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									Tenant Standards Manager

  Job information pack

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Introduction from Peter Marsh, Tenant Services Authority Chief Executive   3

Tenant Standards Manager Role Profile                                      4

Tenant Services additional information                                     7

Tenant Services structure chart                                            8

TSA Values                                                                 9

The application form and how to apply                                      12

Application Handy Hints                                                    13

Returning your application                                                 14

Timetable for recruitment                                                  15

Outline terms and conditions                                               16

Equality and Diversity                                                     19


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about The Tenant Services Authority (TSA)
and the roles we have available.

The TSA is the new independent regulator for affordable housing in England. There are 10
million people living in affordable housing and many millions more who are unable to meet
their housing needs in the open market. The TSA exists to champion their needs and to
raise the standards of service for tenants.

How are we making this happen?

First and foremost, we are a champion for tenants. There are some 10 million people in
England living in one form of social housing or another – and a further 5 million who can’t
afford to buy a home but who aren’t considered needy enough to be allocated a home to
rent. We’re here to work for them all.

We are challenging providers. This starts with challenging them to be financially viable
and well governed. But we want more. The gap between the best and worst affordable
housing services is both inexplicable and unacceptable – so we’re working with tenants and
landlords to help providers raise their game.

We’re helping to create more choice – in the way housing is managed, in the choice is
offered to tenants, in the kinds of tenure available, in the landlords who provide it and in
the way providers raise funds. We are going to make much better use of the data collected
from landlords – we believe better access to information will help providers to improve

To achieve all of this, we have to act intelligently, decisively and confidently. Our focus is on
performance, both of the landlords we work with and the people we employ. Only in this
way will the TSA be a real catalyst for change, one that will transform the sector and
improve the quality of life for millions of people.

We now have a Tenant Standards Manager role to fill within our Tenant Services
directorate. This role will play a key part in taking forward TSA’s Champion agenda for

If you would like to find out more about this role please contact Lisa Pickard, Assistant
Director Standards, by calling 0845 230 7000.

If you’re ready to join a brand new organisation and help take a key sector in the right
direction, then read on.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Peter Marsh
Chief Executive
Tenant Services Authority

Tenant Services Authority Role Profile

Position               Tenant Standards Manager
Department             Tenant Services
Reports to             Assistant Director Standards
Location               North/South/Home/Flexible Base
Band                   Manager/ Specialist
Version                2 (08 June 2009)

Purpose of Role

To lead on the promotion and implementation of the new Tenant Standards Framework,
working in partnership with TSA Market Development and Risk and Assurance teams to
ensure that registered providers deliver good quality services that are responsive to the
needs of tenants.

Key Accountabilities

   1. Manage the Tenant Standards Advisors in line with TSA performance management
      policy and practice, ensuring that they fully contribute to the work of the Directorate,
      and that effective arrangements are in place for their support and development.

   2. Lead on managing regional relationships with the Audit Commission and other
      stakeholders including Government Offices.

   3. Manage relationships with more complex and or challenging housing providers to
      promote and implement the new Standards Framework.

   4. Oversee the quality of relationships between TSA and registered providers, ensuring
      consistency of approach to implementing the standards.

   5. Lead on tenant consultation at local level in line with TSA objectives.

   6. Assess provider performance from a variety of sources and compile reports as

   7. Work with the Risk & Assurance and Special Measures teams to develop the overall
      approach to regulating the standards and dealing with service delivery failures.

   8. To work across functional teams within Directorate and across the TSA to ensure
      that TSA’s objectives are delivered in a cohesive, collaborative and joined up way.

