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                                    temporary worker’s
You have registered with an employment business that is part of HR GO Plc,
which, with a network of 80 offices, is one of the top 45 recruitment
organisations in the UK.
Employment businesses that are part of HR GO Plc are able to offer the resources
of a major national group with the regional knowledge and flexibility of a
local company.
By registering with an employment business in the HR GO Plc group you have
The Best of Both Worlds; local expertise and national coverage.
We have compiled this handbook to give you useful information on our
organisation along with important guidelines on our procedures and your legal
rights as a temporary worker.
We are totally committed to providing a high quality recruitment service and
ensuring the well-being of our temporary workers at all times. We never forget
that we are only as good as our key asset - You!

1. After Registration
2. Health and Safety
3. CRB Checks
4. Absence
5. Working Time Regulations 1998
6. Night Work
7. Punctuality and Time Keeping
8. Leave
9. Complaints Procedure
10. Timesheets
11. Payment
12. Accidents at Work
13. Personal Appointments
14. Induction Training
15. Dress Code
16. Policies
17. Stakeholder Pension
18. Benefits Package
                                               temporary worker’s
1. After Registration
   After you have registered, your Consultant will be hard at work looking for suitable assignments
   on your behalf. Open communication is very important to us, so don’t hesitate to give us a call
   to discuss your availability, new skills you have learned, or update us on recent employment so
   that we can update your details.
   You will be given all booking details before you are sent on an assignment. This will include;
   working hours, the type of work involved, the location, pay and other principal terms, as well as
   the anticipated length of the assignment.

2. Health and Safety
   Good health is important to us in the supply of quality people and we encourage you to take
   steps to maintain good physical and mental health.
   Both workers and employers have duties and responsibilities under the Health and Safety at
   Work Act 1974. As a temporary worker, you have a duty to take care of your own health and
   safety, as well as that of others who may be affected by your actions. Therefore, we suggest that
   you familiarise yourself with all the health and safety information which the client provides you
   with at induction and at all other times.
   If you do come across any factors that you feel may affect your health and safety at work or you
   have any concerns, please bring it to the attention of your Supervisor at your place of work
   When you commence work at the Client’s premises, it is the responsibility of your
   Supervisor/Health and Safety Officer or both to advise you on the following points:

       what to do in the event of a fire
       the location of fire exits
       the location of fire extinguishers
       the location of assembly points
       alarm systems
       first aid procedures and Officers / Appointed Persons
       use of the Accident book
       Client site rules
       importance of understanding and complying with risk assessments

   Please let your Consultant know immediately if you have any health and safety concerns.

3. CRB Checks
   Dependent on the type of assignment you will be involved in, you may be required to undertake
   a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. This is to make sure that you are legally suitable to work
   in the position you will be put forward for.
                                              temporary worker’s
  If this is the case, a special procedure will be followed which will be explained to you in detail
  at the appropriate time.

4. Absence
  If you are going to be late for an assignment, are ill or unable to attend work for any other
  reason, please inform your Consultant at the earliest opportunity and at least one hour before
  your normal start time on the day you are due to be at work. If out of hours, you can leave a
  message on our answering machine, the telephone number for this is at the back of this booklet.
  Your place of work will then be informed within working hours.
  We ask that you keep us informed of the situation and your approximate date of return, so that
  we have a reasonable amount of time to arrange cover if necessary.
  Dependent upon circumstances, your role may be filled by another temporary worker. If this is
  the case, we will endeavour to find you a new role when you are able to return to work.

5. Working Time Regulations 1998
  The Working Time Regulations are intended to promote the health and well-being of all workers.
  Your health and safety is important to us and we believe it is important for you to know and
  understand the Regulations.

