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					By Christian Micheal on behalf of Yes! Media Group

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
         Before we begin I want to share with you the number ONE most important tool in
generating wealth and that is your MINDSET.

       Without the proper mindset no matter HOW GOOD the method you simply WILL
NOT succeed!

              When I first started out I was so broke that I was forced to move in with my
girlfriend and have her pay ALL of my expenses, otherwise I would have literally been living
ON THE STREETS of New York City. It was one of the WORST times of my life, I was in very
poor health having been in and out of the hospital for chronic illness and it seemed like there
was no light in site.

     Then a VERY successful, MULTIMILLIONAIRE friend of mine suggested that I read
“Think and Grow Rich.” By Napoleon Hill.

         After reading this book and applying the principles I almost immediately started
seeing money come in from unexpected sources and then a couple weeks later I came up
with the method in this ebook and the rest as they say is history.

      Here is a link to read this book for FREE, - yes I
said FREE so you have NO excuse not to read it. To MAXIMIZE my method to the fullest and
earn the LARGEST amount of money possible I suggest you read “Think and Grow Rich” first
before reading my method. This will give you the highest percentage of becoming a
MILLIONAIRE within the next year.

  My goal is not only for you to make money from my method, but to continue making money
and have a life that you LOVE and DESERVE! Now let's JUMP IN!

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
                                  Auto. Blog. Riches
Dear Reader,

     I personally GUARANTEE that after reading and applying my instructions below you will
be well on your way to earning at least a $10,000 monthly income in a very short amount of
time! With a little patience, persistence and positivity you can do anything! I have given you all
of the details necessary to to start a turn key online business earning you an independent
living. After reading this ebook you will have the choice to continue your current lifestyle, or to
take a risk and dedicate your time to making a positive change in your life. If you are willing to
open the doors to wealth I am providing you with the key. The door will open to reveal a life
better then anything you could have imagined in your wildest dreams.

    In this ebook you will learn my exact method and tools that I used to generate over
$50,000 in 60 days on complete auto pilot. Once you have these auto blogs set up properly,
simply sit back, relax and let the good times roll!

        Firstly, I assume that you have basic knowledge of wordpress, this is not a wordpress
tutorial ebook, but it is very important that you understand the fundamentals of wordpress
first. Which is why you should first click HERE. This will make installing and using wordpress
easier for you. And if it does not there is always google! There are tons of wordpress tutorials
on youtube by simply searching for “wordpress tutorial.” I HIGHLY suggest using wordpress
with Fantastico it will make your life so much easier!

                         Find a Product/Niche to Promote
      The reason this is step one is because it the THE MOST important step in this method
even before setting up autoblogs or finding keywords. There are many ways to do keyword
research but I will simplify with a couple of specific ways that I find work wonders.

--- Head over to and do a search for clickbank products with a
gravity between 50 and 150. DO NOT go higher then 150. We are looking for products that
you can easily dominate in the searches.

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
        For those of you that do not know what gravity is. Gravity is a score that
Clickbank assigns to each affiliate product according to their secret formula. It relates to the
amount and frequency of sales on a specific product.

   High gravity means that affiliates are making a lot of commissions on sales. Low gravity
means that there has not been many sales at all. Gravity is a very important gauge of how
popular a product is.

          DO NOT look for a product of the highest gravity because that means that there will
be the highest number of competitors selling that product. It would be very difficult for you to
rank with a product that has so much competition.

         With a gravity between 50 and 150 you know that the product sells well
enough to make it worth your while and you won't have as much competition as the
top products will have.

Neverblue Product Research Another way to find a product to promote is to head over to
cpa network neverblue . This is a great network to start with because once you are an affiliate
are are able to sort which offers are converting best for affiliates. This is worth it's weight is
gold because you are able to see what offers would be a good place to start.

                                    Keyword Research
            Once you have found a product it's time to get some keywords! The main thing is
to find high traffic, low competition keywords. I do not care what anyone tells you, I know
for a FACT that there are TONS of low competition keywords that are easy to rank for and
here's how to find them!

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
     Focus on keywords that have more then 450 searches per month and less than 45,000
searches per month in google by the EXACT keyword.

    You do not need any fancy niche finder software, simply using google's keyword
tool, use a free tool such as and type in your product to see what keywords
your competition is using and build from there. Be sure that you are searching exact
match when using the google tool.

                                  Domains and Hosting
   After you get your products and keywords together it is time to start getting the autoblogs

     I use for all of my domain services. Be sure to include you keyword in your
domain for better ranking purposes. Buy either a .com or a .net, if the exact keyword is taken
separate by hyphon, for example if my keyword was “weight loss now” but it was taken than I
would use weight-loss-now , if that was taken I would you weight-loss-now-health. The main
idea is to have the keywords somewhere in the domain. This is VERY important for
Ranking Purposes with google.