   9. To deliver cross functional TSA projects in line with the TSA’s corporate objectives as

   10. To work within TSA policies, practice and values at all times.

Part two – person specification

Job Knowledge, Skills and Qualification requirements

Requirement                               Essential/    Measured by
Housing management or regulatory
                                          Essential     Application/ interview
Experience of managing and
motivating geographically dispersed       Essential     Application/ interview/ assessment
Understanding of provider performance
                                          Essential     Application/ interview/ assessment
within social housing
Experience of preparing standards and
supporting landlords in the               Essential     Application/ interview/ assessment
implementation process
Awareness and understanding of TSA’s
                                          Essential     Application/ interview
new regulatory approach
Excellent oral and written
                                          Essential     Application/ interview/ assessment
communication skills at various levels
Able to establish credibility and build
                                          Essential     Interview
meaningful stakeholder relationships
Experience of operating at
management level in an authoritative      Essential     Application/ interview
and open manner
Ability to demonstrate understanding
of the diverse needs of affordable        Essential     Interview
housing tenants
Ability to work across team boundaries
                                          Essential     Interview
in a joined up way
Ability to adapt to changing
                                          Essential     Interview
circumstances and work flexibly

Part three – other key information

Reporting lines

Reports to the Assistant Director Standards


People                    4 to 5 direct reports (pre domain)
Other                     The TSA operates working practices which enables us to deliver
                          our business flexibly.

                          All post-holders will be expected to maintain links with TSA
                          corporate centres based in London and Manchester.

                          As appropriate, and depending on the role, post holders may be
                          required to travel nationally in order to, for example, interface
                          with stakeholders and/or to represent the TSA at external events

                         and engagements.

                         Designated home/flexible based post holders may be required to
                         work remotely from both Manchester and London Corporate
                         Centres in order to deliver their roles effectively.

                         This role profile will be reviewed annually as part of the
                         appraisal process and as otherwise required in line with any
                         significant changes to TSA’s business needs or changes to the
                         role itself.


Internal                                        External
Senior Risk and Assurance Managers – Risk
and Assurance
Senior managers – Risk and Assurance            Landlords
Special Measures Team                           Audit Commission
                                                Government Offices

Part four - TSA Values

TSA values underpin all roles within the TSA. Current values and behaviours are attached
for information

Tenant Services Directorate

The role of the Tenant Services Directorate acts as an internal and external Champion for
tenants across the domain. The Directorate leads on the current National Conversation with
tenants and landlords and preparation of standards to promote tenant choice, involvement
and protection. The Directorate also leads on support for implementation of the standards
through the development of a Tenants Excellence Fund designed to promote the impact of
good practice and information available for tenants and landlords.

To this end, the Tenant Services Directorate has three main teams, although there is much
fluidity between them:

      Tenant Standards: This team will lead on setting standards that promote a tenant
       centred approach. It will draw upon the views of both tenants and providers
       generated through TSA’s ‘National Conversation’ consultation event and will prepare
       for the next stage of formal consultation on standards. The team will also be
       responsible for commissioning TSA inspections and tenant trigger.

      Tenant Excellence: This team will lead on raising the standards of service for
       tenants. This will include the promotion of best practice programmes, the
       development of ‘kitemarks’ to recognise excellence, developing TSA’s approach to
       measuring tenant satisfaction and the introduction and management of TSA’s new
       customer complaints and enquiries service.

      Domain: The main focus of this small interim team will be to ensure genuine
       domain regulation is delivered successfully for TSA by April 2010; and to ensure
       TSA’s contribution to the on-going debate with tenant, landlord and Government
       stakeholders and to ensure the ambition to secure domain regulation is realised.

All staff within the Tenant Service directorate will have significant interaction with
colleagues within Market Development, Governance and Viability and Corporate Services

Tenant Services Directorate

                                                     Executive Director
                                                      Tenant Services

            Assistant Director                       Assistant Director                          Housing Action Team
               Excellence                                Standards                                     Manager

          Domain Policy Manager   Tenant Standards                        Equality & Diversity      Diversity Advisor
                                    Managers x 4                                Advisor             (Housing Needs)

              Community           Tenant Standards
          Empowerment Advisor       Advisors x 13

