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					                       Our 41st Anniversary Issue
•   Letters - 2
•   Feed the Beach, Swami - 3
•   Collective Life - 4
•   Made for Each Other - 5
•   Swine Flu - 6
•   Venice Quiz - 7
•   Devin - 8-9
•   Hall of Fame - 10
    The Beats - 11
    Poetry - 12-13                                                                                                                     December
•   Chee-Wah-Wah - 14
    Calendar - 15
    Happy Holidays - 16
                                P.O. BOX 2, VENICE, CALIF 90294 • • • 396-0811/399-8685                  #338
Photo by Greta Cobar

              Hundreds enjoy a communal dinner on Westminster Avenue
                    thanks to the giving spirit of our community
                                                                  –story on page 3

Monday Nights                                             Medical Marijuana Debated
Working With The
Beachhead Collective                                      in Venice – and L.A.
      By Krista Schwimmer                                     By Maureen Cotter                               view of the Councilman that the chronically
    In the spring of 2008, I came home one                     VENICE – On November 5 the public              ill should not be deprived of their medicine.
day to find a phone message on my ma-                      was invited to join the Neighborhood                It should be regulated and taxed.”
chine from a pleasant sounding woman                      Council (VNC) for a debate on new regula-                Assistant City Attorney Jane Usher re-
named Della Franco. Although I had not                    tions controlling medical marijuana. It was         minded us that the rules change almost
met her, I knew she was part of the Beach-                held in the Westminster Elementary School           daily, “This is a murky cesspool.” In 1996, in
head Collective. She said she had really en-              on Abbot Kinney Blvd. The subject matter                        –continued on page 3
joyed one of my recent poetry submissions.                attracted a full house. While we waited for
Would I be interested in helping the Beach-               the meeting of the Venice minds to begin, I
head? I was so excited that someone from                  sampled the food provided by J’s Kitchen.                LOS ANGELES – The City Council
this legendary newspaper not only liked my                What, no pot brownies? The muffins and                was still debating a medical marijuana
work, but actually wanted me to help, that I              other delicious food provided by this or-            ordinance at press time. However, it ap-
did a little dance of elation, witnessed only             ganic restaurant would have to do.                   pears that most of the draconian meas-
by my birds. I called back, explaining to her                  Mike Newhouse, VNC President                    ures that might have forced the closing
that I would love to help. There was a bit of             chaired the meeting. He explained the pub-           of all Venice dispensaries have been
a catch – I could only come later, after some             lic’s input was needed in helping to adopt           dropped. These include requiring dis-
              –continued on page 4                        some guidelines regarding medical mari-              pensaries to grow the pot they sell.
                                                          juana dispensaries. Anyone who wished to             “Contributions” may end up as a
    CASUALTIES IN AFGHANISTAN:                            speak had up to two minutes to express               euphemism for sales.
     928 U.S. Dead - 20 this month                        their thoughts.                                          Also at issue are capping the number
                 IRAQ:                                         De De Audet, past president of VNC,             of dispensaries, and defining how far
    4,367 U.S. Dead - 14 this month                       posted a sample of the city of Los Angeles’          they must be from churches and schools.
         31,572 U.S. Wounded                              fourth attempt at an ordinance on this sub-              According to Nate Kaplan in Bill Ro-
                                                                                                               sendahl’s office there may not be a final
         Iraqi Dead: 1,339,771                            ject.
                                                                                                               ordinance until next year. Call Rosen-
      Cost of wars: $937+ Billion                              Councilmember Rosendahl’s Deputy, • •        Arturo Pina, spoke on his behalf: “It is the         dahl at 311 if you have input.
2 • December 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead                                                                                      A Voice from the 70s
                                                                                                                           Dear Carol and Beachhead,
                                                                                                                           An old friend of mine who lives in Venice
                                                                                                                     sent me the current Venice Beachhead, and it
                                                                                                                     brought back a ton of fond memories for me. In
                                                                                                                     the old days, I remember the both of us and sev-
                                                                                                                     eral others who worked on the paper using the
Beachhead Collective Staff:                                             Was it murder?                               “cut and paste” technique for all our typed arti-
Karl Abrams, Greta Cobar, Amy Dewhurst,                                                                              cles. It was way before computers and we al-
Carol Fondiller, Don Geagan, Roger Linnett,                   Dear Beachhead,                                        ways walked away with a bunch of glue all over
Lydia Poncé, Krista Schwimmer, Jim Smith,                     I am writing you regarding your feature ar-            us.
                                                         ticle of this issue. "Murder on Venice Blvd".                     I actually was able to dig out copies of back
Alice Stek
                                                              I am really shocked that your paper would              issues including the December 1972 issue (al-
                                                         write something that irresponsible.  I have been            most 37 years ago) and it was terrific to read
The FREE VENICE BEACHHEAD is published                   reading your paper for at least 30 years and am             some of the issues. I have included a copy of a
monthly by the Beachhead Collective as a vehicle         a Venice local.                                             portion of that issue. It is hard to believe that I
for the people of Venice to communicate their                 I am very liberal and am not a huge fan of             am almost 70 years old and the Beachhead is
ideas and opinions to the community at large. The        the LAPD, however what happened on Venice                   still going strong.
Beachhead encourages anyone to submit news               Blvd was a horrible accident.                                     A big warm thank you to everyone who has
stories, articles, letters, photos, poetry or graphics        It was invollentary man slaughter.  No one             been part of the Beachhead and all of those peo-
of interest to the Venice community.                     intended to kill that poor girl.  To put a title like       ple who have kept it going for over 40 years!
The staff reserves the right to make all decisions       that is so tacky.  It is poor journalistic tactics to       What an incredible accomplishment by volun-
collectively on material published. There is no edi-     say the least. Sensationalism to the fullest. You           teers! Talk about sustainability!
tor on the Beachhead. The printing is financed by         really need to check yourselves!                                  In peace,
ads, sustainers and donations. The articles, poetry           Isabel Moritz                                                Joanne Zazzi (formerly Joanne Curtis)
and art work express the opin-
ions of the individual contribu-     The Beachhead            Dear Beachhead,
tors and are not necessarily the     is printed on            Murder, as defined in common law coun-                             Medical Marijuana
views of the Beachhead Collec-       recycled paper      tries, is the unlawful killing of another human
tive.                                with soy-based      being with intent.                                               Dear Beachhead,
                                     ink.                                                                                 I attended the Venice Town Hall meeting,
     To submit material, include                              Your article about the death in Venice by a
                                                                                                                     Nov 5th, regarding Medical Marijuana. The par-
your name and telephone num-                             cop is horribly irresponsible. Please stick to
                                                                                                                     ticipants were invited to offer suggestions to the
ber. Anonymous material will not                         something you fuckin lunatics know down there               representatives of the City of Los Angeles.  Here
be printed, but your name will be withheld on            on the boardwalk like rollerbladding and step               are some of my observations:
request. No payment is made for material used.           away from the pen.                                               The representative from the City Attorney's
     Mail: P.O. Box 2, Venice, CA 90294.                      Thanks, Name Withheld                                  office appeared very guarded, and even torn
     Web:                                                                                         when addressing the crowd;
Email:                               The Writer Responds:                                        The participants overwhelming agree that
                                                              Hi Isabel and Anon,                                    marijuana (cannabis, in fact) should be available;
                                                              As the writer of the article, "Murder on Venice             A majority at the meeting believed that can-
           Beachhead Sustainers:
                                                         Blvd.," I feel that the headline was entirely appropri-     nabis should be sold not just offered under the
      Richard Abcarian • Karl Abrams                                                                                 current legislature as a not for profit venture;
    Linda Albertano • James Bambrick                     ate. "Intent" is not needed to establish a crime to be
                                                                                                                          The town hall seemed to have large repre-
     Beyond Baroque • Jennifer Baum                      murder.
                                                                                                                     sentation from the compassionate caregivers/
          C.V. Beck • Sheila Bernard                          Here's a "common law" definition of third de-
                                                                                                                     providers community;
             Big Daddy’s & Sons                          gree murder (from "Third de-                 Many suggested that the number of provid-
 Chuck/Terry Bloomquist • Lou Boyland                    gree: killing that resulted from indifference or            ers be determined by an measurable space, (250
         David Brooks • Rex Butters                      negligence. Usually there must be a legal duty (par-        to 1,000 ft) or by the “free market”;
  Steve Clare • Cosmo • Maureen Cotter                   ent - child), but can also include crimes like driving           Some even suggested that Venice be ex-
          John Davis • Fred Dewey                        drunk and causing a fatal accident."                        cluded from the Ordinance being drafted by the
      Bob Dolman • Steve Effingham                             Certainly if you or I had been driving at 60 mph       City of Los Angeles, and enter a pilot program
   David Ewing • Lisa Ezell • Ed Ferrer                  on Venice Blvd. at night with our lights out, we            which might include offering cannabis for sale at
     Peter R. Force • The Fruit Gallery                  would have been arrested on the spot and charged            the local farmers market (you've got my vote);
      Nadine Gallegos • Don Geagan                       with third degree murder. In spite of their irresponsi-          The community was engaged and offered
           Linda Levitz Goodman                          bility and recklessness, the driver of the police car and   other suggestions in an mostly healthy spirit of
       Meredith Gordon • Lisa Green                                                                                  finding a way to advance the moment to free
                                                         his partner have not been subject to any punitive
       Joseph Gross • Pamela Gruber                                                                                  hemp. I would like to see more of the patient
         Susan Hayden • Ted Hajjar                                                                                   community engaged, offering solutions going
                                                              Thanks for your comments.                              forward, along with participants that do not
        Arleen Hendler • Joel Isaccs                          Jim Smith                                              choose to engage in marijuana as a health rem-
     Maureen Jacobson • John Kertisz
       Mark A. Kleiman • Joan Klotz
         Feliza Kohan • Ira Koslow                           Correction to Murder Article                                 I'm a relative newcomer to the Venice, CA
                                                                                                                     community though I understand why Venice
     LA Surf and Swim • Donna Lacey                           Dear Beachhead,
                                                                                                                     should remain Venice and therefore work side
 Larry Layne • Danise Lehrer • Janet Lent                     Thank you for your article on the tragic
                                                                                                                     by side, old and new, to keep Venice Free.
      Michael Linder • Karl Lisovsky                     death of devin Petelski. It was really well writ-                With that said, the ordinance in process,
  Pegarty Long • Stash Maleski–ICU Art                   ten. I must ask that if possible can you make an            should be approached with due diligence, much
         Eric Mankin • Spike Marlin                      alteration “According to a family spokesperson,             consideration, and without an idea that more
    Michael McGuffin • Debra J. Miller                    Christopher Medak, Is not atrue statement Al-               law is the only option. Each of us, providers,
    Michael Millman • Susan Millmann                     though I am aclose friend of the family I am not            patients, and other stakeholders within the
  Tina Morehead • Sandy/David Moring                     their spokesperson. That is the Lawyer. I am                community have a responsibility to be account-
     Anne Murphy • Carmen Navarro                        simply a vocal friend who since her death have              able, and in balance with our actions.
      Earl Newman • Barbara Palivos                      questioned and sought out the truth behind the                   Let's be aware that any ordinance, could
     Sherman J. Pearl • Celena Perkins                   attempted manipulation of the truth. I spoke as             further criminalize cannabis users. Also, I sub-
Lydia Poncé • Chicago Red • Karen Reeves                 a outraged friend and citizen. Thank you                    scribe to a fair market approach not a free mar-
  Nancy Raffaelli Richards • Gail Rogers                                                                             ket view which implies, conscious production
                                                              Christopher Medak
Cristina Rojas • Ron Rouda James Schley •                                                                            and consumerism with a holistically sustainable
    Krista Schwimmer • Linda Shusett                                                                                 “balanced approach.”  For example, stop hard
   Howie Siegel • Jim Smith • John Stein                                                                             selling on the Venice Boardwalk, compassionate
                                                                                                                     caregivers. Do not adopt the ways of the keepers
Alice Stek • Mike Suhd • Surfing Cowboys
                                                                                                                     of the corporate globalization methods that are
Ted Tannenbaum • Carol Tantau • Swami X
                                                                                                                     devouring our resources (human, nature, and all
Venice Originals • Venice Peace & Freedom
                                                                                                                     other beings). You're offering a herb that brings
         Carol Wells • Simone White                                                                                  balance to the body, mind and soul, and the of-
 Suzy Williams • Nancy Boyd Williamson                                                                               fering should reflect that from the germination
    Mary Worthington • Fabiola Wright                                                                                to the exhale.
         Help A Free Press Survive:                                                                                       Also, I do  not subscribe to idea that, we the
          Annual Sustainer: $100.                                                                                    people, have never crafted a way of life before,
                                                                                                                     as paraphrased by the City Attorney representa-
     Individual Subscriptions: $35/year
   Institutional Subscriptions: $50/year
Mail: Beachhead, PO Box 2, Venice, CA 90294                                                                                        –continued on page 12
                                                                                                       Free Venice Beachhead • December 2009 • 3

