PERSONAL ENRICHMENT

ADVENTURE                                          introduction to golf
                                                   Discover the basics skills of golf from PGA
                                                                                                         ARTS & CRAFTS
RECREATION                                         Golf Professional Joan Phillips at the beautiful
                                                   Black Mountain Golf and Country Club in Hen-
                                                                                                         acrylic painting Workshop
                                                                                                         There are many ways the rich medium of
                                                   derson. You will learn posture and basic swing
Horsemanship                                                                                             acrylics can be used. Discover its charm and
                                                   principles and you will be introduced to the full
Learn the fundamentals of horse care,                                                                    ease and learn about drawing, design, color
                                                   swing, chipping, pitching and putting. This is a
grooming and safety with riding programs                                                                 and composition. You will finish at least one
                                                   perfect class for the beginner and the novice
in beginner to intermediate level. Course                                                                painting, probably more, that will be suit-
                                                   who has been dabbling with golf and would
will focus on English riding. Participants are                                                           able for hanging in your home. Have fun
                                                   like to gain more knowledge in all aspects of
required to wear jeans or breeches, boot                                                                 while enjoying the rich experience of art
                                                   the game. We will also touch on some of the
with heel (no tennis shoes), t-shirt or polo                                                             with acrylics. The average price for materi-
                                                   basic rules of the game on a weekly basis. A
shirt (no tank tops). Rider’s weight must not                                                            als needed for this course is about $25-$35
                                                   materials fee of $25 is payable to the instructor
exceed 200 pounds. Classes are held at C Bar                                                             and there is a $5 materials fee payable to the
                                                   at the first class to cover ranges fees. Instruc-
D Ranch, which is located at approximately                                                               instructor in the first class. Please bring to
                                                   tor: Joan Phillips (6 hours) $80
N. Decatur and the 215. Instructor: Esther                                                               class the following: 1” synthetic watercolor
                                                   DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM
Hillner. (16 hours) $305                           Tu      9/13-10/18   2:30p-3:30p             BMC      brush, #8 and #4 round synthetic brushes
DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM                                                         (not oil brushes). You will also need a small
                                                   F       9/16-10/21   9:00a-10:00a            BMC
W      9/28-11/16 6:00p-8:00p              CBD                                                           size kit of acrylic paints, and if not a kit,
Sa     10/8-12/3   11:00a-1:00p            CBD                                                           bring one tube each of: ultramarine blue,
       NO CLASS 11/26                              fly fishing
                                                   Learn to fly fish in the desert? You bet! Fly         cadmium red (vermilion or crimson), cad-
                                                   fishing has been described as a form of stress        mium yellow and a large tube of white. Bring
                                                   management, a hobby, an art form, a method            a large mouth water container, paper towels
                                                   of relaxation and exercise, a religious experi-       (Bounty or equally absorbent towels), a roll
                                                   ence and a disease! Easy to learn, fly fishing        of ½” or ¼” masking tape, an acrylic palette
                                                   has no boundaries and everyone can enjoy              (or coated good size paper plates), a pad of
                                                   its benefits. Anyone who loves the outdoors           Canson student watercolor paper (approxi-
                                                   is a great candidate. This one-day workshop           mately 9” x 12” or next size up), and a piece
                                                   defines fly fishing and how it differs from           of foam board (11” x 15”) is also helpful.
                                                   fishing in general. We will cover equipment,          Instructor: Patrick Lynch. (18 hours) $129
                                                                                                         DAY      DATE        TIME                      LOCATION RM
                                                   knots, entomology (basic bugs), fishing strate-
                                                                                                         Tu       10/18-11/22 6:00p-9:00p                 SUM 112
                                                   gies and a discussion of nearby fishing oppor-
                                                   tunities. Then we will have a casting clinic
                                                   followed by fishing at Lake Las Vegas, a pri-
                                                   vate facility. Learn to read water, pick a fly,
                                                   tie a knot and cast a line. Equipment, hand-
Beginning tennis                                   outs and fishing permit are provided for the
It’s never too late to learn this “sport of a      course. There is a $39 site fee payable to the
lifetime” taught by a certified tennis pro-        instructors are class to cover fishing permit,
fessional. Learn proper grip, basic strokes,       handouts and equipment usage. Meet your
movement, positioning and strategy neces-          instructors at the new Ravella Hotel at Lake
sary to begin playing this fun-filled socially-    Las Vegas, in the main lobby. Check with the
friendly game. Drills, targets, games and          hotel about a local’s rate if you wish to spend
game-based situations are used to improve          the night. Lunch is available on-site or you
stroke development, control, consistency           can bring your own. Contact John Campbell
and tactics. Fee includes custom “Racquet          at (702) 499-8921 for questions or location
Club” shirt and a high-quality, top brand-         directions. Instructors: John Campbell, Jerry
name racquet. Following one hour of instruc-       Stein and Bill Teresco. (6 hours) $65                  Check out our on-line
tion, students can stay for an additional hour
                                                   DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM     registration system.
                                                   Sa      10/22        9:00a-3:00p              LLV
of practice. Intermediate students will also                                                              It’s faster and easier
be accommodated in this class. Instructor:                                                                than ever before.
Craig Witcher (6 hours) $150
DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM                                                              Shopping for classes is a breeze!
Tu     9/13-10/18   6:00p-7:00p           DPTC
Tu     11/1-12/6    6:00p-7:00p           DPTC
                                                   ALL CLASSES ARE NONREFUNDABLE
RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                              See page 18 for Location Codes.
    non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                                    fall 2011
    Beginning furniture                                                                                                              Digital photography 1-B
    & Cabinet Making                                                                                                                 Get the most out of your digital SLR camera
    The objective of this class is to introduce you                                                                                  by learning how to use it in modes other
    to the various stages of construction of fur-                                                                                    than auto. Technical topics will be discussed
    niture, cabinets and wood products. It will                                                                                      in layman’s terms. Class will cover exposure
    provide you with the basic knowledge and                                                                                         and the basics of light. Instructor-led field
    skills necessary to design, construct and finish                                                                                 trips will be made to local scenic areas to pro-
    wood products. You should expect to complete                                                                                     vide hands-on experience and to help master
    one or more pieces of furniture of your choice                                                                                   camera controls. Field trips and student/
    (coffee table, night stand, chest, etc.), by the                                                                                 teacher feedback are an integral part of the
    end of class. Materials will be discussed at                                                                                     experience. Please bring to class your digital
    class and will be the student’s responsibility.                             Watercolor                                           camera, camera manual, and a 128 MB (or
    Instructor: Kevin Snider. (60 hours) $225                                   Watercolor is an opulent and rewarding               greater) USB flash drive. Materials fee of $20
    DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM     medium. It is rumored to be difficult. Not           is payable to instructor first class. Prerequi-
    Tu           9/6 -12/13          5:30p-9:30p                      DHS 505   so! Paint with Patrick and you will have fun         sites: Digital Photography 1A or equivalent.
                                                                                exploring this wonderful medium. For the             Instructor: Wes VanDinter (21 hours) $125
    advanced furniture                                                          first class you will need to bring a 1” syn-         DAY      DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM
    & Cabinet Making                                                            thetic watercolor brush and both #8 and              Sa       10/15-12/10 12:30p-3:30p        SW A112
    This course will provide you with an in-depth                               #4 round brushes. No oil brushes. Bring a                     NO CLASS 10/29 & 11/26
    knowledge of the construction of furniture,                                 wide-mouth water container, paper towels
    cabinets and wood products. Upon comple-                                    (or equally absorbent towels), a roll of ½”          Microsoft photostory:
    tion of this class, you will have advanced                                  or ¼” masking tape and the following tubes           Creating Movies from still photos
    knowledge and skills necessary to design,                                   of watercolor paint: ultramarine blue, cad-          (see course description on page 12)
    construct and finish wood products. Materials                               mium red light (or a bright red), alizarin
    will be discussed at class and will be the stu-                             crimson, raw sienna and ivory black. If you          pottery
    dent’s responsibility. Prerequisite: completion                             have additional watercolor materials, please         You will make beautiful pottery using a
    of Beginning Furniture & Cabinet Making.                                    bring them to class. For the first class the         ceramic’s wheel in a studio setting with master
    Instructor: Kevin Snider. (60 hours) $225                                   instructor will provide other materials and          artist Amy Kline. Amy’s class demonstrations
    DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM     give guidelines for future classes. Expect to        are geared for beginning and more experi-
    Th           9/1-12/15   5:30p-9:30p                              DHS 505   spend $25 for supplies. A $5 materials fee           enced potters alike. In addition to instruction
                 NO CLASS 11/24                                                 is payable to the instructor in first class.         time in class, you will have unlimited access
                                                                                Instructor: Patrick Lynch. (18 hours) $129           for open studio time, which is included in
    oil painting for pleasure                                                   DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM   the course fee. Tools will be $14.47 and you
    Join the fun and learn how to oil paint. Learn                              W       10/5-11/9    6:00p-9:00p        SUM 116      should expect to spend approximately $40 for
    the basics of application and the mixing of                                 “Patrick Lynch is very experienced in his field,     materials. Both fees are payable to instructor
    colors in addition to learning many help-                                   and has love and enthusiasm for the subject….        in class. Students from age 10 and up are wel-
    ful economical hints. Inability to draw will                                which is very inspiring to the students.”            come. Instructor: Amy Kline. (27 hours) $180
    not hinder you in this class. It is designed                                                             – Peggy Totino          DAY      DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM
    for beginners, intermediate and advanced                                                                                         M        9/12-10/24   6:00p-9:00p               PW
    students alike. Call instructor at 361-7873                                 Digital photography 1-a                              Tu       9/13-10/25   10:00a-1:00p              PW
    for basic supplies and size limitations of can-                                                                                  Th       9/15-10/27   6:00p-9:00p               PW
                                                                                Learn how your digital camera works, basic
    vases. Course will be in six 2½-hour sessions                                                                                    Sa       9/17-10/29   10:00a-1:00p              PW
                                                                                specifications and photography techniques.
    and one 4-hour workshop on Saturday from                                    Class will cover basic operation, composi-
    10:00am to 2:00pm. Instructor: Elizabeth                                    tion and image editing software. Instructor-
    Freeman. (19 hours) $129                                                    led field trips will be made to local scenic
    DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM
                                                                                areas to provide hands-on experience. Field
    M            9/12-10/17 6:30p-9:00p                SW A102
                                                                                trips and student/teacher feedback will be an
                 Workshop held Sat., 10/22, 10:00a-2:00p SW
    Th           9/15-10/20 6:30p-9:00p                 SWA102                  integral part of the experience. Please bring
                 Workshop held Sat., 10/29, 10:00a-2:00p SW                     to class your digital camera, camera manual
    M            10/24-12/12 6:30p-9:00                SW A102                  and a 128 MB (or greater) USB flash drive.
                 Workshop held Sat., 11/19, 10:00a-2:00p SW                     Materials fee of $20 is payable to instructor
                 NO CLASS 10/31                                                 first class. Prerequisite: basic computer skills.
    Th           11/3-12/15 6:30p-9:00p                SW A102                  Instructor: Wes VanDinter (15 hours) $104
                 Workshop held Sat., 12/17, 10:00a-2:00p SW                     DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM
                 NO CLASS 11/24                                                 Sa      9/10-10/8    12:30p-3:30p       SW A112           REGISTER EARLY TO GUARANTEE SEATING

         Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                       Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                                                        PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
Beginning stained glass
Create beautiful stained glass artwork. Learn
                                                     DANCE                                               salsa and Merengue
                                                                                                         Get on the Latin dance train! Don’t be left
how to cut and grind glass, wrap with copper                                                             behind… join this great 4 week crash course
                                                     Country line Dancing
foil or lead and solder your projects for com-                                                           in Latin dancing. In the first two weeks, you
                                                     Learn how to country line dance in an easy,
pletion. You will make three projects: two foil                                                          will learn a fun Salsa routine. The name
                                                     fun class. No pressures from trying to learn
method sun catchers and one lead method.                                                                 “salsa” correctly describes the flavor of this
                                                     in a dark and crowded Dance Hall. We will
You will use the classroom tools at Glass Art                                                            dance: hot! The following two weeks you
                                                     be kickin’ up some dust and learning some
Studios but you will need to buy foil and glass                                                          will learn a fun Merengue routine. If you
                                                     great line dances i.e. Boot Scootin Boogie,
for the third project which will run around                                                              can walk, you can dance Merengue! Meren-
                                                     Tush Push, Watermelon Crawl. With so
$15 and $25 respectively. All other supplies                                                             gue is very popular because the basic step is
                                                     many country dance halls here in Las Vegas,
are included in the tuition price. Instructor:                                                           so easy, resembling marching in time to the
                                                     you need to learn how to Country Line
Lee Foster. (12.5 hours) $95                                                                             music. Both these dances are ideally suited
                                                     Dance, it’s fun, heart healthy and a great rec-
DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM                                                       for a small or large, dance floor. You will also
Sa      9/24-10/22   5:30p-8:00p              GAS    reational activity. Learn the steps and styling
                                                                                                         learn partnering, timing and style so you can
                                                     in a comfortable stress-free environment.
                                                                                                         feel comfortable dancing. Come and join the
Beaded Jewelry                                       Join this class and you’ll soon be scootin’
                                                                                                         fun and you will be on the dance floor with
Learn how to make beautiful jewelry for your-        your boots in the Dance Halls. Instructor:
                                                                                                         confidence sooner than you could imagine.
self or for gift giving. This class is for begin-    Kim Sakren (4 hours) $77
                                                                                                         Couples and singles welcome, couples do not
                                                     DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
ners who will learn how to make jewelry using                                                            change partners singles will change partners.
                                                     Sa     9/17-10/8    3:30p-4:30p             KIM
basic stringing techniques. You will make sev-                                                           Instructor: Kim Sakren, a certified ballroom,
eral different jewelry projects in class includ-                                                         Latin and swing instructor. (4 hours) $77
                                                     nightclub two-step
ing necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Tools                                                             DAY    DATE          TIME                      LOCATION RM
                                                     Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines at        Sa     10/15-11/12 4:30p-5:30p                          KIM
needed will be provided for in-class use. Mate-
                                                     parties, weddings, clubs and cruises? Come                 NO CLASS 10/29
rials fee of $40 payable to instructor at first
                                                     and learn step patterns and partnering skills
class. Instructor: Paula Darnell. (6 hours) $59
DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM   to the easy rhythm of nightclub two-step
Sa      9/17-10/1    10:00a-12:00p      SUM 116      in this fun class! This dance was invented
                                                     by Buddy Schwimmer, father of Lacey and
                                                     Benji Schwimmer of “Dancing with the                preparation for Divorce
                                                     Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance”.            The decisions you make during your divorce
                                                     You can easily dance the night club two-step        will affect the rest of your life. How do you
                                                     to club music and country tunes. Couples            know whether your divorce settlement will
                                                     and singles welcome. Couples do not change          lead toward financial freedom or financial
                                                     partners, singles will! (4 hours) $77               ruin? In these tough economic times, it is
                                                     DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
                                                                                                         crucial that you get the right information
                                                     Sa     9/17-10/8    4:30p-5:30p             KIM
                                                                                                         so that you can make sound financial, not
                                                                                                         emotional, decisions. This course will show
                                                     Cardio Dancing                                      you how to avoid some of the most common
                                                     Move over Zumba Join the crowd that has
CULINARY                                             all the fun! Come and learn Latin rhythms
                                                                                                         financial mistakes people make during the
                                                                                                         divorce process and show you the sources
                                                     and how to dance to them in a line dance            of money that may be available to you as a
Wine sense Does italy                                formation. Lear actual steps and step pat-          result of your divorce. Instructor: Jacqueline
This course will provide a comprehensive             terns while getting a workout with a whole          Thornhill, CFP®, CDFA™. (2 hours) $52
approach to all the major wine growing               lot of dancing and great music. Dancing pro-        DAY    DATE          TIME                      LOCATION RM
areas of Italy including Sicily and Sardinia.        motes good health, reduces stress, and ele-         Tu     10/11         6:30p-8:30p                 SUM 120
Particular focus will be on Piedmont, Tus-           vates mental acuity and most of all it’s fun
cany and Veneto. Come experience the                 (4 hours) $77
wines from this classic country and discover         DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
the tastes that you have never discovered            Sa     10/15-11/12 3:30p-4:30p              KIM       All Community and Personal Enrichment class
before. Students must be over 21 years of                   NO CLASS 10/29                                fees are per person unless indicated otherwise.
age. Instructor Fritz Reese. (10 hours) $104
DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM                                                        Registration is a mouse
Th      9/29-10/27   6:30p-8:30p        SUM 113       Registration begins                                 click away with our
“Fritz covered everything that was expected.                                                              online system.
I only wish this class were longer!”                   August 24, 2011.                         
                             – Mike Frankel

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                              See page 18 for Location Codes.
    non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                              fall 2011
                                                                            no card given. This is however, the perfect         the art of Makeup
                                                                            course for family and friends to become part        This class is designed specifically for the every-
                                                                            of the life saving chain of survival in the         day woman. Are you new to using makeup?
                                                                            community. Instructor: Staff (2.5 hours) $39        Perhaps you need some self-help tips on per-
                                                                            DAY      DATE       TIME              LOCATION RM   sonal application? Do you need some ideas
                                                                            Th       9/22       6:00p-8:30p          SW 101     on how to glamorize yourself for that special
                                                                            F        10/7       6:00p-8:30p          SW 101     event or night out? If you answered yes, to one
                                                                            W        11/2       6:00p-8:30p          SW 101     or more of the aforementioned questions, this
                                                                            W        12/14      6:00p-8:30p          SW 101     is the perfect class for you! This is a hands-on
                                                                                                                                workshop that will take you through the basics

    HEALTH                                                                  HOME AND                                            of makeup artistry into your own inner, high
                                                                                                                                fashion creativity. You will learn color match-

    & FITNESS                                                               FAMILY                                              ing, brush techniques, the proper foundation
                                                                                                                                for your skin type, highlighting and much
                                                                                                                                more. Instructor: Staff (8 hours) $59
    aHa CpR Heartsaver/aeD/first aid                                        Coupons, Discounts and Deals                        DAY     DATE          TIME              LOCATION RM
    This course provides training in AHA CPR                                – How to saVe!                                      Sa      10/15-10/22 12:30p-4:30p         SUM 112
    for adults, children and infants with an AED                            • Not sure where to begin when it comes to
    and First Aid for those students who are not                               keeping and using all these coupons?             Clutterology® How to eliminate Clutter
    medical professionals but whose job require-                            • Want to save money on your shopping?              in Your life and get organized
    ment include CPR training. Upon comple-                                 • Have you seen television programs or              If you’re tired of searching for that lost
    tion of the course the participant will receive                            heard stories of people saving tons of           something or stumbling over stuff through-
    an AHA HS/AED/First Aid card. Spanish                                      money and want to learn how to do it?            out your house, Clutterology® will change
    courses are available upon request. Instruc-                            If you would like to learn about bargains,          your environment to work for you. You CAN
    tor: David Jadwin, BLS TCF (7 hours). $69                               how to save money and get free stuff, this          change your surroundings to work for you
    Sa           9/10                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111   class is for you. In this seminar you will learn    with simple, easy and practical ideas on how
    F            9/16                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                       to remove clutter from your life and get orga-
                                                                            to apply smart strategies that include:
    Sa           9/24                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                       nized. Attend this fun filled, interactive, non-
                                                                            • How to manage your coupons, time and
    F            9/30                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                       confrontive program, where you’ll learn:
    F            10/7                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                       • How to remove clutter from your life
    Sa           10/15               9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111   • The basic rules to follow when shopping
    F            10/21               9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                       • How to change your environment to
                                                                            • The secrets of how and when to shop
    F            11/4                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                          work for you
                                                                               your favorite stores
    W            11/16               9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                       • The true and destructive cost of stuff
                                                                            • What good, better and bad couponing is
    Sa           11/19               9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111                                                       • How to be removed from junk mail lists
    F            12/2                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111   You will be provided with resources for
    Th           12/8                9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111   saving money while shopping, dining and
                                                                            more. Bring your ideas, resources and cou-          A $30 materials fee is payable at class to
    F            12/16               9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111
                                                                            pons to share. Learn how to SAVE! A $20             cover manual and CD. Instructor: Nancy
    Sa           12/17               9:00a-4:00p                  SW A111
                                                                            materials fee is payable to the instructor at       Miller. (3 hours) $59
                                                                                                                                DAY     DATE          TIME              LOCATION RM
    aHa – family and friends CpR anytime                                    class. Instructor: Nancy Miller (3 hours) $59
                                                                            DAY      DATE       TIME              LOCATION RM   W       11/9          6:30p-9:30p        SUM 117
    Saving lives is the name of the game. Vic-
                                                                            Th       11/10      6:30p-9:30p         SUM 117
    tims have a better chance of survival when
    CPR is started within the first five minutes of
    becoming unconscious. This course will help
    you increase your bystander action in emer-
    gency situations. You will receive your own
                                                                                                                                  Remember to mark your calendar
    kit which contains your book; DVD in Eng-
    lish and Spanish; a personal, inflatable Mini                                                                                with class dates, time and location.
    Ann CPR doll; an extra Mini Ann doll lung
    and sanitizing wipes for the doll. This course
    is not for medical professionals and there is
                                                                                                                                 Check out our fast and
                                                                                                                                 easy way to register online.
               Choose your classes carefully.                                                                                                  Visit our website at:
                   Check dates and time as
               all classes are nonrefundable.                                    REGISTER EARLY TO GUARANTEE SEATING        
         Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                    Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                                                  PERSONAL ENRICHMENT

