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					                                    KISS IM 2012

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             Video Marketing
                                                                                KISS IM 2012

   Press On The Links Below To Access These Unlisted Bonus Videos On YouTube And
                          Resources That Come With Them

Video Link 1: Creating           Video, Optimising Video And Easy
Video Link 2: YouTube             Channel Optimization Part 1


Recommended Gigs
I will create provide 110 new youtube accounts YOUTUBEACCOUNTS for you in 1 day for $5
I will create 70 gmail and 70 youtube accounts for $5
I will create 40 youtube accounts for $5
I will create MANUALLY 35 fully verified Youtube accounts for $5

The Gig (s) That I Ordered
I will make 35 Fully Verified Youtube Accounts w/ Avatars for $5

Video Link 3: YouTube             Channel Optimization Part 2

Video Link 4: YouTube             Channel Optimization Part 3


Recommended Gigs

Some Notes…
I would advise to go for the multiple gigs, especially if its a new campaign or new channel.
If you have an established channel then you can be far more aggressive but the amount of videos
should be reasonable too otherwise large amounts of activity might look unnatural.
              Youtube channel subscriers, views and commentys are ALL important
            Youtube Video views, likes, friends, comments etc are also important
                                                                                 KISS IM 2012

As the depth of the youtube optimization that we go into in the videos is quite a lot it can become quite
expensive. My advice would be to get it jump started with gigs that offer multiple optimization
techniques and perhaps hire a virtual assistant to maintain it for a week or two. This is the lowest cost
way to get it all done.

Multiple Task Gigs
I will give you 500 views + 10 LIKES and 10 subscribers from real people on any youtube video for $5
I will grow Your YouTube Channel For a Whole WEEK for $5
I will give You 100+ youtube Views and 100+ Youtube Likes and 100+ Youtube Subscribers Guranteed
Without Admin Access for $5
I will provide 50 Likes, 50 Subscribers, 50 Comments, and 50 Favourites for your YouTube video and
channel for $5
I will give you 600 total of Likes, Favorites, and Comments on YouTube for $5

Youtube Channel Views
I will provide 7000 Youtube Channel Views for $5
I will generate around 75,000 views on your YouTube channel for $5
I will promote and deliver around 10,000 unique views to your YouTube channel for $5

Channel Subscribers
I will provide You 1200 Youtube Channel Subscribers from Real Youtube accounts on any Youtube
Channel for $5
I will give 1,500 YouTube SUBSCRIBERS to Your YouTube Channel in only 10 Days for $5
I will provide 200 subscribers to your youtube channel for $5
I will sell you 450 unique youtube subscribers within 24 hours for $5
I will get to you 500 Youtube Subscribers, real people, fast delivery for $5

Video Views
I will promote and deliver around 10,000 unique views to your YouTube channel for $5
I will bring 2000 views, 100 likes and 100 comments to your youtube video for $5
I will deliver 50,000 Youtube Views for $5
I will deliver 20000 views and 70+ likes to your Youtube videos for $5
I will give you 2500 REAL youtube views and 50 likes + an awsome guide that will show you how to
earn money from youtube for $5

                                                                                                                       KISS IM 2012

                                   Comments & Likes
                                   I will provide 40 youtube comments and likes from 40 different youtube users for $5
                                   I will give Your Video A Ton Of Youtube Likes, Favorites, Views, Comments And Your Channel Tons Of
                                   Subscribers for $5
                                   I will give you 100subs, likes, favorites, comments and 1k channel views on YouTube for $5

                                   Video Link 5: Fiverr          YouTube Gigs Part 1 - Optimization Gigs

                                   Video Link 6: Fiverr          YouTube Gigs Part 2 – Filtering The Best

                                   Video Link 7: Fiverr          YouTube Gigs Part 3 – Gigs Chosen And

                                   ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:



                                   Google Keyword Tool

                                   Stealth Keyword Tool


                                   Google Keyword Tool

                                   Google Insights

                                   Yahoo Clues

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                                   WordPress SEO Blueprint

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