  Hundreds Eat At “Feed the Beach”
                                                                                                           Medical Marijuana
                              By Roger Lin-        Beach" event seemed targeted for oblivion
                           nett                    on the scrapheap of city bureaucracy. But               Debated in Venice
                                                   then something marvelous happened - lo-
                                 What started
                                                   cal officials with clout got in the game.
                                                                                                                 –continued from page 1
                             out as a neighbor-
                             hood potluck din-         The Venice Neighborhood Council's                the state of California, we voted to allow medical
                             ner three years ago   vice president, Linda Lucks, interceded              marijuana to be provided to the chronically ill. It
                             has grown into a      with the city, with the help Arturo Pena             was to be provided by a collective of at least four
                             legitimate Venice     and John Gregory of Councilman Rosen-                people and this did not include sales for profit.
                             event the likes of    dahl's office to find the funds to cover the           She pointed out it is against state and federal
                             which distinguish     costs of the permits and insurance needed            law. But within this cesspool, the city is trying to
                             the Venice com-       to green light the feast. "We only got our           adopt some guidelines. At this point in time the
                             munity for its out-   permits on Tuesday, although they had                Los Angeles D.A.’s office and the City Attorney
                             reach, charity and    been in the works for some time" said a              want to shut down the dispensaries.
                             citizenship.          grateful Merced, in light of the "Third                  The audience was asked by Newhouse for a
                                 The Third An-     Wednesdays" fiasco.                                   show of hands of those favoring legalizing mari-
                             nual "Feed the            "We estimated there would be around              juana. Everyone in the room raised their hands.
                             Beach" free           300 to 500 people," said Nina Merced, co-            Then he asked who was not in favor and not one
                             Thanksgiving Din-     owner of Fruit Gallery and wife of James,            hand went up. A collective laugh could be heard.
       Photo by Greta Cobar                        "but we figure we fed almost 700 people."             A man shouted, “That’s why we live in Venice.”
                             ner went off with-
  out a hitch on Thursday, November                " We intended to finish at 2 p.m., but we                 At the present time, there are four dispensa-
  26, thanks to a special, dedicated group of      had people in line until about 3:15," she            ries in Humboldt County. San Francisco has 22.
  sponsors, around 200 volunteers and a few        said. And remarkably there was still                 Venice has 30, eight are licensed. Los Angeles has
  key people that stepped up to help satisfy       enough food to feed them all.                        an estimated 800 to 1,000. There are about 15,000
  local city requirements. From 12 noon until           The Venice-Marina Rotary Club, led              liquor stores. When asked how many doctor cer-
  a little after 3 p.m. any and all who stopped    by treasurer Tom Ryan, supplied 25 cooked            tificates have been issued, Usher responded she
  by Ocean Front Walk at Westminster Ave.          turkeys and helped prepare and serve with            had no idea, as certificates are not recorded.
  were served up a complete turkey dinner          a group of Rotary volunteers. The owners             How many dispensaries should be allowed? The
  with the works.                                  of the Waldorf Apts. contributed $250 and            general consensus was to let the market decide.
       The original sponsors of the "Feed the      a local apartment manger, Frank Lutz, who                Hours from 10 am to 8 pm were debated. It
  Beach" events are the 12 local food mer-         had opposed the “Third Wednesdays”                   was pointed out that other retail stores are not
  chants that line Westminster Ave. from           events, contributed $100 and a couple of             held to the same restrictions. Most agreed the
  OFW to Speedway, four in the Waldorf             turkeys. Several businesses stepped up               stores should be kept at least 1,000 feet away
  Building and eight in the International          with food donations this year including Big          from a school. The current city ordinance would
  Food Court across Westminster. They were         Daddy's, The Sidewalk Cafe, Danny's Res-             limit the number of plants at a dispensary to 100,
  also the same group that initiated the short-    taurant and Whole Foods. Musical enter-              or five pounds, and a video camera must be
  lived "Third Wednesdays" events, that were       tainment was provided alternately by gui-            running at all times. Records must be kept. The
  shut down by the city and the local police       tarists Vinnie Caggiano and Michael Jost.            records and video must be turned over to the
  over permit and insurance issues this past           "If it keeps going like this, next year          police if asked, without a search warrant. Most
  summer. "Third Wednesdays" began with            we'll need to get better organized about             attendees frowned upon the idea of each dispen-
  the same idea as Abbot Kinney Blvd.'s            our use of space between Ocean Front and             sary using only pot grown on its premises.
  "First Friday," said Fruit Gallery owner         Speedway,” said Merced, "but being seen                  The two hour discussion was conducted
  James Merced, namely to help increase            as legitimate by the city and all, that really       without people getting angry and all suggestions
  business for a few hours along their little      makes everyone involved feel good be-                were recorded. Hats off to Mike Newhouse for
  piece of the boardwalk. And just like the        cause we don't have to fight city hall to do          the way he conducted the meeting. I went home
  "Third Wednesdays," this year's "Feed the        something good."                                     to watch it on the Channel 11 news. Get ready
                                                                                                        Venice, may the best dispensaries win.

           Swami X
           Speaks                The meaning
                             of life is beyond
                             the mind and
                             revealed within,
                             in a moment
                             that embraces                                Marc Saltzberg rises to make a point at the Town Hall on medical marijuana, Nov. 5
                             ecstatic time-
                             lessness. We are                                                            answer the telephone and wear a ski mask
                                                   something or other. Forgive my namedrop-
                             something more                                                              when I saunter through the neighborhood,
                                                   ping, however, God, Brahman, Allah, Jehovah,
                             than our mind,                                                              gracing all children with esoteric candy.
                                                   Ahura Magda, etc. and so forth, is Cosmic
                             body, and emo-                                                                   Nevertheless, it is reassuring to have un-
                                                   Consciousness, that pervades and transcends
                             tions, all of                                                               derstood that It never had a beginning, and
                                                   the Multi-Universe. God is Light, Life, Love,
                             which fulfill                                                                never will end, and that we are all It. It is all
                                                   Truth, Good, Beauty, Consciousness, Existence,
                             various legiti-                                                             connected, and that truth sustains the law of
                                                   Bliss, Absolute, if you will forgive my lan-
                             mate and                                                                    Karma. Ecstasy is our essence, and creativity is
                             worthwhile                                                                  its cosmic motivation; if you'll forgive my lan-
Swami in the 1970s                                      One might say everything is a manifesta-
                             needs and goals.                                                            guage, and God bless Tiny Tim.
Photo by Lance Diskan                              tion of the Ultimate Effulgent Reality. It may,
                                We are all on                                                                 I do want to wish everyone the inspiration
                                                   however, be a challenge finding someone to
                             a ladder of un-                                                             of the spirit, health in mind, body and heart;
                                                   say that, too. Yes, I know they're out there, but
derstanding; awareness and spiritual un-                                                                 the discovery of creativity in your mind and
                                                   I'm not getting around that much any more.
foldment. I have reached the top of my lad-                                                              soul; light in your third eye to guide and share
                                                   P.S. No longer climaxing, let me sum up: I be-
der, and it was up against the wrong wall.                                                               your life.
                                                   lieve everybody gets what's coming to them,
Misunderstandings occur when those on
                                                   which clearly explains why I always walk fast,            Love, Swami 
other rungs attempt to convince others of
                                                   keep my head down, don't look back, rarely
 4 • December 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

