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									In the North
 90% OF




    Our approach

                                                                               Overbury is a main contractor that
                                                                               specialises in fit out and refurbishment.
                                                                               Our approach is always tailored to the
                                                                               needs of the project, the client and
                                                                               the professional team.

     Investments   Fit out   Development   Construction   Affordable housing   Here for you today
                                                                               and tomorrow
                                                                               We’re part of the Morgan Sindall
                                                                               Group plc, a quoted construction
                                                                               group employing over 11,000
                                                                               people with an annual revenue
                                                                               of £2bn. Our company has a solid
                                                                               foundation with the ability to offer
                                                                               clients real security and peace
                                                                               of mind.

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    Northern teams
    delivering your                                                                                                                      PWC

    projects                                                             Hewlett Packard
                                                                                                                                                                                        Baker Tilly

    Overbury covers the Northern region from                                                     Edinburgh

    bases in Manchester and Leeds. We also                                      Glasgow

    have teams employed in Scotland to cover
    projects in the north of our region.
                                                                                                                   Newcastle upon Tyne
                                                        Pinsent Masons
                                                                                                                                                                    Jemella Ltd – GHD
    Clients and consultants choose                                                                                                                                  Leeds
    Overbury to carry out one off
    projects, frameworks and aftercare.
    Projects can vary in value from a                                                                                                       Newcastle upon Tyne
    few thousand pounds to £30m
    and could be under various
    procurement routes.
                                                                                            Lancaster University
    We are a strong local team with                                                         Lancaster
    expert knowledge offering the
                                               Barclays Wealth
    highest levels of delivery and value       Liverpool
    to projects across the Northern
    market using a local supply chain.
                                                                         Beachcroft                                                                        Network Rail
                                                                         Manchester                                                                        York and Manchester
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Audit Commission

                                                                                                                                                Leeds                            Hull


                                                                                            Liverpool                                               Sheffield

                                                                                                  Chester                                                                                 BT Plusnet
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    What makes us different
    Professional • Easy to work with • Dependable • Honest • Trusted

    Specialist expertise,               National reach,                        Always available,
    local knowledge                     consistent standards                   even after completion
    You benefit from true local         Every Overbury project is delivered    Our clients benefit from a dedicated
    expertise because we specialise     to our high quality standard, called   aftercare team. This expert team is
    in refurbishment and fit out in     Perfect DeliveryTM, using the tried    also available for smaller elements
    the Northern region. We have        and tested processes and procedures.   of work which means you receive
    completed over £100m worth                                                 the same level of quality and do
    of projects for clients from many   Proven local supply chain              not need to take risks with a new
    sectors and parts of the region.    The best subcontractors in the         contractor.
                                        market want to work on Overbury
    Simplifying the process,            projects. This is because we treat     Working with an
    keeping it simple                   them with respect, provide safe and    award winning team
    We offer an integrated design       stimulating projects, pay fairly and   Our team has been consistently
    and build service for clients       on time. Your experience with us       recognised in national and local
    seeking a one-stop approach.        will be tailored to your exact needs   awards over the last four years.
    We simplify the process for you.    and the standards that underpin our    So you don’t just have to take our
    We design, manage the cost          delivery are world class.              word for our passion for perfection.
    information and construction
    management with a single team       Overbury is accredited to ISO 9001
    providing a seamless service.       for quality, ISO 14001 for
                                        environment, and OHSAS 18001
                                        for health and safety.