  The basic rights and protections that the Regulations provide for adult workers are:
      a limit of 48 hours a week, averaged over a 17 week reference period, which a worker can
      be required to work (although temporary workers can choose to work more if they want to)

      a right to 11 hours rest a day (24 hours)

      a right to a day off each week or 48 hours in a two week period

      a right to up to 24 days paid leave per year (pro-rata'd for a part-time temporary worker)

      a right to a 20 minute unpaid break after 6 hours of work

  Your Supervisor will inform you of any extra breaks you may be entitled to take. Hours will vary
  from assignment to assignment, but you will be informed of these prior to starting
  the assignment.
  If you want to work for more than 48 hours a week, you will be required to sign an opt-out
  agreement, which you can cancel at any time; this is stated under Regulation 4 of the above Act,
  where relevant your Consultant will discuss this with you.
  If you have registered with other group agencies please let us know. If the work that you
  undertake with us PLUS the work you undertake with them means that you are working in excess
  of 48 hours per week where you have not opted out, or you are not getting your minimum breaks.
  This will not jeopardise the work that we are able to find for you.
                                                temporary worker’s
6. Night Work
   A night worker is someone who normally works for ‘3 or more hours a night’ between the hours
   of 11pm and 6am.
   If you work nights, you will be required to complete a health questionnaire in order to ensure
   your suitability for this type of work.
   The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, states that you should be offered, at least once a year,
   the opportunity to see a Health Professional for a medical examination. You are under no
   obligation to take this medical which is normally provided through a General Practitioner (GP).

7. Punctuality and Time Keeping
   Please ensure that you arrive at the assignment with enough time to prepare yourself for the
   day’s work ahead. Being punctual creates a good impression and your timekeeping will be noted
   by your Supervisor.
   You are also required to conduct yourself in a professional, polite and considerate manner at all
   times, whether under supervision or not.

8. Leave
   A) Entitlement
   Under the Working Time Regulations 1998, you are entitled to 24 days annual leave if you work
   full-time in an assignment over the year. This amount will be pro rata for part time working.
   Your holiday entitlement is inclusive of any time off for bank holidays. If you began your
   employment part way through the year, the amount of leave you are entitled to will be pro rata'd
   according to the proportion of the leave year that you have worked.
   When requesting holidays, you will be required to complete a Holiday Request Form. For further
   details, speak to your Consultant.
   It would be most appreciated if you could provide at least one week’s notice of holiday you
   intend to take.

   B) Pay
   Holiday pay is pro rata to hours worked. If you consistently work full time, you will accrue 24
   days paid holiday for working a full year. Your holiday entitlement will be calculated pro rata for
   part time working.
   Holidays are accrued from the first working day. All holiday accrued should be taken within that
   current year and should not be carried over to the following year.
   Please note that the legislation in this area is changing from the 1st April 2009. Please speak
   to your Consultant for further details.

   C) Statutory Leave
   You may also qualify for other kinds of statutory leave, such as Statutory Sick Pay and Statutory
   Maternity Pay. Please speak to your Consultant who will be able to advise you on this.
                                                 temporary worker’s
 9. Complaints Procedure
    We appreciate that, at times, you may have concerns or problems with your assignment or
    working environment.
    If you have a complaint or query, do not hesitate to contact the Supervisor at your assignment.
    It is important that you bring the issue to light at the earliest opportunity, so that you and your
    Supervisor can rectify the problem quickly.
    If this is not appropriate, contact your Consultant and he/she will endeavour to resolve the
    complaint within a five working day period.
    If the complaint relates to your Consultant, put it in writing and send it to the Branch
    Manager/Managing Director, who should respond within a five working day period.
    If this fails to produce a mutually acceptable resolution, please contact the HR Department at
    HR GO Plc by calling 01233 722480. You will be asked to put your complaint in writing and this
    should be sent to HR GO Plc at Wellington House, Church Road, Ashford TN23 1RE. The HR
    Department should respond to you within a five working day period.
    Alternatively, you can raise your complaint with the Recruitment Employment Confederation, our
    industry body. Their contact details are 15 Welbeck Street, London, W1G 9XT or 020 7009 2100.

10. Timesheets
    It is important that your timesheet is signed by yourself and an authorised Client signatory (for
    example your Supervisor) and faxed to your Consultant by 10am every Monday morning. The
    fax number is detailed at the back of this booklet. This is very important as there is no guarantee
    you will receive payment on time otherwise! If you have a problem with meeting this deadline,
    please contact your Consultant and they will do their best to assist you.
    Make sure you double check that you have completed your timesheet correctly or we may have
    to return it to you, which may cause you to miss the payment deadline.
    You will regularly receive blank timesheets via the post. However, if you happen to run out of
    these, please contact your Consultant or call into your local office.