    Monday Nights With the Beachhead Collective –continued from page 1
surgery I was having. She totally under-                The most challenging part of working         against the overnight parking districts. De-
stood.                                             on the Collective for me is the monthly           spite the fact that we were all on the same
     So, in September 2008, I found myself         fundraising. The paper costs a little over        side, some meetings around this issue
strolling up to a home on Rialto Street, just 5    $800 to print each month. Then, there is the      found members sparing with each other.
minutes walking distance from where I live.        mailing to our sustainers and subscribers.        Still, the Beachhead successfully published
I located the house easily, one sure clue be-      Fundraising meant learning to call past sus-      stories about this fight and helped win that
ing the September issues of the Beachhead          tainers and ask them to renew; looking for        round for the homeless. Or the time, when
in a plastic slot on a fence for anyone to         advertisers (something I am truly bad at!);       somehow I got the job of organizing the In-
take. I walked into a small, patio area with       and helping organize fundraisers. Each            ternational Women’s Day Beachhead Event
a mix of chairs to one side and an empty           month as we approached the deadline for           at Beyond Baroque without really knowing
square table to another. A thick, Thai door        printing, I would worry out loud about the        much about it myself. Nothing like dipping
with a Green Man fountain spewing water            lack of finances; Don Geagan would in-             a somewhat politically ignorant card-
beside it, welcomed me. Above me, I huge           variably say “Don’t worry! The money will         reading woman into the cauldron of sea-
palm loomed. I knocked hesitantly.                 come! It always does.” Well, so far, he is        soned feminists. Which woman did I not
     The man who answered the door oddly           largely right!                                    annoy somehow??? Needless to say, the
reminded me of Mr. Badger from “Wind in                 One of my favorite parts of attending        event went fairly well; more importantly, I
the Willows.” He greeted me warmly, in-            the regular Monday meetings is reading the        lived to conjure another poem.
troducing himself as Jim Smith. As I en-           submissions out loud. Members take turns               When I see the latest edition of the
tered the home, I noticed a long, rectangular      reading the different submissions. Karl al-       Beachhead fresh from the press, I still get a
wooden table that easily fit 8 people. Above        most invariably reads the Swami submis-           thrill! I like to peruse it on my front porch
the table, a chandelier hung almost touch-         sions as he has the best impersonation of         amidst the squirrels and wild birds I feed
ing the table itself. Sitting in a wicker chair,   Swami himself. Plus, he can decipher              daily. Never mind that by the time I hold
a woman with brown hair hovered over a             Swami’s handwriting. Collective members           the hardcopy, I have already read most sto-
large sheet of paper, reading intently. A few      usually read their own work. (Though              ries, poems, and exclamations 2 or 3 times.
minutes later, she got into a passionate ar-       once, Peggy read one of my poems to folks         Still, I read the entire paper, cover to cover.
gument with Jim and stormed out of the             when I announced it was not a very nice           I look to see what little last minute graphics
house. I watched awkwardly. Karl Abrams            poem. She laughed and said, “Let me read          Jim may have added that are either humor-
introduced himself. His manner immedi-             it!”)                                             ous or thoughtful (like the little cars at the
ately put me at ease.                                   Anyway, there is something so lovely         end of the book review on rising gas prices);
     That first night they were proofing the         about reading out loud, as well as being          or what reprint from an old Beachhead I
October paper before sending it to press.          read to. Granted, you may not understand          may have missed. Of course, I look at the
Most of the work was done. Still, Jim gave         the writing or even sometimes be able to          poetry page, one of my favorite parts of the
me a few pages to proof. He told me to             read the submission itself (we are probably       Beachhead. It was the poetry section that
come back in two weeks, as the Collective          one of the only publishers in the entire          first drew me to the Beachhead. There, I
usually took off the Monday following the          world that considers handwritten submis-          discovered the Venice Beat Legends, as well
printing of the current issue. At the second       sions on coffee cups.) In a society filled         as current poets such as Hilary Kaye.
meeting I attended, not only was I voted in        with “Facebook,” “Twitter,” and other                  Working with the Beachhead has
as a member, but I learned the basic organi-       amazing but isolating technologies, there is      opened me up to parts of the Venice com-
zation behind the monthly publishing of the        something soulful about adults sitting            munity I knew nothing about – like Oak-
Beachhead.                                         around a big, wooden table, reading out           wood or the Lincoln Place Apartments – as
     At the beginning of the month, the            loud to each other.                               well as the people who fight for the rights of
members of the Collective meet at Jim’s                 Besides the weekly Monday meetings,          others in those areas. That’s not, however,
home. The first task is to review the re-           collective members meet at the end of each        what keeps me returning to the Monday
cently published paper, checking to see how        month to proof and then, to distribute the        meetings. What keeps me going is the ex-
it looks, as well as looking for errors missed     8,000 plus papers. Delivering the paper can       perience of collectively creating a new pa-
in the proofing. Then, people begin looking         be fun itself. People are often excited to see    per each month: an effort that involves
at ideas for the upcoming paper. Distribu-         the new paper, commenting on articles they        both the community outside of the Monday
tion and fundraising are talked about pretty       had read in the last one. It can also be a his-   night meetings as well as the people who
much at every meeting. Submissions are             tory lesson if you ride around with someone       take the time to meet together, around the
read whenever they come in. The submis-            like Jim. One Saturday, when delivering on        long table. The Beachhead Collective may
sions are decided by majority vote – though        Ocean Front Walk, he showed me the build-         not be the Inklings; but we sure give it all
after working with the collective about six        ing where my favorite Venetian poet, Phi-         we have. From politics to poetry and back
months, I did learn that if a member truly         lomene Long, once resided.                        again, the conversation continues. Let’s
objects to a piece, this piece can be quashed           Although I have only joined                  keep it that way!
by a veto. In case you are wondering, I            the Beachhead recently, I already
don’t recall any vetos since I have been           have vivid memories of meet-
there.                                             ings. Like the time the Beach-
                                                   head was helping the fight
                                                                                                Free Venice Beachhead • December 2009 • 5

Made for Each Other: The Story of a Town and a Newspaper
   By Jim Smith                                   rage" by Venetians – that vilified Venice in         come down, but they were always at risk of
                                                  nearly every issue. The Los Angeles papers,         being hassled by the police. We had two
     How is it possible for a newspaper to
                                                  The Times and the Herald-Examiner, mostly           motorcycle gangs - the Hells Angels in the
survive these days without massive adver-
                                                  ignored Venice.                                     canals and Satan's Slaves on the Boardwalk.
tising from big corporations? And while
                                                      Venice did have  informal methods for           But they'd pretty much leave the locals
we're at it, how is it possible for a Venice
                                                  disseminating local news. They includ-              alone. 
identity to survive nearly 85 years after it
                                                  ed the Lafayette Cafe at the corner of Ocean             Probably the main reason why Venice
lost its legal standing as a city? There may
                                                  Front Walk and Westminster, Juergen's no-           was avoided was that it was integrated, at
be a connection.
                                                  name restaurants, which were identified by           least as much as any American city could be
     The Free Venice Beachhead is the largest
                                                  preexisting signs on the outside of the             50 years ago. Back then, and to a lesser ex-
- and only - newspaper in Venice. It's true
                                                  buildings, including "Da Driftwood" and             tent today, Black people scared the hell out
that a number of papers from Santa Monica,
                                                  "NuPars." Other good places for news and            of suburban whites. Since then, the propor-
Los Angeles, as well as some of unidentifi-
                                                  rumors included the benches that lined              tion of African-Americans in Venice has
able origin, dump their excess copies on
                                                  Ocean Front Walk, the old wooden Pagodas            been declining, although not fast enough for
Venice. However, coverage of Venice is
                                                  and the Boardwalk, itself, especially around        many speculators, real estate agents and
definitely an afterthought except perhaps
                                                  sunset.                                             developers. Venice has also had a long-time
for the Marina del Rey Argonaut and the
                                                                                                          Chicano community, going back to the
Santa Monica Mirror. Those of you who
                                                                                                          Machados, who owned Venice by virtue
haven't yet unsubscribed to the Los An-
                                                                                                          of a land grant from the King of Spain.
geles Times may detect a note of hostility
                                                                                                          Latinos also scare white people, who
toward Venice on the rare occasions that
                                                                                                          think they are all knife-wielding gang
it stoops to writing about our fair city.
                                                                                                          members just waiting for the opportu-
This is nothing new, the Times Mirror
                                                                                                          nity to cut their throats. The ubiquitous
Corp. has never tolerated our anti-
                                                                                                          V13 artwork helped to keep Venice for
establishment attitude, much less under-
                                                                                                          the locals.
stood it. Radio and TV generally ignore
                                                                                                              When the Beachhead began in 1968,
Venice, and that includes the progressive
                                                                                                          more than half the population of Venice
nonprofit FM station KPFK. Websites
                                                                                                          was under the poverty line. For Blacks
and blogs exist in Venice, but most are
                                                                                                          and Latinos, this was due to institution-
mainly concerned with selling some-
                                                                                                          alized racism. For the white poets, artists
thing. An exception is
                                                                                                          and occasional workers, this was a life-
which often gets the jump on Venice
                                                                                                              Beginning in the early 1950s, the dis-
     The Beachhead has been the paper of
                                                                                                          affected veterans, gays, intellectuals and
record in Venice for 41 years now. We're
                                                                                                          malcontents ended up in Venice where
interested in getting every issue on the
                                                                                                          they created their own Beat community,
internet to give everyone a fuller under-
                                                                                                          which was probably more authentic, and
standing of what's happened here since
                                                                                                          underground, than those in San Fran-
1968. If you would like to help fund this
                                                                                                          cisco and New York. It was natural that
project or have the technical facilities to
                                                                                                          the 60s generation found fertile ground
scan the Beachheads, please let us know.
                                                                                                          among the Beats of Venice. Just as the
Meanwhile, all issues since 2002 are on-
                                                                                                          Beats did not call themselves "beatniks,"
line at At this web
                                                                                                          the 60s generation did not call them-
address you can read every article, or
                                                                                                          selves "hippies." For the most part, if we
look at the layout. Articles from some
                                                       There was Val's Pharmacy, a drug store            called ourselves anything, it was "freaks"
earlier issues are on Pat Hartman's website:
                                                  in the big brick building that's east of Pacific     or "heads." Hence the Beachhead. You won't
                                                  and south of Windward. When Moe Stav-               find the term hippie in the early Beach-
     Back in Venice's earlier days it had its
                                                  nezer became the pharmacist , locals came           heads, unless as a derogatory term used by
own daily newspaper, the Venice Vanguard.
                                                  in just to find out what was going on. Moe           a "straight," as we called those who didn't
In its pages are the history of Venice from its
                                                  seemed to know everything that was about            get it.
inception until the mid-1940s, when it was
                                                  to befall Venice. He became Venice's pre-                There was always a strong anarchist
bought by the Culver City News. From then
                                                  eminent expert and activity with the Cali-          tendency among Venetians. This is not sur-
until 1955, there were a few Venice articles
                                                  fornia Coastal Commission and rallied the           prising since most Venetians of that time
in what was essentially a replate of the Cul-
                                                  community many times to defeat big and              were well-read and often came from non-
ver City paper. What happened between the
                                                  ugly projects planned for our town.                 conformist families whose parents might
end of the Vanguard in 1955 and the begin-
                                                       This was before hoards of tourists de-         have been communists or bohemians them-
ning of the Beachhead in 1968? Nobody
                                                  scended on Venice. In the 60s and early 70s,        selves.
knows. Well actually, a lot happened - the
                                                  most people wandering the Ocean Front                    Life in 50s and 60s Venice revolved
Beats, the counter-culture, The Doors, the
                                                  Walk were Venetians who were familiar               around the local community. Most of us
destruction of many old buildings by the
                                                  with one another, if not by name, then by           avoided Los Angeles unless we had busi-
city of L.A. - and much more. Researchers
                                                  face. Nowadays, many Venetians avoid the            ness with The Man - social workers, courts,
can dig out the details and many people still
                                                  Walk, especially on summer weekends un-             police, etc. We had everything we needed or
live in Venice who experienced much of this
                                                  less they have out of town company visiting         wanted – which wasn't much – in our foggy
time period. But there is no one place, a
                                                  that wants to see "the sights."                     city by the Bay. Even with low rents, we
newspaper, to dig into all the events of the
                                                       Where were all the tourists, if not at the     sometimes had to venture into the the
                                                  beach, in the old days? For one thing, it was       straight world to earn some money. My
     Without a newspaper, some of the col-
lective memory is lost. The first issue of the     harder to get to Venice after the Red Cars                      –continued on page 14
Beachhead explained to 1968 Venetians who         stopped running and before the free-
Abbot Kinney was and what he had done.            ways were built. Venice was just a foggy
Some people already knew the story, but           derelict at the far end of Venice Blvd. A
others didn't have a clue (who was that           "slum by the sea," as Larry Lipton called
bearded man on the post office mural?).            it. In addition, it had a bad reputation,
When the Beachhead began publishing in            even though it was probably safer then
December 1968, there simply wasn't any            than it is now. No self-respecting kids
other media source for the people of Venice.      from the Valley would come to Venice.
Oh sure, there was the Santa Monica Eve-          They'd go to Zuma or some other
ning Outlook – called the "Evening Out-           Malibu beach. Inner-city kids would
 6 • December 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

