Top 5 Luxury Villas in Mykonos Greece

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					           Top 5 Luxury Villas in Mykonos Greece
“A magnificent town in the Greek islands packed with surpassing shopping spree opportunities,
Mykonos city is perfect for great outings for all hot tourists spot across the city”

If you are in the zest of planning your luxurious holidays in this city, the best way to enhance your
experience is by booking the finest luxury villa rentals. Cherish the unrivalled attractions with
endless cross streets, shopping, windmills and churches and discover a true sense of slow living.
Drink, eat, experience and enjoy every bit of your day, depart for the finest city of Greek. Read more
complete information on the finest Mykonos villas and select which one is the best one for your ideal

Honde Villa

Villa is well positioned in the Mykonos city with complimentary amenities and perfect interiors. Tourists
can book their stay during the eligible period between May to September. Services includes
complimentary champagne cocktail for all guests, served by the pool accompanied by best gourmet
canapés. Placed above Super paradise beach, Honde villa sets the perfect example of contemporary
designs. Other services include spacious pool terrace covered with elegant stone tiles, private
swimming pool with unique structure with two pergolas located on each side of the pool.

Apollo Retreat

It is among the best Greek villas, that serves tourists with unique offerings and panoramic views of
island beauty. It offers an immense combination of amenities ranging from beautiful infinity pool, with
built in Jacuzzi services overlooking the sea as well as a large outdoor terrace. It features a spacious
pergola with dining table and large, fully equipped bar including barbeque area. Well equipped with
large living area and television room and both feature large window areas.

Villa Galaxy

Magnificently placed on a peaceful hilltop of the turquoise blue Aegean Sea, Villa Galaxy is possibly
the finest option to choose from. It is an abode of well being and relaxation that makes it a perfect
place to stay at. Tastefully designed with a combination of stone, old marble and wood, tourists can
relax and enjoy the services provided. Services include butler, chauffeur, chef, private yacht and
helicopter charter.

Pelicanos Villa

Known for its extreme services and cherishing experience for tourists, Pelicanos villa offers
exclusive services for tourists worldwide. Well equipped with modern amenities and great comforts, it
greets guests upon entering the property featuring modern furnishing including kitchen, well equipped
with top of the line appliances.

Rocky Retreat Two

Well finished and tastefully designed property, Rocky retreat is located on a front row panoramic
position overlooking Agrari Bay. It distinguishes with unique designs with a mix of stone and white
Cycladic architecture. Villa’s charming interiors are the perfect combination of minimal architecture
and beach house elements. It offers en-suite bathroom with private balcony and two generous guest

Description: If you are in the zest of planning your luxurious holidays in this city, the best way to enhance your experience is by booking the finest luxury villa rentals.