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					 The Official Publication of UFCW Local 1500 • March 2012 • Vol. 45 • No. 1


NYC Remains the ONLY Major City in America without a Walmart!

             SPOTLIGHT ON NASSAU - PAGES 8 & 9
2                                                                     The Register                                                                             March

                                 THE PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE
                                 By Bruce W. Both

                                                              MINIMUM WAGE VS. INFLATION
                                     The question, in New York, shouldn’t be        their own pockets to make sure their workers remain in poverty. Even worse,
                                  whether to raise the minimum wage; it should      the voice opposing a minimum wage increase will come from those making ten,
                                  be by how quickly Governor Andrew Cuomo,          twenty even fifty times what those on minimum wage make in a year.
                                  the Legislature, Union leaders and the business      Any business that can only survive and profit by paying their workers
                                  community should convene talks aimed at           poverty wages should either rethink their business model or consider another line
                                  finding a wage that will help bring fairness to   of work. Regardless, their voices of greed will be drowned out by the voices of
the growing underclass in New York.                                                 need.
   Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has proposed raising the wage by $1.25 an           Our elected officials were sent to Albany to do the right thing for their
hour, to $8.50, and, thereafter, indexing future increases to inflation. That’s a   constituents. They cannot look in the eyes of any of their constituents making
good start but remember, if New York’s $7.25 minimum wage (the same as the          $7.25 an hour and tell them that increasing the minimum wage will actually hurt
national minimum wage) had kept up with inflation, over the past 40 years, it       them.
would be approximately $10.80 today. Without any inflation guard, New York’s           I have a suggestion for any elected officials that disagree with raising the
minimum has increased all of 10 cents in the last five years.                       minimum wage; return to your districts, get a minimum wage job and then try
   For the record, New York State is not exactly a pioneer with the suggestion      to pay the bills. Then I am sure they will come to understand why New Yorkers
to raise the minimum wage. Two of our neighbors, Connecticut and                    need this raise.
Massachusetts, have raised their minimum wage above the federal standard (also         United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1500 will
$7.25) to address higher costs of living. As one of the States not raising          enthusiastically and aggressively encourage New York State elected officials to
minimum wage, New Yorkers are earning the same paycheck as those in                 increase the State minimum wage. Neither a strong economy nor the American
Oklahoma or West Virginia, just $7.25 an hour. I don’t need to tell you, that       dream can be built on a wage of $7.25 an hour. We must realize New York State
paycheck doesn’t go very far in New York.                                           cannot overcome its economic challenges in a sustainable way if, at the very
   Eighteen states pay a higher minimum wage than New York. Ten states              foundation of its economy, workers are living below the poverty line.
already index their minimum wage to keep pace with inflation. Because New              We must support common sense economic principles and a strong minimum
York doesn’t, some 14 percent of the workforce (1.2 million people) perform         wage is at the top of that list. It is unfortunate that it has taken Albany so long
the high-wire act of living on the minimum wage.                                    to address this vital issue though our Union looks forward to working with
   Sadly, we will have our opponents, such as greedy employers and narrow           Governor Cuomo, Speaker Silver and members of the New York State Senate
minded politicians. It is amazing how much money corporations will spend from       to get over one million New Yorkers the raise they so desperately need.

                              AUDIT COMMITTEE

                   Charles Haughwout, Gregory Pasquale, Paul Waldron,
                          David Fisch, CPA and Daniel Gleason.

                                          Find us at
                                              or on Twitter @UFCW1500
2012                                                                   The Register                                                                                       3

                                   JUST FOR THE RECORD
                                   By Anthony G. Speelman, Secretary-Treasurer

                                                  INTERNET & SOCIAL MEDIA
                                       Your Union leadership makes sure that it is    an agreement with her boss that she'd spend
                                    keeping up with all of the latest labor laws,     the day in a dark room. But as she lay in bed,
                                    especially in regards to technological advance-   she couldn't help herself from logging on to the
                                    ments, such as the internet and social media.     social network from her iPhone. When the compa-
                                    Here is one thing we have found out: The          ny noticed, she was fired for the breach of trust.
                                    nation's labor laws needed a status update.           2. The Online Grievance
 With workers increasingly finding themselves in trouble for comments they have           When JT's Porch Saloon & Eatery, located in Chicago, implemented a
 made on social media websites, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is          policy that wait staff were not required to share tips with bartenders, it was sure
 reviewing what workers’ actions are protected and which ones are not                 to irk a member or two of the bar staff. Taking to the pages of Facebook, one
 protected.                                                                           of them wrote in Fall 2010, via wall post, that the policy "sucked." When the
    This is a very important issue and we must all follow it closely. UFCW Local      bartender continued to attack the policy on his step-sister's wall, he caught the
 1500 has over 23,000 members. Statistics tell us that well over 60% of our           attention of his employers, who sent him a message letting him know that he
 membership are using either Facebook, Twitter or some form of                                        was fired. After he appealed to the NLRB, the board ruled that
 social media.                                                                                        the comments did not qualify as a "concerted activity" to be
    Your employers are beginning to establish social media policies                                   protected against employer retaliation, but rather as an individual
 and violations could lead to discipline. Please be aware that your                                   grievance. The lack of NLRB protection was trend-setting for
 union is reviewing company policies about social media and                                           social media cases.
 objecting as necessary. As a member, you are strongly advised                                            3. The Walmart Employee
 not to sign any document presented to you from your employer                                             As far as the NLRB was concerned, it wasn't enough that the
 regarding their social media policy. Should you be presented with                                    Facebook user was complaining about his company to fellow
 such a document, refuse to sign it and please contact your Union                                     employees. In a landmark 2010 case, one Walmart employee
 Delegate.                                                                            was not given protection because his comments didn't amount to the crucial
    As for the new rules established by the NLRB in regards to social media,          NLRB doctrine of a "logical outgrowth of prior group activity." In plain English,
 employees have long been protected from employer retaliation when engaging           he wasn't involved in organizing group action against an employer. "I swear if
 in a "concerted activity" to improve their working conditions. In deciding what      this tyranny doesn't end in this store they are about to get a wakeup call because
 to protect, the NLRB looks for action deemed to be constructive, as opposed to       lots are about to quit," he posted. Upon catching wind of the post, Walmart
 an individual gripe. (Nasty wall posts are most likely not going to be protected.)   responded with a one-day unpaid suspension and forced counseling. The rela-
 And while the NLRB is more likely to protect actions made by a group, with or        tive slap-on-the-wrist still prompted the Walmart employee to appeal to the
 without the help of a union, there is precedent for the NLRB protecting              NLRB, which rejected his claim on the basis that his comment was basically an
 individuals who seek to improve labor conditions on their own.                       individual gripe.
    The law is still evolving and your Union attorneys are constantly updating us         The bottom line: be careful what you post and what you tweet. The
 on these changes. However below are three examples of workers who got in             first amendment is not without limitations. Keep your Union informed about
 trouble because of comments they made on Facebook.                                   changes in our company social media policy, and if you or any worker is
    1. The Sick Worker                                                                disciplined, call the Union immediately. Your Union is here to fight for you but
    The excuse, "sick of computer use," was pretty weak in the first place. But       you have to think before you write.
 that's the ailment that one Swiss woman used in 2009 with her employer,                  You can ask me questions and follow me on Twitter @Aspeel1500 follow
 Nationale Suisse, in saying that she needed a day off from the monitor to help       your union @UFCW1500 and like us at
 with her migraines. (Her name was not revealed by the company.) She came to