Swine Flu: Nothing To Sneeze At
     By Greta Cobar                                                  person died. Because of memories from                 Another thing that many people run af-
     Flu season is in full bloom, but most of                        1918, the government immediately                 ter are antibiotics, which are only available
us are still pondering about what to do. The                         launched a major vaccination campaign that       with a prescription. Even though it is a
dilemmas surround not only the regular flu                            immunized 45 million people in 10 weeks.         known, undisputed fact that antibiotics do
shot, but also the swine flu shot; not only                           However, the magnitude of the epidemic           not work against the flu, doctors still pre-
seeing the doctor or sitting at home, but also                       was extremely over-inflated, as nobody be-        scribe them because they have nothing else
taking Echinacea or antibiotics.                                     sides that one soldier at Fort Dix ever died.    to hand out to patients desperate for a mira-
     It’s funny how sophisticated we are and                         On the other hand, 25 people ended up            cle pill. If the doctor were to send you
how intelligent we think of ourselves, and                           dead and about 500 paralyzed because of          home and tell you the truth, which is that
yet a virus, something that can only be seen                         the swine flu vaccine of 1976.                    there is no cure for the common flu, that
with an electron microscope and is seen by                                And that is why most people are afraid      you have to stay home and relax, he would
many as too under-developed to even be                               of it today.                                     probably have one less patient.
considered a form of life, can cause so much                              As far as the virus is concerned, today’s        We live in a pill-addicted society and we
pandemonium.                                                         swine flu appears to be more serious than it      expect to be cured without having to take
     The flu is caused by viruses. Because                            was in 1976, but less than it was in 1918. So    the time out to stay home and rest a little.
viruses are really tiny and under-developed,                         far, it is estimated that about 4000 people      Most people can’t even afford to take time
they can’t survive on their own. What they                           died of swine flu in the US in 2009, and the      off, mainly out of fear of losing their jobs.
do is invade our cells, make us sick for a                           virus is thought to have reached its peak             As innocent as a useless antibiotic pre-
few days, and provide us with life-long                              and be on the decline.                           scription might seem, it can actually make
immunity against all identical viruses.                                   Overall, swine flu is similar to the sea-    us unable to treat diseases that we could
     Meaning that once you get sick with a                           sonal flu as far as symptoms are concerned:       easily get rid of just a few years ago. Over-
virus, you are pretty much protected from                            fever, cough, muscle aches. What is differ-      using antibiotics, such as taking them when
ever getting sick with that same virus again.                        ent, however, is that swine flu is far more       we don’t need them (example: for the flu)
That is why you only got chicken pox one                             likely to cause severe illness in young,         creates bacteria that are resistant to antibiot-
time. And also, if you didn’t get it, you are                        healthy people.                                  ics. This means that the antibiotic cannot
still at risk.                                                            While vaccines were urged for swine flu      kill the bacteria anymore.
     As nasty as flu viruses can get, it’s nice                       prevention, Tamiflu was prescribed to blunt            And this is important because half of all
to know that we can only get them one                                symptoms. However, Tamiflu cannot cure            antibiotic prescriptions in the United States
time. However, the bad news is that a dif-                           the flu. The only thing it can do is reduce       are not necessary. And also because now,
ferent flu virus comes around every year,                             symptom severity and duration of illness by      for the first time in 50 years, bacterial infec-
and so that is why we pretty much get the                            about one day if taken within the first day       tions can kill us as our antibiotics are be-
flu once a year.                                                      or two of getting sick. Bad deal. And on         coming useless.
     The flu shot promises to prevent it by                           top of it not being much help, its use was            Remember that every time you take a
providing that same immunity that comes                              discouraged in people with only mild             pill, someone is making money off of it.
after having been sick. It puts into your                            symptoms because of unpleasant side-                  It used to be that celebrities died from
body an inactive version of the virus that it                        effects present in a significant minority of      illegal drug overdoses, but now they’re dy-
is supposed to prevent. That way the virus                           the people who take it. So it looks like Ta-     ing off prescription drugs instead. Yes, your
cannot make you sick. However, almost                                miflu could actually make you feel worst          doctor is your new drug dealer.
more often than not the flu virus doesn’t                             instead of better.                                    So instead of flocking to your doctor’s
work.                                                                                                                               office, where you are pretty
     Why is it that the concept                                                                                                     much guaranteed exposure to
of vaccine goes back all the                                                                                                        nothing but germs off the other
way to BC, but modern medi-                                                                                                         patients and side-effects off the
cine still cannot get the simple                                                                                                    medication, fight the power of
flu shot right? Well, what                                                                                                           advertisement by choosing to
happens is the flu shot has to                                                                                                       take no pharmaceuticals.
start being manufactured early                                                                                                      A better way to prevent and
                                Political cartoon by Khalil Bendib

in the summer, while the flu                                                                                                         cure the flu is to keep your body
virus doesn’t come around till                                                                                                      strong and healthy. The better
mid or late fall.                                                                                                                   shape your body is in, the least
     And because a different flu                                                                                                     likely you are to get sick. So
virus comes around every year,                                                                                                      make sure you get plenty of rest,
they don’t know in June which                                                                                                       drink lots of water, eat fruits and
flu virus will come around in                                                                                                        vegetables, exercise and relax.
October. They decide which                                                                                                          You can also wash your hands
virus to put in the vaccine                                                                                                         and all that, but the flu virus is
based on an educated guess,                                                                                                         airborne, which means that you
known as a hypothesis. It’s                                                                                                         can get it just by breathing.
almost no wonder that they                                                                                                          Well, if you are feeling unwell
got it more wrong than right.                                                                                                       with the flu, the best things to do
                                                                          When it comes to over-the-counter pain      are stay home, rest and drink lots of liquids.
     While some of us might choose not to
                                                                     killers such as Tylenol, Aspirin Cold and Flu    Although many will swear either by
take the vaccine because of its questionable
                                                                     or Advil, they won’t help either. All they’ll    chicken soup, orange juice, vitamin D, Zinc
efficacy, others are afraid that the flu shot
                                                                     do is numb your nerves to ease the symp-         or Echinacea, none of those will be as good
will make them sick with the flu. Ironically
                                                                     toms. That’s why they’re called “pain kill-      as rest and liquids. Your body has to fight
enough, the side-effects of the flu shot are
                                                                     ers,” but they are not able to prevent or cure   off the virus, and rest and liquids are its best
extremely similar to the flu itself: runny
                                                                     anything. It is always better to find the         helpers.
nose, congestion, sore throat, fever, cough.
                                                                     cause of the problem and eliminate it than it         So be brave enough to fight the flu on
     This year, because swine flu (or H1N1)
                                                                     is to mask the symptoms with pain-killers.       your own, with whatever you think works
is considered more deadly than the usual
                                                                     Although they may make you feel better for       for you (your beliefs can also help or hurt
flu, some groups of people were urged to
                                                                     the time being, they will not help cure your     you). My friend swears by garlic and or-
get vaccinated. However, more than half of
                                                                     illness.                                         anges, and I am sure those work for him.
all adult Americans didn’t want to get the
                                                                          And don't forget about side-effects. For    My mom advocates hot baths in salt. I like
swine flu vaccine, with possibly dangerous
                                                                     example, Tylenol is the number one cause of      Emergen-C, that fuzzy stuff with electro-
side-effects being the main reason.
                                                                     acute liver failure in the US, and about 100     lytes. So follow your heart and your mind
     Swine flu came around for the first re-
                                                                     people die of unintentional Tylenol over-        more than your doctor.
corded time in 1918, when it killed 500,000
                                                                     dose every year. Just because anybody can
people in the US alone. Then in 1976, at the
                                                                     buy it just about everywhere, does not make
military base Fort Dix, in New Jersey, 14
                                                                     it safe.
people became sick with swine flu and one
Venice Quiz
                                                                                                        Free Venice Beachhead • December 2009 • 7

