How Can I Afford a Luxury Vehicle?

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					                        How Can I Afford a Luxury Vehicle?
Affordable luxury is here. For auto buyers who are interested in enhanced performance and appearance
packages but are unable or unwilling to spend high-end prices, the entry- and mid-level luxury markets
are the answer. When luxury cars first hit the market they were unattainable to all but the highest income
earners. Those days are gone. With more and more automakers entering the luxury vehicle market,
opulence has become more affordable than ever.

The New Face of Luxury

Luxurious vehicles used to be limited to a very few select automakers and, likewise, a small auto buyer
market. Today, all of that has changed as carmakers have begun offering these high-end vehicles for
under $40,000.

These pricey autos are also available in many models. No longer limited to speedy two-seaters or large
executive automobiles, car buyers can find luxurious features and details in 2- and 4-door sedans,
wagons, SUVs and even minivans.

Aspiring owners will find similarities across all models such as comfortable and high quality interiors,
moonroofs and leather upholstery and accessories. Many of today's models can hold 5 people or more
making them extremely family-friendly.

The Affordability of Luxury Vehicles

How have these extravagant autos become so affordable? And doesn't their affordability somewhat
diminish part of their draw? The attraction of exclusiveness?

Not exactly. While luxury vehicles used to mean a sumptuousness that was accessible only to the rich
and famous, things have changed. You now have entry- and mid-level luxury vehicles, which are
accessible to everyone from business executives to the family CEO, better known as mum.

These lavish automobiles become more affordable once you remove the options. The most affordable
luxury vehicle is a stripped-down version of the higher-end vehicles. The vehicles look similar, sometimes
exactly the same to the untrained eye, and they all carry the same precious emblem, maintaining the
prestige of the vehicle. Handling and safety features are often the same or very similar so drivers don't
lose out on those quality features either.

Though compared to top of the line luxury, the entry- and mid-level lines are bare bones, that's just a
starting point. Buyers can choose to add-on options to achieve higher-levels of luxuriousness. Opting for
items that are important to them while bypassing features they aren't concerned with is the best way to
find an affordable level of luxury.

Pick and Choose Your Add-Ons

A prime example of add-ons and adjustable features is in technology. The costliest vehicles will have all
the latest gadgetry. Lower-end models may offer features like back-up cameras and navigation systems
as add-ons. If these features don't interest you, don't purchase them. This brings down the price and
makes owning one of these lavish cars more affordable.

Another area in which to save money is in the engine. Luxury cars are often fast and powerful, but that
comes at a cost. V-8 engines to be exact. If you don't care about going from 0-100 km/h in 60 seconds,
you can opt for the smaller 4- or 6-cylinder engines. These engines are still top-of-the-line engines but
won't deliver quite as much power as a V-8. They will, however, provide you with a cheaper sticker price
and provide better fuel efficiency than a V-8 engine.
If you're looking to buy a high-end vehicle but don't want to or can't afford to spend top-of-the-line prices,
it is well worth your time to do some research and decide what you can and cannot live without. You may
decide to opt for a smaller engine and less technology in order to afford the vehicle brand you want. Or
you may simply choose a smaller car. Sedans and compact cars are going to be less expensive than
SUVS no matter what brand you're looking at.

No matter what brand or type of luxury vehicle you're thinking about, you can drive down the price to
make it more affordable. Considering your needs is a good first step if you want to save money on
sumptuous cars.

Chrysler is a world-renowned automaker best known in Australia for the Grand Voyager. Reviews
( indicate the U.S.-based automaker will
impress the Australian luxury vehicle ( market with their new sedan, the
300C, in 2012.

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