marie Glover, B.S.N.
     Katiun Attarpour                      Rebecca Rose Debri, B.S.N.            Andrea Marie Godfrey, B.S., B.S.N.
     Meredith Lynn Bajor                   Nicole Elizabeth DeFauw               Michele Lynn Grabow
     Jennifer Lynn Ballough, B.S.N.        Ashley Marie Deford                   Taylor Anne Griglak
     Bridget Kathryn Belvitch              Stefanie Faith Devita                 Emily Kate Halpern
     Kathleen Ann Benson                   Jessica Eldredge DiVirgil             Katherine Berry Hammons
     Courtney Renee Bernier                Kathleen Lynn Donnelly                Natalie Louise Hecht
     Julie Marie Bluhm                     Thomas John Donnelly                  Leanne Vasquez Heilig
     Megan Marie Bouwhuis, B.S.N.          Melissa Marie Dulic                   Nicole Brooke Heller
     Mitchell Raymond Bradley, B.S.N.      Jennifer Gladis El Aile               Lauryn Barbara Hildensperger
     Dayna Marie Brooks                    Anna Marie Evola                      Danielle Marie Hiltz
     Christine Marie Brouillard            Kathryn Anne Falvey                   Rachael Marie Hollern
     Amy Lynne Burk                        Folake Funmilayo Famoye               Taylor Jacqueline Hosner
     Tiffany N. Burrell, B.S.N.            William Scott Faulkner                Ashley Mae Howard
     Carmon Rae Anne Carlson               Kathy Marie Feig                      Holly Marie Huling
     Ann Elizabeth Cassel                  Shana Lynne Ferguson                  Nathaniel Ryan Hunt
     Carley Brooke Cebelak, B.S.N.         Christine Elizabeth Fleck             Lauren Marie Inouye, B.S.N.
     Jeffrey Allen Chiambretti             Jennifer Clare Fleming                Jaclyn Elizabeth Janks
     Christine I. Cho                      Lauren Ashleigh Frawley               Rachel Lee Jeltema
     Renee Alison Christopher              Ashton Elizabeth Frederick            Jennifer Joyce Jones
     Stephanie Jane Clapham                Beth Ann Funnell, B.S.N.              Sarah Anne Kaherl
     Kathryn Elisabeth Clark               Molly Katherine Gacetta               Jessica Lynn Kehbein
     James W. Conway                       Amanda Leigh Garcia                   Layne Elizabeth Kiella, B.S.N.
Rachelle Frances Kilburg        Christine Catherine Novotny            Alexandra Lauren Stencel
Eric Joseph Kilijanczyk         Cara E. Oblinger                       Miranda Rae Stoddard
Caitlyn Christine Kochanski     Kari Ann Overstreet                    Aimee Rose Surma
Valerie Renee Kotal             Kelly Marie Paulisin                   Alexandra Rae Suseland
Sarah Ann Kovats                Ashley Marie Pickett                   Deborah Maureen Thornton
Alicia Rebecca Kreger, B.S.N.   Monica Adelaide Przebienda, B.S.       Donald Dee Tietsema
Kristin Renee Landsiedel        Ellen Tierney Racklyeft                Lauren Alison Tormoehlen
Kelly Francy Leja               Kaitlyn Rose Radius                    Elizabeth Lee Underwood, B.S.N.
Vanessa Rae Lelli               Laura Elizabeth Randall                Stephanie Diane Upplegger
Meghan Catherine Lemmer         Rebecca Marie Reits                    Graham Aaron Valley
Cara Cecile Leonard, B.S.       Sarah Renee Reits                      Meghan Jean Visnick
Destiny Marie Lewis             Emma Mae Rew                           Kirstyn Elizabeth Wade
Elsa Rose Lindquist             Kelly Ann Risicato, B.S.N.             Sarah Elizabeth Wade
Alexandra Rey Lindsay           Amy Elizabeth Roberts                  Betsy Leigh Warners
Michael Steven List             Lee Kirstin Roosevelt, A.B., B.S.N.,   Rochelle Renee Weller
Amanda Kathleen MacDonald          M.P.H.                              Greta Caroline Wenk
Joelle Lyn Marineau             Annemarie Renee Rozwadowski            Jennifer Judith Werden, B.S.N.
Andrea Lee Masser               Nicole Marie Ruhlman                   Marlena Lynne Westerlund
Mary Genevieve Mathews          Lydia Jane Sanok                       Meg Wheeler
Lauren Christine McBride        Jolene Elizabeth Schaefer, B.S.N.      Elizabeth Anne White
Emily Kaye McCallister          Kimberly Carol Schmidt                 Tabytha Kerie Whitley
Andrea Maureen McClain          Renee Elizabeth Schoenborn             Natalie Claire Wierenga
Angela Kaye McCracken           Kim A. Schroers                        Kimberly Michelle Wilke
Katelyn Grace McDonald          Teresa Rose Semaan                     Erik Jon Wilson
Mary McCabe Miller              Nikki Shea                             Aliza Rosenblum Wolfe
Mallory Missad                  Shelley Lynne Sibbold                  Jordan Melissa Wroby
Amy Lauren Montes               Elizabeth Louise Smith                 Kyleen Danielle Young
Jennifer Day Musbach            Erinn Marie Smith                      Kristin Marie Zawacki
Nicole Louise Nader             Anneke Marie Stadt                     Charles Zimmerman, B.S.N.
Jaclyn Joyce Nancekivell        Jessica Irene Marie Stefko             Jessica Nicole Zmierski
Rachael Lael Newnam             Stephanie Marie Steigleder             Ross Alan Zoet
Courtney Elizabeth Norman

                                University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Bernard Yat-Hei Chan            Mollie Ann Kempa                       Elizabeth Anne Sauter
Tiffany Linda Chen              Gregory Mark Kwiatkowski               Kathleen Ann Stamer
Connie Cheng, B.S.              Angela Sarah Loo                       Chelsey Nicole Timmer
Nina Michelle Cimino            Tristan Davis Murray                   Alexander Turin
Yannan Dong                     Hobart Owen Ng Ng Tsai, B.S.           Kendra Hsi Min Yum
Zhe Han, B.S.                   Tiffany Adaeze Ofili                   Eric Yuqi Zhao
Katherine Anne Hawkins          Brian Michael O’Keefe
Thomas William Jarvi, B.S.      Emily Rouse