                                                                                   6. When was the Golden Age of Venice? 
                                                                                   "   Yet to come; 1960 - 1980; 1965 – 1975; Ahh . . . the 60‘s; Right now; 1970 –
                                                                                       1985; I say around 1978, during yearly Venice Canal Festivals; It could be
                                                                                       now, if we take Venice back from the forces of gentrification & commer-
                                                                                       cialization; Now is always the golden age; 1920s. 1905-25 (cityhood);
                                                                                       1968—75; For me? Mid 70’s – post birth control, pre-aids; It is and always
                                                                                       will be “The Now;” Early 1970s - Amazing Times. I don't think there was
                                                                                       ever a Golden Age of Venice.  I loved it in 1951 and in 1956 and from 1959
The Beachhead sent a questionnaire to our loyal                                        to this good day.  It is always changing and we wail and gnash our teeth
readers who are on our email list to tell us who they                                  about gentrification and development and so on, as well we should, but
                                                                                       in spite of all that one would and never will mistake Venice for Costa
are and what they liked about Venice. Here are the
aggregated results. If you would like to me on the
list (2 or 3 messages a month), send an email to                                   7. What’s the best form of government for Venice?                                                              - A Republic with a requirement of education in any issue you vote upon.
                                                                                       - Socialist – anarchist
                                                                                       - None.
1. How long have you lived in Venice?                                                  - Messy Democracy
    Answers range from 5 to 47 years.                                                  - I don’t know if being a part of Los Angeles is ideal, but it’s what we’ve
                                                                                            got for now & for quite some time to come.
2. Were you born in Venice (not in a Santa Monica                                      - Meritocracy, elected by Instant Runoff, hmmm benevolent dictatorship
                                                                                            of the proletariat.
hospital)?                                                                             - Democratic…real democracy.
    No one who responded was born in Venice. Were you?                                 - Cityhood
                                                                                       - Living somewhere, where we operate as a community is already a
3. Who’s the oldest person in Venice?                                                       dream.---I love the activism and
"   Nominations included Navalette Tabor Bailey and Chuck Bloomquist.                  - Participation."
    “The oldest ones whom I have known are no longer with us.  I think                 - Cityhood & Self-determination
    they should be entered here.  I think that there should be a graveyard in          - A dictatorship of the proletariat.
    Venice for anyone who has lived here for more than 20 years.  It should            - A dictatorship with me as dicktatorix
    be most magnificent and noble place with 1920ies gravestones and                    - I suspect that Venice, as a separate entity, is ungovernable.
    standing right above Ocean Front Walk overlooking the ocean.  Grass                - Self government.  Free Venice!
    not kept too tidy.”
"                                                                                  8. Who is your favorite Venice poet? Venice singer?
4. Who’s the most significant person in Venice history                              Venice painter? Venice plumber?
(excluding Abbot Kinney), and why?                                                     - Singer – Suzie; Painter – Emily Winters; Plumber – Joseph Vince Lopez,
    - Rick Davidson or Steve Clare – they started/maintained institutions.                  Stewart Perkoff, Adrian Prober, Suzy Williams and S. Cohan
         Griot/poetry P& F Beachhead, Town Council, HCC carpentry collec-              - Actor – Viggo Mortenson/Emily Winters, mural painter extraordinaire.
         tive, Development issues, VCHC                                                - Lawrence Ferlinghetti when he visited in 1967
    - John Haag, Steve Clare, Werner Scharf – their visions                            - Bob Alexander/Sam Taylor.
    - John Haag – he started the Beachhead, Peace & Freedom and every-                 - (Poet) Panos Douvos; (Painter) Billy Al Bengston – he gifted me a per-
           thing Venice has become.                                                         fect ceramic cup that he made.
    - John Haag. He founded the Peace and Freedom Party and The Venice                 - Poets: Jim Morrison & myself (Hal Bogotch). Painter: my wife, Laura
           Beachhead                                                                        Lacamara.
    - Jim Smith. The way he is determined to protect, to inform, to help ALL           - Poet: Linda Albertano; Singer: Suzy Williams; Painter: Francisco Letel-
         the people of Venice.                                                                lier
    - George Carlin                                                                    - My favorite Venice writer/poet is Carol Fondiller.  Although not really
                                                                                              Venetian, my favorite poet associated with Venice is Charles
    - Olga Palo & Moe Stavnezer
                                                                                              Bukowski.  My favorite singer is Suzy Williams and my favorite
    - Rick Davidson
                                                                                              painter is Emily Winters.  Favorite former Venetian musicians are
    - Arnold Springer – major early Free Venice Beachhead Leader . . (politi-
                                                                                              Billy Harris, tenor saxophone, and Thomas Tedesco, guitar.
         cal activist) . . . instrumental in getting senior housing.
                                                                                       - POET: Philomene Long.  SINGER:  Suzy Williams.  PAINTER: Robby
    - Jim Morrison. Poet, singer, rock star.
                                                                                              Canal.  PLUMBER:  I've lived in Thornton Towers for 22 years and I
    - Marylou Johnson
                                                                                              have never seen one.  Our handyman does everything.
    - Irving Tabor
                                                                                       - Singer Suzy Williams (Sylvia Kohan before she died)"
    - Arthur Reese
                                                                                       - Poets: Philomene Long, Stuart Perkoff; Singers: Jim Morrison, Bill Craw-
    - Stacy Peralta"
                                                                                            ford, Sam Taylor
                                                                                       - Suzy Williams: Painters: Judy Baca, Emily Winters, Rip Cronk, Frank
5. What was it like in Venice in the 1930s? 40s? 50s?                                       Strasser
60? (if you were here)                                                                 - John Haag; Jim Morrison & Gregory Hines; House painter – Women’s
    - Gritty, grimy, full of dreams, dog shit, blooming jasmine, quiet of joy               painting collective – Johanna & crew; Carol Fondiller, master painter
    - 1960 – Colorful. Tourist-free; sunglasses + hat – booth-free on Board-                of words; A& B Plumbing
         walk.                                                                         - Krista Schwimmer! Jimm-I V./Punk For Life: Chase: Dran-o.
    - The sixty time cool, compact village, everywhere you turn meet friends           - Philomene Long, Suzy Williams
    - As my friend used to say when we lived on Sunset Avenue (1959 --
           1961):  "Some days you go out for a stroll on the boardwalk and         9. What's your favorite Venice store?
           everybody is beautiful and interesting.  Other days it looks as             - Just Tantau
           though everybody crawled out from under a rock."                            - The Venice Nile Collective
    - I arrived in 1963. Venice was a “slum by the sea” full of low income             - Pioneer Bakery was the best.
           families, retired folks, bikers, friendly neighborly folks. Very spa-       - Je ne sais pais mais El Camino Real was good back in the day
           cious in that there were many vacant lots and one story residences.         - Rose Café (When it stayed open late & had music, art shows and poetry
    - Some would fish off the Venice Pier, take it to a fish market on “ham-                  readings) + Beyond Baroque Culture Center
         burger square” and exchange the fresh catch for fresh smoked fish . .          - Mystic Journey Bookstore.
         at that time Bonita was the general catch. Later we caught lots of            - Lincoln Hardware
         crabs and we dug for clams in the ballona channel at low tide in the          - The Rose Cafe
         winter.                                                                       - Bible Tabernacle Thrift Store
    - The boardwalk on Ocean Front Walk was always empty in the winter                 - Venice Department Store no longer in existence….Just Tantau
         and pleasant to walk on everyday.                                             - Nice Cream, Manny’s Bikes, Abbot’s Pizza, Angela’s Shoe Repair
    - The 60’s were a time of freedom because of new attitudes, pot, acid and          - Small World Books!
         low rents.                                                                    - Venice Cruisers
    - 70’s – hippies, Hell’s Angels and elderly Jewish refugees owned the              - Abbot’s Habit
         board walk and there
    - NO vending of any kind. Heavenly.                                                                       –continued on page 12
8 • December 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

                           Meet The New Boss
                         Same As The Old Boss?
                                                                                                       Beck did well with the friendly crowd as lots of
     Charlie Beck, was appointed                                                                   uniformed police stood silently. He said he would not
 LAPD police chief on Nov. 17, following the res-                                                  do the federal governmentʼs job of enforcing immi-
 ignation of his patron, William Bratton.                                                          gration laws.
     Beck had auditioned in front of a Venice and                                                      He expressed his sympathy to the family of Devin
 Mar Vista audience, Nov. 10. The Deputy Police                                                    Petelski, whose life ended when she was broadsided
 Chief was rushed to the head of the line, appar-                                                  by a police car, Oct. 15. However, the department he
 ently at Brattonʼs urging and Villaraigosaʼs                                                      now heads may be involved in a coverup of police
 agreement.                                                                                        malpractice that led to the death of a 25-year-old in-
                                                                                                   nocent person.

 Victim Blamed for Fatal Crash!
   By Jim Smith
    A police report on the investigation into the death of Devin
Petelski on Oct. 15, when she was hit broadside by a police car,
has been completed but is not being released to the public. The
Beachhead has requested a copy under the state’s freedom of in-
formation act.
    According the city attorney’s office, the report blames Petelski
for her own death because she pulled out in front of the police car
which was traveling down Venice Blvd.
    However, witnesses say the police car was “silent running,”
that is, without lights of any kind. Several witnesses say the police
were also speeding. Will Yeagar, who saw the collision, told the
Beachhead that the police car had no lights and swerved to the
right at the last minute, hitting Petelski’s car in the driver’s door.
    Police are claiming that the headlights, which were knocked
out by the force of the impact, were still hot, meaning that they

                                                                 been on
                                                                 the col-
                                                                                                       Above: Devin’s mother, Shaunnah; Councilmember Bill
                                                                 curred. But another witness
                                                                                                       Rosendahl; Capt. Joe Hiltner
                                                                 says that the driver of the po-
                                                                 lice car turned its lights off
                                       78                        when it turned on to Venice
                                                                 Blvd. from Lincoln Blvd.
                                                                      The police investigation
                                                                 reportedly found that Petelski
                                                                 was at fault. The fate of the
                                                                 two police officers is confused.
                                                                 Detective Jesus Ravega told
                                                                 the Beachhead last month that
                                                                 they had returned to work,
                                                                 however, Capt. Hiltner told
                                                                 the marchers on Nov. 19 that
                                                                 they were on sick leave.
                                                                         –continued on next page
  –continued from previous page                                 Free Venice Beachhead • December 2009 • 9

    Whether or not the offi-
cers were answering a call at
the time of the collision has
changed several times. The
first statement of the police
stated that they were not on a
call. Then another spokesper-
son said they may have been,
but had not had time to radio
in that they were. Now, police
say they were definitely on a
        What is
    Silent Running?
     When the marchers ar-
rived at the Pacific Station,
they were met by Capt. Joe
Hiltner. He told the crowd
that he had a prepared state-
ment. Incredibly, instead of
responding to the marchers
demands that silent running
be stopped, he launched on a
tirade against “irresponsible”
statements in the press (see it
on YouTube at:
     When asked a question
about silent running, he said
he was “not familiar with the
     While silent running is no longer officially con-
doned by the LAPD, it is a general practice of many
officers, particularly when prowling streets where
drug dealing or other crimes may be taking place.
     The police report on the collision has not been re-
leased by the LAPD, but the city attorney’s office has
been leaking parts of it to gullible media, including
the Times and the Weekly (KPCC-FM reporting has
been much more balanced).
     The L.A. Times quoted assistant city attorney Bob
Pulone (whose name it misspelled) as saying the po-
lice car was barely speeding – 41 to 45 mph. The
speed limit on Venice Blvd. is 40 mph.
     Pulone further claimed that Petelski was at fault
since he claimed that she failed to stop and failed to
yield to a police vehicle.
     See last month’s Beachhead for two reports on the col-
lision and aftermath - and

                                                              A March was held Nov. 19 against the police practice
                                                              of silent running, which led to the death of Devin Pe-
                                                              telski on Oct. 15. More than 200 people rallied at the
                                                              memorial site at Venice and Glyndon, then 120 com-
                                                              pleted the 2.5 mile trek to the LAPD Pacific Division at
                                                              Culver and Centinella. They were joined by Council-
                                                              member Bill Rosendahl along the way. Above: Part of
                                                              the memorial to Devin Petelski.
10 • December 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

                Thank You Venetians -
          All Of You Who Have Served On The
       Beachhead Collective Through The Years!
Karl Abrams (2000s)            Dan Dohrman (1970s)              Della Hitz (1990s)            Richard McMillen (1970s)         Christine Shoemaker (1970s)
Larry Abrams (1980s)           Pano Douvos (1970s, 2000s)       Osah Harmon (1970s)           Phil Melnick (1960s)             Lynn Shoemaker (1970s)
Jean Allen (1970s)             John Dover (1980s)               Deborah Heiser-Kowsky (1980s) Eve Millar (1970s)               Roslyn Siegel (1970s)
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                                                                                               Free Venice Beachhead • December 2009 • 11
                   “I didn’t say I’d rather die.”