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    Our Clients

We work your way                       Business as usual
Our teams adapt to the unique          Overbury has extensive experience of
needs of your project, business,       working within occupied buildings.
staff and team. This ensures that      We can programme a refurbishment
you get the most appropriate level     project to fit around your operations
of resource and best value for your    without disruptions, allowing you
exact requirement. Our expertise       to continue with your business.
gives you a number of different
methods for approaching your           High quality without
project, whether it be a traditional   complications
approach or a full turnkey design      The service you receive from us
and build solution.                    is based upon quality assured
                                       processes and is delivered by
Strong relationships                   motivated and talented project
We believe in building strong,         teams. The Overbury experience
honest and lasting relationships       removes the effort and risk from you
with our clients, subcontractors and   as a client and optimises the input
professional teams. We’re good at      of your professional team, ensuring
it too – we have one of the highest    a smooth, high quality delivery.
recommendation and re-commission
rates in the industry.                 Working with consultants
                                       We work alongside professional
Competitive costs                      teams, be they, project managers,
and delivery                           financial consultants, services
Overbury offer a cost effective        consultants or specialist consultants.
and market competitive service by      Our approach is very much about
utilising its extensive supply chain   appreciating each team member’s
and passing on the benefit of our      aspirations and assisting where ever
procurement influence.                 possible to ensure the individual
                                       needs of all our clients are met.
Your project will have full time
management ensuring quality,
a successful completion and final
account without surprises.

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 PROFILE PROJECTS THAT                                             BBC                                       GHD
 HAVE SHAPED THE REGION                                            MEDIACITYUK                               LEEDS

 These are projects where quality and confidence of delivery was   SALFORD                                   The creation of a new international
                                                                                                             headquarters for GHD based in the
 of paramount importance to both client and consultant teams.      Appointed to manage the                   landmark building Bridgewater
                                                                   creation of the BBC’s new facility        Place in the heart of Leeds.
                                                                   at MediaCityUK. A project that            The scheme provides vibrant and
                                                                   encompassed the fit out of four           exciting office space together with
                                                                   separate buildings, careful integration   state of the art training facilities
                                                                   of the technical infrastructure and a     for visiting stylists to The Academy
                                                                   new approach ensuring delivery of         based on the ground floor.
                                                                   the high quality bespoke joinery

     HEWLETT                                                                                                                                        PINSENT
     PACKARD                                                                                                                                        MASONS
     GLASGOW                                                                                                                                        MANCHESTER
     The refurbishment of over 175,000                                                                                                              This project provided two floors
     sq ft of office accommodation split                                                                                                            of open plan office space together
     into four phases including a large                                                                                                             with flexible conference facilities
     high security data facility. All works                                                                                                         and client meeting rooms.
     were carried out with staff in
     occupation.                                                                                                                                    Our early involvement in providing
                                                                                                                                                    a high quality, acoustic rated, curved
                                                                                                                                                    glazed solution was essential to
                                                                                                                                                    create a discreet environment.

10                                                                                                                                                                                           11
 OVER 90% OF OUR PROJECTS ARE UNDER                                                                                                                BARCLAYS
 £1M, MANY ARE LESS THAN £150K                                                                                                                     SHEFFIELD
                                                                                                                                                   The creation of a brand new
 Whilst these projects are of a smaller value each and every client is just as important                                                           corporate office identity for Barclays
 to us. These projects are often more challenging because they involve working                                                                     which was designed, developed
 in occupied space and carrying out works in unsociable hours.                                                                                     and piloted in Sheffield. It is now
                                                                                                                                                   being rolled out nationally.

 Our early involvement helped
 provide a fast construction period
 for Beachcroft’s new regional office.
 Local student competitions were
 held to provide the artwork through
 the facility creating a unique and
 interesting feel to the client spaces.

                                                                                                           We have carried out a number
                                                                                                           of projects throughout the region,
                                                                                                           from simply replacing front entrances
                                                                                                           to the creation of new office space.

                                                                   SKY                                     Work always needs to be carefully
                                                                                                           planned around the live environment,
                                                                   SHEFFIELD, LEEDS
                                                                                                           whilst maintaining a flexible
                                                                   AND NEWCASTLE
                                                                                                           approach to the business needs.
                                                                   Sky engaged us to deliver a number
                                                                   of call centre environments through
                                                                   the region, looking at small training
                                                                   facilities as well as news support
                                                                   and staff recreational areas.