                                University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Kurt William Baumgarten         James Francis Fuller                   Evgeny Magidenko
Elle Elizabeth Beard            Elizabeth Ruth Gebarski                Rohit Mahajan
Jeremy Appelbaum Borovitz       Hadi A. Harp                           Brett Adam Manchel
Bret Jacob Chaness, A.B.        Bridget Mary Hathaway                  Adam Jeffrey Mesirow
Anna Giannine Cicone            Jonathan David Hill                    Patrick Wolfram Moore
Hannah Dillon Clark             Jackson Stephen Klein                  Patrick Tait Morris
Gareth Robert Collins           Elam Albert Lantz                      Jonathan Yoel Newman
Jean-Luc Michael Delpy          Catherine Ann Laurion                  Max Nowak
Ben Chaim Feingold              Benjamin Seth Legman                   Ari Daniel Parritz
Adam Cohen Fisher               Kimberly Wei-Wah Leung                 Sejal Narendra Patel
Hannah Elizabeth Fregolle       Danielle Kara Liffmann                 Sarah Marie Pendergast
Rachel Ann Friedlander          Michelle Sarah Liszt                   Lesley Helen Plimpton
     David Michael Reap                   Amanda Kay Stasinski              Ashley Allen Weech
     Natalie Lynn Relich                  Gregory James Sunstrum            Michael Josef Weinstein
     Andrew James Renacci                 Sonya Nina Suter                  Peri Leigh Weisberg
     Rochelle-Leigh Joy Rosenberg         Catherine Margaret Tappan         Isaiah Soule Wunsch
     Nina Kathryn Ryan                    Emily Kate Terwelp                Angela Jean Wyse
     Kelly Nicole Sampson                 Peter Edward Tommasulo            Christina Ewa Zajicek
     Nathan Andrew Field Sandals          Gabriel Zenon Tourek              Jessica Faye Zakar
     Kinjal Ramesh Shah, A.B.             Dina Rosenstein Ufberg            Zachary N. Zucker
     Benjamin Louis Rath Simon            Vanshika Vij                      Erica Anna Zviklin
     Irine Alexandra Sorser               Jennifer Renee Webb

     COLLEGE          OF    A RT S , S C I E N C E S ,   AND     LETTERS
                                          University of Michigan — Dearborn

     Sakne Nazer Abass                    Katelyn Marie Dezsi               Edward William Keveney
     Maysam Richidi Abdallah              Dawn Dionesia Dodge               Madina Khamzina
     Muna Ehsan Abdulrahim, B.S.          Timothy A. Doman                  Karl William Klein, A.B.
     Sara Fatima Ahmed                    Jonathan Ryan Duggle              Leslie Marie Koester
     Saleh Mehdi Al Ameen                 Jessica Alina Dugum               Aray Koishymanova
     Abir Aldhalimi                       Laura Phyllis Eccleston, A.B.     Christian Koltonski
     Danna Al-Hadidi                      Sarah Hamed Elfeky                Martin Thomas Kosla
     Hadeel Samira Al-Hadidi              Salam Fransis Elia                Alyson Anne Kropp, A.B.
     Sahithi Allu                         Michael Hassan El-Zein            Brian James Kutnick
     Mohammed A. Al-Saadi                 Thomas Hayden Ensor               Brandon Scott Lang
     Enaaya A. Amine                      Reyna Marie Esquivel              Gieric Pogado Laput
     Fida A. Amir, B.S.                   Amin Ziad Fadel, A.B.             Noela Leka
     Becky Roseanne Briley Ansell         Eman Tarek Fahmy                  Christen Marie Lesko, A.B.
     Robin Ann Appelle                    Adam Mohamed Fahs                 William Leung, A.B.
     Joshua Thomas Arsenault              Sahar A. Fardous, A.B.            Lisa Rose Lewandowski
     Lauren Rochelle Askew                Paula Silvana Fecay, A.B.         Andrea B. Lewis
     Faten K. Awada                       Nicholas Wayne Ferris, A.B.       Kevin Michael Liddy
     Saro Ara Babaian                     Chad James Forman, A.B.           Long Thanh Lieu
     Amanda C. Barbosa                    Jennifer Forrester                Yuan-Nung Tony Lin, B.S.
     Tiffany Alicia Baugh                 Michael A. Fritz                  Ariel R. Lossing
     Michelle Catherine Beddow            Laurel M. Frizzell, A.B.          Robert William Lucas
     Christopher H. Behnke, A.B.          Megan Marie Glinski, A.B.         Jessica Beatrice Lyda, A.B.
     Erin Marie Berger, A.B.              Anupama G. Gokarn, B.G.S.         James Lewis Mackenzie, A.B.
     Abeer A. Berry, B.S.                 Christina Marie Grachek           Mohamed Allie Macki
     Noha F. Beydoun                      Kristie Irene Gregory, B.S.       Ashwinderjit Kaur Mahal
     Safa Beydoun, B.S.                   Megan Frances Gross               Lindsay Ann Marciniec
     Sonela Blaceri, B.S.                 Robert Joseph Haarer              Kyrsten Elizabeth Marks, A.B.
     Andrea Nicole Borso                  Summar Habib Habhab               Renee Frances Massarello, A.B.
     Yauheni Bozh                         Hind Hadid                        Marsel Paskal Matka
     Holly Susanne Bracey, B.S.           Omran Moussa Hammoud, B.S.        Sarah Lynn Matyjaszek
     Sara E. Brady                        Zeinab Hassan Hashem              Carmela Anita Maxell
     Emily E. Buzas                       Stephanie Nicole Hatley           Danielle Marie May
     Danielle Joy Center                  Alexandria Haynes                 Lenore Dennise Mazurek
     Nauman A. Chaudhry                   Nicholas Robert Hill              Kaitlyn Jennifer McCann, A.B.
     Lesleen Cheltenham, A.B.             Heather Catherine House           Katie Elizabeth McCoy
     Jamal M. Chirri                      Justin M. Houser, A.B.            Chelsea Marie McCune
     Mariam Chokr, A.B.                   Charles W. Huber                  Larry Keith McDonald, A.B.
     Lyndsay Marie Christensen            Ahlam A. Hussain                  Jacob Robert McLeod, A.B.
     Christopher Joseph Clarke            Kristen Ann Hutchens              Karah Leigh McPhail
     Laura Rachel Clubb, A.B.             Jamie Salah Itani, A.B.           Jessica Ilene Mendelson, B.S.
     Brian K. Colbeck                     Brian Douglas Janowski            Kristin A. Michalski
     Kristen Nicole Cosic                 Sandra S. Jaward                  Martin Mokran
     Rachel E. Craven, A.B.               Stephanie Lynn Jerore, A.B.       Michael Matthew Morland, A.B.
     Jasmine Ciara Crocker                Julie E. Johnson                  Ashlee Jean Mosley
     Ana Cukovic, A.B.                    Michael W. Joy                    Suzanne Abdelmajid Mouhanna
     Gary Thomas Czarniecki, B.S.         Marcella Ali Kaddoura             Khalil M. Mroue
     Julie M. Daniels                     Alexander Valer’yevich Kaminsky   Marilee A. Murray
     Michael A. Devoe, A.B.               Michael Kevin Keogh               Rachana Murthy
Matthew James Neale, A.B.          Rebecca Jean Roth, A.B.              Sophia Turkmani, A.B.
Erin Elizabeth Nelson              April Marie Rue, A.B.                Kelly N. Tuzi, A.B.
Meaghan Lynn Ograyensek            Rayana Safah, A.B.                   Nichol Bridget Valdez, A.B.
Daniel G. Olszewski                Brian Wayne Saint                    Nausheen Khalid Virk, B.S.
Joshua Hoyt Osborne                Eman Hasan Salameh                   Melanie E. Vreeland
Heather Otremba, A.B.              Karim Robert Saleeby, B.S.           Alice R. Walker
Katrina Peraan Palmer              Kathryn Marie Samson                 Gwendolyn Sara Wallen, A.B.
Raquel Denise Parks                India Nicole Schumake                Rachel Catherine Wallen
Emily Frances Patterson, A.B.      Nicole Marie Seaman                  James Joseph Walrad, A.B.
Brennan George Pearson, A.B.       Rachel Anne Seiler, A.B.             Natalie Anna Wasio
Heather N. Piotrowski              Emily Anne Shafer                    Diana Lynn Watson, A.B.
Helga Pojani                       Chanel Rita Shamoun, A.B.            Nathan Aaron West
Christina M. Ponder                Nurdaulet Sharenov                   Kristel Irene Wieneke, A.B.
Eniko P. Pop                       Kasey Mae Shelton                    Rebecca Marie Wilczak
Joseph Pusta                       Gurpal Kaur Shergill, B.S.           Tom Christopher Wille
Brittany Elizabeth Puste, A.B.     Simranjit Singh                      Anna Sophia Williams
Sarah Saleem Qarana                Carrie M. Smith                      Holly Ann Williams, A.B.
Thomas Reed Quartz                 Lindsay Carrie Steele                Jessica Lynn Williams, A.B.
Nabila Rashed Rabaa                Christy L. Steffke                   Kimberly Cara Williams
Naheed Rafiq, B.S.                 Julia McManus Stulock, A.B.          Jillian Patricia Wittkopp
Yasemin Ramadanova, A.B.           Rizwan Ahmad Tahir, B.S.             Matthew Robert Wrase
Kathryn Ann Rapson-Stecula, A.B.   Najib Taleb                          Diola Xhaferri
Mohamed Mahdi Rezik, B.S.          Brian Anthony Tam                    Stephen William Yu
Kevin Bradley Robson               Brandon Miles Tharp, A.B.            Zeinab A. Zahreldin
Emily Rose Rodrique                Kristy Marie Thomas                  Nicole Michelle Zanier
Michael Louis Roitero              Amy Marie Topolewski                 Sharianne M. Ziola
Alaina Marie Ronewicz, A.B.        Maggie Mae Travin, A.B.
Derrick William Rosenbach          Jonathan Robert Trevarthen

