Item 2 SLP YOS June 2010 Minutes by 2y3ItQ


									                      SLP YOS Performance & Delivery Board

                              Friday 4th June 2010
                    Civic Suite , Town Hall, Catford SE6 4RU


Aileen Buckton                       Executive Director Community Services (Chair)
Geeta Subramaniam                    LBL Crime Reduction Service
Tanya Edwards                        LBL YOS
Waneka Peters                        LBL YOS (minutes)
Christine Grice                      Children’s and Young People’s Services
Simon James                          Metropolitan Police
Nadia Whyte                          Victim Support
Arseny Barkovskiy (ABa)              LBL Crime Reduction Services
Nick French                          Interim IYSS Manager
Craig White                          LBL YOS
Adam Mooney                          YJB
Nick Topliss                         SLAM CAMHS

Holly Gardner                        Catch 22
Kate English                         VAL
Dith Banbury                         Lewisham College
Gill Wills                           LBL IYSS
Sarah Robinson                       Lewisham Probation
Evert Robotham                       LBL Lewisham Homes
Mark Johnstone                       Lewisham Probation

1.    Apologies

      Apologies received from those listed above.

2.    Minutes & Matters Arising – Aileen Buckton

      Research Proposals
      A number of proposals have been presented to the Community
      Services Research Governance Equalities Board (CSRGEB)
      relating to youth offending. Only one has been authorised. Anne
      Reuter will be working with staff and young people with regards to
      interventions that take place with young people and young
      people’s participation in additional activities.

      Action: TE to arrange for the various research papers to be          TE
      presented to the YOS Performance & Delivery Board in


     BF presented the Court Action Plan and reported that all actions
     are within the deadlines.

     Action: TE & BF to regularly review plan and to provide               TE
     updates to the Board

3.   Performance – Craig White

     CW presented the YOS Performance Report, highlighting the
     performance for the six National Indicators.

     First Time Entrants

     There has been a significant decline in the number of First Time
     Entrants to the Criminal Justice System (CJS) since 2005. The
     young people who now enter the system, are generally harder to
     engage young people, committing more frequent and serious
     offences. The work of the Triage team has had the most
     significant impact in this area and will continue to be delivered.


     There has been a decline in performance between 08/09-2010
     although there has been a slight upturn in the last quarter. This
     relates to the change in composition of the young people being
     supervised. Various action are in place:

     TE is meeting with Connexions to review provisions. The YOS is
     also working with AMC looking at possibly basing a member of
     YOS staff a few days of the week in the school looking at patterns
     of absence and after school activities.

     Action: TE to have a discussion with Lewisham College                 TE
     around what else could be delivered at the YOS via the
     training room.


     There has been a marked decrease in the use of custodial
     disposals. However, there remains an issue of disproportionality
     with 81% of young people in custody from BME backgrounds.

     There is a significant possibility that the numbers of young people
     in custody will increase in Q2 of 2010/11 as there are a number of
     young people on remand for serious offences with trials currently
     in progress

     ISSP is now being provided in house. Action: TE to bring details TE
     of how the ISSP being delivered in house has been of benefit
     to a future Board meeting.


     A discussion took place regarding the reoffending cohort.

     Action: CW to look at the details of those who have                    CW
     reoffended and to provide information at the next meeting.
4.   YJB Performance Improvement Framework: Capability and
     Capacity– Tanya Edwards

     Further to the submission of the Self Assessment, the YJB visited
     the YOS to identify evidence to substantiate the information
     provided by the YOS. Further evidence was then requested which
     was presented to the YJB.

     Confirmation of the YOS grading is currently not available
     however AM stated that so far Lewisham’s grading is ‘Excellent’
     although NI result are adequate. Official feedback will be

     Action: TE to follow up with an internal document around C &           TE
     C being developed and bring back to the Board.

     A discussion took place regarding resourcing. There is still a lack
     of clarity regarding in year cuts that may be made by the YJB.
     There is also some discussion regarding the future of the YJB and
     its role.

     There are also discussions regarding the devolution of the
     custody budget to the YOS. If this were to happen, it is likely that
     a proportion of the budget would be devolved which could be
     spent on preventing young people offending. If the allocated
     number of custody places was to be exceeded, then the
     additional places would have to be funded from the devolved

     Action: TE to provide information to the Board as decisions            TE
     are made

5.   Serious Youth Violence (SYV) – Arseny Barkovskiy

     ABa gave a brief outline of the SYV report and highlighted that
     overall crime is currently falling. The follow points were

            Knife arches – This will be rolled out to all London schools
             if all schools are in agreement. The MET will provide the
            Search wands & dogs – Substantial costs are attached to
             this. AMC do this and have found it to be very successful.
             This would be on an ad hoc basis.
            Stagger school dispersal times – several schools are in
             favour of this
            Schools work – Targeted work with New Woodlands will
             take place which will include taking the young people on a
             visit to the court and a prison.
            Operation Protect – Funding has ended. Was gong to
             continue locally but continuation of the project is
             dependant if we receive funding.

             Trilogy Plus – To continue to the end of March 2011, with
              a review in light of available funding.
             ASBOs – This will be explored further
             Penalty notices - This has not been done before and
              would require further discussion.

6.    Prevention Programs

      TE circulated the report “Prevention Programmes: Single Early
      Intervention and Locality Panels”.

      This outlined the integration of the YISP into the wider children
      services framework. This will be expanded, with the YOS in
      discussion with the IYSS lead regarding future integration.

7.    Finance

      TE circulated the report “YOS Finance” to the Board.

      TE highlighted that there were still some areas of funding yet to
      be confirmed in writing although verbal agreement had been

      TE clarified that the reduction in the ISS budget from 2009/10 to
      2010/11 was due to Lewisham no longer holding responsibility for
      the five London Borough Nacro contract. This has been
      disbanded and the service brought in house.

      No further questions were raised regarding the budget.

8.    Pilots and Projects – Report was circulated to the Board.

      TE summarised the paper.

9.    YJB Survey

      TE circulated the document “New guidance to YOT management
      Boards” and requested that all read and respond to the survey.

10.   AOB


      The London region has not been selected for inspection to date.

      Lewisham has not been selected for one of the four Thematic
      Inspections to date either.


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