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Creating A New Yahoo Account
 1. Type in the address box of the browser and the sign in screen below will appear.
 2. Click Sign up now.

 3. The screen below will appear to allow you to choose what type of account you want and give you details
    about each type. Click the button under your choice of account type.
                                                                         Enter desired ID           password

 4. A screen with a form to fill out like the one to the right will
 5. Choose the ID and password you would like to use and type
    them in the Yahoo ID and Password boxes.
 6. Fill out the remainder of the form and click the Submit This
    Form button at the bottom of the screen. (If the ID you
    selected is already being used by another Yahoo email
    account, you will get a screen prompting you to choose
    another ID after you click the Submit This Form button.)

                                                Submit This
                                                Form button

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Email Sign In Screens
The Edge’s email class uses free Yahoo email accounts to demonstrate how to use email, and most email
services work very similarly to Yahoo.

Different email providers’ sign in screens look very similar.

Each email service requires an ID or name and a password to sign in and read mail.

Below are examples of sign in screens from different email services.

                     ID or name                     Password                    Sign In

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Signing In To An Existing Yahoo Email Account
 1. Type in the address box of the browser and click the Go button or press the Enter key on
    the keyboard. The sign in screen below will appear.
 2. Type your ID in the Yahoo! ID box.
 3. Type your password in the Password box.
 4. Click the Sign In button.

                                                                                                 ID box


                                                                                            Sign In

A Welcome screen like the one below will appear.
If there are new emails, there will be a message telling how many new unread emails there are.

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Send a Message
 1. Click on the Compose button to bring
    up a screen like the below.

 2. Click in the box to the right of “To:”
    and type the email address of the
    person you are sending the message to.

 3. Click inside the box to the right of
    “Subject:” and type the subject of the

 4. Click in the large text box and type the message.

 5. Click either the Send button above the address box or the Send button below the message box. If the
    message is sent successfully, a screen will appear confirming that the message has been sent.

         Sign Out        Recipient’s               Subject         Attachments

                                                        Message Area
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Adding Attachments
If you want to attach a file to an email message:
  1. Before clicking the Send button to send a
     message, click the Attach Files button
     below the Subject box in the main window
     and a screen like the one below will
  2. Click in the file name box next to “File 1:”
     and either click the Browse button and
     pick a document or type the name of the
     document in the text box. The file name
     will appear in the text box.
  3. Click on the Attach Files button. There
     will be a short wait while the files are being attached.
  4. When the file is attached, a screen will appear with the message saying the file has been attached.
  5. To attach more files click “Attach more files” below the attachment name or click the Done button to
     return to the main message without attaching any more files.
  6. The names of the attached files will be listed in the message next to “Attachments.” The paperclip icon
     next to the name indicates that a file is an attachment.
  7. When all desired attachments have been added, return to the message screen and click the Send button.

                                                                                       File Name


                                                                                        Attach Files

       Attached files
         listing in

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Opening Messages

 1. Click on Inbox in the Welcome screen to open a
    list of received messages like the one below. If
    you have unread messages, it will tell you on the
    Welcome screen how many there are.

 2. Click on the underlined subject of the message to view the message.

  The sender’s name will be in bold on messages that have not been read. Read messages will appear in plain

                                                  Click underlined
                                 Sender’s         Subject to open              Date message
    Inbox                                             message
                                  name                                           received

                                  Attachment symbol

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Replying To Messages
 1. With the message open, click the Reply
    button in the blue bar above the
    message information.

 2. Click in the message text box and type
    the reply before or after the original
    message text. (The subject line will
    repeat the subject of the original
    message with “Re:” before it indicating
    it is a reply.)

 3. Click either the Send button above the
    address box. A window will open
    confirming that the reply has been sent.

 Send                                 Type reply message here

                Original message               Original sender’s name and
                                                     email address

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Managing Folders

  •    Click on Edit above
       Inbox on the left side of
       the screen to display the
       Folders window like the
       one below.

  •    All the existing folders and their contents can be viewed from this screen. Each folder can be opened by
       clicking on the folder name.

      New folder
        name          Add folder            Existing folders

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Creating New Folders

From the Folders window:

 1. Type a name for the
    new folder in the
    Name box under Add
    Folder at the left side
    of the screen.

 2. Click the Add Folder
    button below the
    Name box. The new
    folder will appear at
    the bottom of the list
    of existing folders.

From the main page:

  1. Click Add next to Folders on the left side of the

  2. A small window will open with the message
     “Please enter a name for your folder.”

  3. Type a name for the new folder in the text box.

  4. Click the OK button. The new folder name will appear in the list on the left side of the screen.

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 Moving Messages
  1. Select the message to be moved by clicking in the check box to the left of the sender’s name to put a check
     in the box.
  2. Click on the down pointing arrow to the right of either Move… drop down list and select the folder to
     move to message to. The message will be automatically moved to the selected folder.

 Deleting Messages
  1. Select the message to be deleted by clicking in the check box to the left of the sender’s name to put a
     check in the box.
  2. Click the either the Delete button above the message list or the Delete button below the message list to
     move the selected message to the Trash folder. Messages deleted from folders are automatically moved to
     the Trash folder. They must be deleted from the Trash folder to be permanently deleted. Messages can be
     moved out of the Trash folder as described above to save them in another folder.
  3. Open the Trash folder and delete messages as described above to delete them permanently.
  4. The Trash folder can be emptied and all messages deleted by clicking on Empty next to Trash in the main

Check boxes to                                                                                Move
select messages                                                                           drop down list


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Shortcut to other sections of mailbox
For a shortcut to access other sections of the mailbox, click on the Mail tab that appears at the top of the
window. Click on the desired item from the drop down menu list.

      Mail tab

Signing Out
When you are finished and ready to leave the email account, click Sign Out. This assures no one else can
access your account. A screen will appear informing you that you have signed out.

                                                    Sign Out

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