SCHOOL         OF     E D U C AT I O N
                                    University of Michigan — Dearborn

Lyndsey Danielle Berry             Joy Elaine Hoffman                   Jennifer Marie Morgan
Stephanie Joy Brown                Muneesha Hussain                     Alexandria Fatima Moslimani
Tandy Anna Brown                   Emily Tegan Hutfloetz                John Andrew Palmer
Danielle Marie Camardese           Jillian Renee Johnson, A.B.          Jennelle Christine Richie
Aline Y. Diry                      Danielle Marie Jones                 Maha K. Salami
Lashonda Michelle Fielder          Caitlin Flannery Kefgen              Lila Ossum Saleh
Jordan Giordano                    Mallory Grace Kerr, A.B.             Jaclyn M. Szuba
Heather Golembiewski               Melissa Laura Kobeissi               Amy T. Szymaszek
Margaret Katherine Guy             Todd Michael Kolpasky                Kimberly Elizabeth Taylor
Samar A. Hammad                    Laurie Beth Kujala                   Danielle R. Temple, A.B.
Samantha Christine Harshaw         Sarah Marie Lafata, A.B.             Emily Rose Warneck
Michael David Hawkins, B.S.        Jennifer L. Malinsky                 Anita Yazbek
Rana A. Hmayed                     Candace Aries Marcotte               Candice Marie Zagata

                                    University of Michigan — Dearborn

Aamer Ahmad                        Michael Joseph Bustamante            Douglas James Halberstadt
Bashar A. Alnarraie                Elisa A. Cauley                      Matthew Ernest Hartzel
Alaa Mohammad Anani                Gregory Philip Czerniak              Nicholas Ross Hedrick
David Allen Anderson               William Edward Douglas, B.S.E.E.E.   Michael Benjamin Holly
Dmitriy Ansolis                    Luke John Duncan                     Aamir Hussain
Christian Atkins                   Cortney Dawn Edwards, B.S.E.M.E.     Emadadin Kamel Jassim
Mohamad Kassem Awada               Mariam Issam Farhat                  Douglas B. Jones
Christopher N. Bednarz             Kushal Gargesh                       Ashley Marie Kaminski, B.S.E.C.E.
J’Mai Yvonne Bishop, B.S.E.E.E.    Kelly Lynnette Goodman               Brandon Thomas King
Daniel Adam Bowden                 Anthony T. Gutierrez                 Bradley Michael Krul, B.S.E.M.E.
Steven John Brettschneider         Andrew M. Hagen                      Justin Charles Lair, B.S.E.M.E.
     Gerald Carl Lane, B.S.E.E.E.         Mohamed Mohamed Nasser            Jessica Marie Steffke, B.S.E.M.E.
     Gierad Pogado Laput                  Michael Ikechukwu Obioha          Nathan Styles
     David Andrew Lawrenchuk              Mohamad Salam Omar                Trevor N. Tabaka
     Michael Edward Ligeski, B.S.E.M.E.   Eric M. Passmore                  Charles Stephen Thomas
     Lauren Marie Liske                   Rijvana M. Patel                  Nicholas Aldren Thorne
     Raymond C. Llonillo                  Paul Lyndon Pendleton             Robert Andrew Towne
     Joseph Dennis Lukas                  Christopher R. Pieprzak           Jessica Lee Turner
     Craig Louis Lytle, B.S.E.E.E.        Lucian Popa                       Diego Vela
     Edward James Malinowski              Matthew M. Porter                 Michael Raymond Velasco
     Ryan B. Mazur                        Ibrahim A. Qasim                  Victor George Vulcu
     Aaron McConnell                      David Jonathan Ryan, B.S.E.M.E.   David Michael Walters
     Aseel Said Midani                    Christopher Lee Schauman,         Brian Matthew Warren
     Ahmed Yahia Mohamed, B.S.E.E.E.        B.S.E.M.E.                      Robert James Wasilevich
     Ryan Jeffrey Moore                   Michael Charles Scheuber          Anthony Gerald Wesley
     Mustapha Ali Mourtada                Dana Kamal Shahrouri              Craig Aaron Whipple, B.S.E.M.E.
     Adel A. Mozip, B.S.E.C.E.            Emily Renee Sharpe                Joseph Timothy Williams
     Gregory Roman Mucha                  Nasser Saleh Shuaibi              Kashia Xiong
     Muthana Saeed Muhsen, B.S.           Steven Louis Silverman            Lindsay Marie Yaros
     Malek R. Musleh                      Philip Michael Sims               Inga Yuditsky
     Yusuke Narita                        Jonathon Michael Smereka          Kyle Joseph Zielinski
     Jason Alan Nassar                    Matthew D. Smith