The Beats in 1959 Venice
   By Bill Fleeman                               the first graffiti: “Art is love is god.” John        Friday nights, that’s what I did. I listened, I
     Long hair, beard, looking like Raskol-      Kenevan was proprietor when I arrived,              watched. There was Stuart Perkoff, John
nikov ‘bout to kill his landlady, back in Bal-   then John and Anna Haag till the Nazi               Thomas, Frankie Rios, Tony Scibella, John
timore I didn’t fit. I read “On the Road” in      council closed it down in ‘65. Deep-felt            Haag, Jimmy Morris, Maurice Lacy. Other
‘58, “The Holy Barbarians”early ‘59. Then I      thanks, Sponto for resurrecting the place           geniuses too, but I don’t remember their
read a U.S. highway roadmap. Broke, no           and keeping the spirit alive.                       names. Some came later, after I hitchhiked
car, I bummed money from a friend and a               Standing outside looking in, this is what      back East August ‘63. Philomene Long came
ride out of town to I 94 West.                   you saw through the window: Long, nar-              later. Ex-nun poet movie maker genius, Phi-
     My friend said, “Why you wanna go to        row room. Paintings hanging on lath and             lomene busted out of the convent and
California, man? Get a job at the Chevy          plaster walls. Mis-matched tables and chairs        landed on Venice Beach in time to nurse
plant. Finda girl, get married, buy a house,     either side of a narrow aisle. Coffee-stained       Stuart Perkoff through death by cancer. She
have some kids. We could visit back and          table tops, butt burned, candle dripped. In-        held Stuart’s hand till the Lady came to
forth, go on Sunday picnics, get drunk to-       definable things embedded in the wax.                claim him. Then, only recently, she helped
gether.”                                         School house lights shining down through            beloved husband John Thomas finish his
     I didn’t say I’d rather die.                smoky air thick enough to cut. Gleaming             earthwalk poet path. Reluctantly, she let go
     My friend dropped me off at a good          copper espresso maker standing on the               his hand. After reading, the poets passed
place to hitch a ride, drove up the road a       counter, hissing and steaming like some             the hat. People put in quarters and dimes.
ways, made a u-turn, then tore passed            kinda Jules Verne doomsday machine. Hi-Fi           Instead of applauding, we snapped our fin-
about eighty in a blur of teeth and a roar of    squatting on a high shelf bolted to the wall.       gers so the LAPD wouldn’t close us down
wind. Then I turned my back to the morn-         There were almost fistfights caused by the            for making noise. Curtis Smith, a.k.a. Tam-
ing sun, turned my face away from the city       tuning knob. Would it be jazz blaring full          boo, made poetry on his conga drum. Larry
of my birth, away from my family, my             tilt boogie out of the box, would it be classi-     Lipton all in gray wearing a laborers’s cap
friends, and my home, and set my eyes on         cal played down low? Jazz won because               sat in back and grinned.
the long, long road that vanished to a point     most wrists that twisted the knob liked                  John and Anna Haag took over the café
in the west. 9:30 AM, August, 15th, 1959. I      Monk, hated Mozart.                                 in ‘62. Anna, sweet, sweet Anna. “Ciao! Bill.
was nineteen years old, had forty dollars in           John Kenevan, shrapnel-scarred painter        Ciao!” Coal black eyes, candlelight glitter.
my jeans. In the bottom of my battered suit-     poet pacifist hero of the Korean war, leaning        The night John Haag first read his poem “A
case, under my socks and shorts, lay my          elbows on counter willing to stake any              History Lesson,” ‘59 or ‘60, the seed that
sketch pad, some pencils, a journal and a        beatnik landing broke on Venice Beach crav-         grew the Beachhead and the Peace and
pen. Standing thumbout waiting for a ride, I     ing freedom, friendship, longing for a              Freedom Party was planted in apolitical
thought of Thomas Wolfe. Inside my head I        home, to a burger or one free night at the          beatnik soil. Unlike Dos Passos, John Haag
heard, “You Can’t Go Home Again,” and            Grand Hotel. I made the scene same year,            didn’t turn sharp right at mid-life and dis-
felt sad because I knew it was true.             same month painter poet computer genius             appoint us all. And Stuart’s Lady the Muse
     Two rides got me to Chicago, where          John Thomas appeared. Saw him one night             who gave him words and moved his hand
Route 66 began. Four days later, three           at the Café sitting at a table alone, big as a      is still Queen of Bohemia, dressed in black
nights at the weed hotel, I landed in L.A.,      lumber jack, brooding, bearded, chin in             like Philomene Long.
then rode the bus to Venice.                     hand, staring into the candle flame. Back in              Except Frankie Rios, all of those Venice
     At Pacific Avenue and Market Street, the     Baltimore he’d helped build UNIVAC.                 Beach Beat poets who didn’t know they’d
bus squealed its air brakes, belched smoke,      When he saw they were going to build an-            mentored me are all gone now—gone the
gave one final lurch, and opened its doors. I     other one called MANIAC and make bigger             way of all flesh like Butler said. But you'll
hauled my suitcase down the aisle and            bombs with it, he hitchhiked to Venice West.        hear the echo of their words bouncing off
stepped out. Walking along the sidewalk          People played plastic chess late at night by        the brick wall of the Cadillac across the
under the plaster arches that held up the        candle light.                                       street from Venice West. You'll see their spir-
facades of the buildings along Market                 “Shush!” the Muse told me back then            its moving like shadows down Promenade
Street, I saw the crumbling genius of Abbot      “You’re too young, don’t know nothin’ yet.          foggy nights.
Kinney. Reaching the Promenade, I sat            Listen. Watch.” So when the poets read on
down on a bench to rest. Picking up my
suitcase, I walked across the sand
                                                                                                                                                       Venice West, circa 1964. Photo by Charles Brittin

and stopped and stood at the
edge of the surf—the edge of the
continent, the end of the road. I
saw the sea rising and falling like
a living thing breathing in and
breathing out, heard the roar of
the waves crashing on shore,
smelled the salty-sweet odor of
kelp scattered on the sand in the
sun, felt the steady west wind
blowing from a thousand miles
away, tasted the salt spray com-
ing in off the tops of the breakers
rolling in. The suitcase fell from
my hand. I fell on my knees, and
     In 1959 the Venice West Ex-
presso Café was at 7 Dudley Ave-
nue. It was, to us, a holy place,
where the Muse hung out, where
we went to say our sacred poetry.
It was where some of us slept
when the cops rousted us off the
beach, or it was too cold to sleep
on the sand. Stuart Z. Perkoff,
greatest basso poet reader ever,
created the Café. Tony Scibella
painted the sign, Wally Berman
12 • December 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead
                                                                  Venice Quiz
                                                                 –continued from page 7
                                                                                                                       Even Steven

