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					                                            That shows a diagram of a typical centrifugal Little
                                              giant 505350 pump. The fluid is supplied to the
                                              central part of the impeller (fan). The impeller is
                                            mounted on the shaft in the housing and is driven by
          Little giant 505350
                                             an electric or other motor. The rotational energy is
                                                transferred impeller liquid fluid moves to the
                                                periphery of the impeller, is going in the ring
                                            collector (cochlea) and removed through the outlet.

   Tube has an expanding shape, the
  flow rate drops in it, and part of the
kinetic energy of the fluid, acquired in
                                              Among other types of Little giant 505350 pumps
  the pump impeller is converted into
                                             include screw and cam. More recently, there were
    potential energy of pressure. The
                                             Little giant 505350 pumps with flexible plates and
increase in pressure at the outlet of the
                                                        pipes with elastic (peristaltic).
  Little giant 505350 can be achieved
    by increasing either the speed or
            impeller diameter.

                                                            Little giant 589200

          Little giant 581002                               Little giant 566409

          Little giant 527003                               Little giant 553455

          Little giant 506610                               Little giant 506055

          Little giant 526003                               Little giant 505300

                                        The volume of fluid, the lift Little giant 505350
Little giant 505350 pumps are used to
                                      pump per unit time is independent of specific gravity
 remove air or other gases from the
                                        and can be changed by pumping a liquid whose
enclosed volume to produce vacuum.
                                         viscosity is greater than the viscosity of water.

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