     SCHOOL         OF     MANAGEMENT
                                          University of Michigan — Dearborn

     Krystle Catherine M. Beseler         Michael Thomas Guerreso           Jennifer R. Loomis, B.B.A.
     Celia Beydoun                        Samra Fadia Haddad, B.B.A.        Michael Sarkis Manavdjian, B.B.A.
     Jessica Marie Broughton              Jennifer Carol Halter             Mary Geneva Maniaci
     Colin Gardner Chardavoyne            Kyle G. Hardey                    Julia M. McGuire
     ChaoQun Chen                         Katrina L. Harrington             Theresa Marie Meissner
     Audrey Marie Colthurst               Daniel James Hedges               Megan Angela Murray
     Anthony William Corey                Kelly M. Hibbard                  Fjori Narazani
     Megan Marie Debusk, B.B.A.           Wayel A. Hourani, B.B.A.          Seif Sherif Osman
     Sidorela Deliu, B.B.A.               Ina Hudson                        Timothy Matthew Pouch, B.B.A.
     Jonathon P. Denys                    Scott G. Hummel                   Joel D. Scharboneau
     Meghan Abbey DePetro                 Leena T. Jaber                    Yeonhee Shim, B.B.A.
     Kimberly Anne Doherty                Michael Dominic Jones, B.B.A.     James J. Sovinsky
     Michael Ryan Donaldson, B.B.A.       James Allan Kaptur                Brian Adam Stewart, B.B.A.
     Jeremy Harmon Duff                   Kristina Karaboyas                Amanda Lyne Teague
     Yahya Nayef El-Ammar                 Matthew Ryan Keigher              Debbie Thi Tran
     Michelle Erin Ellison                Michael Joseph Kiel, A.B.         Jaclyn Renee VanGemert
     Majeda M. Essa                       Daniel Ryan Kimmel, B.B.A.        Kevin M. Welch
     Matthew Alan Fix                     Carla Ann Kouchary                Brian Andrew Williams
     Elena Gorbonosov                     Sara N. Laidlaw                   Yvonne Wing Yan Yu
     Karen Y. Green                       Jacob R. Langdon                  Jessica Marie Zielinski

     COLLEGE          OF    A RT S    AND   SCIENCES
                                          University of Michigan — Flint

