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									                        PENNSYLVANIA PATH PROGRAM

       Created under the McKinney Act, PATH (Projects for Assistance in Transition
from Homelessness) is a federal grant that funds the 50 States, District of Columbia,
Puerto Rico, and four U.S. Territories to support service delivery to individuals with
serious mental illnesses, as well as individuals with co-occurring substance use disorders,
who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

        The Commonwealth utilizes the PATH grant from the Federal Government to
partially address the need for services to individuals who are mentally ill and/or have co-
occurring substance abuse disorders, and are homeless. OMHSAS contracts directly with
the 19 County MH/MR program offices listed below to provide PATH services. Many of
these 19 County MH/MR offices, which encompass 28 of the state’s 67 counties, sub-
contract with local community providers to provide PATH services. In order to insure
program stability, once a County establishes a PATH program, or adds PATH funded
services to an existing program through a competitive process, funding continues year to
year as long as they comply with all the requirements. New counties and programs are
awarded PATH funding through a competitive process if and when the state receives an
increase in federal funding.

      The following table shows the allocations to counties from the federal grant for
FY 2008/2009 (state match for the grant is not included in the numbers):

            County MH/MR                                        2008/09
            1. Allegheny                                        233,431
            2. Blair                                            64,540
            3. Bucks                                            70,835
            4. Butler                                           112,262
            5. Cameron/Elk - Also serves McKean,
                Clearfield, Jefferson, Potter counties          88,300
            6. Clarion                                          47,720
            7. Crawford                                         64,540
            8. Dauphin                                          70,835
            9. Delaware                                         135,376
            10. Erie                                            135,376
            11. Fayette                                         74,781
            12. Forest/Warren                                   47,720
            13. Franklin/Fulton                                 74,781
            14. Lehigh                                          70,835
            15. Luzerne/Wyoming                                 70,835
            16. Mercer                                          70,835
            17. Philadelphia                                    375,171
            18. Schuylkill                                      47,720
            19. York/Adams                                      70,835
            Total Allocations to Counties                       1,926,728

Services Supported by PATH Funds

       PATH providers offer services that supplement existing mainstream mental health
programs. Collaboration and coordination between mainstream mental health services
and PATH services exists in all counties that currently receive PATH funding. The PA
PATH Coordinator is able to assure this through regular monitoring activities.

       In general, the services provided for PATH eligible individuals include: outreach;
screening and diagnostic treatment; habilitation/rehabilitation; community mental health
services; alcohol or drug treatment; staff training; case management; supportive and
supervisory services in residential settings; referrals for primary health; job training;
educational services; and allowable housing services.

Number of Clients to be Served

       Pennsylvania estimates that a total of 4,632 PATH clients will be served by the
PATH providers across the State in FY 2008/2009. Below are the projected estimates by
county. Please note that figures for some of the counties are based on “enrolled” clients,
and so some of the actual numbers could be even higher.

    County MH/MR                                    FY 2008/2009 Projection
    Allegheny                                       1125 (80% literal, 20% imminent)
    Blair                                           45 (18% literal, 82% imminent)
    Bucks                                           250 (20% literal, 80% imminent)
    Butler                                          170 (70%literal, 30%imminent)
    Cameron/Elk/ - Also serves                      95 (50% literal, 50% imminent)

    Clarion                                         85 (7.1% literal, 92.9% imminent)
    Crawford                                        30 (60% literal, 40% imminent)
    Dauphin                                         400 (50% literal, 50% imminent)
    Delaware                                        100 (97% literal, 3% imminent)
    Erie                                            85 (50% literal, 50% imminent)
    Fayette                                         120 (80% literal, 20% imminent)
    Forest/Warren                                   100 (0% literal, 100% imminent)
    Franklin/Fulton                                 70 (90% literal, 10 % imminent)
    Lehigh                                          77 (20% literal, 80% imminent)
    Luzerne/Wyoming                                 740 (55% literal, 45% imminent)
    Mercer                                          55 (7% literal, 93% imminent)
    Philadelphia                                    820 (93% literal, 7% imminent)
    Schuylkill                                      20 (25% literal, 75% imminent)
    York/Adams                                      245 (8% literal, 92% imminent)
    Total                                           4632

PATH Providers in the State

                               PATH PROGRAMS IN PENNSYLVANIA – 2008/2009
               (The table includes names of the local agencies subcontracted by county MH/MR offices)
                                                                             Number of PATH providers in the
      County MH/MR                   Contracted Providers                    MH/MR
1     Allegheny                              Mercy BH                       3
                                             Community HS Corp
                                             Three Rivers Youth

2     Blair                                      Home Nursing Agency           1
3     Bucks                                      Penndel Mental                1
4     Butler                                     CCR                           2
                                                 Catholic Charities
5     Cameron/Elk – PATH                Direct service- no sub-contracts.       1
      program also supports
      McKean, Clearfield,
      Jefferson, and Potter counties.
6     Clarion                           Direct service- no sub-contracts.       1
7     Crawford                                   CHAPS                         1
8     Dauphin                           Direct service- no sub-contracts.       1
9     Delaware                                   Horizon House                 1
10    Erie                                       Stairways                     1
11    Forest/Warren                              Warren Forest EOC             1
12    Fayette                                    City Mission Living Stones    2
                                                 Chester Ridge
13    Franklin/Fulton                   Direct service- no sub-contracts.       1
14    Lehigh                            Direct service- no sub-contracts.       1
15    Luzerne/Wyoming                            Community Counseling          2
                                                 Step By Step
16    Mercer                                     MCBHC                         3
                                                 C.C Center
                                                 CAPMC

                                        (MCBHC subcontracts to the other
                                        two, but also has a separate PATH
                                        budget for itself)
17    Philadelphia                      County contracts some PATH services     3
                                        to Resources for Human Development.
                                        RHD in turn subcontract PATH to:

                                                 First Step
                                                 Opportunity Place

                                        County also contracts PATH services
                                                Project Home

18    Schuylkill                                 SAM Inc./Allied Services      1
19    York/Adams                                 Bell Socialization            1
Note: If the MH/MR provides PATH service directly, they are counted as a provider in the third column.


(Literally) Homeless Individual

         An individual who lacks housing (without regard to membership in a family),
including an individual whose primary residence during the night is a supervised public
or private facility that provides temporary living accommodations and an individual who
is a resident in transitional housing.

Imminent Risk of Becoming Homeless

        These are individuals who are likely to meet definition of “homeless individual”,
as listed above, unless additional supports are provided. This includes persons facing
eviction without a place to move, living in over-crowded conditions, or in substandard
housing as also recognized by the Housing Assistance Program (HAP) and Housing and
Urban Development (HUD) programs, living in temporary or transitional housing that
carries time limits, and being discharged from a health care or criminal justice institution
without a place to live.

Serious Mental Illness

         An adult with a serious mental illness is a person aged 18 and older who, at any
time in the past year, was diagnosed with a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder
meeting the diagnostic criteria specified in DSM-IV-R (or revisions thereafter), which
resulted in functional impairment, substantially interfering with or limiting one or more
major life activities.

Co-occurring Serious Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders

       Individuals who meet the above definition for SMI and are diagnosed with a
substance abuse disorder as defined in the DSM-IV-R (or revisions thereafter) are
considered to have a co-occurring diagnosis.



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