11. Payment
    A) Payment
    Temporary staff are paid weekly, one week in arrears. Payment is made by BACS transfer into your
    account on the Friday of the following week. If the Friday is a Bank Holiday payment will
    normally be made on a Thursday.
    Payment dates during annual holidays (Christmas, New Year and Easter) may vary, however you
    will be notified in advance.
    Your pay slip will be sent directly to your home address, it will contain your confidential
    information, for example your NI number, so it is important to inform us if you move from the
    address we have for you. If you have a query regarding receipt of your pay, please first check with
    your bank that it has been received, as on many occasions the pay slip (not your pay), has simply
    been delayed in the post.
                                                 temporary worker’s
    B) Deductions
    Please note that all payments made to you will be subject to deductions for tax and National
    Insurance contributions and any other statutory deductions. No other deductions will be made
    to your pay without your prior consent.

    C) Payment Queries
    If you believe a mistake has been made regarding the amount of pay you have received, or you
    have any other pay-related queries, please contact your Consultant.

12. Accidents at Work
    If you have an accident at work, however trivial, report it to your Supervisor and make sure it is
    entered in the Accident Book located at your place of work. Ensure that you also pass details of
    the accident to the Consultant by telephoning them immediately. This is to enable them to keep
    a record. Your Consultant’s telephone number is detailed at the back of this booklet.
    It is a legal requirement under Health and Safety Regulations to record all accidents that happen
    in the workplace.
    Please see section 18 for details of our Accident at Work insurance and benefits package
    available to you.

13. Personal Appointments
    Please attempt to make routine or non-urgent appointments (such as Dentist or Doctor) outside
    of office hours. Where urgent or specialist treatment is required, appointments may be made in
    work hours, with the authorisation of your Supervisor. Time away from work will normally
    be unpaid.

14. Induction Training
    The Client is responsible for your induction training and will make you aware of risk assessments
    that are appropriate to your job.
    Your place of work should have already been risk assessed so that we are sure the environment
    is a safe place for you to work.

15. Dress Code
    Please ensure that you are smartly dressed (or appropriately dressed) and well presented at all
    Some assignments have a ‘casual dress’ policy, if this is the case you will be informed by your
    If you already have the required overalls or uniform, you may bring your own. Dependent on the
    type of placement, you may need certain items of protective clothing or industrial work wear. If
    this is the case, your Consultant will discuss this with you in further detail.
                                                temporary worker’s
16. Policies
    A) Dignity at Work Policy
    Unwanted behaviour in the form of bullying and harassment affects the dignity of everyone
    subjected to it and will not be tolerated. You have the right to be treated with consideration and
    respect at work.
    If you experience any form of bullying or harassment whilst in your assignment, please inform
    your Supervisor who will endeavour to assist you and take appropriate action.
    It is your responsibility to:
         act in a professional manner at all times
         treat all colleagues with the same consideration and respect

    B) Equal Opportunity Policy
    We are fully committed to the principle of equal opportunities in employment and do not
    discriminate on the grounds of; sex, race, colour, nationality, ethnic and national origins, age,
    marital status, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation or gender status.

17. Stakeholder Pension
    A Stakeholder Pension is a private pension. Anyone in work (or those unemployed but still able
    to afford payments) can pay contributions regularly which are invested to build up a
    pension fund.
    You can contribute regularly or occasionally, but it is always best to make regular weekly or
    monthly contributions and you can always change the amount.
    Everyone who contributes to a Stakeholder Pension fund will receive tax relief on their
    contributions. If you are interested in setting up a Stakeholder Pension, contact your Consultant
    and he/she will assist you in setting up a scheme.

18. Benefits Package
    HR GO Plc believes all temporary workers should work in a financially secure environment. As a
    temporary worker you qualify for access to Combined Benefit Services Income Replacement Plan
    for Temporary Workers. This includes membership to MyChoices, a range of lifestyle benefits. This
    package offers accident at work insurance cover plus a range of money saving discounts. The
    insurance enables you to claim up to £250 per week should you become unable to work due to
    an accident at work whilst on a temporary assignment for an HR GO company.

