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Brochure Workers Comp for immigrants


									Where to get help                                  Workers’ Compensation
                                                   Administration Offices
•   Your employer should not try to talk you
    out of reporting the accident or refuse to
    sign the Notice of Accident form.
                                                    Albuquerque Office
                                                    2410 Centre Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87125
                                                    In-state Toll Free: 1-800-255-7965
•   If your employer or insurer does not
    agree that your claim is covered, you           Farmington Office
    might not receive any benefits.                 3535 East 30th Street, Farmington, NM 87402
                                                    505-599-9746                                         Who qualifies?
•   If either of these situations happens, or if    In-state Toll Free: 1-800-568-7310
    you have questions, contact an
    ombudsman or a lawyer for help.
                                                    Las Cruces Office
                                                    1120 Commerce Dr., Suite B-1, Las Cruces,
                                                                                                         What to do if you are
                                                    NM 88011                                             injured at work.
•   “Ombudsman” means a government                  575-524-6246
    official who investigates problems and          In-state Toll Free: 1-800-568-7310
    helps resolve them without taking one           Las Vegas Office
    side or another. The ombudsmen are              32 NM 65 Las Vegas, NM 87701
    experts in workers’ compensation claims.        505-454-9251
                                                    In-state Toll Free: 1-800-281-7889
•   You can call an ombudsman at your local
                                                    Lovington Office
    Workers’ Compensation Administration            100 West Central, Suite A, Lovington, NM
    office (unless you are represented by a         88260
    lawyer).                                        575-396-3437
                                                    In-state Toll Free: 1-800-934-2450
•   If your workers’ compensation claim is
                                                    Roswell Office
    denied or you want representation, you          Penn Plaza Building 400 N. Pennsylvania Ave.,
    can contact a workers’ compensation             Ste. 425 Roswell, NM 88201
    attorney. You can look in the phone             575-623-3781
    book yellow pages for attorneys who             In-state Toll Free: 1-866-311-8587
    practice “employment law or workers’
                                                    Santa Fe Office
        compensation” or contact the State          810 West San Mateo, Suite A2, Santa Fe, NM
          Bar for a referral at 1-800-876-6227.     87505

                   TIP: Remember to save
                   all documents: receipts,                                                         720 Vassar Drive NE • Albuquerque NM • 87106
                                                    Workers’ Compensation                  • Phone: (505) 255-2840 • Fax: (505) 255-2778
                   pay stubs, medical
                   records, and letters             HELP HOTLINE:
                   about your case.                 1-866-967-5667
Who Qualifies?                                           What are the benefits?                              Hurt on-the-job?
                                                                                                         •   In an emergency, go and get the medical
                                                     Workers' compensation is a system of insur-             care you need wherever it is available.
•   Anyone who works for an employer                 ance that helps take care of people when
    with three or more workers except:               they are injured at work, become sick as a          •   At any other time, before you receive medi-
                                                     result of work, or die because of a work re-            cal care, find out the proper procedure. If
        •Workers   who primarily do farm/
                                                     lated accident. If this happens, the employer           your employer or claims representative tells
        ranch work, private domestic work,                                                                   you which doctor to see, follow the instruc-
                                                     must provide:                                           tions. If an emergency room doctor advised
        or real estate agents.
                                                                                                             you to go to another doctor for follow-up
                                                     •    health care for the injury or illness;             care, you should check with your employer
                                                                                                             or claims representative before going to that
•   Under most circumstances, anyone who             •    money directly to the worker as a partial          doctor.
    works doing construction is covered                   substitute for lost wages, if the worker is
                                                                                                         •   If you have been instructed by your employer to
    regardless of the number of employees.                unable to work for a period of time due            go to one doctor and you go to a different doctor,
                                                          to the injury or illness.                          you could be responsible for paying for your own
                                                                                                             medical care.
•   A worker who is injured or killed as a result
                                                     •    When there is a death of a worker: pay-        •   Tell all doctors this was a work-related in-
    of an accident at work, (this may include
                                                          ment of all medical care, survivor benefits        jury.
    diseases like lung disease and injuries like a        to dependent family members, and an
    broken leg). The injury must have a direct            allowance for funeral expenses.                •   You must notify your employer or supervi-
    connection to the work and this must be                                                                  sor about any accident or illness.
    verified by a doctor.                                                                                •   Fill out a Notice of Accident form within 15
                                                                              TIP: All benefits (other       days of the accident. Forms should be pro-
                                                                              than medical) are called       vided by your employer and posted where
•   You can qualify for workers’                                                                             you work or you can get them from the
    compensation regardless of your                                           indemnity benefits.            Workers’ Compensation office. Sign and date
                                                                                                             the form and ask your employer to sign and
    immigration status. You do not need                                                                      date the form. You keep one copy of the
                                                     Good to Know
    a Social Security number to qualify for                                                                  form and your employer keeps one copy.
                                                                                                             Save this piece of paper, you may need it to
    workers’ compensation.                           •    If your employer has provided a safety             prove you reported the accident.
                                                          device and you did not use it, you could
                                                          lose part of the indemnity benefits.           •   If you, your employer and the insurer all
•   To file a complaint without a Social                                                                     agree that a claim is covered and that you are
    Security number you will need to show a          •    If you have an accident under the influ-           entitled to benefits, the claim will be covered.
    valid state ID card to the WCA, and they              ence of drugs or alcohol, or cause an ac-      •   If your employer or the insurer believe your
                                                          cident on purpose, you could lose part or          claim is not covered you will need to file a
    will assign you a number. Never tell
                                                          all of the benefits, both medical and in-          complaint at your local workers’ compensa-
    anyone (except your lawyer) your                      demnity.                                           tion office.
    immigration status.

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