LANGUAGE                                            TUITION FEE. IF YOU MISS A CLASS OR DO
                                                    NOT ATTEND A PORTION THEREOF, YOUR
                                                    CLASS FEE IS FORFEITED. THE FOLLOW-
Basic spanish
                                                    ING CLOTHING IS REQUIRED:
Learn a basic knowledge of the Spanish
                                                    • DOT approved motorcycle helmet
language to better aid your communica-
tion skills. Study will include basic phonol-       • Eye protection: (to be discussed at first
ogy, the alphabet, basic phrases, foods and           class)
simple conversation. Textbook included in           • Gloves with fingers
course fee. $25 materials fee paid to instruc-      • Long sleeved shirt or jacket
tor at first class. Instructor: Gilbert Gamboa.     • Over the ankle footwear (boots, no high
(20 hours) $130                                       heels)
DAY       DATE        TIME            LOCATION RM                                                  9/2-9/4            F, Sa, Su
Sa        9/10-11/5   1:00pm-3:30pm    SW B125
                                                    • Long pants (jeans or similar fabric)
                                                                                                   9/9-9/11           F, Sa, Su
          NO CLASS 10/29                            Students must be in good physical condition    9/16-9/18          F, Sa, Su
                                                    and have basic command of the English lan-     9/30-10/2          F, Sa, Su
                                                    guage. Students MUST PASS a written knowl-     10/7-10/9          F, Sa, Su
MOTORCYCLE                                          edge exam and skills evaluation to receive     10/14-10/16        F, Sa, Su
                                                    course completion card (21 hours). $100        10/21-10/23        F, Sa, Su
Motorcycle Rider Course                                                                            11/4-11/6          F, Sa, Su
Are you a new or returning rider? Then this         Schedule of 3 consecutive day classes:         11/11-11/13        F, Sa, Su
is the course for you. During this course,          1st day       5:30p-9:00p      Range/Class     11/18-11/20        F, Sa, Su
you’ll learn basic fundamentals and develop         2nd day       7:30a-6:00p      Range/Class     12/2-12/4          F, Sa, Su
your capabilities to become a safer and more        3rd day       7:30a-5:00p      Range/Class     12/9-12/11         F, Sa, Su
responsible motorcyclist. You’ll learn both                                                        12/16-12/18        F, Sa, Su
the physical and mental skills for operating a      9/2-9/4          F, Sa, Su                     Henderson B118
motorcycle. You’ll learn how to manage risk         9/6-9/8          Tu, W, Th                     700 College Drive, Henderson
and how to develop a good mental riding             9/9-9/11         F, Sa, Su
strategy. You’ll also learn how to effectively      9/16-9/18        F, Sa, Su                     9/2-9/4           F, Sa, Su
brake, swerve and corner. The Nevada                9/19-9/21        M, Tu, W                      9/9-911           F, Sa, Su
Department of Motor Vehicles waives test-           9/21-9/23        W, Th, F                      9/12-9/14         M, Tu, W
ing for successful graduates of this course.        9/23-9/25        F, Sa, Su                     9/14-9/16         W, Th, F
You must be at least 15½ years of age, be           9/30-10/2        F, Sa, Su                     9/23-9/25         F, Sa, Su
a licensed (valid) driver or have proof you         10/4-10/6        Tu, W, Th                     9/27-9/29         Tu, W, Th
have completed a driver education class.            10/7-10/9        F, Sa, Su                     9/30-10/2         F, Sa, Su
You must also have your own helmet and              10/14-10/16      F, Sa, Su                     10/7-10/9         F, Sa, Su
be able to ride a bicycle. Motorcycles are          10/17-10/19      M, Tu, W                      10/10-10/12       M, Tu, W
provided. ATTENDANCE AT ALL SESSIONS                10/19-10/21      W, Th, F                      10/12-10/14       W, Th, F
IS MANDATORY. PLEASE READ THE CSN                   10/21-10/23      F, Sa, Su                     10/21-10/23       F, Sa, Su
TRANSFER POLICY VERY CAREFULLY                      10/28-10/30      F, Sa, Su                     10/25-10/27       T, W, Th
when you enroll in a MRC. ALL CLASSES               11/1-11/3        Tu, W, Th                     10/28-10/30       F, Sa, Su
ARE NONREFUNDABLE. If you fail the writ-            11/4-11/6        F, Sa, Su                     11/4-11/6         F, Sa, Su
ten and/or skills portion of the course there       11/11-11/13      F, Sa, Su                     11/7-11/9         M, Tu, W
are no refunds or transfers. If you are asked       11/14-11/16      M, Tu, W                      11/9-11/11        W, Th, F
to leave class due to a safety issue, there are     11/16-11/18      W, Th, F                      11/11-11/13       F, Sa, Su
no refunds or transfers. After successfully         11/18-11/20      F, Sa, Su                     11/18-11/20       F, Sa, Su
completing the course, you will receive a           11/25-11/27      F, Sa, Su                     11/21-11/23       M, Tu, W
card to take to Nevada DMV to get your class        11/29-12/01      Tu, W, Th                     12/2-12/4         F, Sa, Su
M license endorsement. IF YOU ARE LATE              12/2-12/4        F, Sa, Su                     12/5-12/7         M, Tu, W
MORE THAN TEN MINUTES TO CLASS YOU                  12/9-12/11       F, Sa, Su                     12/7-12/9         W, Th, F
WILL BE DISMISSED AND FORFIET YOUR                  12/12-12/14      M, Tu, W                      12/16-12/18       F, Sa, Su
                                                    12/14-12/16      W, Th, F                      12/19-12/21       M, Tu, W
                    PLEASE NOTE:                    12/16-12/18      F, Sa, Su                     West Charleston MOD 5
      Commencing November 2011, January 2012        12/20-12/22      Tu, W, Th                     6375 West Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas
          motorcycle rider classes will be          Cheyenne Module #3
         posted to the Web for registration.        3200 East Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas          Refer to page 18 for class locations and codes.

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                        See page 18 for Location Codes.
    non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                       fall 2011
    fast track Basic Rider Courses                                 not sure, consider registering in the basic
    If you absolutely must get into a class imme-                  Motorcycle Rider Course. See Motorcycle
    diately versus waiting a week or longer for                    Rider Course for description of equipment
    an opening, these courses are for you. Per-                    and clothing requirements for this class. Stu-
    haps your job requires a motorcycle license?                   dents coming to an ERC without appropriate
    The Fast Track courses are what you need                       equipment and/or clothing will be asked to
    if you need that waiver now. All Fast Track                    leave and forfeit their tuition. PLEASE READ
    classes are $250 and are nonrefundable                         THE CSN TRANSFER POLICY PRIOR TO
    refund. The transfer policy are the same as                    ENROLLING IN AN ERC. ALL CLASSES ARE
    all other courses so please read the policy                    NONREFUNDABLE. (8.5 hours) $80
    carefully prior to enrolling in a Fast Track                   DAY       DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
                                                                   W      9/7             7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range
                                                                                                                         Beginning Blues guitar
    class. All Fast Track classes are small 3 to 6
                                                                   Sa     9/17            7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     This class is designed to have you playing
    students, to accommodate individual assis-
                                                                   Su     9/18            7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     blues riffs in no time while having fun learning
    tance. Please note equipment and clothing
                                                                   W      10/5            7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     basic blues patterns and chords. No prerequi-
    policy in BRC course description. ALL Fast
                                                                   Sa     10/15           7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     sites. This is a popular subject and classes will
    Track programs are held at the Cheyenne
                                                                   Su     10/16           7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     be kept small to insure individual attention.
    Campus Range and are the same hours as all
                                                                   W      11/2            7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     Register early. Bring your own guitar. Attend-
    other BRCs (21 hours) $250
                                                                   Sa     11/26           7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     ing the first class is a must. Instructor: Chuck
    9/13-9/15           Tu, W, Th
                                                                   Su     11/27           7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     Collingsworth. (12 hours) $80
    10/11-10/13         Tu, W, Th                                  Sa     12/10           7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM
    11/7-11/9           M, Tu, W                                   Su     12/11           7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range     Tu      10/11-11/15 7:00p-9:00p         SW A102
    12/6-12/8           Tu, W, Th                                  W      12/14           7:30a-4:00p      WCH Range
    Cheyenne Module #3                                             6375 West Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas
    3200 East Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas                                                                              Power of 55+
                                                                          ALL motorcycle rider courses
    experienced Rider Course                                               (BRC, ERC and Fast Tracks)                    exploring the internet
    & license Waiver                                                          are held regardless of                     The Internet is unparalleled for accessing
    If you are an experienced motorcyclist, this                         inclement weather or holidays.                  information, shopping and communicating
    is the course for you. It will include many                           Please be sure to attend class!                worldwide. Discover its full potential using a
    skill building exercises and in depth discus-                                                                        browser and search engine. Reduce security
    sions of strategies and issues of riding in                                        PLEASE NOTE:                      risks with free security updates, firewalls,
    traffic. If it’s time for a tune up of skills, take                  Commencing November 2011, January 2012          anti-spyware and anti-virus software. Create
    this valuable course. Have you been riding                               motorcycle rider classes will be            a free Web E-mail account with strong spam
    motorcycles for a while, but you have no                                posted to the Web for registration.          blocking capabilities…all in the classroom.
    motorcycle driver’s license? Do you already                                                                          Instructor: Connie Lohrke (12 hours) $77
    have good skills and can ride with good to
    excellent basic proficiency? Consider enroll-                  MUSIC                                                 DAY
                                                                                                                                                                LOCATION RM
                                                                                                                                                                 SUM 102
    ing in this class. There is a preliminary
    qualifying skill check at the beginning of the                 Beginning guitar                                      introduction to Computers
    course. This course will put you through skill                 In just six weeks you can be playing guitar.          If you have fears about being a first time com-
    building exercises and discuss motorcycling,                   This basic course covers several easy chords          puter user, relax! You are just a mouse click
    particularly while operating in traffic. You                   and allows you to accompany yourself on a             away from computer literacy. In this hands-
    will take written and riding tests at the end                  wide variety of simple songs. You provide             on basic course, you will learn about the parts
    of the course. Nevada DMV will accept this                     the guitar. Class size is limited, so reserve         of a personal computer (hardware) and how
    course as a license testing waiver, so you                     your spot early. Materials required are a             information (data) is organized, stored and
    can obtain your motorcycle endorsement                         pad and pencil and the textbook; Fun With             retrieved. The Windows operating system and
    and ride legally! Prerequisites: provide your                  the Guitar and Modern Day Guitar Method               a variety of program applications and accesso-
    own, fully insured street legal motorcycle;                    Grade 1, Author Mel Bay (can be purchased             ries (software) will be covered, including an
    provide all required riding gear. Must have                    at Bonnie’s Music Shop-732-0777 east side             introduction to basic word processing. Bring
    (valid) driver’s license. Special Note: This                   of town or Desert Music-363-3333 west side            a 128 MB (or greater) flash drive. Instructor:
    course is not intended to teach you basic                      of town). Attending the first class is a must.        Connie Lohrke (12 hours) $77
    riding skills. You must already have good                      Instructor: Chuck Collingsworth. (12 hours) $80       DAY     DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM
                                                                   DAY       DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM   Sa      10/22-11/12 1:00p-4:00p         SUM 102
    basic proficiency. Students lacking basic
                                                                   W         9/21-10/26   7:00p-9:00p        SW A102
    skills will be identified early in the course
                                                                   W         11/9-12/14   7:00p-9:00p        SW A102
    and dismissed, without refund. If you’re

      Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.               Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                                                             PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
introduction to Microsoft Ribbons                The Kangaroo Method: Shortcut to Accel-                      is payable to the instructor at class. Instruc-
Ribbons are for more than wrapping pres-         erated Learning and Master the 40 Words                      tor: Don Woodruff. (3 hours) $54
ents. This class is designed to provide an       Successful People Use. Materials fee of $20                  DAY       DATE      TIME                      LOCATION RM
overview of the new Microsoft ribbon inter-      payable to instructor in class for audio CD.                 W         10/5      6:30p-9:30p                 SUM 117
face. The ribbon replaces the menu bar and       Instructor: Don Woodruff. (3.25 hours) $54
toolbar, but is far more powerful and com-       DAY       DATE           TIME                 LOCATION RM    Handgun Basic Care
plex. This course will mainly cover MS Word,     Sa        10/8           9:00a-12:15p          SUM 118       and Maintenance
but will also show how the ribbon is used in                                                                  By the end of this course the students will
other MS Office applications. You will not       genius Course on-line                                        have learned the proper techniques for dis-
only learn how to use the ribbon but also        ONLINE COURSE—In the national best-                          assemble and re-assemble of their handgun.
how to customize it by putting frequently        seller “How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci,”                The students will be taught how to trouble
used commands in the Quick Access Toolbar.       author Michael J. Gelb says, “The happiest                   shoot the weapon and diagnose potential
A working knowledge of computer usage and        people in the world ask, ‘What if I could find               problems. The students will learn proper
Microsoft Windows is required. Bring a 128       some way to get paid for doing what I love?’”                methods and equipment for use in cleaning
MB (or greater) flash drive. (6 hours) $77       What if you were given an opportunity to do                  and servicing the handgun. The student will
DAY    DATE        TIME            LOCATION RM   what you really love? The award-winning                      also be introduced to various methods and
M,W    11/2-11/7   1:00p-4:00p      SUM 102      Genius Course Online shows you how to dis-                   means of securing the weapon both at the
                                                 cover your unique abilities, your true genius.               home and in the vehicle. This class will also
                                                 In 13 fun, easy-to-do lessons, learn how to                  cover the different types of holsters that are
                                                 tap into and express your genius. It’s easy                  available to the student. The class will have
                                                 and FUN! Upon registering (preferably by                     an emphasis on safety and the students will
                                                 phone at 651-4747), request website to begin                 be taught how to properly load and unload
                                                 course. Students need to start by September                  the firearms. The students will provide their
                                                 12th, 2011. Instructor: Philip Johncock. $210                own firearm, however no live ammunition
                                                 DAY       DATE           TIME                 LOCATION RM    will be allowed in the class. Students will
                                                 Any       9/12-11/30     Any                     On-Line     bring their own, unloaded weapon to class.
                                                                                                              Classes will be held at the Clark County
                                                                                                              Shooting Park on North Decatur. Instruc-
                                                                                                              tor: Staff (4 hours) For additional informa-
SELF                                                                                                          tion on this course, please contact Granville
                                                                                                              Brown, (702) 651-2639
                                                                                                              Handgun safety Course
advanced power                                                                                                This is a beginner’s course aimed at those
learning strategies                                                                                           wishing to demystify firearms (revolvers
As taught at NASA Headquarters in Wash-          Master the 40 Words                                          and semi-automatic handguns) and come
ington, D.C., the Advanced Powers Learning       successful people Use                                        to a practical understanding of their safe
Strategies course hits the nail on the head      It’s true…people judge you by the words                      functioning and use, both for recreation and
by immediately addressing the root cause         you use. This three-hour workshop is                         personal protection. Special emphasis will
of confusion, boredom, sleepiness, lack of       intended for individuals who want to                         be placed on safety issues, of maintenance,
focus and deficit memory. In addition, the       instantly achieve a more impressive vocab-                   use, transportation, and storage. Legal and
class offers techniques on how to read with      ulary. The 40 words were selected from                       liability concerns of the gun owner will be
college level comprehension, as well as how      a list of 1,200 words commonly used by                       a major focus. The Instructor will demon-
to quickly capture need-to-know informa-         journalists and are among the top words                      strate and students will model proper safety,
tion from books and documents. Find out          in commercial vocabulary programs. Using                     manipulation, and shooting fundamentals.
what stops you from reaching your maxi-          accelerated word-infusion techniques, par-                   The 1st portion of the class will consist of
mum learning potential, discover the secret      ticipants work in teams to use each of the
of mastering any skill and gain an under-        40 words spoken and written in sentences                      Check out our on-line
standing of how fast and accurately your         that relate to their own lives. You will leave                registration system.
mind is capable of processing information.       with a more refined vocabulary, an under-                     It’s faster and easier
Don Woodruff is the director of the Profes-      standing of how college-level words are
sional Vocabulary Institute and author of        formed and a CD that will help you retain
                                                                                                               than ever before.
                                                 what you have learned. A $20 materials fee                         Shopping for classes is a breeze!
ALL CLASSES ARE NONREFUNDABLE                          Refer to page 18 for class locations and codes.
RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                                  See page 18 for Location Codes.
    non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                          fall 2011
    classroom lecture, demonstration, theory.                                                                                 tion, memory recall and specialized exer-
    The students will then have the opportunity                                                                               cises. Learn how to present yourself with the
    to fire their weapon under the supervision                                                                                correct resume and photos as well as find-
    and tutelage of the instructor. Students will                                                                             ing an agent and locating casting notices for
    bring their own, unloaded weapon to class.                                                                                union and non-union work A $30 materials
    Classes will be held at the Clark County                                                                                  fee is payable to the instructor at the first
    Shooting Park on North Decatur. Instructor:                                                                               class. You may call the instructor with ques-
    Staff (8 hours) For additional information on                                                                             tions at (702) 321-7291 or blougaris@medi-
    this course, please contact Granville Brown,                                                                     Instructor: Betty Lougaris (15
    (702) 651-2639.                                                                                                           hours) $160
                                                                                                                              DAY      DATE         TIME            LOCATION RM
                                                                           THEATER                                            Sa       9/10-10/15   10:00a-12:30p    SUM 120
                                                                           Voice-over techniques: Commercials,
    PREPARATION                                                            animations and narration
                                                                           This workshop emphasizes skills, techniques
    geD preparation                                                        and tools needed for voicing commercials,
    This intensive, fast paced course is designed                          animation, narration and storytelling. The
    to prepare students to successfully pass the                           American Broadcast standard of speech,
    GED test. Information covered will include:                            diction, pronunciation and character styl-
    reading, math, writing, test taking skills and                         ing is taught. You will learn microphone                     REMEMBER:
    tips, and information about GED registra-                              techniques, script marking, cold readings,         ALL CLASSES ARE NONREFUNDABLE
    tion. Textbook is included in the fee. Bring a                         breathing, carriage, studio etiquette and
    Casio fX-260 solar calculator to class. Books                          marking one’s talent. A recording session            Become a Community
    must be picked up in class. There are no                               and certificate complete the course. Betty           education presenter
    refunds for texts not purchased in class! $5                           Lougaris brings to the classroom many years          Fee-based, non-credit classes are
    materials fee payable to instructor in class.                          of professional experience as a Voice Actor/         designed to reflect the needs and inter-
    Instructor: Lorraine Boyd. (36 hours) $130                             Narrator, Animation Voice-Actor, director            ests of our community members. If you
    DAY       DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM   and writer. A $30 studio materials fee is pay-       have a skill, talent or knowledge of a
    M,W       9/12-10/19 6:00p-9:00p                           SW A105     able to the instructor at first class. You may       subject and the ability to communicate
    Tu,Th     9/16-10/13 6:00p-9:00p                           SW A105     contact the instructor with questions at blou-       it to others, we would like to hear from
    Tu,Th     10/18-11/29 6:00p-9:00p                          SW A105
                                                                  or (702) 321-7291.             you. If there is a subject not already
              NO CLASS 11/24
                                                                           Instructor: Betty Lougaris (20 hours) $180           included in our schedule, which you
    M,W       10/24-11/30 6:00p-9:00p                          SW A105
              NO CLASS 11/23
                                                                           DAY     DATE        TIME             LOCATION RM     believe might appeal to a number of
                                                                           Tu,Th   9/8-10/4    7:00p- 9:30p      SUM 120        people, please call the Community and
    “I thoroughly enjoyed this class. Mrs. Boyd                                                                                 Personal Enrichment office at (702)
                                                                           “I loved this class….Betty was encourag-
    is a great teacher. I am now confident of                                                                                   651-4059 to request a course proposal
                                                                           ing with lots of constructive ideas…she is
    passing the GED successfully as this class                                                                                  form. You can also get the form from our
                                                                           an excellent teacher and I can see why she
    helped me to recollect the concepts that I
                                                                           is so successful”                                    website at and
    had forgotten.”
                                                                                                        – Linda Ward            then click on Community and Personal
                                         – Melody Bird-Jamal                                                                    Enrichment Programs.
                                                                           Beginning acting for tV and film                     We are currently seeking instructors for
    geD en español                                                         Learn about acting for TV and film and the
    Es un curso intensivo designado en la pre-                                                                                  the following programs: accent reduc-
                                                                           business side of the industry. You will study        tion, beginning Italian, floral design, bal-
    paración de los estudiantes para aprobar el                            acting styles for various scripts that may be
    exámen de GED. Después de este curso los                                                                                    loon art, Feng-shui and desert gardening.
                                                                           used, from period costume scripts to modern
    estudiantes mejorarán su nivel de matemáti-                            drama or comedy. You will learn how to break
    cas, lectura y escritura. El libro está incluido                       down scripts to find the subtext that will          Check out our on-line
    en el costo de la clase. Traiga una calculadora                        help you interpret the script more convinc-         registration system.
    solar marca Casio fx-260 a clase. Instructor:                          ingly. A camera will be used in class as you
    Ruth Mantilla. (36 hours) $130                                                                                             It’s faster and easier
                                                                           learn to act through the use of improvisa-
    DAY       DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM                                                       than ever before.
    M,W       9/26-11/2   9:00a-12:00p                         SW B125
    Tu,Th     11/1-12/13 6:00p-9:00p                           SW B125                                                             Shopping for classes is a breeze!
                                                                                      Found a great class?
              NO CLASS 11/24
                                                                                 Tell a friend! Come together.       
      Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                     Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                                                       PERSONAL ENRICHMENT

TRAVEL! — Enjoy Educational Tours
Join Collette Vacations for more unique and fascinating educational tours for 2012. Tours are created for students aged 55+ BUT all ages are welcome.
In fact, many parents and grandparents are traveling with their children and grandchildren so come and find out a great way to make your next vaca-
tion a family affair! A tour workshop will be held by Kevin Lee of Collette Vacations on Wednesday, October 12th at 11:00am, at the CSN Summerlin
Center (333 South Pavilion Center Drive), Room #106. Carl will do a slide show presentation on all the educational tours being offered this semester
from Collette Vacations. Also, if you would like a customized tour to a specific destination that we are not currently advertising, come and talk with
Carl and Collette Vacations will plan an itinerary just for you! Please call 651-4059 and reserve your place. We hope to see you then. If you would like
more information on the tours listed below, i.e costs, day-by-day itineraries, etc., please call (702) 651-4059, indicate which tour you are interested in,
and leave your name and address. Our four-page color brochure will be mailed to you with no obligation.
south pacific Wonders – australia & new Zealand with optional fiji post tour extension
travel Date: february 20th–March 20th, 2012 – 15 Day tour
Your Australian adventure begins in Cairns where you will take a high speed catamaran for an exciting excursion to the Great Barrier Reef. You
will visit the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park as well as a stop to Harley’s Croc Farm where you will search for crocodiles in their natural habitat.
You will meet with some local, cuddly Koalas and experience a delicious Aussie barbecue. Visit Sydney and experience a delightful dinner cruise of
the Sydney Harbor where you will view two of Australia’s most famous icons; the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Later in your tour
you will have a city tour of Sydney that includes both the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, along with China Town, the Botanical Gardens the
Rocks and Circular Quay. Fly to Christchurch, New Zealand, the “most English City outside of England”. While in New Zealand you will enjoy sheep
shearing demonstrations, be a guest at dinner in the restored Riccarton House, visit New Zealand’s most famous national park, Mt. Cook (with optional
glacier flight-seeing tour), and make yourself right at home when a New Zealand family welcomes you into their house for dinner! G’day Mate!
Discover the french Riviera
travel Date: april 11th–18th, 2012, 8 Day tour
Say “Bonjour” to the fabulous French Riviera and unpack your bags just once and stay at the same hotel for your entire tour! Your trip beings in
the stunning seaside city of Nice, the long revered playground of the rich and famous. You will visit the local flower market, stop along the lively
Promenade des Anglais and the Place Massena, the town’s center of activity. Travel the spectacular coastline to St. Jean-Cap Ferrat, the crown
jewel of the Riviera and visit the impressive Rothschild Villa and Gardens. Cross the border to Italy with stops in the charming towns of Ventimiglia
and San Remo the luxurious capital of the Italian Riviera. You will take a trip to Grasse where you will learn the secrets of perfume making during
your tour of the Fragonard Perfumerie. Travel along the lovely Loup River to the beautiful town of St. Paul de Vence, a place that inspired Matisse,
Braque and Chagall. Take a panoramic tour of Monaco, featuring the famous Casino of Monte Carlo, the Prince’s Place, Avenue des Beaux Artes
and the Cathedral of Monte Carlo where Prince Rainier II and Princess Grace are buried. While in Monaco you will also have the opportunity to visit
the fascinating Oceanographic Museum. An optional tour to St. Tropez and Cannes is also available.
Canadian Rockies & glacier national park
travel Date: June 16th–23rd, 2012, 8 Day tour
Your tour of the magnificent Canadian Rockies features a drive along the incredible Icefields Parkway.
Paralleling the Great Divide, this spectacular roadway is home to some of the most dramatic vistas in all of
North America. You will stop at the Columbia Icefield – a dramatic, 200 –square mile stretch of land filled
with glaciers. You will have the opportunity to ride across a 1,000 foot thick glacier! This tour will includes
a visit to Banff Springs with its magnificent lake and soaring snow capped mountains and the fascinating
Hoodoos, known as the land of the sleeping giants. While in Banff you will spend three luxurious nights at
the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, known as the “Castle in the Mountains.” In Calgary you will view buffalo
in the prairies and enjoy a traditional Albertan barbeque! You will explore Glacier National Park which is
home to over 70 species of mammals and 270 species of birds. Be prepared to see some grizzly bears, black
bears, mountain goats, cougars, wolves, moose and elk.
trains of the Colorado Rockies
travel Date: august 24th–september 1st, 2012, 9 Day tour
Traverse the Colorado Rockies and journey through the beauty of nature with Alpine lakes, towering peaks and rolling meadows at every turn. While
in Denver you will visit Estes Park famous for its Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, The Shining. You will take a historic train ride
through the Rocky Mountains aboard the Georgetown Loop Railway traversing the horseshoe curves and bridges including the famous Devil’s Gate
High Bridge. Stop in charming and picturesque Vail and then on to Grand Junction. This tour also includes visits to the Colorado National Monument,
Rim Rock, Silverton and Durango. You will take the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railway, an 1881 coal-fired, steam powered locomotive
high in the San Juan Mountains. Mesa Verde National Park, Canon City, Colorado Springs (with a train ride of 24 miles beneath the highest suspension
bridge in the world, the Royal Gorge Bridge that spans 1,053 feet above the railroad tracks), and Manitou Springs will also be visited. If you love the
Rockies and are a train enthusiast, register now for this once-in-a-lifetime trip!            CALL 651-4059 AND RESERVE YOUR PLACE

