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2011 june 24 common core state standards update by kCFd6NLU


									                           STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION – TOPIC SUMMARY
Topic: Implementation of the Common Core State Standards
Date: June 24, 2011
Staff/Office: Doug Kosty, Colleen Mileham, Cheryl Kleckner and Mickey Garrison
Action Requested:      Informational Only    Adoption Later     Adoption      Adoption/Consent Agenda

Update on implementation of the newly adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in mathematics and
English language arts.

The State Board of Education adopted Common Core State Standards in mathematics and English language
arts on October 28, 2010. At the May Board meeting, Department staff provided an update on implementation
efforts through interaction with statewide partners, developing resources, and attending regional and national
conferences focused on the CCSS.

A nine-person CCSS Steering Committee co-led by Cheryl Kleckner and Mickey Garrison is leading the
implementation, guiding efforts at the policy level and serving as the main point of contact between ODE and
the field.

Conferences and meetings

   1. ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act) Odyssey 2011 - Four regional workshops are
      scheduled across the state June-August. Participants will have the opportunity to develop general
      awareness and understanding of the CCSS implementation in these sessions. They will also provide
      feedback and input on where we are headed and on developed resources.

   2. CCSS Stewardship Team – The Stewardship Team formed work groups on May 16, 2011 and began
      holding work group meetings. The Stewardship Team Membership including work group assignments
      can be found in Appendix A. Check-in meetings with the CCSS Stewardship Team work groups are
      scheduled on June 21st. Each group will report out on additional considerations for the CCSS district
      implementation plan and accomplishments on their top three goals.

   3. Regional and Statewide Meetings –Staff are providing CCSS Implementation presentations and
      gathering feedback from individual districts and ESDs making requests.

   4. 2011 COSA Annual Conference – Staff will present the implementation plan and timeline at the
      Confederation of Oregon School Administrators’ June Conference to get feedback and additional
      information on planning needs.

   5. Regional Summer Sessions – Sessions are scheduled throughout the state to get feedback and input
      from stakeholders state-wide. Meetings are scheduled to work more closely with higher education on
      the implementation of the CCSS in their teacher preparation training and with Ed. NW to ensure that
      efforts in Oregon are coordinated. We are working closely with COSA to offer a CCSS session on
      August 19th for interested districts. The one day event will be held on the Marylhurst campus.

Resource development

  1. Communications
     Staff continue to provide monthly updates in the Superintendent’s Update, Superintendent’s Pipeline,
     and the EII Update, and to post resources and update the CCSS webpage. Staff added links to the
     Common Core Video FAQs which provide a clear understanding of the Standards and their
     implications. Ten videos, each addressing one question, such as, “How will Common Core change
     instruction for teachers?” (1:01) for the English Language Arts CCSS and, “What advice do you have
     for districts about revising curriculum?” (0:58) for the Mathematics CCSS, introduce the Standards from
     the perspective of the CCSS developers. An online survey is being used at regional workshop sessions
     to gather input from education stakeholders

  2. English Language Arts Support
     ODE staff posted grade-band and subject-specific Common Core Literacy Standards for History/Social
     Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects on the Standards pages for Social Sciences, Science,
     Health, and also on the CTE Career Areas and Skills Sets page. In addition, the subject-specific
     Literacy Standards are located on the Common Core State Standards for Literacy in History/Social
     Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects webpage. This page also includes three CCSS Appendices
     to assist teachers: • Appendix A: Supplementary material on Reading and Writing; glossary of key
     terms included.• Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks for Informational Texts:
     History/Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, and Technical Subjects, illustrating complexity, quality,
     and range of reading for grade spans• Appendix C: Annotated examples of Argument and
     Informative/Explanatory writing, demonstrating at least adequate student grade-level performance.
     Additional resources will be posted on the Literacy Standards webpage as they become available.

  3. Mathematics Support
     ODE staff are working with NWRCC staff and district mathematics staff and teachers to develop an
     introductory professional development module that will assist teachers and leaders of kindergarten
     through high school in building an understanding of the Common Core State Standards for
     Mathematics (CCSSM).This first module contains a series of activities to support teams in working
     together to build understanding of the critical areas, domains, and standards for mathematical practice.
     The module will include facilitator notes, slideshows, and handouts. The anticipated release date for
     the first activities is June 2011, and more activities will be posted as they are completed in Summer
     2011. Next steps will be to find ways to promote the modules in the summer and support their
     continued use during the 2011-12 school year. For example, the Oregon DATA Project will incorporate
     the process of comparing our current mathematics standards to the CCSS in training that is being
     developed to help districts create a K-HS framework for mathematics

  4. Implementation Timeline
     A State-level CCSS Implementation Timeline was vetted by the Steering Committee and posted on
     June 10th. This timeline was developed based on the draft timeline presented to the State Board of
     Education in October 2010 and incorporates feedback from the Steering Committee, the Stewardship
     Team, and ODE staff. This timeline will provide guidance for ODE work and allow districts to
     understand what support and resources will be provided. Details included will be re-evaluated and
     refined based upon on-going input from the field and other developments.

