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									Irish Hockey Association

 Governance Review Group
 Information Presentation
 October 2009
   Current Structure
   Update on meetings held to date and reasons for change
   Overview of Proposed structure
   Review of Board Framework
   Review of Development Groups
   Challenges we face
   Transition to new structure being proposed
   How we want to be
   EGM Motion
   Questions?
Current Structure
                                      Management Board

                               Trustees           Advisory Council

        Standing Committee                     Standing Committee    Standing Committee   Standing Committee
 IHUA                        CHIEF EXECUTIVE
           Competitions                        Schools & colleges       Performance          Development

Review Process and
   Open invitation extended to Clubs and Branches
   13 people came forward
   External facilitator engaged for first two
   3 meetings held to date
Reasons for Change
   To enhance the Board effectiveness & efficiency
   To improve committee structures to better match
    what is happening in practice
Areas Reviewed
   Need for Board to be strategically focused
   Desire for expertise and experience above regional
    representation at all committee level
   Desire for Standing Committees (Development
    Groups) to be able to function with more autonomy
   Need for staff input into the Development Groups
   Desire to improve communications to and from
    Branches and Clubs
    IHA – “To encourage, promote, develop and manage Hockey in Ireland”
                               Board Sub-Committees
             Board                        Finance & Fund-raising                                   B
    Chair             President
    Vice Chair        Vice President                                                               R
    Treasurer          (Ex Officio)                               HR & Remuneration
    Board Director x6 CEO                                                                          A
                                                                  Audit & Compliance
                 CEO                                                                               H
                                               Development Groups                                  S

    High            Comps               Umpires              Grass Roots        Youth
                              -Irish Hockey League                         -Coaching Development
Sub-Development               -Irish Cups                                  -Club Development
Groups                        -Interpro competitions                       -Social Expansion       U
                                  (incl. school/colleges comp.)            -School Development
                                                                     Expert Volunteers             S
            Professional Staff
Board Framework
                                        Board Sub-Committees
            Board                                  Finance & Fund-raising
Chair             President
Vice Chair        Vice President                   HR & Remuneration
Treasurer          (Ex Officio)
Board Director x6 CEO
                                                   Audit & Compliance

 To define and implement the strategic goals of the IHA, utilising its sub committees and
 development groups to ensure successful outcomes.
 •Board to be serviced by the CEO
 •Sub Committees to be chaired by a Board member
 •Terms of reference for the Board and Sub Committees
 •Example of a Sub committee terms of reference
Terms of reference
   Terms of Reference – Competitions Development Group
   Purpose
    The purpose of the Competitions Working Group is to manage all IHA competitions
    and to make recommendations on how the competitions may be improved and
   Membership
        The Committee is expected to have six members maximum, as below. This shall include the
         chair who will be appointed by the IHA Board.
        Chairperson, who will oversee the management of IHA competitions
        A member with expertise in the set-up, running and scheduling of competitions
        An IHA staff member with expertise in marketing and promotion
        A member with expertise in Discipline and Competition Regulations who will take
         responsibility for appointments of Technical Officers to matches and manage the
         disciplinary aspects of competitions
        Two Participating Club representatives voted by the Participating Clubs at the scheduling
         meeting in June.
Example TOR Cont’d
   Authority

        Determine the standard Rules for Irish competitions
        Oversee sub-groups to administer IHA specific competitions:
        Strategic Direction:
        Administer the operations of the competitions:
        Promotion and marketing of competitions:
   Reporting
        The Competitions Working Group shall report to the IHA Chief Executive. In addition the
         Chair may be asked, on occasion, to report directly to the IHA Board.
   Other Contacts /Liaison
        High Performance Director and Senior Coaches: to ensure the IHL is contributing positively
         to the development of international players; the IHL scheduling fits with the international
         programme, etc.
        IHUA: work closely to ensure appointments of umpires works smoothly; close co-ordination
         on the implementation of disciplinary rules; ensuing the use of Technical Officers supports
         the umpires
  Review of Development                                                                        B
  Groups                                                                                       R
                                      CEO                                                      N
   Development Groups                                                                          H

    High          Comps             Umpires              Grass Roots        Youth
                          -Irish Hockey League                         -Coaching Development
Sub-Development           -Irish Cups                                  -Club Development
Groups                    -Interpro competitions                       -Social Expansion       U
                              (incl. school/colleges comp.)            -School Development
                                                                Expert Volunteers              S
          Professional Staff
Review of Development
   Groups responsible, in conjunction with the CE,
    for the day to day operation of their areas
   Chairperson appointed by the Board
   Groups to be made up of volunteer experts
   Groups not based on geographical
   Relevant staff member appointed to each Group
   Engaging volunteers with the right experience and
   Ensuring we do not lose the knowledge base that
    currently exists
   Communicating our activities to the Branches, Clubs
    and hockey community at large
   Defining a clear succession strategy
   Constitution will need amending
   Understanding that this is not necessarily the end of the
Transitioning to new
   To overcome the challenges we need your
    support – volunteer and/or nominate
   6 Board Directors to join the Board from
    January to May to bed in
   Advisory Council to be reviewed
   Rotation of Board Directors members 2 for re-
    election 2011 then 2 for 2012 and 2 for 2013
   Or 3 in 2011 and 3 in 2012
How we want to be
   A Board that can drive the organisation forward
    through a clearly defined strategy and goals
   Development Groups who have the autonomy within
    their defined strategic goals to drive the day to day
    operations of the organisation
   Staff who are engaged and have input into the day to
    day operations
   Clear communication lines both internally and
EGM Motion
The Management Board propose the following changes to the Constitution: (in italics)
   Article 18.            MANAGEMENT BOARD
    The Association shall be governed by the Management Board. The Board shall be responsible for
    defining the policies of the Association and shall direct the Chief Executive in this regard. The
    Board shall consist of ten (10) members, the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Honorary
    Treasurer, the Chairpersons of each Standing Committee four (4), the Chairperson of the
    Umpires Association and two (2) other members and be extended by a further six (6) members and that
    this extended Management Board remain in situ until the Annual General Meeting in May 2010.
    Subject to the overall authority of a General Meeting, the Management Board shall be responsible
    for governing the Association.
    The role shall include, but shall not be limited to: (a) to (n)
             (o) The co option of an additional six (6) members to the Management Board

EGM scheduled for 11:00am Sunday November 8th
Explanatory Notes
Following meetings held around the country the following explanatory notes looks to cover some of the questions
     raised at those meetings:
    Current Board consists of 10 members with one vacancy giving a net 9
    Co-option of an additional six members extending the current Board number to 15
    Revised Constitution to address the new structure based on the ongoing work of the Review Group
    The revised constitution to address:
    Management Board
         Co-option/election mechanism -- incorporating rotation and succession planning of Board members
         The term of office of Chair, Vice Chair and Financial officer (Treasurer)
         Board Directors
   Development Groups
         The role and objectives of each Development Group
         The structure of each Development Group and the process of appointing members to each group
         The term of office of each member of Development Groups
   The revised constitution incorporating the above changes, and any others as defined by the governance review
    group, to be presented for approval at an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held not later than the end of
    April 2010.
   This allows us time to put all elements in place and allows the community an opportunity to vote for or against
    what we propose regarding the above at that time.

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