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                                See page 18 for Location Codes.
     non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                               fall 2011
     WRITING                                                                   you the know-how to fulfill your dream of
                                                                               creating your own books, booklets, audio
                                                                                                                                  Writing screenplays
                                                                                                                                  Working in the screen trade, or how to write
                                                                               CDs and e-books. In this cutting edge class        for motion pictures is revealed by an instruc-
     Creative Writing
                                                                               you will learn how to:                             tor who draws on his own professional expe-
     The good news is that in the current world of
                                                                               • Use quick and easy methods to get your           rience. The student will learn to pitch his
     creative writing age is not a factor. If you are
                                                                                 work published                                   screenplay ideas to major executives. The
     a newcomer to the field of creative writing or
                                                                               • Convert your book to an e-book for the           pitch has become as equally important as
     one who started writing then drifted away,
                                                                                 iPad, Kindle and PDF formats for FREE            the writing in the fast-paced world of motion
     the seven weeks of this course will light your
                                                                               • Upload your finished books and e-books           picture production. This is a first-hand look
     creative fire and give you a fresh new look at
                                                                                 to Amazon and other major chains                 at why and how films get made and what
     the many aspects of writing available to you
                                                                                                                                  elements make a good screenplay. This is
     and how to reach your goals. You will learn                               • Create podcasts and other saleable               nuts-and-bolts instruction for those who
     what today’s publishers are looking for, the                                products                                         desire to be successful screen writers. Stu-
     world of literary agents and how to succeed                               • Use copyrights and trademarks to protect         dents need to bring pen and pencil. Instruc-
     in the world of self publishing. Fiction, non-                              your work                                        tor: Robert Cawley. (18 hours) $104
     fiction, poetry, and all the other many ave-
                                                                               Don’t get left out—publish your book NOW           DAY       DATE         TIME               LOCATION RM
     nues that are open to you will be discussed.                                                                                 Sa        10/22-12/3 9:00a-12:00p          SW A102
                                                                               and start profiting from it immediately! A
     When the course is completed you will pos-                                                                                             NO CLASS 11/24
                                                                               $30 materials fee for Self-Publishing for
     sess the skills and the confidence to join the
                                                                               the Clueless® CD and E-Publishing for the
     throng of new successful writers who are
                                                                               Clueless® book. Instructor: Mike Rounds (3
     becoming the leaders of today. You will find
                                                                               hours) $54
     this learning journey will be very fulfilling                             DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
     and stimulating. New wonders await you.                                   W      11/9         6:30p-9:30p       SUM 120
     Join us for a first rate adventure that you
     will always remember. Bob Cawley is the                                   Writing Your Memoirs
     author of In Search of La Dura, Components                                Tell your story! Writing memoirs is easier
     of Murder and Target Tayopa. Instructor:                                  than you think and it is a lasting way for you
     Robert Cawley (21 hours) $92                                              to leave a legacy for your family and their
     DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM
                                                                               descendents. What a wonderful gift for your
     Tu           10/18-11/29 6:00p-9:00p                          SUM 120
                                                                               children and grandchildren. This course will             Gift Cards available for all programs.
                                                                               set you on the road to creating your own                  Make your holiday shopping easy!
                                                                               special work. Some of the best memoirs                      Call 651-4747 for information.
                                                                               are written by people who do not consider
                                                                               themselves “real” writers. This is a chance
                                                                               for you to leave a vivid portrait of your per-
                                                                               sonal journey down memory lane. Instruc-
                                                                                                                                           Check out our fast
                                                                               tor: Robert Cawley. (12 hours) $72                           and easy online
                                                                               DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
                                                                               Sa     9/10-10/1    9:00a-12:00p      SW A102              registration system.
                                                                               “Bob Cawley made this class interesting and             Visit our website at:
     self publishing, e-publishing and
     More—How to get Your Book on the
                                                                               motivational and his critiques were very
                                                                               encouraging.”            – Midgene Spatz
     Market Quickly and easily                                                                                                         /workforce
     Want to be published and e-published?
     NOW? Do you dream of seeing your book                                      Registration begins
     featured on Do you have                                                                                                  When you enter your e-mail address to
     useful knowledge or skills that you think                                   August 24, 2011.                                       register, a confirmation will automatically
     others could benefit from? It’s not a question                                                                                        be sent to you to confirm your class.
     of whether people will either read a paper                                      Choose your classes carefully.
     book or an e-book. Unlike when people went                                          Check dates and time as                         Any course changes or cancellations will
     from cassettes to CD, and dropped tapes and                                     all classes are nonrefundable.                    also be sent to you via e-mail. Register now
     converted to CDs, books are popular in a                                                                                           and register often. We’ll see you at class!
     dual media format. Publishing is easier than
                                                                                 Remember to mark your calendar
     you think. If you want to be published but
                                                                                with class dates, time and location.                    REGISTER EARLY TO GUARANTEE SEATING
     don’t know where to start, this class will give
          Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                    Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                                                               COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE

COMPUTER                                               GRAPHICS & WEB                                              adobe photoshop Cs4
                                                                                                                   —the Basics
BASICS                                                 Build Your own Web site for $5 a Month
                                                                                                                   Learn the basics of working with rasters on
                                                                                                                   the most widely accepted photo editor avail-
                                                       You can have your own Web site for as little
Computer Basics                                                                                                    able. Course will cover how to select and
                                                       as $5 a month. You don’t have to be a pro-
If you have fears about being a first time                                                                         move areas as well as the basics of layering.
                                                       grammer to design professional looking and
computer user, relax! You are just a mouse                                                                         Discover how to: paint and use artwork, use
                                                       cost effective Web sites, but you do have to
click away from computer literacy. In this                                                                         masks and channels to isolate and manipu-
                                                       decide what you want the Web site to do,
hands-on basic course, you will learn about                                                                        late certain parts of an image, apply a vari-
                                                       what you put on it, and how you promote it.
the parts of a personal computer (hardware)                                                                        ety of tools and commands to improve the
                                                       Don’t be deceived by Web site designers that
and how information (data) is organized,                                                                           quality of a photographic image, and find
                                                       insist that creating a Web site will take thou-
stored and retrieved. The Windows operat-                                                                          out how vector images interact with this
                                                       sands of your dollars, weeks to complete and
ing system and a variety of program appli-                                                                         pixel environment. An intermediate level
                                                       insist that they be paid ongoing charges for
cations and accessories (software) will be                                                                         of computer knowledge with a thorough
                                                       changes that only they can make. This work-
covered, including an intro to basic word                                                                          understanding of Windows is recommended.
                                                       shop requires no prior Web site development
processing. Bring a 128 MB (or greater)                                                                            Bring a USB flash drive to class. Adobe Pho-
                                                       experience and is suitable for:
flash drive. Instructor: George Woodsmall or                                                                       toshop CS4 Classroom in a Book by Adobe
                                                       • Web site beginners
Connie Lohrke (12 hours) $139                                                                                      Press, ISBN-10: 0-321-57379-X, published
                                                       • Web experts                                               by Peachpit. Available from for
DAY     DATE          TIME               LOCATION RM
M,W     9/12-9/21   6:00p-9:00p (Woodsmall) SW A118    • Managers                                                  about $35. Instructor: Kyle Ann Crawford
Sa      10/1-10/22 9:00a-12:00p (Woodsmall) SW A118    • Web designers                                             (12 hours) $184
Tu,Th   11/15-11/29 6:00p-9:00p (Lohrke) SUM 102                                                                   DAY       DATE         TIME                      LOCATION RM
                                                       We GUARANTEE that you’ll learn how to:
        NO CLASS 11/24                                                                                             Sa        9/24-10/15   9:00a-12:00p                SUM 111
                                                       • Improve your business with a Web site
                                                       • Analyze your needs and select the best
                                                                                                                   Using google Docs
                                                           Web design criteria
                                                                                                                   Tired of paying for high-priced software?
                                                       • Make the site user friendly                               Learn to use Google Docs to create and edit
                                                       • Get a FREE shopping cart that only costs                  documents online—a free, Web-based word
                                                           if sales are made                                       processor, spreadsheet, presentation, form,
                                                       • Promote your Web site and link with search                and data storage service offered by Google.
keyboarding                                                engines to make sure you can be found                   You can import your existing documents,
If you are not familiar with a keyboard, this                                                                      spreadsheets and presentations, or create
                                                       When you complete this seminar, you’ll
is your first step toward working with com-                                                                        new ones from scratch. You’ll create easy-
                                                       have the confidence and tools to create
puters. Improve your typing skills and learn                                                                       to-use online forms to gather information.
                                                       your own Web site or hire someone to do
correct finger positioning and keyboarding                                                                         With GoogleDocs, you can access files and
                                                       it... with solutions that don’t cost more than
techniques through hands on experience.                                                                            edit them anywhere you have the Internet,
                                                       $5 a month. A $30 materials fee payable to
Upon request you can receive a timed certifi-                                                                      including your iPad. You’ll learn to collabo-
                                                       the instructor for the book, Fishin’ With A
cate at the end of class. Instructor: Connie                                                                       rate in real-time by inviting people to your
                                                       Net (978-1-891440-55-7). Instructor: Mike
Lohrke (18 hours) $159                                                                                             documents and making changes together, at
DAY     DATE          TIME               LOCATION RM   Rounds (3 hours) $54
                                                       DAY       DATE           TIME                 LOCATION RM   the same time. And the best part, it’s FREE.
T,Th    9/27-10/13    6:00p-9:00p         SUM 102                                                                  Instructor: Kyle Ann Crawford. (6 hours) $89
                                                       Th        11/10          6:30p-9:30p           SUM 120
                                                                                                                   DAY       DATE         TIME                      LOCATION RM
exploring the internet                                                                                             Sa        10/22-11/5 9:00a-12:00p                  SUM 111
The Internet is unparalleled for accessing                                                                                   NO CLASS 10/29
information, shopping and communicating
world-wide. Discover its full potential using                                                                            CSN Gift Cards Available
the browser and search engine. Learn about                                                                               The Holidays are right around the
Internet security, social networking, how to                                                                             corner. Why not consider a Gift Card
join discussions about your favorite topic                                                                               for a class or more? It’s fast and its
and how to share your photos with your                                                                                   easy and you can do it all on-line from
friends and family. Create a free Web e-mail                                                                             the comfort of your home! Just go
account with strong spam blocking capabilities.                                                                          to, click on
Instructor: Connie Lohrke. (12 hours) $139                                                                               “Registration” and there it is at the top
DAY     DATE          TIME               LOCATION RM                                                                     right hand side of the page “Buy e-Gift
M,W     11/28-12/7    6:00p-9:00p         SUM 102                                                                        Card” It’s that easy!
                                                             Refer to page 18 for class locations and codes.

