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Extended Results delivers PushBI Mobile 3.0 for Smartphones and
Tablet Devices, including Windows Phone 7, Windows 7-based slate
PCs, Apple iPhone and iPad, RIM Blackberry and Google Android.
January 10, 2011 - Extended Results Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-class business intelligence services and
solutions for large businesses released PushBI 3.0, a mobile business intelligence application providing richer
business intelligence features and an exciting new addition that allows integration with Microsoft SharePoint
Server 2010. PushBI 3.0 supports more industry smartphone platforms than any other provider in the marketplace.
PushBI 3.0 can be found across many smartphone and tablet device platforms, like Windows Phone 7, Windows 7-
based slate PCs, Apple iPhone and iPad, RIM Blackberry and Google Android Phones.

PushBI Mobile provides real-time access to key performance data on your smartphone or tablet mobile devices.
“Retail customers are hailing this solution as the answer to having critical data and information at their fingertips
when moving around a store or across a city, without waiting weeks for reports in order to make instant business
decisions. Our retail customers also really appreciate the ability to not only deliver metrics to a smart device, but
also the ability to integrate other web application assets in delivering a complete employee experience onto a
device that they can walk around a store with,” says Patrick Husting, President of Extended Results.

PushBI 3.0 Mobile Features:

            Actionable insights to rich, easily accessible data
            Quick and easy performance summaries
            One-click access and drill-down to trends
            Subscription to metrics you are interested in following
            Comments or tweets about KPIs
            The ability to provide other report content links associated with KPIs
            Easy installation and visually rich/interactive UI
            Integration with corporate web applications like SharePoint Server
            Integration to existing database servers like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, SharePoint Server, Microsoft
             Excel and PowerPivot for Excel 2010

Extended Results delivers end-to-end Technology and Business Intelligence services and solutions using a proven
methodology that combines business knowledge, technical expertise, and an in-depth application experience. We
help our customers and partners discover and implement high value business intelligence solutions that generate
rapid, meaningful, and measureable results. Extended Results enables the successful adoption, deployment and
use of business intelligence solutions and technologies for all customers, from the individual to the enterprise.

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Corporate information: www.ExtendedResults.com
PushBI information: www.PushBI.com
Extended Results Blog: blog.extendedresults.com

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