     Backer M. Abdu                       Lori J. Anthony                   Tera K. Batey
     Iman Abdulrazzak                     Ashley M. Armstrong               Hope E. Beebe
     Trisiani Affandi                     William P. Arthur                 Cassiopia A. Benedict
     Owen O. Agho                         Aishah Aslam, B.S.                Stephen E. Bennett
     Melissa A. Airgood                   Marcella A. Aversa                Logan R. Blue, B.S.
     Amir A. Al-Dabagh                    Melissa M. Babcock                Joseph M. Booko
     Rana A. Al-Dabagh                    Kristina K. Badr, B.S.            Danielle A. Borgerding
     Kurt E. Allen                        Dhruba J. Baishya, B.S.           Gilmer A. Boyd
     Sara E. Allen                        Stephanie J. Baker                Mary M. Brown, B.A.S.
     Emily I. Anderson                    Pamela G. Bakken                  Matthew I. Brown
Colette L. Bryan                Ashley N. Hotchkiss                Mariam A. Qureshi
James T. Bryant                 David Q. Houbeck                   Mark A. Ragnone
Nadim I. Burbar                 Karissa N. Howie                   Cynthia A. Rahrig
Bart A. Burger                  Sarah A. Hubbs                     Charla R. Randall
Mary C. Burger                  Sarah E. Hultquist, B.A.           Tarena L. Ray
Kaili S. Burgess                Julia M. Hyde                      Lacie A. Regan, B.A.
Jordan L. Burns                 Saed K. Isaac                      Shannon E. Robbins
Lauren A. Buswell               Shannon N. Jacobs                  Kimberly S. Roddy
Nicole A. Butterfield, B.F.A.   Sarah E. Jarrett                   Sarah E. Roome
Bobbie S. Chamberlain           Ruirui Jiang                       Erin E. Rose
Nakisha L. Chambers, B.A.       Jack J. Johnson                    Leah N. Ruddy, B.A.
Anthony C. Cherwinski, B.A.     Abrar A. Jondy                     Ryan J. Ruddy
Michael P. Chisholm, B.A.       Nicholaus A. Josey                 Deborah C. Ryan
Eric W. Christopherson          Heather S. Kaczmarczyk             Christina S. Salib
Jordan R. Climie                Anna D. Kashkanova                 Elizabeth S. Sauvie
Aaron T. Coffield, B.A.         Aaron J. Keel                      Patrick J. Scanlon, B.S.
Randy C. Conrad                 Rebecca L. Keeler                  Mindy M. Schlaud
Tasha L. Conrad                 Anthony M. Kehrig, B.B.A.          Elizabeth A. Schlieger
Krystal L. Corwin               Robert L. Kelly                    Dana M. Schlosser
Lindsey M. Corwin, B.A.         Jeffrey V. Kender                  Daniel J. Schmit
Erin M. Cox, B.S.               Nezar Khatib                       Katie A. Schott
Meghan E. Crechiolo             Kaitlin A. Knutson, B.A.           Gregory J. Schulkey
Patrick M. Daly                 Peter T. Kost                      Natalie R. Sevick
Grecia M. Davenport             Julie C. Kouri                     Ayla B. Shaner
Jessica E. Delay                Rochelle M. Kowalczyk              Desiree L. Sharland
Kimberly E. Desgrange           Mehgan L. Krick, B.A.S.            Amanda B. Sheehy
Benjamin L. Dickie              Kristin M. LaLonde, B.A.           Ryan M. Sheick, B.S.
Kelly E. Dilg, B.S.             Tiffianey J. Laurin                Jessica R. Shock
Tia M. Doyle                    Jenna L. Lawrence                  David M. Shorez, B.S.
Stephen P. Drabik               Melissa A. Leemhuis                Jeffrey S. Shuel
Kristen T. Drier                Judy C. Leonard, B.A.              Nicholas R. Sierakowski
Lisha E. Drouin                 Jennifer J. Lewis                  Nora M. Smith
Aimee E. Duberg                 Samantha J. MacFarland             Whitney L. Smith
Jonathan D. Durbin              Louison L. Manningham, Jr., B.S.   Monica R. Snyder
Kevin M. Edwards                Kristine R. Marcol                 Jeremy M. Southworth
Erin A. Erickson, B.A.          Ashley E. Mattiuzzo                Nathaniel T. Standish
Kelly R. Ethier                 Jill A. Maxwell, B.A.              Sheila M. Starks, B.S.
Christopher D. Fage, B.S.       Kathryn E. McAlindon               Kristi E. Starnes, B.A.
Crinn M. Fairbanks, B.A.        Patrick J. McClanahan              Matthew J. Sternemann
Allen E. Farmer                 Lynne A. McClure                   Matthew A. Stodola
Jennifer R. Fechik              Michelle D. McDaniel               Carol A. Strange
Adam K. Ferenz                  Virginia F. McKenna                Kari A. Strnad, B.A.
Jessica C. Flemming             Kelsey J. McLees                   Joseph J. Swailes
Andrew B. Franklin, B.S.        Michael D. McManaman               Pratyusha Tantravahi, B.S.
Fredreck J. Fuller, Jr.         Andrea J. McMorris, B.A.           Leila Tarakji
Andrea R. Garber                Kayla K. Milam                     Brittanie S. Terrell
Jeffrey F. Garfield             Allen W. Mortimer, B.S.            Joseph J. Thompson
Colleen H. Giddings             Meghan K. Mortimer                 Celeste J. Thornburg
Michael J. Gilmour              Heather A. Munro, B.A.             Taylor M. Thurston
Joshua A. Glitz                 Haley D. Nicks                     Laura J. Tilson, B.A.
Laura L. Gonzalez               Lindsay R. Novotny                 Heath C. Tolliver
James R. Gordon, B.A.           Jeffrey T. Nugent                  Kara E. Trosino
Sally J. Gunter                 Teresa J. Olson                    Jaclyn M. Trudeau
Random T. Gwinn                 Pamela J. Osdras, B.B.A.           Heidi L. Uptegraff
Raymond J. Haden                Pearl E. Paldanius                 Lindsay M. Valcaniant
Lindsay A. Hall, B.A.           Anthony G. Panneck, B.A.           Hanna E. Vecsernyes, B.A.
Eman Hammoud, B.A.              Richard M. Perez                   Michell K. Waddy
Vincent R. Hamo                 Carl R. Petzold, B.B.A.            Kathryn V. Wahl
Melissa A. Hampton              Eric A. Pitts                      Zhiguo Wang
Ashley M. Harrell               Margarita Portillo                 Jamie L. Ward
Melissa A. Harris               Katy E. Potts                      Jennifer L. Ware
Benjamin J. Hart                Jennifer M. Prestenbach            Philip A. Watkins
Isaiah D. Hines                 Sarah J. Pugsley                   Rebekah L. Weber
     Patrick A. Wegman                   Chelsea S. Wilkins, B.A.            Nichole R. Yettaw
     Ashley L. Weisenberger              Erica L. Williams                   Brendan L. Yonke, B.S.
     Sarah L. Weiss                      Heather N. Williams                 Robert W. Zarins, B.S.
     Kerry L. Whalen                     Alyssa A. Wilson, B.A.              Jacqueline M. Zerka, B.A.
     Lindsey C. Whitcraft, B.A.          Patrick D. Wittbrodt II, B.A.       Da Zheng
     Shane P. White                      Christina M. Wixson                 Jessica A. Zorn
     Brian D. Wice, B.A.                 Jonathan M. Wood

     SCHOOL          OF    E D U C AT I O N   AND      H U M A N S E RV I C E S
                                         University of Michigan — Flint

     Amanda L. Abbott                    Michaela A. Jones                   Rachel A. Renner, B.S.
     Ashley J. Backus, B.S.              Angelique M. Kincaid                Bryan L. Repper
     Karen J. Bailey                     Jacque M. King                      Beth A. Riedel
     Bryan N. Baker                      Teresa M. Krawczyk                  Lauren C. Roberts, B.A.
     Naomi F. Bell                       Nathan D. Lefever                   Andrea E. Rodriguez
     Cayla A. Bennett                    Wendy L. Linder                     Nicole C. Rozboril
     Sara L. Bosch                       Kelly E. MacDonald                  Jennifer M. Saad
     Rosalind M. Butcher                 Jan M. MacQuinn                     Violet A. Sabo
     Lynette R. Campbell                 Jill S. Madore-Olson                Rochelle R. Sansom
     Tiffany A. Card                     Ashley M. Marks                     Stephanie R. Schunot
     Chelsea A. Chittick                 Elizabeth M. Martin, B.A.           Dominique M. Schwerin
     Maya M. Clark, B.A.                 Tiffany S. Martin                   Larisa O. Serbina
     Melissa G. Cogswell                 Amanda M. McBride, B.S.             Kristin M. Shields
     Celia A. Collins, B.S.              Ashley E. McClain                   Jennifer L. Smith
     Katie E. Conn                       Mary M. Meeker, B.S.                Jennie A. Sola
     Bethany M. Connop                   Kenton J. Meister                   Lisa K. Taylor
     Joshua A. Cusenza, B.S.             Meredith C. Miles                   Melissa R. Thibo
     Andrea R. Davis                     Heather J. Morgan                   Michael A. Thomas
     Elizabeth A. Davis, B.S.            Katherine A. Myers                  Kellie L. Thorpe, B.S.
     Gretchen L. Dencklau                Hope E. Niles                       Renae L. Titus, B.S.
     Joseph V. Earl                      Stephanie L. Norris                 Adrian C. Tushim
     Mallory L. Fowler                   Andrea N. Nyquist                   Nicole P. Vogel
     Joshua A. Haggerty, B.A.            Ashley R. Ortiz                     Joshua L. Vorhees, B.A.
     Kristin M. Heuer                    Karla K. Palmer                     Andrea R. Weeder
     Lisa M. House                       Ryan B. Payne                       Ashley Williams
     Monica C. Hubbard, B.S.             Emily K. Pedrotti                   Shondrika N. Williams
     LaTanya S. Hughes                   Rachel L. Peery, B.S.               Douglas M. Wilson, B.S.
     Karly M. Hunter                     Allissa S. Pierson                  Brianne D. Wolfe
     Natalie S. Jackson                  Alicia R. Potter                    Barbara J. Woodbury
     Stephanie C. Jackson                Sarah J. Reil                       Katherine M. Zezula, B.S.
     Ronnie W. Johnson