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                                          See page 18 for Location Codes.
     non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                              fall 2011
     Microsoft photostory:
     Creating Movies from still photos
     Learn how to create movies/slideshows using
     your digital photos. PhotoStory is a free
     software available for download to owners
     of Microsoft Windows. With a single click
     you can touch-up, crop or rotate pictures.                                                                                  Microsoft powerpoint 2007
     Add stunning special effects, soundtracks                                                                                   —the Beginning
     and your own voice narration to your photo                                                                                  Learn the basics of this very popular presen-
     stories. Watch them on your TV, computers                                                                                   tation program. Topics to include: familiar-
     or Windows mobile-based portable device.                                  Microsoft excel 2007—intermediate                 ization with various bars and views (screen
     Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays,                             Build your knowledge of this very popular         payout) and navigation; creating, saving,
     and vacations can all be made into a digital                              spreadsheet program. Topics covered will          closing and opening slides and outlines;
     scrapbook. These movies make great holiday                                include: complex formulas, macros, graphics       selecting, moving, deleting and printing
     gifts too! Bring a USB flash drive to class                               and linking. Students are required to bring       text; cutting, copying and pasting text and
     with personal photos. Instructor: Kyle Ann                                a 128 MB (or greater) flash drive to class.       graphics, using spell checker, formatting
     Crawford (9 hours) $110                                                   Prerequisite: A good working knowledge of         text and slides; and running and exporting
     DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM
                                                                               Microsoft Excel. Instructor: George Woods-        slide shows. Students are required to bring
     Sa           12/3-12/17          9:00a-12:00p                 SUM 111
                                                                               mall. (12 hours) $139                             a 128MB (or greater) flash drive to class.
                                                                               DAY     DATE         TIME           LOCATION RM   Prerequisites: a working knowledge of com-
     OFFICE                                                                    M,W     12/5-12/14   6:00p-9:00p     SW A118      puters and Microsoft Windows is required.
                                                                                                                                 Instructor: George Woodsmall. (12 hours) $139
     SOFTWARE                                                                  Microsoft Word 2007—the Beginning
                                                                               Become familiar with the basics of this very
                                                                                                                                           DATE         TIME
                                                                                                                                           10/10-10/19 6:00p-9:00p
                                                                                                                                                                         LOCATION RM
                                                                                                                                                                           SW A118
     QuickBooks pro                                                            popular word processing program. Topics           “I really liked this class. Mr. Woodsmall is
     Make your accounting job easier! Get                                      covered will include: familiarization with        very helpful, and I would recommend him to
     hands-on training using this full accounting                              the new ribbon concept (screen layout)            anyone!”
     software package. Learn to set up a new com-                              and navigation; creating, saving, closing                            – Roseann McKeown
     pany and utilize the general ledger, accounts                             and opening documents; selecting, moving,
     payable, inventory, accounts receivable and                               deleting and printing text; cutting, copying
     payroll capabilities of this package; reconcile                           and pasting text and graphics; using spell
     accounts, modify an accounting period and                                 and grammar checkers; and setting margins
     void checks. Prerequisite: MS Window and                                  and formatting text and pages. Students are
     basic accounting concepts. Bring a 128 MB                                 required to bring a 128 MB (or greater) flash
     (or greater) flash drive. Instructor: Michael                             drive to class. Instructor: George Woods-
     Felsen. (18 hours) $194                                                   mall. (12 hours) $139
     DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM   DAY     DATE         TIME           LOCATION RM    Registration is a mouse
     M,W          10/10-10/26 6:00p-9:00p                          SUM 110     Th, F   9/15-9/23    1:00p-4:00p     SUM 110       click away with our
                                                                               M,W     10/24-11/2   6:00p-9:00p     SW A118       online system.
     Microsoft excel 2007—the Beginning
                                                                               Microsoft Word 2007 – intermediate       
     This course will introduce and familiarize
                                                                               Build your knowledge and skills of this pop-
     students with the basics of the newest version
                                                                               ular word processing program. All topics            REGISTER EARLY TO GUARANTEE SEATING
     of this very popular spreadsheet program.
                                                                               covered will be hands-on and include at a
     Topics covered will include familiarization
                                                                               minimum, understanding and using styles,
     with the new ribbon concept (screen layout)                                                                                       CSN Gift Cards Available
                                                                               templates, page and section breaks, col-
     and navigation; creating, saving, and open-                                                                                       The Holidays are right around the
                                                                               umns, headers and footers, graphic tabs,
     ing workbooks; selecting, editing, moving,                                                                                        corner. Why not consider a Gift Card
                                                                               bulleted lists, tables and mail merge. Stu-
     deleting, and printing data; and creating and                                                                                     for a class or more? It’s fast and its
                                                                               dents are required to bring a flash drive
     using basic formulas. Students are required                                                                                       easy and you can do it all on-line from
                                                                               (USB drive) to class. Prerequisite: A good
     to bring a 128 MB (or greater) flash drive                                                                                        the comfort of your home! Just go
                                                                               basic, working knowledge of Microsoft
     to class. Instructor: George Woodsmall. (12                                                                                       to, click on
                                                                               Word is required. Instructor: George
     hours) $139                                                                                                                       “Registration” and there it is at the top
     DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM   Woodsmall (12 hours) $139
                                                                               DAY     DATE         TIME           LOCATION RM         right hand side of the page “Buy e-Gift
     M,W          9/26-10/5   6:00p-9:00p                          SW A118                                                             Card” It’s that easy!
     Th,F         10/13-10/21 1:00p-4:00p                          SW A118     M,W     11/7-11/16   6:00p-9:00p     SUM 110

          Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                     Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                                        BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURIAL
BUSINESS &                                                                                             part i—Become a successful entre-
                                                                                                       preneur in the exciting & profitable
ENTREPRENEURIAL                                                                                        import export Business
                                                                                                       If you dream of owning your own profit-
e-Bay–the Basics of selling!                                                                           able and fascinating business venture, then
Whether you simply want to get rid of “stuff”,                                                         explore the import/export business. In this
desire additional part-time income or begin                                                            course, you will learn how to: start a career
a serious eBay business, this class is your                                                            in import/export, find a profitable product
foundation. Learn how to set up an eBay                                                                and sources of the products in the U.S. and
seller account, create successful eBay list-                                                           abroad, obtain free samples, gain knowledge
ings, upload pictures and accept credit card                                                           of U.S. Customs rules and procedures and
payments with PayPal. Included are selling                                                             conduct marketing research. You will also
“Tips, Tricks and Traps” to avoid. Course           How to start Your own Business                     learn about the fundamentals of marketing
will cover how to conduct market research           Don’t miss this valuable workshop that will        in the U.S. and internationally, shipping
analysis, determine shipping costs, where           help turn your business dream into reality.        insurance information, and the most profit-
to get FREE shipping supplies, how to print         Learn the fundamentals of starting a business      able way to sell your products… and more!
labels from your home computer and how to           including organization, licensing, cash flow,      Instructor: Dr. Sinclair Rimmon. (3 hours) $44
                                                                                                       DAY    DATE         TIME                      LOCATION RM
get FREE home pick up. Optional workbooks           start-up costs, record keeping, legal require-     Sa     9/17         10:00a-12:00               WCH TBA
available for purchase during class. Instruc-       ments, marketing and advertising avenues.
tor: Kevin Boyd. (3 hours) $49                      Get the information you need to help make
DAY    DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM                                                      part ii—gain specific information on
                                                    your business a success! A $10 materials fee
M      10/17        6:00p-9:00p         SUM 118                                                        importing & exporting as a Business
                                                    is payable to instructor at beginning of class
                                                    for the workbook. Instructor: SCORE. (3.5
                                                                                                       or Career field
import export now!                                                                                     You will gain specific information on import-
                                                    hours) $60
ON LINE COURSE—In these unusual times,              DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM   ing and exporting as a business or career.
self-employment may no longer be an option          Sa     9/10         9:00a-12:30p       SUM 116     You will learn about sources of products in
but a necessity. For those who want a self-         Sa     12/3         9:00am-12:30pm     SUM 116     the United States and abroad, international
employed career in importing or exporting (or                                                          trade shows and fairs, negotiating with for-
both) goods or services this is a step-by-step      iMpoRt eXpoRt BUsiness                             eign and domestic suppliers, U.S. Customs
hands-on course is offered via the Internet. No     —a DYnaMiC anD                                     procedures, international banking, foreign
experience is necessary. You will learn how         eMpoWeRing seRies                                  exchange and terms of payment. Instructor:
to develop your product or service, find the        In this three-part series you will learn how       Dr. Sinclair Rimmon. (2 hours) $44
best suppliers and work with banks, currency                                                           DAY    DATE         TIME                      LOCATION RM
                                                    to become wealthy, happy and fulfilled.
issues, insurance and government agencies                                                              Sa     9/17         1:00p-3:00p                WCH TBA
                                                    Students may enroll in the entire series or
and other entities. You will be taken through       individual courses, choosing the course
licensing and permits and will set yourself up                                                         part iii—expanding Your knowledge of
                                                    most suited for their specific interests. Dr.
for conducting trade worldwide at the small         Sinclair Rimmon, President of S. Rimmon
                                                                                                       the importing/exporting Business
business level. The course may be taken at                                                             The focus of this seminar will be on general
                                                    & Co., an import-export firm established in
your own pace with one-on-one contact with                                                             international trade procedures, letters of
                                                    1955, presents this informative series. He is
the instructor. Optional weekly live sessions                                                          credit, transferable letters of credit, landed
                                                    also the author of Importing—Your Guide
online broadcast during the course. After the                                                          cost analysis, shipping, insurance informa-
                                                    to Fortune and Fulfillment. By enrolling in
class you may join a listserv of former students                                                       tion and exciting tools to increase your sales
                                                    the series, students receive a substantial dis-
so access to the instructor and peers can be                                                           and your profits. Instructor: Dr. Sinclair
                                                    count on the course fee. Instructor: Dr. Sin-
continued. Required text: How Small Business                                                           Rimmon. (2 hours) $44
                                                    clair Rimmon. (7 hours) $103
                                                                                                       DAY    DATE         TIME                      LOCATION RM
Trades Worldwide, ISBN #978-0-9795515-              DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
                                                                                                       Su     9/18         10:00a-12:00p              WCH TBA
0-15 available for $29.95 at            Sa     9/17         10:00a-3:00p      WCH TBA
Instructor: John Spiers. (18 hours) $100            & Su   9/18         10:00a-12:00p     WCH TBA
DAY    DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM                                                      the Joy of assertive Communication
                                                    “Dr. Rimmon is the best teacher. He is infor-      and negotiation
W      10/12-12/7   6:00p-8:00p         ON-LINE
                                                    mative, kind, helpful and detailed. He really      Learn the delight of communicating and
                                                    keeps you awake!”          — Virash Lal            negotiating with grace and without anxiety.
                                                                                                       This is a practical seminar for communicat-
                                                                                                       ing powerfully and effectively to achieve
  Remember to mark your calendar                              REMEMBER:
                                                                                                       win-win results in business and personal
 with class dates, time and location.               ALL CLASSES ARE NONREFUNDABLE                      relationships. In this course you will learn