    The cost to you is only £1.99 per week worked and also provides you with a range of money
    saving benefits including discounts on shopping, health, leisure, travel and life’s essentials.
    A leaflet and application form regarding the Combined Benefit Services Income Replacement
    Plan for Temporary Workers is provided at the back of this handbook which will explain the
    benefits and monetary contribution. For any queries regarding this please contact your
    Consultant or Combined Benefit Services directly.
                                       temporary worker’s
Should you require any assistance with understanding this handbook; please contact your
Consultant who will be happy to assist you.


         Company Contact Information
              For any matters connected with your temporary work
                assignment, please use the following information:

        Ltd. Company Name:

        Branch Name:

        Branch Address:

        Consultant Name:

        Contact Number:

        Fax Number:

        Email Address:

        Out of Hours Number:
                                                               in association with

           “Providing temporary workers
            with a financially secure
            working environment...
          ...and with exclusive money
             saving discounts”

To preview the Combined Benefit Services insurance package and find out about all the money
saving discounts available to you, log onto the website with the password: preview123.

Combined Benefit Services
Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers

This plan from Combined provides cover for temporary and contract workers in the event
of accidental injury at work.

Accidental injury at work could cause you and your family considerable expense,
inconvenience and possibly financial hardship if you are unable to earn an income.

Combined’s Income Replacement Plan for Temporary/Contract Workers provides an
effective solution should you be temporarily unable to work, providing you with a weekly
benefit and the peace of mind that you and your family are protected should the
unexpected happen.

HR GO Group is an Appointed Representative of Combined Insurance Company of
About our Insurance Services

The Financial Services Authority (FSA)
The FSA is the independent watchdog that regulates financial services. It requires us to
give you this document. Use this information to decide if our services are right for you.

Whose products do we offer?
We only offer the Combined Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers.

Which service will we provide you with?
We will provide you with information regarding our own range of products specifically
intended for temporary and contract workers. We may provide information regarding the
choice of products available, but not advise as to which product you should take.

Who regulates us?
HR GO is an Appointed Representative of Combined Insurance Company of America. Our
FSA number is 462462.
Combined Insurance Company of America is authorised and regulated by the Financial
Services Authority. Their FSA number is 202081.
Combined’s permitted business is the sale and underwriting of sickness, accident and life
insurance products.

You can check this on the FSA’s Register by visiting the                 FSA’s   website or by contacting the FSA on 0845 606 1234.

What to do if you have a complaint
If you wish to register a complaint, please notify your agency, who will contact Combined
on your behalf.

If you cannot settle your complaint with Combined, you may be entitled to refer it to the
Financial Ombudsman Service.

Are we covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)?
Combined is covered by the FSCS. You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme
if we cannot meet our obligations. This depends on the type of business, the
circumstances of the claim and the turnover of the Agency.

Insurance advising and arranging is covered for 100% of the first £2,000 and 90% of the
remainder of the claim, without any upper limit.

Further information about compensation scheme arrangements is available from the FSCS

Statement of demands and needs

Combined’s Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers - Occupational Accident(s)
Only, would meet the needs of a temporary/contract worker who wished benefits to be
paid to them in the event that they were unable to work due to accidental bodily injury
incurred whilst engaged on location or travelling from one location to another on
Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers – Occupational
Accident(s) Only

This document gives a guide to the Combined Income Replacement Plan for Temporary
Workers. Please read it.

What is the Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers – Occupational
Accident(s) Only?

It is a monthly contract of insurance (policy) designed to pay weekly benefits should you
suffer accidental injury at work that temporarily prevents you from working.

       You must be on consecutive assignments of at least 14 days with HR GO Group.

