Functional Requirements of the foundation

					2.0   Functional Requirements of the Foundation

      2.1 Strength and stability
           The foundation is the part which bear all the loads of the structure; dead load, live load, wind load. So it
      should have the strength to bear all the loads which can come to the structure. In any type of a soil there may be
      settlements. If the foundation is not stable the building will collapse. So the foundation should have a good stability
      to stand after the settlements.

      2.2 Resistance to ground moisture
           Usually the foundations are constructed above the ground level. So there’s a much possibility to come the
      moisture through the foundation. The foundation should have the ability to stop the moisture, because it can reduce
      the strength of the whole structure.

      2.3 Resistance to the passage of heat
           Being comfortable is a main functional requirement of a building. To make the user comfortable the heat
      should be kept inside the building. To keep the heat inside the building, not only the other parts but also the
      foundation should have the resistance to the passage of heat.

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