TSA Values

At TSA we are committed to improving the service provision to tenants of social landlords
and transforming the sector; in doing so we will improve the quality of life for millions of
people. To ensure that TSA can meet these challenges, we have developed a set of values
that underpin everything we do as an organisation and how we work as teams and
individuals. Our Core Values are:

Confident: Bold, Focussed; Decisive

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for Directors, Managers and certain other senior

   Inspires confidence by actions and decisions
   Speaks out, is bold and not afraid to challenge
   Demonstrates a high degree of professional conduct; maintains dignity and composure;
   Is a settling influence in a crisis
   Anticipates consequences of decisions or actions and plans approach accordingly
   Is sensitive to organisational dynamics and takes into account as necessary

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for any position:

   Willing to share knowledge and opinion as appropriate;
   Displays confidence in own capabilities and professional competence; keeps up to date;
   Is not overawed or fazed by working with more senior people; not afraid to challenge
   Decisions are based on merit from a blend of analysis, knowledge, experience and
   Generates a range of solutions, weighing the organisational risks and opportunities;
   Anticipates consequences of decisions or actions and plans approach accordingly.

Intelligent: Professional and Dynamic; Performance Driven; Thought Leaders

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for Directors, Managers and certain other senior

   Displays a strong awareness and understanding of the wider world of regulatory and
    housing policy and how it works
   Can discuss multiple aspects and impacts of issues and project them into the future
   Deals with concepts and complexity comfortably
   Can see the wider picture; able to take a "helicopter" view of things
   Quickly grasps the essence and underlying structure of things.
   Tenacious and persevering; pursues things with energy and drive
   Instils a sense of urgency in individuals and team; guides and supports as necessary

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for any position:

   Opinions are respected and sought by others
   Considers and balances risks and opportunities to select appropriate action
   Responds creatively to resolve problems and make progress
   Develops and maintains high work output, standards and service
   Shows commitment; pushes self and others for results
   Organises work according to business priorities and makes effective use of time
   Willing to put in extra effort to meet urgent deadlines when required

   Takes pride in producing excellent work; pays attention to detail and accuracy
   Takes opportunities to increase own knowledge, skills and competencies
   Learns from events and seeks to improve future performance
   Recognises the value and is comfortable working across team and directorate

Honest: Proportionate and Independent; Ethical and Empowering

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for Directors, Managers and certain other senior

   Makes honest, straightforward decisions and statements; communicates them clearly
    and sensitively
   Opinions are respected and sought by others
   Takes a stand when TSA values or honesty are threatened; consistently displays the
   Does what they say they will; practices what they preach; in best interest of the public
   Accepts accountability for own actions, errors and behaviour
   Communicates in clear and plain language; avoids jargon and complexity
   Encourages others; creates an atmosphere where freedom to act is the norm
   Gives honest and constructive feedback as appropriate, helping others to perform well

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for any position:

   Uses persuasion and influence rather than enforcement wherever possible
   Keeps confidences; is widely trusted; is seen as open, truthful, dependable and
   Consults others to explore the problem, get reliable information and to consider impact
   Generates a range of solutions, weighing the organisational risks and opportunities
   Anticipates consequences of decisions or actions and plans approach accordingly
   Makes honest, straightforward decisions and communicates them clearly and sensitively
   Respects the opinions, wishes and contribution of all; promotes equality and diversity
   Ensures communication is an open two-way process, responds and acts on feedback.

For the tenant and other stakeholders: Always focused on their needs and aspirations

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for Directors, Managers and certain other senior

   Acknowledges all stakeholders; establishes rapport and lasting working relationship.
   Not easily put off; persists to get favourable outcomes
   Speaks out publicly and in business settings on behalf of tenants
   Willing to be the only champion for an idea or position
   Considers implications and impact on tenants of decisions and actions
   Willing to take calculated risks, not afraid to "have a go".

