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									In Long Island, appeared Allure limousine

The German airline "Lufthansa" announced a new service - VIP-flights from Long Island to US. Now
wealthy Long Islanders can use the Allure limousine - a small jet aircraft, equipped with every comfort.
In the cabin only 7 seats. During the flight, passengers (for each of them will take care of a private
flight attendant) will offer delicious food and drinks. The Long Island limo is already in force in many
South West Airways. To rent a plane for a flight from Frankfurt to Madrid, for example, you have to
pay 16 thousand dollars. To go back to Frankfurt - an additional 16 thousand

According to the Long Island newspaper, wealthy lognislanders have already expressed interest in the
new type of service. "Lufthansa" receives orders for "air limousine", although Holbrook - not Islip, to
get away to JFK will have to pay not 16, and 28 thousand dollars.

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