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Call for Presenters Application Form


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									                                                 Call for Presenters
                                                 Application Form

The Service-Learning Initiative of the Office of Teaching and Learning, in collaboration with the Constitutional Rights
Foundation-Chicago, is pleased to announce our Tenth Annual Service-Learning Conference: Making Connections.
Service-learning is a great opportunity for students to make connections between school, community, and civic and pro-
fessional life. Quality service-learning can lead to life-long connections to people, issues, and places and commitments
to the common good. The conference will take place on Friday, April 9, 2010, from 8:00 a.m. – 2:45 p.m. at The Univer-
sity Center, 525 South State Street, Chicago, Illinois 60605.

                Presentations should address one of the following strands of our conference:
                  1.   Text to Context
                  2.   Classroom to Community
                  3.   Studies to Civic Action

We are inviting teachers, students, Service-Learning Coaches, and community partners from the Chicago area to present
workshops at the conference on one or more of the three strands. We are encouraging presenters to use interactive,
hands-on instructional methods and include students and community partners.

Strand #1: Text to Context
A workshop leader will present a strategy on how they have engaged students through service-learning in a particular
content area by beginning with classroom text and extending to contemporary social context. The presentation should
also demonstrate how one or more of the following standards of service-learning have been achieved:
          Youth Voice                                                 Curriculum Integration
          Reflection                                                  Community Partnerships
          Meaningful Service                                          Diversity

Strand #2: Classroom to Community
A workshop leader will present a service-learning project or strategy that takes students from the classroom into the
community for meaningful service that is relevant to the academic pursuit of knowledge. A successful project will in-
clude the core components of preparation, action, and reflection, and demonstrate how students connected to the peo-
ple, issues, and organizations of the community.

Strand #3: Studies to Civic Action
A workshop leader will present a service-learning project or strategy that enables students to make meaningful connec-
tions between their course of studies and civic action in the world. How does the teacher make connections between
course content and contemporary social issues that are relevant for our students successfully? How does the teacher or
project help students understand their own ability to impact their environment in a positive way? The workshop should
identify ways in which student voice and leadership is/was present in the project.

We are encouraging students to apply as presenters or co-presenters. Presenters may be asked to conduct two work-
shops. If you would like to present at the tenth annual conference, please complete the enclosed Call for Presenters Ap-
plication Form and return by Friday, March 19, 2010, to:

                           Jon Schmidt, Co-Director, Office of Social Science and Service-Learning
                                                   Chicago Public Schools
                               Office of Teaching and Learning 1326 W 14th Place, Room 215
                                             Chicago, IL 60608     Mail Run #80
                                                    Fax: 773/553-6394
                              CALL FOR PRESENTERS

                                     School or Organization:________________________________________



                                     Workshop Strand:_____________________________________________

                                     Workshop Title:_______________________________________________

1. Briefly describe the content of your workshop.

2. Briefly describe how you will facilitate your workshop .

3. Will you have co-presenters? If so, please list their names and affiliations.

4. What, if any, audio-visual equipment do you need?

The following audio-visual equipment will be supplied: magic board with erasers, TV/VCR/DVD player, LCD projectors
and screens. If you need additional equipment, please be prepared to bring with you. If this is not possible, please note

                     Thank you for sharing your experiences and expertise with Chicago Public Schools.
                                   Return this application by Friday, March 19, 2010, to
                                                 Jon Schmidt, Co-Director
                                      Office of Social Science and Service-Learning
                                              1326 W. 14th Place, Room 215
                                            Chicago, IL 60608 Mail Run #80
                                                     Fax: 773/553-6394

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