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									Veterinary Clinic California

Veterinary Clinic California provides the
best and high quality veterinary care
services. We have a veterinary clinic that
have low cost spay and neuter programs
for pets. You can tell Veterinary Clinic
California for any veterinary service.
           Surgery Services
• We can also provide surgery services for
  your pets.
• You can contact for surgery by appointment
  Mon to Sat.
• Drop off your pet 7-8am and pick up same
                         Surgery Prices
For Dogs                                   For Cats

Under 50 lbs. $ 75                         Male (Neuter) $ 50

50-100 lbs. $ 100                          Female (spay) $ 75

Over 100 lbs. and Giant Breed Dogs (Great Dane, Great Pyrenees, Mastiff,
Newfoundland, St. Bernard) $150
                Contact Us
You can contact us with:
• Address: 2407 E. Orangethrope Ave. Fullerton,
  CA 92831
• Website:
• Contact no: 714-738-3492

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