12                                                                                                                                                                                          13
 25% OF OUR PROJECTS ARE                                                                                         NORTH
 FOR PUBLIC SECTOR CLIENTS                                                                                       YORKSHIRE
 In our experience no two public sector projects run the same                                                    POLICE
 way. We don’t believe in forcing yours into a rigid system
 just because it’s the way we do things. We have a teamwork                                                      COMMAND
 approach to find the best solution that will suit your needs.                                                   CENTRE
     Fact                                                                                                        A particularly challenging
                                                                                                                 project, which incorporated the
     Over 70% of leading                                                                                         refurbishment of a live 999 Call
                                                                                                                 Centre during its 24/7 operation
     trade contractors prefer
                                                                                                                 for North Yorkshire Police. It was
     to work on an Overbury                                                                                      essential that we provided flexibility
     project than another fit                                                                                    to ensure that there was no
     out company’s                                                                                               disruption to this essential service.
     (source: Benchmark Research)

     Our Dun and Bradstreet
     rating is 4A1 – the highest      AUDIT
     company rating in the fit
     out market
                                      A £300k project to relocate the
     We are Constructionline          Audit Commission to new offices
     registered and Exor              in Leeds. The fit out included a
     accredited                       bespoke reception area in addition
                                      to some fun design concepts
     We are Achilles and              throughout the office and
                                      breakout spaces.
     Safecontractor registered
                                                                           This 16,000 sq ft of office space
                                                                           was stripped out to create a new
                                                                           administration centre in Liverpool.
                                                                           The objective of the project was to
                                                                           relocate a number of smaller sites
                                                                           into one regional centre.

14                                                                                                                                                        15
 WE CARRY OUT REFURBISHMENT AT                                                                                       MANCHESTER
 HIGHER AND FURTHER EDUCATION                                                                                        UNIVERSITY
 ESTABLISHMENTS                                                                                                      The refurbishment of 14 lecture
                                                                                                                     theatres and a suite of dry
 Our portfolio includes teaching and social spaces, laboratories,                                                    laboratories throughout the campus
 catering facilities, lecture theatres and leisure areas. Our flexible                                               within the summer recess. The key
 approach means we are able to work alongside a client,                                                              challenges included working within
 appointed professional team or provide a complete turnkey                                                           live academic environments and
                                                                                                                     scheduling our works around exam
 delivery solution.
                                                                                                                     times and graduation seminars.

 This fast track project involved the complete transformation of three main
 lecture theatres within the Faraday Complex. We gave the client team
 confidence that we were able to deliver this important project within
 the timescales available.

                                                                              The university acquired an existing
                                                                              building in the centre of Leeds to                                          UNIVERSITY
                                                                              accommodate their law faculty unit.
                                                                              44,000 sq ft of new offices for
                                                                                                                                                          OF SALFORD
                                                                              academic and administrative staff as                                        Shell and core fit out of 107,000 sq ft
                                                                              well as mock court rooms and class                                          of high spec state of the art media
                                                                              rooms were very carefully and                                               facility over four floors of a multi
                                                                              sympathetically created within this                                         tenanted building. The technical install
                                                                              period property.                                                            included provision of six TV and radio
                                                                                                                                                          studios as well as the integration of
                                                                                                                                                          data and media systems required to
                                                                                                                                                          operate a world leading media
                                                                                                                                                          teaching facility.

16                                                                                                                                                                                                   17
 REFURBISHMENT AND FIT OUT                                                 AEGON
 CAN HELP TO ATTRACT AND                                                   LEEDS
                                                                           The complete transformation of the
 RETAIN TENANTS                                                            entrance and landlord areas was
                                                                           carried out whilst all tenants
 We can help building owners to achieve high
                                                                           remained in occupation. The
 quality and cost effective solutions for empty                            existing entrance of this city centre
 spaces and tenants approaching lease breaks.                              property was replaced with a new
                                                                           glass façade and revolving doors
                                                                           together with pavement alterations.
                                                                           Careful planning and continual
                                                                           tenant liaison was essential to the
                                                                           success of this project.