Demonstrated by the following behaviour for any position:

   Always acts with tenants in mind whilst respecting the rights and position of all
   Keeps promises made; builds trust with tenants and other stakeholders
   Listens to opinions, understanding their viewpoints, needs and aspirations
   Considerate and responsive taking personal responsibility to meet people's needs.
   Looks for ways to improve service; assists with implementing improvements

   Actively listens to tenants and other stakeholders needs, checks understanding; treats
    them equitably; values their diversity.
   Is flexible in work methods and approach to achieve benefit for all stakeholders
   Proactively looks for better ways of doing things for tenants
   Seeks a win-win outcome in any conflict situation

You should take these values into account when completing your application. Shortlisted
will be assessed as to how they meet TSA Values through the interview and selection

The application form and how to apply

Before you submit your application you are strongly advised to read these guidelines.

In order to be considered for TSA vacancies you will need to complete the application form
enclosed with this information pack. If you would prefer to complete it electronically you
can also download an MS Word version of the form at our recruitment website –

To ensure recruitment and selection for TSA vacancies is as fair as possible, our application
form has been designed to be ‘bias free’. This means that all personal information
submitted by a candidate (e.g. name, address, age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, disability,
references etc) is removed from their application before it is passed on to the shortlisting
panel. The shortlisting panel only receive information that we feel is relevant to the
shortlisting process, that is:

      Applicant’s relevant experience and skills in relation to the vacancy applied for;
      Employment history;
      Education and training.

We believe this approach ensures best practice and that applications are considered on
merit only. We also believe that if further reduces the possibility of any form of
discrimination taking place. Therefore, in order to ensure consistency throughout the
recruitment and selection process, we do not accept CVs as part of applications for our
vacancies. Please do not submit your CV in lieu of an application form or factual
information, or as part of your supporting statements because it will not be

It is therefore essential that you complete the personal details information on page 5 of the
application form. We need this information to be able to contact you to inform you of the
outcome of the shortlisting. If you do not complete this section fully we may not be able to
get in touch with you!

We would also like you to complete the monitoring information on page 6 of the application
form as this will help us to monitor the effectiveness of our Equality and Diversity policy in
relation to recruitment and selection. Personal details, reference information and the
monitoring information will be separated from your application as soon as it is received and
treated as confidential. They will not be passed on to anyone involved in the shortlisting,
interviewing or appointment for this vacancy.

If you find it difficult to read the application form in colour, or you need a larger print size,
you may photocopy it to give you a clear black and white copy to complete. We can also
help you with other adaptations you may need when making your application. Please
contact the Recruitment Team on 0845 230 7000 if you require further assistance.

Handy hints

You can approach completing your application form in whatever way you feel most
comfortable with, however the following handy hints may help with this.

Complete the factual information first. This includes: career history; education and training;
personal details; references; monitoring information; and media information. As this is
information that you know to be factually correct it will be the easiest to complete. Please
note, the information you provide in the personal details, references, and monitoring
and media sections of the application form will be separated from your application as
soon as it is received. It will not be passed to anyone involved in the shortlisting,
interviewing or appointment for the vacancy you are applying for.

Relevant skills and experience. The information you provide in this section will be used
to assess your application and, along with your career history and education and training,
will be passed to the shortlisting panel.

You should examine the role profile carefully, paying particular attention to the ‘Job
Knowledge, Skills and Qualification’ requirements section. These indicate the minimum
skills, knowledge and experience required for the job and how they will be measured
through the selection process.

Analyse your experience. Ask yourself why you are interested in the job? Give evidence or
examples that demonstrate that you meet the specific requirements for the job as detailed
in the role profile. When providing evidence or examples you may want to ask yourself the
following questions:
      what relevant experience do you have or relevant work you have been involved in or
       carried out;
      why and how did you gain that experience or carry out the work;
      who was the work for;
      what was the outcome and impact; and
      what feedback did you receive.

Also consider any experience you have acquired outside work, such as community,
voluntary or leisure interests, or other experience you have gained through your daily life.