     In honor of Black History month we paid tribute to one of the most influen-         “You are demanding that this city will respect the dignity of labor.
 tial men in our country’s history, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.                        So often we overlook the work and the significance of those who are
     Dr. King tirelessly fought for the working class, social justice, and            not in professional jobs, of those who are not in the so-called big
 economic justice.         He fought to educate the American public on                jobs. But let me say to you tonight that whenever you are engaged
 illnesses facing our country and culture, some of which are still                    in work that serves humanity and is for the building of humanity, it
 plaguing our country today. Dr. King was a leading voice against ‘Right-to-          has dignity and it has worth.”
 Work’ legislation, legislation that was recently passed in Indiana, which               The words resonate with us as retail workers. So often retail work
 weakens labor unions and rights of workers banding together to fight for a           throughout grocery stores is overlooked.              We thank you all, for
 better quality of life. In 1961 Dr. King gave his opinion on “Right-to-Work”:        serving our communities with professionalism, and making shopping a
     “In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being             pleasant experience for New Yorkers.
 fooled by false slogans, as 'right-to-work.' It provides no 'rights' and                Each February, we honor African-American leaders who have helped mold
 no 'works.' Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of                our country into a more equal, just, and better place to live. Though February
 collective bargaining... We demand this fraud be stopped.”                           may be Black history month, we, working in the labor movement, fighting to
     In his last speech before Dr. King was assassinated, he addressed a group of     better the lives of the working class, eternally honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
 AFCSME striking Sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee. The beautiful              and activists alike who fought every day for social and economic justice.
 words he spoke in 1968 still resonate today.
4                                                                                    The Register                                                                                                March

                                                       TARGET HEADS TO TRIAL
                           After the union election at Target Valley fear and in anticipation of another union vote and the possibility of
                        Stream last summer, the National Labor providing wages and benefits up to par with unionized retailers."
                        Relations Board charged Target with numerous            Workers, Local 1500 Organizers, staff, and store managers are
                        violations of Federal laws and workers' rights. On currently testifying in Brooklyn and we expect to hear a decision by
                        February 1, 2012, the Valley Stream Target March 2012. Local 1500 President, Bruce W. Both weighed in on the
                        workers finally got their day in court, as the case opportunity Target has before them, to change into a corporate role
                        was brought before a Federal Labor Board Judge model, "We know companies like Target, who are on the forefront of
                        in Brooklyn, New York. It's hopeful and moti- retail growth, have the ability and should lead by example. Rather than
vating to the Target workers that                                                                                   focusing on higher profits and
the Federal Government is look-                                                                                     cutting hours, jobs and
ing out for their basic rights,"
                                                         Why Target is on Federal Trial:                            benefits, Target should focus
said Special Projects Director          1. Illegal Surveillance of Workers who wanted a Union                       on setting an example as a
Aly Waddy. "The workers are             Target employees wanted a union, but management made union retail leader, by providing
pioneering change at a national         supporting feel almost criminal like, they actively encouraged the good jobs for hundreds of
company who, until this sum-            surveillance of 'pro-union' employees. They even told employees to call the communities across America.
mer, was never held to the same         police if union Organizers came to speak to them.                           We've presented Target with
esteem as Walmart. Now with             From Crain's NY Business:                                                   an opportunity to change.
this trial, we're confident that the    The Labor Board also decided the retailer unlawfully created the They have the ability to make
country will get a sense on how         impression that workers' union activities were under surveillance and their retail jobs, good jobs in
Target puts profits ahead of            that supervisors told workers they could not solicit on behalf of the our country. How a company
people," Waddy concluded.               union in non-working areas, said Alvin Blyer, the Regional Director of named Target could be so off
   While Local 1500 prepared            the Labor Board.                                                            course when it comes to
for the trial, it was discovered                                                                                    obeying the law, respecting
                                        2. Interrogation of Workers Who Wanted a Union
that nearly 25% of the workers                                                                                      workers      and    honoring
from Valley Stream Target had           So what comes after illegal surveillance? Obviously interrogation! Democracy is truly ironic,"
been replaced in a mere                 From Crain's:                                                               Both concluded.
6-month span. Assistant to the          The Labor Board also found sufficient evidence to add charges that            Join the movement to
President,       Patrick     Purcell    supervisors interrogated workers about their union activity and told Change Target and Support
speculated why. It's evident            them they could not solicit on behalf of the union in non-working your local Target workers at
Target began a practice of              areas, said Alvin Blyer, the Regional Director of the Labor Board.
'cleansing' their workforce in          3. Intimidating Workers to vote against the union.                          getchange.
                                        From handbills which questioned if the store would close 'if the union got
                                        in', to captive audience meetings where they told employees the store
                                        would close and they wouldn't have a job. Target did whatever it took to
                                        manipulate employees. If that weren't enough, they shoved corny
                                        anti-union propaganda like this video down the throats of employees
                                        every day:

    Averil, a Valley Stream Target Worker                                                                                                                        Sonya, from Valley Stream Target before
                                            Tashawna Greene, a leading union voice at the Target in Valley Stream, was fired 7-weeks after the union election.        testifying at the Labor Board
       testifying at the Federal hearing
2012             The Register                                                                      5

                              FAIRWAY OPENS IN
                            DOUGLASTON, QUEENS
         Local 1500’s membership expanded again as Fairway opened a new store in Douglaston,
       Queens. As usual, when a Fairway opens in a new neighborhood the residents become
       ecstatic and wonder how they lived without it. The 56,000 square foot store opened in
       November 2011 and employs over 400 people! “It’s a win-win for the community,” said
       Field Director Rob Newell, “They’re not only providing outstanding food with great prices
       for the residents of Queens, but also great union jobs for them!” This opening marks
       Fairway’s 9th store, and they are quickly becoming a supermarket giant.
         The great Local 1500 union employer not only does right by their employees, but also
       does great for the community. Fairway donated 10% of all sales in a
       7-hour period at three locations to a Fund established for the daughters of fallen NYPD
       Detective Peter Figoski, who was killed in the line of duty on December 12th. In total,
       $20,000 will be donated from Fairway for the girls' Scholarship Fund. Great job!

