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improve your car fuel efficency by sshaaik


now a days petrol is too costly.just follow this steps

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									                                        top tips to
increase and improve your car's fuel efficency
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Now a days petrol prices r really get hiked.Going to
petrol bunk we just feeling like going to jewellery
shop to buy gold.for common man its really hard to
digest this news.but there r some tips to save
petrol.let's check this

1)close your windows

Driving with your windows open considerably
reduces mileage, far more than keeping the AC on
while driving along highways. So preferably keep the
windows closed and the AC on if you want to keep
cool. Of course the air-conditioning decreases fuel
efficiency considerably, so use it judiciously.

2)check fuel quality

dont go for higher octane fuel.its a waste of money
but may harm the vehicle, as well. However sticking
to one brand of fuel is always good for the vechile

3)check your load

Empty out your boot of unnecessary items. For
every extra 45 kg you carry, your fuel efficiency can
drop by 1-2% in a typical vehicle.

4)air filters

Air filters keep impurities from damaging your
engine. Replacing a clogged air filter can improve
fuel economy by as much as 10%.

5)tune engine

A well-tuned engine can improve fuel economy by
up to 4%. So change your oil and follow your car
manufacturer's recommendation on servicing.

6)signal scence

turn OFF your engine when standing on a red light

and also drive single as possible and regular
service, engine tuning, less clutch usage, right gear
for right speed,Do not accelerate when you are
driving slop,and about the Speed - it is best to go in
the speed of 50-55km/hr you can save fuel.

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