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Little Giant 581002

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									                                         The rotary Little giant 581002 pump is shown in
                                         Fig. Five. The rotor is mounted eccentrically in a
         Little giant 581002             cylindrical housing and has two or more records,
                                        which under the action of the springs may be moved
                                           radially, so that always remain close to body.

The fluid is drawn into the expanding
                                            There are design Little giant 581002 pumps,
wedge-shaped space between the rotor
                                        intermediate between the radial and axial, and they
   and the housing and the plate is
                                            are usually used for large expenditures and
  displaced by a similar narrowing
                                                        moderate pressures.

         Little giant 581002                            Little giant 566409

         Little giant 527003                            Little giant 553455

         Little giant 506610                            Little giant 506055

         Little giant 526003                            Little giant 505300

     Examples of such pumps are
                                         Little giant 581002 pumps the liquid through the
   industrial steam-driven pumps,
                                         reciprocating motion of the piston or some other
 automotive Little giant 581002 and
                                         obstruction in the cylinder (piston, diaphragm).
  diaphragm water-lifting machine.

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