                                         BOB'S ORGANIZING WINS
                                Employees at Bob’s Discount Furniture continue to organize and
                             win. The workers’ latest victory came in December, when a
                             majority of workers at Bob’s Discount Furniture store in North
                             Plainfield, N.J., voted for a voice on the job with UFCW Local 888.
                             The North Plainfield store is the eighth store to organize in the
                             40-store chain, joining their co-workers in Manchester, Orange and
                             Stamford, Conn.; Manchester, N.H.; and Freeport, Glendale and
                             Farmingdale, N.Y., who joined UFCW Locals 888, 919 and 1445
                             last year. Welcome to the UFCW family!
6                                                              The Register                                                                     March

          Special Elections: March 20, 2012                                            Special Elections: June 26, 2012
                   VOTE UNION!                                                                  VOTE UNION!

    UNION ENDORSED Shelly Mayer, 93rd
       Assembly District, Yonkers, NY

UNION ENDORSED Lew Fidler, State Senate,                                      UNION ENDORSED Hakeem Jeffries, 10th
        Brooklyn's 27th District                                                Congressional District, Brooklyn, NY

                                                                                                       Sec. Treasurer Tony Speelman, Congresswoman
                                                    Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice         McCarthy, Political Director John Woods,
                                                                with President Both                             Field Director Terry Quinones

   Gear up, 2012 is an important election year for the future of New        civility and common sense." Hakeem Jeffries was honored by the
York and our country. It’s March and Local 1500 has already endorsed        endorsement saying, "It is an honor…this strong union stands up for all
a few important local candidates to help bring more union jobs to New       workers in their fight for fair contracts and wages, and the right to a
York!                                                                       decent quality of life. I am proud to stand with UFCW as a State
   Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries is running for Congress in Brooklyn’s        Legislator and I look forward to working with them in Washington to
10th district and Local 1500 was the first labor organization to endorse    keep improving the quality of life for all city residents."
him for the seat. In a statement, UFCW Local 1500 President Bruce              It’s never too late or too early to get involved on our political action
W. Both said: “As a New York State Assemblyman, Hakeem stood side           team. We at Local 1500 are committed to finding and supporting the
by side with our members and fought on our behalf as we worked to           best politicians that benefit our membership! We’re looking for
pass the New York State Wage Theft Prevention Act in 2010, a bill that      volunteers, anyone who is interested in politics or who has ideas on
provides workers in New York State protections against irresponsible        candidates to support and we’re even looking for people to run for
employers who fail to pay their workers. As a member of Congress, our       office! Contact us at or our Political Director John
union is confident that Hakeem will bring leadership, innovative            Woods at 1-800-522-0456 ext. 11357, and let’s take a step forward
thinking and a progressive mind to a legislative body crying out for        towards securing a great future for all of us!
2012                                                          The Register                                                                              7

                                                                     10 YEARS LATER...
                                          STILL NO WALMART IN NYC, THANKS TO YOU!
                                     We have battled Walmart for decades now, and proudly remain the only major city in America without
                                   a Walmart. Give yourselves a hand, you deserve it. Eight-years ago you helped defeat them at Rego Park,
                                   Queens. What's occupying that site now? A Unionized supermarket! The fight of Local 1500
                                   members to keep Walmart from New York City is a mainstay and we will never back down from the retail
                                   giant. Local 1500 members have battled them in over 10 locations throughout the five boroughs, and we
                                   won't stop preserving union jobs. By keeping Walmart out of our great city, we're not only preserving
                                   union jobs, we're preserving local businesses and our beloved communities. Want to get involved? Join
                                   the frontline and help battle the retail giant from setting up shop in New York City. Then join our Walmart
                                   NYC Free Street Team by sending us an email to
                                                                  Thank You for keeping NYC Walmart Free!

                                              Change Walmart Rally, NYC, Nov. 2011          President Both speaks out against     Fighting Walmart in
                                                                                             Walmart in Staten Island, 2005             Brooklyn

       President Both speaks out                                                                                2007, Protesting Walmart's Board of
                                                Local 1500 Members gathered in 2005 to protest
       against Walmart in 2007                    Walmart on Good Morning America in NYC                          Directors Meeting in Manhattan

                                                                                    Local 1500 Members braved the
                                              Local 1500 Members protest a           cold in Feb. 2007 opposing a        Pat Purcell debates Walmart
                                                Walmart in White Plains                  Walmart in Brooklyn!               in NYC on Fox News

 Former Walmart worker and Local 1500 Member,                                                               Pat Purcell spoke to Bronx residents in
        Jennifer Stenavage, fights to keep                                                                2006 about the impact of Walmart on urban
               NYC Walmart Free!                    2006 Bronx Town Hall Meeting on Walmart
8                                                    The Register                                                        March

                                              MEMBERSHIP SPOTLIG
                                                                                                            In February, we spent the
                                                                                                         County reps, taking pictures
                                                                                                         talking with them about the
                                                                                                         employs over 3,000 UFCW L
                                                                                                         like Dairy Barn, Stop & S
                                                                                                         Fairway and King Kullen. L
                                                                                                         serviced by Union Represen
                                                                                                         Aponte and Mike Onufrak, a
                                                                                                         Vice President & Field Directo
                                                                                                            Longtime member Rose P
      22 year member, Georgia Lugg                                                                       City) reflected on her years wi
    from King Kullen 39, Garden City                                                                     39-years I’m still happy to be
                                                                                                         union. The company and unio
                                                                                                         happy to have the benefits I h
                                                                                                         to workers at non-union store
                                                           Union Rep. Mike Onufrak speaks with           union!”
                                                           Victor from King Kullen in Garden City           Together, Reps Jeff Mauss
                                                                                                         Aponte have a total of over
                                                                                                         1500 members! They spok
                                                                                                         servicing Nassau County: "It's
                                                                                                         members in Nassau County.
                                                                                                         been some of Local 1500's m
                                                                                                         Mike Onufrak.         “Nassau
                                                                                                         membership is a diverse, fun
                                                                                                         said Teresa Aponte. “My sto
                                                                                                         always an honor and privileg
            The Bakers from King Kullen in Gar                                                           wherever I am. I’m glad t
                                              den City
                                                                                                         people working in Nassau Co
                                                                                                            Daniela from Key Food #1
                                                                                                         1500, “I’m happy to be union
                                                                                                         I know my Rep, my Field Di
                                                                                                         back!” Look out in your area f
                                                                              Natalie from the           We’ll be visiting a different ar
                                                                                Stop & Shop              like us to come spotlight you
                                                                          Floral Dept. in Hicksvi

