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									Some Access North Ayr success stories

Over 1,500 local residents over the years have taken advantage of
support from Access North Ayr to find either a first job, or a better
job if they were already employed. Outlined below are the stories of
what a few of them have achieved, and how ANA has played a part in
that success.

Allan Baillie completed a Basic IT course with the Flexible Learning
Centre (FLC), then went on to complete an SQA module in ‘Introduction
to Computers’. He is now studying towards his European Computer
Driving Licence (ECDL) core certificate.

Andrew Ritchie registered with the FLC in June 2003, and works full-
time for HMS Gannet. When Andrew’s employer discovered he could
gain a free qualification, he was allowed time off to come in to the FLC
to study. Andrew has since completed the core ECDL and ECDL
Advanced Word – he is currently studying for his Advanced
Spreadsheets, and has commented on the amount of knowledge he has
gained from using the FLC, and how it has improved his proficiency at

Andrew Scott completed his core ECDL while employed in the CYRCIT
ILM in 2003, and continued to use the FLC after leaving CYRCIT.
Andrew used the FLC for job search and to apply for jobs online. Andrew
gained a reference from ANA for a job at Haven Craig Tara where he still

Andrew Forrest originally worked with the Ambassador’s ILM in 2003
and was then transferred to the Traineeship ILM, as this was felt to be
more beneficial to him. Andrew was placed in the FLC and worked
alongside the FLC team very well, gaining the core ECDL. Andrew
successfully gained employment working in Community Education.

Karen McKenzie regularly used the FLC throughout 2003 to study and
complete college work, often gaining help and support from FLC staff.
Karen gained a BS degree in Midwifery, and then used the FLC for job
search and online applications. Karen is now successfully employed in
Michelle Morton regularly used the FLC throughout 2003 to study and
complete a BA degree in Multimedia, often gaining help and support
from FLC staff. Michelle continues to use the FLC to job search and keep
her IT skills up to date.

Maree Jackson has use the FLC over the past year while studying at
college, and gained core ECDL, Advanced ECDL. She is currently
studying towards ECDL Advanced Spreadsheets. Maree continues to
improve her skills and job prospects by attending some FLC in-house
courses, including Web Design and Photoshop. Maree is currently trying
to set up her own business, and often asks the FLC staff for help.

Suzanne McAvoy was appointed a full-time IT Tutor in the FLC in
January 2004, having worked in ANA for 7 years. Suzanne first worked
in ANA as an ILM Trainee, then went on to work in the TechnoTardis
before the FLC was developed, and then spent several years working in
ANA’s Childcare Department. Since joining the FLC team, Suzanne has
gained her ECDL and ECDL Advanced Word, and is now successfully
assessing ECDL candidates through the qualification. Suzanne is also
about to sit her ECDL Advanced Spreadsheet, and is currently studying
towards gaining A units to allow assessing of SQA qualifications.

Ann Wells, Anne Conlan, Libby McKee and Angela Crawford
(Childwatch staff members) are all undertaking the SQA module
‘Introduction to Computers’ through the FLC to help boost their ICT
skills and to help ‘keep up with the kids’.

FLC staff have gained their ECDL core and ECDL Advanced Word and
are currently developing a mixed variety of SQA modules to deliver in
the FLC. FLC staff continue to support LearnDirect Scotland through
provision of online learning.

Playwork ILM Trainees all completed their SVQ Level 2 qualification
and obtained employment working in After School care in and around
Ayr. For example, Lorraine Smith is now working in Troon, which she
attended while on a work placement. The staff there were so impressed
with her that she was offered a part-time permanent post. Other Trainees
who also impressed employers while on placement are Lesley Agnew
who now works at HOOSC. Liz Davidson at Glenburn, Angela Gilmour
at Glenburn, Debbie Kennedy and Maggie O’Neill at Childwatch, and
Fiona Caddis. Stephanie Bryden went to study at Ayr College.
William Boyle tells us: “Before joining ANA in February 2003, I had
previously worked as a removals man for 11 years. Due to ill health I was
forced to resign from that job, and thought my working days were over,
as I had little or no experience in any other field. The staff at ANA were
terrific in helping me to regain my confidence and guiding me with their
expertise in jobsearch and interview techniques. Following 12 months on
a training programme, during which I gained an SVQ in IT Systems plus
certificates in First Aid, Quad Bike Instructing, PAT Testing and minibus
driving, ANA secured for me a job placement with a local tenancy
support firm that later led to full-time employment. In short, ANA have
given me a new lease of life, and I fully encourage anyone who thinks as
I did to get in touch with ANA at the John Pollock Centre, and have a
look at what’s available. The help and the opportunities are there.”

Laura-Jane Given says about ANA “I don't know what I would have
done without ANA. Before I started with ANA I was a chef, but the
company went bankrupt and the kitchen was shutdown. After this I felt
that I wanted to get into Administration. I dropped into ANA on the off-
chance and ended up getting an Admin Place on the Modern
Apprenticeship. Whilst on the Apprenticeship I completed First Aid,
STEPS, Fire Warden Training, ECDL and my SVQ Level 3. For the first
year and a half I was based in the Main Office, then a post came up in
ChildWatch. I applied for it, and was successful, so I am now a full-time
member of ANA. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at
ANA for all its hard work, and for giving me the opportunity to do this. I
really appreciate it.”

Kimberley Valance wanted a change of career. Thanks to a placement
with website design firm Blackcase as an Administrative Assistant, she
gained invaluable practical experience in a wide range of secretarial and
administrative activities, and completed a Modern Apprenticeship (Level
3) in Business Administration and the European Computer Driving
Licence. In addition, she has also completed courses such as: Pacific
Institute Steps to Excellence, Teambuilding and the Red Cross “First Aid
at Work”. After her time with the Traineeship ILM, Kimberley was
fortunate enough to be employed by Blackcase. This is what she says
about her experience: “I am really glad that I took the time to go and find
out what ANA had to offer me. The whole course was plain sailing, with
the staff being dedicated, and the coursework well thought out and
relevant. By the end of my year, I had not only gained the necessary skills
for me to secure a good job in the Administration field, but I had also
made lots of new friends from my area, and gained more confidence in
myself and my workplace.”

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