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					                 Worship Conference Corporate Prayer & Fasting
                 50 Day Count Down… THE DAILY PRAYER
         Lord, we pray for a mighty move of God as we Purify… It is our prayer that you reveal yourself to each
of us from glory to glory as we allow our own lights to ignite more light to your people. God, bless the
facilitators as they prepare to teach, preach and share through dance. Give them all safe travel. We decree and
declare that the financial recession that affects the world will be released for those who desire to travel and
register for the conference. Give them safe travel.

        We ask you to lift the unteachable, the unreachable and negative spirits from those who think they
cannot learn anything at the dance conference, and send them with open hearts and open spirits. Let this be an
attendance breaking, spirit moving, light revealing move of God. Touch our bodies that we might have the
strength to minister in dance without complaining, being tired or growing weary. Help us to be disciplined in
our life style and preparation for an intimate time with you. Reveal your glory from Wednesday through
Sunday, July 28th - August 1st.

         We pray your people will come, lives will be changed and souls will be won for the Kingdom. God, we
want to give you the fullness of our ministry. Be pleased with our praise and our worship. Show up, God, in a
way so mighty and powerful that demons will flee! Lord, show us your power and your glory in ways that our
lives will be forever changed for the good. Speak Lord! It is our prayer that we have unforgettable,
indescribable, workshops and evening services that wreck the order of worship. Holy Ghost, encamp about us
and move through us like wildfire. In unity, we present ourselves to you as living sacrifices as You Purify
every aspect of our worship, our dance and our lives. We dance the Word, press into your presence, and bring
light to the world.

        Purify Us Lord "Take the Levites from among all others and make us ceremonially clean. Sprinkle the
water of cleansing on us; We are ready to “shave” off all impure things in our lives, wash our clothes, and so
purify ourselves. 9 Draw the Levites to the Greater Allen Cathedral of New York and assemble the community
of worshippers. Bring the Levites before the LORD, and lay Your hands on us so that we may be ready to do
the work of the LORD. In Jesus’ name, we pray, AMEN. (inspired by Numbers 8:6-7, 9-11)

*Pray this prayer at 6:00 AM, 12 noon and 6 PM for the next 50 days.
*Collectively, pray this prayer in unison as you convene for dance rehearsals and preparations, from now
through the conference 2010 (whether you are attending or not). Please print and make available to all.
*Have a prepared scripture for each session of rehearsals that stretches your memorization. (Learn new
scripture that is at least two verses long). Be prepared to minister it in movement if the Lord makes room for it
to be shared during the opening and closing prayer circles at rehearsal (see the attached scripture text for the
*Abstain from the consumption of red meat, caffeine, and sweets; including candy, gum, cake, ice cream, etc.
(Mon-Sat). Make an effort to completely fast at least one meal per day.
*Abstain from secular music. Listen to music that will be ministered at the conference (Allen Cathedral’s
“Purify My Soul” CD) and/or that personally ministers to your soul.
*Commit to dancing at home at least once a week, on a day you do not have rehearsals.
*Pray for individual and collective obedience to this fast and for personal discipline during the Purify process.
*Pray for the leadership of ALDM and GAC Worship Conference 2010 as we continue to plan the conference,
choreograph/rehearse pieces for ministry, and shape conference worship services and the workshops.

    Lovingly shared by Rev. Sarita Guffin-Wilson, St. Andrews AMEC, District Supervisor, Worship & The Arts, NLDN Chair, Memphis, TN

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