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									10 Tips To Improve
Number of Visitors Your Blog

If you want to succeed in business on the internet , one of the conditions is to have a website or blog
that has a lot of visitors (high traffic) . With so many traffic visitors , your chances for greater success .
By having an abundance of visitors , you can get more sales . By having an abundance of visitors , you
can offer advertising spots are more expensive than the sites or blogs that air- traffic low .
Well then the question is :
How do I increase traffic to your site or blog ?
Answer from me :
There are so many, I own to implement dozens of ways to increase traffic to websites and my blogs .
And the good news ... I will share with you some way :)
* I do good ? *
OK , so when we started the tips ( my focus for the blog ) .
[ 1 ] Use the easy to remember domain name
If you want to increase traffic , try to have your own domain name .
If you want your site or your blog with great success , then the first thing you notice is your name . Same
with if you want to be a celebrity , your name should be easy to remember.
Which is more easily remembered by you :
namaAnda.com or namaAnda.wordpress.com or namaAnda.blogspot.com or
namaAnda.domainTertentu.com ?
I think any answer namaAnda.com .
So now the question which is more easily remembered by visitors to your site ? And which one would
they prefer to visit ? [ which in turn will create higher traffic ]
I think the answer will remain the same , namaAnda.com .
Therefore , try to have an own domain . The visitors will tend to remember the name short and they
would prefer to visit sites that have a short name .
Do not let them run away just because the name of your website / blog that is too long .

[ 2 ] Write a pillar articles
The definition of pillar articles are the articles that serve as a " pillar / buffer " traffic to your site .
These articles are usually an article of type " list" , like 10 Tips to Improve traffic , Top 5 Blog Technology
, Definition of Internet Marketing , and the like .
These types of articles will attract traffic pillar like how magnets attract iron , because people will always
find articles like this . People always need information about the definition of a thing, or the 10 best list
for xxxxxxx or the like .
Unlike with articles that talk about personal experiences , people are not too interested in such articles .
May be interested , but will be forgotten --- and ultimately were not visited again , and not referenced to
others .
The bottom line : the articles are always sought after and make others want to visit it many times PLUS
pass it to others .
[ 3 ] Be diligent to update the post
One of the most important tips to increase the number of visits to your blog is to write often .
People will be happy to visit your blog if they always get a new article , which is fresh , fresh. They will
not like it, even disappointed , if it comes to your blog and just treated to the old articles .
It was probably treated like a stale fish .
So if you want your site to have a loyal reader , who regularly visited , frequently update your blog . My
suggestion , at least 2-3 days there should be a new article . Or , if you can every day even better .
[ 4 ] Frequently commented
To get traffic to your blog , one of the other ways that can be used is often commented on another blog .
By the time you write a comment on another blog , of course you will be asked for the URL ( address )
from your site / blog , is not it? Well , from where traffic is coming .
Make sure you include your blog URL correctly , or the URL of the blog post you want to promote it

[ 5 ] Use Feedburner
To increase traffic to your blog , one of the other tips you can do is to utilize the services of
feedburner.com .
Take advantage of free services from feedburner.com to increase the number of RSS reader of your blog
, or even to facilitate the readers who want to enjoy your blog via email .
I personally use FeedBurner to haryoprabowo.com , and the results for each post I could have dozens or
even hundreds of readers in an instant (and free ) .
[ 6 ] Submit your article to Social Bookmark
Do not underestimate the power of viral marketing !
Submit your articles to various social bookmarking services like del.icio.us , technorati.com or digg.com or
to increase your traffic .
Every time someone did searching an appropriate topic with the article you submit to these sites , you
have the opportunity to get additional traffic visitors are free .
[ 7 ] Optimization SEO
Get many more free traffic from SEO !
Learn SEO ( not described in this article ) and apply it to your blog / site, and even for the pages in your
site / blog . Traffic from SEO is highly qualified and targetted , and 100 % free .
My own experience , for some domains I have, I can produce about 300-400 visitors per day for free just
by relying on SEO alone . Free traffic , free money .
So do not waste it.
[ 8 ] Create an article that is "in" ( popular )
A simple trick that can make your blog get rich is to make the trip to the post title ( and content ) is
concerned with a thing which is becoming a " trend " in the community .
Suppose that the society is no case of " Flooding in Jakarta " or " Mount Merapi erupts " , then you can
try to create an article in this regard .
By writing articles related to an event that is popular , so you can attract a lot of links from other blogs or
even occupy high positions in search engines ( eg Google ) for keywords related news articles ( since no
other blogs that discuss ) .
In the end , your traffic can increase dramatically .
[ 9 ] Exchange links
Old-fashioned way ? Eits , should not be underestimated . Exchanging links even looks old , but I see for
yourself that this is very effective .
Blogs I could get a few hundred ( not hundreds ) of new visitors a day just from the results of
exchanging links with many other blogs .
If you are really serious business, do not waste a single visitor. For a visitor who knows that you consider
" trivial " ( not significant ) of visitors who actually " bring money " for you .
Never underestimate the little things .
[ 10 ] Place an ad
As a last resort , if indeed you have no talent in a variety of promotions for free , or you need instant
results that normally can not be achieved through the free traffic , my advice is : advertising .
You can use various means of advertising , ranging from PPC Text , to the banner . Starting from a
specific network to handle advertising ( like Google Adwords , KumpulBlogger ) or advertising on personal
blogs of others.
The last way is frankly a bit expensive , but if you can use it well ( traffiknya mennjadi play money ) , it
does not matter . It costs nothing to advertise if they received the results of several thousand to several
million .
Is not it ?
Hopefully helpful, :)

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