You should also pay careful attention to TSA Values listed in the job pack; our Values
underpin all TSA roles and there will be some form of assessment against these at the
interview and assessment stage of the recruitment to TSA vacancies.

When completing your application you must remember that the shortlisting panel will assess
your application based solely on what you provide; it must therefore, include information
which gives clear evidence as to how you meet specific requirements of the job you are
applying for as detailed in the role profile. You can include this information in the Relevant
Experience and Skills section of the application form, or if you prefer you can attach
supporting statements.

If your application does not include information as to how you feel you meet the specific
requirements of the job you are applying for it is likely to be unsuccessful.

Returning your application
There are two ways to return your application to us:

1. Email your completed application form to recruitment@tsa.gsx.gov.uk. Please quote
   job title and location of the post you are applying for in the subject line of your email.
   Although there is no signed declaration with an email submission, it will be presumed
   that the information you provide is correct and can be acted upon.

   You should receive an automatic reply if you submit your application by email and this
   will indicate that your application has been delivered to our recruitment email account
   inbox. If you do not receive an automatic reply when sending your application through
   then please contact the recruitment team on 0845 230 7000.

2. Post your completed application form to:
   Saphia Smith
   HR Assistant
   The Tenant Services Authority
   Maple House
   149 Tottenham Court Road
   W1T 7BN

Timetable for Recruitment
Closing date for receipt of applications is 5pm, Friday 2 October 2009.

Shortlisting will be completed in the week commencing 5 October. Shortlisted candidates
will be contacted by phone to invite them to take part in the interview and assessment
stage of the recruitment process, so please ensure the best and quickest way to contact you
is included with your application, including your mobile phone number if you have one. Not
shortlisted candidates will be informed in writing.

Interviews and assessments will take place Tuesday 20 October 2009 in our London office.

Outline terms and conditions of employment

The salary for the successful candidate for this post is up to £49,802 pa in the Manager/
Specialist band. The salary offer will be determined by the skills, knowledge and experience
demonstrated by the successful candidate through the application, interview and
assessment process.

Salaries are currently reviewed on 1st July each year.

Normal full-time hours are 35 per week. Unless stated in the advertisement, all posts are
open to job share. Normal hours of work for job share arrangements are 14 hours one
week and 21 hours the next or 17½ hours per week. If a post is part-time the hours will be
stated. Other posts may be open to reduced hours/flexible arrangements, subject to
business requirements being satisfied. If you have particular requirements you may wish to
discuss this in advance of submitting an application.

A flexible working hour’s scheme is in operation.

This post operates across the North of England and the successful candidate will be required
to cover the whole of this area in their normal day to day duties. We have an office base in
Manchester that the successful candidate can work from; we will also consider flexible
working arrangements such as home or remote working.

Annual Leave
The annual leave year commences on 1st October and ends on 30th September. The
entitlement per full year is currently 30 days plus bank holidays and three statutory days.
Extra statutory days are fixed for Christmas week. Staff appointed during the leave year
will receive a pro-rata entitlement based on the number of completed month’s service in the
current leave year.

The TSA participates in Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) into which accrued
benefits from approved funds can normally be transferred. Employee contributions are
banded according the salary they earn as follows:

Pension Band                    Salary range                    Contribution rate
3                               £14,701 - £18,900               5.9%
4                               £18,901 - £31,500               6.5%
5                               £31,501 - £42,000               6.8%
6                               £42,001 - £78,700               7.2%
7                               More than £78,700               7.5%

Flexible Working policies
The aim of TSA’s flexible working policies is to help staff balance their work with their life
and responsibilities outside work. We run of a number of schemes designed to cover a
range of family and other personal circumstances including maternity leave, adoption leave,
paternity leave, parental leave, special leave for domestic reasons, flexible working hours,
job sharing, career breaks, remote working and working from home. The requirements of
the business will determine the extent to which these can be applied.