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                           See page 18 for Location Codes.
     non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                            fall 2011
     how to: increase your powers of persuasion
     and influence; win over people to your ideas;
                                                                               systems for time management. Participants
                                                                               will also be encouraged to share the ways in
     express yourself clearly, explain your ideas                              which they manage their own time at work
                                                                                                                                  grant Writing Basics
     convincingly and motivate others to believe                               and to identify best practices and potential
                                                                                                                                  ONLINE COURSE: Take this popular, nation-
     in you; negotiate for mutual satisfaction;                                areas for improvement. Instructor: Staff (3
                                                                                                                                  ally-recognized Grant Writing Basics online
     enrich your life by minimizing arguments,                                 hours) $99
                                                                                                                                  course, at your own pace, in the privacy of
     confrontations and frustrations; deal suc-                                DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM
                                                                               Tu     11/15        6:00p-9:00p       SUM 120      your own home or office. Overall, students
     cessfully with day to day situations in your
                                                                                                                                  have successfully received over $1.2 billion in
     job, business and profession; and learn alter-
                                                                                                                                  grant funding. Topics include how to illustrate
     native solutions to difficult problems. Learn
                                                                                                                                  ideas for funding, finding funding sources, key
     to make your dreams a reality. Instructor:
                                                                                                                                  elements of a successful grant proposal, the
     Dr. Sinclair Rimmon. (2 hours) $44
     DAY          DATE                TIME                       LOCATION RM
                                                                                                                                  most wide-used grant writing format in the
     Su           9/18                1:00p-3:00p                 WCH TBA                                                         world, and how to evaluate proposals. Critique
                                                                                                                                  sample proposals and write a mock or real
     effective Communication                                                                                                      proposal applying skills learned. Taught in six
     for the Workplace                                                                                                            easy-to-do assignments. Students need to start
     It’s no small secret that the way we com-                                                                                    prior to September 12th. Cost includes course,
     municate with colleagues and customers                                                                                       books, and online instruction. Must complete
     remains a vital key to the success of a busi-                                                                                by November 30th, 2011. Upon registering,
                                                                               interviewing skills for supervisors                please request website to begin. If you regis-
     ness. Effective communication is the essen-
                                                                               Making good hiring decisions is a must,            ter online, please call registration at 651-4747
     tial skill in the workplace and one that plays
                                                                               especially in a tight economy. Finding the         to request website address. Instructor: Philip
     a huge role in the success and well-being of
                                                                               right employee can be challenging though,          Johncock. $292
     an organization. This workshop will review
                                                                               which is why a solid understanding of inter-       DAY    DATE         TIME              LOCATION RM
     the basics of communication and how they
                                                                               viewing is essential for supervisors to iden-      Any    9/12-11/30   Any                  On-Line
     apply to both verbal and written communi-
                                                                               tify talented candidates that are a good fit
     cation at work. It is designed to help improve
                                                                               for their company. This workshop updates
     communication internally among supervi-
                                                                               some of the traditional “do’s and don’ts” of
     sors and employees as well as with external
                                                                               interviewing. Participants will learn how to
     customers. Participants will review different
                                                                               thoroughly plan for an interview while also
     “people styles” at work, the importance of
                                                                               complying with legal guidelines. Various
     active listening, as well as potential barriers
     to be aware of to avoid difficult situations.
                                                                               types of interviews and interview questions
                                                                               will be introduced so that participants have
                                                                                                                                   Registration begins
     Instructor: Staff (3 hours) $99
                                                                 LOCATION RM
                                                                   SUM 120
                                                                               the tools to create a format that is comfort-
                                                                               able to them and effective for their business.
     time Management
                                                                               Instructor: Staff $99 (3 hours)
                                                                               DAY    DATE         TIME             LOCATION RM     August 24, 2011.
                                                                               Th     11/17        6:00p-9:00p       SUM 120
     and organizational skills
     In today’s fast paced work environment
     supervisors are increasingly required to deal
     with a variety of tasks and issues as part of
     their normal work day. In order to meet
     these demands on a consistent basis, one
     must understand how to effectively plan and
     prioritize to increase productivity while also
     reducing stress. This workshop will focus on
     practical skills that can be used to organize
     one’s time and workload more effectively.
     The importance of SMART goal setting will
     be emphasized along with recommended

                Choose your classes carefully.
                    Check dates and time as
                all classes are nonrefundable.

          Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                    Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                    WORKFORCE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

      The Division of Workforce and Economic Development
                at the College of Southern Nevada
                                  (702) 651-4747
The Division of Workforce & Economic Development can assist companies with assessing,
designing, instructing and measuring competency based training to make sure you have
the workforce you need at the time you need it.
Workforce Assessment
   • National Career Readiness Certification
   • Customized assessments to target learning materials
   • Workplace ESL assessment
Workforce Environmental Scans and Briefings
   • Regional Labor Force Information/Forecasts
   • Employment projections by industry
   • Average wages by occupation
   • Skill assessments, knowledge concentration
   • Career pathways
Customized Workforce Training
    • Provide training for workers to upgrade skills necessary
        to meet needs of organization
    • Build company certifications with CSN or utilize standing
        US national certifications
    • Activities and teaching options for on-line or utilizing other
        technology can be customized
    • Instructors with a background and knowledge of the local job market
    • Materials that reflect company goals and culture

                               Workforce Programs
CPR                      Health Unit Coordinator
EKG                      Patient Care Technician
CNA                      EMT Refresher Courses
IV Certification
Business & Protective Services
Work Readiness            Computer Skills for the Workplace
Customer Service          Supervision Skills
Bail Agent Pre-licensing Crew Member Self-Defense
Train the Trainer
OSHA & Technical Service
OSHA 510 and 511: Standards for Construction and General Industry
Hospitality and Food Safety               Electrical Safety Standards
Welding                                   Facility Maintenance Engineer
Smog Technician Certification

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                           See page 18 for Location Codes.
     non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                                                      fall 2011

                                                                        Country Line Dancing ....................................3            Import Export-Part I—Become a Successful
                                                                                                                                              Entrepreneur in the Exciting & Profitable
                                                                                                                                              Import Export Business ................................13
                                                                        Coupons, Discounts and Deals                         ............4

                                                                                                                                              Import Export-Part II—Gain Specific
                                                                        Creative Writing ...........................................10
     Acrylic Painting Workshop .............................1                                                                                 Information on Importing & Exporting
                                                                                                                                              as a Business or Career Field........................13
                                                                        Digital Photography 1-A.................................2
     Adobe Photoshop CS4
     —The Basics.................................................11                                                                           Import Export-Part III—Expanding
                                                                        Digital Photography 1-B .................................2            Your Knowledge of the
                                                                                                                                              Importing/Exporting Business .......................13
     Advanced Furniture                                                 Discover the French Riviera ...........................9
     & Cabinet Making .........................................2
                                                                                                                                              Import Export Now! .....................................13
                                                                        E-Bay–The Basics of Selling!                      .............13
     Advanced Power
     Learning Strategies ........................................7                                                                            Interviewing Skills for Supervisors                        .....14
                                                                        Effective Communication
                                                                        for the Workplace ........................................14          Introduction to Computers ............................6
     AHA CPR Heartsaver/AED/First Aid ..............4

                                                                        Experienced Rider Course                                              Introduction to Golf .......................................1
     AHA – Family and Friends CPR Anytime........4                      & License Waiver ...........................................6

     Basic Spanish .................................................5                                                                         Introduction to Microsoft Ribbons                           ......7
                                                                        Exploring the Internet ...................................6

     Beaded Jewelry ..............................................3                                                                           Keyboarding ................................................11
                                                                        Exploring the Internet .................................11

     Become a Community                                                                                                                       Master the 40 Words
                                                                        Fast Track Basic Rider Courses ......................6                Successful People Use ...................................7
     Education Presenter ......................................8

                                                                        Fly Fishing .....................................................1    Microsoft Excel 2007—Intermediate ............12
     Beginning Acting for TV and Film ..................8

                                                                        For the 55+ crowd.........................................7           Microsoft Excel 2007—The Beginning .........12
     Beginning Blues Guitar ..................................6

                                                                        GED en Español .............................................8         Microsoft Photostory:
     Beginning Furniture
     & Cabinet Making ..........................................2                                                                             Creating Movies from Still Photos ................12
                                                                        GED Preparation ............................................8
     Beginning Guitar ............................................6                                                                           Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
                                                                        Genius Course On-Line ..................................7             —The Beginning ..........................................12

     Beginning Stained Glass.................................3
                                                                        Grant Writing Basics ...................................14            Microsoft Word 2007—The Beginning .........12

     Beginning Tennis ...........................................1
                                                                        Handgun Basic Care                                                    Motorcycle Rider Course ................................5
                                                                        and Maintenance ...........................................7
     Build Your Own Web Site for $5 a Month ....11
                                                                                                                                              Nightclub Two-Step .......................................3
                                                                        Handgun Safety Course                     ........................7
     Canadian Rockies & Glacier National Park.....9
                                                                                                                                              Oil Painting for Pleasure ................................2
                                                                        Horsemanship ................................................1
     Cardio Dancing ..............................................3
                                                                                                                                              Pottery ...........................................................2
                                                                        How to Start Your Own Business .................13
     Clutterology® How to Eliminate Clutter
     in Your Life and Get Organized .....................4                                                                                    Preparation for Divorce .................................3
                                                                        IMPORT EXPORT BUSINESS
                                                                        —A DYNAMIC AND                                                        QuickBooks Pro ............................................12
     Computer Basics ..........................................11
                                                                        EMPOWERING SERIES ................................13

        Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                    Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                    REGISTRATION & INFORMATION
Salsa and Merengue .......................................3

Self Publishing, E-Publishing and More
—How to Get Your Book on the Market
Quickly and Easily........................................10

South Pacific Wonders – Australia &
New Zealand with Optional Fiji
Post Tour Extension .......................................9

The Art of Makeup .........................................4

The Joy of Assertive Communication
and Negotiation ...........................................13

Time Management
and Organizational Skills                   ...................14

Trains of the Colorado Rockies ......................9

Using Google Docs .......................................11

Voice-Over Techniques: Commercials,
Animations and Narration..............................8

Watercolor .....................................................2

Wine Sense Does Italy ....................................3

Writing Screenplays .....................................10

Writing Your Memoirs..................................10

                                                                            Gift Cards available for all programs.
                                                                             Make your holiday shopping easy!
                                                                               Call 651-4747 for information.

