cover letter format by faraj1978


									Standard Cover Letter Format
Following a standard cover letter format is easy and necessary.
A cover letter is an integral part of any process career hunting
process, and one that applicants must not ignore. A job hunter
must write a personal cover letter for every career prospect he
eyes on, even though these could follow the same standard
format. Basically, each cover letter must have three important
parts - introduction, body and closing.
Cover letters must always include contact details such as current
address, phone numbers and e-mail address on the top. You can
include this as part of your letterhead or write it on the top in a
formal format. You must also indicate the date and a salutation
that directs a certain person in the company. This will increase
the chance of your cover letter to be noticed compared to the
generic salutation of “To Whom It May Concern”, or the “HR
Manager”, and many more.
The introduction of the cover letter must be unique and specific so
that the employer will be hooked in reading your letter. It must include
the certain position you are applying as well as your references in
finding the job opening such as online job listings, or personal referrals
from a person you know. If you do not know certain positions available
but you are hoping to be part of the company, you must highlight your
knowledge of the niche and how your skills could be an asset.
The body is often a flexible part in following a cover letter format. If
you are not certain of a job position, you must focus in detailing your
strengths and abilities. This is a limited opportunity to explain the
experiences in the resume and how your abilities could be valuable.
You can also discuss your personal traits, including your willingness to
be responsible and determined if given a chance.
In a cover letter format, the closing of the letter must be a
confident appeal for an interview. Avoid weak and shallow
phrases such as “I am hoping.” You must also include your
contact details so that the company can call you easily. A good
option is to include a brief summary of some of the highlights in
your letter to act as a reminder for the reviewer to call you for an
Experts in job hunting and in cover letter format are not united
on the length of the letter. Most like cover letters with about 3 to
5 paragraphs. However there are still groups who prefer a longer
but informative letter. Usually, it depends on the nature of the
position you want to apply. Thus, a job hunter must use their
preferences in following a format.
Aside from this, the cover letter format must also be followed
   even if it sent through e-mail. It must still include a formal
   ways of salutation and valediction, formal tone and contact
   details. Sending cover letter through e-mail must not be an
   excuse for careless and informal form of a cover letter.

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