                                                                           One of a few projects Overbury
                                                                           has carried out at Lingley Mere,
                                                                           Warrington, a £400k office
                                                                           refurbishment project which needed
                                                                           to be completed within seven weeks
                                                                           to accommodate the incoming
                                                                           tenant. Early involvement with both

 ST MARTIN’S                                                               the landlord and incoming tenant
                                                                           was essential for us to deliver the
 PROPERTY                                                                  project complete with furniture
                                                                           in the tight timescales required.
 We have delivered a number of schemes for this client including East
 Parade, Leeds and Boulton House, Manchester. These projects include
 refurbishment of receptions and common areas as well as the upgrade
 of floor space. The priority is always to work within a tight financial
 framework to ensure the competitiveness of the space for the landlord.

18                                                                                                                 19
 We have the skill and resource to design and build your fit out
 and refurbishment project; preparing designs, managing cost                     NHS
 information, construction management and furniture                              MANCHESTER
 solutions all with a single team.                                               After taking the initial brief from
                                                                                 the client and a number of design
                                                                                 workshop meetings, we were able
                                                                                 to conclude a design solution in line
 KPMG                                                                            with the client’s expectations. Final
                                                                                 selection of finishes and furniture
                                                                                 enabled this 50,000 sq ft project
 This project involved refurbishment of 12,000 sq ft over two floors within a
                                                                                 to be completed inside 11 weeks.
 fully occupied building. The works comprised of heavy demolition of the front
 façade, new structural glazed entrance together with client facing reception
 areas and meeting suite. All works were designed and developed closely with
 the client team.

 MARKS &                                                                                                                 FLETCHERS
 SPENCER                                                                                                                 SOLICITORS
 MANCHESTER                                                                                                              SOUTHPORT
 The creation of a new Business                                                                                          We worked with Fletchers Solicitors
 Service Centre in the centre of                                                                                         to design and develop the relocation
 Manchester required careful design                                                                                      of their business to new headquarters
 development to deliver a warm and                                                                                       in Southport. The key to the scheme
 open office space within eight                                                                                          was to ensure that all the staff were
 weeks. One of the key areas for                                                                                         accommodated on a single open plan
 the client on this project was the                                                                                      floor, embracing open communication
 integration of a fully serviced social                                                                                  and knowledge sharing. The ground
 breakout facility.                                                                                                      floor accommodates their client
                                                                                                                         facing meeting suite together with
                                                                                                                         soft break out space and an inspiring
                                                                                                                         boardroom which reflects their
                                                                                                                         strong established reputation
                                                                                                                         within their industry.

20                                                                                                                                                          21

                 Our aftercare approach provides a seamless
                 quality service from our fit out team into our
                 aftercare service. Offering assistance and
                 support whenever it is needed following the
                 completion of a fit out project and during
                 its life cycle occupation.

                 Towards the completion of the
                 project the designated aftercare
                 manager will work alongside the
                 fit out team to fully understand
                 the workings of the building and
                 develop relationships with the users
                 and facilities teams. As part of the
                 service the aftercare manager
                 will be on call with the original
                 construction team to continually
                 provide support.

                 The team is also on hand for any
                 ongoing moves and changes that
                 may develop during the life cycle
                 of your environment.

22                                                                23
     people here
     to help
 We’re a strong passionate team who are
 experts in our fields and with exceptional
 local knowledge. Over 60% of our team
 have been with us for over five years – so
 we believe we’re doing something right.                         Cathy Heywood
 Our Passion for Perfection begins with our                      Leeds
 staff. Talented people are at the heart of                      0113 241 2000
 our core values and something that we
 pride ourselves on.

 Please get in touch to find out for yourself.
                                                 Jill Bancroft
                                                 0161 829 3400

The Zenith Building, 26 Spring Gardens, Manchester M2 1AB
T 0161 829 3400

Fountain House, 4 South Parade, Leeds LS1 5QX
T 0113 241 2000                                            Part of Morgan Sindall Group plc

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