     SCHOOL          OF    H E A LT H P RO F E S S I O N S      AND      STUDIES
                                         University of Michigan — Flint

     Issa K. Abuaita                     Carolyn A. Carriere, B.S.           Talia A. Dunn, B.S.
     George S. Arnould                   Funda K. Charlot                    Erica D. Eddy, B.S.
     Mary A. Asman                       Hyeonjin Cho                        Beth A. Ferreyra
     Sami D. Banat                       Lynn M. Choranziak, B.S.N.          Maureen A. Foster, B.S.
     Benjamin J. Belill                  Melissa R. Clark, B.A.S.            Brianna K. Funck
     Patricia A. Bistricky, B.S.         Renee F. Clemons                    Bethany M. Gilling
     Shana M. Black                      Adam M. Compeau                     Laura L. Goen
     Anne E. Bodnar                      Amy E. Cooper, B.S.                 Michele E. Griffin
     Brett S. Bowers                     Genevieve R. Cottrell, B.S.         Sheila B. Hare
     Amy A. Briskie                      Katie A. Crum                       Ashley M. Hodge, B.S.
     Asheley D. Broadway, B.S.N.         Rachele L. Daly                     Lawrence M. Holloway III
     Tiffany R. Brown                    Scott R. DeLange, B.S.              Thy M. Huynh
     Melissa J. Burke                    Danielle A. Dobrot                  Ineka K. Irish
     Deana L. Calme                      Amanda L. DuBois                    Amrita Joseph
Amber J. Joubran, B.S.        Dena M. Nassan, B.S.             Nikki M. Soper, B.S.N.
Lindsey M. July               Lindsey A. Nelson                Katy L. Strobel
Antoinette M. Kibiloski       John E. Noffsinger               Katherine A. TenHuisen, B.S.
Jennifer N. Kipp              Canisha J. Norris                Jessica R. Thomas
Katie M. Kirn                 Daniel P. Ormsby                 Jessica N. Treece
Colleen L. Knecht             Miranda E. Perge                 Elizabeth K. Trees
Audrey L. Kon                 Matthew T. Pierce                Ashlee L. Van Riper
Mary C. Long                  Andrew A. Purcell                Kaelee T. VanCamp
Erin S. Luchenbill, B.S.N.    Samantha J. Quinn, B.S.          Michelle VanderVoord
Lance F. Lukasavitz, B.S.     Mohamed B. Radhouani             Jessica M. Voelker
Stacy M. Luttrell             Kathryn M. Robinson, B.S.        Cameron K. Waites
Kelly A. Luzenski             Megan K. Rogers                  Jamie L. Walesky
Melissa A. Lyon               Krystle B. Roush                 Joshua A. Walk
Helen S. Mangett              Jessica J. Saindon               Casey L. Welch, B.S.N.
Samantha J. Mansueti          Savannah J. Sanford              Sarah K. White
Stephanie R. Mantey           Catherine M. Scheuern            Shamicka S. Wilkes, B.S.
Danielle K. Massie            Lauren I. Shadik                 Brittany E. Winer, B.S.
Tricia L. McInally            Alan G. Smith                    Amy L. Wolfe
Patti L. Mendenhall           Stephanie R. Smith               Giana G. Yacoub
Nicole A. Morearty            Lyndsey R. Soentgen, B.S.N.

                              University of Michigan — Flint
Sydnee R. Adams               Jason M. DeVriese                Satoko Nishihira, B.B.A.
Alaa I. Al-Fandi, B.B.A.      Harsha B. Dhammanagi             Kayla R. Palmer
Leesa R. Allison              Justin J. Doran                  Zachery S. Phillips
Hannah A. Al-Omair            Michael N. Drzewiecki            Scott D. Putnam
Remo Antoniolli               Anthony T. Follo, B.B.A.         Elizabeth A. Refice
Andrew A. Bates               Mary E. Gallagher                Amanda R. Rinz
Amber M. Beard                Celeste M. Grab                  Kelly L. Rowell
Leanne M. Benedict            Heather R. Hamilton              Jennifer M. Schichtel, B.B.A.
Amanda S. Bentley             Stephanie R. Hawes               Jeffrey T. Schutz II
Daniel R. Bessolo, B.B.A.     Jacob J. Ibbotson, B.B.A.        Jungjin Shin
Nickolas J. Bobbitt           Scott N. Jacks                   Noah K. Sperling
Casey L. Bodenmiller          Roy L. Kaspar                    Michael J. Steller, B.B.A.
Samuel S. Brady               Navpreet Kaur                    Erica L. Thompson
Ashley R. Brooks              Nathan C. Kroll, B.B.A.          Jennifer L. Tonkavich
Laura Bujel                   Joo Yeup Lee                     Melissa J. Turner
Michael G. Burley             Danielle R. Linker               Kathryn B. Uelmen, B.B.A.
Donald C. Calkins             Jonathan M. Lochinski            Trisha I. Valley
Sarah E. Chazick              Steven C. Mao                    Yunyi Wang
Sarah A. Cook                 Laila H. Mitri, B.B.A.           April M. Waugh, B.B.A.
Joshua J. Coulter             Krista M. Moore                  Kari L. Zelinski
Lauren M. Demers              Paul A. Neumaier

                                     W I L L I A M J. B R A N S T RO M
                                     FRESHMAN PRIZES
                                     First-term freshmen who rank in the upper five percent of their class
                                     within their school or college are awarded the William J. Branstrom
                                     Freshman Prize. The student must have taken at least 14 graded credits
                                     during fall term to be eligible for this award.

                                     Please remember to pick up your personalized book prize. Check
                            for book prize locations.

