Visual Arts Scholarship Application by 27l3Om7


									                            The Jay Shapiro Arts Legacy Foundation

                                                                                            Last name: _________________
                                                                                            Date of application: __________

                                            Visual Arts Scholarship (2D)

The Visual Arts Scholarship fund is governed and administered by The Jay Shapiro Arts Legacy Foundation (JSAL)

The value and the number of Scholarships shall be determined each year by the JSAL Board of Trustees. For updated
information, visit or call 404-237-6331 ext 200 (Howard)

To be eligible to apply you must meet the following requirements:

       Be a Domestic or International student who at the time of applying is an enrolled high school senior wishing to
        apply in an undergraduate arts program.
       For Study in the Arts -
       Submit (2) examples of your art work. Please include the specific medium that was used for each work.
        Examples will be accepted by electronic means only (CD or email to Do not submit original
        pieces, they will not be accepted. Your name must be on CD and the CD will not be returned. Please do not
        present in a Powerpoint presentation. By submitting these examples of work, you are granting JSAL the right to
        use these submissions, with or without attribution to the artist for the benefit of the organization and the
        promotion of the scholarship programs. Your acceptance of this provision is considered granted by signing and
        submitting your scholarship application form and samples of work.
       Submit your current high school transcript; this does not need to be an official copy.
       We must have a valid email address for you, and application must be neatly written or typed.

Applicant will be judged primarily on artistic talent and / or potential, and their degree of interest and enthusiasm for
the fine arts. Some consideration will be given to grade point average, extracurricular activities and financial need.

Extracurricular activities may be included on the transcript, but must also be listed on the formal application form.
Letters of recommendation or endorsements will be accepted but are not required.

Scholarship funds are for future uses and will be distributed in U.S. dollars directly to the institution where the student
will study. Distribution will not be made directly to the scholarship recipient.

If selected as a scholarship recipient, you will be required to submit an affidavit including the name and contact
information of the institution where you will be studying.

Fill out pages 2 and 3 of this application. Please note Essay requires a separate page for your essay.

Jay Shapiro Arts Legacy Foundation c/o Binders Art Supplies & Frames
3330 Piedmont Rd Ste 18
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404.237.6331 Fax: 404.760.1979
                                                                                   Last name: ________________
                                                                                   Date of application: __________

                                           Visual Arts Scholarship (2D)

Note: to be eligible you must have maintained a B-average in previous year and complete the full application.

    1. Name___________________________________________________________________________
       Email __________________________________________________________________________
       Phone Number __________________________________________________________________

    2. Name of school attended _____________________________Graduation year _________

    3. Name of college (applying)______________________________

        City and State ________________________________________


    4. You will be a ( ) full time college student ( ) Part time College student

    5. List highest Sat, or equivalent test, scores and dates tests taken

                        SAT Verbal               SAT Math                   SAT Writing

Score and Dates         ________                 ________                   ________

    6. List any academic honors:
    7. List extracurricular activities and awards (i.e., elected offices, clubs, athletics)

    8. Source and amount of any scholarships, awards, loans, or trusts for college



Essay: Please write several paragraphs, not to exceed one page (on a separate sheet of paper), describing why you are
seeking the (JSALF) Visual Arts Scholarship and what it will do for your education. Tell us how art has shaped your life,
what you hope to contribute to society through your art, what you love about art, how art makes you feel, and why it is
important. You may also mention additional information on your educational plans, experience, achievements and
goals. If you will be a part-time student, please explain why.

I certify the information contained herein is true and accurate, and I agree to the terms and conditions noted on
pages 1-2

Signature of Applicant________________________________________ Date___________________

Jay Shapiro Arts Legacy Foundation c/o Binders Art Supplies & Frames
3330 Piedmont Rd Ste 18
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404.237.6331 Fax: 404.760.1979

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