        I use hostgator for all of my hosting needs. Here you find that it is very easy to use
the control panel and wordpress with there set up. Also and this is VERY important. To build
an autoblog that will last, not be seen as spam and rank well you MUST use a DIFFERENT
class C IP address per autoblog. (Most hosting companies will give 5 ip's per hosting plan)

    Also, and I will get into this more later, it is very important to use a different theme and
make it appear as though each autoblog is COMPLETELY unique. This is VERY important
because google is really getting strict with autoblogs and this is the only way to be certain that
yours will stick.

   ***As far as the class C IP's the only way for it to be ok to use the same one is if you are
targeting different niches. But only then I would still use a maximum of 5 different niche
autoblogs per IP. Ads between blogs must be different and blogs should have NO links to one
another. In other words DO NOT make a linkwheel with your autoblogs, google will see that
they are tied together and can mark them as spam.

   DO NOT interlink autoblogs or use subdomains. Also, DO NOT use adsense with
your blogs because google can tie them together as spam which is why I promote
mainly affiliate products only.

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
                            KEEP EVERYTHING IN ORDER
    Because you are going to be setting up many autoblogs it is important to keep proper
order and track of them. Make a folder for your autoblog files. You should have a folder with
your plug in's (which I will get to) and your themes.

Themes folder
As stated earlier you must use a different theme per autoblog

Best sites for great themes that I use-

After you get your themes be sure to organize and put them into your theme's folder.

                                    AUTOBLOG SET UP
    In your hostgator web hosting control panel select Fantastico deluxe in the software/
services section, than install wordpress on the select domain and follow the on screen

Configuring the blog:
  – go to your domain set up and log into your wordpress panel
  – go to users- your profile and update your passcode
  – then go to settings and update your tagline
  – go to writing and update your ping list-

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group

   –   then go to permalink settings and change permalink structure to /%postname%/
   –   then upload your themes and plug ins (listed below) that you want to use.

   Activate your theme and plug ins. - This is one way to do it, some people know better ways
to upload themes through fantastico that may be easier for you.

-TIP* add an index.html to your plug ins and theme folder which makes it so no one
can see what plug ins you are using. If you are using the newest version on wordpress
thann this is done automatically. You do not want to advertise or let google know
which plug ins you are using- This is you “Secret Sauce” and you do not want google
or anyone else knowing how you run your autoblog.

                                              Plug Ins
Here is the secret that someone has offered to pay me $100k for. Below you will see
EXACTLY what plug in's you need installed to run a successful autoblog.

     Download the plug ins listed below. If you are a member of you
can sometimes find links to some of the below mentioned plug ins. (I do not endorse illegally
downloading files and have not used this forum, but I have heard good things about it for
finding plug ins.)

    I generally believe the BEST way of getting these plug ins is for a bargain. To do
this I STRONGLY suggest typing in the google search bar [get] followed by the plug in
you are looking for. For example if you are seeking WP-O-MATIC than you would type
[get] WP-O-MATIC into the search term, you will be surprised at just how much
money you can save online just by doing your research on the pricing.

   BEWARE* when downloading plug ins be sure to change the file names and folders after
downloading. Google spiders sometimes searches for specific file names and by changing
them you will not get punished for using the plug ins.

There are many Plug Ins that you can use for auto blogs, but I have tested most plug in's
available and can tell you pretty confidently that the ones listed below are COMPLETELY
NECESSARY to have the BEST fully automated blog as possible.

Plug-Ins List

-General Plug in's-

W P Privacy Plug in

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
Duplicate Posts Eraser

Posts Plug in

Ping Optimizer

WP Super Cache

SEO Plug in's

Google XML Sitemap


RSS plug in

SEO Tweaks Plug in

Stat Plug In/Applications

WP Stats

                                   Content Generation
   Now you have everything you need, a product/niche, keywords figured out and all of the
necessary plug ins for a successful, money generating autoblog. Now the next thing you need
is INCREDIBLY important.

TIP* Without having content that appears natural, your blogs absolutely positively
WILL NOT get ranked. Follow the steps I outline below and you WILL get ranked for


   There are four types of content- Hand Rewritten Content - Duplicate Content that's not
rewritten - Plug in rewritten content -100% original content. The BEST type of content is
unique content, next is rewritten and then plug in content. The main thing is that the content
APPEARS NATURAL. Below I will outline my method for using plug in related content that
looks great!

    TIP* Be sure to check up somewhat recently on your automated blogs. You would be
surprised on how good an automated plug-in will work, but with a little supervision here and
there it can be even better!