                                           Dairy Manager Bob Ry
         Julio & Kevin Oro                      from Pathmark
                      in Garden City
     from King Kullen

                                                                   Debbie & Union Rep. Jeff Mausser
                                                                         Pick Quick Key Food 18                      Deli Department

                                                                                                              SPOTLIGHT ON
                                                                                                          Members: Over 3,000
                                                                                                          Stores: 55
                                                                                                          Reps: Jeff Mausser (
                                                                                                                 Mike Onufrak
                                                                                                                 Teresa Aponte
                                                                      ick Key Food                        Favorite Food: Pizza
        Steve, Brad & Guilaume                 The Deli from Pick Qu
           from King Kullen                               in Floral Park
      2012                                                     The Register                                                         9

  day with a couple of Nassau
 s of members at work and
  union and their job. Nassau
Local 1500 members at stores
Shop, Key Food, Pathmark,
  ocal 1500 Nassau stores are
ntatives, Jeff Mausser, Teresa
 nd are overseen by Executive
 or, Fred Walter.
Paccione (King Kullen Garden
 ith UFCW Local 1500, “After                                                                Mike Onufrak with Ste
 e a part of the team and this                                                                                    ve, & Shop
                                                                                         Steward Artie, Stop &
 on have been good to me, I’m                                                                                  Shop in Hicksville
have. I’ve seen what happens
 es, it makes me grateful to be
                                         Al & Paul from King Ku
                                                               llen in
 ser, Mike Onufrak & Teresa              Garden City
   50-years of service to Local
 ke on what they thought of
 s a pleasure to represent the
   Historically they have always
  ost supportive members!" said
    members are great, the
   and active bunch & love it!”
 ores in Nassau are great, it’s
ge to represent the members                                                                                          ter
to be representing the great                                                        Executive Vice President Fred Wal
ounty,” said Jeff Mausser.                                                              & Mic  helle from Pathmark
18 admired the work of Local
n. If I ever have any problem,
 irector and my union has my
  for The Register at your store!
 rea every 3-months. If you’d
ur store, send us an email to                           Rose Paccione,
                                       39-year member,
                                                         arden City
                                         King Kullen in G

                                                                                                                Nick from Pathmark,
                                                                          Tommy from Pick Quick Key Foo           New Hyde Park
                                                                                   in Floral Park

 t at King Kullen
                              Chris from Pick
                              Quick Key Food


 (ext. 11343)
k (ext. 11342)
 e (ext. 11311)                                             Dante Cortina from
                                                                                                  Mary from the Bakery
                                                          Stop & Shop Hicksville                                       in
                                                                                                  Stop & Shop Hicksville
10                                                                The Register                                                                        March

                           The Building Blocks Project is based on               The Diabetes Epidemic
                         the equation that Good Health is built from             Diabetes is the most rapidly grow-
                         Good Food and Good Jobs. Healthy individuals,         ing chronic disease of our time. It has
                         communities, and a healthy city have to be built      become an epidemic that affects one
                         on the solid foundation of these three building       out of every 12 adult New Yorkers.
                         blocks. The New York Department of Health             Since 1994, the number of people in
                         was recently quoted, "Research suggests that          the state who have diabetes has
                         access to food-including the availability, quality,   more than doubled, and it is likely
                         and price of healthy foods and the presence of        that number will double again by the
                         supermarkets and advertising-affect the food          year 2050.
                         choices of residents, many of whom shop close           More than one million New
                         to home."                                             Yorkers have been diagnosed with
                           Diabetes is an epidemic in New York City,           diabetes. It is estimated that another
                         fueled by the increase in obesity nationwide and      450,000 people have diabetes
worldwide. In the past 15 years, the number of people with diabetes in         and don't know it, because the symptoms may be overlooked or mis-
NYC has more than doubled. In 2008, 550,000 New Yorkers report-                understood. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
ed being diagnosed with diabetes. Though serious, diabetes can be pre-         has recently predicted that one out of every 3 children born in the
vented and controlled-weight manage-                                                                              United        States     will     develop
ment is an important step.                                                                                        diabetes in their lifetime. For
   What is Diabetes?                                                                                              Hispanic/Latinos, the forecast is
   Diabetes is a disease in which the                                                                             even more alarming: one in every 2.
body does not make any insulin or                                                                                    Diabetes is Serious and Costly
can't use the insulin it does make as                                                                                Diabetes is not only common and
well as it should. Insulin is a hormone                                                                           serious; it is also a very costly disease.
made in the body. It helps glucose                                                                                   The cost of treating diabetes is
(sugar) from food enter the cells where                                                                           staggering. According to the
it can be used to give the body energy.                                                                           American Diabetes Association, the
Without insulin, glucose remains in                                                                               annual cost of diabetes in medical
the blood stream and cannot be used                                                                               expenses and lost productivity rose
for energy by the cells. Over time,                                                                               from $98 billion in 1997 to $132 bil-
having too much glucose in the blood                                                                              lion in 2002 to $174 billion in 2007.
can cause many health problems.                                                                                      One out of every five U.S. federal
   Diabetes is the leading cause of new                                                                           health care dollars is spent treating
blindness, kidney disease, and ampu-                                                                              people with diabetes. The average
tation, and it contributes greatly to the                                                                         yearly health care costs for a person
state's and nation's number one killer,                                                                           without diabetes is $2,560; for a
cardiovascular disease (heart disease                                                                             person with diabetes, that figure
and stroke). People with diabetes are                                                                             soars to $11,744. Much of the
more likely to die from flu or pneumonia.                                      human and financial costs can be avoided with proven diabetes
   Diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar; in fact there is no        prevention and management steps.
such thing as "having a touch of sugar," as some people believe. Only            Without places to purchase good food, people can't have good
a doctor or health care provider can diagnose diabetes either by               health. Today, diabetes and obesity are ravaging New York City's
conducting a fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test or an oral glucose              predominately working-class and minority communities. Supermarket
tolerance test (OGTT).                                                         development is an opportunity to increase the supply of the good
                                                                               food that is needed for good health. Supermarkets also create good
                                                                               jobs that are linked to economic health, a winning solution for all
                         QUICK FACTS:                                          neighborhoods.
   Over 700,000 New Yorkers have diabetes - almost a third don't
know it. More than 100,000 New Yorkers with very poorly
controlled diabetes are at high risk of heart attack, stroke, kidney
                                                                                              Prescription Drug Exclusions
failure, blindness, and amputations.                                                                 We advise all members that the Trustees
                                                                                               have specifically indicated that any drugs purchased
   If you have diabetes, keeping your blood sugar, blood pressure                                in the following stores will NOT be reimbursed
and cholesterol in check, and not smoking, will help prevent                                           under the Local 1500 Welfare Fund
complications.                                                                                       Prescription Plan under any conditions:
   Talk to your doctor about how you are doing. Regular physical                                  K-MART, C.V.S., WALMART, SAM’S,
activity, a healthy diet, & taking medications are important for                     PRICE CHOPPER, COSTCO, BJ’S, REVCO (SAVON DRUGS, SUPER X
control of diabetes.                                                                    & BROOKS DRUGS), WALGREENS, TARGET & HANNAFORD.

