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 Leeds Castle                             Rugby & Football                                 Shopping
Leeds Castle, the self-proclaimed         Leeds is home to active rugby and           Shopping is a great activity in Leeds.
“Loveliest Castle in the World”, is a     football communities which are              The city is a bustling metropolis of
favourite of locals and visitors to the   followed and supported by loyal             West Yorkshire and home to a wealth
UK alike. The beautifully serene          locals. The city is home to a handful       of high street shops, independent
surroundings make this castle             of football and rugby clubs, across a       shops and markets. You’ll find
something out of a fairy tale.            variety of leagues. While rugby is          whatever you’re looking for when
Surrounded by a portion of the River      generally more dominant in Leeds,           you’re shopping in Leeds.
Len, the castle dates back to 1119        football still has a loyal fan following.
and is now owned and maintained by                                                    Head over to the Corn Exchange
the Leeds Castle Foundation for           The first rugby team was established        (pictured) for a variety of
public visits and preservation of this    in Leeds in the late 1800s, with            independent shops in a beautiful
architectural beauty.                     football following closely in the early     Victorian building, or head to
                                          1900s. If you manage to get a ticket        Briggate, near the Shopping Quarters
Visitors can tour the castle daily and    to either event, head to Headingley         for street after street of shops.
opt for a self-tour or guided for an      Stadium for a rugby match or catch          Consider staying at one of the hotels
informative representation of the         some football at the city’s historical      in Leeds city centre for an easy walk
castle’s history and architecture.        Elland Road Stadium.                        to the Shopping Quarters.
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 Leeds Festival                           Micro-Breweries                            Art & Culture

Leeds Festival is one of the area’s       Leeds is home to a variety of           Art and culture are strong
most popular summer music                 independent micro-breweries. These      characteristics of the identity of
festivals. Established in 1999, Leeds     craft beer companies are dedicated to   Leeds. The city is home to the Leeds
Festival was created to coincide with     their craft and mission to provide      College of Art and several galleries,
the oldest popular music festival still   high quality, good-tasting beer.        art initiatives and street artwork.
running, Reading Festival. The two        Some Leeds breweries focus on           You’ll find beautiful street art as you
have since run simultaneously over        organic products while others aim for   walk through the streets of Leeds.
the course of the August long             unique taste. The best way to decide
weekend in England.                       which ones are your favourites is to    Initiatives like Art in Unusual Spaces,
                                          taste them all.                         which is a series of exhibitions set up
Boasting the most popular music                                                   in units across the city centre of
groups and an attendance capacity of      Try Burley Street Brewhouse for a       Leeds, opens up the opportunities for
80,000, Leeds is a summer staple for      fine dark beer (or the popular          art in public spaces, making it more
thousands of Leeds locals, UK locals      blonde). Ridgeside Brewery is a         accessible and present.
and visitors from all over the world.     young brewery but has won awards
                                          for their Black Night and Eliminator    The city is also home to a vibrant
If you’re interested in attending         beers. Leeds Brewery has a staple of    music scene, with live gigs nearly
Leeds, camping facilities and band        four beers with seasonal additions to   every night in the local pubs and
line up information are available on      the rota. Give as many as you can a     venues. Walk along the streets of
their official website.                   try to truly find your favourite.       Leeds and turn into a pub when you
                                                                                  hear something you like.

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