Fathers’ Rights Atty Jeffery Leving Supports Senate Bill 2621 Providing Safe and Cost-Effective Solutions to Illinois Prison Overcrowding by MatthewSchultz3


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Fathers’ Rights Atty Jeffery Leving Supports Senate Bill 2621 Providing Safe and Cost-
Effective Solutions to Illinois Prison Overcrowding

Chicago, IL – May, 24, 2012 – Fathers’ Rights Attorney Jeffery M. Leving
(http://dadsrights.com) supports Senate Bill 2621 which provides a safe, cost-effective
way to reduce the Illinois prison population through sentence credits for non-violent
offenders. The Bill was sponsored by Senator Kwame Raoul, whose law firm Quarles &
Brady provides counsel to the Fatherhood Educational Institute (FEI), a charity Leving

Senate Bill 2621 would allow for non-violent offenders to receive sentence credits for
good behavior. Sentence credits encourage inmate participation in programming, which
studies show to be the most effective way to reduce recidivism. The Bill’s
implementation will be open and transparent through an annual reporting requirement
and brings Illinois in line with a standard practice in prison systems throughout the

“Senate Bill 2621 gives non-violent offenders a chance to end the cycle of recidivism,”
said FEI founder Atty Jeffery M. Leving. “It also gives incarcerated fathers the chance to
come home to their children sooner.”

                       About the Fatherhood Educational Institute
The Fatherhood Educational Institute is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that serves to
promote responsible fatherhood and educate the community on the importance of
paternal involvement in the lives of children. To learn more about the Fatherhood
Educational Institute visit http://fatherhood-edu.org or call 312-795-9060.

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