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					                                        Similarly operates sump Little Giant 566409 pump
                                         diaphragm. When the reciprocating motion of the
                                           pusher certain amount of fuel drawn into the
         Little giant 566409
                                         chamber, equipped with two spring-loaded check
                                            valves, locked it, and then pushed the piston
                                                    (diaphragm) in the fuel line.

   The energy supplied to the fluid     Pumping fluids with minimal energy requires the
momentum, rather than continuously      correct choice of Little Giant 566409 pump type,
as in the case of a Little Giant 566409      careful planning and coordination of its
 pump. This method of filing referred characteristics with the characteristics of the system
           to as "displacers."                             as a whole.

        Little Giant 566409

         Little giant 527003                            Little giant 553455

         Little giant 506610                            Little giant 506055

         Little giant 526003                            Little giant 505300

At a given speed Little Giant 566409    In design mode efficiency of a Little Giant 566409
pump, as shown in Fig. 1, operates at    pump can not exceed 90%, at worst (off-design)
   peak efficiency only when the                   mode may be less than 10%.
calculated flow rates and pressures.

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