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  Rendezvous 2006
      22nd to 29th October
    Mental and Physical Mediumship

  Healing      Seancés      The Afterlife

Trance / Channelling            Meditation

Hosted by:   Garth and Audrey Willey and the
             Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation
             3 Woodland Way
             Gruyere, Vic, 3770, Australia

Phone Number: 61 + 3 + 5964 9432
E-mail:      woodway@bigpond.net.au
Website:      www.woodlandway.org
  Is this course for you?

Ever wondered what happens
 when the physical body dies?
         What then?

Now you have the chance learn about the
‘rest of your life’ and what happens when
the human body is shed.

Learn how to use or improve your
natural ability to connect with your own
Spirit and with the other Spirits from the
other side.

The Rendezvous Week caters for
   Beginners, Intermediate and
      Advanced students.
Who is Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation
       and what is their purpose?

 The Woodlands Sanctuary Foundation Inc. was formally
 established as a non-profit organisation with a constitution and
 membership in 1995, having operated informally for some 4
 years. It was incorporated as an Association in 2001 (Registered
 No. A0040624W).

 Purpose of Woodlands:

   The object of the Foundation is to be an educational organisation for
   the advancement and development of spiritual awareness

 1.Providing educational and psychic development and training
   services for members desiring to progress

 2.a) their conscious understanding of the survival of their greater
   selves and,
  b) their sensitive capacities as psychics and mediums for spiritualistic

 3. Providing information and evidence of survival and spirit/psychic
    healing services to earnest enquirers and to the public at large,
    either directly or via the Spiritual Kinship Society Trust.

   The WSF is an Associated Body of The Spiritualists' National
   Union (SNU) the largest Spiritualist organisation in the UK and
    probably the world and Garth Willey is one of SNU’s Diploma
       holders and a correspondence tutor appointed by their
                      Education Committee).
                 Home Tutors

Garth Willey                         Audrey Willey
Garth began fast tracking in       Naturally psychic from birth,
the philosophy, science and        Audrey developed her
religion of Spiritualism in 1992   mediumship in the early 1980’s
when compelling evidences          and regularly studies and
through Audrey’s Trance            teaches overseas. By the mid-
mediumship spontaneously           eighties she began teaching
began. He studied intensively      Psychic Development classes
and quickly gained a Diploma       covering the full ambit of mental
of the Spiritualists’ National     and physical mediumship,
Union, UK. He has gained           healing, psychic art, etc.
much international recognition     Importantly, she focuses strongly
for his writings and teaching      on the ‘human side’ of
and is a former Editor of Yours    understanding life and soul
Fraternally, the ISF’s quarterly   progression. She is also a Reiki
publication.                       Master.
                 Guest Tutors

 Trish Woods (USA)                    Irene Nadén (Finland)

A natural psychic since birth,       Irene has been a committee
Trish has been mentored by           member of The Nordic Spiritualist
renowned international               Union for 16 years and has been
medium, Robert Brown (author         on platform in Denmark, Sweden,
of best-seller, “We Are              Iceland, Finland, Germany and
Eternal”) & has trained with         Norway. Also a committee
other mediums such as John           member of the International
Edward. Trish is a certified and     Spiritualist Federation (ISF) for a
ordained Medium from the             number of years, Irene is both a
USA. This is Trish’s second          teacher and healer/medium.
teaching tour to Australia in the
last 2 years.

A full profile is available on the     A full profile is available on the
website: www.woodlandway.org           website: www.woodlandway.org
 Rendezvous 2005 – what was it like?
Woodland Way is 16 hectares of peaceful vibrations allowing you to get in touch with Nature and your
own feelings. The level of teaching is excellent, the knowledge, wisdom and experience of the tutors is
exceptional. They ensure you work hard, learn a lot, among friends who are more than happy to share
with you. You owe yourself this experience.
                                Lou Harrison, Kiama NSW

A lot of Spiritualists have a dream to visit the Arthur Findlay College at Stansted in England & I have
returned there 5-6 times doing two separate one week courses each time. So imagine my delight when
I learned of an Australasian Rendezvous along similar lines to the AFC. Hosts Audrey and Garth
Willey went that extra mile to welcome guests and make sure everyone was comfortable and cared for.
As teachers, Audrey and Garth along with Rose Owen from Perth and Trish Woods from USA could
not be faulted. They managed to include everyone without leaving stragglers behind or holding back
those who had moved on ahead. Questions were answered before moving on to the next stage of the
lesson but at no time was that allowed to over-rule the assigned lessons. Each person’s growth was
celebrated by teachers and fellow students alike – and I can assure you a lot of growth took place!
Many of the 2005 attendees returned for a mini Rendezvous in June 2006 & are also returning for
Rendezvous Week 2006, along with a number of new participants from June joining the ranks. Like
the rest of us, they are now under the spell of Woodland Way’s beauty & tranquillity and have
succumbed to what they can learn there to help them on the path of spiritual understanding.
                 Wendy Hoy, Taupo New Zealand

Spiritualist Rendezvous 2005 was full on – something different all the time. I found it exciting and
stimulating, learning new techniques and styles of presentation from local, interstate and overseas
tutors – and being stretched to the fullest! It was quite strenuous but there was enough time to relax
and meditate in the beautiful surroundings. Being a city person, I really enjoyed the country
ambience, the native flora and fauna. The cattle and especially the geese which flocked on to the
driveway seemingly to greet each car! It was good to meet up with old friends and make many new
ones, all lovely people of like mind, so I’m eagerly looking forward to October 06 for the next
Rendezvous. PS/ My compliments to Elizabeth, our chef. Her dinners are 5 star.
                                 Eileen Edwards, Elsternwick Victoria

Anyone thinking about doing the Woodlands Rendezvous week in October 2006, be prepared to have
an experience of a lifetime. As a participant in last year’s wonderful experience, I will attend this
year’s Rendezvous and can’t wait for it to come around again! I especially liked the student
participation in some sessions – it’s the best way to learn. Anyone wishing to learn any aspect of the
Spirit world including Mediumship, Trance development, Seancés, Lectures and many other
experiences too numerous to mention, this is the place to be. Who knows – you may be able to
communicate with one of your loved ones in Spirit at a session – so expect anything! Friendships made
during this week could last a lifetime! So, see you there. PS/ It’s worth coming for the lovely meals as
well -you will have to walk around the beautiful property to avoid any weight gains!
                Carole Tidd, Seville Victoria

I personally got so much out of the Rendezvous week in 2005: being with like minded people, sharing
each other’s experiences. I was doing things I thought it was impossible for me to do because we were
pushed to show anything is possible and allowing yourself to be open to learn new things, instead of
being in your own comfort zone. I really am looking forward to October 2006 Rendezvous – it will be
very exciting! Jan Pengelly, Malvern Victoria
    Is the course expensive and what
          do I get for my money?
• Residential & non residential reasonable rates
• Weekly and day rates available
• Course notes provided
• Intensive training (12 – 14 hour days)
• Access to 4 Tutors who are staying on site
• Extensive range of spiritual subjects covered
• This is a Certificate course (not compulsory)
• All meals provided
• Supportive environment with kindred spirits
• Idyllic & peaceful rural surroundings close to city
            (please refer to picture above)
Where to Get More Information

  Woodlands Sanctuary
  3 Woodland Way
  Gruyere, Vic, 3770, Australia

Phone Number:   61 + 3 + 5964 9432
E-mail:    woodway@bigpond.net.au
Website:    www.woodlandway.org

 The full Rendezvous 2006 programme is
   posted on the Woodlands Way website
   above, or is available upon request by

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