  U.F.C.W. LOCAL 1500 PENSION FUND SUMMARY PLAN                                  Page 4 – First bullet under Vesting should read:
                                                                                 Eligibility: five years of Vesting Service (provided you earned at least
                                                                               one hour of Vesting Service after 1998) or ten years of Pension
You have recently received an updated Summary Plan Description,                Service. If you did not work at least one hour on or after 1/1/1999,
dated January 1, 2011. Upon review, it was ascertained that there are          you need ten years of Vesting Service to be eligible for a benefit.
some errors in the book that require correction. The corrections are             Page 17 – Question 39 should read:
noted below in bold. If you have any questions, contact the Pension              You must be a Plan participant for at least five consecutive years up
Fund Office at 516-214-1300. The personnel there will be more than             until your 65th (or later) birthday to satisfy the service requirement after
happy to assist you.                                                           1999. Before 1999, the service requirement was ten years of Vesting
                                                                               Service, ten years of Pension Service or ten years of Plan participation.
Please make note of these changes in your Summary Plan.                          Page 36 – Item 17: The phone number of the Fund Office
                                                                               should read (516) 214-1300.
2012                           The Register                                            11


          In 2011, as usual the membership of Local 1500 went above and
       beyond, donating hundreds of toys and gifts to help families in need
       throughout New York. Over 300 gifts and toys collected by Local 1500
       Shop Stewards throughout New York were donated to the John Theissen
       Children’s Foundation. “I am thrilled that each year Local 1500 members
       continue to out-do themselves with their donations,” said John Theissen,
       Director of the Foundation, “Thank you to President Both, and all the
       Local 1500 members for making this holiday season a great one for so
       many underprivileged families!” The season also marked Local 1500’s
       inaugural Holiday breakfast with Santa. On December 11, 2011, Local
       1500 members and their families came to the Union Hall to enjoy a
       holiday breakfast, some holiday songs and a great morning with their union
       brothers and sisters. All children under 12-years old received a gift and a
       free photo print out with Santa Claus. The event was an immediate
       success and will take place next year on December 9, 2012, so mark
       your calendars!
         Here are “thank you” letters to the membership of UFCW Local 1500 for their
       holiday giving and community service from: The Police Athletic League, The
       American Cancer Society, Councilmember Anabel Palma, St. Mary’s Hospital for
       Children and Lisa Beth Gerstman Foundation.
12                                                            The Register                                                                     March

                   REGIONAL VIEWPOINT
                   By Richard J. Whalen
                   International Vice President
                   & Director, UFCW Region 1

   This election year, America’s workers face a stark choice that boils    right of every American to join together and form a union, receive fair
down to a simple question: Do we want a leader who sides with rich         pay and benefits, and have a safe workplace.
corporations and the one percent, or a leader who sides with the 99           After generations of talk about health care reform, President Obama
percent and is fighting to create jobs and prosperity for all Americans?   got the job done. The new law expands coverage to 32 million
   The UFCW is proud to endorse President Obama’s reelection               additional Americans, ends the worst practices of insurance
campaign because our members understand how much is at stake in            companies, and ensures health care is a right, not a privilege. In
this election. While some in government have spent their time and          addition, President Obama is fighting for a sensible and fair
energy attacking workers, President Obama has been fighting for us         immigration policy where those who work hard and play by the rules
every day and has given a voice to those who are too often overlooked.     can become American citizens.
   President Obama has a strong record of putting the needs of Main           Four years ago, you in Local 1500 were a major force in getting
Street above the greed of Wall Street. He passed the most sweeping         President Obama elected. You participated in phone banks, went door
financial reform legislation since the Great Depression and formed a       to door, attended rallies in your UFCW gold, and helped get voters to
middle-class task force so working families have a voice at the White      the polls. This time around, our challenge is even greater. The
House.                                                                     Republican Party and their corporate donors will spare no expense to
   President Obama has created jobs. His Recovery Act put millions of      defeat President Obama. We must fight back. This is more than just a
people back to work rebuilding our roads and bridges, teaching our         fight for one candidate. It’s a fight for your right to be represented. It’s
children, and protecting our neighborhoods. And he has put forth a         a fight for your right to bargain collectively with your coworkers. It’s a
broad proposal-the American Jobs Act-to get even more people               fight for your right to have a voice on the job. For every bit of effort
working again.                                                             you gave in 2008, we need even more in 2012. Together, let’s make
   President Obama has stood up for workers. He took President             sure President Obama is reelected so workers can continue to have a
Bush’s Department of Big Business and made it the U.S. Department          champion in the White House.
of Labor again. His administration has protected and promoted the

                                                                                               Bob Funck
                                                                                          Union Representative
                                                                  Union Representative Bob Funck retired in February after 12-years of servicing
                                                               the membership of Local 1500. In 1962 Bob began his career working for King
                                                               Kullen, he then took his enthusiasm for the labor movement to the Teamsters, and
                                                               in September of 2000, joined the Local 1500 staff. Bob spent his last year serv-
                                                               icing Local 1500 members in Suffolk County. We thank Bob for his undisputed
                                                               dedication to the labor movement and determined attitude to improve the lives of
                                                               working people. “Bob will be missed on our team. He was dedicated to the labor
                                                                                                                 movement, an all around great
                                                                                                                 guy, and a great asset. We all
                                                                                                                 wish him the best of luck on his
                                                                                                                 retirement,” said President
                                                                                                                 Bruce Both.
                                                                                                                       Thanks for the service,