       You will receive a weekly benefit based on 60% of your Gross Earnings calculated
       on the 4 week period immediately prior to the first date of incapacity, up to a
       maximum of £250 a week.
       Benefits will not be paid for the first 7 consecutive days of your incapacity.
       The maximum payment is for 12 weeks or the length of your assignment whichever
       is the lesser.
       Benefit is calculated on a daily basis using a seven day week.
       You need to be over the age of 16 and under 65.
       Access to over 100 lifestyle benefits through MyChoices.

What will my premium payments be?
Premiums are as outlined below:

Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers - Occupational Accident(s) Only
Excluding IPT:             £ 1.90 per week
IPT:                       £0.09 per week
Total Premium incl. IPT:   £1.99 per week

This includes access to MyChoices – offering over 100 lifestyle benefits to
temporary/contract workers.

This is a monthly contract of insurance. Premiums are reviewable, dependent on claims
experience and charged at a weekly rate, paid to Combined through HR GO Group.
Premiums include Government Insurance Premium Tax (IPT), which is currently at 5%. This
may be subject to change.
When will the policy not pay out?
As stated in the “Exclusions” section of the policy document, benefits will not be paid for:

       Active Service with the Armed Forces
       Accidents on your journey to and from work
       Aviation (other than as a passenger in a commercially licensed aircraft)
       Back Exclusion - back pain or back discomfort that is not supported by a firm
       medical diagnosis
       Criminal Acts
       Drug or Alcohol Abuse
       Mental or Emotional Disorders
       Pre-Existing conditions
       Pregnancy and its complications
       Self Inflicted Injury
       Sickness & Disease
       War & Civil Commotion
       Work Related Limb Disorder (e.g. Repetitive Stress (Strain) Injury)

You can not take this cover if you work in any of these occupations or do any of these
activities as part of your occupation at any time:

       Abattoirs & Slaughter Houses
       Dock workers
       Motor Cycle Messengers
       Off-Shore Work
       Police, Fire & Ambulance services
       Professional Divers
       Professional Sportspeople & Entertainers
       Quarry Workers
       Trawler Men/Women
       Window Cleaners.

When will the policy cease?
Your cover under the policy will cease at age 65, when you leave HR GO Group, when HR
GO Group stops the cover or Combined terminate the agreement with HR GO Group,
whichever is the earliest.
Cancellation Rights
If a policy is cancelled within 30 days of the date of issue, Combined will refund any
premiums paid. This cancellation period is longer than the minimum 14 days required by
the FSA rules. If a policy is discontinued after this 30 day period it will remain in force until
the next premium is payable and then will be cancelled.

How to contact us or to make a claim
If you have any questions, at any time which HR GO Group are unable to help you with
please contact the Customer Services department at Combined’s European Headquarters.
The address and phone number are given at the end of this section. Please quote your
policy number if known, your agency and if possible, a daytime phone number.

How to complain
If you ever need to complain please contact HR GO Group who will contact us on your
behalf to resolve the matter.

Other important information
Terms and Conditions
This product summary gives a guide to the Income Replacement Plan for Temporary
Workers – Occupational Accident(s) only. It does not include all the definitions, exclusions,
terms and conditions. If you would like a copy of the full terms and conditions please
contact HR GO Group.
Combined has the right to change some of the terms and conditions. We will write to HR
GO Group and explain to them if this happens.

The Law of England and Wales applies to this policy

Information is available in large print on request; please call 0800
413110 for details

Lifestyle Choices
Something for everyone with MyChoices

A range of over 100 benefits designed to save you hundreds of pounds every year on
shopping, health, leisure, travel and life’s essentials. Each of your benefits is an exclusive
discount or reward that’s not available to the general public.

How do I access my MyChoices benefits?

Click onto the MyChoices website
   1. Go online and log on to
   2. Enter and submit your password. To obtain your password, please contact
      HR GO Group
      Your password may change from time to time, if you experience any problems
      please first contact HR GO Group to check that you have the latest password.

Call the MyChoices phone line
    1. Call 0845 071 0055*
    2. When prompted enter your three digit access code obtained from HR GO Group.
    3. Listen carefully to the options to access full details on how to get the benefits

* Calls to the phone line last a maximum of 10 minutes, charged at Local Rate.

