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What Results Can I Expect from Liposuction Surgery


Liposuction surgery is safe and painless and provides excellent aesthetic results when done by an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon.

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What Results Can I Expect from Liposuction Surgery

Enhance Your Beauty with Liposuction Surgery

So you want to do a makeover? Thanks to the advancements in the plastic surgery field,
you can now easily achieve a much improved appearance. Liposuction surgery
procedures are offered at leading plastic surgery canters in the US. Even though widely
accepted, many people are still curious about the outcome of liposuction and often raise
the question “what results can I expect from liposuction surgery?”

Liposuction Benefits

Liposuction surgery provided using the latest
laser body contouring devices is one of the
most popular options to get rid of excess fat
from your body, with minimal complications.
Before considering liposuction treatment, it is
important to consult an expert plastic surgeon
to know whether you are a candidate for this procedure and learn about the outcomes to

If done on the right candidate, liposuction surgery can provide amazing benefits. A few
of them are listed here.

     •    Improved appearance

Liposuction can reshape and trim a specific body region by removing the unwanted fatty
deposits. The procedure enhances your body contour, overall appearance and ultimately
improves your self esteem.

     •    Safe removal of fat

Only a limited quantity of fat is removed in a single session. The patient may be treated
on an outpatient basis, because the procedure can be typically done under local
anesthesia. Pain and associated discomfort are minimal and recovery period is short.

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     •    Long lasting results

With liposuction, the fat cells are permanently removed making the body trimmer.
However, it is essential to follow a sensible exercise regime and diet to attain long
lasting results.

     •    No serious clinical complications

Risks and complications are minimal with laser liposuction. Temporary numbness,
swelling and bruising are some of the common side effects. These will fully resolve within
a few weeks.

How Is Body Sculpting Achieved through Laser Liposuction?

Also known as laser assisted lipoplasty, laser liposuction or Smartlipo liposuction is a
cosmetic procedure in which localized fat from various parts of the body is dissolved and
drained using high definition laser technology. The advanced Smartlipo Triplex device
utilizes a unique blend of lasers of three different wavelengths (1440nm, 1064 nm, and
1320 nm) to give optimal results. Along with fat removal, the laser beam also induces
coagulation of blood vessels and thereby promotes skin tightening.

Obviously, the safety of liposuction surgery depends on the experience and expertise of
the plastic surgeon. You can request for “before and after” photographs of other
individuals who have already undergone the cosmetic surgery. This will probably help
you to have an idea about what results to expect from liposuction surgery.

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