Appendix A

                     Oregon Common Core State Standards Implementation
                               Stewardship Team Membership
First     Last Name                      Title                            Organization                 Work Group
                        Director of the Office of Educational                                      Communications
Cyndi     Andrews       Partnerships                            Clackamas Community College
Dana      Barbarick     Assistant Professor of Education        Concordia University               Development
                        Mathematics Education University
Robert    Bonner        Professor                               George Fox University
Mary      Brau          Faculty Instructor                      Lane Community College              Communications
                                                                                                    Teaching and
Drew      Braun         Director of Instruction                 Bethel School District              Learning
Ewan      Brawley       Director of PreK-8 Curriculum           Portland Public Schools          I Instructional Materials
Linda     Brown         Lake Oswego School Board Member         Lake Oswego School Board            Communications
                        Small Business Owner and Oregon                                             Communications
Nina      Carlson       PTA Board of Directors                  Oregon PTA
                                                                                                   Teaching and
Cathy     Chenail       Curriculum Director                     Coos Bay School District           Learning
                        Business: Education Relations                                              Instructional
Aubrey    Clark         Manager                                 Intel Corporation                  Materials
                        Executive Director, Mid-Willamette                                         Communications
Trish     Conlon        Education Consortium                    Chemeketa Community College
                        Supervisor of Curriculum and                                               Instructional
Debbie    Connolly      Assessment                              Medford School District            Materials
Melissa   Goff          Director – RTI                          Portland Public Schools
                        Director of Curriculum and                                                 Professional
Penny     Grotting      Instruction                             Malheur ESD                        Development
                        Board Development & Policy Services     Oregon School Boards               Communications
Peggy     Holstedt      Associate Director                      Association
James     Huntsman      Director of Special Services            Klamath County School District     Communications
                        Assistant Principal and                                                    Teaching and
                        Director/Consultant of Proficiency-                                        Learning
Julie     Lafayette     based Center                            Lincoln County School District
Cathry                                                                                             Communications
Colley    Lambeth       Intervention Specialist                 Canby School District
                        Coordinator, School Improvement                                            Professional
Carol     Larson        Services                                Willamette ESD                     Development
Wei-                                                                                               Teaching and
Wei       Lou           Title III Lead                          Beaverton School District          Learning

                       Director of Technology and                                               Instructional
Tom       Luba         Innovations in Education (TIE)        Linn-Benton-Lincoln ESD            Materials
                                                                                                Teaching and
David     Marshall     Special Programs Director/Principal   Milton-Freewater School District   Learning
                       K-12 Director of Federal Programs,                                       Instructional
Kim       Maurer       Curriculum and Assessment             Santiam Canyon School District     Materials
Salam     Noor         Assistant Superintendent              Salem-Keizer School District       Materials
                       Chief Academic Offices for
Lora      Nordquist    Elementary Programs                   Bend-La Pine Schools
                                                                                                Teaching and
Alexa     Pearson      Assistant Principal of Curriculum     North Clackamas Schools            Learning
Penny     Plavala      School Improvement Specialist         Multnomah ESD                      Development
                       School Improvement Project                                               Communications
Sandie    Price        Administrator                         Lane ESD
                       Associate Professor of Mathematics                                       Teaching and
Nicole    Rigelman     Education                             Portland State University          Learning
Kathi     Robinson     Director School Improvement           Hillsboro School District          Development
                       Director Industry Affairs and                                            Instructional
Bruce     Schafer      Executive Director of ETIC            Oregon University System           Materials
Rea       Snyder       School Improvement Specialist         Southern Oregon ESD                Development
Bill      Stewart      Special Projects (Education)          Gladstone School District          Communications
                       Retired K-12 Mathematics Teacher      Oregon Council of Teachers of      Professional
Jill      Sumerlin     and OCTM President                    Mathematics                        Development
                       Middle School Math                                                       Teaching and
Cynthia   Townsend     Teacher/Doctoral Student              Umatilla School District           Learning
                                                                                                Teaching and
Marta     Turner       School Improvement Coordinator        Northwest Regional ESD             Learning
                       Assistant Vice Chancellor for                                            Professional
                       Academic Standards and                                                   Development
Bob       Turner       Collaborations                        Oregon University System
                       Curriculum, Instruction, and                                             Professional
Linda     Vanderford   Evaluation Consultant                 Clackamas ESD                      Development
Eric      Volger       Director, Instructional Services      Umatilla-Morrow ESD                Development
                                                                                                Teaching and
Colleen   Works        2010 Oregon Teacher of the Year       Corvallis School District          Learning


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