Needing Water Damage Cleanup In New Jersey After A Plumbing Mishap by Vivian797Rollins


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									Needing Water Damage Cleanup in New Jersey After A Plumbing Mishap

I honestly could not believe what I was coming home to. My wife called me frantic and told me a pipe
had burst in the basement and that there was water everywhere. She was terribly serious over the
phone so I rushed home. I saw that we would need the services of water damage cleanup in New Jersey
immediately. I left the basement and went upstairs to get online. After a few minutes of searching
online and making some phone calls, I found who I needed. First of all, I was surprised that the customer
service agents even picked up the phone, but they assured me that they were available 24 hours a day.
Of course, I was ecstatic because it is not like you can schedule an emergency to happen. I spoke with
the customer service agent over the phone for a few more minutes and she told me to expect the
professionals to come in about an hour.

While I was waiting, I noticed how much damage the water was doing to the floor of the basement. I
was getting really nervous that this was going to affect the structure of my home. My wife was in tears
but I assured her that Water Damage Cleanup in New Jersey was much more common then she thought.
I do not think that made her feel any better, but she went back upstairs so she did not have to see the
damage anymore.

When the guys got to my home, they were so friendly and understanding. I showed them down to the
basement, expecting them to run from this crazy disaster but they maintained their professionalism and
began their inspection. This inspection seemed to be very thorough. They started in the basement,
checking every single nook and cranny, plus door frames and the steps were checked over. They worked
hard to make sure there was nothing left inspected. I was nervous about what they were seeing but they
discussed with me my options in a way that was caring and they actually provided me with a bit of good

The water could be removed and it initially seemed that there was no underlying damage. Since I called
NJ Mold Removal quickly and they arrived so soon after my phone call, there was not going to be any
severe damage to the floor or any mold concerns. This made me very happy, but we still had some work
to do. They had to remove the water. That was their first step. So, they got to work. My plumber was
there also to make sure that no more water would get out.

The guys who did the Water Damage Cleanup were so helpful in ensuring my wife and I could get our
house back as soon as possible. I was very impressed by how quickly and efficiently they worked. Not
only did they get all the water removed and the floors and area dried, they came back a few days later
to make sure they did not miss any other damage.

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