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					                           Sample Letter of Introduction


Dear [principal/teacher name]:

I hope [insert school name] will consider participating in the “There Ought To Be A Law”
Essay Contest sponsored by [insert local bar association name] in celebration of Law Day
[year]. As a participating school/class, students in each division (the 7th and 8th grade
division; the 9th and 10th grade division; and the 11th and 12th grade division) have the
opportunity to win [insert local prize information if applicable] one of two U.S. Savings
Bonds. I have enclosed the contest entry form and guidelines for your review.

Although the deadline for entry is still a few months away, right now is a great time for
students to gear up to develop and defend an idea for a new law. As a volunteer for [insert
local bar association name], I would welcome the opportunity to share my legal experiences
with and serve as a resource for your students. Let’s schedule a time for me to visit your
school/classroom to lead an interactive discussion with students regarding the lawmaking
process. Please contact me at [insert your phone number] to make arrangements.


[volunteer lawyer]

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