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									                      Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
                       Madonna del Carmine
                              259 Oliver St., Newark, New Jersey 07105

                                              Established 1890
                     June 13, 2010                          Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

                                                      Saturday --    8:30 am, 5:30 pm (Anticipatory)
                                                      Sundays --     8:30am, 10 am (Italian Mass), 12 Noon,

                                                                WEEKDAY MASS SCHEDULE
                                                             Monday—Friday 7:30am (Latin) 8:30 am

                                                            Holy Days of Obligation & Feast Days
                                                             7:30 am Latin Mass, 8:30 am, 12:00 Noon, 7:00 pm

                                                                       MASS IN SPANISH
                                                               Last Saturday of every month at 7:00pm

                         STAFF                          Saturdays 4:30 to 5:30 pm; Other times upon request.

Rev. Msgr. Joseph F. Ambrosio, M.A., Pastor                   NOVENAS after Morning Masses
Rev. Anthony Forte, Parochial Vicar                          Monday—St. Jude, Our Lady of Mt Carmel
Rev. Michael Barone, In Residence                                Tuesday– St. Anthony, St. Theresa
                                                                   Wednesday—Maria Bambina
Rev. Nicholas Figurelli, In Residence
                                                            Thursday—St. Joseph, Blessed Francis Seelos
                                                                   Friday—Our Lady of Sorrows
Mr. John Thomas, Music Director                                    Saturday—Our Lady of Fatima
Mrs. Regina Oliveira, Religious Education Director
Mr. Antonio Oliveira, Parish Trustee
                                                                    RECTORY OFFICE HOURS
Mrs. Maria Da Silva, Parish Trustee
                                                             Monday—Friday          9am –1pm / 6pm –8pm
Mr. Anthony Azevedo, Parish Accountant                       Saturday               9am—12 noon
Mr. Frank Primerana, Finance Council Chairman                Sunday                 Closed
Mr. Nicholas Carmazino, Parish Council Chairman

       Rectory             E-mail:MTCARMEL259@OPTONLINE.NET            Catholic Community Services
     973-589-2090        Website: OurLadyofMtCarmelNewark.e-paluch.com    Social Service Helpline
     Fax: 589-2662                                                           1-800-CCS-7413
  PRAY LIST FOR OUR SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN                                         SOCIETY NEWS
                  Eric Wright - US Army
                Keith Loureiro - US Army                         Meetings for Societies in June will be:
           Capt. Michael D Matelski - US Army                    Holy Name Society                 June 13, 2010
            Daniel Chamberlain - US Marines                      Our Lady of Mt Carmel Society June 27, 2010
                Thomas Jones - US Army                           All meetings are held in the Parish Center following the
              Joseph Pontoriero - US Navy                        8:30am mass.
  Sgt. Joseph Shawn Genovese - Army National Guard
                 Antonia Hoh - US Army                           If you wish to become a member of these societies,
          Eddie Schmelz - Army National Guard                    you may attend one of the above meetings and talk
  SFC Francesco N. Rossi—U.S. Army Special Forces                with the president.
         James Bradley—Army Advanced Scouts
               John Wright Jr.—US Army                   All Societies will be on hiatus for the Summer.
                                                         They will resume their monthly meetings
*If you have the name of a serviceman or woman who in September 2010.
is currently active overseas, please contact the rectory
so we may add them to our pray list.                     ——————————————————————
              We have acquired 4 new                                  PARISH COUNCIL MEETING
                      LANTERNS                                                    Monday June 14, 2010
           that will be on both sides of the                                            7:00pm
              Tabernacle on the Altar.                                               Parish Center

                            Many available dates for               All those wanting to volunteer for this years feast
                        AUXILIARY SANCTUARY LAMPS                 should attend this meeting to sign up and speak with
                             SANCTUARY LAMPS                         Volunteer Chairperson, Rosemary Pannullo.
                               ALTAR CANDLES                                    Topic for meeting will be
                                                                       2010 Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
                        These will be weekly memorials for        If you wish to offer help, please attend this meeting.
           Please contact the Rectory to reserve
                       your week.
    As of April 1st we are now having Ushers sell candles
 If you wish to light a candle in church you must first obtain
your candle from the ushers. You may then bring candle(s)
                 to front of church and light it.
       Candles are $2.00 each.
                                    Flag Day                            To forgive is to set a prisoner free
                                                                      and to discover that the prisoner is me.
                                  June 14, 2010                                          —Anonymous
     SPIRITUAL EVENTS                          FESTIVAL EVENTS
  Novena and Masses in honor of                  WEDNESDAY
    Our Lady of Mount Carmel                JULY 14TH       6-11PM
     JULY 7—JULY 15, 2010                        Entertainment:
   7:00pm each evening in church             DJ NICK DELGIODICE

    JULY 15, 2010       7:00PM                    THURSDAY
      Healing Mass in honor of              JULY 15TH      6-11PM
     Our Lady of Mount Carmel                   Entertainment:
Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Celebrant
                                                 Marc Antonio
                                         Traditional Italian Feast music and comedy
           JULY 16, 2010
Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel                  FRIDAY
           Mass Schedule:
         8:30am, 12:00noon
                                            JULY 16TH      6-11PM
      7:00pm Mass in Spanish                    Entertainment:
  Bishop Manuel Cruz, Celebrant                    CHAILO

