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									VN Web Group Inc. Launches Video Production Service
 To Add to their Impressive List of Web Design and Internet Marketing Services, the Vancouver-
 Based VN Web Group Inc. is Excited to Announce the Launch of Video Production Services.

Online PR News – 24-May-2012 VN Web Group Inc. is one of Vancouver’s leading web design and internet
marketing firms. By providing their clients with a wide range of services including website development,
ecommerce website design , internet marketing, and search engine optimization services, VN Web
Group Inc. helps business owners connect with their customers through innovative and measurable web
marketing solutions.

                     Reach Your Target Audience With Video Presentation.
Now VN Web Group Inc. is excited to launch their video production services which not only improves
communication but makes for a more captivating web presence.

According to Vadim Kotin, President of VN Web Group Inc., “the versatility of our new video production
services will allow our customers to reach their target audience in fresh and exciting ways. Multimedia and
corporate video helps to create a robust web presence that captivates potential customers.” Indeed, the
benefits of video are numerous. Not only can video help customers visualize a product or service, but video
can provide an exceptional degree of detail which may not easily be explained in words. In addition, video is
more engaging to website visitors while providing unique ways to demonstrate difficult concepts and provide
real life examples of the services provided.

Included in their video production service, VN Web Group Inc. can help business owners develop video
introductions, video ads, and video testimonials at every stage of production including script writing, filming,
and video editing. Whether a company wants to develop web banners, vlogs, instructional or training videos,
or even product demonstrations, VN Web Group Inc. will work closely with their clients to create stunning,
HD videos that transform a static, text-based website into something dynamic and eye-catching. “At VN Web
Group we want to use innovative techniques and technology to create custom, professional websites that
enhance the clarity and power of your message and video production services are a logical addition to our
list of services ,” Vadim Kotin said when asked why his group is launching video production services.
Personal website owners, small business websites, and corporate websites can all benefit from the power of
video. By producing high quality video for individuals and businesses, VN Web Group Inc. adds another
element to their impressive variety of web design and internet marketing solutions. More importantly,
because VN Web Group Inc. is a one-stop shop for all your web marketing needs, they ensure your web
marketing tools are developed and displayed seamlessly.

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