Main Street to Eighth Street

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					            Main street
            •     A       L e w i S                 F A m i L y                 C e L e b r A t i o n                      •

                                                               Main street to eighth street:   Main street to eighth street:
                                                                The WiT & Wisdom                 an arTs & leTTers
                                                                of sinclair leWis                   home Tour
                                                                                                 of The souTh side

                                                               Main street to eighth street:            Costs & Tickets:
                                                                   sinclair leWis
                                                                    film fesTival

                                                                                               three additional lewis-theMed
                                                                                                tour events (Free adMission):
                                                               Main street to eighth street:
                                                                 The leWis family
                                                                   in sT. cloud
                                                               lecTure & discussion

the St. Cloud Connections
of Sinclair Lewis

Project Partners
St. Cloud Historical & Neighborhood Preservation
Association (SCH&NPA); South Side University Neighborhood
Association (SSUNA); City of St. Cloud Arts Commission;
St. Cloud State University (SCSU) Alumni Association;
Dick and Patti Lewis, Stearns History Museum & Research
Center; Sinclair Lewis Foundation; St. Cloud Public Library;
St. Cloud Reading Room Society; Paramount Theater;
St. Cloud Municipal Band; City of St. Cloud Park and
Recreation Department; St. Cloud Hospital Archives; Sinclair
Lewis Society; Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange; St.
Cloud State University’s Communications Office, Foundation,
Archives and Special Collections and Alumni Relations Office

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