   How your content ranks depends 100% on your SEO efforts. If you use SENuke X
properly then it does not really matter which of the 4 types content you have because it will

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
rank. The key thing to remember is that the blog you create does not clearly appear as spam,
because if it does you can be sure it will be flagged accordingly quicker then you can
imagine. If you follow my steps than it should appear natural while running 100% on
autopilot from the plug ins.

Content Plug Ins and Related Software
Caffeinated Content – This content is as good as Duplicate content and will make sense,
this is 100 percent automated once set up! You can't beat automated content!

WP Video Tube – A great way to add awesome looking product related videos automatically
to your blog. This can also be found on the forums ;0) or using my search method outlined

Google Youtube Bar – VERY easy to use video plug in.

Feed Based Plug Ins

WP-O-MATIC – This is also a must have it is by FAR the BEST feed based auto blog plug in.
This will scrape some great content for ya!

Adding twitter related tweets to your blog automatically and this also helps with SEO efforts.

Kish Tweeter

Use the content and feed plug ins in conjunction with a rewrite plug in, here is the best one

Rewrite Plug Ins

Wordpress Write Again - This is great because what it rewrites actually makes sense! Most
plug ins destroy the content, but from what I have seen this one does not. But also be sure to
check up on your auto blogs to make sure the content makes sense and does not appear

Where to find great RSS feeds- – Just search for product/ Niche Related
RSS Feeds

                         MONETIZING YOUR AUTOBLOG
Max banner ads – great for monetizing keywords.

Post Layout – this is great for organizing your content to further monetize.

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate - By far one of the best affiliate plug ins for wordpress. This is
a MUST have.




Unblockable Pop up - A must have for further wealth building down the line with a great
marketing list!

Best Auto Responder

Aweber – They are # 1 for a reason. More features. High Delivery Rate. Great Price . What
more could you ask for?

WITHOUT this step every other stop is UNLESS!

Onlywire plug in

Ping plug in

Social Book Marking plug in – Sharethis


SeNUKE X – You only need one piece of promotion software and this is the one! Just use
Senuke with an auto-captcha solving program that they recommend and you will be set for
promotion! It's the BEST automated SEO program that has EVER been made! An SEO robot
on crack 24/7. It is your one stop promotion shop and no other tool is needed.

  *TIP- If you are ever short on investment capital then these little autoblogs are worth a ton!
Once you have your autoblog set up making money you will be able to sell it for 30 times
what it's worth on flippa! These blogs are a GREAT investment!

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
  You now have everything you need to start making a HUGE amount of money on
complete auto pilot. You deserve this money for the freedom to live the life you dream! It is
NOW up to you to TAKE ACTION!

   Because I am certain you will start making money with this very soon, I want to give you
the most important piece of advice available to you in your life. The environment is now in
turmoil and every person can make a difference. Once you start earning it is your 100% god
given RESPONSIBILY to give back to this beautiful planet that we live in that NEEDS YOUR

        ***TIP- A lot of people are unaware that bottle nose dolphins are the smartest
mammal alive and they are quickly BECOMING EXCTINCT. I highly recommend
checking out, . Take action and help these beautiful
creatures stay alive by DONATING NOW to the dolphin rescue efforts! ***


Income Disclaimer
This document contains business strategies, marketing methods and other business advice that,
regardless of my own results and experience, may not produce the same results (or any results) for
you. I make absolutely no guarantee, expressed or implied, that by following the advice below you will
make any money or improve current profits, as there are several factors and variables that come in to
play regarding any given business.
Primarily, results will depend on the nature of the product or business model, the conditions of the
marketplace, the experience of the individual, and situations and elements that are beyond your
As with any business endeavor, you assume all risk related to investment and money based on your
own discretion and at your own potential expense.

Liability Disclaimer
By reading this document, you assume all risks associated with using the advice given below, with a
full understanding that you, solely, are responsible for anything that may occur as a result of putting
this information into action in any way, and regardless of your interpretation of the advice.
You further agree that our company cannot be held responsible in any way for the success or failure of
your business as a result of the information presented below. It is your responsibility to conduct your

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group
own due diligence regarding the safe and successful operation of your business if you intend to apply
any of our information in any way to your business operations.
Terms of Use
You are given a non-transferable, “personal use” license to this product. You cannot distribute it or
share it with other individuals.
Also, there are no resale rights or private label rights granted when purchasing this document. In other
words, it's for your own personal use only.

      The End of this ebook, but the beginning of your new life!

                       P.S This is waiting for you so take action now...

Auto. Blog. Riches. Copyright 2011. Christian Micheal. Yes! Media Group

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