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With so many strength equipment options, how do you know what is the right one for you?
The answer is simple: the one that fits – and works – best.

That’s how we approached, Versa, our latest innovation in strength equipment.

Versa gives you the versatility to bring together a system that fits your space and your
members. Allowing you the power to create an environment in your facility that’s attractive,
inviting and incredibly motivating.

Matrix is dedicated to helping you build your business, transform how you train your
clients and control your bottom line. Giving your members more confidence, from the
moment they approach a machine to when they complete their final rep.

                                                                                               866.693.4863 | matrixfitness.com
The ultimate member
engagement tool.
  Step 1                                      Step 2                                     Step 3
 Member fits                  Live data is displayed when in the                     Workout data is
belt and starts             gym. Exercise away from the gym is                   wirelessly uploaded at
  workout.                                recorded.                                     the club.

What is MYZONE®?                                       How to make money with
A never seen before way to accurately track,           MYZONE®.
measure and monetize your members’ workouts -
                                                       Clubs can monetize MYZONE by incentivizing
whether they train inside or outside your club.
                                                       new members with a MEPs target during the “on
                                                       boarding” process and therefore extending the
Why does MYZONE® work?                                 average members length of stay. Additionaly clubs
MYZONE is the only accurate monitoring device          can use MYZONE as a tool to sell premium yield
that wirelessly uploads exercise data. Not only can    memberships and further, prove the calorific value
it measure calories and heart rate, it also measures   of enhanced training services such as PT. Member
effort using MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs)               tracking, feedback, goal setting and competitions
designed to reward effort rather than fitness. Most     are a very real way to engage your customers and
importantly MYZONE is specifically designed to          maximize your revenue per member.
maximize the revenue potential of each member.
    Step 4                         Step 5                        Step 6              Step 7
Member receives               Member checks                  Tracking tools         Now we’re
 email summary               their results online.         for you and your          talking!
following upload.                                               member.

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