SCHOOL          OF      A RT   AND   DESIGN
                                     University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Michael George Connelly              Elizabeth A. Porter                  Emerson Wierenga Schreiner
Katya Luise Mack                     Trisha Marie Previte                 Nancy Yang
Megan Elizabeth O’Neil

                                     University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Christopher James Baik               Tyler Bridge Johnson                Nicholas Randall Payne
Rebekah Sarah Bartlett               Ryan James Klock                    Eric Charles Porter
Cody John Bird                       Wei Jie Koe                         Chloé A. Powell
Rex Andrew Brown                     Benjamin Andrew Kosinski            Joseph James Pritchard
Stephen James Brown                  Brett Ryan Kuprel                   Alexander Ryan Prog
David Julian Caldwell                Joseph Donald Kurleto               Sheila Bhavani Raja
Pey Yuan Chan                        Marc Alain Lecerf                   David Aaron Rood
Wai Lee Chan                         Adrienne Paige Lemberger            Nathan Mark Rowley
Tony Chen                            Yi Li                               Matthew Alexander Schrager
Alexander Der-Sheng Cheng            Sarah Elizabeth Londal              Emily Lauren Seidel
Weicheng Chin                        Katherine Lu                        Watchsun Sookhawatako
Tom Curran                           Ryan Christopher Lucas              Ethan Michael Stark
Mariana Regina De Freitas            Steven James Madsen                 Aaron Thomas Tami
Akshay Dilip Desai                   Maxim Markov                        Esther Tang
Colin Edson Fitzner                  Patricia Marie McCormick            Yun Yuan Tay
Carrie Allison Funk                  Kyle Robert McDevitt                Mark Daniel Vossler
Jerome Francis Grunnagle             Kunal Shreyas Mehta                 Kristi Ann Wegener
Lee M. Gunderson                     Samantha Gail Miller                Kevin Yeh
Michael John Howley                  Victoria Mayne Miller               Nathan Jedo Yu
Zachary Hwang                        Karl Hasbrouck Nagengast            Jason Ming Zhang
Roger Qingfeng Jia                   Jonathan Edward Nezich

                                     University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Daniel Leon Dantus                   Rachel Chi-Hang Lee                 Alexa Ann Mehesan
Caitlin Pauline Jones                Joshua Benjamin Mack                Jordan Mae Schroeder

     COLLEGE         OF    L I T E R AT U R E , S C I E N C E ,   AND THE   A RT S
                                         University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
     Fulla Abdul-Jabbar                  Sarah Ariel Friedman           Michael Lin
     Thomas Kelly Adamczyk               Nell Elizabeth Gable           Ginny Liu
     Melanie Iris Adams                  Melissa Lynne Gansler          Kevin Liu
     Andrew John Ahadi                   Xiaodi Gao                     Abigail Jane Longhurst
     Elise Kristine Aikman               Gaurang K. Garg                Shane Fagan Malott
     Candice Ann Ammori                  Erika Marie George             Laura Elizabeth Han Markey
     Jesse Michael Anderson              Melissa Shelby Gildenberg      Laura Annette Mason
     Kerith Marie Asma                   Eileen Catherine Giudice       Erika Lynn Mayer
     Jamie Rose Bachmann                 Leah F. Goldmann               Sara Allison McNew
     Jan Bak                             Kimberly Erin Grambo           Alicia Dolores Mi Esperanza
     Anna Elizabeth Bakeman              Martin Michael Gruca              Menchaca
     Claire Elizabeth Baker              Virat Kumar Gupta              Benjamin Joel Meyers
     Marissa Lainey Baranowski           Nicholas Semi Haas             Anna Heather Mickols
     Sarah Tamar Baruch                  David Brett Hackner            Danielle Nicole Miller
     Cassandra Ann Basler                Kristen Michelle Hagemeister   Angela Marie Miner
     Brittany Klara Batell               Andrew Haley                   William Conrad Moeller
     Jillian Laine Bergsma               Claire Lynn Hall               Jessica Michelle Monastra
     David James Bernthal                Erica Elizabeth Halsey         Kayley Diana Montgomery
     Christine Marie Bertsch             Hussein Sami Hamid             Emily Elizabeth Morris
     Mary Mari Birkett                   Philip Benjamin Harrison       Gabriel Walpole Moss
     Christopher Kyle Boffi              Thomas Carl Hickey             Sabrina Diana Na
     Steven Louis Bokshan                Candyce Lynn Hill              Rafael Ortiz Nelson
     Joshua Jay Bornstein                Andrew Richard Hirschel        Alexander Ivanov Nestorov
     Benjamin Jacob Bronson              Alicia Marie Hirt              Douglas Lee Nestorovski
     Andrew Dwight Brown                 Hayley Rebecca Hoffman         Hannah Helton Noah
     Colin Carpenter Buck                Jonathan William Hornstein     Azure Elizabeth Nowara
     Mollie Lynn Bush                    Meredith Leigh Horowski        Alex Joseph Ocampo
     Alexander James Carney              Leah Rebecca House             Nolan Baird O’Hara
     Margaret Cease                      Heather Marie Hresko           Jeffrey Jia-Ming Ong
     Benjamin Thomas Chapin              Joel Avery Hrit                Kenichi Anthony Osawa
     Sarah Elizabeth Chappell            Henry Hyun-June Im             Gisele Ayesha Papo
     Cheng Han Chung                     Ryan Warner Iseppi             Jae Hyung Park
     Nathaniel Lee Coggins               Ryan Alexander Israel          Ankit Mukesh Patel
     Maor Yaakov Cohen                   Jason Pang Jao                 Dipti N. Patel
     Christina Delacroix Costakis        Marilyn Joyce Jen              Jill Caitlin Peck
     Caitlin Delee Couper                Miles Bernard Johnson          Meredith Anne Perry
     Poonam Rajesh Dagli                 Jonathan Hubbert Jones         Jeffrey Brian Petigrow
     Austin Darket                       Dino Kaknjo                    Kastor Filip Podgorski
     Joshua Adam David                   Chester Jingshiu Kao           Rebecca Michele Portney
     Jordan Michael Delaney              Brandon Joshua Kappy           Jessica Lynn Pressley
     Mary Patricia Demery                Erin Kelly Kastelz             Risa Sharon Rabinowitz
     Anne Caitlyn Devine                 Elizabeth Ann Kelly            Shaoon Shajib Rahman
     Jennifer Diep                       Habib Mujib Khan               Rita Eunice Pascual Razalan
     Nicole Anne Dressler                Azar Mohammad Kheraj           Levi Daniel Redmond
     Kurtis Richard Droge-Germain        Amanda Livia Kleeman           Nicole Leigh Reiner
     Diana Duan                          Alexander Lee Kohn             Hannah Dale Reiss
     Shannon Elizabeth Eagen             Allison M. Konkel              Ifat Ribon
     Elizabeth Kate Edelman              David Joseph Kozminski         Janine Kendra Roffle
     Sara Allyson Eidelman               Jessica Ashley Kraft           Ilyse Sara Rohlman
     Alexa Kara Eisenberg                Caroline Margaret Kreafle      Megan Kaitlyn Rook
     Dustin Maxwell Eisenstat            Alex James Kremzier            Hannah Theresa Roussel
     Rebecca Anne Farner                 Jordan Leigh Kristopik         Chelsea Catherine Rozek
     Sarah Bradley Feenstra              Benjamin Paul Kuslits          Sofya Rozenblat
     Nicole Patrice Ferszt               Samantha Jane Lash             Christopher Frank Russo
     Benjamin Alex Field                 Jenny Lee                      Megan Elizabeth Sajewski
     Brenna Jeannine Field               Erica Shing-Nga Leung          Karen Christine Saukas
     Claire Evelyn Fields                Jeremy Michael Levy            Eric Lee Scharphorn
     Andrew Leonard Frank                Amy Yue Li                     Todd Steven Scheff
Naomi Miriam Scheinerman              Scott Michael Steinberg             Joseph Anthony Varilone
Adam Charles Schubatis                Shelby Marie Steinhaus              Cassondra Leigh Vernier
Julie Michelle Schubiner              Emily Elizabeth Sterling            Alan C. Wang
Shannon Margaret Seiferth             Wesley Stafford Stevenson           Jackie Yixian Wang
Bala Chandran Sekaran                 Michael Arthur Stewart              Julia Wang
Hadley Jane Sekela                    Jessica Suzanne Stokes              William L. Wang
Samuel Hrant Semerjian                Steven D. Strycharz                 Zhengyao Wang
Jamie Beth Serlin                     Luke Joseph Sullivan                Trevor Andrew Weltman
Christopher Kyle Shen                 Derek Adam Sutton                   Ping Xiao
Sherry Shen                           Zhongni Tang                        Yang Xu
Tongtong Shi                          Ana Irina Taralunga                 Joseph Joonsub Yang
Roxanne Elizabeth Shooshani           Michael Thomas Tepatti              Somin Yoo
Samuel Joseph Sikanas                 Hillary Elyse Thomas                Lo-Hua Isabel Yuan
Sara Michelle Silverman               Emily Suzanne Thompson              Yasmean Zamani
Danielle Paige Skinder                Nishant Tilak                       Sarah Gabriella Zawacki
Jinuo Song                            Haley Louisa Turrisi                Ray Zhang
Dominic Michael Spadacene             Kirthi Vadlamuri                    Jingxin Zhong
David Matthew Springstead             Sara Beth Vander Zanden             Silu Zuo
Julie Ann Stark

