Access Chapter 5 Assignment Sheet by 46MB805K



                                         Administrative Technologies II
                                       Access Chapter 5 – Multitable Forms

                                                                                               Date        Your
Assignment                                                                        Page(s)      Completed   Score
Chapter 5 PowerPoint slides are available for review at L:/Datafile/Admin Tech
II/Access/Chapter 5/Access Chapter 5 Lecture
Read Chapter 5 very carefully and perform all hands-on activities.                AC 274-326
Learn It Online – check which one of the following you completed:
      Flash Cards
      Practice Test                                                               AC 327
Apply Your Knowledge
Adding Date/Time and OLE Fields, Using an Input Mask Wizard, and Querying
Date/Time Fields, complete tasks 1-4.                                             AC 327-328
In The Lab
Lab 1: Adding Fields and Creating Multitable Forms for the ECO Clothesline
Database.                                                                         AC 330-331
Lab 2: Adding Fields and Creating Multitable Forms for the Walburg Energy
Alternatives Database.                                                            AC 331-332
Assignment Sheet
Assignment Sheet completed, files in correct location, files named according to
textbook instructions
Assignment Sheet Grade
Application Test                                                                                                   /100
Theory Test on ExamView                                                                                            / 50

NOTE: Files must be named according to your textbook instructions.

When you have completed all tasks for this lesson, e-mail the assignment sheet to
In the subject line, type Access Chapter 5 Assignment Sheet.


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