                  Kay Powell
          Executive Board Member
  Executive Board member, Kay Powell is retiring after
25 1/2 years as a Local 1500 member working for
Man-Dell Key Food, and six-years serving on the
Executive Board. “We wish Kay the best of luck with
her retirement, and urge her not to be a stranger!” said
Recorder Rhonda Nelson, “Kay’s enthusiasm and smile
will be missed on the Executive Board. She was a
proven leader and an outstanding Executive Board
member,” Nelson concluded.
             Good luck and thank you
              for your service, Kay!
2012                                                               The Register                                                                                   13

                         TIPS ON HOW TO PREVENT IDENTITY THEFT
                                  Identity theft occurs when someone uses       was stolen, and they have to contact you
                                  your personal identification information      by phone to authorize new credit.
                                  such as your name, Social Security            Equifax: 1-800-525-6285 - Experian
                                  number, address, credit card number or        (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742             -
                                  other      information,     without   your    Trans Union: 1-800-680 7289
                                  permission and commits fraud or other         Social Security Administration (fraud
                                  crimes with that information, such as         line): 1-800-269-0271
                                  renting an apartment or signing up for        4. Check your credit
 credit cards. The crimes committed are endless and the damage can take         Order a copy of your credit report a few times a year and make sure it's
 years to reverse. Obviously, it will cost you a lot of money in the process.   accurate and includes only those activities you've authorized. It is very
 And the biggest problem is you may not know your identity has been com-        difficult to know when your ID has been stolen and even if you do find
 promised until it's too late. Here are important tips on how to prevent        out, it's tricky to know how many accounts they've opened or what crimes
 identity theft and what to do if you think you've been targeted.               they've committed that are harming you. Resolve all issues immediately,
 1. Ask for credit card verification                                            so that when you need that credit to buy a home or a get a credit card,
 Many people often ask if they should sign the back of their credit card,       you know what is on the report and there are no surprises.
 or write "SEE ID". Do both! By signing the back of your credit card, you       5. Shred, shred, shred!
 are validating the card and agreeing with the banks' terms, and by             Don't throw out documents with your personal information on it
 putting "SEE ID", you are telling the clerks to check the name and             without shredding them first. Shredding documents with any identifying
 signature on the card against a driver’s license.                              information helps prevent "dumpster diving". Stop having paper bills sent
 2. Be careful with checks                                                      to your home. Have them e-mailed to you and set up electronic payments.
 Your personal checks carry a lot of information on them. Make sure you         This way you are not receiving bills with your account numbers on them
 only give a check to institutions and people you trust. Otherwise use cash     and you don't have to put personal checks in the mail. Monitor your
 or a debit card. When you are writing a check to pay your credit card bill,    accounts on-line, this will increase your ability to catch fraudulent charges
 DO NOT put the complete account number anywhere on the check.                  sooner and will decrease the amount of mail you receive, as well as the
 Instead, just put the last four numbers. The credit card company knows         threat of mail theft.
 the rest of the number, and anyone who might be handling your check as         6. Destroy hotel key cards
 it passes through all the processing channels, won't have access to it. Be     Most people do not realize that their personal information is stored on the
 careful what personal information you put on your check. Use your work         key cards given to them at hotels. Those cards with the magnetic strip
 phone number instead of a home phone. Use a P.O. Box instead of your           have all of your personal information on them that you gave at the front
 home address or your work address. Never have your Social Security             desk of your hotel. Cut them in half and destroy them before you leave.
 number printed on your checks (or anywhere else.) Do not have your dri-        Toss them out, or give them back to the hotel.
 ver's license number printed on there either: you can always write this        7. What to do immediately if theft strikes:
 information down later if needed.                                              A. File a police report - This will provide you with legal document
 3. Know what's in your wallet                                                  proving where and when the incident took place. This also shows your
 If your wallet gets stolen, you should know everything that's in it to act     bank and credit agencies that you took action right away.
 quickly and stop the thieves from taking all your money. Copy both sides       B. Call the credit bureaus - Inform them of the situation. They are very
 of everything in your wallet; your license, all your credit cards… and keep    good at notifying you if anyone tries to open a line of credit with your
 them in a safe place. Do not carry your social security card in your           name and/or Social Security Number once they find out your information
 wallet. You should memorize it! In the event of ID theft, you will have to     was stolen.
 cancel your credit cards immediately. File a police report                     C. Call your bank and credit card agencies - This is where all the photo
 immediately in the city where the wallet was taken. In most cases the          copies of what was in your wallet comes in handy. Call each company and
 police department will not be able to search for or locate your wallet. But    let them know that you no longer have their card, and/or that you believe
 this proves to credit providers that you were diligent and is a first step     it is being used by someone else.
 toward an investigation that will hopefully get you your money back. Call      D. Bonus tip: Notify your HR department if any of your work information
 the 3 national credit reporting organizations immediately to place a fraud     could be compromised.
 alert on your name. Also call the Social Security fraud line number. The
 alert means any company that checks your credit knows your information
                                                                                      Member Submitted Photo of the Month

   Name: __________________________________________________
   Member ID: _____________________________________________
   Address: ________________________________________________
   City: _________________________State: _____ Zip:___________
   Email: __________________________________________________
   Company & Store #: _____________________________________
   Comments: _____________________________________________
            If you've changed your name, address, phone or
               email please fill out this form and send it to:                     1500 Members: Joe Giambalvo, Antonio Montuori, Tom Madden, John
                                                                                 Kubinski, Anthony Mustacchio. Picture by Steve Lawton Business agent CWA
              UFCW Local 1500 Attn: Membership Dept.
                425 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590                              Want your picture in the next issue of UFCW Local 1500's quartely paper, The
           Be Sure to Notify the Union within 30 days                            Register? Send us your pictures sporting any UFCW gear from work, home or any-
            of any of the following events in your life:                         where! Include your name and store, and your pic could get in! To submit a pic, send
                                                                                 them to the Union office, post them on our Facebook page (,
        Marriage • Birth • Adoption Change of address • Divorce                  twitter (@ufcw1500) or email it to! Thanks to Tom Madden for
                Change of guardianship • Death in family                         submitting this great shot of the guys from Shop Rite #109 at the Labor Unity March!
14                                                                       The Register                                                                                   March

                                                     Local 1500
                                                                                                                  LOCAL 1500 RETIREES
                                                                                                              The officers of UFCW Local 1500 extend their warmest con-
                                                                                                              gratulations to these new Retirees and urge them to join the
                                                                                                              Union’s Retiree Club. Contact the Club through the Union
                                                                                                              office. Call 516-214-1300 or 1-800-522-0456, and ask
                                                                                                              for Leonora Cioffalo, Ext. 11330 or Patricia LaProvidenza,
                                                                                                              Ext. 11333.