SCHOOL          OF     M U S I C , T H E AT R E ,     AND       DANCE
                                      University of Michigan — Ann Arbor
Andrea Kelsey Davis                   Timothy Peter Krippner              Erin Kathleen O’Shea
Rainer Joseph Eudeikis                Karleigh McKenna Kroll              Sarah Lordan Paquet
Paula Ann Guro                        Ashley Helene Martin                Laura Reed
Christopher Ender Kiriscioglu         Julie Carolyn Michael               Samantha Rachael Winter

SCHOOL          OF     NURSING
                                      University of Michigan — Ann Arbor

Erika Marie Beelen                    Anastasia Kanellopoulos             Stephanie Mae Poindexter
Robyn Susan Brock                     Kelly Kiernan Miller                Rachel L. Wickham

COLLEGE           OF    A RT S , S C I E N C E S ,   AND        LETTERS
                                      University of Michigan — Dearborn
Ameer Al-Hadidi                       Abby Marie Fougerousse              Jennifer Marie Lilley
Nour Al-Hadidi                        Holly Marie Gerring                 Jennifer L. Morris
Mark A. Alitawi                       Ian E. Gonzalez                     Tatevik Movsisyan
Abigail F. Blackmer                   Hannah Louise Hill                  Rachel Ann Posigian
Amy L. Bondy                          Myroslava Illyashevych              Amanda K. Raupp
Tarek A. Chahine                      Harris Syed Imam                    Baxinder K. Samrao
Daniel P. Conrad                      Lori Jamil Ismail                   Ryan J. Scamp
Stacy D. DeShano                      Lara Mohammed Khadr                 Abdala Sirajeldin
William P. Dillon                     Renee Denise Knight                 Patrick T. Steffes
Jordan R. Evans                       Colin David Lavine                  Michelle L. Steiner

SCHOOL          OF     E D U C AT I O N
                                      University of Michigan — Dearborn
Elaine Marie Bechard                  Soojung Chung

     COLLEGE             OF    ENGINEERING            AND        COMPUTER SCIENCE
                                            University of Michigan — Dearborn
     William Tyler Greene                   Jacob Andrew Mack                 Ryan W. Stegenga
     Byung Joo Lee                          Alexander J. Melville             Andrew F. Williams
     Ian Lewczynski                         Christine Anne Saatio

     SCHOOL          OF       MANAGEMENT
                                            University of Michigan — Dearborn
     William S. Aston                       Maria Garapiak                    Ryan Daniel Shock
     Jordan L. Bogard                       Najah R. Safiedine                Kanishka Tiwari
     Kenneth C. Fraser

     COLLEGE             OF    A RT S   AND    SCIENCES
                                            University of Michigan — Flint

     Elyse M. Beck                          Noor Haydar                       Mabel R. Smeckert
     Kristen N. Bentley                     Mark W. Humphreys                 Kathryn L. Smith
     Lauren N. Byrd                         Zain A. Khan                      Sarah E. Stroup
     Ahmad T. Dandachi                      Elizabeth A. LeBlanc              Samantha F. Thomas
     Oliver A. Darzi                        Caitlin M. McCarthy               Ethan W. Thornburg
     Joan C. Fath                           Kelsey J. McMahan                 Stefanie K. Truman
     Mark A. Freel                          Matthew P. Mead                   Emily Ventola
     Adam H. Gayar                          Chase C. Middleton                Cassandra L. Webster
     Jorden P. Gemuend                      Dayton R. Paul                    Michael E. Wiesenauer
     Holly L. Goetterman                    Jennifer J. Serwach               Bethany A. Witten
     Omar J. Hammoud                        Nadine A. Seudeal                 Mary E. Wykes

     SCHOOL          OF       H E A LT H P RO F E S S I O N S       AND   STUDIES
                                            University of Michigan — Flint
     Joanna L. Foksinski                    Christina A. Niles                Kayla N. Zachary
     Chau Q. Nguyen                         Brian G. Wildmo

     SCHOOL          OF       MANAGEMENT
                                            University of Michigan — Flint

     Michael W. Angott                      Danielle R. Carter                Natasha L. Nivison
     Charles P. Bassham                     Jordan M. Hackett                 Matthew J. Schultz
     Lucas J. Birchmeier                    Trisha R. Monroe                  Torrie G. Wiesman


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