 Letter on Medical Marijuana                                                                                           That big bare knuckle sandwich
          –continued from page 2                                                                                       made L’s face black and blue
                                                                                                                       on island of the purple hills
tive of the City of Los Angeles. We do that      10. What’s your favorite book or film about
                                                                                                                       pray hear G’s point of view
every moment in life because life is about       Venice (or set in Venice)? Why?
choices.                                           - Feeding the horses to feed the sparrows - a moment in time        A triple scoop of rocky road
     I have a medical marijuana card.  Typi-       - You have to ask? Touch of Evil                                    oughta make G bow and scrape
cally, I eat marijuana to curb my painful
                                                   - Venice Coloring Book b/c it was written & drawn by                L wants more attention
menstruation cycles, and as one of the ways
                                                         friends/family.                                               G needs to escape
to heal my body, mind and spirit. There
was a time when I had breast cancer. I will        - The Beachhead for sure: the only source of truth.
never have cancer again because I've trans-        - Feeding the horses by feeding the sparrows.                       The small fruit with a pull-ring
formed my life. The mind shift includes but        - Call Someplace Paradise                                           sez G's a grenadier
is not limited to meditation, exercise, rest,      - I like the movie Harry and Tonto with Art Carney showing          when L puts in two earplugs
adopting a vegan lifestyle, ridding myself                 the good side of Venice, also the roles Venice played in    nobody’s safe ‘round here
of toxic thinking and toxic relationships,                 the Orson Welles flick Touch of Evil for the more grubby
laughing, loving and eating and smoking                    side.                                                       With conflict resolutions skills
cannabis.                                          - INCISION.  Because I made it, it has Philomene Long in it,        our two can be as one
     I support the sale of marijuana and full            the old pier in it, and it's damn good.                       ‘til G steps back so rudely
legalization of  marijuana, along with pro-        - No One Here Gets Out Alive (about the Doors)                      and L comes all undone
duction of industrialized hemp.  Until then,
                                                   - Southland Tales, because I am a neo-marxist revolutionary.
I advise that the key participants in the
                                                   - Venice, Coney Island of the Pacific by Jeffrey Stanton; Kid in     A heartfelt frown and pouting lips
movement to “Free Hemp” work together,
and resist the urge to pick a side. The future           America by Tony Scibella (Venice Beats in the 50s). Films:    move G close to the door
is now.                                                  Touch of Evil (Venice as Tijuana); Feeding the Sparrows       when L’s shoes dance a dervish twist
     Free Hemp. Free Venice.                             by Feeding the Horses (Venice struggle for survival).         they wax the shiny floor.
     Lisa Green                                    - “Number our Days”, academy award winning short docu-
     State Assembly candidate, 53rd District             mentary about the people at the Israel Levin Center when      –Hal Bogotch
     Green Party of California                           Morrie Rosen was the director. Heartwarming and chill-                               ing.
                                                   - Dogtown & The Z-Boys…The Doors Movie (“Blood Stains
                                                                                                                       left is always right
                                                         The Roofs And The Palm Trees Of Venice” )
                                                                                                                       By Patrick Vincent
                                                 11. And most importantly, how has the Beach-                           
                                                 head influenced your life?                                             She mentions altruism
                                                                                                                       as if gossip’s not her thing
                                                   - Kept me connected to the community; kept me thinking,
                                                                                                                       and that the door will slam on you
                                                         smiling, cursing, laughing MPS
                                                                                                                       if you don’t see life her way
                                                   - I worked on the first issue. My best friend & I designed the
                                                                                                                       and she talks herself above you
                                                         original Dove logo (out of green duct tape). (Gina Lee)
                                                                                                                       ‘cuz she’s learned too much to not prove,
                                                   - The Beachhead was an important experience in collectivity
                                                                                                                       that she knows it better than the rest
                                                         and community
                                                                                                                       of women
                                                   - Far too much for this questionnaire
                                                                                                                       men too
                                                   - Provided me with cooperative extended family with ongo-
                                                         ing history
                                                                                                                       she’s got a
                                                   - I love the Beachhead. A place where Socialism is not a dirty
                                                                                                                       bleeding heart for her purists
                                                         word. A place where Poetry is elevated to its rightful
                                                                                                                       all of the feminists with a language for sex
                                                         place (page 9). Keep up the good work!
                                                                                                                       and the real idealists
                                                   - Excellent reporting on local issues; Passionate Journalism
                                                                                                                       who votes in easy brands, and
                                                   - Helps me feel better informed.
                                                                                                                       left is always right.
                                                   - Been reading it since it started, I now understand what life is
                                                         all about. Wow!
                                                   - I was a member of the collective from 1975-80 and participa-      and
                                                                                                                       she agrees that
                                                           tion helped learn now to work well with others without
                                                                                                                       the word ’prick’ is inoffensive
                                                           power relationships and to find my voice
                                                   - I worked on very nearly every issue of the Beachhead pub-         thanks in part to common usage
                                                                                                                       but the word 'cunt'
                                                           lished from late 1977 through about 1982.  Some of my
                                                                                                                       sure gets her every time
                                                           best friends to this day came from that effort.
                                                                                                                       every time
                                                   - I have always had a good deal of sympathy with Jefferson's
                                                         remark:  "Were it left to decide whether we should have a
                                                                                                                       lesson learned
                                                         government without newspapers, or newspapers without
                                                                                                                       I guess... 
                                                         a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer
                                                         the latter," so when the Beachhead went "Up for Grabs" I
                                                                                                                       left is always right.
                                                         signed up.
                                                   - The Beachhead has kept me informed for years on the go-
                                                         ings on in Venice, and
                                                         keeps me connected
                                                         to the community so
                                                         many fine Venetians
                                                         who love Venice as I
                                                         do.  The Beachhead
                                                         since 1968 has been
                                                         Venice's advocate,
                                                         has always been here
                                                         for us to truly protect
                                                         and to serve our
                                                         beautiful, unique and
                                                         historic town.
                                                   - If not for the Beach-
                                                         head, where else
                                                         would I spend my
                                                         Monday Nights????
                                                   - It’s given me a new way
                                                         to understand commu-
Eat Your Fill of Gold                                                                       Free Venice Beachhead • December 2009 • 13
                                              Old Friends
By Mark Lipman
                                              I have an old piano                                 Big Lots
Rolling through the past,                     with many teeth broken or not working
into the future.                              they stick and refuse to play                       is a great store
Those who do not read history,                but I play around them, or through them.            full of all kinds
are bound to repeat it.                       I have old friends                                  of junk
Those who do not learn from their mistakes,   who other people object to                          that even
are bound to suffer,                          who have many flaws                                  the poor can afford.
rolling into the future.                      but they are my old friends
                                              and I know where most of those flaws come            i wonder, though,
A locomotive out of control.
                                              from                                                who buys
Armageddon comes not too soon
                                              and I work around them.                             those garden figurines?
for the computer age.
                                              Nobody's perfect, they say                          You know,
HURRY UP - FASTER                             me least of all                                     the elves & fairies
GET TO THE END.                               but they expect others to be perfect                the santa’s & angels
                                              without seeing the flaws in themselves.              that posture & pose
The end is closer than you think.             I can't throw out my old piano                      in the air?
Civilizations lost, in the blink of an eye.   it was given to me by a beautiful lady
Dinosaur men,                                 who turned out to be my very good friend.           There are so many
stampeding towards extinction.                And I can't throw out my old friends                of them
Never once did Midas                          who some started out as enemies,                    that i know
consider the consequences.                    but turned into my very good friends.               someone likes them
                                              We sing out loud, very loud, at sunset              collects them
Eat your fill of gold.                         and no, we're rarely in tune or in harmony,         like antiques
Your greedy lies.                             but we think we sound great, and we're still        or coins or even cats.
Blind your eyes.                              Even if it's missing some teeth, old pianos         They must be
The womb is dead.                             can still sing.                                     ashamed
                                              – Mary Getlein                                      of their habit
What good is a fortune                                                                            as i never see
         to the stillborn,                                                                        a single person
         to a lifeless head,                  at the tree at Glyndon and Venice                   standing in line
         to America,                          I did not come to gape at this, the site,           holding one.
owned by foreign investors.                   Where madness flung its head, nor question
Foreclosed.                                   right Or wrong, nor to cast blame, nor level        And i don’t
Sold to the highest bidder.                   doubt About the circumstances; just take            expect
Your dreams are now                           note Of transitory life; a lovely girl, Just get-   i ever will,
made in China.                                ting off of work; fate would recall, And oc-        do you?
Junk bonds.                                   cupy her space, as to select A lamb for sac-
Junk food.                                    rifice. Who can detect Such danger when it           –krista schwimmer
Junk life.                                    busts out of its stall? Without a trace of
                                              warning, to impale The innocent and cause
                                              a few to gloat With cocksure arrogance; fi-          Come Home With Us
That is what you are,                         nally brought To bear, a mighty hammer in           (a collaboration)
what you have become.                         the night. I came to bask in her angelic
                                              light.....R.F.Wagner, Jr., Venice.                  By Jim Smith
Fear has consumed you
and left you with nothing.                                                                        Is that you, Jim
Fear has killed you.                                                                              Lying in the cold Paris ground?
Fear has.                                     Cast Iron                                           We have a birthday present
Fear.                                                                                             for you this December 8th
                                              by hillary kaye
Afraid to live.                               No more cast iron thought upon the door,            We're taking you home to Venice
Afraid to die.                                going nowhere.                                      Back to the chaos and disorder
Eat your paper gold.                          I am not here to be a victory                       Paris says you can go
                                              to weigh against myself                             In fact, you've overstayed your welcome
                                              The iron is too hot
                                                                                                  Too many of your children of night
your worthless fill.                           it burns
                                                                                                  spoiling Pére Lachaise's tranquility
                                              Too much flesh has been taken
                                              in the name of improvement                          Come home with us, Jim
                                              not mine to lie upon an open pit.                   Back to the roofs and palm trees of Venice
                                              The charcoal is red like this room                  Come on, Jim, gonna take a little ride 
                                              black like this silence                             Down, down by the ocean side
BUY NOW BUY                                   This is mine
                                                                                                  Thanks to The Doors
                                              This paper no more no less.
EAT                                                                                               we've got a Gulfstream waiting
                                              I can not judge
                                              or be forsaken                                      The Celebration is about to begin
                                              If I love.                                          We're going back to Venice
SHIT                                          The air the movement of your body                   The town of your rebirth
Is that all?                                  It is in my eyes my flesh                            where the Muse touched you
Is that the best you've got?                  Who can take it from me.
                                              I lie here                                          A tomb on Windward Plaza
A pile of shit                                Darkness light they know my name.                   Parked beside the ocean
in your greedy hand.                          Here between some barrier forbidden wall            Your songs and poems will play
BUY - BUY - BUY                               of pain.                                            softly all night and day
                                              The cats sit quietly as I do no more no less        In the end, O Dionysus 
                                              I know that I am dying while I rest.                Death makes Angels of us all
BUY - SHIT - NOW                              There is so much behind any door.
                                                                                                  Come home with us, Jim
                                                                                                  and live in Venice, once again
CONSUME                                              This Paper Is A Poem
 14 • December 2009 • Free Venice Beachhead

        Made for Each Other: The Story of a Town and a Newspaper
                         –contined from page 5
work record was typical: telephone installer,   educated and agitated with each issue.          new Collective at the Beachhead included
post office employee, welfare father, taxi       From the beginning, poetry was a part of        those who didn't like to compromise with
driver, waxed boats in the Marina (ugh),        the Beachhead, just as it is part of Venice.    developers, or Playa Vista, even if Galanter
sold lids, GI Bill and construction work.           Our sleepy community was discovered         was at the helm. Venice activists became
Women could usually find employment as           by mass media in the early 70s. It became an    split between those who thought Galanter
cocktail waitresses and receptionists in the    era of roller blades and boom boxes. What       was part of the solution and those who
Marina, a place that most Venetians saw as      had been the most deserted part of the me-      thought she was part of the problem. The
a representation of all that was wrong with     tropolis became the hottest place for TV        paper began appearing less frequently. By
society. Signs were popular                                                                                            the mid-90s it had gone
that said, "Venice is not Marina                                                                                       into a coma from
del Rey."                                                                                                              which it didn't revive
     And then came develop-                                                                                            until 2002.
ers. They were met by an                                                                                                   In 2002, two old
aroused community that gath-                                                                                           Beachhead hands -
ered together, first as the Peace                                                                                       John Haag and Carol
and Freedom Party, then as its                                                                                         Fondiller - and two
local manifestation, "Free Ven-                                                                                        new ones - Yolanda
ice." This became part of the                                                                                          Miranda and Jim Smith
name of a number of organiza-                                                                                          - decided that Venice
tions that took on one or an-                                                                                          desperately needed a
other of the problems we con-                                                                                          monthly Beachhead.
fronted, or promoted our cul-                                                                                          Development was in-
ture with theater groups, child                                                                                        creasing, the neighbor-
care and food co-ops. The                                                                                              hood council system
Beachhead was one of these                                                                                             had been formed, the
Free Venice creations.                                                                                                 L.A. city council was
     The early Beachheads were                                                                                         planning to impose an
strident. Each issue usually                                                                                           unelected council-
raised a battle cry. Venice's                                                                                          member on us and the
very survival was at stake. Los                                                                                        arts were lagging
Angeles' Mayor Sam Yorty                                                                                               badly. A new Collective
famously said that Venice                                                                                              was formed consisting
should be bulldozed in its en-                                                                                         of Chuck Bloomquist,
tirety so developers could start                                                                                       Mimi Bogale, Sherry
                                                news. Those who had recently been turning
from scratch. There were plans to turn the                                                      Chovan,  Carol Fondiller, Vessy Minkovski,
                                                up their noses at Venice, now had to be part
remaining canals into yacht harbors, run a                                                      Yolanda Miranda, Calvin Moss, Jim Smith,
                                                of the scene. For the first time since Abbot
freeway down Electric Avenue (thereby                                                           Alice Stek, and Suzy Williams. Over time,
                                                Kinney's day, wealth intruded on our happy
blocking Oakwood's access to the beach),                                                        some people left and new people took their
                                                slum. The cohesion of our community was
and build hi-rises along Ocean Front Walk.                                                      places, while three of us continue to plug
                                                never quite the same. While some moved in
These were no idle threats. In the early 60s,                                                   away. 
                                                with plans to drive the "bums, beats and
between 25 and 40 percent of Venice's                                                                Has the 21st Century Beachhead been
                                                hippies" out of Venice, many of the new-
Ocean Front buildings were leveled, includ-                                                     helpful to Venice? We believe we have a "fan
                                                comers ultimately joined with the old timers
ing the beautiful St. Mark's Hotel at Wind-                                                     base" unlike nearly any other newspaper.
                                                in the struggle to preserve Venice as a
ward. Others had their top floors chopped                                                        When we distribute the new edition to 125
                                                unique community. Today, they are the old
off, by order of L.A.'s Code Enforcement                                                        locations around Venice, we always run into
Department. The "strategic hamlet" of                                                           people waiting to tear a copy out of our
                                                    Some of them even found their way on
Ocean Park was destroyed. Blocks were                                                           hands. We only wish that more of those
                                                to the Beachhead Collective. The paper
bulldozed  and replaced by hi-rises. This                                                       "fans" would become part of the Beachhead,
                                                thrived during the late 70s and most of the
object lesson was not lost on Venice activ-                                                     at least, distributing it on their block, or
                                                80s. Even today, we have to marvel at how
ists.                                                                                           writing an occasional article. No matter
                                                issues running 30 or 40 pages could have
     Venetians rose to the occasion and de-                                                     what, the Beachhead continues to be an im-
                                                been put together by an all-volunteer collec-
feated all of the schemes to turn Venice into                                                   portant part of the lives of thousands of Ve-
                                                tive - and without the help of computers. 
a haven for the rich. Developers had to back                                                    netians. We hope to keep it that way as long
                                                    The Beachhead helped elect a Venetian -
off and become content with incremental                                                         as the community continues to support it
                                                Ruth Galanter - to the L.A. City Council in
encroachment instead. The Beachhead                                                             financially and look forward to reading it.
                                                1987, after months
chronicled these new forays by speculators
                                                of ragging on the
and the community's fightback. The paper
                                                incumbent, Pat
                                                Russell, who was

