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									Celebrate India - Thrissur Pooram Festival

Travel enthusiasts decide where to go next based on descriptions in travel magazines and blogs.
A great picture of the destination often triggers in them the impulse to just pack their bags and
get going. This is exactly what happened to me when I came across a picture on the internet a
few years ago. It showed a long line of royally decorated elephants in some kind of a ceremony.

Finally a year later, I set foot in the magnificent city of Thrissur in Keralabecause the picture
that I had seen was taken during the festival of Thrissur Pooram. The festival is celebrated to
mark the importance of
a Nakshatra(star)
named Thrissur Pooram.

Religious ceremonies and
festivals are at the heart of
Indian culture. The ancient
city of Thrissur surrounds

the Vadakkumnathan Temple (dedicated to Lord Shiva) which is situated right in the centre of
the city on a hillock. It is believed that the 6 th incarnation ofLord Vishnu, Lord
Parasurama (devotee of Lord Shiva), created the city. It’s no wonder then that this city is called
the cultural capital of Kerala.

The city of Thrissur puts its best foot forward during this festival. The festival is essentially a
kind of contest between two rival groups. Each group is allowed to bring 15 elephants and a
range of fireworks to the festival.

The groups scan the whole of Southern India to secure the best elephants for the celebrations.
The elephants are then decorated with colourful parasols and head gear. On the day of the
festival, the thundering of percussion instruments fills the air. The finale is a grand display in
which elephants stand in one line, leaving the crowds spellbound. Behind them, fireworks
dazzle the night sky as the two groups try to outdo each other.

This festival wins my vote hands down for being the most electrifying celebration of a regional
I have already set my sights on the next big travel experience and I am busy browsing through
travel magazines to look for some such place. The minute I hit upon it, you’ll be the first one to
find out.

Until then,


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