The Power Of Money by alixander111


									The Power Of Money

       Stop what you’re doing for a minute and consider this. I’ll show you how you
can get your share of the $6 trillion-a-day markets. You’ll think you’ve died and gone to
Heaven when you find out how easy it is to mimic the pros.

Every day, six trillion dollars float through the hands of people who aren’t any smarter
than you or I are. It doesn’t make any difference if you’re an accountant, baker, butcher,
retired sea captain, homemaker, airline pilot, surgeon - or cop on the beat.

If you’re willing to take some direction, you deserve a nice piece of the action. You’ll
never have to learn zip about currencies. You will learn the techniques and strategies to
go out and claim what is rightfully yours.

Play right along with the giants of world commerce. You won’t be on the outside
looking in; you’ll be enjoying the thrill of a lifetime, riding on their king-size coattails.
Trading the forex market deserves your serious consideration

Forex trading has enjoyed exponential growth and widespread popularity over the past
few years. It is only now that online foreign exchange trading is starting to get noticed.

Until recently, large international banks were the big dogs in the foreign exchange (FX or
forex for short) market, selectively allowing access via telephone trading to Fortune 1000
companies, large funds, high-net worth individuals, etc..

But now, there are online trading firms that provide individual traders like you and I with
direct access to the largest, most liquid financial market in the world – the forex.
A lot of traders seem oblivious to this market. This unfamiliarity is the root cause of
misconceptions about this exciting market.

Spot foreign exchange is the ideal market for active trading - more leverage than
equities/futures/options. The market is highly volatile, has a tendency to trend strongly,
and actively trades 24 hours per day. There are no limitations on when one can short a
currency. Currency traders can make money when a currency is becoming stronger or

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