          JULY 17, 2010                           SATURDAY
           5:30pm mass                      JULY 17TH       6-11PM
 Bishop Edgar DaCunha, Celebrant                 Entertainment:
           JULY 18, 2010
                                            THE TOGA PARTY BAND
     12:00noon mass in honor of
       Our Lady of Mt. Carmel                       SUNDAY
 Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Celebrant               JULY 18TH
   PROCESSIONS IN HONOR OF                        Entertainment:
              July 16th
      Following the 12 noon mass                     6-11PM
                                                 THE CORVETTES
              July 17th                 Music by Amendola, Gesumaria and Palmucci
        Candlelight procession
      following the 5:30pm mass           THE SUPER 50/50 WINNER
                                            WILL BE DRAWN ON
              July 18th                SUNDAY JULY 18, 2010 AT 11:00PM
      Following the 12 noon mass
5:30    +Antonio Anzellotti r/b Family
        +Rocco Albano r/b Thomas & Jeannette Marasco
        +Joseph & Antionette Noviello r/b Family
        +Joseph Liquori r/b Rose Bonacci
        +Ann Gatti r/b Andy Hudson
        +Catherine Piegaro r/b Rossi Family
        +Joseph Gesumaria
        +Jesse, Mario, Paul Ortiz, Tony Liveies r/b Charmane Fidalgo
        +Valerie Calabrese r/b M/M Peter Caruso
        Novena Prayers in honor of St. Anthony
8:30    Living & Deceased members of the Holy Name Society
10:00   +In honor of St. Anthony
        +Francesco Pontoriero (birthday) r/b Joan & Frank Pontoriero
        +Rose Fiamingo r/b Cesera & Domenica
        +Francesca & Cesarina Pugliese r/b Cesera & Domenica
        +Antonio Pontoriero r/b Maria Dotro
        +Nicholina Capra & Family r/b Filomena Capra
        +Michelina Pugliese r/b Enrichetta Pontoriero
        +Anthony Primerana r/b Family
12:00   In Honor of St. Anthony r/b John & Maria Da Silva
MONDAY JUNE 14, 2010
7:30    People of the Parish
8:30    +Francesco Pontoriero (Birthday) r/b Caterina Pontoriero
7:30    +Biase Pagano r/b Friends
8:30    +Giuseppe Barritta r/b Parents
7:30    +Anna & Nicole D’Egidio r/b Connie LaBozzo
8:30    +Joseph & Louise Damiano r/b Family
7:30    Larry Ricci (Birthday) r/b Family
8:30    +Manuel Luiz r/b Wife Ida
FRIDAY JUNE 18, 2010
7:30    +Harry Buryk r/b Son
8:30    +Francesco Pontoriero
8:30    +Pasquale Miceli r/b Domenica Zappia
5:30    +Tony Fortino r/b Gleave Family
        +Frank Trimarco r/b Daughter
        +Domenick Trimarco r/b Wife, Children, Grandchildren
        +Rocco Albano r/b Kristen & Louis Turco
        +Joseph Shear r/b Family
        +Emma Garcia r/b Family
        +Rose Daniello r/b Merten Family
        +Joseph Gesumaria r/b Linda Carmazino
        +Josephine Adamo r/b Lou & Joan Abin
SUNDAY JUNE 20, 2010
8:30    Living & Deceased members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
10:00   +Frank & Peter Bonavota r/b Family
        +Pasquale Pontoriero r/b Son Joseph
        +Francesco Pontoriero r/b Rosa & Pasquale Calello
        +Serafino Dotro r/b Lena Calello
        +Raffaele Calello r/b Lena Calello
        +Michele LaTorre r/b Rosa LaTorre
        +Antonio Pontoriero r/b Wife
        +Mercurio Fiasche r/b Wife & Children
        Giuseppe D’Agostino r/b Family
12:00   +Enrigue Rodriquez r/b Maria, Ricky, Carmela
                        ALTAR CANDLES 6/13—6/19
               In Memory of: In Honor of St. Anthony
               Gift of:        Mildred Strada

                     SANCTUARY LAMP 6/13—6/19
              In Memory of: In Honor of St. Anthony
              Gift of:      Mildred Strada

                    BREAD & WINE Month of JUNE
              In Memory of: In Honor of St. Anthony
              Gift of:      Mildred Strada

       Please Pray for our Sick Parishioners,
                Friends and Family
Marie Cuozzo-Casale, Dianne Weeks, Marion Kurdyla, Carmen
Ravo, Regina Iachio, Albert Cicchino, Josephine LaVerda,
Anthony Salvatore, Antonio Dotro, Judy Fiore-Halvorsen, Ann
Vicidomini, BJ Pagano, Josephine Lipuma, Joseph Passaro Jr.,
Olga A. Goncalves, Florence Petti, Theresa Calello, Josephine
Caponegro, Helen Calabrese, Marge Delli Santi, Carol Lamiera,
Giosofina Malina, Vitina Crivellone, Carmine Masullo, Donald
G. Periello, Blasi Martin Della Cruz., Joseph George, David
Quinones, Fr. Ronald Regula, Red Giordano, Maria Anceriz,
Yartiza Fogler, Jeannette Marasco, Rosalie Merten, John
Panichi, Salvatore Lenzi, Barbara Stewart, Thomas Marasco,
Henry Garcia, Walter Garcia Jr. , Marie Scarpa, John Tortorello,
Rose Scarano, Eva Bonavota.

      Let us offer our condolences to the family of:
                  +Michael SantaMaria
  May his soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed,
    through the mercy of God, Rest in Peace. Amen.

                        June 13, 2010
          I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me.
                        -Galatians 2:20

                      Auxiliary Sanctuary Lamps are
                available for memorializing your loved one.

                           Please call the Rectory
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