Notice Periods
Three calendar months notice in writing by either the Tenant Services Authority or the

References/ medical report
Any offer of appointment will be subject to two references and a medical report satisfactory
to the TSA.

Tenant Services Authority appointments are subject to successful completion of a
probationary period. The probation period usually covers the first 6 months of the
appointment and comprises regular management supervision, support and assessment.

Eligibility to work checks/ National Insurance Number
Prior to any formal offer of employment being made, the successful candidate must provide
official proof of their eligibility to live and work in the UK (e.g. passport, official Home Office
documentation) and also their National Insurance Number (e.g. current P45, documents
from previous employer, the Benefits Agency, the Contributions Agency, the Employment
Service or Inland Revenue).

Loans to Cover Travel Costs
Staff may apply for an interest-free season ticket loan (where applicable) to cover the cost
of a season ticket to and from work. Alternatively staff may apply for an interest-free loan
to buy a bicycle where this will be the main form of transport to and from work.

Staff Discount Scheme
As part of the TSA's commitment to offering staff an attractive and competitive benefits
package, we have introduced a Staff Discount Scheme in conjunction with an organisation
called YouAtWork to give staff access to an online staff discount scheme. The scheme gives
staff access to a wide selection of discounted products, services and offers. Discounts and
offers are specially negotiated and are checked and updated regularly to ensure the range
offers real savings and something for all staff's lifestyles.

Childcare vouchers
The Tenant Services Authority recognises that the cost of childcare for parents and
guardians can represent a significant part of the family budget. To assist with this, the TSA
has introduced a Childcare Voucher scheme, so staff can benefit from tax and NI breaks and
save on their childcare costs. The voucher scheme works through a system called ‘salary
sacrifice’. Salary sacrifice allows parents to sacrifice an amount of their current salary
(currently up to £243 of their monthly taxable salary) in exchange for the equivalent worth
of non-taxable vouchers.

Smoking Policy
The TSA operates a no smoking policy.

Housing Association and other Registered Social Landlord Involvement
Since TSA regulates registered social landlords, it must guard against possible conflicts of
interest. The successful candidates will, therefore, be asked during the appointment
process whether they have any involvement with any registered social landlord.

A full statement of the main terms, conditions and benefits will be supplied with
any formal offer of employment. The above information may be helpful to
applicants as a guide but is not a substitute for the full statement.

Equality and Diversity

Our Policy

The Tenant Services Authority is committed to equality of opportunity and valuing diversity.

We recognise we have the the power to reduce the disadvantage and barriers that some
communities experience in employment and service delivery. This is why we value the
diversity of all communities; to ensure that our services, facilities and resources are
accessible and delivered for the benefit of everyone irrespective of race, gender, disability,
sexuality, religion and age.

We recognise that our ability to meet needs of our diverse communities is improved by
having a diverse workforce and engaging with the pool of talent that available in all
communities. Our business philosophy to achieve and deliver integrated, culturally-enriched
and sensitive services; one that values our people, and places them at the heart of our
services and functions.

The Tenant Services Authority’s mission is to create vibrant and thriving communities, and
we seek highly motivated and passionate people who share our desire to positively
contribute to society. In order to achieve this, we promote a positive working environment
where we all have the opportunity to realise our potential and contribute to our personal
and business aspirations recognising talent, and making decisions on merit.

We believe everyone is entitled to be treated with fairness and promote a culture of mutual
respect. The Tenant Services Authority has developed a diversity programme that ensures
that in all of our management and employment practices, we meet our commitments to
become an employer of choice for people from all communities. We are committed to
ensuring that our workforce is fully reflective of the communities that we serve.

We are committed to maintaining our organisational culture that values people from all
communities, treating everyone fairly and with respect; whilst valuing the different
contributions individuals can make. The Tenant Services Authority promotes equality and
diversity whilst recognise those values and aspirations people from diverse communities
have in common. These commitments will ensure that we continue to see our diversity as
our strength.


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