     White                                      Galanter's election
                                                meant access, even
                                                appointments to
  Chihuahua                                     staff positions, for
                                                Beachhead types.
    For Sale                                    Many old-time ac-
                                                tivists were now
   Best Offer                                   part of the Estab-
                                                lishment. It became
  5 month old                                   more difficult to
                                                maintain, let alone

     male                                       expand, commu-
                                                nity organizations
                                                including the
 310-392-2162                                   Beachhead. The
                                                                                           Free Venice Beachhead • December 2009 • 15

  CommUnity Events – day by day
                                                                                                         Location Guide
                                                                                                   • Abbot Kinney Public Library, 501 S. Ven-
               Tuesday, Dec 1                              Monday, December 7                      ice Blvd, 821-1769
• 8:15-11:15pm - Suzy Williams Sings. An-      • 6-10pm - PXL THIS - 19th Annual Toy
gels, 2460 Wilshire & 25th. Free.                                                                  • Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd. 822-
                                               Camera Film Festival. Unurban Café. Free.
                                               7pm sign up - Open Mic on MoZaic Mon-
           Thursday, December 3                day with Zebra Party house band. Hosted             • Danny’s Venice Bistro & Bar - 23 Wind-
• 7pm - Burroughs' Subliminal Kiddin’ -        by Matt Sedillo, Nickie Black and DJ Noj.           ward.
live poetry & film. Beyond Baroque.             Talking Stick. Free                                 • Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave, 306-
              Friday, December 4                          Wednesday, December 9                    • The Good Hurt, 12249 Venice Blvd,
• 7pm - Arts & Crafts Fair. California &       • 7:30-10:30pm - Suzy Williams at Danny’s,
Electric. 393-1046.                            23 Windward. Free.                                  • Hal’s Bar and Grill, 1349 Abbot Kinney
• 7pm - First Friday on Abbot Kinney Blvd.                                                         Blvd., 396-3105 -
- stores open late, snacks, music                           Friday, December 11
• 7:30pm - The Influence and Impact of                                                              • Oakwood Recreation Center, 757 Califor-
                                               • 7:30pm - Beyond Baroque 40th Anniver-
William S. Burroughs, with film by Marc                                                             nia Avenue.
                                               sary Reading: Ghasem Batamuntu (saxo-
Olmsted. Beyond Baroque. Q&A session           phonist, drummer, percussionist, and poet,          • Pacific Resident Theatre, 703 1/2 Venice
follows. Free.                                 and musician who leads an international             Blvd. 822-8392 -
• 8pm - The Whippoorwill - a short play by     ensemble and Will Alexander (poet, novelist,
Micah Hales. The Electric Lodge Theater.       essayist, playwright, and visual artist). Be-       • SPARC - Social and Public Art Resource
$10 online, 15 at the door.                    yond Baroque. Free.                                 Center, 685 Venice Blvd. 822-9560 x15.
                                               • 8pm - Christopher Hawley Rollers from             • Talking Stick Coffee Lounge, 1411c Lin-
            Saturday, December 5               Venice - Rocky mountain/Melodic trouba-             coln Blvd. 450-6052
• 1 am - Groundbreaking on path from ca-       dour songs evoking Fogerty, Cash and Weir.
nals to the beach - Avenue 25 and Pacific                                                           • United Methodist Church and Audito-
                                               Trip, 2101 Lincoln Blvd. $8
Ave.                                                                                               rium, 2210 Lincoln Blvd. (at Victoria).
                                               • 8pm - Channing Sargent’s “Legacy” - the
• 12 -3pm - Open House - featuring United      “excitingly different” LA debut biographical        • Unurban Coffee House, 3301 Pico Blvd
Farm Worker’s posters. Center for the          story of her Morman lineage. Also playing           Santa Monica.
Study of Political Graphics. 8124 W. Third     12/12 at 8pm and 12/12 at 2pm. Electric             • Vera Davis Center, 610 California
Street. Free.                                  Lodge. $15.                                         Avenue.(310) 305-1865. Fax 305-0146.
• Noon on - Marathon reading of William                                                            •Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Ab-
S. Burrough’s Naked Lunch. Prelim sign-                    Saturday, December 12                   bot Kinney Blvd. (enter auditorium from
up through website is recommended. Be-         • 9am-Noon - Tree Planting Preparation              Westminster Ave.) 606-2015
yond Baroque. Free.                            and Soil Moving Project: please bring
• 2-4pm - War, Media and the Plight of         wheelbarrows, trucks (if possible) and
Veterans with Scott Ridder (former UN          parents/kids with garden gloves and shov-
Weapons Inspector), Robert Sheer               els (big fun). Westminster Elementary              Ongoing Events
(journalist/author), Peter Richardson          School. Corner of Main &Westminster.               • 10:40am-12:10pm - Saturdays -
(author) and Georg-Andreas Pogany (Iraq        Snacks provided.                                   AfroCaribe Dance Class taught by Kim-
Veteran). Venice United Methodist Church.                                                         berly Mullen. $15.
$10 suggested donation to benefit The Vet-                   Sunday, December 13                   • 12-2pm - Thursdays - Blues at Uncle Dar-
erans Project.                                 • 10am-1pm - Jingle Bell Rockers (Venice           row’s featuring “Joe Banks and Friends”
• 6pm - Twilight Bridge Lighting Holiday       based singers) - Santa Monica Farmers Mar-         2560 Lincoln Blvd. 310-306-4862. Free.
Party.                                         ket on Main & Ocean Park. Free.                    • 11am to 4pm - December 1 thru May 30
• 6:30-9pm - Jingle Bell Rockers (Venice       •11:45am - Venice Canals Boat Parade -             Skateboard Evolution & Art Exhibit. Ad-
   based singers) - Santa Monica Main St.      Venice Canals (where else). Free.                  mission $8, kids under 12 free. California
   Extravaganza. Free                          • 7-10pm - World Music Night with Stefani          Heritage Museum, 2612 Main St., Santa
                                                  Valadez Ensemble and David Osborn on            Monica.
            Sunday, December 6                    pan flute. The Talking Stick. $10 cover          • Thorton Wilder’s Our Town. December 3,
• 7:30pm - Beachhead Poets Read - Hillary         plus one drink minimum.                         4, 5, 10,11,12,at 8pm and Dec 6 & 13 at 3pm.
Kaye, Krista Schwimmer, Jim Smith with
                                                                                                  707 Venice Blvd. For reservations call 323-
Karl Abrams reading from the great Beat                  Tuesday, December 15                     460-2508.
poet Stuart Perkoff. In celebration of the     • 7pm - Venice Neighborhood Council                • Orson Bean’s adapted A Christmas
Beachhead’s 41st Anniversary. Beyond Ba-       Board meets - Westminister School.                 Carol. December 18 at 7:30pm, Dec. 19 & 20
roque (Old Jail House). Refreshments/wine.
                                                                                                  at 5:30pm. First Lutheran Church of Venice,
$7.                                                       Friday, December 18                     815 Venice Blvd. No reservation required.
•11am - Minivan Kids Series: Grammy            • 7-10pm - Subversive Cinema - Experi-                       "
Award nominated artist Peter Himmelman.        mental and political films. “The 212 Pier”
Air Conditioned Supper Club, 625 Lincoln       (old Novel Café) at 212 Pier. Free.
Blvd., $10/adults & $5/Kids. (Under 2 free).
                                               • 7pm-on - “Winter Celebration” with Mike                    Get Your Local
                                                           the Poet, Zebra Party house
                                                           band and many others. Hosted                      Event Listed
                                                           by Matt Sedillo, Nickie Black           Email your time, date and a brief de-
                                                           and DJ Noj. Talking Stick. Free.        scription to
                                                                                                   by the 20th of the month.
                                                               Saturday, December 19
                                                           • 7-10pm - Jazz Funk Fest -
                                                           Live music and poetry. The                 Support Your Local
                                                           Talking Stick. Free.
                                                                                                     Nonprofit Newspaper
                                                                 Monday, December 21
                                                                                                   The Beachhead Calendar is a public
                                                           • 6-10pm - 7 Dudley Cinema
                                                                                                   ser–vice to the community of Venice.
                                                           Experimental Film with live
                                                                                                   Our goal is to list free events within
                                                           music. Talking Stick. Free.
                                                           • 8:15-11:15pm - Suzy Williams          Venice. If you charge for your event,
                                                           sings with Stormin’ Norman.             please consider taking out a $25 or
                                                           Angels, 2460 Wilshire & 25th St.        larger advertisement.
Happy Holidays from the Beachhead Collective
Left to Right: Karl Abrams, Don Geagan, Amy Dewhurst, Abbot
Kinney, Krista Schwimmer, Greta Cobar, Jim Smith.
Absent: Carol Fondiller, Roger Linnett, Lydia Poncé, Alice Stek.

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