Insurance Choices
Financial Protection when you need it most

Critical Illness
Provides lump sum benefits if you suffer a covered serious illness

Term Assurance
Provides lump sum benefit in the event of your death

Hospital Cash
Provides a benefit for hospital confinement due to sickness or accidental injury

Personal Accident
Provides lump sum benefits for accidental injury

You and your immediate family are entitled to all of these plans from Combined. One of
our Consultants may contact you to discuss the benefits available.

Customer Services
Freephone 0800 413 110
Main Switchboard 020 8546 7733
Office hours Monday to Friday, 8am – 7pm



European Headquarters
Combined House
15 Wheatfield Way
Kingston Upon Thames

Combined Insurance Company of America is a member of the Association of British
Insurers and participants in the Financial Ombudsman Service. Underwritten by
Combined Insurance Company of America. Authorised and regulated by the Financial
Services Authority (firm no 202081). Combined is registered in the UK: FC005307 and as
a branch: BR000634.
Dear Temporary Worker,
Re: HR GO Temporary Workers Insurance and Benefit Package
The HR GO Group of companies are delighted to announce a partnership with Combined Benefit Services (a division
of of Combined Insurance Company of America), enabling us to offer a comprehensive accident at work insurance
and benefits package to all members of our temporary workforce with many money saving discounts available.
We feel that every member of our temporary workforce deserves to have the best benefits in the market place and we
continuously strive to make this happen. The scheme is called Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers.
The contact details for Combined Benefit Services:
Customer Services: 0800 413 110
To preview the Benefits Package and the full range of money saving discounts available to you as part of the scheme:
• Log onto the MyChoices website at and enter the preview password: preview123
MyChoices has over 100 benefits including discounts / rewards across a number of different retailers.
Currently, if you are off work due to an accident at work, the maximum you can claim is £72.55 per week through
the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) scheme*. Through the Income Replacement Plan for Temporary Workers, you will be
able to claim up to 60% of your average gross earnings up to a maximum of £250 per week. This enables you to work
in a more financially secure environment with the opportunity to claim an income, should you become unable to work
due to an accident at work whilst on a temporary assignment arranged by an HR GO company.
As a member of our temporary workforce, the cost to you is only £1.99 per week. We will deduct the money directly
from your salary, but only in the weeks that you work. If you do not work, you do not pay the premium.
If you would like to take part in the scheme, please complete the confirmation section of this letter below and return
to your Recruitment Consultant.
An active password providing you with full access to the discounts will be issued to you via your Recruitment
Consultant upon receipt of this signed confirmation letter.
To qualify for this package and up to £250 per week should you have an accident at work whilst working on an
assignment arranged by one of the HR GO companies, please complete the details below and return to your
Recruitment Consultant.
Data Protection Act – Use of Personal Information
The Data Protection Act requires us to tell you how we will use personal information or sensitive personal
information that we hold about you. We will correct any inaccuracies that you tell us of, and upon payment of a fee
we can send you a copy of the data we hold on you.
Combined Insurance or other companies in the Aon group may use the information we hold about you to:
      • Identify you (and anyone else insured under this policy) if you contact us
      • Administer your products and services. To do this we may need to share data with re-insurers, the
        regulatory bodies, company agents and outsource providers. If information is passed to organisations
        outside the EU it will be done in accordance with standard data protection safeguards.
Additionally, with your separate consent Combined Insurance may;
      • Occasionally contact you with details of other products provided by their group and selected third parties.
I confirm that I have read the leaflet containing the details concerning the HR GO Temporary Workers Benefits
Package, including the opportunity for me to obtain up to £250 per week should I have an accident at work whilst
working on an assignment arranged by one of the HR GO companies and authorise HR GO Plc to deduct the cost of
£1.99 from my weekly pay during the weeks that I am working through one of the HR GO companies. I understand
that should I no longer wish to participate in this benefit, I must give one week's notice in writing to my consultant.

Signed: _________________________________________               Print Name: _______________________________

Branch:_________________________________________                Date: ___/___/___
(*Source: Department of Work and Pensions, 2007)

Head Office:
Wellington House,
Church Road, Ashford,
Kent TN23 1RE

Tel: 01233 722400
Fax: 01233 613148

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