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									Power Point 2000 Shortcuts
Working in Windows
Maximise a window Minimise a window Restore a window Switch to an open program Close a Window Switch to next open file Move a window Size a window Ctrl + F10 Ctrl + F9 Ctrl + F5 Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + W Ctrl + F6 Ctrl + F7 Ctrl + F8

Cancel an action ESC Change case of characters Shift + F3 Delete a character on the left Backspace Delete a character to the right Del Delete one word to the left Ctrl + Backspace Delete one word to the right Ctrl + Del Cut selection Ctrl + X Copy selection Ctrl + C Paste selection Ctrl + V

Moving around in text
One character to the left Left Arrow One character to the right Right Arrow One line above Up Arrow One line down DownArrow One word to the left Ctrl + LeftArrow One word to the right Ctrl + RightArr Move to the end of a line END Beginning of a line HOME Move up a line UpArrow Down a line DownArrow Move to the end of a text box Ctrl + End Move to beginning of text box Ctrl + Home Move to next placeholder Ctrl + Enter

Bold Italic Underline Subscript Superscript Remove character formatting Copy text formats Paste text formats Left align paragraph Right align paragraph Centre paragraph Justify paragraph

Ctrl + B Ctrl + I Ctrl + U Ctrl + = Ctrl + Shift + Plus Ctrl + Spacebar Ctrl + Shift + C Ctrl + Shift + V Ctrl + L Ctrl + R Ctrl + E Ctrl + J

Move to previous hyperlink Shift + TAB Activate selected hyperlink ENTER

Running a SlideShow
Advance to next slide Enter, Spacebar, N PgDn, DownArrow, MouseClick Previous slide Backspace, P PageUp, LeftArrow,UpArrow Go to slide Type slide number Display black screen on/off B Display white screen W Stop an automatic show S Restart an automatic show S Run the slide show F5 Use pen (annotations) Ctrl + P Erase annotations E Use mouse arrow Ctrl + A Display shortcut menu Shift + F10 Go to first slide Press number 1 Or Hold both buttons down on the mouse for 2 seconds Go to next hidden slide H End a slide show ESC Tip: Press F1 during a slide show to see a list of shortcuts

Working with menus
Display the shortcut menu Display Control menu Select next or previous Menu command Make menu bar active Move through options Shift + F10 Alt + Spacebar Up or Down Arrow F10 Tab or Arrows

Working in Outline view
(Use same shortcuts to promote and demote headings in a Slide) Promote paragraph Alt+Shift+ LeftArrow Demote paragraph Alt+Shift+RightArrow Move up Alt+Shift+UpArrow Move down Alt+Shift+DownArrow Show level 1 Alt + Shift + 1 Expand a heading Alt+Shift+Plus Collapse a heading Alt+Shift+Minus Show all text Alt+ Shift+ A Show formatting – on/ off / (Slash)

Creating presentations
Create a new presentation Ctrl + N Open a presentation Ctrl + O Close a presentation Ctrl + W Print a presentation Ctrl + P Save a presentation Ctrl + S Save As dialog box F12 Insert a slide Ctrl + M Insert a slide with same layout as previous slide Ctrl + Shift + M Exit Powerpoint Alt + F4 Run a presentation F5

Selecting text and objects
Select character on right Select character on left Continue selection Select an object Select text within an object Select all objects on a slide Select all slides (Slide Sorter view) Shift + RightArrow Shift + LeftArrow Shift + Arrow keys Tab or Shift + Tab ENTER Ctrl + A Ctrl + A

Web/ Hyperlinks
Insert a hyperlink Ctrl + K BROWSING HYPERLINKS IN A SLIDESHOW Go to next hyperlink TAB Go to previous hyperlink Shift + TAB Activate selected hyperlink ENTER VIEWING A WEB PRESENTATION (In Internet Explorer v4.0 or later) Go to next slide Go to previous slide Move to next hyperlink Spacebar Backspace TAB

Editing presentations
Spell check Next misspelt word Find text Replace text or formatting Repeat an action Undo an action F7 Alt + F7 Ctrl + F Ctrl + H Ctrl + Y Ctrl + Z

Change the font Change font size Increase font size Decrease font size Font dialog box Ctrl + Shift + F Ctrl + Shift + P Ctrl + Shift + > Ctrl + Shift + < Ctrl + T

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