                                                                                                               Andreasen, Hinda                    Keiper, Joann
                                                                                                               Backus, Christopher R.              Kenny, William
                                                                                                               Bloom, Richard                      Lee, David
                                                                                                               Bonanno, Barbara                    Mancuso, Angelina
                                                                                                               Brodany, Vera                       Martines, Frank A.
                                                                                                               Ceron, Danilo                       Mason, Veronica
                                                                                                               Clear, Mary                         Orban, Elizabeth
                                                                                                               Connor, Robert J.                   Pensiero, Patsy A.
                                                                                                               Cronan, Frank                       Phillips, Carolyn
                                                                                                               DeFrancesco, Libonio                Powell, Stephen
                                                                                                               Delenzik, Waclawa                   Profit, Adam Jr.
                                                                                                               DiFazio, Silverio                   Reinig, Roseann M.
                                                                                                               Galanek, Donald                     Rosener, Werner
                                                                                                               Gardner, Douglas                    Schneider, Diane
                         Follow us on                                                                          Geedman, Judith                     Scrimenti, Joseph
                                                                                                               Gordon, Conrad                      Van Wart, Mary
                            Anthony G. Speelman said it:                                                       Green, Dianne E.                    Vidal, Maria
                            "Honoring Dr. King always, "The Labor                                              Hansen, Elizabeth                   Walsh, Mary
                            Movement was the principal force that                                              Houck, Julia                        Willcoxon, Bridget
                            transformed misery & despair into hope &                                           Johnson, Julius                     Young, Linda
                            progress."#mlk #1u"
                            Follow your Secretary-Treasurer on Twitter @Aspeel1500

     "It's an understatement to say this is overdue.
             It's Time to Raise NY Minimum Wage!!
                                                                                                              SHOP THESE NON-UNION STORES
                    Follow your Union on Twitter @UFCW1500
                                                                                                                 COMPARE FOODS • BJ’S WHOLESALE CLUB
                                                                                                      WALMART STORES • SAM’S WAREHOUSE CLUB • K-MART • TARGET
                                                                                                           GARDEN OF EDEN • PRICE CHOPPER • WHOLE FOODS
                                                                                                          C.V.S. DRUG STORES • STEW LEONARD’S • TRADER JOES
                       You can also follow us on                                                     COSTCO WHOLESALE CLUB • WALGREEN’S • HANNAFORD BROTHERS
                                                                                                                 BEST YET • BROOKS • ALDI • FRESH DIRECT
                                                                                     SHOP UNION – SAVE JOBS

                NEED A WITHDRAWAL CARD?
              Send an email to with
                   the following content in the email:                                                              Don't Suspend Yourself!
                       • Name                    • Store Number                                      Under provisions of the UFCW International Constitution, “Any
                       • Company                 • Last Day Worked                                   member two calendar months in arrears for dues or other financial
                                                                                                     obligations to the Local Union shall stand suspended if same are not
       For further questions on withdrawal cards, please contact your union                          paid on or before the first day of the third month.
       representative. You can also send a letter requesting a withdrawal card to:                   The responsibility for maintaining membership in good standing
                                    UFCW Local 1500                                                  rests with the member suspension, therefore, when it occurs, is the
                                 Attn: Carol Borcherding                                             voluntary act of the member involved.”
                                  425 Merrick Avenue
                                  Westbury, NY, 11590

         The Register is the official publication of UFCW Local 1500 and is published four times a year in March, June, September, and December by Local 1500 of the United Food and
         Commercial Workers Union, CLC, Bruce W. Both, President, Anthony G. Speelman, Secretary-Treasurer, Paper & Ink Graphics, LLC, Managing Editor. Periodicals postage paid
         at Jamaica, NY and additional mailing offices: (USPS 0306-010). POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Local 1500, 425 Merrick Ave, Westbury, NY 11590. Vol. 45, No. 1,
         March 2012 Copyright Local 1500, Jamaica, NY 2012.
2012                                                                                      The Register                                                               15

                                                             Bulletin Board
                                                                    Join the Local 1500 Retirees' Club!
                                                                President Robert Iannuzzi has announced all meetings
                                                             will be held at the Local 1500 Headquarters, located at
                                                             425 Merrick Avenue, Westbury, New York. Meetings are
                                                             held every 2nd Wednesday of the month! All meetings
                                                             will begin at 12:00 noon and lunch will be served free of
                                                             charge! The Retirees’ Club is a great place to meet old
                                                             friends and make new acquaintances! So come on down
                                                             to the Local 1500 Headquarters and enjoy some lunch,
                                                             laughs, games & fun!
                                                                President Iannuzzi is also looking forward to having
                                                             guest speakers at these meetings, showing videos, as well
                                                             as planning new activities for the Club. Dues are only
                                                             $15 dollars for the year. For more information please
                                                             contact 516-214-1330.
                                                                We hope to see you at the meetings in 2012!

                      THANK YOU FOR
                   SHOPPING UNION STORES                                                                              In Memoriam
                 • You help preserve your jobs when you shop union                                         Local 1500 mourns the passing of the following members.
                 • Union jobs contribute to the communities tax base                                          To their families and friends, we extend our deepest
                                                                                                                       sympathy. May they rest in peace.

