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 Sump (among them - Centrifugal) -       The smallest can be taken in hand, and the largest
 the main type of pumps in terms of          up to several meters in diameter. Power of
both performance and versatility, and   centrifugal Little Giant 582002 pumps may be from
   their prevalence (at least 75% of       a fraction of a kilowatt to many thousands of
    Little Giant 582002 pumps).                               kilowatts.

                                                        Little giant 589200

         Little giant 581002                            Little giant 566409

         Little giant 527003                            Little giant 553455

         Little giant 506610                            Little giant 506055

         Little giant 526003                            Little giant 505300

In a Little Giant 582002 pump rotates
 the liquid flow at 90 ° from the axial
                                         The most famous type of Little Giant 582002 pump,
  to radial direction. In the axial vane
                                           although it was released now obsolete - it's just
   pumps, fluid moves around in the
                                             water engine (Fig. 2), which has three main
   axial direction, and the impeller is
                                          elements: a cylinder or casing, the piston and the
shaped like the ship's propeller. These
                                                           overflow pipe.
pumps are most effective at high cost
         and low pressure drops

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