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									          SteelMaster the Nuts and Bolts of It
When Larry and Kathleen Moore of Hermiston, Oregon were contacted about sharing their
SteelMaster story on our website customer blog, it was Kathleen who answered our call.

Kathleen was almost finished with a flower arrangement for church, and said, "Oh, hello
there SteelMaster, would you mind holding for just a second?" She was overheard in the
background saying, "There, final touch…now I'm finished… and, Honey, it's the SteelMaster
people on the phone… I'll take the call". Kathleen was now ready to talk, and
enthusiastically so, we might add."

She did not waste any time sharing her excitement over their new SteelMaster, 24'x36'
garage and workshop.

"We love our SteelMaster buildings – well, I know especially the guys do. It's turning into
a man thing, or man cave," she laughed. "The building is so nice, and incredibly roomy
without any posts in the way inside. We are going to put a lift in there for their ‘toys'. My
husband and our sons enjoy messing around
with cars. We are probably going to end up
adding a woodstove in there, just for comfort.
Who knows what else we will end up putting
in there. There's so much room!" Kathleen

Last December, the Moore's took advantage
of a break in the unseasonably warm weather
and a got some assistance from a fellow
farming friend who helped them dig out the
foundation. Then, they poured the concrete.
The next step was pouring the floor. They
ordered their footings and before they knew it, one of their sons was home from college on
spring break. Just in time.

"My husband, my son and I put the building up in a matter of days. Well, I didn't do too
much really. After they lined up the holes, I inserted the screws and they secured them. But
I did get to help, and it was a rather fun project. We did not have any problems at all. The
directions were great," said Kathleen.

"Our only regret is not getting a taller building. I thought we should have gone with a larger
one, so my husband could erect the size garage door he really wanted, but no one listened
to me back then," she said with a laugh, and maybe a smidgeon of "I told them so" in her

"We still do not have the garage door up yet, it's a work in progress. But we already love it
so much we will probably get another one in the future. We want to save up again and pay
cash for the second one too."
Larry Moore is a watermelon farmer. He has worked on his uncle's farm for nearly 22 years.
His one mile down the road has been an easy commute for this hard-working man.

"Hermiston Watermelons are the sweetest watermelons you'll ever taste," boasted
Kathleen. "They are well-known by their name for their flavor in Oregon, Idaho and
Washington. Ask anyone in these states about a Hermiston Melon, and they'll tell you –
because chances are, they've eaten some."

Kathleen has the personality of someone one feels like they have known a long time when
speaking with her. She is kind, bubbly, and a smart cookie too. It is easy to tell they must
possess the hard-working ethics most farming families do. They have put their sons through
college, all except for their youngest, who is attending college at present. It is important to
them to save money and buy smart. That is the original reason they bought a SteelMaster
storage facility. They wanted the best product their money could buy, not a flimsy shed.
SteelMaster Buildings get noticed, and the Moore's building is no exception. They have been
getting lots of attention and questions from people in their town.

Kathleen posed a very good question during the phone call, "Is SteelMaster a ‘newer'
company… is that why so many people from the Virginia Beach office have followed up with
us after we bought our building?"

She was a bit taken aback with the answer.

Actually, SteelMaster just celebrated their 30th year Anniversary in February, 2012. Staying
in touch with our customers is just something we like to do. As a matter of fact, when
founder, Rhae Adams first began SteelMaster 30 years ago, he actually made it a point to
even pay a visit to his customers after their buildings were up.

Michelle Wickum, Director of Marketing for SteelMaster, added, "SteelMaster is the premiere
steel arched building manufacturer in the world. We have a superior product, backed by a
30 year steel warranty.

But even having the best product available is not always enough to keep us at the top. It is
the friendships we make along the way. We treat people the way we would like to be
treated. That is the nuts and bolts of it."

SteelMaster's steel and metal pre-engineered buildings are designed for a broad range of
residential and commercial applications including homes, farm buildings, garages,
workshops, agricultural storage, Quonsets, airplane hangars, RV storage, roofing systems,
carports, military buildings, commercial warehousing, and industrial storage as well as a
wide variety of custom building applications including athletic facilities, retail stores,
churches, bus stops, smoke shacks, doggie dorms, and correctional facilities.

There is really no limit to uses for a SteelMaster building. Larry and Kathleen Moore remain
confident with their decision to buy one… or, like many of our repeat customers – possibly
two buildings.
We guarantee your SteelMaster building will be a source of pride for you too. So, what are
you waiting for? Our staff is ready to answer your questions and help design the building of
your dreams… 1-800-341-7007.

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