            CONTINUE TO SHOP UNION STORES IN YOUR                                                        Ammirati, Pasquale             Malone, Martha
       COMMUNITY WHERE UNION WORKERS HAVE DECENT WAGES,                                                  Anello, Jack                   Maurici, Thomas
               BENEFITS AND WORKING CONDITIONS                                                           Appelle, Margaret J.           McAuliffe, Matthew
                                                                                                         Bisogna, Ralph                 McNeil, Charlie Jr.
                 SHOP THESE UNION STORES                                                                 Brauer, William                Mormino, Helen
          PATHMARK STORES • KING KULLEN GROCERY COMPANY, INC                                             Brown, Harry G.                Mukich, Maria
       KING’S SUPERMARKET • SHOP-RITE • STOP & SHOP SUPERMARKETS                                         Bruno, Giovanni                Newham, Lillian
                                                                                                         Coles, Janice                  Oberlies, Helen
        DAIRY BARN • FAIRWAY MARKETS • D’AGOSTINO SUPERMARKETS                                           Delgado, Peter                 Passiotti, George
                WILD BY NATURE HEALTH FOODS SUPERMARKET                                                  DeLuca, George                 Paulmann, Margaret C.
                          SHOP UNION – SAVE JOBS                                                         Dilieto, Elizabeth             Paxton, Michael A.
                                                                                                         Dorman, Joseph                 Pendergast, Gregory M.
                     Member Assistance Program (MAP)                                                     Eastman, Joan                  Pisani, Thomas
                                                                                                         Flowers, Burmah                Sleezer-Parks, Joan
                                                                                                         Foskey, Darrell J.             Stazweski, Joseph
                                                                                                         Galligan, Susan                Steuber, John A.
                                                                                                         Goetz, Lucille T.              Tufarella, Ronnie
                 Long Island Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency
                                                                                                         Hayes, Vera                    Urquizo, Leonor
       Counseling for Local 1500 Members on all substance abuse, gambling and other personal problems:
                 Nassau Office                                    Suffolk Offices
                                                                                                         Henderson, Ida M.              Verdicchio, Jennie
           114 Old Country Rd, Ste. 114                      2805 Veterans Hwy, Ste. 26                  Jacobs, Richard                Volkland, Joann
               Mineola, NY 11501                              Ronkonkoma, NY 11779                       Kuzmuk, Kenneth P.             Weissman, David
                  516-747-2606                                     631-979-1700
                                                                                                         Layne, Carlotta S.             White, John
                                                             877 East Main Street, Ste 107
                                                                Riverhead, NY 11901                      Longo, Anthony                 Winchell, Patricia
                                                                    631-979-1700                         Maguire, Patricia
        2012 GENERAL
              Wednesday, March 14th
               Wednesday, June 13th
          Wednesday, September 19th
           Wednesday, December 12th

                       NEW TIME                                                        LONG ISLAND WORKERS' MEMORIAL SERVICE
                ALL MEETINGS                                                                       APRIL 28, 2012
                                                                               The ceremony for the Long Island Workers' Memorial Day will be held
           WILL START AT 7:00 P.M.
                                                                            on Saturday, April 28, 2012 on the grounds of the New York State Office
                                                                            Building Located off Route 347 in Hauppauge, New York. Sadly every year
                                 ***                                        workers give the ultimate sacrifice as a result of doing something you and I
                                                                            do almost everyday - going to work. Workplace deaths and injuries are
      UFCW LOCAL 1500 UNION HALL                                            almost always avoidable. A death in the workplace affects all of us in the
              425 MERRICK AVENUE                                            organized labor community.
                                                                               Each year American's Workers and their unions honor the thousands of
               WESTBURY, NY 11590                                           men and women killed on the job as well as the hundreds of thousands
                                                                            more who are hurt or become ill by workplace hazards. We also shine a
                                                                            light on just how important workplace safety is.
                                                                               If you know of a Long Island Worker who has lost his or her life due to
                                                                            a workplace injury or illness during the past year, please contact Union
          Prizes Will Be Awarded!                                           Representative Lynn Shiels at 516.214.1339

                                                     OFFICE HOURS & PHONES
                                                         516-214-1300 • 800-522-0456
                                                 General Office Hours, Pension & Welfare & Legal Services
                                                                                                                     WWW.     UFCW1500.ORG
                                                           Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

               WHOM TO CALL:                         Dues Refund: Ejay Martin                                              OFFICERS/DIRECTORS
Do you have a question about Blue Cross?             Withdrawal Cards: Carol Borcherding                    11303   Nelson, Rhonda – Recorder
Or a problem with Group Life?                        Pension: Leonora Cioffalo & Patricia LaProvidenza      11304   Purcell, Patrick - Asst. to the President
Or about any other Local 1500 benefit or                                                                    11348   Walter, Fred – EVP/Field Director
                                                                                                            11346   Newell, Robert – Field Director
membership service?                                  Sheila Hobson-Jones, Eileen Hansen & Michelle Sefcik
                                                                                                            11318   Quiñones, Theresa – Field Director
For a quick and accurate answer, phone the           Membership Applications:
Union - 516-214-1300 or the toll-free number,        Linda Campisi                                                 SPECIAL PROJECTS/POLITICAL
800-522-0456 – and ask for the office staff                                                                 11322 Waddy, Aly – Director of Special Projects
                                                                                                            11357 Woods, John – Political Director
member listed next to the subject of your inquiry.   Patricia LaProvidenza & Ejay Martin
They will be glad to help you.                       Welfare Fund Benefits: Maloney Associates                          UNION REPRESENTATIVES
                                                     516-887-2255 or 800-334-3680                           11311 Aponte, Teresa 11362 Sexton, Brendan
        Local 1500 has voice mail                    Health & Welfare Medical Forms:                        11360 Castelli, Joe    11339 Shiels, Lynn
     to better serve the membership.                 516-214-1300 or 800-522-0456                           11353 Ecker, Robert    11371 Solivan, Vilmarie
                                                     Exts. 11334, 11335, 11336 & 11337                      11343 Mausser, Jeff    11317 Vargas, Anselmo
      Members can call Local 1500
                                                     Legal Services:                                        11342 Onufrak, Mike 11349 Waddy, Joey
  regarding any matter 24 hours a day.
                                                     Direct Line: 516-214-1310 or 800-522-0456              11369 Santarpia, Paul 11356 Washington, LeRoy
                                                     Ext. 11310 for Norberta Volmar                         11340 Scorzelli, Jay
To access the voice mail, a member can call Local                                                                               ORGANIZING
1500 at 516-214-1300 or 800-522-0456, then                You cannot leave a message for a Union            11361 Hernandez, Rafael       11312 Lynch, Jessica
press 1, followed by the four digit extension num-       Representative by dialing the direct number        11350 Lazaro, Alex            11374 Narcisse, Christina
ber of the person with whom you wish to leave a                for Medical or Legal Services.               11345 Organizing Hotline      11355 Political Hotline
message. Voice mail can only be accessed from a                                                                            RESEARCH & MEDIA
touch tone phone.                                                                                           11354 Fedele, Joe