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									Chiropractor Offers Cheap Atlanta Massage Therapy

Atlanta GA, 24-MAY-2012 - Atlanta Chiropractic & Wellness and Dr. Isaiah
Marder, D. C., are pleased to announce the availability of cheap Atlanta
massage for local residents. While most people recognize that benefits of
massage therapy as a component in a holistic program, it may be that the
cost of regular therapy has been a stumbling block. The provision of
Atlanta chiropractic coupons can make the cost of massage therapy more

Dr. Marder spoke in a recent interview about the benefits of massage
therapy when he stated, "With today's hectic and high stress lifestyles;
massage therapy is beneficial to the mind, body and soul." He continues,
"We are a full-service provider of chiropractics, medical care, massage
therapy, acupuncture, orthotics, nutritional counseling, weight
management, and food allergy testing."

The center offers a fifth massage at no cost when four massages are
purchased. This makes the cost more affordable for one of the most
beneficial therapeutic techniques in the practice of natural medicine.

Massage therapy is used in two ways, as direct therapy and as a way to
make other chiropractic therapies more beneficial. There are several
types of massage offered by fully trained therapeutic technicians. These
include Swedish, deep tissue, sports, neuromuscular, pre-natal, or focus

Learn more about how cheap Atlanta massage can pay off in better health
and relaxation by visiting the web pages at today. Individuals, as well as
press corp members, who have further queries about the various types of
massage therapy and how to obtain Atlanta chiropractic coupons are
encouraged to contact Dr. Marder at the location below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Isaiah Marder, D. C.

Company Name: Atlanta Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Address: 608 Moreland Avenue N. E., Atlanta, GA 30307

Contact Telephone Number: (404) 687-2382

Contact Fax Number: (404) 687-2384



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