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                          See page 18 for Location Codes.
                                              non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                     fall 2011
                                              REGISTRATION & INFORMATION
                                              CLASS LOCATIONS                                                                               Cheyenne Campus
                                                                                                                                                                        CSN Gift Cards Available
                                              CODE         LOCATION                                                                                                     The Holidays are right around the
                                                                                                                                                                        corner. Why not consider a Gift
                                              CHE CSN Cheyenne Campus
                                                  3200 E. Cheyenne, North Las Vegas                                                                                     Card for a class or more? It’s fast
                                                  (702) 651-4000                                                                                                        and its easy and you can do it all
                                                                                                                                                                        on-line from the comfort of your
                                              WCH CSN Charleston Campus
                                                                                                                                                                        home! Just go to
                                                        6375 West Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas
                                                        (702) 651-5000                                       CODE       LOCATION                                        workforce, click on “Registration”
                                                                                                                                                                        and there it is at the top right hand
                                              HEN CSN Henderson Campus                                       CCSP Clark County Shooting Park                            side of the page “Buy e-Gift Card”
                                                        700 College Dr., Henderson                                11357 N Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas                       It’s that easy!
                                                        (702) 651-3000                                            (702) 455-2000
                                                                                                             DHS Durango High School
                                              SW        CSN Sahara West Center                                    7100 Dewey Drive, Las Vegas
                                                        2409 Las Verdes, Las Vegas                                                                                       Choose your classes carefully.
                                                                                                                  (702) 799-5850 Ext. 4093
                                                        (1 block west of Valley View)                                                                                        Check dates and time as
                                                        (702) 651-4747 (8am to 5pm)                          DPTC Desert Palms Tennis Club                               all classes are nonrefundable.
                                                        (702) 651-4600 (after 5pm)                                    3090 S. Jones Blvd., Las Vegas
                                                                                                                      (Las Vegas Day School)
                                              SUM CSN Summerlin Center
                                                                                                                      (702) 630-4901
                                                        333 S. Pavilion Center Dr., Las Vegas
                                                        (west end Palo Verde H.S. parking lot)               GAS Glass Art Studio
                                                        (702) 651-4900                                                4310 Cameron St., #3, Las Vegas
                                              BMC Black Mountain Golf                                                 (702) 227-9794
                                                  & Country Club
                                                        500 Greenway Road, Henderson                         KIM Kids in Motion Dance Studio
                                                        (702) 656-7933, Ext. 113                                      2250 N. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas
                                                                                                                      (702) 645-5250
                                              BSS       Bubble Swim School
                                                        5300 W Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas                   LLV      Lake Las Vegas
                                                        (702) 368-7946
                                                                                                             LM       Lake Mead
                                              CBD C Bar D Ranch                                                                                                         Check out our on-line
                                                                                                             PW       Pottery West Studios
                                                  6911 Unicorn Avenue, Las Vegas
                                                                                                                      5026 North Pioneer Way, Las Vegas                 registration system.
                                                  (702) 592-8381                                                                                                        It’s faster and easier
                                                                                                                      (702) 685-7573
                                                 Charleston Campus                                                                                                      than ever before.
                                                                                                             Note: TBA means “To Be Announced” and may be used
                                                                                                             as either the class location or room number if it is not   Shopping for classes is a breeze!
                                                                                                             known at press time.
                                                                                                               For directions to any class location, please
                                                                                                               call (702) 651-4747 or refer to any of the
Printed on 40% recycled paper with soy ink.

                                                                                                                 popular online map services available.                  PLEASE        NOTE: The College of
                                                                                                                                                                         Southern Nevada assumes no respon-
                                                                                                                                                                         sibility for consequences that may arise
                                                                                                                                                                         over a student’s decision to enter into
                                                                                                                                                                         a business or professional arrange-
                                                                                                                                                                         ment with an instructor outside of the
                                                                                                                                                                         College’s scheduled activity. Fee-based,

                                                                Registration begins Wednesday,                                                                           non-credit courses are presented for
                                                                                                                                                                         your information and enjoyment. The
                                                                                                                                                                         College does not endorse any person
                                                                        August 24, 2011.                                                                                 or product and reserves the right to
                                                                                                                                                                         change courses, programs or presenters.

                                                Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.              Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas
                                                                                  REGISTRATION & INFORMATION

REGISTRATION                                      BY MAIL:
                                                  Mail your registration form, with your check
                                                                                                             CSN Transfer Requests
                                                                                                             2409 Las Verdes Street – K1B
GENERAL INFORMATION                               or money order (no cash please), made pay-                 Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
                                                  able to the Board of Regents to:                   or fax to (702) 651-4538.
Payment for classes must be received at
                                                         CSN DWED Registration
the time of registration. If payment is not
                                                         2409 Las Verdes Street, K1B                 Questions about transfers or credit?
received at this time, you will be dropped               Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
(purged) from the class the same day with-                                                           Email or call (702) 651-4747.
out notice.                                       BY PHONE:
                                                  Sahara West: (702) 651-4747                          Need Assistance?
Credit card payments are accepted when            (8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday – Friday)
registering online or by phone. Credit cards                                                          If you have a documented disability that
accepted are: American Express, Master-           FAQS                                                may require assistance, you will need to
Card, Visa and Discover Card.                                                                         contact the Disability Resource Center
                                                  Frequently asked questions about registra-
                                                  tion for noncredit classes.                         (DRC) for coordination of your academic
Be sure to provide a valid e-mail address,
your class confirmation and transaction           ALL CLASSES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.                      accommodations. The DRC is located in
receipt will be sent to the e-mail in your        PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR CLASSES CAREFULLY.               Student Services on each campus.
student profile. If you do not have an e-mail     Are there any fees to register for a class?
address, no problem, you can register by          Yes, a small non-refundable transaction fee
                                                                                                            W. Charleston Campus:
phone, by mail, by fax or in person (see          of $5 will be assessed to all students register-              (702) 651-5644
below). Question about registration? Please       ing for a class. For questions about registra-
call (702) 651-4747.                              tion fees, call (702) 651-4747.
                                                                                                                   Cheyenne Campus:
                                                  Can a minor attend a class?
                                                                                                                     (702) 651-4045
                                                  Students under the age of 16 (unless oth-                            Henderson Campus:
ONLINE:                                           erwise noted) must have the approval of a
                                                  parent or guardian, the instructor, and CSN
                                                                                                                          (702) 651-3795
The Division of Workforce and Economic
Development invites you to register with our      prior to attending any noncredit course. If
new Web Registration System. We hope you          the parent or guardian enrolls with the child,
will find the registration experience to be       an exception is made.
easier, more efficient and more convenient
than ever. If you have not used this regis-
                                                  What happens if my class is cancelled?                 Registration
                                                  CSN makes all reasonable attempts to notify
tration system, you should start by creating
a new student account. If you have taken
                                                  students of changes or course cancellations.        begins Wednesday,
                                                  If a class is canceled, you will automatically
classes with the Division before April 2011,
you will still be required to create your new
                                                  receive a full refund. CSN reserves the right
                                                  to discontinue, postpone or cancel classes and
                                                                                                       August 24, 2011.
student profile. All you will need is an e-mail   to change course locations or instructors.
address. Just follow these simple steps:                                                                  Check out our fast
                                                  TRANSFER OF FEES
     Go to
     Click the button labeled “Registration”      As noted all noncredit courses listed in this
                                                                                                           and easy online
3.   Click the “Sign In” link on the left side    schedule are NONREFUNDABLE. You may                    registration system.
4.   Login with your user name and password       however transfer your fee to another class
     or create a new student profile.             by following these instructions: you must           Visit our website at:
                                                  request a transfer seven (7) calendar days
You are ready to select your classes. You’ll
                                                  prior to the start date of the class in which
find simple step-by-step instructions as you
continue.                                         you are currently enrolled. If you fail to          /workforce
                                                  request your transfer within the seven day
WALK-IN:                                          period of time, you will forfeit your tuition
You may register in person with credit card,      fee. If you have questions about transfer-             When you enter your e-mail address to
check or money order at the Registration                                                               register, a confirmation will automatically
                                                  ring your class, please call (702) 651-4747
Office located at: Sahara West Center                                                                     be sent to you to confirm your class.
                                                  to request assistance. Send your transfer
2409 Las Verdes Street, Las Vegas                 request at least seven (7) calendar days prior
(702) 651-4747                                                                                          Any course changes or cancellations will
                                                  to the start of class to: or           also be sent to you via e-mail. Register now
                                                                                                       and register often. We’ll see you at class!

RegistRation infoRMation on pages 19-20                                                                                        See page 18 for Location Codes.
     non-CReDit CoURses                                                                                                                                                                           fall 2011
                         CSN NON-CREDIT
     REGISTRATION & INFORMATION                                                                                                      REGISTRATION FORM
                                                                              CSN Division of Workforce and Economic Development, 2409 Las Verdes Street, K1B, Las Vegas, NV 89102.
                                                                                                                      Phone (702) 651-4747
                                                                                     Before completing this form, please review our registration, cancellation & refund policies.

                                    Last                                                                     First                                                M.I.
                                    Street                                                     Apt. #                      City                                   State                     Zip
     DAY PHONE #                                                                 EVENING PHONE #                                         GENDER q M q F           DATE OF BIRTH

     E-MAIL ADDRESS                                                                                                                      Do you want to receive CSN promotions/schedules? q Yes q No

     BUSINESS NAME/ADDRESS (if applicable)                                                                                                                                         Transaction Fee $ 5.00
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee

     Payment Method: Make check/money order payable to Board of Regents.                                                                                                 TOTAL $
        q Check______________                 q Money Order q Cash                             q Visa           q Master Card         q Discover       q American Express

     Name of Cardholder (PRINT)                                                                                                          Signature

     Card Verification Value (CVV)                                 The number is located on your credit card and is generally three to four digits long.

     Card #                                                                                                                       Exp Date
                                                                          Use this form for NON-CREDIT (Continuing Education) courses ONLY.
                                                         FULL PAYMENT (Check, Credit Card # or Money Order) must accompany this form. Please DO NOT send cash.

                                                                            CSN NON-CREDIT REGISTRATION FORM
                                                                              CSN Division of Workforce and Economic Development, 2409 Las Verdes Street, K1B, Las Vegas, NV 89102.
                                                                                                                      Phone (702) 651-4747
                                                                                     Before completing this form, please review our registration, cancellation & refund policies.

                                    Last                                                                     First                                                M.I.
                                    Street                                                     Apt. #                      City                                   State                     Zip
     DAY PHONE #                                                                 EVENING PHONE #                                         GENDER q M q F           DATE OF BIRTH

     E-MAIL ADDRESS                                                                                                                      Do you want to receive CSN promotions/schedules? q Yes q No

     BUSINESS NAME/ADDRESS (if applicable)                                                                                                                                         Transaction Fee $ 5.00
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee
     Course Title                                                                                                                              Date of Class                                Fee

     Payment Method: Make check/money order payable to Board of Regents.                                                                                                 TOTAL $
        q Check______________                 q Money Order q Cash                             q Visa           q Master Card         q Discover       q American Express

     Name of Cardholder (PRINT)                                                                                                          Signature

     Card Verification Value (CVV)                                 The number is located on your credit card and is generally three to four digits long.

     Card #                                                                                                                       Exp Date
                                                                          Use this form for NON-CREDIT (Continuing Education) courses ONLY.
                                                         FULL PAYMENT (Check, Credit Card # or Money Order) must accompany this form. Please DO NOT send cash.

      Courses are subject to CANCELLATION based upon enrollment.                              Walk in to RegisteR at 2409 las VeRDes stReet, las Vegas

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